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Wade’s reaction to you always stealing and wearing his clothes.

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“That is so sexy.”

Looking over your shoulder, you spotted Wade walking over to where you stood in the kitchen with a beer in his hand. 

“From now on you’re wearing my clothes and my clothes only.”

Snorting, you inspected the button up you wore - the fabric barely fell over your naked ass. “Who’s going to wear my clothes then?” You asked him, flipping over another perfect pancake.

“Me, obviously.” Wade exclaimed. “I look gorgeous in skirts.”

“Oh, I know.”

Wade finally reached you, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin upon your shoulder. You didn’t acknowledge him at all and continued making breakfast, at least until his hands began to wonder.

“I think the readers know where this is going. Better turn off the stove.”

After watching the latest episodes of the YOI dub, it’s not actually that bad


  • Yuri is so overly dramatic, and his reactions to everything are golden. He’s a lot of fun to watch.
  • Yurio’s voice is just SPOT ON. Perfect. 10/10.
  • Okay, i know we were all cringing and laughing at Vitya’s voice at first, but i’ve actually started to get used to it. Victor is a pretty weird guy, and this voice suits his goofy and inappropriate antics quite well.
  • As someone else pointed out, they don’t have to follow the translation word for word, like the subbed version. They can be way more creative and make it flow much better.


  • So, the russians get overly exaggerated accents, but the thai guy sounds californian???? Oh god, i can’t imagine how they’re gonna handle Chris…
BTS reactions to you randomly scaring them

It was the perfect plan - your boyfriend was coming home from a long day at work and thought he had the house to himself. Flicking off the lights and pulling on your demon mask, you positioned yourself behind a corner near the front door. Now all you had to do was wait for your unsuspecting boyfriend to arrive…then you would strike.


A loud “boo!” followed by the most air-splitting scream you’d ever heard in your life resounded through your still apartment as you jumped out from your hiding spot and lunged at your boyfriend. A split second later, there was a large thud as Jin’s plastic lunch container hit the wooden floor. The horrified, completely terror-filled look on your boyfriend’s face was enough to send you into a fit of snort-filled laughter. “Aigoo, jagi!” Jin said, recovering from his fright and hitting your arm. “What? That was good right?” You managed through your giggles. “No, that was not good. You nearly gave me a heart attack. And now you’re laughing? You’re so mean.”

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Your boyfriend opened the door, and a second later you jumped out at him, mask and all. Your loud, incomprehensible shout clearly scared him, as he flinched and pressed his back against the wall by the door. You both stood silent for a moment as you took off your mask, comprehending what had just happened. “Did…did you just scare me?” Yoongi stammered. “Did…did I just scare Min Yoongi?” You said slowly. “Oh my god, I did.” Yoongi recollected himself and rolled his eyes at you, playfully pushing past. “You did not scare me.” “You’re such a liar, I totally scared you!” You laughed. “Aren’t you a little old to be playing such childish games?” Yoongi questioned, smirking when you stuck your tongue out at him.

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“Rah!!” You yelled as your boyfriend, Hoseok, shut the door to your apartment. “AHHHH,” was his first reaction, sinking to the ground with his back against the wall was his second. “Y/N, why do you do this to me?” He cried, dramatically grabbing at his heart and looking up as you took off your mask. Giggling, you sat down beside him. “Because, your reactions are adorable. And hilarious.” Hoseok groaned loudly and shooed you away while he got his breathing back to normal. You returned to him a few minutes later - it seemed a steaming cup of hot chocolate managed to take his mind off how scared shitless he was a moment ago.

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The door handle turned slowly and in walked your half asleep boyfriend. You watched carefully as he shut the door, placed his bag on the ground, and yawned loudly. “Yahhhh!” You yelled, jumping from your spot and grabbing Namjoon’s arm. Through the small eye holes in your mask you witnessed a flash of panic wash over his face, but it was quickly replaced by a cheeky smile as he realized it was you. “That was cute, jagi,” Namjoon laughed. “What do you mean that was cute? I scared the living daylights out of you!” You claimed. “Naww,” Namjoon said as he pulled you, huffing and puffing over his reaction, into his chest. “That was a good effort,” he commented as you rolled your eyes. 

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Like a lion stalking its prey, you watched your boyfriend Jimin enter your apartment from your hiding spot around the corner. You counted down, guesstimating the time it would take him to come around the corner. You could hear him humming an unfamiliar song as he placed his keys down on the couch. Three…Two…One… “RAH!” You yelled as you saw Jimin turn the corner. Jimin launched the object in his hand, his cellphone, at you before letting out a loud, “shi- shiitake mushrooms!” His phone hit you in the forehead which was extremely painful despite you wearing a mask. “Owww…” you groaned, removing your mask. “Y/N? Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Jimin cried, bringing you into a hug and rubbing your sore spot on your head, although you could hear he was trying his very best to stifle back laughter.

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 probably jimin’s reaction to throwing his cellphone at you tbh 


You quickly re-positioned yourself behind the couch when you heard Taehyung enter your apartment. “Home home home, oh, I’m home~!” He sang out, almost causing you to reveal your position by laughing too much. Holding back giggles, you watched as Taehyung neared your hiding spot and then jumped out at him when he was close enough. “BOO,” you said as Tae took a quick step away from you. There was a moment of silence before you pulled off your mask and both you and your boyfriend started giggling. “Dang,” you said in response to his lack of reaction. Taehyung started laughing so hard that he could barely find time to breathe, and one look at your confused face sent him into an uncontrollable laughing fit. “Stoppppp,” you whined, although you laughed along with him. “You…teehee…you really think you can scare me, jagi?” Taehyung managed to get out before laughing again. 

