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Tease (M)

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Summary: Your best friend had gotten a new job, but wouldn’t tell you what it was. You decide to take it upon yourself to find out, so you find the address to his work. But… why did the address lead you to a strip club? 

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut (M)

A/N: This will most likely be a two-shot (if enough ppl want it), so you could expect the real smuttiness to occur in the next part ;) Anywho, there is brief mentions of arousal, lewd actions, and strip teases in this chapter. This will be a mature read, so you have been warned! 

“This can’t be right…” you exasperate in confusion.

You look at the small entrance to the building, scratching your head. The place looked as if it was some type of club, as you could hear the loud music shaking the ground, even from where you were standing. There was a line up to get in, and you couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the people waiting, were females.

There’s no way Jimin would work here, he doesn’t even like clubs… you think in your head.

The reason you were out here by yourself at 11pm at night, was because you found out Jimin recently got a job. He would start buying more expensive clothing, and offer to pay more for you whenever you two went out. Obviously he was making some nice cash, so when you asked him about it; he completely ignored you.

You two have been best friends and roommates since freshman year in college, and now you both were in your third year. Jimin typically hid no secrets from you, as he was a very open and relaxed person. So when he purposely didn’t tell you where he was working, that made you highly suspicious.

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viktor and yuuri say their wedding vows in each other’s native language. 

so viktor, in japanese: he’s learned a couple words here and there, enough sweet talk to make yuuri blush and enough slang to understand whatever the hell people in hasetsu go on about, but then the idea hits him from the middle of nowhere, a heart attack-esque and lightening strike epiphany - a picture of white suits and flowers and smiles too big for the stars and the whole goddamn universe - at practice one day. 

yuuri’s skating, cooling off in a way that shouldn’t be nearly as enrapturing as it is, and viktor’s watching, cooling off in a way that shouldn’t be nearly as lazy and motionless as it is, but he’s thinking. about the obvious, of course - the wedding, new routines, yuuri, the wedding, and yuuri - and then about the not-so-obvious, words and surprises and how he really should learn japanese if only for his currently sweating but still impossibly enthralling fiance… and now you can guess when it slams viktor nikiforov in the face. 

he’s consumed by it. viktor spends the next two months rolling those unfamiliar words in his mouth, working out all the ticks and stutters and catches because he always catches when he says shujin - but it’s worth it, he knows it’ll be worth it, to see the expression on yuuri’s face. 

and then yuuri, in russian: it comes about in a similiar fashion as viktor’s own revelation; he’s skating and thinking and most of all just breathing, and he wonders how to say husband in russian. 

he wonders if it would make viktor blush.

things only progress from there, and suddenly yuuri’s awake at two in the morning scouring internet pages and scribbling the cyrillic words on his hand. and he thinks distantly how it’ll sound, when faced with suits and crowds and viktor’s hands in his own - if viktor will cry, if he’ll smile, if he’ll just kiss yuuri on the spot right there, and then yuuri makes up his mind that he wants to see all three. 

(and he does see all three, but not before his own reaction is equally striking - enough so that phichit is brought to his own tears, and yurio is subsequently disgusted for the next week. it’s a perfect wedding, all things considered.) 

Committed The Robbery

Pairing: Y/N/Gangmember!Ashton

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 3.000+

Summary: On a scale from 1 to shit, how fucked would Ashton be if he ended up banging the other gangmember Luke’s little sister Y/N?

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Best friend


-Luke Hemmings smut-

Word count: 1,300

“Have you told her yet?” Calum questioned Luke. “No Cal, I can’t jeopardise our friendship like that. No one understands me like Y/N and I can’t lose her. Ever.” Luke replied and the other boys just groaned and sighed in disappointment. Luke has been in love with you since 2 years now and he doesn’t seem to have the courage to tell you. Every time he met you his heart would do backflips and he would be unable to ruin the perfect moments he has with you by confessing his feelings. He was in a constant battle. His brain against his heart. None of the other boys would understand his decision.

“Guys, she’s on her way over here. Please don’t say anything” Luke said. “Don’t worry, we never do” Michael says exasperated. “Mate, you should just tell her, I’m pretty sure she feels the same way.” Ashton says. Luke always respected everything that Ashton said, him being the oldest after all. They continued to talk about some random things and you entered Luke’s apartment. They didn’t even seem to notice your presence, so you took that time to really admire Luke. He was tall, fit and had eyes that you could lose yourself in. Everyday you would wonder how you got so lucky to be best friends with him.

Being best friends with him had its pros and cons. A con being that you couldn’t help falling utterly and completely in love with him and a pro being you get to spend all day with him and nights too. This was one of those lucky days. You would be spending the night at your best friends apartment. You got a little carried away and you didn’t notice when Calum called out your name. “Y/N, are you alive?” you shook your head and broke your gaze away from Luke. “Huh?” you asked, completely confused and unaware about what was happening. The boys just laughed knowingly and Luke blushed.

