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Service Dog Gets Pictured in the School Yearbook

For the past four years, Taxi, a service dog, has been by 7th-grader Rachel Benke’s side. That includes sitting in every class with her at school, so it’s only fitting that Taxi get his own spot in the school yearbook!

Taxi, a Golden Retriever/Labrador mix, was never able to complete the guide dog training program he was entered into because of a strong reaction to cats. However, he’s been the perfect service dog for Rachel, who has suffered from epileptic seizures since just after she was born, alerting her to seizures before they happen, staying by her side protecting her at all times, and offering companionship and support.

In the San Antonio, Texas’ 7th-grade yearbook is an adorable portrait of Taxi Benke, right next to Rachel, where he belongs.

Modern/Future mages spells in a technological world

Most fiction involving classical magic being alongside modern/future technology normally has the mages using spells that harken back to classical fantasy fiction.  But, lets face it, a person who grew up around technology would shape their magic around interacting with that technology.  (All this assumes that magic isn’t anti-tech, like in the Dresden’verse.)

So, spells in a technological world.

Waterproof: Nothing is more annoying than getting your phone/tablet/whatever wet, ruining it.  A simple water warding spell would do wonders.  (Thinking on this was what started this whole line of thought.)

RinoBox: And why stop at waterproofing, why not add impact resistance and such too.  Could be put on the phone ‘naked’, or on a nominal thing such as those rubber bumper rings to anchor it to the device.

Surgestopper: Cast on an electrical cord, would act as the perfect surge protector with almost instant reaction time.  No more lighting eating your computer.

My Parking Spot: The most basic version would allow a magus to put an illusionary car in a parking spot they saw and wanted.  A more advanced version could seek out a good spot in advance, ‘occupy’ it, while directing the magus to that spot.

GPS: Yeah, ‘navigation’ spells would almost certainly exist, but this one would mimic the functions and interface of mundane GPS devices, especially useful to those who are already familiar with such devices.  Could tap directly into the GPS/data networks, or be purely magical getting the info from supernatural sources.

Wrong Car Officer: Be it making the ultimate getaway vehicle, or simply avoiding traffic tickets, ways to disguise a vehicle (or at least disguise the plates) would be simple.  Could be fun, if law enforcement was at least nominally aware of ‘real’ magic, if law enforcement had ways to deal with that.

Air Outlet:  Nowhere to plug in?  Well, just cast this spell, plug your cord into an invisible outlet, and just the right voltage/amperage is right there.  Probably too much effort to do it 24/7, but could be great for recharching devices, running your fridge during a power outage, jumping off a car without risking a backsurge into your own vehicle…

Papers Please: Cast on a person, the magus can read what’s written on any card and such carried by the target, such as IDs, credit cards, etc.  The knowledge of such abilities could prompt faster development of things like chipped cards or barcodes, which aren’t translated.

Just a few ideas, I am sure many of you could come up with many more.

David’s reaction to the UFO spotted over California. [x]

This is perfect. lol  Ya think the Aliens checked his Twitter and were like:

Alien #1:   “Jan 24? Shit!”
Alien #2:   “Wow… we weren’t even close…”


Movie: War Horse
Location: Castle Combe, UK (on Google map)

Nothing is as cute and serene as this little stonehouse village in Wiltshire, England. It was a cold, misty morning when we drove down there in search of these photos. Our initial reaction was to move around very silently, as it felt like a private place and we didn’t want to wake anyone up.

Silly really, as it is a public street, but something about this place makes you want to behave with extra respect.

Well worth a visit - a perfect spot for a summer day’s cup of tea and a chat with the lovely locals. To find out more, visit Castle Combe’s website.

Fun detail: The table you can see just behind the iPad in Tom’s photo had a bunch of fresh home-baked cakes and goodies on it with a money jar for the payment. No seller in sight. That’s trust for ya!

If you like our sceneframing photos, check out the rest of the shows & movies we’ve covered so far!

BTS reaction when they see you for the first time again after your debut on stage

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*is being your biggest fan*

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“WOW! That’s her?! She really looks like a professional now.”

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*looses his shit as soon as he spots you on stage*


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*from the distance being the cutest boy*

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“It’s her on stage?”

