their reactions are perfect and spot on

The perfect review checklist:

✔️ The author knows very well the social setting of the show

✔️ She also knows the literary sources and references

✔️ There’s a sound analysis of narrative

✔️ Perfect recall of past events in the series

✔️ Spot-on analysis of characters actions, reactions and motivations

✔️ Careful, informed predictions about upcoming events

Supergirl Review

 So I watched the leaked Supergirl pilot. 

And I liked it. I didn’t love it, but I liked it. So here’s my thoughts, all the reasons I liked it, along with a healthy dose of constructive (hopefully) criticism. This may look negative heavy, but it’s just because I have a lot of thoughts on how to improve it, as opposed to not liking it, because I really did. Drop an ask in my box if you want to talk about it. So here’s what worked, here’s what didn’t: 

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Your muse is spying on my muse but mine is secretly aware that yours is watching them. Send me && and they’ll put on a little show.

Dennis still wasn’t sure how Padi felt about him, he crushed on her quietly but couldn’t tell if she was doing the same. When he spots her peering through the half open doorway to his room he decides to test her out.

Very slowly he peels away his shirt, his body was still slightly damp with sweat from the nights job. He runs a hand through his hair and gives his head a flick before moving to remove his jeans. As he rolls them down his legs he makes sure to bend right down to give Padi a perfect view of his bubble butt in some tight blue boxers. He tries to carefully glance at the door to gauge a reaction.

midnight thoughts → solo.
  • TAGGING → Marley Rose, mentions of Ryder Lynn
  • TIME FRAME → Just past midnight, May 16th, 2015
  • LOCATION → RoseBerry dorm room
  • NOTES → Marley wakes up in the middle of the night after a long day to a small surprise. Her initial thoughts and reactions gives her a few things to think about.

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NASCAR at Charlotte 2015 Results: Winner, Standings, Highlights and Reaction

Sometimes, you need to have the best car to win a Sprint Cup race. Sometimes, it’s all about timing your pit stops to perfection. For Carl Edwards, it was a case of the latter Sunday as he won the Coca-Cola 600 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The biggest question surrounding Edwards and a small handful of drivers fighting for the top spot in the final laps was whether they’d literally have enough fuel in the tank to get to the finish line. They gambled by not making a late pit stop so as to work their way up the field.

The gambit paid off in a big way for Edwards, as he not only held on to his lead but also opened up major space between himself and Greg Biffle and Dale Earnhardt Jr., who finished second and third, respectively.

NASCAR posted the final lap of the race:

This was the first win for Edwards under the Joe Gibbs Racing banner:

ESPN’s Marty Smith feels Edwards’ victory benefits the sport as a whole:

You can view the top 10 from the race below, per

Here’s a look at how the Coca-Cola 600 impacted the Chase standings, courtesy of

Jimmie Johnson continues to occupy the first position based on his three wins, but it was a race to forget for the No. 48 car.

Turn 4 was particularly tricky for Johnson. He narrowly avoided a wreck early in the race as he spun out and wound up in pit road. Johnson regained control of the car before anything worse could happen. The second time around, his luck ran out. Johnson spun out and skidded into the inside wall.

His crew chief, Chad Knaus, was blunt with his assessment of the car following the crash, per USA Today’s Jeff Gluck:

Johnson returned to the track after a while but could only finish in 40th.

Denny Hamlin also had a somewhat frustrating night. Hamlin built some momentum in Charlotte off of last year’s Sprint Cup All-Star Race, and he continued his strong racing from that event into the Coca-Cola 600.

The No. 11 car led 53 laps Sunday and was in first place with 37 laps to go. Unfortunately for Hamlin, though, he had a loose wheel that caused him to pit on Lap 364, per ESPN’s Bob Pockrass:

By the time Hamlin returned to the track, he was in 17th place and a lap down. It was a massive reversal of fortunes, and he was all but out of contention from that point forward.

Martin Truex Jr. had similarly rotten luck. No driver led more laps Sunday than Truex (131), but it ultimately came to nothing. Truex has been one of the most consistent drivers on the Sprint Cup circuit, but he’s still looking for that first win in 2015.

Things were looking good for him as he held a comfortable lead late into the race. The only problem was that he couldn’t finish without pitting one more time. Truex headed to pit road on Lap 379, which all but closed the door on his hopes of winning.

