their relationship has been portrayed very well

About Greek forms of love: Please take note

{About eros and agape mostly, and how they are misrepresented, so please don’t scroll past this, I keep seeing posts about things that have nothing to do with what they mean even so many months later! This is an edited version of the original post which I wrote very quickly, so I think I did a much better job explaining the concepts this time}

OK, Yuri On Ice has a permanent place in my heart and they have done really well in their effort to portray different cultures, countries and their citizens respectfully and accurately. Also the fandom is sweet and respectful and you all do your best to portray unfamiliar concepts well, but for the most part these concepts get misrepresented. So I ’m finally writing this post to explain them properly. If you have taken a liking to these concepts and want to write fics/meta or make edits/art including them, please take note of the following. I will try to explain as much as I can.

Eros: it’s not physical attraction or “sexual love”. Eros is a passionate emotion that may or may not include sexual attraction, it’s first and foremost romantic love. You may be young and not sexually active or be in the asexual spectrum and still be in love. Basically anywhere you ‘d use “x is in love” that’s where you ‘d use eros. In love = feels eros. 

In short, eros is passionate romantic love

You can follow this up with adding the precise feelings and types of attraction x person feels other than romantic, (sensual, sexual, aesthetic, platonic attraction). The word erotic originates from eros and it often means something sexual, but that’s a possible part of eros not the definition. In modern Greek we say x is erotevmeni/os (f/m) which means x is in love, we don’t say x feels eros (sexual feelings/attraction).

That “show me your eros” line? Completely nonsensical and really irritating. It makes eros sound like it means sex appeal or “sexual love” (what the heck is that?), when it means the feeling of being passionately and irrevocably in love!! It’s the most romantic word for love!  

Examples that would accurately portray what eros means in English

“Victor is hopelessly in love with Yuuri” 

“Yuuri is so in love with Victor that he can’t stand to be away from him even for one day”

Russian team: “We are so happy that Victor finally found true love”

Yakov: “Victor, I’m glad that you found Yuuri and that you two are in love, but for the love of god stop hugging him like there’s no tomorrow and being all sappy and get your ass in the rink to practice!”

I ‘ll quote myself from another post: Someone who feels eros for another person doesn’t necessarily love them in an unconditional way, they just have strong feelings (see above) about them. How they act in a relationship largely depends on the nature of the person in question (if they are egoistical, possessive or thoughtful and respectful). 

And this is where you can find one of the differences from agape. Because

Agape: In it’s first and foremost definition it’s unconditional love. Yes, in Greek it’s also used as simply love, like it does in English, (but not always, you wouldn’t say I love this post it’s meant for people/animals, or really important to you things like “I love my job”. You’d use “really like”) 

So while it can be used as simply love, it’s true meaning is unconditional love, and it comes in every form, between friends/lovers/parents & children/family members/anyone. The best example in the show is both Yuuri and Victor being willing to give up their skating careers for the other to be happy. 

But the issue that bothers me the most is the godlike agape I keep seeing. There’s nothing about agape that relates to the christian god whatsoever. You can use it if your god means a lot to you to describe your love for him or the love you believe he feels for you as well. But that is one use out of many and it has nothing to to do with the true meaning of the word which by the way originated in the ancient times. And personally it irks me to no end to see a word that means unconditional love be used for a god whose whole legacy is allowing his believers (and everyone else) to get hurt, tortured, killed and what else, oftentimes in his name. But that’s a rant for another time.

In short, agape means unconditional love and is used to describe any type of feelings (platonic, romantic, parental etc.)

Examples that would accurately portray what agape means in English.

Yuuri loves Victor so much, that he has resolved to end his career if it means that Victor will get to return to ice skating which he thinks will make him happier than coaching Yuuri.

Yuuri’s family “We’ll support you with whatever you choose” (even if it means that they will not have Yuuri’s help with running the onsen, because what’s important is that Yuuri will be able to do what he loves)

Grandpa Plisetsky: “Pirozhki Katsudon” (really, that man loves his grandson so much that he took care of him in his old age, helped him with whatever he could, supported him, and he shows his love in that gruff manner but it’s unmistakable how much he loves Yuri and what he is willing to do for him)

Also Mila looking after Yuri, Minako supporting Yuuri, and Phichit, Yuuko and Nishigori being devoted friends that always try to help Yuuri and be there for him etc.

Also, when a person feels eros combined with agape, it is true unconditional romantic love. It’s the type of love we see in great love stories, where the characters are so in love and care for the one they love so much, that they are willing to sacrifice themselves or things important to them in order for their loved one to be happy.

In one word: Victuuri^^

Moving on to other forms of love I ‘ve seen explored.

Philia: it is indeed love between friends/friendship ie. platonic love.

Storgi: it’s not family love or parental love. It’s one way agape manifests, it is tenderness/fondness/affection. It comes in every form of love stated above. If I am feeling storgi about you I am feeling warm and fuzzy affection towards you, and if I am going to show you that, it will be with tender gestures, like a caress, a hug, a homemade meal, with my being a good listener when you need me to. I ‘ll show you by taking care of you. It is mostly used when talking about gestures rather than feelings.

Philautia: Narcissistic, egoistic, extreme self adoration, a word that is never ever used in Modern Greek and most Greeks will give you a puzzled look if you use it and will have to open a dictionary to look up what it means. The main reason it’s worth a mention is because everyone in the fandom upon hearing the definition instantly recognizes: JJ.

I’m very happy though, that even if the show didn’t portray the concepts well, they did understand a big part of what they mean so they showed these types of love it in the relationships of the anime well enough. (except for lines like “Such Eros!” -_- ) Also everyone who has tried to tackle these concepts has been respectful and done their best to portray them accurately even if they often didn’t manage to do so. I am a bit sour about the show as they should have done better research, (though I have my theories about what happened. Conservative, prudist christian “sources” that mangle the concepts to suit their lifestyle? Probably) even so, the result was so great and YOI means so much to me personally, that in the end, it’s fine :). 

If anyone needs help with understanding and using these concepts, or for anything Greek related feel free to message me, I ‘ll do my best to help you out :)

Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day Recs

this is my excuse to shower my favs in love. So we’ll keep this nice and quick so y’all can check out these fics if you haven’t already read them. 


