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2016.08.04  - VS Arashi [1 / 4]

BTS reaction to you having a baby and breeding a child :)

Anon requested: Hey can you do pregnancy scenarios, like when they find out you sre pregnant, birth, baby bumps, first steps and words ect. Thank you ~♡

Its gonna be full filled with cuteness, you’re warned!   



Let’s imagine you’re so close to your boyfriend or your husband that you never ide it a thing. Which means he knows you did not have your period last month, he knows you’re having nausea in the morning and you don’t feel that good. So he would have though you could have been pregnant even before you would announce your pregnancy to him. Let’s just say you would have told him right after doin gthe pregnancy test in the bathroom. Maybe something like “So what do you think ?” He would stare at you, hoping it was positive, because damn, he wants to start a family so bad. So he would go like “Tell me you are!”. You’ll show him the test with a wide smile spreading on your lips. Instantaneously he would jump on you , carry ou and make you spin in the air with a strong embrace.


Then for 9 months he would be cooking your favorites foods, whatever you would ask him to. When he was away because of his job, he would always text you and call you before going on stage, getting off stage. Before doing a photoshoot or something. He would always do his best to be there whenever you need.


Then when the baby will be born, he wouldn’t stop staring at it. I guess he would cry and thank you so much. If you’re having a little girl, he would use pink everywhere for sure. If it’s a boy, then he will calm down but yeah ahah.

I can piture him reading stories to his kid, making him food, giving them bath. He would play with him so cutely, and be so soft and gentle with you and the kid. He would force you to go to bed and he’ll do all the work. “Look at those widespread shoulders, they can now cary the weight of being a father you know.”

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This is how he would make his kid laugh whenever you wouldn’t be around. He’d do every type of show.

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Hm concerning this guy, the situation would be a lot more complex. When you would announce him you’re pregnant, maybe through the art you like the most (with a poem, with a drawing or idk). He would be very happy for sure, but I guess he would be more stressed, prepapring to all of the responsabilities he will get.

He would take care of you a lot but I think Yoongi would be more independent in his couple so he wouldn’t be as present as Jin. Though he will still be present everyday.

Then when the kid will be born, he would get so emotional, maybe he’ll focus on all the little things to write a song in the future. He’ll buy you flowers as a present. And take care of you so much more.

Then I think he’ll realize he could never have been ready to get a child in his life. It is completely different to what he had thought. He would be pretty lost, not knowing how to react, not knowing what to do to stop the baby from crying. He would have to learn all the things quickly and you’ll be his role mother. He’ll observe you H24/7. Falling in love with you again, loving all the scars this pregnancy left you. Seriously though, this guy would fall so deeply in love. I can’t even imagine how deep…

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I think it would take time to him to get fully comfortable in his father’s role. So I think whenever you’re not around he would be pretty incsecure and would rather play with your child in simpel ways : making faces, making objects appear and disappear, tearing paper and such stuffs. But look how he would be genuinely happy:

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Rap Monster

I think he would be exactly the same as Yoongi. He would react the same way, when you would announce him your pregnancy by buying some baby clothes and offering them to him. He would maybe be a little more present than Yoongi to support you. He would buy you food all the time, buy you massages and everything.

Then when the baby will be born, he would also be a little bit lost though he might be more experienced than Yoongi. He would still ask you advice.

I can picture him acting this way when the baby will be eating by himself on his highchair : “Oh my god babe, is it normal he is eating that?” he would ask being stressed out for no reason. (This situation makes me laugh, I admit ahah)

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AAAh Hobie will get so emotional. Especially the day you’ll give birth to your child. He would inform the rest of the group so they could come and see their little nice or nephew. And they will have to deal with their ray of sunshine shedding warm tears.

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Hobie would be the type of father to make speeches out of nothing. Like the first steps of his child, his first real meal, his first day of school etc. Look how proud he would be :

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Then I guess he would be the father who clearly doesn’t care to look ridiculous. He would wear costumes, he would play H24/7 with his child. He would be a bit like Jin but a little more playfull I guess.

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Jimin would be the kind of boyfriend to constantly call you “the future mother of my child” or such little nicknames. He would be taking care of you anytime, he wouldn’t mind if you would wake him up in the middle of the night.

Even though he has no experience at all with kids, he would make his best to catch up on your experience buy watching documentaries, reading articles and stuff. So he could learn some tips to know how to make the baby fall fast asleep, so he would also know which games to play with the baby to teach him things and everything.