Like Hamlin, Truex could only hope that the cars at the head of the pack would run out of fuel. NASCAR Stats made note of the drivers ahead of Truex:

Despite making a furious comeback, Truex was unable to make up the ground and wound up in fifth. Ryan Truex believes his older brother will come out on top sooner or later:

Maybe Martin Truex will have a better fate at next Sunday’s FedEx 400 at the Dover International Speedway. With the way he has driven this year, a victory is surely in the cards for the 34-year-old before too long.

There’s a good chance Truex will make it to the Challenger Round if he maintains this level but doesn’t have a checkered flag to his name. Still, he’d probably sleep a lot better at night if he could make it to Victory Lane just once between now and Sept. 12, the final day before the Chase cutoff. 

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NBA Shoot Around: JR Swish

Lottery And The Knicks Downfall: 

What a tough night for all Knicks fans, which includes myself. Steve Mills reaction to them getting the fourth pick is a perfect depiction of the teams luck over the past 20 or so years. 

The worst part of it all is the Timberwolves, who had the highest chance of winning the first pick, won it all. The Knicks would have been in that spot if it wasn’t for their decision to win two of their final three games (one against the Atlanta Hawks) which was the most Knicks thing ever. 

The Knicks future looks ambiguous and downright scary. They don’t have a pick next year, and the guy at the helm still thinks it’s 1975:

As I looked on in shock and disappointment last night, I woke up this morning to the realization that this team will not be good for a very long time. In my recent yearbook page I was asked to write a 200 word paragraph about my time in high school. Most kids wrote about their friends and how “great of a time” their high school experience was. Me? I talked about my experience just like every body else, but took a different spin on it. In my paragraph I said “hopefully somebody will open this up in 2050 and James Dolan will be dead/sold the team and the Knicks MAYBE have won a championship.” Do I think that is going to happen? Nope. 

Steph Curry And James Harden….My God: 

What a fun game one. Watching Steph and James go toe to toe was loads of fun:

I did have Rockets +10.5 the other night, but watching the Warriors as a Knicks fan is always tough. Knowing that the MVP of the league is a guy you missed out on by ONE PICK and the coach of the favorites to win the finals ALMOST picked your team is always a stab in the heart. 

What A Collapse By The Clippers: 

Up 19 with 15 minutes of basketball left in game 6 between the Clippers and Rockets, I am not afraid to say I went to sleep. Just like most of the nation, I thought the game and consequently the series was over. I luckily did wake up the next day only to see an alert on my phone that the Rockets led by Josh Smith (lol), pulled off a furious comeback. My reaction?

I felt for Clippers fans that morning because if that was the Knicks I don’t think I would have been able to get out of bed. Those type of losses are a football sized pill to swallow. 

The thing was they still had a glimmer of hope, game 7. That glimmer of hope was shut down pretty much by the middle of the third quarter as James Harden and the Rockets took the series. Game 7 will be remembered for Chris Paul riding into the off season sunset on Dwight Howard’s back rather than a comeback win by the Clippers: 

Also, never forget: 

It’s a shame we aren’t going to get the Warriors-Clippers series we dreamed of. We never got to see the end of the beef between Dante Jones and Draymond Greene. 

We’ll remember the 2015 Clippers run for a lot of reasons. For me, I will remember how CP3 hit the luckiest shot I’ve seen in a long time and I lost my Spurs straight bet in game 7. For others, it will be the countless faces Steve Ballmer gave us:

But most of all we will remember the Clippers for being the Clippers. You know who hates the Clippers and loves to make fun of them? Lakers fans across the world:

They can’t even escape the hate when the Lakers were led by Jeremy Lin and Nick Young. It must be tough being a Clippers fan, it makes me feel less worse about my Knicks fandom. 

Kyle Korver Did What Every Human Being Would Do When LeBron James Came His Way: 


What a performance by my man JR Smith:

Look at this shot chart:

This performance was so great this Instagram post didn’t even bring any negative emotions out when I looked at it: 

With the injury to Demarre Carroll it seems as if the Hawks season is coming to an end. The biggest question here is, was it a disappointment? Probably not. If you told a Hawks fan that his squad would get to the Conference Finals, I bet they would take that ten out of ten times. BUT where do they go from here? Can they improve? I’m not sure, they will have around $25 million in cap space this summer in a free agent class that has loads of talent. Would a Marc Gasol or Lamarcus Aldridge come to town? Most likely not. 