My favorite thing that you do: You don’t just cultivate a character, you learn them from the inside out until you know more about them than they do themselves. Your Bitty POV is vivid, raw and always brings some new aspect of him to light. 

fic that should get more love: Perfect Strangers

favorite line: Kent’s eyes are like sea glass in the light, too pale to be blue or green, existing somewhere in between in a color all their own. He nuzzles against Bitty’s cheek with his nose and murmurs, “Hey, truth or dare?” 


My favorite thing that you do: your prose is amazing. Seriously, the pacing is always phenomenal and the tone you use leaves this ache in my bones that makes me fall in love with these characters all over again. 

fic that should get more love: round and round.  

favorite line: It feels weird to him that they could be back on the road when he’s just finally starting to feel at ease in the home, the faint scent of mustiness becoming familiar, Braeden’s scent starting to soak into everything around him.


My favorite thing that you do: I don’t know if I’m going to articulate this well. But I always find myself going back to your fics because of how perfectly you balance the tone and narrative? Your writing’s like a spiral galaxy, smoothly turning on its axis but constantly collecting beauty and stardust in it’s arms. 

fic that should get more love: It’s Going to Be Ok (We’re together)

favorite line: “I’ve proposed to you three times now, Rans? What is it going to take for me to convince you I want to marry you?” He asked, grinning even though he felt tears in his eyes. Ransom chuckled.


My favorite thing that you do: How you unfold events in a scene. You always have very fluid and seamless actions that ground your stories in a very real and visceral way. It’s so vivid and flawless that I it not only feels like I can see everything that’s happening, but that I’m living it as well. 

fic that should get more love: exercise more and eat healthier 

favorite line:  “The more I think on it, the more I realise this has been going on for years and no one said anything. My mama called me dramatic and Coach called me sensitive, and teachers have called me boisterous and lazy.”


My favorite thing that you do: write about hockey for starters. You cover so many intersecting topics of hockey culture so very well. Additionally, there’s so much I love about how you portray zimbits. You let Jack have complicated yet valid relationships with people. You let Bitty be gritty and tough yet still his same sweet self. 

fic that should get more love: when it’s over (you’re the start) 

favorite line: These people are strangers. The same untouchable celebrities who didn’t understand just how badly Jack hated his life until he almost lost it. It took Jack struggling through rehab for Bob to really connect, for Alicia to regret being so absent


My favorite thing that you do: It’s the way you write love. It’s messy and flawed, but always hopeful in the little ways, the ways that count. It also doesn’t hurt that you write so many rarepairs and that is all I want in life so I’m eternally greatful for you and the fact that you continue to support and create rareships

fic that should get more love: until your father’s at the table 

favorite line:  “But why is that the goal?” Eric asked, feeling exasperated. “Why am I defined by romantic relationships? By one romantic relationship? Why is anyone? The most important relationships in my life have never been romantic or sexual — my mother, once upon a time. My friends. You.” He heard his voice crack, and Eric swiped angrily at his eyes. “I love you more than any man I’ve ever dated. Doesn’t that count for something? Doesn’t that matter ?”

honestly, i think few things reveal as much about how people perceive gay people and their experiences and relationships as the double standard that comes up when dealing with the mere existence of gay kids in media. or, to put it simply, how people think that being gay is an exclusively sexual experience, and therefore, if you interpret a kid as being LGBT, you’re sexualizing them by default.

i mean, take stranger things as an example. a lot of people think that will is coded as gay. it’s an interpretation that has been going around since season 1 and is still going as of season 2. and yet, the mere thought of it is very offensive to a lot of folks. there are 2 most common arguments to this: the first is the aforementioned ‘sexualization’ of the character that is apparently inevitable with any gay interpretation that happens, ever, and the second one is that ‘it’s not what the show is about! who cares? it’s not a story about being gay!’.

what these same people seem to either not realize or just plain ignore while making these statements, however, is that the subject of (straight!) romance is very often brought up with all of the kid characters. the show is, in many ways, a coming of age story, after all, and romance or attraction is and has always been a prominent part of self-discovery.

so what we have is a story that places a considerable amount of importance in the blossoming relationships between boys and girls, and portrays them as being healthy parts of growing up.

people don’t tend to complain about these ones, however. the romance that is there is very age-appropriate, and although they are relevant to the characters and their self-growth, everyone is also able to know full well that the story is not ‘about’ this. everyone can agree that stranger things it’s not a romance! 

but unfortunately, it seems that some people are not willing to extend this same understanding to will, or other characters like him, really. like i said, will is just an example, there are many more throughout media. it’s like if they make will gay, apparently the whole story and his whole character will become about him being gay. it can’t just exist on it’s own, i guess. or, worse, if they confirm him as gay, it will be an indecent, inappropriate act. 

because the bulk of it is that only straight experiences and relationships get to be seen as a nice, innocent, incidental parts of growing up. gay experiences either need to be plain sexual, therefore inapplicable to kids, or secluded to their own advertised and specific spaces, where they can be avoided. it can hardly just… be.

I think it’s safe to say the general consensus is that Jess deserved better in the revival. I agree to that of course; Jess has deserved better for a long time and I’m glad it’s being so widely recognized. However, I also think we’ve been ignoring the character who was done the most disservice, Rory Gilmore. I just want to say that Rory Gilmore deserved better. 

She deserved better than to be portrayed as someone who would continuously cheat on her boyfriend, and participate in an affair with an engaged man. I am well aware that Rory doesn’t have the best track record in the cheating department, but despite her mistakes she has always owned up to them, felt guilty, and apologized. She’s never cheated simply for the sake of cheating; there have always been other factors involved. She deserves better than being seen as someone who would reduce her relationship with a person she once loved to an affair, soiling and dirtying their very real, very important connection.  

She deserves better than to be portrayed as someone who hasn’t emotionally developed since her 20s, someone who, despite living on her own in the real world, outside her coddling town (which induced the entitlement in the first place wyi) is still self-important and naïve. She deserves better than to be written as irresponsible, careless, and apathetic to her effect on other people. Rory deserves better than to be barely shown mourning her grandfather, one of the most important people in her life, as if his death barely affected her, despite the amount of time devoted to Emily and Lorelai’s grieving. She deserves better than being shown as misogynistic in the year 2016, despite her feminist values, that were once weighed down only by their place in time. 

Rory Gilmore deserves better than having little to no attention dedicated to her friendship with Jess Mariano, who has been one of the most important people in her life since she meet him at 16 years old. She deserves better than being shown to, seemingly, care little about his achievements and growth, despite being his first, and one of his biggest, cheerleaders. She deserves better than to have not seen him in over 4 years, than to seem unconcerned with loosing such a substantial person, and not attempt more communication once she does she him again. 

