their relationship was precious


Scarlet’s POV

Bernard and I had ended up by the waterfront after a day of sight-seeing in San Myshuno; and saying it was cold was an understatement.

“Where is this taxi? I can feel the blood in my veins turning to ice,” I snapped, jogging in place.

“It really isn’t that cold,” Bernard mumbled slyly; slightly shrugging as he did.

“I’m sorry I feel the cold more,” I spat, rolling my eyes as he chuckled.

“Hi I’m Scarlet O’Connor and I can’t handle 15 degrees celsius,” He mocked my high-pitched voice, dancing around me.

“Very funny, Bianco,” I crossed my arms, eyeing him angrily.

“Hi I’m Scarlet O’Connor and I call people by their last names when I’m angry,” He laughed mid-sentence; almost bowling himself over onto the footpath.

“You are the worst Bernard,” I sighed as I helped him stand up properly.

“The best of the worst,” He grinned, winking as cheekily as he possibly could.

“And I wouldn’t want anything more,” He was my idea of perfection. He was so beautifully flawed and somehow I fell in love with each of his flaws; his stubbornness, his occasional anger issues, his self-doubt, his past addictions. Everything, I fell in love with it all. I’m in love with him.

“Taxi’s here,” He chirped, gesturing to the obnoxiously bright yellow car parked behind him. If I wasn’t freezing my limbs off, I would have happily stayed out in the quiet night with him; mumbling soft words to one another as the city continued its routine around us. With him, everything felt like a fairy tale. 

“You got the address to the hotel?” I inquired as he opened the car door for me.

“Of course I do, let’s go.” He climbed into the backseat beside me; his height making him sit as if he were a grasshopper in the small car. I never wanted to leave San Myshuno; I wanted moments like these forever.


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Is kouyou protective of her dear chuuya , fending off dazais lecherous advances towards chuuya?

Oh definitely~! They are great friends on and off-set, and that gives Kouyou the opportunity to have a say in Chuuya’s relationships. As much as she ships them, Chuuya is still too precious and way too damn good for Dazai to kiss his ass (although she knows it will happen anyways). If Dazai gets obnoxious during filming or even just on set towards Chuuya (or even the younger kids), you bet there are umbrellas whacking him on the head. They’ve gone through so many that Asagiri-sensei has to get them custom made. Umbrellas have to be edited out sometimes. In all seriousness, she will respect Chuuya’s decisions and will defend and take his side no matter what. Dazai has tried bribing her in vain, but if she feels generous, she’ll drop a hint or two

I never thought the day would come when I’d actually gush over WA’s 3x02 “first” kiss. But it just happened.

Also I watched the 3x03 scenes again & gushed shamelessly.

I CRY. 😭😭😭

They were so innocent & sweet starting their relationship. I love how they are now so so much, but there’s just something rly precious about the beginning of their relationship. Awwww.


“I have so many things to tell you–”

((the airport reunion is still making me tear up, so I went and re-drew some screenshots to deal with the feelings))


Bones Meme / Romantic Ships: Angela x Hodgins

We’re gonna live together and we’re gonna love together and we’re gonna have so much fun, and a little pain, and we’re gonna live a life that’s gonna make other people die with jealousy wishing they were us.

  • me: im fine
  • me: rey keeps a straight face until leia hugs her and then she starts crying like you just see her face collapse and then the camera goes to leia's face and she looks so calm and at peace (with her RING right in the centre of the shot) despite the love of her life being killed by their son only a few hours ago max and then she says 'may the force be with you' to rey and looks so sad watching her go like?? what does that all mean?? why do we have to wait nearly two years to find out??

Here’s a commission I did recently. Mila and Yesky are the couple that from Poland and Taiwan. They’re getting married this year, so Yesky came to ask me if i can draw their love story, which is his surprise and wedding gift to Mila. They don’t want wedding photos, so Yesky hopes these illustrations can be another way to keep their memories. 