*runs to the front row so he wouldn’t miss a thing from your performance*

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“Your smile makes the performance even more perfect!”

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*amazed by your performance*

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I lost count how often I clicked on random kpop vids that had not ANYTHING to do with BTS but the whole comment section was just about them. “Ohh, imagine J-Hope dancing to this!!” “I feel like BTS could’ve done this concept better” “Ohmygod BTS needs to do this (variety show) for sure!! Imagine Jimin’s reaction!” and “I’m an ARMY so I'l already used to perfection, haha, but this is pretty good too”. I could go on but, yes, the fans ARE shoving BTS EVERYWHERE. And I tried to get into KNK but Army’s already “claimed” this spot too because of the past training activities of the members!! Seriously, I really just want to calmly ignore BTS because I’m not a fan but it’s impossible if you stay a Kpop fan and try it.

I loved the way Garnet’s first regeneration was designed, because what it expresses more than anything else to me is SPONTANEITY. It’s a bit all over the place: Blue and pink mixed together in seemingly random ways, unruly hair, only one shoulder puff is gained from Sapphire, there are holes or spots on her outfit and no part of her is symmetrical. This seems like the perfect visual representation of the unexpected fusion, an accident – but a positive accident. The colours are bright and lively, making her stand out in a crowd. The flowing emotions inside are shown through her appearance. This isn’t just Garnet being formed for the first time – from the sound of it, fusion of two different gem types was UNHEARD of in Homeworld, even being called ”disgusting”. (Naturally, parallels can be drawn to reactions to homosexuality among humans.)

However, Garnet is happy with herself. It wasn’t love at first sight for Ruby and Sapphire, but fusion turned out to be a new and exciting feeling which they wanted to keep going from the start. In other words, it was THROUGH GARNET that the two realized they belonged together. They were happier with each other than they ever were alone. When Garnet fuses again, she stumbles around a lot, unused to her new form (relationship), but she just needs to give it some time to get comfortable. It’s easy to compare her to Stevonnie in Alone Together.

Thousands of years later, what does Garnet look like?

Her colour scheme is way more balanced, her hair is now a solid square shape, her clothes are slick and dark in tone. The impression is of someone who is confident and sure of herself. THIS IS BECAUSE RUBY AND SAPPHIRE ARE NOW USED TO ONE ANOTHER, AND SETTLED IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP. Her hair being black instead of blue or pink also shows that Garnet now has an identity of her own, with unique characteristics. She has even become an idol to Pearl and Amethyst, someone they look up to.

Now let’s move on to the other Crystal Gem fusions not including Garnet: Opal and Rainbow Quartz. They look more similar to current Garnet than original Garnet in how their outfits are near-symmetrical and they have their own style instead of simply fusee mish-mash. What does this symbolize? I’d say it’s because the Crystal Gems have gotten accustomed to fusion as emotional connection. Likely inspired by Garnet, they have come to view fusion as cooperation and acceptance of the other’s differences instead of a way to become a stronger version of yourself.


Arrow - Nanda Parbat - Episode Review

The beauty of Arrow, despite the stunning stunts and the breathtaking actions scenes relies on the emotion that the TV show delivers toits audience. Anger, frustration, love, hate. Every emotion iscovered by Nanda Parbat. Emotions are a really personal thing. Scenarios trigger different reactions depending on your character, your history, your family, your own sensibility.

Tonight, this episode was close to perfection for me. The feelings and emotions were always spot on and played at perfection. A lot of people are probably upset by now. This is my vision of what just happened to us and the emotions I went through.


Oliver proved it since the beginning of the season. Family always comes first. Since the beginning of season 3, he has looked for Thea, fought for her, was ready to kill for her. Saving Thea is Oliver’s absolute necessity. She’s the only member of his family that hasn’t suffered from his behavior and from the Arrow.

Now that she’s in the confidence, everything has changed. Thea considers Oliver with respect and gratitude. She follows his decisions and doesn’t questions his choices. As such, as we begin this episode, we realize that Oliver and Thea’s training is well engaged.

How amazing is this? Can you see how Thea and Oliver both work against Merlyn? With him and still together against him. They put distance with him. He’s not a father or a family friend anymore. He’s a teacher. Only family matters. Oliver shifts the dynamic slightly by not giving Malcolm any power outside of their training. Malcolm decided for Oliver in Canaries.