Luke came up to you and hugged you tight. “Hi, Y/N I missed you so much” “I missed you too, Lukey” you replied and buried your face in his chest. “I think we’ll be leaving now” Ashton called out and you turned to face him and the other boys. It was getting pretty late and you figured they would be leaving soon. They piled out of the apartment, one after the other leaving you and Luke standing awkwardly. “So, what do you want to do?” Luke questioned and you just shrugged your shoulders, grabbing the box of pop tarts that were lying on a table. You walked over and lay down on his couch, making yourself at home. He walked over to you and sat down on your stomach. “Luke you’re crushing me” you squeaked out. “I’m not that fat” Luke retorted and changed his position so he was lying next to you, instead of on top of you.

“It’s so fucking hot Y/N, do you mind if I change into something more comfortable.” Luke asked you and you nodded eagerly, knowing his ‘something comfortable’ meant boxers and nothing else. He changed and came back and you couldn’t help but blush. It obviously wasn’t the first time you saw him without a shirt, but he was just perfect. His toned body always made you excited, in more than one way. He returned to his position next to you, not before turning on the TV and watching Shark Tank. You moved slightly, so you were half on top of him. Your head was on his chest and you could hear his heart beat and you let out a sigh. Unknowingly, you started tracing shapes on his chest. He was in bliss and so were you.

You slowly placed a small kiss on his chest, not being able to control yourself. When you gained no response from your best friend you moved your head up and started placing small kisses on his jaw and collarbones. He let out a groan and his eyes fluttered shut, enjoying the sensation of your lips on him. “Y/N, don’t stop” he said quietly and he held you by the waist and pulled you upwards so you were lying completely on top of him. Having a better angle, you started peppering his face with kisses. Kissing every spot, except his lips. Your lips brushed his a couple of times and you held yourself back from crashing your lips on his. “Luke, I really want to kiss you right now” you said softly. A small part of you was afraid of his reaction but that didn’t last very long as Luke captured your lips and his and they moved in sync. Luke was on top of the world and you were in heaven. A few seconds later, he pulled away to take a breath and rested his forehead against yours.

“I know this isn’t the perfect time to say this, but I don’t think the perfect time will ever come. So, Y/N I just wanted you to know that I love you and I have for a long time now.” Luke said and you kissed him again and he deepened the kiss by putting his tongue in your mouth. You moaned loudly when his hand went up your t-shirt and gave your bra-clad breast a hard squeeze. He tugged at the bottom of it and you got the signal and took it off. Without wasting anymore time, your hand went behind your back and you unclasped your bra. Luke stared at your breasts hungrily and took one nipple into his mouth, sucking harshly. He moved to the other one, giving it equal attention. He flipped you over so that he was on top of you now. He began moving downward to the place you ached for him.

In one swift move he took of your pants. He grabbed the hem of your panties in his teeth and released it so it whipped back on to your skin. You were heavily aroused and you couldn’t wait any longer. “Luke, please” you moaned out. He slid your panties off, slowly and teasingly and started kissing in your inner thighs. He blew on your clit making you shiver in anticipation. He ran one finger up your slit gathering the wetness and he put his finger in his mouth. “Baby girl, you taste so good” Luke said before coming back up to kiss you. He quickly got rid of his boxers and that was the only piece of material separating the two of you.

You wrapped your legs around his waist, urging him to enter you. He got the hint and pushed into you slowly. Profanities left your mouth as it was hard for you to adjust to his size, pun intended. He reached deep inside you and he let out a groan. “Fuck, Y/N you’re so tight” Luke said and started thrusting into you harder and faster. He lifted your leg upwards, to get a different angle and he hit that spot, which made you go weak.You moaned his name as he continually hit the spot. “Luke I’m so close” you told him when you felt that familiar tightening of the stomach. He took your lips in his in a sloppy kiss as you released your juices around him. With a few more thrusts, he came inside you and he rode out his high.

He laid on top of you with his face in your neck. “Y/N, I really fucking love you.” “I love you too, Luke” you told him truthfully and he kissed you on your forehead. “Round 2 in the shower?” you questioned him and he laughed loudly while agreeing.

A/N: I live for best friend smuts.

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so I kinda got this idea from that one IwaOi ask you got from another anon recently, but top 5 dysfunctional but great relationships between two characters?

top 5 dysfunctional relationships anon) I meant Haikyuu!!, but if it’s easier for you to find examples for anime in general, I don’t mind if you do that either :3

Hello bean! I’m actually so dead because here you say recently but this ask is from 16 days ago (this is just an example of how much it takes to get to a specific top 5, rip), but it’s finally time! (For context, this petal is talking about this post, where I was asked if Oikawa and Iwaizumi have a healthy relationship with each other). Ok so, this is gonna be a multi-anime answer, since Haikyuu has not so many examples of that. 

General disclaimer: more than dysfunctional, these relationships are not so healthy but the bottom line here is that, no matter what, they all love, trust and understand each other more than anyone else.  

