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Accidents happen all the time. Send one of the following for my muse’s response.


✗ For mine to accidentally cause an allergic reaction to yours

   There was no denying that Einar had a soft spot for plants. His apartment was always filled with potted fauna, and he probably spent a good chunk of his income on buying arrangements from a local forest. While most young men his age would be fantasizing of the perfect fuck, or what kinda of house they would want to own, or their dream family, he would be thinking of the perfect garden. 

     Since dying, he’s love for them only grew. He now felt no fear in handle the poisonous ones and usually kept some hemlock on him for emergency, when his gun wasn’t an option.

     That being said, for people who have allergies, he was their worst nightmare. 

     The man winced, stepping sharply back as the child vomited and just missed his shoes. He could deal with blood, and guts, and blowing out brains. Vomit, he could not. 
     His eyes flickered from the retching boy, to the wolfbane in his hands, and back again, silently seeing which was worth dealing with. 

      And after a moment, he sighed, taking a few steps away and tossing the plant off somewhere it wouldn’t affect the sensitive allergies of the child. Einar stared a moment longer, fearful to come any closer and risk getting bile on him. But it was his fault, and he took responsibility for his actions. 

      “Eat this.” He offered, pulling out a little pouch from somewhere on him and gingerly holding it out. “It will stop the.. Uh.. Vomit.”

Drake Takes A Bow On Way To Courtside Seat While Being Booed By Wizards Fans

Despite his beloved Toronto Raptors trailing the Washington Wizards 0-2 in the clubs’ first-round series, Drake hasn’t lost all hope.

The If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late rapper is in attendance at Verizon Center for Friday’s Game 3, and showed up fashionably late in a way only he could. Wizards fans took notice, raining boos on Drake and his entourage as they slowly sauntered to their courtside seats.

The only thing better than the Washington faithful’s cacophonous mocking? Drizzy’s reaction, naturally.


And it looks like he picked a good game to attend, too. The Wizards lead the Raptors 54-48 at halftime. Here’s hoping late-game dramatics allow Drake to take his familiar spot under the courtside spotlight yet again – for better or worse.

[h/t SBNation] [matt_price_dc]

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Rangers 1 Forth Valley 1

It was a disappointing performance and result that saw Rangers Under 15’s held by a Forth Valley side that played with ten men for three-quarters of the game, although following Danny Finlayson’s red card in the fifty-fifth minute it was a ten v ten last thirty-five minutes.

The visitors took the lead in the eighth minute with the goal bring created down the left and when the ball was played inside the striker shot past Josh Donaldson from around the penalty spot. Rangers should have equalised just before the twenty-minute mark, Matthew Shiels advanced down the left and his cross was perfect for the late arriving Mati Zata but he headed straight at the keeper who blocked with his legs.

It took a brilliant Josh Donaldson save a couple of minutes later to prevent Forth Valley increasing their lead, a pass sent their striker through the inside right channel and deep in the box, the shot was powerful but the Rangers keeper showed great reactions to touch the ball on to the bar and over. Midway through the half a Forth Valley player suffered a facial injury and had to leave the field, as they only had eleven players it meant continuing with ten men.

Half-Time:- Rangers 0 Forth Valley 1

Rangers came close to drawing level in the opening minute after the break, Mati Zata broke forward before playing in Zak Rudden inside the left side of the box, the visitor’s keeper advanced from his goal to block his shot and when Reece Rintoull sent the rebound towards the net a defender popped up to clear from the goal line. The next attack came on fifty-five minutes and it was a Forth Valley attack down the right, when Danny Finlayson fouled the attacker it appeared to be inside the box, but the referee awarded a free kick on the edge and showed the Rangers defender a straight red card.

Within a couple of minutes Rangers drew level, Mati Zata won possession midway inside the Forth Valley half and drove towards the box where he went past a defender and into box before shooting past the keeper. The remainder of the game was generally even although the clearest chance came for Rangers with twelve minutes remaining, Mati Zata sent Zak Rudden clear down the left but he was denied by the keeper coming quickly from his line to make a fine block.

Full-Time:- Rangers 1 Forth Valley 1

Rangers Squad:- Josh Donaldson (Gk), Lewis Muir (Gk), Michael Hewitt, Scott Gray, Lewis Mayo, Rhys Breen, Cammy Wray, Reece Rintoul, Mati Zata, Zak Rudden, Carlo Pigniatello, Matthew Shiels, Scott Blacklaw, Billy Gilmour, Danny Finlayson.

( Source: RFC Youth BLOG )
Intruder Alert (snippet)
  • Intruder Alert (snippet)
  • Handsomebeast
  • Sexy Face Reaction Time

The funk-rock gurus announced the news to us about their EP back in January and now they return to our facility with a groovin’ new record. Wonky Power Records wrapped its ears around the stellar EP before it hits shelves and digital streaming.

“Sexy Face Reaction Time” is a spellbinding trip containing compelling funk-rock, rib-tingling guitar riffs, and the perfect amount of psychedelic sounds to make you melt into a hallucinogenic dream. Well, maybe not melt into a dream but definitely melt into something.

The EP hits the spot with it’s layers of tasty production, delicate guitar leads, and smoky vocal harmonies. Handsomebeast has made a road-trip worthy listen filled with bumpin’ beats that even ‘Flea’ would dance along to.  Although there are parts in the EP that resemble artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, and even Mr. Jimi Hendrix, there is still a uniqueness to the 'Handsomebeast space-rock sound’ that is placed neatly throughout the record.

One of my favorite tracks on “Sexy Face Reaction Time” is the sincere 'Intruder Alert’ in which they magically capture a 'raw jam’ and sculpt it into a fasc