I’m being in a tough distance and cross culture relationship just like they did before, so I could totally feel how precious their love is. It’s really hard for cross culture couples especially in distance relationship to meet the happy ending, I feel happy to them, so i took the request.

The story is from the first time they met at the 2013 New Years Eve in Taipei to Yesky proposed to Mila in front of the mountain in North Pole. They experienced distance relationship two times, met each other’s families and finally got the chance to live together in these three years. 

Congrats Yesky and Mila!!!!! Wish your love last forever!!!!!

I just need to keep talking about Urie/Saiko because when she tells him “I am looking, I’ve been looking all this time" I just feel like she acknowledged his strength and ability as a leader? because Urie was saying "I’m strong, I’m strong, look at me”, that’s his biggest insecurity, to not be strong enough, to not be good enough, and he fought to gain his spot so much. I feel like Saiko’s words meant “yes, Saiko knows how hard you’ve worked, how strong you are” it’s like she’s validating his strength and his power. Haise always got all the attention from everyone (especially Saiko) and Urie felt like nobody was ever looking at him, but Saiko was. She knew. I love Saiko so much, such an amazing character oh my god

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T'challa and Bucky doting over Tony pls,,, with cheek kisses and surprise hugs and cuddling together on the couch,,,they both want Tony to sit on their lap so Tony always ends up sitting sideways so he's on both of them

All the softness I could have ever wanted *sighs contently* I can’t really think of a full scene right now, but here’s what I think (some of them are probably classics by now but there’s a damn good reason for that and, more importantly, I don’t care):

  • Tony always sleeps in the middle. It works well, because his boyfriends prefer being able to get out of the bed in half a second–and keep Tony from running off to engineer in the middle of the night–and Tony just feels so much safer when he’s surrounded by their warmth.
  • Bucky loves massaging Tony. It started out as more of a therapeutic activity–doing something with his hands that’s not killing, and all that–but he’s not just getting pretty good at it, now he also genuinely enjoys it. Especially with how easily Tony melts into his touches, and how often he really needs one, with all those hours spent bowed over papers and projects.
  • T’Challa loves doing all these small, affectionate gestures that make Tony flush and say crude things to distract everyone and himself from how touched he is. He likes kissing Tony’s fingers when he hands him stuff, likes placing butterfly kisses all over Tony’s face, likes to press their foreheads together and simply breathe the same air, likes to embrace Tony whenever possible (and appropriate) (and sometimes when it’s not too)
  • The wars over who’s lap Tony sits on are legendary. No dirty trick is too low. And you better believe that the rest of the team frequently bets on the outcome. Until Tony finds out about it and promptly sits on Clint’s lab for a week. (They are a lot more subtle after that.)
  • When one of them is gone, he always comes back bearing gifts. It doesn’t matter whether it was un undercover mission in Austria, a business meeting in Japan, an important political gala in South Africa. They always come back with something small for their lovers (and often manage to call in between, but don’t tell Fury)
You’ve What!? (Peter X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Sexual themes, drinking, threatening

Request: Beauty, could I ask one in which the reader is the babygirl of the avengers, and has been datind Peter Parker for a long time, but they dont bother them( because think is a child thing, like they just hold hands) but one day they a little drunk and playing “ Never have I ever” and someone ask: “had sex” and Peter and reader drink, and everybody freaks out and starts making questions and threatening Peter and want to kill him (but Natasha and Wanda protect him) and funny cute things like u do <3

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“Hey lovebirds, are you gonna play never have I ever with us?” Tony asked. He was asking you and Peter, who were laid on the couch cuddling. You two had been dating for a long time now, over 6 months, and still going strong. He was a total sweetheart and treated you like royalty. He did it because he was him, but also because he knew that you were the baby of the family of Avengers, and they were ever so protective of you. You had been an Avenger for just over a year and being a year younger than Peter, made you the youngest Avenger and that meant everyone looked out and after you. Missions alone was unheard off and one injury and they would protect you like a precious gem. They saw your relationship with Peter as harmless and nothing past cuddles, kisses and holding hands.

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