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All eyes were on Captain America and his girlfriend, Darcy Lewis, at the 5th annual gala benefitting the relief efforts after the Battle of New York. The twosome looked completely in love on the red carpet, flashing cheeky smiles and gazing at each other sweetly. The Captain kept his arm around Darcy as they posed for photos and made their way down the carpet. Their picture-perfect outing comes less than a month after the couple, who has been together since March last year, was spotted house hunting for a family home in Brooklyn. 

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@moonmoonmoon With all the reactions to the beard I’m getting I have the feeling I’ll never shave again.

Ursula, the evil witch @moonmoonmoon@Rogers4Real But doesn’t Darcy complain about the beard burn?

Steven G. Rogers @Rogers4Real

@moonmoonmoon No she doesn’t ;-)

Inspired from “The reports about my love life have been greatly exaggerated” by

Your Muse spots Mine hunched over a Desk, reading or writing, completely unaware of their surroundings. Your Muse has the perfect chance to get the Drop on Mine...Send what Your Muse does for the reaction of Mine..

With a rush of feathers, you were whisked away from the bunker to wherever Castiel decided to take you. It’s a surprise, your angel insisted, but you trusted him to make it a good surprise. And as you opened your eyes, you saw that the surprise was very good, indeed.

The ocean thrashed several dozen yards away, painted bright orange by the sunset just behind it. The clouds and the sky was the same colour as the ocean beneath you, save some violet and yellow spots here and there. You and Castiel were on top of a hill; a perfect view for such a perfect sunset.

“Woah…” You breathed, and Cas smiled at your reaction. His hand planted itself on your hip and he sat you down next to him, your head laying on his chest. You couldn’t take your eyes off the sunset and the crashing waves of the ocean, but Castiel couldn’t take his eyes off of you. The bright colours of the setting sun set your already-beautiful eyes ablaze with light, and Cas couldn’t stop himself from watching your expressions change from awe to peace.

You two stayed like this until the sun ultimately went down for the day. The wind blew, carrying a cold breeze. Castiel wrapped his arm around your shoulders, ready to fly you back to the bunker, but you stopped him.

“I don’t want to leave yet.” You objected, and Castiel dipped his head. His shed his trench coat and laid it over you. Now, warm and at peace, you and your angel sat in silence, looking at the stars that were beginning to come out in this new found darkness.

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BTS gif reaction please? Maybe something like, their platonic best friend, a girl, is moping about being single? She's not sure if she wants comfort or advice, but she feels pretty crummy about it because boys ignore her... that kind of thing? I love your gif reactions <3 they're spot-on

Awwwe, HOW CUTE, OMG! Me tbh T.T Thanks for the request!! Enjoy!


Jin: What are you talking about? You are perfect and beautiful, any guy would be lucky to have you! **hugs you kindly**

Suga: **cries with you, trying to make you feel better, but ends up making it worse**

J-Hope: Shush up, you’re perfect, and everyone knows it, it’s okay! **blows a kiss and tries to make you laugh let’s be honest here, you so laugh**

Rap Monster: **confused on how to help, feels bad**

Jimin: Shh, it’s okay. I think you’re perfect, and others boys do too!

V: Oh my god, what do you mean no boys like you?! You’re gorgeous! **disbelief and disgust towards boys**

Jungkook: No, (Y/N), why? You’re so perfect! **sighs, wishes he could make you feel better**


Hope you liked it!!! ^_^

~Admin VJinHope

this scene was perfect, intentional, and very telling


I read one fan’s comment last week on whether this is genuinely Ward being sexist, or if Ward was simply trying to emotionally manipulate Hill and going for what he intuited to be a sore spot, hoping to goad the most reaction from her.  (lol, fail there.)

This question stuck in my brain all week, and I’ve finally settled on my interpretation:

Yeah, Ward is a sexist saggy dickbag.

Okay, so why?  I mean, the theory that’s it’s all bluster to hurt Hill’s feelings seems like a plausible one. Of course he’d want to upset her, right?  But I don’t think we should let him off the hook.

First, let’s look at the matter of them as spies. Shield is gone, Hydra is on the move, and everyone is, essentially, their own masters. They are free to choose the sides they want to be on, and everyone can let their teeth show for real.