He would be the type of father to be always glued to his baby, kissing him, tickling him, singing him songs. He would also be as sensitive as Hobi and as joyful as him whenever he wouldn’t be tired.

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Gosh Taehyung would be driven crazy because all the wait he will have to go through during the pregnancy. Not to mention how crazy he went when you let him know you were finally pregnent after all the times you’ve been trying to get. He jumped everywhere, kissed you a million times before calling  his familly and announcing them the news. Then during the wait, he would have bought everything to make the room of your child. He was so invested in this new role he will have to play in a few weeks. He has been dreaming about it since he was a teenage boy. He has been talking about this moment to come so many times. He has been dreaming about.

Not to mention that he knows how to supervise and breed childs. He would be the kind of father to take everything and nothing in pictures, he would save every drawing his child would do, take videos everyday… He would be the proudest dad in the world. He’ll also be so protecting and playfull.

“Jagiya, I’ll never thank you enough for giving me this wonderful kid. Let’s work hard and breed other childs when we’ll be ready”.


He would be as lost as Yoongi and Rapmon but I guess he would be as playful as V. He would be playing hide and seek with his child and some other famous games. He would also love to take photos of them eanytime of the day; for instance, when he would be eating a glass, when he would be doing a creativity activity or something. Actually I think he would be pretty much on the playing side whenever the kid would still be a baby, but then when he’ll be by 364 years old, he’ll start to have some educative activities such as discussionson innocent things, he’ll be there to help the child studying and progressing in sports or in music.

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I don’t know why I can picture Jungkook supporting his child at a contest just like this :

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Here it is, I really hope you liked this fluffy reaction. I spent a long time on it so yeah :) Please feel free to let me know what you though about it and whether you agree or not on these.

Love you all, take care xx
Boyfriend The8

Anon #2, that’s a good question ;;w;; I find it hard to pick just one but if I HAD to, either S.Coups or Woozi … or Minghao. I love Seungkwan so much too though … I love ALL of them, it’s so hard to pick >.<

And I hope that everyone reading this is having a good day! :)

His attempts of Skyping you always end up in shambles. It’s starts off cute, you both catch up and he tells you about the tour. Then the boys pile in one by one until there’s twelve loud boys screaming down the phone and Minghao’s pleading with his eyes for you to save him.

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Not overly affectionate at first. Skinship is shy and mostly in private, but as he grows more comfortable in the relationship and matures, he’s less awkward about publicly showing love. Although he would never do something like make out in front of well … anyone, he’ll definitely hold your hand on dates or kiss your forehead, even if the boys are around. He likes sweet gestures to show he cares.

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You can bet that Jun pushed him to ask you out. You were introduced to the boys through a mutual friend and although Minghao kept to himself at first, his dry wit and sense of humour made you try hard to befriend him. The more time you spent together, playing video games or laughing at his savagery, the more feelings grew between you.

It probably would have continued like this for months if Jun hadn’t played cupid and done that whole “invite you both to the cinema, pretends he’ll ill & leaves you both alone on what’s now a date” thing. It works, luckily for him. Minghao would have killed him for that move if it hadn’t.

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Facetiming works out more often, as he locks himself in the bathroom to do so. At first they thought he was doing “dirty things,” locked up for so much time in there but when they realise he’s talking to you, they stand outside the door and make animal noises. Well, the sunshine line do and 95 line try getting them to stop.

He gets frustrated but hearing you laugh melts that feeling away. It seems like one on one time with you is impossible, between living with 12 others and having a busy idol life. But he always tries to talk to you, through the power of the Internet, so you never drift apart.

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You worry about him, that he’s working too hard and loosing too much weight. Jeonghan is your inside man, always filtering back info to you if Minghao’s in a bad mood that day or if a fan made a negative comment during a fansign. Those are the days you show up to their place randomly with enough take out to feed an army. Minghao doesn’t know how you know when to show up to pick his spirits up but he’s glad that you do.

“Thank you for coming today. Shall we eat?”

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Sometimes you feel like you’re the only one who remembers his martial arts background. He likes to show it off to you, leaving you in awe of his talent. He’s so smug and proud of this fact.

You also help him deal with his processed hair, with deep conditioning treatments and you both throw on face masks for a pampering sesh. He loves those times, not bc of how soft his skin and hair is afterwards, but bc of how chill and relaxing it is. You both cuddle up on the couch to a good movie, with those animal face masks on and take cute, funny pics.