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As you lay in wait, your silent apartment was suddenly filled with the muffled sound of rap music as your boyfriend opened the door. You listened to Jungkook rap a verse before you realized the music was coming from his headphones. “Jesus christ, Mr Jeon, you’re going to go deaf before you’re thirty,” you muttered to yourself. Upon hearing Jungkook’s loud footsteps, you jumped out at his legs and yelled “yahhh!” but it seemed you had mistimed your scare because he walked straight past you. “Oh!” He said, turning round to see you on the floor. “Y/N, what are you doing here? What are you doing on the floor? And why are you wearing a mask?” Jungkook questioned, a smile creeping over his face at your antics. “Nothing…I thought I dropped something on the floor,” you murmured awkwardly. “Were…were you trying to scare me?” Jungkook laughed, helping you up from the ground. “No way. Okay, yes. And you had a terrible reaction,” you admitted. “Gah, so childish, Y/N,” Jungkook laughed shaking his head, but you could tell from his bunny-smile that he found it cute. 

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B.A.P Zelo ‘Wanna Make a Memory?’

@cherryblossomshadow asked: I see your huge to-do list and I almost feel bad to add to it, since I already have one on hold, but….reading the BAP in the rain reaction…I would really love to see a Zelo expansion on that thanks so much

An: No worries honey. ^^ I write what I get ideas for and after the draining scenarios I’ve been writing a little fluff is perfect. <3

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here

Yongguk’s Version      Daehyun’s Version


Despite the rain Mochi took his time finding the perfect spot to pee. Three minutes ago he was an adorable ball of fluff and now he looked like a drowned rat. It gave you an idea.

Nudging your boyfriend with your elbow you said, “Let’s go play.”

Currently both of you were relatively dry standing under an overhang of the roof. Junhong turned from watching Mochi. His eyes lit up but quickly dimmed. “I don’t know,” he hedged. “I’m wearing new pants.”

“Seriously? If it was Jongup asking you would, c’mon!” Moving behind him you started to push at his back. He wasn’t even resisting, just leaning back slightly to maintain his balance and make sure he wouldn’t budge.

Abruptly he shifted his weight and you pitched forward. Before you could do a face plant he caught you in his arms as you passed by. Wrapping you in a back hug he laughed at his little trick. He rocked you back and forth a few times, enough to waddle out under the rain.

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Modern/Future mages spells in a technological world

Most fiction involving classical magic being alongside modern/future technology normally has the mages using spells that harken back to classical fantasy fiction.  But, lets face it, a person who grew up around technology would shape their magic around interacting with that technology.  (All this assumes that magic isn’t anti-tech, like in the Dresden’verse.)

So, spells in a technological world.

Waterproof: Nothing is more annoying than getting your phone/tablet/whatever wet, ruining it.  A simple water warding spell would do wonders.  (Thinking on this was what started this whole line of thought.)

RinoBox: And why stop at waterproofing, why not add impact resistance and such too.  Could be put on the phone ‘naked’, or on a nominal thing such as those rubber bumper rings to anchor it to the device.

Surgestopper: Cast on an electrical cord, would act as the perfect surge protector with almost instant reaction time.  No more lighting eating your computer.

My Parking Spot: The most basic version would allow a magus to put an illusionary car in a parking spot they saw and wanted.  A more advanced version could seek out a good spot in advance, ‘occupy’ it, while directing the magus to that spot.

GPS: Yeah, ‘navigation’ spells would almost certainly exist, but this one would mimic the functions and interface of mundane GPS devices, especially useful to those who are already familiar with such devices.  Could tap directly into the GPS/data networks, or be purely magical getting the info from supernatural sources.

Wrong Car Officer: Be it making the ultimate getaway vehicle, or simply avoiding traffic tickets, ways to disguise a vehicle (or at least disguise the plates) would be simple.  Could be fun, if law enforcement was at least nominally aware of ‘real’ magic, if law enforcement had ways to deal with that.

Air Outlet:  Nowhere to plug in?  Well, just cast this spell, plug your cord into an invisible outlet, and just the right voltage/amperage is right there.  Probably too much effort to do it 24/7, but could be great for recharching devices, running your fridge during a power outage, jumping off a car without risking a backsurge into your own vehicle…

Papers Please: Cast on a person, the magus can read what’s written on any card and such carried by the target, such as IDs, credit cards, etc.  The knowledge of such abilities could prompt faster development of things like chipped cards or barcodes, which aren’t translated.

Just a few ideas, I am sure many of you could come up with many more.

For several days each month, thousands of two spot red snappers gather to spawn around Palau in the western Pacific Ocean. The action is intense as the fish fill the water with sperm and eggs, and predators arrive to take advantage of the bounty. Noticing that the spawning ran ‘like a chain reaction up and down the mass of fish’, Wu positioned himself so that the action came to him. On this occasion, with perfect anticipation, he managed to capture a dynamic arc of spawning fish amid clouds of eggs in the oblique morning light. Photograph: Tony Wu

Be Gentle With Me

Hi this is a long drabble, I guess. Enjoy.