She deserves better than to have virtually nothing to show for the past 10 years of her life career-wise. I understand the realism of Rory’s situation, but at the same time there’s no way driven, ambitious, workaholic, Rory Gilmore’s only career advancement in the past 10 years is a handful of freelance articles. She deserves better than being shown as so snobby she considers teaching a “failure” and snubbing higher education, despite being a lover of academia. She deserves better than being left with an autobiography (a good idea and certainly a potential success, but also extremely insubstantial and quite possible to fail) as her only given opportunity for success. 

Most of all she deserves so much better than to be victim to a flimsy and unsatisfying ‘full circle’ ending. She deserves better than having to give birth to a baby from an affair, without any idea of how present Logan will be in it’s life (not to say he’ll be absent but he’s also not likely to be a full time caregiver). She deserves better than to have all progress in her career, the most important thing in her life, halted by a pregnancy she didn’t plan or want. She deserves better than to become her mother, seemly incapable of learning from her own or other’s mistakes. She deserves better than to fall into the life her family tried so desperately to protect her from. 

She deserves better than to become someone who would, honestly, make her past self cringe. I have never said Rory was an angel. She had a great deal of flaws but a large sum of those flaws were based in immaturity and circumstance, and I think that she deserved better than to be denied the opportunity to grow and evolve into somebody better. Rory Gilmore deserved better than this revival, and honestly she deserves better than having her character get shit on by all of you as if this is any accurate portrayal of her personality whatsoever.

new-recipe  asked:

Who are your favorite characters from BNHA? Do you have any favorite ships?

Oh jeebus. 

Izuku and Katsuki by far. They are my boys.  

Of the two of them, Izuku is my favorite for a lot of personal reasons, due to how much I relate to him in personality and my own personal past - but that’s another story for another time. 

Katsuki - he’s just grown so much and come so far and he’s becoming such a fine young man in his own right and I’m just so proud of him. I can’t help but feel attached, even more so after everything the poor boy has gone through. 

I personally believe that both Izuku and Katsuki think of each other as their best friend - there is just a lot of complication in their relationship. I already wrote a post about how I headcanon this concept for Izuku,  I have Katsuki’s take on the relationship started but I haven’t had time to finish scanning my manga with all the commissions I’ve been doing ^^: 

Their relationship is so complicated, but at the same time portrayed so well that I think that’s what drew me to it. I see a lot of myself in Izuku and I had a friend like Katsuki back when I was a kid - 10 years of time is a lot of time to just turn away from.  Like I already stated, there’s just so much complication between them that the road for both of them has been rough and I hope to see some of the repair to the relationship once they have a chance to interact again in the manga. 


As for ships, KatsuDeku is very obviously my favorite ship as I write fics for it on here and AO3, post art of it on my art blog, roleplay it on my RP Blog, and cosplay Izuku with my husband’s Katsuki. 

There is so much protenial for their relationship and as someone who strongly believes in “friends before lovers” I guess I’m just a sucker for the whole “childhood friends turned lovers trope” (though i can think of a few sets of friends in other fandoms I don’t ship) They just have so much chemistry to me. I can’t help but ship them. Honestly I started to as a joke, while watching the anime with my husband - making joking comments about Katsuki being ‘tsun tsun’ to his boyfriend and then the hubby goes as looks up actual art for me and tells me he’ll ship with me at con. I fell in to KatsuDeku hell quickly - then I read the manga for my hubby (he’d been reading since it started, i started with the anime) because he wanted to nerd to me without spoilers. I got through the manga that was out at the time (94 chapters) and I saw how Izuku and Katsuki’s relationship progressed and I was sold.  I mean Jeebus those boys. Those boys. God they are so important to each other. 

I can’t. I just love them so much. 

On other side of things, I tend to ship TodoMomo, IidaUraraka, IzuUraraka, BakuMina, TsuFumi, and InkoToshi but really like the only one I’m super invested in is KatsuDeku.  Even just a platonic version of their relationship is so important to me.  

Huge Rant

So I just watched the trailer for 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I’ll preface this by saying that this is one of my favorite books because of how it sheds light on how no matter whether you mean to or not, you have an impact on someone else’s life. That being said, here is why Netflix has capitalized on mental illness issues and bullying. (Spoilers will be included if you want to stop reading)

#1-This book is about suicide and the impact of others on the victim. It is NOT a “mystery” of her death. We know what happened. It’s clearly stated in the beginning of the book how and why she killed herself.

#2-It is very obvious from the trailer that there will be a heater romance in the show. THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF THE STORY!!! But naturally the heteronormative and ignorant society we live in today makes that budding relationship absolutely imperative apparently.

#3-Lastly, the trailer shows immediately that the people who wrote this do not care about sticking to the book because of how incorrectly they portray the relationship between the victim and the main character.

This book has always been very important to me and I’m sure many others as well who have struggled with mental illness and have thought about or even attempted suicide because of the actions of others. It pisses me off to no end that Netflix would allow this to be made.

anonymous asked:

I can't stand the way people portray den//nor, either Norway is cold and abusive or Denmark is an obvious idiot about everything in the relationship. It's honestly annoying.


I don’t even LIKE dennor but it makes me so angry to see these amazing and well-drawn pieces of Norway hitting him with this emotionless expression on his face.

Or an outstanding fic that has him verbally and physically abusing him.

Like, no?? Norway cares for Denmark VERY VERY much as they have been near each other for a long time. They see each other like family (in my eyes ofc ik yall ship them so it’s more for yall). Why would you abuse someone you love?

anonymous asked:

It's interesting to see so many people put actors on such a pedestal. Especially in regards to The 100 or any YA oriented show. Eliza has been a blessing with fans & the response with Clexa & yet people aren't satisfied but there's only so much she can do. Frankenfingers is still young & new to the game that I think fans expect so much from her. I feel like she's going to end up like Sarah Michelle Gellar who didn't really embrace her role as Buffy or that fandom until later in life. 1/2

Alycia obviously is wanting to get past her role as Lexa & start her career which more power to her but she has an established fan base with that character. Eliza too. And I hope they have a long & fruitful career but a lot of people are going to remember them 4 that because it meant a lot to the fans. SMG now has gone to cons & continuously talks about Buffy on Twitter/interviews but back then she wanted far away from it. I think as Alycia gets older she’ll realize just how big her role and Eliza’s role/characters were in a lot of ways for a lot of people. I just see people expecting so much of ADC but I always think of SMG or the fact that ADC is super young. This comes from her saying it’s weird for her with dealing with crying fans & other things. ET gets it but ADC doesn’t really get it as much as Eliza. At least, IMO. I hope they have big careers, I do but I feel like in the long run they may always have a bigger impact because of Clarke/Lexa. Sorry for the randomness 

I’m putting my answer under the cut because I unintentionally went off lol.