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He melts every time you do something cute.

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Isn’t afraid of calling you out and that’s good. The spats between you two help you grow as people and to mature. They’re a healthy part of a relationship, as you both learn from them and grow stronger.

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Not above getting silly with you. When you visit the dorm, only craziness ensues. He loves that you get on so well with them, since they’re basically his family. He has no worries about you, even if he’s not there, since the boys take such good care of you and you them.

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Takes you as often as he can to his home in China. Watching you fish with his little cousins or seeing his mom try teaching you how to cook his fav dish leaves him with a soft smile on his face.

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Brings you to the practice room so he can show off his b-boy skills and the choreo to their upcoming comeback. You even get to play with their crocodile toy, the loser having to buy the winner chocolate milk.

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Your relationship is very strong and sweet. There’s enough trust to be able to point out each others flaws without worry. And that helps you both grow. There’s a lot of growing tbh, as he’s still young and learning. This only makes your bond stronger, as you’re there for him through thick and thin.

Sometimes he worries that the relationship isn’t “mature” enough it’s hard to do those things w so many protective boys around but don’t worry about that. You’re young and there’s time in the future to worry about “mature” stuff or starting a family and things of that nature.

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GOT7′s reaction to you being jealous

A/N: This is not requested, I just wanted to do it, so my blog is active. I’ll be posting stuff like this almost everyday! 

*All gifs are not mine credits to owner.*

- Admin KenKen

Mark: He would probably laugh thinking you were cute and would wrapped his arms around for a hug. If you were serious though, like I’m talking you were ready you fight, then he’d be more serious too. Probably pull you anywhere else, away from her. 

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Jaebum: He wouldn’t like for you to be jealous. He’d want you to know that he’s only got eyes for you and only you. In fact, he’ll tell you that to try and make you calm down a little bit. 

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Jackson: He would in some way feel hurt a little bit, for you to even think he was looking at another girl. Maybe even annoyed that you would be like this especially if it wasn’t the first time. He’d kiss you and tell you sweet things to make sure you’d understand that he’s yours. He would try his best to cheer you up.

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Jinyoung: Would straight up find it cute and funny at the same time, might even tease you about it. He would be flatter that you were jealous, but at the same time would find it hilarious that you’re getting so worked up over a girl. He’d probably kiss your cheek and say, “Jagiya, you know I’m all yours.”

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Youngjae: He would not find it cute. He’d probably find it annoying and frustrating that you keep getting jealous over girls that mean nothing to him. He would tell you over and over, “I love you and only you,” until it got stuck in your head.

BamBam: Would be teasing you to the max! This boy would not let it go for a week or more, depending on how jealous you got. Like he’d be telling you everyday, “Noona did my make up today and she touched my lips, are you jealous?” 

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Yugyeom: He would try to figure out why you were jealous of that girl when he doesn’t even know her. He’d tell you that he loves you so much, he couldn’t even think of other girls then proceed to bury his head into your neck and chuckle at how cute you were.

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NCT 127 reaction to you being shy after your first kiss

Thank you for the cute request! ^^ I had fun while doing this~ I hope you like this! ^^

let’s all just appreciate the cuteness of this request TuT


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  • At first he would probably be like “wth is going on? o.o” but after he realizes you are just shy because you just had your first kiss, he would probably chuckle/laugh a little at you and would think you are absolutely cute even though you aren’t usually that shy
  • His thoughts probably: omg how can someone be so cute? TuT
  • “It’s okay to blush, I totally understand” *chuckles and does what he does in the gif*


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  • Would probably be a little surprised since you don’t usually act like that but like Taeil, he would probably just find you cute and simply adorable in the end, probably starts saying random stuff just to make you feel less shy
  • “You look really cute while blushing, you should do it more often” *suddenly does parrot imitation* let’s appreciate the randomness of this boy, shall we?