At this point in the narrative, we are finally seeing Ward as who he really is. We’ve seen more of him as a person in 2 episodes than we have all season 1.  He’s back with his mentor, he’s being honest with his feelings for Skye, he’s finally getting to tell off Shield people like Hill: this is Grant Ward essentially set to neutral.  Obviously spies never show all their feelings, but the audience has no reason to doubt Ward’s derision and arrogance in this scene (and he’s always been arrogant, this is just him releasing the full brunt of it.) Likewise, Maria Hill is also her own master at this point, free to likewise give Grant her real opinion.  The professional veneer is stripped back, and they take pot-shots at each other.

Now to the gritty part: how you tell an asshole is not by measuring the quantity of insults he says, but by the types of insults he chooses.  Both agents have the same goal in this scene:  insult their opponent, try to throw ‘em off kilter with personal comments, and bluff through the conversation to hopefully get what they want.

Agent Hill claims she never liked Ward, and digs into him about being a traitor.  This is a genderless comment, it would mean the exact same thing regardless if Ward was male or female.

Agent Ward responds by attacking Hill for her gender, using familiar sexist language that would be typical of a military environment.  It’s presented as an opinion he’s held onto for a while and is now happy to throw in her face. For extra dickbaggery, the “us” he uses when he says “a lot of us lost faith” is designed to position himself in the norm and Maria as abnormal: the outsider, the unqualified person who only got her job bc of superficial feminity.  It’s pretty ballsy for Ward, who just freaking BETRAYED the entire “us”, to then turn around and use that normative grouping to exclude Hill, who remained loyal.  Ward feels comfortable doing that verbal maneuvering bc sexist saggy dickbags always think that they can call on the will of all Men to knock down an Uppity Woman, regardless of any other differences the men might have. “Sure, I might have betrayed my fellow dudes, but we can all agree that in this case, the bitch had it coming. Can’t fault me there, right guys?”

So, what if it’s all a front? What if he doesn’t feel any of this and just wants to hurt Hill’s feelings?

That’s what privelege is, and that decision right there is what makes Ward a dickbag.  He could have chosen literally any insult in the whole of their professional or personal sphere, and he went straight for the sexist comment.  Hell, talking about her personal job perfomance might have been even more effective at cutting down her confidence, since obviously the sexism didn’t phase her.  So why go right to the sexist comments?

Because it’s easy. Because it’s right there every time he looks at her and sees eye candy instead of a professional.  Because sexism is the simplest, most convenient way for a guy to throw shade at any woman without thinking too hard or putting much effort in.  Why should he hold back? He doesn’t care what she thinks of him.  For men like him, the sexist insult is the first insult to come to mind when looking at a woman he resents.

And that, kids, is why Ward is a sexist saggy bag of shitdicks.

In The Club

A/N: This is originally a storyline from one of the fics I’ve written years ago. And I did some little research about house music at that time. Hope y'all like it. As always, comments and violent reactions always welcome.

The very moment she stepped in the club, Beca felt energy heating up her body. It’s been quite a while since she and her fellow Bellas partied together and tonight was perfect- the club filling up with party goers and the DJ playing LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem, she’s eager to get to the dance floor and just dance.

“Ooh there’s a cutie out there!” Fat Amy screamed pointing at a young man dancing with a group. Even Chloe was spotting for gorgeous boys as well. To her friends, going to a club basically means boy hunting. To her, she came out here for pure fun. She had been stressed from her college life and since it’s her break, she invited her fellow Bellas to go out.

The young man smiled at Fat Amy which made her giggle. Then he approached their group.

“Hey there” the young man said. “Seems you just arrived. Care for some dance, ladies?”

She looked at the girls and smiled. “I’ll see you around ladies”. She linked her arms around the young man’s and headed to the dance floor.

There’s two of them left.

Chloe went on to the bar and ordered vodka. “Two please.” She then whispered something to Beca, which the brunette didn’t understand. They both turned around and faced the people behind them and started bancing their heads to the music. Ah, Beca missed this nightlife.

“Chloe!” a guy shouted to their left side. She was surprised to see Donald, a former Treble Maker in the club as well. “Donald!” she exclaimed.