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I am genuinely very proud of Iain and Elizabeth getting honours at The S.E.T awards for their portrayal of Scientists and Engineers on Television.
They are such talented actors not only on Agents of SHIELD but in everything they have acted in. Their work in AoS however has been spectacular. Iain has done so well with acting Fitz’ condition and both him and Elizabeth have done wonderfully portraying the emotion and awkwardness in the relationship between them both, all at the same time as making the intelligence and fluency of them so believeable.
Im very proud of them and I hope they start to get more and more appreciated in what they do because ive never seen two young people deserve it more than they do!
Congrats Sciencebabies!!!

Gem Harvest prediction

So, I think most of us by this point are predicting a Lapidot fusion in Gem Harvest.  And why not?  I mean, it’s a 30 minute episode, so clearly something major is going to go down.

However, I don’t think it’s going to be quite that straightforward…

Originally posted by sarah-donyx

The last time Peridot attempted fusion, she pulled out at the last second.  She was extremely unsure about the whole thing and in the end, simply decided against it.  She hasn’t revisited the idea again since then.

The last time Lapis was actually in a fusion…  well…

Originally posted by giffing-lazuli

I don’t think she’s going to be in a hurry to find someone else to fuse with anytime soon.  I also don’t actually think that Peridot would want to even suggest it to Lapis, either; Beta and Back To The Moon both showed us that Peridot is very aware of Lapis’ triggers and tries her hardest to keep Lapis comfortable in these episodes.  Peridot knows about the Malachite situation, and I doubt that she’d even say the word “fusion” around Lapis so as not to upset her.

So, could it still actually happen?  And if so - how?

Originally posted by doafhat

The show has been going to some lengths recently to portray the beautifully strong bond between Lapis and Peridot.  They seem to be closer to each other than they are to any of the other Gems (even arguably behaving somewhat like a married couple in Beta) and share a very harmonious and peaceful relationship with one another.  A strong bond and peace/harmony being two of the absolute key ingredients for a successful fusion.

And yet, I don’t think either of them would want to attempt it.

So, I ask you this… what if they were to fuse accidentally?

Originally posted by stechxr

Well, it’d be a wonderful parallel to Garnet, for a start!  I could really see this happening - with the pair of them, despite the initial shock, actually being completely fine with it.  

Lapis could finally experience fusion as it’s supposed to be - in perfect harmony with a caring, understanding partner who she shares an extremely strong bond with.  It would also be great for Peridot, too - she clearly relies on her technology and has some inner insecurity about being a “lesser” Era 2 Peridot.  And yet, she could still make an amazing fusion with the Gem who’s closest to her.

Greatest love triangle of all time.

Sec. 1 of ?

I am totally fascinated with the Sam-Dean-Cas dynamic. I love it. I can’t get enough of it. I, personally, view it very much as a love triangle, with Sam-Dean being platonic brotherly love, and Dean-Cas being romantic. It’s painful, it’s dramatic, and I LOVE IT. I know I’m in the minority (although @elizabethrobertajones​ and I had a lovely mutual venting session about some of these issues). I seriously see these three as one of the greatest fictional love triangles ever. 

For weeks I’ve been trying to find a way to explain the triangle, and I’m slowly realizing that I’m not going to be able to do it all in one sitting. I’ll just try to get it out one semi-cohesive section at a time. Today, I’m focusing on the way romance has been portrayed in the show thus far, along with the codependency in season 8. (Most of this section will focus on Sam and Dean.)

The entire Carver era finally shoved a spotlight on the codependency and showed it for what it was. Instead of just poking fun at it like the show has done before, the audience was shown just how isolating and destructive codependent relationships can be. Season 8 showed us the isolation brought on by the relationship itself, rather than outside forces. Seasons 9 and 10 showed us the destruction, and season 11 showed us the consequences and, finally, the realization that something has to change. (This is why I kinda love the Carver era, even with all of it’s plot holes and missteps.)

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I’ve been thinking about how I wanted to do this and finally managed to hit a conclusion. anyways, I have’t had this blog too terribly long and to get 200 followers in such a short time is remarkable in my eyes. I appreciate every last one of you, and I think you are all talented writers in your own way. While I do not write with all of you, I look forward to any chance I get to do so. You’re welcome to IM me anytime you wish and I hope I can do the same. Thanks for making my time here memorable. 

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Hae Soo and Wook - international vs SBS version

i have noticed a difference in how the Hae Soo x Wook relationship has been portrayed in the two versions of the drama and i find it very interesting. i’m sharing my observations to see if anyone else who watches both versions noticed it as well. i’ll provide screen caps of the scenes so you can see the differences and i’ll write shortly about my thoughts at the end. feel free to leave me your thoughts on it as well, i’d love to hear theories! and if there’s a moment you noticed that i didn’t include please share it!

under a read more because long post, oops.

also, in case anyone is wondering where to watch the versions. you can find the international version on and the SBS version on

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O Brother, Where Art Thou? (or We’re in a Tight Spot)

You guys are going to have to bear with me as I am on cold medicine, but I finally got a chance to watch the mid season finale yesterday and I have a lot of thoughts to share.

Also: TONS OF SPOILERS FOR EP 11.09 (Turn back now if you haven’t watched it yet!)

What’s In a Name?

We all know that the episode titles for Supernatural are carefully chosen, and I believe this is no exception. The relevance is manyfold.

1. While our first glimpse of either of them is of Sam by himself, this moment is part of one of his visions and in actuality the first time we see the Winchesters in the “real world”, they are together. This is truly only in the physical sense as they are set in opposition pretty much from the start of the episode. They argue about Sam’s interpretations of his visions and about what course of action they should take in dealing with the current dilemma they have in the Darkness. It’s no big surprise that Dean is not on board with any plan that puts Sam in jeopardy and it’s even less of a surprise that Sam feels duty to follow a higher power. Consequently, the brothers separate and both begin individual quests to find solutions. Sam chaperoning Rowena as she looks for a way to engage Lucifer without risking himself (the only way that Sam knows Dean will agree to his course of action) and Dean investigating the wake of Amara at the church in hopes of learning something there. So from the start, they boys are divided by belief and action and the title perfectly portrays a sense of despair at being divided and unable to create a unified front.

