their relationship ahhh my favorite ; ;


New flow is up <3 Ahhh I think this has been my favorite to film :)

This flexibility training flow is perfect for the splits and backbend lover! Or… if you have a love/hate relationship with them and want to turn it into a full on love affair ;) As always, listen to your body and do what feels good to you: modify accordingly! No warm up is required prior to this sequence, but it always helps. Even a long hot shower will do. Happy stretching, enjoy :)

one of my favorite things abt headcanons where ed and oswald are open about their relationship is like, the implication that they’re sooooo in control of gotham’s underworld that they doesn’t need to worry about it painting a target on their backs…like no one’s gonna think “ahhh yes let’s kidnap one to leverage the other” because everyone just knows That’s A Fucking Terrible Idea you do NOT fuck with those two it doesn’t go well

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hey this is v random but i just wanted to let you know that me and my roommate basically didn't talk for the first two months and then literally became friends because we found out that your blog was both of our favorites and now we're really good friends so thank u for that this blog saved our year and our relationship

AHHh this is so sweet thank you!! it means so much to to hear this, and i’m so happy for you and your friend!! tell her i say hi and that you’re both angels 

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Omg I love you so much You just hit the nail on the head

ahhh thank you! I’m glad people understood what I was trying to say because I was struggling to put how I was feeling down into words. But with queer relationships in media it’s so important to be ~suspicious with how they treat those characters and their interaction with each other especially after they become canon, and especially in comparison to heterosexual relationships on the same show. Like a common subtle one is that so often same sex couples will hug in a situation where a heterosexual couple would kiss. Or my all time favorite, when a same sex couple peck once and then go into a long hug.

From the way I see it right now, since Robert and Aaron have gotten together, they’ve used third party characters as a way of mediating queerness between Robert and Aaron, focused heavily on Aaron’s perspective while relegating Robert to a supporting character role in their relationship, and then had Aaron frequently emotionless in regards to romantic love towards Robert, always on the defensive, with Robert, who’s perspective is conveniently not being told, the one with intense romantic queer feelings for Aaron. Makes you think….

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Hi Emma, I am the anon from a few weeks ago about PNL and how I had a relationship like the one in the fic. So you wanted my feedback (I found that so kind and nice, thank you) and well ........ Wow ..... Tbh i expected a happy end but I wasn't ready for THAT. And the moment when Harry reviled his feelings with pictures, AAAAAAAH!!! Definitely my favorite part. I LOVED THE FIC and recommended it to a few friends. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and I'm super excited for the next one!

AHHH yay thank you so so so much!!! I’m so happy you liked the fic and especially that part. It definitely seems to be the most popular part of the fic. Thank you for reading and for coming back to tell me what you think!! <3


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