Originally posted by taeyongd

  • Tbh I feel like he would be a little more surprised than the others? Like, I feel like he would think he did something wrong even though he definitely didn’t? And when you tell him you are just shy and that he didn’t do anything wrong, he’d just be really relieved. And then he’d just look at you, observing your face and you’d look away since you are feeling so shy and he’d chuckle because that’s so darn cute to him
  • *adores your blushing face while smiling subconsciously* 


Originally posted by chocosicheng

  • Would probably just laugh at your blushing face, I feel like he would maybe tease you a teeny tiny bit about it since you weren’t that shy usually? Not too much, just a little, enough to get you blushing even more >< In the end he would probably just hug you tightly and laugh warmly
  • “Oh my god you are so cute” *wide smile*


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  • I feel like Dongyoung would be quite flustered since he was so used to your usual behavior. So, seeing you so shy would leave him asking things like “why are you so red? why are you not looking at me?”, a little panicked. And in the end he’d laugh a little awkwardly and hug you, patting your back.
  • “I never thought you’d react like this” *><*


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  • I feel like this fluff ball would get shy too when he sees how shy you got. And you’d just be blushing together, avoiding eye contact and mumbling random stuff to each other
  • *mumbles random stuff* *giggles awkwardly* *keeps glancing at you because you are just so darn cute*


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  • When you turn your head away, he would probably follow because he wants to see your cute blushing face >< And you’d just end up facing a wall while he is next to you, asking you to turn around and telling you that it was okay to blush and that you weren’t embarrassing etc.
  • *whines* “Come on _____” *pouts while trying to get a glimpse of your face that’s planted against the wall in front of you* “I promise I won’t laugh”


Originally posted by t-yong

  • Would probably be very surprised by the sudden change in your behavior and ask you if you were okay and when you told him you’re just shy, he’d be like “ohhhhh… i see…” and in his mind he’d be freaking out at the same time because the situation would be a little awkward but he would also be thinking oh my god why are you so cute *T-T* And he’d probably tell you that he didn’t mind you blushing and would ask you to face him
  • “It’s probably not that bad, stop saying you look like a tomato” *laughs that cute mark laugh T-T*


Originally posted by haenyan

  • Being the savage smol bean he is, I feel like Donghyuck would start mimicking your actions (like in the gif) to make it less awkward and also to hide the fact that he was feeling a little shy too >< And you’d both end up laughing and the situation wouldn’t be as awkward anymore and you’d feel a lot less shy thanks to him
  • *two blushing people who just keep giggling for no reason*

mission: count how many times the word cute is written here lmao

What Dating Xiumin Would Be Like

A/N: Hehe…its been a while since I posted something on this account. I kinda lost the motivation to write but I have some new idea’s swirling in my brain! Death of a Bachelor Pt. 2 will be out on Friday so look forward to that coming up!!! And also expect some more saucy reactions coming soon *wink, wink*. But for now, enjoy some Xiumin my lovelies! :3 -Admin Germane

•eskimo kisses are common

•and so are butterfly kisses too

•but when he truly kisses you, it’s the most romantic thing in the world

•him being super cuddly when he’s tired and just wanting to be held by you.

•"Jagi, come cuddle with me?~“

•while you cuddle he’d love to nuzzle his head into your boobs

•"Jagi, your boobs are so soft! They’re like little pillows!”

•*commencing nonstop giggles and blushing*

•sharing bubble baths together

•even though he’s super cute, he’ll act like manly man whenever needed.

•"Minnie! There’s a spider, please save me!“

•*Xiumin rushes in with a shoe, ready to battle the beast*

•"Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll save you!”

•you giving him showers of kisses when he defeats the evil things

•he’d sing to you if you can’t fall asleep

•he’d stay up just to make sure you’re actually asleep

•he’d love running his fingers through your hair as you sleep, staring at your peaceful figure with so much love it almost hurts

•"Sleep well baby, I love you so much.“

•stuffed animal collection anyone?

•random coffee dates during the winter

•going to the place you first met every year for your anniversary

•finding little notes around the house to let you know he’s thinking of you

•"Jagi, don’t stress to much at work, okay? Keep smiling for me! You’re smile is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen! I’ll see you when I get home! Love, Xiumin”

•keeping every little note/letter he writes you in a special box

•wearing couple outfits. All. The. Time. It’s just too cute!

•kissing each other on the cheek in public

•having a pet hamster and comparing it’s cuteness to Xiumin

•he’d get super jealous though when you hang out with other guys alone

•"B-But Y/N, you can’t hang out with Junmyeon, what if he tries to steal you from me?“

•"Minseok, I love you, not Junmyeon. You’re mine, and I’m yours.”

•"I love you, Y/N.~“

•"I love you too Minseok.~”

•Xiumin blushing out of love and pride and smiling a lot every time you say “I love you” because he doesn’t know what he did to deserve someone as amazing and special as you but he’s always grateful to have someone like you in his life

YOONMIN is special

So, here i am back again with screencaps since i don’t know how to make gifs hihi..