“Small world, it’s good to see you again!”

“Me too! hey, where are your friends!” Both were shouting at each other which made Beca chuckle.

“I’m here by myself! My cousin owns this club!” he answered.


“Yep! You wanna dance with me!”

“Of course!” Chloe said. She turned to Beca. “Beca I’ll be back soon, go enjoy yourself and spot a partner, okay!”

“Yeah!” she answered and looked at her best friend walking towards the center of the club.

Now she’s left alone.

“Another shot please” she signaled the bartender. She went here to have fun with her friends but given the situation, it seems that she will enjoy the night by herself.

“Is that your third shot?” She turned around to see where the German accent voice came from.

“Here!” she looked to her left. A woman on her late 20’s sat beside her, with blonde hair, wearing black tank top and a beanie. She stared at her thinking if she had met her somewhere and for a moment, her heart skipped a beat.

“Sorry, but do I know you?” Beca asked. The woman smiled.

“Mmm.. Probably not?” She asked for a shot of vodka. “Here you go, sexy!” the bartender said. “Thanks Ray!”

“You’re quite known here huh?” Beca asked. The woman nodded. “I’m a regular! How ‘bout you?”

She smiled. “I’m just looking around!”

“I saw you with your… lady friends earlier, where are they?” the girl asked, referring to Chloe and Fat Amy.

She saw us earlier, Beca thought. “They made new friends and went dancing!” The girl’s eyes widened, quite surprised as to why Beca didn’t join them.

“So why are you not dancing? Don’t you like the set?”

“It’s okay, it’s cool.” she answered. “It’s just that I’m hoping it’s house music, not swag!” She continued drinking her vodka but she can’t help stealing glances from the woman beside her- tall, around 5'6" to 5'8", freakishly hot, icy blue eyes and very alluring, blonde hair stands out even when it’s covered with beanie. Somehow her low, German accent English sounded super sexy to her. Still she continued thinking where and when she had seen her.

“What particular house music do you like? I can request for them, I’m a regular here.”

“Tiesto or Benny Benassi set would be good.” she answered. The woman smiled. Never in Beca’s life her heart beat that fast as soon as she flashed her smile. She had been curious of her sexuality lately, though she usually ignores it (as she has no intentions of entering to any kind of relationship during college), there’s something with this woman that it sends chills to her body.

“So what are you doing out here?”, the blonde asked. Beca drank the remaining vodka shot. “Nothing, just having fun with some friends after a long week of exams.” she answered.

“It seems to me you’re not having fun at all… and your cheeks are getting red. Beca was caught off guard. "Probably the vodka.” It was a good alibi.

“You’re beautiful. I like you!” Beca felt her heart detached itself from its veins and started jumping and dancing inside her body; it made her cheeks even more hotter. She then saw her laughing. “Whoa, what?. Wait, we just me tonight and now you like me?”

“Yes… is it a crime to like a woman that I find attractive?” the blonde replied.

The small, awkward lady that is Beca Mitchell was about to respond when the music was then changed to Steve Aoki’s 'I’m in the House’.

“Would you like to dance with me?” the woman asked her. She got out of the tool and revealed her slim and sexy built to Beca. The brunette didn’t hesitate for one second and got out of her seat too.

They went to the center of the dance floor. It could be the vodka’s effect on her, but no one cares; Beca started to get energized and banged her head and wave her hands. For a moment she felt all the energy she had earlier burst outside of her, letting out all the stress she had with school and her life with the loud music around her. Little did she know the blonde woman is staring at her in amazement. She smiled and removed her beanie, revealing the rest of her gorgeous hair and wore it on Beca’s head. Beca stopped and got surprised.

“Wear it! It looks good on you!”

“Thank you! Wow your hair is damn amazing!”

“Thanks!” the woman answered. “What is your name by the way!”


“Good to meet you Beca!” the woman flashed the brightest smile that made Beca’s knees weak.

“What is your n-”

Before she could ask back, the woman pulled and kiss her. They kissed- in the club, in the middle of the fucking dance floor. But she didn’t care if others or her friends might see her. All she cared is this gorgeous woman she’s with- a goddess, an angel. Her lips were soft and sweet. Ah, the most amazing moment of my life life just happened, she thought.

