their relationship is the one i'm most looking forward to

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Malec + 188 Omg you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to all your new drabbles!!

ahahaha that is so cute, nonny! 

This one will be extremely silly. I might have written it in an intoxicated state. Mildly intoxicated.

Malec: 188: “Mine.”

It was rare that Alec and Magnus would fight. They had stablished a good communication system early in the relationship, so most of their issues never reached the phase of becoming real problems. The key was to identify what was wrong and talk about it as soon as possible.

That was not to say they didn’t have disagreements, though. They did.

In fact, they were having one right now.

“Dibs on the third pizza,” Alec said as soon as he opened the box. Growing up with Jace and Izzy had taught him to claim his food as quick as humanly possible. Dating Magnus had taught him to be even faster than that.

Magnus raised an eyebrow at him. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

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You know I'm with you I don't mind much whether they end up having sex or not because although the kisses and touches and all of that are nice (VERY nice) my favourite aspect of their relationship so far is the communication I love seeing them talk about stuff and working through whatever might arise and that's what I'm most excited to see next week

Literally me. Them talking in 2x05 was one of my most fave Malec scenes ever. Those honest conversations, this healthy relationship, them acting like adults, this is everything.

I mean I am not kidding, I will lose my chill once they might have sex (or even have some heavy making out) ngl but what I am really looking forward is them being soft and cuddly but also like total badasses on the battle field? Give me Malec being all competitive little shits while fighting demons. But also being so comfortable around each other, melting around each other when they’re staring into each other’s eyes with such admiration and awe and so full of love. Lying on the couch, languid kisses, fingers that brush lazy over arms. Also them holding hands, or like little touches that might seem like they just happened accidently when they are not. Also forehead kisses (Istg if I get a forehead kiss I might just die!) and hugs. I don’t need any “sex scene” at all when I get a hug. Please, give me hugs.

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one of the things i most look forward to in obs&bh is finding out if viktor ever loses /all/ hope about making yuuri happy/being in a healthy relationship- you said that he's a very optimistic person but there are difficult times ahead (obviously before the big talk) and especially after the scandal and i'm curious to see if he still clings onto hope during those moments T-T you won't say anything right now but i do hope that we get to know in the fic!

I can’t say anything specific but Viktor definitely goes through several attitude changes in regards to the relationship over the course of the fic 


“ I’ve talked myself out of a thousand dark corners, Podrick. I don’t think I’m talking my way out of this one.

glimpse of lannister siblings' relationship in season 4 [ x ]