their reactions are perfect and spot on

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yo a soulmate au where a person has a tattoo of their soulmate's first thought upon seeing them (not meeting them) and thorin's is probably "why do they all have to be so ridiculously tall" and bilbo's is "he looks distressed"

OOOOH GIMME!!! Those reactions are so spot on!

I’ll bet Tauriel’s says, “Hot damn!” and Kili’s something like, “Is he an idiot or what?”

Anygay I need this AU so much it’s perfect!!!

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“Oh God! Are you Okay?!”

Send “Oh God! Are you Okay?!” For My Muse’s reaction to Your’s spotting them looking beat up, bleeding, and pretty much hurt all over..

Isabelle turned her gaze to her father, 
muscles aching even with that small
effort. Blood drips from the tips of her
fingers to the floor, staining the rug. 

            ❝ I’m perfect. ❞ 

like if you read

lmao just read through some old docs and god damn. not only was my description of my own rom experiences and fears spot on to how peter has been perfect to me but i was reading through things id planned to tell someoen whos now an ex of mine about a lot of things and i was so self depricating in all of them. and theyre reaction was always self-centred and putting me down more. like i stripped all my stuff of emotion and shoved myself into the earth and she responds with bs things about how hurt she is and would consistently put herself before me. like i remade my blog so i wouldnt have her messages still lingering in my ask box

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I wanna watch princess tutu. Sub or dub?


Well, my sister and I watched the dub, and it was great and had some really nice casting, in my opinion (especially considering it was done in like…2004? Back when a lot of dubs were just downright embarrassing). Fakir’s voice is spot-on, Ahiru and Tutu’s voices are cute and easy to differentiate, Rue has a nice vocal range, and Mytho sounds soft yet very convincingly apathetic. The casting for Lillie, Drosselmeyer, Edel, Fakir, and Uzura are probably my favorites, they all do a near-perfect performance to the point where it’s hard to imagine what the original could have possibly sounded like.
There’s one or two unintentionally funny moments, but honestly with Princess Tutu, that’s kinda unavoidable. xD And sometimes it just makes the scene all the better, haha~

I haven’t actually watched the sub yet myself, so I can’t really say much about that, but I’ve heard there are some incredible voice talents in it and of course the original always has a certain unity to it that’s difficult to match. 

Really, any way you go, you’re in for a treat, so just go with your gut feeling (or the one that’s easiest to find) and enjoy the show!

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reaction to yours punching out someone who was flirting with them (permalink)


Granted it takes Jessica a few seconds to realize what just happened, which explains why she stayed frozen on her spot, but once the situation finally registers in her mind it’s just mildly confusing. “Goddammit Barnes!” And perfect, they are making a bit of a spectacle of themselves and she might be a bit annoyed. “What the hell was that for?”

REVIEW: NARS all day luminous foundation

I was recommended this foundation by a friend of mine who said it was great for acne scars. I normally use the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation because it’s perfect for coverage but I decided to try a new foundation for once. My initial reaction was that it was very thin and watery when pumped out. I applied it with my beauty blender and it blended easily and the coverage was the full coverage I was told it would be but I could see scars under it if I didn’t use concealer or build it in that spot.

I wore this foundation for about two weeks as of today, so I could get a good idea of how I like it. This foundation does make my face very oil and shiny compared to my Amazonian clay and is very easy to get everywhere. It did last all day and the coverage was decent throughout the day so I have no complaints about that. My face did seem to break out a bit when I first begun to use it but after a week it settled back down.

Overall I would recommend this foundation, but I do prefer the Tarte Amazonian Clay.