their relationship is the main reason i watch this show

My thoughts on Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2

Things I loved:


–Cree Summer as the fake Weblum and the quote that came with it!

“If I can’t see ya, I can’t kill ya”

–Zarkon is out of comission now

–Shirtless Klance


–The adorable pet thing that just says YUP

Things I liked:

–Keith and Hunk bonding

–Galra Keith, despite my protests of how stupid it would be, was handled well.

–Keith did not become purple and furry after this discovery!

–Not much screentime about Allura’s problem with Keith being Galra because it’s stupid for her to have a problem with someone she trusts over ancestry.

–Nerdy Pidge

Things I hated:

–I’m gonna get this one out of the way because it’s the main reason I watch this show. LACK OF KLANCE. Granted the elevator scene was funny but it was really the only major interaction between the two all season so I don’t understand why everyone is so happy about it. I liked the slow burn of their relationship in season one but granted none of the characters except Keith really got an arc this season so… I guess I can forgive? Plus Lauren Montgomery says LGBT stuff is on the way so it was probably in season 3 granted how long animation takes to do and they are probably well into production since this season was made before season 1 was airing.

–There weren’t enough character arcs so much of the show was “LET’S GO AFTER THIS GALRA FLEET AND FORM VOLTRON”. There were almost no quiet characters moments or room for the characters to interact (except the glorious mall episode) and become more fleshed out because of the PEW PEW KILL GALRA

–Going off that, way too plot heavy when I could give a flipping quiznak about. I watch the show for the characters not the stupid villains who are honesty SO BAD IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY

–the villains just get more boring and terrible. DEAR GAWD, will Prince Lotor be that bland?! I hope not.

–Ladies man Lance is getting real old real fast. Can’t he hit on some boys too? Bi Lance plz.

–No Allura in princess dresses, her outfits were always so pretty. 

Overall Grade: 

B (solid but needed vast improvement, season 1 was better)

One of the main reasons why I fell in love with Monsta X is because of the relationship that all the members have with each other. Their relationship actually seems genuine, and they’re just so natural and comfortable around each other. You can actually tell that they all genuinely love and care about each other just by watching a few videos. In most groups, there’s always one member that’s kind of awkward or distant, but for them, there’s literally no boundaries when it comes to showing affection or just being downright weird around each other. What they have is truly amazing. I just love their group dynamic, and I hope it stays this way for a very long time.

This is to people comparing No.6 to YOI

I’ve been seeing a lot of people saying things like “why are so many people going crazy over YOI and Victuuri when No.6 basically was the same thing” and it’s honestly starting to peeve me off a bit.
Yes, No.6 is a great anime/manga/novel and Shion’s and Nezumi’s relationship is similar to Victuuri in how they developed so naturally and weren’t treated as fan service. But the main reason (I think at least) people are losing their shit over YOI and Victuuri right now is because YOI is a sports anime.
Anybody who has watched a sports anime knows that they are always queer baiting us. They would present relationships to us and give us characters who honestly have a deep connection with one another but then have the relationship never go farther than “best/close friends”. The show would then just continue to tease us by showing scenes that are a bit suggestive and questionable.
And honestly, it gets tiring to constantly watch sports anime and just have queer bait shoved at our faces and to be constantly teased upon.
So now for Yuri!!! on Ice (a show quite a few people thought was just gonna be a queer bait sports anime) to have a CANON queer relationship has all of us losing our shit.
So yes No.6 was great and all but to people who are being annoyed that so many people are going crazy over YOI right now, please just chill for a bit. We’ve been wanting something like this to happen in a sports anime for forever and it’s finally happened ok? Please just let us have our moment.

Reasons you should watch Bojack Horseman
  • Accurate portrayal of depression
  • A canon ace main character
  • Takes on controversial topics with humor (abortion, Bill Cosby, Veteran praise, etc)
  • Animal puns and a million background puns
  • Relatable main characters
  • Accurate portrayal of abusive home situation and it’s affects
  • It’s beautiful
  • Crazy amounts of foreshadowing and full circle pay off
  • Shows both healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • A female main character puts her career in front of her love life for a while
  • Realistic portrayal of a couple who is middle aged but doesn’t want children
  • Explores hollywood toxicity and the ‘the grass is always greener’ meantality
  • Accurate description and portrayal of life and stagnation (the point in life where you finally stop growing and changing)