1. Shinji and Kaworu (Neon Genesis Evangelion). Well, this is not the most painful ship ever for nothing. It doesn’t matter that they met and parted ways in the span of one (1) episode, that time was enough to change Shinji, forever. Kaworu came to Shinji in his darkest hour and was the first person to understand and treat him with love. He was the first person to ever tell Shinji “I love you”, and he’s the first person Shinji said “I love you” in return. This is all nice till you discover that Kaworu is not an actual person, he’s an angel, an angel sent to erase humanity, an angel Shinji is forced to kill, or better, an angel who decided that his only free will act was letting Shinji kill him. And he does, in what is to this day the most heartbreaking scene I’ve ever seen. And if killing the person you love the most or making the person you love the most kill you is not dysfunctional, I don’t know what else is…

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(in the reboot he dies in front of Shinji and not by his hand and I don’t know what’s worst honestly) 

2. Oikawa and Iwaizumi. I already said everything that needs to be said in the post I mentioned above. They are dependent, violent, aggressive, unable to communicate in the proper way, the reaction to everything the other does is incredibly exaggerated, they fight, they yell…but still they made each other the beautiful people they are today. They are always in perfect sync, they are each other’s number one supporter and would kill and die for the other on the spot. They are connected, both physically and mentally so, maybe way more than they even realize. They are not a perfect couple, but still they are unbreakable. 

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3. Rin and Haruka (Free!) Speaking of overreacting people, here you have a perfect example. These two are literally obsessed with each other, neither of them could sneeze without affecting dramatically the other’s life. Despite everything, they understand each other without having to say a single word, they would give up everything for the other, they could have had it all…but still they are the classic couple that can’t be together but yet can’t be apart. You can’t escape relationships like that. 

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4. Hinata and Kageyama. As I already said here, I firmly believe that Kags is unconsciously replicating the iwaoi dynamic with Hinata. They are just as violent, intense and obsessed with each other, but they have the potential to create even a deeper and greater bond. They already live in such a perfect sync they can’t function properly without the other (especially Hinata has still to find his place without Kageyama), so much that they are afraid of being torn apart. If you read the manga, you know what I’m talking about, if you don’t, just think of the last shot of Kageyama and Hinata at the end of season 3…while the rest of the team was happy for the news Kageyama just got…were they really?

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5.  Yahaba and Kyoutani. The iwaoi curse strikes again, and how couldn’t it. The setter/ace relationship is pretty strong on its own and I think Yahaba’s new leadership is gonna deliver us some good character development. I really hope they’ll find a healthier way to communicate and Yahaba will keep his slamming-his-boyfriend-against-the-wall thing just for the bedroom. 

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p.s. as crazy as it sounds, Bokuto and Akaashi are not in this chart and here I explained why. 

Thank you for your message!

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Wade’s reaction to you always stealing and wearing his clothes.

••• Requested by Anon •••

“That is so sexy.”

Looking over your shoulder, you spotted Wade walking over to where you stood in the kitchen with a beer in his hand. 

“From now on you’re wearing my clothes and my clothes only.”

Snorting, you inspected the button up you wore - the fabric barely fell over your naked ass. “Who’s going to wear my clothes then?” You asked him, flipping over another perfect pancake.

“Me, obviously.” Wade exclaimed. “I look gorgeous in skirts.”

“Oh, I know.”

Wade finally reached you, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin upon your shoulder. You didn’t acknowledge him at all and continued making breakfast, at least until his hands began to wonder.

“I think the readers know where this is going. Better turn off the stove.”

EXO’s Reaction to Seeing Their GF Naked for the First Time


Xiumin would take his time letting his eyes wander over your bare body, almost making you uncomfortable with the silence. Finally, after what seemed like hours, his eyes met yours and he smiled. “Beautiful,” he would whisper, before taking you in his arms.


A smile would immediately force itself onto Chen’s face as you took off your last piece of clothing. “Oooh, jagi, you’re so gorgeous,” he’d say excitedly, kissing your cheek and looking you up and down. He’d let his hands wander over your body, his excitement obvious in his movements.


It would almost embarrass you how in awe Baekhyun looked when you stepped out without clothing. When you finally complained at how awkward he was being, he’d smile up at you, pulling you closer. “I’m just look so perfect,” he’d say softly.


Though he’d be obviously turned on, Chanyeol would take a moment to appreciate just how amazing you looked. “Seriously jagi, you’re so perfect!” he’d exclaim, cupping your face in his hands and kissing you. You’d blush and tell him to get a move on, and he’d gladly comply, startling you with his enthusiasm.  


A pink hue would spread onto Lay’s cheeks as he took in your bare body before him. He’d take your hands in his, his eyes finally meeting yours as a smirk spread onto his face, making your breathing hitch in your throat.  “You’re absolutely flawless,” he’d murmur into your ear, sending tingles through you as his eyes wandered back down your body.  


Oddly enough, D.O would be just as shy about it as you were. He’d force himself to keep his eyes on your face, almost making you feel like you had the upper hand. You’d use it to your advantage, teasing him, and soon you’d see the adoration in his eyes change to lust.


Suho wouldn’t be able to control his speech as he saw you for the first time, completely exposed and vulnerable. “You’re absolutely incredible, jagi. You’re gorgeous–honestly you look like a goddess,” he’d gush, his eyes never leaving your body. You’d blush, finally kissing him to stop him from complimenting you.