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“Baby you’re distracting me from the movie” Josh says, as you stand up and block his view. You and Josh had been dating for a while now, but you two haven’t had sex yet. It wasn’t because you didn’t want to do it with him or anything, but you were a virgin and just wanted everything to be perfect. Except tonight, you were just watching the way he was watching this movie, and you couldn’t help but get turned on by the way he would react and smile. So, tonight was the night. You knew you wanted to do it right now. So you stood up and stood in front of him, causing the reaction. “Well, maybe you shouldn’t focus so much on the movie” you say, straddling his waist and kissing him softly. He smiles and loosely drapes his arms around your back, before you lean in and kiss a spot on his neck. “Babe, you know that drives me crazy, I can’t control myself when you start doing that” he said, leaning his head back. “Then don’t…” You say. With that, he snaps his head back up, grabs your face, and looks deep in your eyes. “Do you mean…?” He asks. You simply nod and bute your lip, as he wraps your legs around his torso and carries you up the stairs and too his room. He takes you over to the bed and lays you down on it, before pulling off his shirt and looking at you again. “Are you sure about this?” He asks. You nid and unbutton your own shirt, Josh wasting no time to reattach his lips to yours, more passionate than ever. He takes his time to slowly trace his fingers up and down your sides, making sure to feel every curve and imperfection your body had. “I love you so much” he says, unbuttoning your pants and sliding them down your legs. Once they’re off, you unbutton Josh’s and help him slide them off, his boner being let free. You bite your lip and look into his eyes. “Bigger than I would’ve thought” you say. Josh let’s out a soft laugh. “I’m assuming that’s a compliment.” He slips his hands behind your back and unclasps your bra, throwing it to the ground. “You’re so beautiful” he mumbles, beginning to kiss your neck softly. You slip off your own panties, kicking them away, and tangling your fingers through his hair. Josh sits up once again to grab a condom from the dresser and looks back at you. He slowly and teasingly releases himself from his boxers, and licks his lips. He rolls the condom on himself and looks at your face. “If at any time, you no longer want to do this, let me know and we can stop” he says, lowering himself so his head was now by your thighs. “I will, but what are you do-” you inhale sharply as Josh’s tongue comes in contact with your clit. He lets out another soft laugh. “Just wanting to make sure you’re wet enough, you taste amazing, baby” he says, continuing to lick you softly. It seems like forever before Josh finally comes up and kisses you once more, letting you taste yourself. He looks into your eyes and you feel his erection running against your folds, before slowly pushing into you. You start to let out soft gasps, as his size stretched you and hit you places you didn’t know even existed. “Shh, let it out” he says, beginning to pick up his speed once you’ve adjusted as much as possible. You arch your back and wrap your legs around him, from the intense feelings and to give him better access. He begins kissing down from your neck to your chest, taking one of your breasts into his mouth, and licking and biting it softly, earning another loud gasp. “I-i think I need more” you manage to say in between thrusts. Josh accepts the hint and takes his hand down to your clit, rubbing and circling eights. You begin letting out vulgar and heavy moans as his speed and intensity is hitting it’s peak, and you feel your Orgasm about to hit you. “Josh, I’m gonna-” “I know, let it out I’m write behind you” As soon as the words fell from his lips, you felt your entire body rocking with intense waves of pleasure and heat, and can practically feel your eyes rolling to the back of your head. Not soon after, Josh starts yelling your name and his thrusts get sloppier as he rides out his Orgasm. He slowly pulls out of you, and disposes if the condom, before looking at your naked, dirty body. “Are you okay?” He asks, helping you sit up. “Baby, that was amazing” you say, kissing him softly. He smiles at you and lifts you again as you have trouble keeping yourself upright. “Let’s get cleaned up” he says, carrying you into the shower.
ASTRO’s reaction to hiding in a tight hiding spot together with their crush while playing hide and seek

Thanks for requesting! I hope you like this and if not, tell me~ ^^

okay but like i really like this request like oh lord thank you for requesting i had a lot of fun doing this ;u; i hope this is okay, i wanted to make it more humorous than romantic, tell me if you wanted a more romantic one~

Okay so like let’s imagine it goes like this:

You hid in the hiding spot first and it was perfect for one person but he came a little later and hid there with you because there was no time left and he didn’t want to lose


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  • kinda feels bad for invading your perfect hiding spot but doesn’t worry about it too much as he is too busy adoring you, blushes since you guys have never been that close to each other before, giggles every now and then
  • “Sorry _____, I just thought of something funny… I promise I won’t giggle anymore, please don’t kick me out?” *looks at you with puppy eyes*


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  • doesn’t feel sorry at all for invading your hiding spot, kinda lost his interest in the game, constantly tries to talk with you, is really enjoying the fact that you guys are so close to each other (but understands that you’re uncomfortable so he won’t try anything etc.)
  • “Is that a new pair of socks _____?” *gets nudged by your elbow*


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  • holds his breath like “omg that’s my crush is this really happening right now??”, blushes really hard, looks at you when you look away, frozen to where he is even though it’s really uncomfortable for him, doesn’t dare to move the slightest bit
  • *is having a mental breakdown*


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  • hasn’t given up on the game but you are making it hard for him to focus on it, tries to lighten up the atmosphere, doesn’t move at all, the seeker finds you two immediately because he’s laughing so loudly
  • “Well this is awkward” *laughs like he’s the most hilarious walking thing on earth*


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  • CAN’T STAY STILL LIKE BOY THERE ISN’T EVEN ROOM TO MOVE, CALM DOWN OK?, stays quiet but it’s a mess inside his head, smiles awkwardly every time your eyes meet, kinda shy
  • *thinks about a million things while fidgeting awkwardly* 


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  • can’t believe he’s so close to you, is really into the game so doesn’t really think about it that much but like holy cow he’s so excited, screams like he did when he died for chicken when the seeker finds you two, BLUSHES REALLY HARD like you know, hide and seek era sanha 
Blackpink reaction to: their girlfriend feeling insecure

Jennie: She’d feel sad just thinking about you feeling insecure, so it would break her heart knowing you were in fact feeling it in real life. She’d cover your body in kisses, kissing the spot you were insecure in the longest, telling you you were perfect in her eyes and how beautiful your body is.