Also really good lessons I learned

  • You aren’t obligated to accept anyone’s apology
  • 'When you look at someone through rose colored glasses all the red flags just look like flags’
  • 'It gets easier. Everyday it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it everyday that’s the hard part’
  • Sometimes you have to just stop expecting someone to be a good person so you aren’t disappointed when they aren’t
  • Sometimes happiness is selfish and you can’t be apologetic for it
  • It’s easier to fix other’s problems than your own
  • Sometimes it’s too hard to be a grand hero and you just can’t do it
  • You have to take responsibility for you own actions, even if you did have a tough break and a shitty upbringing
  • Sometimes even though someone loves you, it’s not enough
  • Never EVER snort Bojack the heroin
Reasons you should watch the Magicians

-features a healthy, happy polyamorous relationship

-lesbian, gay, bi characters (both background and main)

-talks frankly about mental illness, doesn’t shy away from the topic or treat it as a joke

-same thing with abuse, addiction– this show really doesn’t treat things like this a just an offhand thing, or a joke

-its pretty refreshing, actually

-there is fucking magic

- “I can’t believe i missed out on Hamilton tickets for this”– actual line form the show omg

-Penny  immediately shuts down Quentin’s casual racism and calls him out on it 

- doesn’t ignore Eliot’s sexuality

Reasons the Magicians is still problematic:

-Killed a queer POC after one episode

-Killed a gay love interest after two episodes (granted, he was evil)

general warning for anyone considering watching graceland

graceland is now completely on netflix, but i just wanted to warn anyone considering watching it that there is an abusive relationship between two of the main characters, and the abuser never faces any kind of justice and the show doesn’t even acknowledge that it’s an abusive relationship

i know a lot of times people call toxic relationships abusive to demonize certain characters for different reasons, but i’m trying to warn people (especially abuse victims and survivors) that the relationship between paige arkin and mike warren is very much abusive, not just toxic, and it can be extremely hard to watch all of the things paige does to mike—especially given the fact he’s neurodiverdent (canon adhd + develops an addiction), and ND fans connect with him a lot

the two of these characters start off friends, briefly date, and remain coworkers the entire show. some of the stuff she does to him (for which she faces zero repercussions) includes:

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anonymous asked:

Was JP bullied as a kid? Because from her DE obession, to her Ian obession, to her irrational understanding that Stefan dying, is not making anyone with a working brain happy, I don't know how she thinks... I mean, unless I'm wrong, it's not us being 'mean kids' if he hate this trashy finale. It's us loving the main character of the show, that might be one of/the only reason why we were watching the trash show. I mean, who would want to watch Damon obsessing over a coffin for 2 years?

I was literally just watching for Stefan & Bonnie haha. And they did them so dirty.

Idk about JP, all I know is she had a creepy crush on Ian and that she created one of the worst, most problematic relationships on modern television and had the nerve to call them epic. Also she had some kind of a strange fetish on making Stefan & Bonnie suffer every episode of every season. I’m so happy this show is over.

Reasons to watch The Fosters

Okay so there’s this show called The Fosters that run on ABC Family, and right now the raitings aren’t looking that good (not that we should be worried, yet). So I thought I might give you guys reasons to start watching it. (Because you totally should)

  • Three of the main characters are queer, Stef and Lena are married and proud to be lesbians. Their story-line is not concentrated on their sexuality.
  • Jude, a 13-year old boy, who has a relationship with 13-year old Connor. The Fosters broke the record for youngest on-screen kiss in American television.
  • There’s PoC in the main cast. (Even QPoC).
  • They take up the subject of adoption (dah).
  • There’s a character who’s transgender, and the actor who plays him is also transgender.
  • The show takes up abusive relationship.
  • The show also takes up how underaged/adult - relationships, and shows how wrong it is
  • Also takes up pressur of alcohol/drugs from friends
  • Takes up rape
  • Has very good both female and male characters!

Really tho, we are not allowed to let this show get cancelled (even if it’s not close to that right now), but I promise you, you will thank me for this. Just start watching it.
If anyone can come up with more reasons, send me a message or add them here! :)

Reasons to watch this Disney XD show #1

Wander Over Yonder-

•Platonic main male/female relationship

•Adorable animation


•Cute aliens

•The main characters are a bubbly, happy, kind traveling orange whatever he is, a tough blue alien horse lady, a (not so) evil skeleton dude with lightning powers and the cutest evil eyeball in the universe (and the army of others)

•Original stories

•It gets darker in the second season

•Literally the Steven Universe of Disney XD (I can’t get over how especially gay this show is)



•Strong female characters

•Weird Al voices a floating evil banana in an episode and it is glorious


Feel free to add more!

I’ve said this a million times but the amount of chemistry every character in brooklyn nine nine has with each other and the fact that, through the years, we’ve been able to watch this particular complicity grow in all the relationships means that no matter the combinations they will still manage to make me laugh and it’s one of the main reasons why i love this show so much