2. This episode sees the return of Lucifer who is the fallen brother of Castiel who was very noticeably missing this week. We can interpret the title to also reflect their relationship as Cas often wonders spiritually and morally how his brother could have fallen so low and has been known to internalize a comparison between his own fall from Heaven and Lucifer’s. In addition, Lucifer, knowing the relationship that his brother has with the Winchesters might very well be wondering where his brother, who could very well help to debunk Sam’s visions, has gotten off to.

3. Most importantly, we can interpret the brother mentioned in the title to be the brother of Amara, God himself. Her driving force throughout the entire episode is to simply get his attention and draw him out into some form of dialog- to force a confrontation. She tries everything she can think of to make him see her and the true question does become ‘Where is he?’.  

4. If you have seen the Coen Brothers’ film of the same name, you will be familiar enough with the fact that it is a loose retelling of the Odyssey. Interestingly enough, we see many of the elements from that classic story within the framework of Supernatural in this episode arc heading into the next episode:

- Odysseus (Dean) begins the story as a sex slave and prisoner to Kalypso (Amara)

- Odysseus (Dean) just wants to return home to his love Penelope (Castiel?)

- Odysseus’ men eat the lotus flower and forget everything including home (Correlation to Bliss?)

- Odysseus and his men must not be tempted by the sirens’ song lest they meet their death (Odysseus/Dean is the only one to hear the song and survive- possible reference to Amara’s seduction and his refusal?)

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What do you think about Wonder Woman/Superman?

I haven’t read it and have no desire to read it in the future. That being said, I’m not a fan of the premise of the title for a few reasons. 

1) It’s so predictable for the strongest woman and the strongest man in the Justice League to start dating. I can’t find the source for this, but I’ve heard from multiple websites that the creators of the Justice League animated series felt the same way, which is why they decided for Bruce and Diana to be romantically involved instead. 

2) I think Clark was already perfectly happy being in a romantic relationship with Lois. That’s a romance that has been a huge aspect of Clark’s character for decades, and for good reason. 

3) I didn’t like Wonder Woman as she was portrayed in the main Justice League title, when I was reading it at the very beginning of the New52. I noticed that Azarello’s Wonder Woman series ignored that continuity and characterization, which was why I liked it (evil Amazons and Zeus aside). 

4) I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman and Superman being close friends. Pre52 canon, when written well, depicted them as such close friends that many tabloids assumed they were dating, but the two of them didn’t have a relationship of that nature. They weren’t “just” friends. They were still in a relationship, but it wasn’t a romantic one. They were incredibly close, but that didn’t mean that they were ~secretly in love. Expressing devotion, love, admiration, or loyalty is not inherently romantic, and saying otherwise dismisses all the amazing friendships out there, many of which surpass romantic ones. There isn’t a friggin’ hierarchy of love that assigns romance to the top. 

For a perfect example of Diana and Clark’s amazing friendship, I’d like to direct everyone to Wonder Woman v2 #226.

LOOK AT HOW CUTE AND LOVING THEY ARE! Look at how happy they are to see each other! And hey, no romance required! Amazing. 

Here, Clark expresses his admiration of Diana with complete sincerity. He honestly believes that Wonder Woman is exactly as she seems–a wonderful woman. But he isn’t in love with her–he just loves her, exactly as she is.

And here we have it straight from the horses’ mouths. Diana knows that the tabloids speculate about their supposed romance because it’s exciting and it’s the type of love that the media is so fascinated by. Clark knows that it’s because some people just can’t fathom two people (particularly a man and a woman) being so close and not being in love. 

But they know differently, and that’s what matters most to them. 

Naruto: The End Destination - Chapter 3: Pairings

The pairing can be a huge deal in any media to the point that it becomes a main drive for people to continue to follow. Whether the story is good or not, the pairing is what helps to keep the people following the series. Many series does consist them, whether it ends with one or not, the fact is people would follow the story’s path or create their own story, hence fan fiction. That all said it can get to the point where it can get overbearing and unfortunately violent, and not just in mentally abuse, but even physically when meet in contact. It’s one of the worst aspects of fandom and it can’t be completely controlled in warfare, including when one pairing is canon. Unfortunately, this aspect is spread to the company behind the work itself; therefore, they will play game and take the upmost advantage of its audience in order to draw fame and fortune. Naruto is no exception.

The reason for why Naruto, out of many series, have a pairing war is uncertain because it is a Shounen series, where it’s mainly all action and targeted for male demographic though it doesn’t mean it would stop all around people to watch/read. It once had a simple story of a boy named Naruto wants to win his love interest Sakura’s love and that’s all it needed. It grew out of proportion to the point almost all characters need to have love in their life, and mainly, have a simple yet complicated by fans’ interpretations love triangle or square. The series once shown to be going on its own path without the huge concern of pairing war, all goes accordingly to the plan. The anime usually plays around the pairing aspect, though normally, they will show their favoritism that most likely has the most chance to happen, whether it will end up as a canon pairing or open ended with them being the highest level of friendship, alas not love but almost. Naruto isn’t the only series to get this treatment, so it’s not unfamiliar to this technique of anime. However, if the direction in the end completely contradicts the series, then that’s a major problem, let alone the original content, the manga itself.

Pairing is not truly needed unless you’re doing it for the plot or morale. For example, the boy falls in love with the girl, but the girl is cursed and she will die if true love isn’t granted, so the girl must find her true love to unseal it, and that boy may be the one. The point is pairing isn’t always a necessary conclusion. It’s up to the creator’s decision to end with one or not. The fans may be disappointed if there’s no pairing, but again, it’s the creator’s decision and that’s the way it is. If the story wants to have a pairing in the end or anywhere, then the main important aspect of writing for pairing is the character. If the creator wants to write a convincing couple, the story doesn’t need to be a romance genre, rather just tell a story and explore the characters. Have the characters develop not only among themselves, but as well as the relationship of the two. Give the audience a journey that display the relationship of the two, whether it occurs often or frequent.  If one wishes to have the protagonist to love the love interest from the start, he/she may wish to do so, so long it has an end, open or close, or don’t go entirely a different direction, unless it’s used for character’s lesson purpose, though it should be dealt with early. For example, you can have the protagonist find crush/love, but he/she may learn that they have no chemistry, found someone else down the journey, or move on because of reasons. It’s all about the journey that draws us to their world and care for the characters.