Jisoo: She’d be in disbelief, being confused because she honestly thought you were beautiful, but she would try her best to change your mind and tell you every day how beautiful you are.

Rosé: She’d cry at the thought of you feeling this way, before telling herself to get a grip and talk to you, asking you what you felt was wrong and trying everything to make you feel better.

Lisa: She wouldn’t know what to do really. She’d try her best to convince you, but in the end she’d make a list of everything she thought was beautiful about you and sneaking it into your room.

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BTS reaction when they see you for the first time again after your debut on stage

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*is being your biggest fan*

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“WOW! That’s her?! She really looks like a professional now.”

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*looses his shit as soon as he spots you on stage*


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*from the distance being the cutest boy*

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“It’s her on stage?”

*runs to the front row so he wouldn’t miss a thing from your performance*

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“Your smile makes the performance even more perfect!”

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*amazed by your performance*

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Blind Spot (B.A.P’s Youngguk)

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It’s been two weeks since he talked to me properly. Yongguk is avoiding me and i have no idea what’s going on, I know he’s probably busy with his fucking “job” if you can call be a mafia boss a job. It’s been five years since he and the boys told me, i grow up with them and if they hadn’t told me I would never figure out myself. Since tey told me, all of them have been really carefull around me and we almost don’t go out anymore because they’re afraid that some rival may use me as a hostage, so they always do everything to protect  me, especially Yongguk and now he don’t talk to me and i don’t even know why. I must admit that I am a bit scared because when he gets mad you better stay away from his sight, I though about going into their apartamet to see if everything was fine, it’s just in the other side of the hallway.  

I was so into my toughs that the bell ringing scared the hell out of me. When I opened the door it was Daehyun

“ You look scared” He said with a ironic smile

“ You scared me” I said giving him space to get in “ What brings you here?”

“ 3 things” He said sitting on the couch

“ What?” I asked sitting  next to him

“ First, we don’t have food at our apartment” He said with a pleading smile

“ You guys want me to cook ? Are you sure?” I asked

“ Please ! The last time we let someone cooking happened a disaster” He said

“ Who cooked?” I asked laughing

“ Zelo” He said  

“ You guys doesn’t exist”

“ Pleeease ! Are you going to feed us?” He asked

“ Yeah” I said not happy at all

“ Is there a problem ?” He asked

“ I don’t know, Yongguk have been weird these past days”

“ That was the second thing i came here to say” He said

“ What? There’s something wrong with him?” I asked worried

“ That’s what I was about to ask you. He’s quiet and don’t like when we talk to him, we start a conversation and then he suddely gets mad and leaves”

“ I have no idea what’s going on, but we haven’t talked for two weeks” You said looking down

“ Well… that’s a problem” He said “ Alright, so the last thing i wanted to tell you is that we are going to do a job on the other side of the city so we probably won’t be here for one night or maybe two” He said and mine expression changed at the same time

“ Don’t worry, well be fine and we’ll be better if someone feed us”

“ Alright you idiot, let’s go” I said as i got up

I closed my apartment and we went to theirs place, it was a mess like always, Zelo and Jongup were playing vide-game at the living room, YoungJae and Himcham were analyzing a map on the table, everybody was there except him.

“ Hey guys, look who’s here” Dae said as we entered

“ Noona !” Zelo yelled and smiled at me for few second before he focused again on the televison

“ Hey girl, where have you been?” Himcham askes

“ In the other side of the corridor” Me and Jongup said at the same time making the others laugh

“ So… Dae conviced you to cook for us?” YoungJae asked

“ Yeah, he told that things didn’t worked right at the last time”

“Yeah” All of them said looking at Zelo

“ Not my fault, I told I couldn’t cook, but did you listen me? Of course not ! Let’s make the maknae cook for us” He said ironic and I couldn’t help myself from laughing and they all joined me, but stopped suddenly and then I saw why. Yongguk appeard on the top of the stairs with a pretty bad face, but his eyes were basically screaming that he was hurt, did anyone notice it? or it was just me ?

“Hi” I said trying to lighten the mood

“Hey Y/N, Can I talk with you for a moment?” He asked “ Alone”

All the others took the hint and found an excuse to leave the place.

“ Why you disappeared?” He asked angrily

“ Well… You are the one that calls me, so when you didn’t I thought that you didn’t want me here” I said

“ I pretty busy, you know. I didn’t called you because i didn’t had time, but i thought you’d call or come here ” He said angrier than before

“ Sorry…. but you once told me to not come without saying anything, because I may see things that you don’t want me to” I said upset  

“ You’re right” He said relaxing  

“ Is there a problem? ” I asked worried with him" You know you can tell me anything “

” I know sweetheart, sorry" He said “ I’m just worried with the boys”  

“ What’s going on ?”  

“ I believe that Dae had told you about the job we have this week ”

“ Yeah, you won’t be here for one or two nights” I said

“ That’s what’s freaking me out,  It’s a job different from the others, it’s way too dangerous and they are all so young” He said looking down and I held his hands

“ Don’t get too worried, they know what they are doing, but why don’t you just quit? !” I ask him

“ I’m working on this, but for now be safe theses days I won’t be here okay?”  

