their relationship was precious

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aquarium girl again- awh you guys are so sweet!! I will tell you everything that ever happens ever

You better I’m so hype about it now you don’t even know. Sunflower just saw thus and she screamed like we are invested my friend invested. (Can I write a fic based on this? Cute as hell oml)
~Love, Peony

We are so invested eeeeee!! Like I was in a relationship before and it was.. eheh. Heh. It just makes me really happy to see happy relationships and your relationship sounds so frikkin precious.
~Sunflower (:


“I have so many things to tell you–”

((the airport reunion is still making me tear up, so I went and re-drew some screenshots to deal with the feelings))


mr. clarke & his cute as fuck girlfriend during their movie night – requested by anonymous

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My aesthetic is Bellarke in the trailer. Clarke during the whole trailer: A leader, speechifying, stoic, arguing, standing in front of an army. Clarke with Bellamy: Just a girl, puppy eyes, vulnerable, needs a hug. Bellamy during the whole trailer: A leader, fighting, taking responsibility, determined, shooting. Bellamy with Clarke: Just a boy, heart eyes, guard down, wants to hug her so bad. WHAT'S THIS??

Ok, I’ve looked it up and according to the dictionary this is what is known as two idiots in love.


“That was the amazing thing about playing this role; I feel it’s almost a new guy every season. And knowing I was going to turn into Long John Silver… the fun thing was starting as far away from that as we could at the beginning; to make him a guy who’s so different, and every season we just get closer and closer to that character so many people know.” (x)


This is it. This is their relationship in one scene. Your OTP could never be this precious… Goodbye *flings self into the sun*