The blonde woman smiled. “I like you so much but I have to go now. I’ll check back on you later on!” And before Beca could answer, she already left.

Now she’s all by herself again.

She went back to the bar and ordered another drink. Still shocked at what happened earlier. It was too fast- one minute they’re talking, then they were dancing and before she knows it, they kissed and she walked away. All that’s left was the beanie the woman gave her. She let out a deep sigh.

As the music ended the host came up on the stage. “Yeah yeah yeah people!” The audience yelled. “The night’s just started, y'all ready to party?”

“Yeah!” the crowd screamed.

“Alright, alright! Give it up for our special guest for tonight- the one, the only, Germany’s hottest, sexiest DJ, Kommissar!”

The LED screen on the stage displayed the word KOMMISSAR.

And then the crowd roared when the spotlight was focused on the DJ booth- a blonde woman with black tank top. Beca’s eyes opened wide when she saw who it is- it’s the woman she was with earlier, the one whom she shared kiss with.

Kommissar looked at her from the booth, smiled and pointed on her. The crowd looked at her direction and screamed. Now she knew where she had seen her before. It was from one of the magazines she had previously read about Germany’s house music scene. Yes, Kommissar was featured on that article as one of the most famous female DJs in her country.

She’s famous. She just kissed Germany’s hottest DJ.

“Hello” Kommissar said. The audience continued screaming. “My first set for tonight is a special request, from a special one I just met. Her name is Beca, and she’s the loveliest, most beautiful woman on Earth.“ She then played Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction and the crowd went wild.

Beca swore from her side, she saw Chloe and Fat Amy looking at her in shock. But she didn’t care. Her eyes were glued on the DJ. And the DJ’s eyes were glued on her too.

Roland’s laughter rang out through the room as Regina’s fingers continued their attack, reaching the perfect spots in which to earn the joyous reaction that filled every inch of her heart. 

He leaned his head against the doorframe, completely content to just watch, to watch the feared ‘Evil Queen’ revelling in the feel of little hands attempting, half-heartedly, to batt hers away, the feel of a tiny body squirming in her lap as her laughter matched his. She was the absolute image of a mother, a mother whose only worry was the welfare of her child…her child. 

He liked the sound of that, the thought of it, the notion behind it. Henry had taken well to both his and Roland’s presence in their lives, their intrusion on his precious time with his adoptive mother. He would request evenings alone with her sometimes though, rarely but sometimes…Robin would catch him watching her now and again, when she was doing menial things such as sorting through the laundry, smiling as she brought various items to her nose periodically, inhaling the scent of fabric softener and the lingering traces of her son. His heart soared every time he would catch the knowing look in Henry’s eyes, the love radiating back across the room for the woman who had raised him, who had and always would love him unconditionally. 

On shared evenings they would partake in tasks so grounded in domesticity that it should feel completely insane to four so used to adventure yet it didn’t…it felt so right. 

Another peal of laughter brought him from his reverie, Regina placing her hands underneath Roland in order to pull him up slightly to meet her pursed lips. He couldn’t help but laugh softly as she blew a raspberry onto the boy’s stomach. 

Roland squealed before looking to the place she had tickled him, “Gina!” he laughed through a feigned whine, she merely raised her eyebrows in response encouraging him to continue, “you got kisses on my belly!” 

“I got kisses on your belly?” she gasped loudly, her eyes never leaving Roland’s, neither aware of their spectator. “Well then,” she twisted her mouth to the side playfully as she looked down at him, “there’s only one thing to do about that now…" 

The little boy frowned in confusion as he looked up from her lap, his head resting on her knee. “What?” 

She paused for a long moment before her features morphed into an expression that could only be described as mischievous, “you need matching ones!” And then she was back upon him, pulling him upright in order to pepper red pouted kisses to his cheeks as he wriggled in her grip, his giggles filling the room as he scrunched his eyes in mock disgust. 

Regina placed one last lingering kiss to his small cheek before she pulled back, playfulness softening to a look that stole Robin’s breath from his lungs. Such love lay there, such adoration for yet another child that she hadn’t birthed but still couldn’t help but let into her heart…her big heart, her kind heart, the same heart that so many had accused her of not having yet he was sure she had the biggest of all.  "Do you want to know a secret?” The brunette whispered though the sound travelled over to the man in the doorway, her soft tones lifting his heart as it always seemed to. 