Not unlike D.O, Kai would be rather bashful about the entire situation. He wouldn’t know what to say at first, his face red and his breathing quick as he gazed at you. “Wow,” is all he would say, before pulling you in for a passionate kiss, his hands softly roaming over you.


Sehun wouldn’t even try to hide the lust that overcame him when he laid eyes on you. “Perfect,” he’d say in a gravely voice, making you blush slightly with his tone. He’d slowly approach you, kissing your lips, then neck, then collarbone. He would opt to use his mouth to explore your body rather than his hands, finding all of your sensitive spots and noting them for later.

Smile - Jughead x Reader

Request — Can you do a jughead x reader where the reader is very shy but has a huge crush on jughead? Then she walks by and sees in a window Betty and jughead kissing then she runs away? Thanks, I’ve had this in my mind for so long ♡

A/N — I am so happy to write this request as I have been meaning to write something similar for a while, yet again I changed it up a bit. Also, I’m at 100 followers so thank you guys for supporting me and my writing. Also I’m down a couple tags since the buzz lately is everyone getting Bughead smut in tags like Reggie or Thornhill, shit like that, so I’m sticking to the tags that matter to Jughead. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this imagine because I have a feelings it’s going to be adorable as heck.

Words: 1310

Warnings: None

(Y/N) , (E/C) , (H/C) , (S/C) — Your name, eye colour, hair colour, skin colour.

You sat on the bleachers at the Riverdale Bulldog’s first game of the season. You held your camera in your gentle small hands, watching the intense football game as high school heart throb, Archie Andrews, got the crowd’s attention as he was a fan favourite. (Y/N) waited patiently for the half time cheerleader show to start in just a few minutes, as it was her job working for the Blue and Gold as the yearbook photographer, she took the chance to grab some photos.

That Autumn night was chilly, as the students clung onto their coats and scarves, baring the weather to come and support the game. Finally the half time show arrived, the River Vixen’s ran onto the field with their leader, Cheryl Blossom, front and centre. You sat up from your seat, squeezing through the rows of crowded people to get down to the front of the stands. The camera strap slung over (Y/N)’s shoulder as she managed to finally get down, bumping into someone. Unaware of her surroundings, she had the close call of almost dropping her beloved camera, but luckily that figure caught it in time to shatter. And that figure happened to be her ultimate crush, Jughead Jones.

“That was a close one.” Jughead chuckled as he looked down at the camera before staring straight into your (E/C), making your knees easily give in. She was so shy whenever she was around him, she didn’t know what to do or more importantly what to say whenever she had the chance.

“T-Thanks, Jug,”  was all she managed to blurt out to stop herself from rambling on with anxiety. And then the unthinkable happened, she quickly propped up her camera into her hands as she looked through the lens which aimed straight at Jughead. “Smile!” Jughead blinked a couple times, getting use to the sudden flash that caught him. (Y/N) quickly slung her camera over her shoulder, a red blush spreading brightly over her (S/C) complexion. “S-Sorry. Uh, yearbook features, y’know,” she awkwardly chuckled. “Speaking of which, I gotta go!” She flashed Jughead a quick smile before turning away, just when Jughead laid a hand on her shoulder, stopping her.

I didn’t know you did photography until I saw your camera. Maybe one time you could show me whenever I’m in home room or at the Blue and Gold.” Jughead suggested, making you pause a couple seconds to just soak in what she just witnessed. ‘Jughead Jones literally just asked to see my photo’s, is this real?’ Is what she thought to herself.

Uh, s-sure. Yeah, I-I guess so. Um, I gotta go and take more p-photos… bye.” She once again awkwardly said before this time getting the chance to run away, leaving Jughead staring at her before breaking into a cheeky smile and walking off.

Later that week, (Y/N) was sitting at the computer uploading her photo’s from the game for the yearbook. One picture really captured her eye, and that was Jughead’s. Although it caught him by surprise, the photo turned out to be quite photogenic. He still managed to look perfect as always, yet half of his face was covered by his hand blocking the flash from my camera. Suddenly she heard the sound of a door opening. First reaction: hide. She had no thoughts about minimising her computer tabs and ran to hide behind the couch, as the door swung open with a very anxious Betty Cooper and concerned Jughead Jones making an entrance. (Y/N) noticed that Betty had something on her mind as she paced around in the same spot for a couple seconds.

“I don’t know what to do, Jug. There’s so much going on, my parents, the Blue and Gold, Jason’s murder. I-I don’t know what to do.” Betty closed her eyes, taking a deep exhale out. You peeked out from behind the couch from the side, watching as Jughead stood there staring at Betty. Betty opened her eyes to find Jughead staring straight at her.