“ Okay” I said and hugged him.


The days without the boys being the next door was getting me completely crazy, It passed two nights and they didn’t came back home and then in the middle of the third night I heard voices coming from the corridor and loud noises. I basically run out of my room and opened the door and saw JongUp still at the corridor staring at his hands, completely dirty, with blood.

“ Oh my god ! What the hell happened? ” I asked and he looked at me with a deep expression  

“ Dae” Was the only thing he said before I could run into their apartment.  

He was lying on the couch and everyone else was around him and got closer and some of them realized i was there  

“ You don’t need to see this” Yongguk said trying to cover my vision  

“ I wanna help” I said pushing him away and say next do Dae on the floor  

“ It hurts ” He said and I saw that he had taken a shot on the shoulder

“ I know, try to rest” I said passing my hand through his hair  

“ We need to take him to the hospital” Zelo said in a low voice

“ We can’t and  you know why” Yongguk said, he was so frustrated  

“ I think I know someone that may help” I said and remembered of a friend who was in college, she was studying to be a nurse.

“ Who?” All of them asked  

“ I have a friend who is almost a nurse” I said grabbing my phone

“ She can’t say a word about this okay ?” Yongguk said

“ We can trust her” I said confident  

“ Noona please be quick ” Zelo said and I felt my heart melting.

I called her number and hoped she would answer the call that late, but she did

“ Hey Y/N” She said with a sleepy voice  

“ Hi! Look I need your help, is urgent ” I said  

“ What happened? ” She asked completely awake now

“ A friend of mine took a shot and we can not take him to the hospital can you please help?”

“ Why he took a shot ? Where are you ? Call an ambulance!”

“ No we can’t!  Please no questions just come I beg you”

“ At your place ?”

“ Yes”

“ Give me ten minutes”  

“ Thanks! "I said and she hung up  

” Will she come ?“ Dae asked in a weak voice

” Ten minutes, She lives near here" I said  

After that we all stayed in silence I sat on the floor. No longer than ten minutes she called again

“ I’m here open the door”

“ I’m at the apartment in the other side of the corridor you can come in”  

I heard her footsteps and then she appeared on the door with a suitcase in hands, without saying a word She sat on my side and opened the suitcase  

“ This may hurt a little we don’t have time to give him anesthesia ” She said to me

“ Why ?” Yongguk asked  

“ Because if we take any longer he’ll have an internal bleeding and the blood can’t get to his lung ”

“ Please just do it” Dae said moaning in pain and she got a pincers to take the bullet out

The moment she started to pull the bullet he started do scream and tears was rolling down his cheeks i was terrified Yongguk grabbed his hands during the process and I hugged Zelo who seemed to be more scared than I was

“ Is it over?” He asked when she finally took the bullet  

“ Now I need to sew” She said “ It will hurt but i will try to be quickly ”

Dae didn’t let Yongguk  take his hand out and he was squeezing it so strong that I tought he would never be able to use that hand again, she started to sew and  all of us closed our eyes and the only sound we could hear was Dae screams.  

“ Alright big boy, you will survive ” She said cleaning his shoulder and and made a bandage  

“ Thank you so much ” I said and hugged her

“ You owe me that” She said laughing “ Now i need to wash my hands”  

“ Right here” JongUp said taking her till the bathroom  

“ Make sure she won’t say a thing” Yongguk said

“ Alright ” I said rolling my eyes

“ I guess I’m done here” She said leaving the bathroom  

“ I’ll walk you out” I said

“ Thank you” Dae said

“ You’re welcome and be safe, you all”

I walked with her till the corridor and closed the door behind me

“ I know, I know, I can’t say a thing and this never happened. Your friends are pretty creepy” She said and i laughed  

“ I’m sorry for disturbing your night ” I said

“ That’s okay, it was a boring night tough” She said  

“ Well, thank you again”  

“ Be careful ” She said and walked down stairs

I came back to the apartment still feeling bad, i walked to the bathroom and only that time I realized I had blood all over my arm. I started to clean it and tears started to roll down

“ What’s going on?” I heard Youngguk voice on my back, I looked at him trough the mirror

“ I was so afraid” I finally said “ When I saw Jongup outside with blood in hands i couldn’t keep the image of you hurt out of my mind. I thought that something bad had happened to you” I said crying even more and he hugged me. I laid my head on his chest and tried not to cry anymore but I was sobbing, I had no idea what I was feeling towards Yongguk and that’s what was freaking the out of me

“ It’s fine, you don’t have to worry anymore ” He said and held my face in his hands. I nodded and looked into his eyes and I could see the same eye as that young kid  i met years and years ago, I couldn’t stop looking at him and so was he. I was so afraid of losing him that i did the first thing that passed through my mind. I pressed my lips against his, he seemed surprised, but then he got into the kiss and one of his hands came to my hips and the other was rubbing my back, i couldn’t help but trying to pull him closer and the feeling of his body against mine felt really good. He broke our kiss and looked at me confused

“ Sorry” I said

“ You don’t have to, I wanted”  He said and caught me out of guard  

“ You mess with my life” He said playing with my hair

“ May I know why?” I asked laughing

“ Because since I realized I like you, a lot. My life became a mess, I was worried with you all the time and I couldn’t take you out of my mind”

“ I can’t stop thinking of you too” I said and suddenly felt my cheeks blushing he smiled and kissed there

“ I have a propose for you” He said  

“ What?” I asked worried

“ We are leaving, if we are going to quit this job we need to move ” He said and I felt a pain in my chest, I could think about my life without them, without him.