Naruto ruined it.

Now before going into the main characters, we should discuss about the side characters. Side characters don’t usually get that much of a spotlight of building the foundation of relationship, though it does leave a hint or so to give you the idea of what could be in the end. The clear example is Shikamaru and Temari. While they don’t display the buildup of their relationship that eventually turns into love, they give you enough to understand why they became a couple or at least can buy the idea. It is said that Kishimoto didn’t want Shikamaru to experience love or something related to it, but at least it didn’t feel that much out of place. Ino and Chouji, however, do.

It is worth noting in a way that the anime studio actually tried to make them into something in a more or less showcase. The manga does leave a very small trace, but nothing to say that they should have gotten together. That said the one they ended up with is pure random. While the side characters don’t matter all that much in love, it doesn’t have to be this random degree. It’s most likely designed to get a way to have a new generation of Ino-Shika-Chou trio, which still doesn’t mean it needed to be this way. Ino and Sai don’t make all that sense. It is true that Sai said one compliment to Ino, though it was made in comedy fashion, so this still doesn’t add up and only came up as a way to shock the audience, though the response is more of clueless yet disappointed remarks. It doesn’t help that it left the audience thinking “Sasuke-lite” or “second runner” since Sai was said to be Sasuke double, so it gave the impression that women in Naruto, at least the Konoha 12 group, are pretty shallow. 

Well, if you can’t win first place, get second place.

As for Chouji, it is random at best. His character all the sudden has a thing for romance love by the end, despite how his character is about fitting in with others knowing he’s fat and lack of better word, lazy. The end piece of the story had it that he wants to find love but don’t know if that’s possible because of his size and such, so it could have been a decent piece of seeing Chouji ended up with someone unlikely, and oddly enough, Ino fits the case. Ino is about beauty, so the thought of ending up with a guy who is seen to be “unattractive” would be a decent development. Instead, we got Karui and Chouji. Nothing against Karui, but it seems like the plot thread of Chouji hoping to find love is wasted because not only he was paired up with a person who he never spoke to, but we don’t get any development or any build from the journey. It was not like it was used in a comedy fashion. For example, you could have him surprise the characters by announcing that he has a kid and a wife with an unexpected person, but it’s all wasted. It’s all for the next generation.

I still don’t get the connection with Karui. Oh well, side character, logic ignored.

Now let’s get to the main characters. Team 7 has a more or less love triangle since chapter 3. Naruto loves Sakura as she loves Sasuke as he’s the rival of the protagonist. It was a simple story of a love triangle that can be dealt with in a normal, non-destructive manner to the characters. Unfortunately, the fans were vocal enough to include Hinata into the mix. The reason why I said the fans is because it has been said that while she do love Naruto, it wasn’t that prominent to the story and didn’t take it into the account that it will happen in the end, or at least the original plan. It’s not that Hinata don’t deserve Naruto, rather the story didn’t tell us this was it. It was very clear that the story shown that Naruto and Hinata isn’t something to be considered in romance, especially the writing said so. If they were truly meant to be, they would have more needed developments and much less what are now needless developments with Naruto and Sakura. It’s not that Naruto and Sakura got more developments than Naruto and Hinata mean the latter can’t happen at all, but it’s just the developments aren’t strong enough to hold up. Instead, it was all relying on the final minute development that too failed.

Let’s go over Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke has no interest in Sakura since chapter 3. In fact, his character has been portrayed to be brotherhood throughout the series, so love has no priority. Throughout part 1, they showed very small promises in early Chuunin Exam. Then, it all went downhill as Sasuke became more aggressive about challenging Naruto as well as getting stronger to kill Itachi, leaving him very little time to focus on Sakura. The relationship outside of being in Team 7 didn’t grow, rather things gotten worse because it was seen to be a breaking point that Sakura is not with the right guy. They have little developments to make romance happen, but that is highly possible that it wasn’t the plan at all for them to get together. It doesn’t help that in part 2, they don’t contact as friends for a very long time. It’s usually about Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship, so Sakura is left out. It was a simple story of a girl who has a crush on a guy because of his cool factor seeing the truth and move on. So why did she still love Sasuke?

So why selfish love won? You didn’t do well since many are love orientated.

In the early of part 2, it barely have any sign that Sakura still love Sasuke, rather she started to shift focus to Naruto. Not because she can’t get Sasuke, rather it’s life taking her to a new direction, one that meets her desire in love. It was brought back in a clear view in Kage Summit Arc. It was arguable that it was made clear in War Arc, but Kage Summit Arc did bring up Sakura’s love for Sasuke. It didn’t make all that sense because she has already admitted that she and Sasuke has no chemistry and already confessed her love. The story apparently gave her more chances to win him when the story itself didn’t display any of it, rather display Naruto’s side. It was said that her love for Sasuke is selfish, so if it’s a bad thing, why keep on going. Part 2 is about being matured, yet Kishimoto brought back that fault of hers, so this doesn’t make any sense. It was used to create an unnecessary convoluted drama in Kage Summit Arc with Team 7, but it made Sakura look bad in the process when she was starting to climb back up to the respectable heroine status. In War Arc, it made matter worse for she can’t seem to move on at all, no matter what happens to her. It did show some sign of development of hers with the thoughts of her not trusting Sasuke and not feeling comfortable at all. Unfortunately, it was all pointless and didn’t even have a sense of moral from Sakura, leaving this a very negative feeling on the audience. It also doesn’t help that Sakura became nothing but about love story, when she was once much more than that. Sadly, Kishimoto don’t have any idea what to do with her.

Don’t worry. Chemistry isn’t required for romance here.