“What?” He just kept staring, Betty now slightly getting a bit agitated. “..What?” Suddenly Jughead cupped Betty’s cheeks and kissed her softly. That’s how easy it is to break a heart. (Y/N) quickly yet quietly turned back sitting against the back of the couch, closing her eyes as she quietly sobbed into her sleeve as the tears started rolling down her cheeks. She heard their lips finally pull away which felt like forever, then a door once again closing. Your sniffled quietly, wiping your tears away as you finally stood up, turning around to find a speechless Jughead standing right there staring at the photo you took of him. You bit your lip to stop your tears from shedding yet again, running over to the computer as you closed the tabs, Jug placed his hand right back on your shoulder.

“(Y/N)… what’s wrong?” He asked concerned for your sake now, staring deep into your red puffy eyes.

“What’s wong? W-What’s wrong? What’s wrong is the fact that I just had my heart shatter for a boy I never had a chance with at all.” (Y/N) yelled at him, before grabbing her bag and storming out the room.

You let your grieve last your for another week. You stood at your locker in the famous Riverdale hallways, placing your books into your locker along with the rest of your belongings. All that was in your mind was that picture of Jughead kissing Betty. That’s a photo she couldn’t erase. She rested her head against the locker next to her, soon interrupting her daydream as someone cleared her throat. She closed her locker door to find a sad Jughead appear in front of her.

“Can we talk?” Jughead asked, almost in a whisper. His blue eyes pierced into yours as he watched you fiddling with the sleeve of your sweater. You just shrugged, but shortly after nodded. “About last week, and what you said… d-did you really mean it? I mean, I have no feelings for Betty whatsoever. I freaked out and didn’t know what to do to make her stop freaking out, s-so I just kissed her.” (Y/N) sighed, still not persuaded enough. “Hey um, I don’t know if you noticed, but I think you left behind last week something important.” He then dug his hand into his satchel, pulling out your camera. With all the emotions hitting you at that time, you must of not looked back to notice that you forgot your camera still hooked up to the computer. You took your camera from his hands, turning it on to make sure all your photos were still there.

“I-I saw your photos of me.” At the mention, your heart sunk once again as you looked up at them. “And I think they’re wonderful. In fact.” He paused, taking out his own camera, turning it on and turning it to face you, many photos of you taking photo’s at the Bulldog’s game that night displayed on his. You never noticed that Jughead brought a camera to the game, you thought he only went to go and judge. “I-I thought you looked beautiful that night, I just had to.” And like that, your frown turned into a smile.

“Hey, I-I was wondering if you wanted to go to Pop’s after school? On a d-date?” You asked shyly, but it earned another cheeky smirk from Jughead.

I’ll walk you there, meet me near the bus stops.” He blushed, before putting his camera back in his satchel, slowing leaning down to your height to place a kiss on your cheek before walking away. You shortly after found yourself standing against your locker, eyes closed with the biggest, goofiest, smile on your face.

A/N — I hope you enjoyed this imagine and it was hopefully like you wanted it to be in a way? Also, my laptop has decided to fuck up suddenly so I might have to wipe my whole laptop and start again because all the settings and everything is locked and I cannot access important files for school and stuff like that, so that might mean I won’t keep up to date with the requests in order for a bit until I get everything settled. Anyway, I hope all of you guys are well and are having a lovely day!


Everyone and their mother has done a version of this story in the last few days, but I got a few requests, so here’s my take!


Your heart sank when you heard his voice crack.

He recovered right away, which you knew he would, but the subtle look of disappointment on his face when the performance ended was obvious to you. He had been rehearsing so long and practicing so hard all week to make sure the performance was perfect; he had even stopped his band more than once to ask if he could redo a certain section because he knew he get it better. The last rehearsal before the show, he had nailed every single note but now, when it was live, he had missed one and you knew he wasn’t happy about it.

The crowd was still ecstatic when he finished and you knew that no one other than Harry was going to care about his voice cracking, but Harry was his own worst critic and you had seen the result of that more than once over the course of your relationship.

There had been a few nights – down in Jamaica – where Harry had come home from a long day at the studio and went straight into the sitting room to continue working on lyrics, even though you were in a bathing suit and preparing to take a dip in the private Jacuzzi outside your apartment.

“Harry, you’ve been at this for hours,” you would say, “Take a break and come swim with me.”

No matter how much you tried to persuade him by wrapping your arms around his shoulders or shoving your scantily clad body into his back or pressing kisses to his neck, he wouldn’t give in.

“M’sorry babe. I need to finish this.”

“I bet all the other guys have gone to bed. You’re going back to the studio tomorrow; I’m sure all the words will be the same by then.”

He would let out a slightly annoyed sigh and turn ever-so-slightly in his chair.

“I’ve been workin’ on this one for days, (Y/N). It needs to be perfect and I can’t get it where I want it.”

You had enjoyed your time with Harry in Jamaica – you really had – but it was nights like that where you worried about his well-being. Harry would work until he collapsed if you let him; that’s why you were happy he had surrounded himself with so many people who weren’t going to let that happen. More than one night, his bandmates had forced him to take a break and go back to the apartment for dinner and to spend some time with you. You hadn’t expected to see Harry all that much while you were down here, but those little moments during the evening were always nice.

Harry was much more worried about his album being perfect than you knew anyone else was, but that was just how Harry operated.