“ I want you to go with us, to go with me” He said and held my hand  

“ Are you asking me to leave my life behind to go with you?” I asked

“ I’m leaving mine because of you” He said

“ Where are we going?” I asked and he smiled

“ The other side of the city, you can still keep your job” He said

“ I hate that job” I said and he laughed. He used to listen to me hours and hours talking about my fucking job as waitress and how people can be mean

“ Don’t worry about this I have enough money to us”  

“ Us ? Does really have an us?” I asked shyly  

“ If you want to” He said  

“ I want” I said

“ Good” He said and kissed me again

“ Guys stop making out! ” I heard YoungJae voice and he started to laugh “ We need to pack ”

“ When are we going?” I  asked

“ As soon as Dae gets better”

“ But which part in the other side if the city? ” I asked curious  

“ To our own blind spot”


David’s reaction to the UFO spotted over California. [x]

This is perfect. lol  Ya think the Aliens checked his Twitter and were like:

Alien #1:   “Jan 24? Shit!”
Alien #2:   “Wow… we weren’t even close…”

I lost count how often I clicked on random kpop vids that had not ANYTHING to do with BTS but the whole comment section was just about them. “Ohh, imagine J-Hope dancing to this!!” “I feel like BTS could’ve done this concept better” “Ohmygod BTS needs to do this (variety show) for sure!! Imagine Jimin’s reaction!” and “I’m an ARMY so I'l already used to perfection, haha, but this is pretty good too”. I could go on but, yes, the fans ARE shoving BTS EVERYWHERE. And I tried to get into KNK but Army’s already “claimed” this spot too because of the past training activities of the members!! Seriously, I really just want to calmly ignore BTS because I’m not a fan but it’s impossible if you stay a Kpop fan and try it.


ooohoho! Message Received, love this episode for so many reasons but the one part id like to mention…the feels i got for amedot! i mean the way Amethyst looked so hurt..!

just her reaction! Amethyst: “Man! after everything we gone through shes still out to get us!”

its kills me! 

the way her eyes and expressions say it all! 

i mean it was just beautifully perfect! couldn’t ask for a better reaction from Amethyst

i also love that Amethyst was thinking of some way to change Peridots mind by Steven: “why did i think I could change her mind?” Amethyst: “ugh, i know right? but i guess you cant like get into other peoples heads and change what they think. maybe we can…yeaaah,

 if we shrink down really little we can-” 

i also love the little fact that she had a whole bunch of cool nicknames for Peridot on the spot and yet couldn’t find a good insult name for her just having “Perisnot” but still having “Yellow D got torn down by the Peridactyl!” i just love that little fact! 

I loved the way Garnet’s first regeneration was designed, because what it expresses more than anything else to me is SPONTANEITY. It’s a bit all over the place: Blue and pink mixed together in seemingly random ways, unruly hair, only one shoulder puff is gained from Sapphire, there are holes or spots on her outfit and no part of her is symmetrical. This seems like the perfect visual representation of the unexpected fusion, an accident – but a positive accident. The colours are bright and lively, making her stand out in a crowd. The flowing emotions inside are shown through her appearance. This isn’t just Garnet being formed for the first time – from the sound of it, fusion of two different gem types was UNHEARD of in Homeworld, even being called ”disgusting”. (Naturally, parallels can be drawn to reactions to homosexuality among humans.)

However, Garnet is happy with herself. It wasn’t love at first sight for Ruby and Sapphire, but fusion turned out to be a new and exciting feeling which they wanted to keep going from the start. In other words, it was THROUGH GARNET that the two realized they belonged together. They were happier with each other than they ever were alone. When Garnet fuses again, she stumbles around a lot, unused to her new form (relationship), but she just needs to give it some time to get comfortable. It’s easy to compare her to Stevonnie in Alone Together.

Thousands of years later, what does Garnet look like?

Her colour scheme is way more balanced, her hair is now a solid square shape, her clothes are slick and dark in tone. The impression is of someone who is confident and sure of herself. THIS IS BECAUSE RUBY AND SAPPHIRE ARE NOW USED TO ONE ANOTHER, AND SETTLED IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP. Her hair being black instead of blue or pink also shows that Garnet now has an identity of her own, with unique characteristics. She has even become an idol to Pearl and Amethyst, someone they look up to.

Now let’s move on to the other Crystal Gem fusions not including Garnet: Opal and Rainbow Quartz. They look more similar to current Garnet than original Garnet in how their outfits are near-symmetrical and they have their own style instead of simply fusee mish-mash. What does this symbolize? I’d say it’s because the Crystal Gems have gotten accustomed to fusion as emotional connection. Likely inspired by Garnet, they have come to view fusion as cooperation and acceptance of the other’s differences instead of a way to become a stronger version of yourself.



With a rush of feathers, you were whisked away from the bunker to wherever Castiel decided to take you. It’s a surprise, your angel insisted, but you trusted him to make it a good surprise. And as you opened your eyes, you saw that the surprise was very good, indeed.

The ocean thrashed several dozen yards away, painted bright orange by the sunset just behind it. The clouds and the sky was the same colour as the ocean beneath you, save some violet and yellow spots here and there. You and Castiel were on top of a hill; a perfect view for such a perfect sunset.