Sasuke and Karin is a pairing that did have a chance but not a necessary. It’s unnecessary because Sasuke didn’t need romance to complete his character since he’s all about brotherhood. That said it would have made more sense than Sasuke and Sakura. It isn’t matter of a favorite pairing, rather matter of how the storytelling was directing. Granted, Sasuke and Karin’s relationship isn’t that fleshed out well, but it didn’t have a complete negative vibe. It is true that Sasuke did betray her as well as the apology being very rushed and poor, but they were there in part 2 more so than Team 7. They seem to have a relationship where Karin is the comedy act as Sasuke tried his best to maintain cool without going into comedy side. The strange part is that Karin was left to be the one to save Sasuke while Sakura was left to save Naruto in chapter 662 event, so it almost gave you the impression that if Sasuke had to get a romance end, it would be her, yet that would be the last moment and because of the ending, it made this drama from Karin pointless. She just disappeared in the end and anything from her ended once Sasuke woke up from coma.

It is possible that Karin was the one to be with Sasuke or at least stay by his side along with Team Taka in the end, but perhaps Kishimoto decided to ignore them entirely in order to make Sasuke and Sakura get together, which is odd because Team Taka stick together and usually follow Sasuke, so why stop now. If they did return to Orochimaru,  what was the point of Orochimaru telling them that they are no longer part of Snake (Hebi) if they only going to go back. Everything was forced and ignored to have one near impossible path to work.

Your feelings is invalid…

Naruto and Hinata didn’t have a negative vibe or anything bad. It’s just that it was handled weak and in a way, handled in a different manner that wasn’t love in the first place. At best, it was considered as a admiration, which made sense because Hinata was weak and looked down by her father, so Naruto’s nindo, which is never give up, encouraged her and made her work hard. It’s true that she love Naruto, but the story never gave an impression that it was something we have to take into account. Naruto was in love with Sakura while she was growing with Naruto, so in a way, if Kishimoto were to trade those growths from Naruto and Sakura, it could have seen differently and taken more serious on the romance. Even the later developments, it wasn’t that much on romance with Hinata. It was once classified as “enlightenment” from the critic books on Naruto and the bonds, yet there is a section discussing on love. In War Arc, it was noticeable that Naruto and Hinata got developments, though not enough and it had the sense that Hinata is taking over Sakura as the heroine, which is a no-no in writing, especially late in the series with already established full-time main characters. It has been said that Kishimoto did in fact intended to do these moments with Hinata in War Arc to established her as a heroine and get her connected with Naruto with the death of Neji; Sakura, however, isn’t popular to warrant more character to her and eventually heroine status.

Why are you portraying as a symbol of hope restore like heroine?…….Oh……..

The Last, chapter 699.5, is a movie that was made to show how Naruto and Hinata got together; unfortunately, it was a missed opportunity and poorly written. The movie rewrote the history of Naruto such as displaying that Naruto and Hinata have met in the snow field and she was bullied by three kids, so Naruto defended her with Shadow Clone, which is impossible, causing a plot damaging hole. The point is that Hinata once said she saw him working hard and thus, made her recover from sadness, but now, it’s the bully scene that got her interested. The main problem is Naruto, where not only his character is changed but severely damaged by the movie’s senseless plotline. Naruto fell in love with Hinata because of the cast of genjutsu put on him, where he somehow interfere his own dream within a dream of hers, making this convoluted mess to understand what made Naruto changed his mind. It was often said that it’s out of pity, which seem to be the case due to the poor writing, where Naruto had the chance to move forward and start developing with Hinata to see who she really is and begin to appreciate her as a person and a lover. Instead, it went to love in a minute and everything didn’t feel connected to story whatsoever, and because of this, this couple ended up being underdeveloped and bland. It had a chance to show why this couple can work, but it failed but making Naruto clueless on love, which he was completely aware in the series. A missed opportunity this truly became.

You know, Naruto. Neji isn’t the only person who died…

At last, we have Naruto and Sakura, where the protagonist loves someone who is in love with his rival. In the very beginning, it showed a sign that the story was going to be one of those stories where the protagonist does overcome the odd and wins her love, but not without struggles. By the time of Promise of the Lifetime was established, it was clear that this pairing was the one that the story was aiming for. This isn’t about the fans’ preference; it’s the story’s preference. This is the pairing that was pushed in the anime, video games, marketing ads, and many more, so it was understandable to think so. While those are from the third-party sources, the manga did in fact develop their relationship and didn’t stop in best friend level, rather a potential more than friends. There were hints, developments, foreshadows, and even parallels that are easily to connect. It was built greatly in comparison to the other pairings, mainly because this was the main one. This is the one that have the most developments. So where did it go wrong? It’s not the matter of these characters, rather the matter of the writing.

A part of a journey. A buildup. Something for us to follow to the end.

Everything was clear and seems to be on the right course for Naruto and Sakura well on their way to be together as a couple, if not being less than lovers, more than friends. It has the clichés and the writing technique that often written in other stories such as interruptions when something romance related was about to address. They even have a scene where you either have them hug or a love scene, after the dilemma is over, which in this case was with Pain’s invasion. Unfortunately, Kage Summit Arc started to shake this pairing up because of Sakura, which is odd enough to have her love Sasuke all over again.

Thanks to this scene, the idea of never going to happen is invalid.

The confession is most confusing scene in the pairing history because there were many different stories behind it such as Sakura being a complete liar, using Naruto’s feelings, etc. Kishimoto has said that Sakura was telling the truth about her confession, which sadly later now in void of that argument since it has such reflection on Sakura ever loving Naruto. It just made Sakura look horrible. It’s rather strange that with Sasuke around in War and even Kage Summit Arc, she displayed a different character, one that many dislike a lot; however, when solo or with Naruto, she displayed a great characteristic that people can get behind. In the war, she displayed more of her being strongly determined when dealing with Naruto. You can argue that she is Two-Face, and you only want the one who can stand up for herself.

One has Sakura strong with Naruto or alone and the other one has her weak with Sasuke. More of former please, for the audience sake.

By the end, Naruto and Sakura stopped interacting like a close friend that don’t need a mission to get together, developments stopped being matter, and the long promised goal has no impact and wasn’t addressed strongly again. The promise had a meaning to their relationship as in something waited to be accomplished to receive the grand prize. In this story, promise is a incredibly important factor, especially since Obito and Rin’s relationship solely lies on it because it’s something that holds close to the bond and it puts trust on the line. In stories, a promise means very heavily compare to the real life, though some may feel the same way, so this was a conclusion waiting to happen. Sadly, Kishimoto completely discarded it in the end, if not downplayed it severely. It was all for naught. Once Sasuke and Sakura got together or pretty much clued in their relationship, everything got diminished.

Well…That’s pairing war in a nutshell.