I’m watching Bangtan on Sukira FM and smiling like a fool whenever my shipsssss happened lmao, here i want to talk about YoonMin first…

…when BTS having One-Shot interview, where it’s Suga’s turn - this is what Jimin’s revealed about Suga LMAO, and his expression so cute hahaha!

and Suga be like : “That’s not true”

+ while glares at Jimin,

then another question asked by Ryeowook :

“…giving it to JIMIN”

a SONG for JIMIN. So, is that’s mean a song that JIMIN will sing. Then, can i expecting for Jimin’s solo album? hihihi

members reaction be like : Waaaahhhhh ~

When asked WHY? Suga answered : “Just because..he’s a hard worker.. a really hard worker” with shy smile >.<



sooooo….. SUGA already give JIMIN one song before and told JIMIN to try write a melody, then in this radio show, SUGA revealed that he working on one song and it’s for JIMIN too?

then, RM has something to say - LMAO

and SUGA reaction - defending himself ; so cute, look at his face

SUGA : “…no one that takes better care of the members than me” and JIMIN’s reaction….

SO CUTE!! Hahahahaha!

His eye-smiles + smile so precious OH MY GOD!

Thanks for asking Ryeowook, I bet SUGA wondering about it too


SUGA you know it’s not that easy (it’s 2016…i’m still waiting..)

…I wonder, how is it now - does JIMIN really working on his homework given by SUGA hyung? Anyway ~

There is TWO song for JIMIN and I will waiting for both.

p/s ; sorry for my broken english

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Nct reaction to nips being pierced?! 👀👀👅

A/N: Finding these gifs slayed my ass, why are they so fcking good looking- what on god’s greeen earth are these beings, they’re unreal


Originally posted by taesyong

He’d be a bit flustered. He’d be curious about them, but keep his questions to himself [probably Googling them later by himself].


Originally posted by shutupxiumin

*not-so-discreet glances at your chest*
He wouldn’t really give much of a reaction after his surprise fades. Similarly to Taeil, he wouldn’t want to make a big deal out of them since you didn’t see it as a big deal…


Originally posted by sour-satang

He’d be cute, smiling to himself as you told him. He’d really be into though and use excuses to see them walking in on you in the shower later bc he ‘forgot’ his socks.
“Just don’t show them to anyone but me.”


Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

We all know Johnny would be sly as hell.
He’d play innocent and curious though, really just using it as an excuse to 1. have sex, or 2. fondle your breasts.
“Can I see them?”


Originally posted by tenchittaphonsnose

*slightly shook*
He probably wouldn’t believe you at first. It’d probably be the most exciting part of his day to be honest. He’d ask a million questions, wanting to see them.
“If we have kids together could you still breastfeed them?”


Originally posted by doyoungk

Introducing shy Doyoung
The information would probably take him off guard and he may become a bit bashful.
He’d be kind of reserved about voicing his thoughts, but he’d definitely be curious to see them.


Originally posted by ginny-gr

gtg dig my grave

His astonishment would quickly fade and I think he’d giggle a bit [possibly from finding out such an intimate detail so casually].
He may tease you a bit.
“So do I.”
He’d actually be very curious beneath the surface about the reason why you decided to do it, if it hurt, etc…


Originally posted by seungkwansthighs

“What are ‘nips’?”
He’s pure, let him live, he couldn’t handle the truth.

BTS reaction: their s/o being 5′5, but getting angry when they’re called short

I mean, I get angry when referred to as short, and I’m like 5′3 soooo… Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

Tbh, he would love you height. It’s perfect for you to rest your head on his shoulders. And he’d find it cute that you’re shorter, even though you aren’t that short. And he doesn’t want to make you angry over something as trivial as height, so he’d avoid even hinting at saying you’re short, and just stick to calling you cute instead. 

Originally posted by gukiee

Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He’d refer to you as short just to tease you every now and then. He’d just find it quite funny watching you get angry because of it. Especially since he isn’t that much taller. Like, he finds it so much funnier since he and you both know that it doesn’t make any sense to call you short when he might as well call himself short, too. He wouldn’t let anyone else call you short though. That’s his privilege as your short boyfriend.

Originally posted by yoongijae

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

Basically the same as Jin tbh. He finds your height cute, and likes that you’re shorter than him. But he doesn’t mention it just because he doesn’t want to make you angry. He would tease you sometimes though. Like, if you can’t reach something that’s very high up. But it wouldn’t happen very often.