“Woah…” You breathed, and Cas smiled at your reaction. His hand planted itself on your hip and he sat you down next to him, your head laying on his chest. You couldn’t take your eyes off the sunset and the crashing waves of the ocean, but Castiel couldn’t take his eyes off of you. The bright colours of the setting sun set your already-beautiful eyes ablaze with light, and Cas couldn’t stop himself from watching your expressions change from awe to peace.

You two stayed like this until the sun ultimately went down for the day. The wind blew, carrying a cold breeze. Castiel wrapped his arm around your shoulders, ready to fly you back to the bunker, but you stopped him.

“I don’t want to leave yet.” You objected, and Castiel dipped his head. His shed his trench coat and laid it over you. Now, warm and at peace, you and your angel sat in silence, looking at the stars that were beginning to come out in this new found darkness.

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All eyes were on Captain America and his girlfriend, Darcy Lewis, at the 5th annual gala benefitting the relief efforts after the Battle of New York. The twosome looked completely in love on the red carpet, flashing cheeky smiles and gazing at each other sweetly. The Captain kept his arm around Darcy as they posed for photos and made their way down the carpet. Their picture-perfect outing comes less than a month after the couple, who has been together since March last year, was spotted house hunting for a family home in Brooklyn. 

Steven G. Rogers @Rogers4Real

@moonmoonmoon With all the reactions to the beard I’m getting I have the feeling I’ll never shave again.

Ursula, the evil witch @moonmoonmoon@Rogers4Real But doesn’t Darcy complain about the beard burn?

Steven G. Rogers @Rogers4Real

@moonmoonmoon No she doesn’t ;-)

Inspired from “The reports about my love life have been greatly exaggerated” by

Arrow - Nanda Parbat - Episode Review

The beauty of Arrow, despite the stunning stunts and the breathtaking actions scenes relies on the emotion that the TV show delivers toits audience. Anger, frustration, love, hate. Every emotion iscovered by Nanda Parbat. Emotions are a really personal thing. Scenarios trigger different reactions depending on your character, your history, your family, your own sensibility.

Tonight, this episode was close to perfection for me. The feelings and emotions were always spot on and played at perfection. A lot of people are probably upset by now. This is my vision of what just happened to us and the emotions I went through.


Oliver proved it since the beginning of the season. Family always comes first. Since the beginning of season 3, he has looked for Thea, fought for her, was ready to kill for her. Saving Thea is Oliver’s absolute necessity. She’s the only member of his family that hasn’t suffered from his behavior and from the Arrow.

Now that she’s in the confidence, everything has changed. Thea considers Oliver with respect and gratitude. She follows his decisions and doesn’t questions his choices. As such, as we begin this episode, we realize that Oliver and Thea’s training is well engaged.

How amazing is this? Can you see how Thea and Oliver both work against Merlyn? With him and still together against him. They put distance with him. He’s not a father or a family friend anymore. He’s a teacher. Only family matters. Oliver shifts the dynamic slightly by not giving Malcolm any power outside of their training. Malcolm decided for Oliver in Canaries.

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Keep Calm and Carry On Review

WELL, SUPERNATURAL IS BACK. [the new title card is awesome]


  • It was too freaking short, as usual.
  • Baby was hurt.
  • Toni was mean.
  • Sam was tortured :(


  • Lots of Cas screen time! :D
  • MARY
  • THE HUG :))) I’M DEAD


I freaking LOVE Mary. She seemed consistent with past Mary; it was nice! Castiel’s reaction to discovering Dean’s alive murdered me on the spot. :)) Sam’s display of strength and sass made me proud. I really like where the story is going! The continuity and pacing of the episode was great! (Dabb knows this show so well.) :) Season 12 is looking good, and I can’t wait to see what’s next! :D

Overall score: 10/10

In The Club

A/N: This is originally a storyline from one of the fics I’ve written years ago. And I did some little research about house music at that time. Hope y'all like it. As always, comments and violent reactions always welcome.

The very moment she stepped in the club, Beca felt energy heating up her body. It’s been quite a while since she and her fellow Bellas partied together and tonight was perfect- the club filling up with party goers and the DJ playing LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, she’s eager to get to the dance floor and just dance.

“Ooh there’s a cutie out there!” Fat Amy screamed pointing at a young man dancing with a group. Even Chloe was spotting for gorgeous boys as well. To her friends, going to a club basically means boy hunting. To her, she came out here for pure fun. She had been stressed from her college life and since it’s her break, she invited her fellow Bellas to go out.

The young man smiled at Fat Amy which made her giggle. Then he approached their group.

“Hey there” the young man said. “Seems you just arrived. Care for some dance, ladies?”

She looked at the girls and smiled. “I’ll see you around ladies”. She linked her arms around the young man’s and headed to the dance floor.

There’s two of them left.

Chloe went on to the bar and ordered vodka. “Two please.” She then whispered something to Beca, which the brunette didn’t understand. They both turned around and faced the people behind them and started bancing their heads to the music. Ah, Beca missed this nightlife.

“Chloe!” a guy shouted to their left side. She was surprised to see Donald, a former Treble Maker in the club as well. “Donald!” she exclaimed.

“Small world, it’s good to see you again!”

“Me too! hey, where are your friends!” Both were shouting at each other which made Beca chuckle.

“I’m here by myself! My cousin owns this club!” he answered.


“Yep! You wanna dance with me!”

“Of course!” Chloe said. She turned to Beca. “Beca I’ll be back soon, go enjoy yourself and spot a partner, okay!”

“Yeah!” she answered and looked at her best friend walking towards the center of the club.