The Last have said that Naruto only loved Sakura because she loves Sasuke and he didn’t want to lose against Sasuke. This is where they made him into a bad character because when taken account of the series, Naruto has been fooling around with Sakura all this time, which made no sense, but since they wrote this way, then it must be canon yet made him a horrible person to take advantage. Not to mention that means Naruto saw Sakura as a trophy, which is unbelievable. This whole new revelation only happened because it needed to have Naruto make a mistake on his love with Sakura for the wrong reason to make Hinata the first and true love for Naruto, which is already a lie.

The main problem is that the journey for one possible pairing that has all the buildup to make it work was all wasted. This is where the idea of the end didn’t justify the mean comes in because again, the story had these two developed throughout the journey, yet we are left to believe that it was all wrong even though the audience saw it as the highly likely pairing. Instead, the end became its own mean, undermining the journey, and uses the ending as a way to tell the audience that it’s always meant this way. It also doesn’t help the fact that it overridden Naruto’s priority as the main one, because if he was the one that matter the most, why his love has to be the fault. Why he ended up losing? Why is the other character, let alone the side character, loves overridden his?  If Sakura was the wrong choice, why not establish it in the early stage of the series? Was it because that Naruto and Sakura were going to get together but plans changed? Why all the hints, developments, etc. existed? It would be acceptable Naruto’s first love lost have it not been with the revelation that winning love is part of never giving up, especially since Naruto loved Sakura for majority of the series. Once Minato told Obito to not give up on Rin, then we should have the idea that we must support Naruto all the way, yet he moved on in the very end. This ruined many themes and plot threads. It’s not matter of a fan’s favorite, rather what the journey took us to. Now, it only made you not care about it for the next work. It is bad writing and nothing less.

Well, that means we should get behind the protagonist all the way…….Right?

That’s pairing war in Naruto and it was a huge mess. In fact, it still is, despite having the pairing canon. One would argue since it happened with Dragon Ball Z with Goku and ChiChi, people shouldn’t be that upset about the outcome. The problem is that they are different and I don’t mean the series. It’s the characteristic and plot thread that separate both from each other. Naruto started off with the protagonist already have a love interest and build his way to win her love, while Dragon Ball Z doesn’t have anything of sort for the protagonist in the beginning, so anything can be newly introduced to the character, rushed or not. Naruto had a foundation on his relationship with Sakura, no matter how you see it. It doesn’t require being a fan of a pairing, because it’s in the story, so it can’t be dismissed, much like the flaws of a character. If it started off with the protagonist having no love interest and little build until The Last, it could be forgiving than what it is now.

The one damaging aspect of the story is that Kishimoto doesn’t know how to write female characters, but he learned it from the love triangle, which can be seen as bad news, because in the end, female characters are filled with destiny to love and other far second. In other words, he only know to write them with love being the foreground, such as multiple dreams of women finding love, two Kages dealing with love like marriage or lost love, etc. It’s highly noticeable with women more so than men, which they got more priority such as being the Kage and other occupants like being the right hand man for the Kage. The ending of the series highlighted this strongly, which caused the outrage of the female demographic in the states, though it may depend on where they’re from. 

You should have gotten a love interest for “good” ending for yourself.

The Last doesn’t help because it only established further that they’re all about love and even go as far as saying that they can’t change their feelings at all. It’s a weak attempt of an excuse to say why women’s love can’t be rewritten or making it out to be the only true love holder, which begged the question, what about Rin, Ino, Karin, and perhaps more since they have first love as well yet they either moved on or ignored. It only made the writing exposed as a failed attempt to be complex or strong morality. Men, on the other hand, have nothing in it, yet the only one that seemed like the man that got higher priority out of the two within is Obito and he’s the villain. It’s not to say that men’s love should override the women’s, rather it’s about the balance as well as which love is true and meaningful, such as selfless act, sacrifice for the greater good, etc. It’s about the reward, which Jiraiya failed at, yet Naruto failed in that one aspect, despite what the movie tried the hardest to accomplish. Now, the pairing that was said before being selfish from Sakura is canon.

The main fear of pairing war from the audience is that if the creator is aware of it and decided to play games with fans in the process, it can start ruining the story and the characters. Naruto ended up ruining many things, mainly the characters. Naruto should have moved on from Sakura to Hinata to have the least amount of damage; however, the theme of never giving up would be corrupted. Instead, they decided to have Naruto being clueless and took advantage of Sakura because of Sasuke, which ruined the character because for 15 years, he was a selfless man that understands human’s emotions and feelings. Now, he didn’t know any of it, became more one-dimensional than before, and became a guy that was willing to give it all up on the world since Hinata went with another guy, which begged the question how he didn’t give up with it was much worse with Sasuke being the villain and all. It contradicted everything he was known for outside of wanting to be the Hokage, which anyone can fit the case.

Sakura has no recovery from the mess she was placed in. It was going well when she was alone, but then the idea of her going with Sasuke returned and because Sasuke must be cruel, it all came out horrible for Sakura, yet she still loved him without any effort to forgive and rebuild. She was even crowned to be the worst heroine in China, which is a terrible sight to see for the fans of hers. In the end, she got it horrible and could have easily avoided if she just moved on or go with another guy.

In terms of another guy, no matter how one looks at it, the story was going for Naruto and Sakura, if not, open ending. The journey has them learned about each other, including the struggles, the pain, and many other materials that they can overcome and hope the best to each other. But because the ending chose neither of them, it only made the journey worthless when seeing upon their struggles and knowledge of each other. It’s not to say that the entire journey is worthless, because it has more than building the relationship; however, the audience was focused on them for such a long time that changing all up seem rather cruel to them to spend time for something that will not conclude in a satisfying note. To prevent the damage, you either have Naruto not loving Sakura at all or don’t build up their relationship more than friends in the first place.

It is no game when dealing the romance aspect of the series because not only the fans can get rowdy about it, but the characters have to be carefully consistent in order to not go out of characters. Kishimoto once did things normal and not convoluted mess that was growing from Kage Summit Arc and so on. Early part 2 didn’t have anything that made things confusing to the audience because it’s possible that Kishimoto didn’t buy in until later on, or the first editor Yahagi didn’t approve of the game that the fandom was in. In the end, it got all of those pairing mess into the mix and stopped being part of the story, rather became part of the fandom’s wish list. That’s when the story no longer matters when the fans got more say to the story than the creator, and that’s when anyone could start blaming the fans for ruining the story.

If only the fans knew the consequences…