Which is why you knew he wasn’t going to be happy about missing that note.

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Blossom’s Secrets (Jughead x Reader)

Jughead watched as she walked into the diner and headed straight to the counter.

“Order for Blossom” She said. Pop told her something that he couldn’t really hear but he assumed it was something about her food not being ready as she took a sit by the counter. Y/N Blossom was who she was. She was different from the rest of them by the way she acted and looked. Brown hair laid upon her head not red, rumours have been around as long as Jughead could remember about her possibly having a different father but none have been answered which made his wonder. That family held many secrets in this town along with others but no one seems to know the true mysterious behind the Blossom’s.

  Y/N looked around the diner scanning over everything and everyone. Catching your eye was the boy in one of the back booth typing away on his computer. You knew it was Jughead Jones, not wanting to be alone for the next little while you made your way over to him. You guys weren’t friends only have spoken to each other a few times in your guys AP English class but he was better than nothing plus you had something to asked him. Siding into the booth sit across from him he looked up as heard the noise. Jughead lay his hands down in front of him and spoke curiosity

“So what brings Y/N Blossom to my booth”

“The novel you been writing” You said as you watched him lean back with wide eyes. He thought for a moment trying to think of what to say next “The one about my beloved brother Jason” Not knowing if he should denied it Jughead open his mouth to speak

“I’m not sure you have the right writer. I don’t recalled a novel by me about that”

“Don’t lie Jughead please, I’m getting sick of everyone lying to me” You spoke frustrated. All you have been hearing lately was lies and you couldn’t take it anymore. It was at least this boy that you barely knew could do was tell you the simple truth.

“How do you know?” Jughead asked not wanting to lie anymore as he seen the hurt wash over your features.

“I heard your friends talk about it in the hallway” You told him as you watched the rain fall outside. “They said it was about the biggest mysteries in this town and that happens to be my brother death. If not it would be about my family so it’s all connected somehow. Lucky guess” You faced him now getting a good look at him. He had this look about him that came off as he knew more then he should.

“You got a good mind for thinking”

“So tell me Jughead” You pressed as you leaned over the table to be closer to him “What so good about my family and I, that’s so fascinating to you?” You stared into to Jugheads eyes trying to get an answer out of him. “Is it all of the secrets we hold? The way my parents act like they don’t love us? Or is it my favorite that my father isn’t my father?” Jughead kept silence but his eyes told you the answer. You leaned back to your side and you watched him relaxed.

“Oh, all wow what a interesting boy you are. Many questions that I could answer if you just asked” You teased. This was about the only thing you had in common with your family besides your last name. Teasing people to get a reaction from them but Jughead didn’t react he stayed perfectly still examining you. The glaze from the handsome boy was making you feel uncomfortable in your spot but you wouldn’t show it. Then at the perfect timing Pop came out from the backroom with your food.

“Mrs. Blossom your order is now ready, we adding in some onion rings for the wait” Pop announced as he laid the food on the counter. Standing up from your spot you slowly bended down by Jughead whispering in his ear.

“You know if you ever need help Juggie all you have to do is asked. I could show some of my tricks or my bedroom” Standing up straight you got your food then headed out the door with a smile on your face knowing that Jughead was now blushing in his seat, and would call because he needed answers and you were the only one able to give them to him.

Confessions in the Moonlight | Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1780

Summary: After nearly a month of avoiding you, Jungkook finally confesses the true reason behind it.

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Tease II

Jack Sparrow

Affection, mild tease, mild flirt

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: “ Hi!  Can I try for a continuation of the Pirates fic with Jack and mermaid reader where she brings him really, really, really, REALLY bizarre stuff from deep within the ocean for each of the twelve days of Christmas? “

Word count: 793

A/N: I know that this isn’t particularly what you requested, but I hope you like the way I wrote it! I just thought that it would be very long to write about these twelve things, so I created it this way. :)

gif is not mine.

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Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 7]

mood board by the talented @memoiresofaneternaldreamer

Chapter 7 of Too Right To Be Wrong

Prologue  Prologue 2  Prologue 3  Prologue 4  Ch1  Ch2  Ch3  Ch4  Ch5  Ch6

Series Genre: Smut/Angst/Fluff

You let out a loud gasp as he tugged your panties off swiftly.

“Fuck!” you said under your breath. Never ever had anything made you so aroused in your life.

Mark teased you as his mouth ghosted over your aching core, his hot breath making you want to come undone right there.

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~When You Ask Them to Cum in You~

Just a Note: Please use common sense during sex-safe sex. 

I am going to write this as if you two have been together for awhile and you are on birth control or whatever have you.

Jin: When you ask, he is going to pause and stop, looking at you while raising. “Are you sure?” And when you nod for him to continue, he will switch the position, flipping you on all fours and grabbing your hips, thrusting deeper and harder.

Yoongi: He will be quiet in his response, instead he is going to pause and smirk at you as he rubs at your clit harder and thrusts into faster. But he isn’t going to look away. This is going turn him on.