Originally posted by pjmjjk

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

He’d find you so cute and everything, but avoid talking about your height at all costs, because he’s a sweetheart who doesn’t want to make you angry. He might accidentally tease you, though. Like, the first time he brings you to meet the boys, and he’s like “look, Jimin, you’re not the shortest person in the room for once!” in an attempt to tease Jimin, but only making you angry instead.

Originally posted by jungkook-e

Jimin/Park Jimin: 

You don’t like being referred to as short, he doesn’t like being referred to as short. Problem solved. But if you ever joined in when the members are teasing him, he’ll get revenge one way or another. He’d still be happy that you’re shorter than him though. 

Originally posted by chimchams

V/Kim Taehyung: 

Very much like Namjoon, I think. Or, a mix of Namjoon and Yoongi. He finds your height cute, but most of the time he doesn’t mention it, even if he might tease you about it accidentally. But, if he’s in the right mood, he’ll tease the hell out of you, and you’ll hate him for it. He’d be a sweetheart afterwards though.

Originally posted by kths

Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

Depends. If you were a friend of his before you started dating, he’d tease you a lot, like Yoongi. Minus the fact that he’s not as sort as Yoongi. But, if you started dating without really knowing each other first, he’d be cautious about teasing you, because he’s too shy and insecure in your relationship to purposely make you angry. But once he’s more comfortable, he’ll have no mercy on you.

Originally posted by gukiee

School Subjects

Omg~ Your art is so cute~! I love the way Jisung was drawn with a pacifier in his mouth for the intro. So cute. ^.^ I have a question. What are the boys favorite subjects? (Mine’s art. I love painting!) - @superwholockotuka

~ Boys, that’s enough. Everyone’s allowed to have an opinion. What about the others, Mark? ~

~ What about Renjun? ~

~ Though, Renjun does enjoy all of his classes. ~

BTS Reaction :: Their crush seems cold hearted at first but is actually really nice


Originally posted by gravitaetion

Happy Jin is happy! After all the times he had tried to flirt with you and you had always brushed him off coldly, he saw you being friendly and caring about your best friend. Jin now knows, that you aren’t only cold hearted and that there was a way for him to maybe get to you!


Originally posted by aestheticvbts

At first Yoongi is so happy to see you smiling and joking even if its not with him but with your friends. You just looked so cute! His next thought though was not so happy. Why coulnd’t you be so open minded when he was talking to you? That definetly was something he had to find out! If you wouldn’t talk to him, maybe your friends would…?


Originally posted by nycbtslover

Hoseok is so delightful, after he overheard you comforting your friend. He always knew that deep down you were actually really sweet and caring. Now the only thing he had to do was to find out how he could experience your sweet and caring self. There has to be a way!

Rap Monster/Namjoon

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

There was this one time when yuu two stood together in your group of friends, when one of them made a joke. Everyone laughed but to Namjoon your laugh was the brightest of them all. He had never heard you laugh like that before and his heart melted. But why wouldn’t you laugh at his jokes? His lifegoal now was to make you laugh like that.


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Someone help this smol bean. He is so confused!! Why did you only gave him the cold shoulder that one time he tried to flirt with you, but when Taehyung talked to you the other day you were so nice! Your friend had told Jimin, that you liked him, not Tae! BUT WHY DIDN’T YOU TALK TO HIM THEN?!?!?!


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So at first Taehyung tried to flirt with you. After you didn’t seem to like it or him, he stopped but tried to be friends with you anyways. A little while later, he realized that you were really friendly when he wasn’t flirting with you. That confused him. Was he so bad at flirting? Or wasn’t he your type?


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Did-did you just talk to a random stranger in the mall? Jungkook coulnd’t believe what he just saw, after you rejected him a few seconds earlier. Now you were talking to this man and asking for the way. Was he really that bad? He always thought you were really really shy and quiet. But it seems like you only were like that towards Jungkook.


hmm… i’m not sure if this is what you expected but this is the way i interpreted it. Still I hope you like it!

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Some cute comments related to that wedding dress coffee art. ;D

You should have seen the first draft. (It was eye-scalding neon…)

That’s right! Even Frisk’s cup is pretty big though, haha~

That’s right, Frisk is exactly half Asriel’s size.

Fits ALMOST perfect.

A step stool would make them easier to stab. Too risky.

(this is so cute oh my god)

For some reason this shop only carries boss monster sized gowns.

That’s correct. You can also see Asriel’s locket in the Interlude pages, and even in his first appearance (though it’s in shadow).

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