So what are the Hawks best options going into the offseason? It’s probably finding another under the radar guy like Milsap. Atlanta hasn’t been a destination to be since Dominique left and I can’t remember the last time they were truly in the running for a big name free agent. 

The Hawks seem like the Sixers of the early 2000′s minus Allen Iverson. They are going to get far in the playoffs but they just don’t have the overall talent to win a championship. 

I’m personally happy the Hawks 2014-15 reign is coming to an end because they are just a very boring team. There is no personality. It’s like I’m watching Indiana high school basketball.

They are kind of like that girl who is an 8/10 but gives killer head (the brilliant team passing and teamwork the Hawks show 60% of the time). Once you get past that killer head you realize that she has absolutely no personality and her whole existence is just boring. The relationship has come to an end and your a little sad because you won’t get that killer head any more but it was a necessity because a 9/10 who gives okay head but is actually fun to be with 24/7 (LeBron James and the Cavs) has come into your life. 

Wake up and smell the cheese: I do and my nose is insured for £5m

My super-sensitive nose has given me a happy 52-year career smelling milk and cheeses – but it makes going to Glastonbury a struggle

My nose is key to the job I do. It might not be priceless, but it’s certainly worth £5m – which is what it is insured for. Wyke Farms has a turnover of £80m and it’s my smelling ability that ensures our stock is sold.

I started at a Cornish cheese factory in 1963 and have been working in the dairy industry for 52 years since. I’ve made yoghurt in Wootton Basssett and cream desserts at Melksham. Sometimes a bad cheese can make me wince or my whole body shudder in repulsion. While other cheese tasters can spot that it’s not perfect, they don’t get the same reaction. I suppose I must just be super sensitive.

While having a sensitive nose is great for my job, it can also be a bit of a burden

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- Bonsoni

Joshua Brandon Coomes :This is literally the best ending to the best album I have ever listened to, obviously my favorite band never ceases to blow my fucking mind. Tilian Pearson your vocals are spot on every single moment, always giving every song the perfect mood and synchronizing so well with Jon. Matthew Mingus you get so much better with every album, technical yet subtle. It’s impossible not to want to dance to the entire album. William Swan, holy shit man. Standing right in front of you at Chain Reaction watching you shred was a highlight of my life. Oh and that selfie in Ventura. Congrats on your success with the new album, you damn well deserve it. Thank you all

The job of the corporate media sure as fuck isn’t following up on embarrassing reporting, but tearing down the messenger.

And that the mainstream are anyone people rely on for news? The same mainstream where a star anchor is a documented psychopathic liar yet can’t decide on the spot to do the right thing and replace him permanently? Those same people who don’t give a fuck about facts?

Yeah; Sy Hersh maybe isn’t perfect. That’s important news.

Huoriel opened her eyes slowly, but she could not the blue sky, the dirt underneath her body, the large amount of lifeless bodies surrounding her, the elleth could only see red spots & bright yellow forms in the air but nothing more, nothing she could recognize . Only one single reaction came from her body. A piercing scream of agony. Pain. Pain. Fire. Flames. Burn. Pain. Dragon. Another scream as she was capable to smell her own flesh burnt, perfect for the great serpent to taste.

                    Was she the only survivor? Nobody manager to find a safe place away from the flames? Nobody could see the great dragon coming to kill them all? The Dragon. Pain. Screams. Suffering.

Suddenly Huoriel felt hands touching her, but the gentle touch felt like knifes in her skin & the extreme pain only grew when the unknown one took her body & started to walk. The pain was unbearable, she begged over & over again, but the other would not stop. Pain. The dragon fire ruined her skin, which used to be beautiful & soft like petals.

                             "—— Gin iallon! Stop! Stop! It hurts!“ She screamed again, but thankfully her body could not face it any more & she fainted, finally a moment of peace to forget the pain & the agony.

The elleth woke up again, fortunately, the pain wasn’t there & felt relaxed, in peace, maybe she was under the effect of a certain potion, however, whatever it was affecting her body wasn’t enough to recover her sight. She could only see a tall yellow figure next to her, but impossible to say who it could be & where was she.

                              ”Gin iston?“ Huoriel asked carefully, feeling bandages covering her body but they were wet & suddenly made her feel very uncomfortable.