Jhope: This kid is such a tease. Like holy shit. Don’t dirty talk him or he is just going to joke around and tease you. As soon as you ask him in the moment to cum in you, he is going go harder and faster, his whimpers going higher. But after he does, he is going to tease you. 

Namjoon: He is such a kinky bastard. He is going to love this and he may just bust a nut right there. “Yeah, you want daddys cum, huh? I bet you do, babe”

Jimin: This may shy him away for a quick minute, but if he is in the moment, he is going sit back, grab your legs and wrap them around his waist and nail your harder.

Taehyung:  Tae is such a squisy. He is going to start to giggle and blush, but he will be all funny and cute. Teasing you lightly, but in the end, this is turning him on so such.

Jungkook: His cheeks would tint a soft red. His moans are going to hitch and his pace is going to speed up, hitting all your perfect spots. 

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Falling For A Stranger

A/N: I had to re-post this because tumblr sucks

Requested by @ariatate

Summary: Reader is one of the slaves that Bellamy and others saved from Ice Nation. In the Arkadia Bellamy helps Abby take care of reader. As the time passes they grow closer and eventually fall for each other.

Word Count: 2381

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After months of being a slave I had no longer hoped to being free again. But it happened as we got saved by other people from Ark. It happened so fast, one moment we were in chains obeying a grounder and the other moment we were in something that looked like a truck on our way to some camp where there was the rest of our people.

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Distant Love 1

- iKon x reader

- OT7 reaction to crush/girlfriend moving back to their home country.

-Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Bobby. The younger boys reaction will be out soon after my midterm. 

-Thank you for requesting and I’m sorry for taking so long to do this. Since I did took a bit longer to put it out, I included a mini back story to how they meet just to make it a bit longer. Hope this is what you were looking for.


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Having dealt with enough shenanigans at home, iKon’s tiny eldest decided it was time he done something for himself. Backpack heavy and phone charged, he set out on the cold street of Seoul in a plain back attire of just jeans, t-shirt, heavy jacket, and a face mask. The city looked so nice glistening in the cracking dawn reaching out to the world with its small rays of yellow. Jinhwan sighed contently at that perfect silent of morning, that perfect sweet spot that set his heart still, the same kind he longed for ever since the camping trip 2 years ago. He had woke up early, annoyed in fact at his cursed bladder for badgering him at 5 in the morning. What had started out at a simple call of nature ended up having him hearing nature calling out with its peacefulness. He had sat by the river bank staring at the small ripples chases each other under the slight chilly breeze. Skipping down the step of the train station, he smiled even if no one could see it through the mask. No matter, he knew he was smiling and that was good enough. Excitement couldn’t stilled the weary heart of an overworked boy. He had gone to the station much too early so he settled down on a bench by the track, anticipation ran high. This trip was funded by him, for him, and only him. No one could spoil his alone time now… That is until he heard a sweet voice mumbling aimlessly, bouncing off the dusty columns of the station, permeating through the foggy air. He looked up, who else could be just as crazy as he was to be traveling stupidly early in the day.

“Where the- What the freaking frack??”

A girl can’t be that much older than him, backpack heavy, phone still connect to a portable charger wandering the platform with her brows furrowed. God know why but he found himself smiling foolishly at the frustration seeping from those doe eyes, small cusses muddled the pretty pink lips. He couldn’t tear his eyes away. Lonely trip long forgotten, he straighten himself up, regretting not dressing up a bit more before calling out.

“Hey, do you need help? I’m Jinhwan!”

“Y/n, nice to meet you.”

You sat down next to the handsome man, nearly couldn’t believe your eyes of just how pretty he was. Half your heart was filled with fear of being con by a stranger in a distant land but the other half, all you wished was for this to be real. Something about the way he nervously chuckled at your story of being lost had your heart doing flips. Soon enough, you both had found out enough about each other to feel as if you were old childhood friend. Him revealing his status of being an international star put your weary heart to rest as he sat there waiting for you to google him. With a small giggle, you let go of all your worries as he held out a hand to you. Grasping on tightly, he pulled you toward the track waiting as the whistling train settling down on the track. Where you were going? You had no idea and neither did Jinhwan but somehow it just felt right. 

Backpack heavy, phone charged, Jinhwan once again set out on the cold street of Seoul with a weary heart. It had been 3 years since that fateful day at the station. Unlike the first time, he was now sitting in the backseat of a small car, hands desperately clutching onto yours as if it could somehow change this whole situation. Deep in his heart, he still couldn’t believe this was happening even as his eyes tracing out the familiar smudge on the wall of the nearby convenient store, the pothole on the sidewalk, the same oak tree he had seen billions of time on his way oversea for activities. 

“Jinhwan… Hey, are you listening to me?” You whisper, trying your best to reel in the man that was lost upon the silent world outside.

“Hmm? yea… Sorry, I’m a bit sleepy.” Him, he’s trying his best to escape to outer space.

“Anyways, you can visit me when you’re on break? I’ll visit you too!” 