Now she’s left alone.

“Another shot please” she signaled the bartender. She went here to have fun with her friends but given the situation, it seems that she will enjoy the night by herself.

“Is that your third shot?” She turned around to see where the German accent voice came from.

“Here!” she looked to her left. A woman on her late 20’s sat beside her, with blonde hair, wearing black tank top and a beanie. She stared at her thinking if she had met her somewhere and for a moment, her heart skipped a beat.

“Sorry, but do I know you?” Beca asked. The woman smiled.

“Mmm.. Probably not?” She asked for a shot of vodka. “Here you go, sexy!” the bartender said. “Thanks Ray!”

“You’re quite known here huh?” Beca asked. The woman nodded. “I’m a regular! How ‘bout you?”

She smiled. “I’m just looking around!”

“I saw you with your… lady friends earlier, where are they?” the girl asked, referring to Chloe and Fat Amy.

She saw us earlier, Beca thought. “They made new friends and went dancing!” The girl’s eyes widened, quite surprised as to why Beca didn’t join them.

“So why are you not dancing? Don’t you like the set?”

“It’s okay, it’s cool.” she answered. “It’s just that I’m hoping it’s house music, not swag!” She continued drinking her vodka but she can’t help stealing glances from the woman beside her- tall, around 5'6" to 5'8", freakishly hot, icy blue eyes and very alluring, blonde hair stands out even when it’s covered with beanie. Somehow her low, German accent English sounded super sexy to her. Still she continued thinking where and when she had seen her.

“What particular house music do you like? I can request for them, I’m a regular here.”

“Tiesto or Benny Benassi set would be good.” she answered. The woman smiled. Never in Beca’s life her heart beat that fast as soon as she flashed her smile. She had been curious of her sexuality lately, though she usually ignores it (as she has no intentions of entering to any kind of relationship during college), there’s something with this woman that it sends chills to her body.

“So what are you doing out here?”, the blonde asked. Beca drank the remaining vodka shot. “Nothing, just having fun with some friends after a long week of exams.” she answered.

“It seems to me you’re not having fun at all… and your cheeks are getting red. Beca was caught off guard. "Probably the vodka.” It was a good alibi.

“You’re beautiful. I like you!” Beca felt her heart detached itself from its veins and started jumping and dancing inside her body; it made her cheeks even more hotter. She then saw her laughing. “Whoa, what?. Wait, we just me tonight and now you like me?”

“Yes… is it a crime to like a woman that I find attractive?” the blonde replied.

The small, awkward lady that is Beca Mitchell was about to respond when the music was then changed to Steve Aoki’s 'I’m in the House’.

“Would you like to dance with me?” the woman asked her. She got out of the tool and revealed her slim and sexy built to Beca. The brunette didn’t hesitate for one second and got out of her seat too.

They went to the center of the dance floor. It could be the vodka’s effect on her, but no one cares; Beca started to get energized and banged her head and wave her hands. For a moment she felt all the energy she had earlier burst outside of her, letting out all the stress she had with school and her life with the loud music around her. Little did she know the blonde woman is staring at her in amazement. She smiled and removed her beanie, revealing the rest of her gorgeous hair and wore it on Beca’s head. Beca stopped and got surprised.

“Wear it! It looks good on you!”

“Thank you! Wow your hair is damn amazing!”

“Thanks!” the woman answered. “What is your name by the way!”


“Good to meet you Beca!” the woman flashed the brightest smile that made Beca’s knees weak.

“What is your n-”

Before she could ask back, the woman pulled and kiss her. They kissed- in the club, in the middle of the fucking dance floor. But she didn’t care if others or her friends might see her. All she cared is this gorgeous woman she’s with- a goddess, an angel. Her lips were soft and sweet. Ah, the most amazing moment of my life life just happened, she thought.

The blonde woman smiled. “I like you so much but I have to go now. I’ll check back on you later on!” And before Beca could answer, she already left.

Now she’s all by herself again.

She went back to the bar and ordered another drink. Still shocked at what happened earlier. It was too fast- one minute they’re talking, then they were dancing and before she knows it, they kissed and she walked away. All that’s left was the beanie the woman gave her. She let out a deep sigh.

As the music ended the host came up on the stage. “Yeah yeah yeah people!” The audience yelled. “The night’s just started, y'all ready to party?”

“Yeah!” the crowd screamed.

“Alright, alright! Give it up for our special guest for tonight- the one, the only, Germany’s hottest, sexiest DJ, Kommissar!”

The LED screen on the stage displayed the word KOMMISSAR.

And then the crowd roared when the spotlight was focused on the DJ booth- a blonde woman with black tank top. Beca’s eyes opened wide when she saw who it is- it’s the woman she was with earlier, the one whom she shared kiss with.

Kommissar looked at her from the booth, smiled and pointed on her. The crowd looked at her direction and screamed. Now she knew where she had seen her before. It was from one of the magazines she had previously read about Germany’s house music scene. Yes, Kommissar was featured on that article as one of the most famous female DJs in her country.

She’s famous. She just kissed Germany’s hottest DJ.

“Hello” Kommissar said. The audience continued screaming. “My first set for tonight is a special request, from a special one I just met. Her name is Beca, and she’s the loveliest, most beautiful woman on Earth.“ She then played Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction and the crowd went wild.

Beca swore from her side, she saw Chloe and Fat Amy looking at her in shock. But she didn’t care. Her eyes were glued on the DJ. And the DJ’s eyes were glued on her too.