The young boy nodded enthusiastically, his hand reaching up to tangle in the dark hair tickling his skin. It was a habit Robin had noticed creeping in every now and again and he couldn’t help but wonder if Roland would have done that with anyone else, his own mother had she survived, or if it was something he reserved specifically for Regina. 

“I love you very much,” the emotion in her voice was unmistakable as she wrapped her arms around his tiny frame, her fingers rubbing soothing lines over his skin. 

Roland smiled warmly up at her, her dark strands twisting in his fingers, the feeling tickling at her scalp, the sensation enjoyable.  “I love you too Gina.” 

A small tear escaped her eye and dropped onto the boy, his brow creasing as his fingers moved to catch the following orbs of water.  “Why are you crying?" 

She laughed softly at the worry in his little eyes, the tenderness of his touch as he attempted to soothe her. “Because,” she sniffed, “you make me very happy young man” she sniffed again, “and you see that idiot standing in the doorway?”  She almost laughed at the identical looks of shock on both of her boys faces as Roland turned to find his father and Robin realised she’d known of his presence all along. 

The young boy smiled at his father in greeting before turning back to Regina, his dark eyes encouraging her to go on just as Robin’s were.  "I love him very much as well"  And as her eyes locked onto his, the same emotion he’d seen in them for quite some time now, he was finally able to identify what it was shining within their depths for it burned like a raging fire from his own, love.


It had never been difficult for her. Self control and discipline was what had made her so good at her old job: she was patient and willing to wait for the perfect opportunity to bust a case.

And that was what made her current situation so maddeningly infuriating.

He’s always irked her a little; gotten under her skin. Even way back, when all she saw was black leather and a bucket load of sass, she would be lying if she said his little innuendos and coy looks hadn’t affected her. 

But she’d carefully pushed her own reaction to the back of her mind, to a spot named ‘never gonna happen’ and that was enough.


Her grip on the situation slowly wained.

Kissing him in Neverland was the first moment when she let her poker face slip. It was a rash, impulsive thing to do - something she thought she’d grown out of, but before she knew it was happening her lips were on his and her fingers tangled in his hair-

And she’d pushed away (though she wanted more) because it was just a kiss and he was a pirate and she - well, she had bigger things to worry about.

Now it’s different. The reasons for staying away were falling like autumn leaves. Now, when he got close, she let herself enjoy the way her heart raced and her skin flushed. Her favourite part was how her stomach would tighten pleasantly into a ball of anticipation when he was near to her - when he smiled, just for her, when he gave her that look that said ‘this is me, I am yours’.

It was getting harder now. Not to want to kiss him and touch him. Not to want to pull him to her and press herself up against his body, letting his firm hold soothe her and strengthen her (and excite her).

And when their lips meet and they hold one another, it was becoming increasingly hard to tear herself away. She wanted more. She wanted his skin against her skin, their limbs tangled, heaving breaths and sated smiles.

The ache inside her would only go unanswered for so long.



OK SO two days ago i discovered the joy, wonder and hilarity that is


NMTD is a webseries based off of Much Ado About Nothing and you all NEED TO WATCH IT! It follows Beatrice Duke and her cousin Hero as they deal with life, love and friends during Bea’s senior year of high school. 

If you are like me, then you are thinking “Really? Shakespeare and high school? …no” BUT I WAS WRONG! IT IS WONDERFUL! LET ME TELL YOU WHY

  • LIKE, WHEN I FIRST SAW HIM MY REACTION WAS “….oh dear lord i need to watch every episode because he is PERFECT”

thank u all for your time now go and WATCH IT

midnight-wonder  asked:

I seen your post about liking the EoS ending, I agree! I think it shows how selfless (I think I'm using that word correctly) Aelin has become from being Celaena. She now is what Sam and Nehemia in her eyes would be proud off, and also I loved Rowans reaction. I think the ending was spot on perfect


Yes I absolutely agree! Aelin was resolved about her fate. She knew what she had to do even before Elena gave her all the facts. Manons need to be there was obvious enough and even the brutality of the final chapter had me reeling. Wow.