Those innocent eyes, that bright voice, they used to bring him such joy. He could be on dead bed after a crushingly grueling day of practice and they would put a smile on his face immediately. Those eyes, that smile now just remind him of the torturous days ahead where he’d be force to be alone, force to be okay with you being half way around the world, force to forget about you, force to forget that he’s hopelessly in love with you. If he has his way, you’d turn around right this moment and cuddle in bed with him. He wouldn’t be distancing himself just so he can move on from everything wonderful that you were. He could feels tear stinging his eyes as the excruciating pain of losing you too soon. 

“Hmm…” He hums in response, not really knowing what else to say without sobbing. 

It doesn’t take a genius to realize what he was going through so instead, you silence yourself, letting your head rest upon the shivering shoulder, hands returning the neediness of his. As he watches you checking in your enormous luggages, he debates on the high and low of confessing to you right now. Would you leave everything behind and run to his arm? Or would nothing have change… He continues to watch as you feign a smile to the kind airport worker before turning back his way, smiling sadly.

“So… We got an hour and a half before I have to go in. What should we do?”

“I don’t know… Coffee?”

You nod and he nods, neither of you say much. An hour came and went like in a blink of an eye as he holds your hand trekking toward the glass doors that will separate him from the love of his life. You stop just shy of the grumpy security guard, hands holding his with a gentle smile on your face. He was still averting your gaze, as he did since his black car pulling up to your old home. 

“I have to go…” You breathe softly, almost fearful of the sentence knowing what pain it brings him.

It was like a brick wall just drops out of the sky, everything hit him all at once. He had been frozen. He was frozen the second you told him your internship was ending that your family was waiting on the edges of their seats for your arrival home. He has been counting down the days for months now and finally it hit him… In just 20 minutes, you’ll be gone. Like life ending, from the first moment on that platform till now flashes like some twisted rerun at high speed before his eyes. The calm was gone, replaces with the storm pouring from his eyes. You let yourself get engulf in that warm embrace just one more time, let yourself revel in the warmth and the scent that you will no longer have the privilege of being near daily. You finally let yourself cry knowing this might be the last time you get to be so intimately close to him for a very long time. - Please don’t go - threatening on the tip of his tongue, hanging on by a thread. He almost chokes it out as he lets his tear soak the skin of your neck. 

Alas, he let you go. He had you all to himself for the past 3 years. It was the most wonderful 3 years of his young life and he would changes nothing. He stood still and if it’s not for the streaming tear, one could argues he’s a marble statue, stoic and frozen in time. He watches the spot where you were just moments ago, lingering with your eyes fixed on him, hand reaching out as if asking for him to just say something. 

Lost upon his thought, he got scare witless from the light buzzing in his pocket.

“My Jinhwan, I knew you wouldn’t ask me to stay. I know you were much to considerate to separate me from my family any longer. i just want to thank you for being my best friend and I can only hope you won’t forget me. Lastly, there’s something I want to say. Perhaps I should’ve said it 3 years ago but I had no courage… I know now, regrettably, I should have. I love you too! I love you so much. I would ask you to keep me in your heart but that’s too selfish of me, right? I don’t know how the thread connecting our lives will spin out from now on but don’t stop living life because of me. I love you, I’ll always will.” 

He sheds a small bittersweet smile. The girl of his life, the girl he had been scared to love finally confesses her love for him in the most twisted way it could’ve happened. He has you, he has your heart yet physically you couldn’t be further away. 

“I love you too, Y/n. My Y/n, please wait for me.” He whispers as he leans back in that old bench where it all started as the train whistles by.


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It wasn’t strange for Yunhyeong to be absent from class for long extended period of times. Everyone expected it and honestly, there was no other way around it. This idol life get too hectic sometimes for the young man and school just adding another factor that he can’t control. Still, he did his best to show up as much as he can and only uses his “busy” card when he was truly exhausted. 

Laying around in the dorm after 3 months straight of constant bouncing between practice, concert, recording, promoting, Yunhyeong suddenly found himself antsy. His legs danced, bobbing up and down under the table as anxiety filled his gut. He knew it was nothing more than his body adjusting to the strangeness of having no responsibility for a brief while. Yes, he had been exhausted but this restlessness of absolute peace was too much for his heart to bear so out the door he went.

He sauntered onto campus, lungs taking in a long inhale of the fresh scent of spring. He never realized how much he loved being at school until the bottom of his expensive dress shoes found themselves trekking across the cobble stone leading to the library. Anticipating himself to wander around a bit, he had asked his manager to drop him off a full 2 hours before class would start. He was so lost upon the bright green burst of leaves rustling in the soft spring breeze. His soul exploded in a lightness of not having to worry about messing up the concert tonight or tripping on his own foot at some award show. Instead, his heart elated in the bright colors of spring, of the birds singing in the sky, and of the owner of the tousles of soft hair and addicting perfume he had just knocked over. 

“Holy shit, I am so sorry.” 

Any other day, he’d have said something. It wouldn’t be anything mean of course, just something along the line of be careful. However today, today he found himself lost for words as he watched a young girl dressed lightly in just jeans and t-shirt panicking as her hands picked up all the paper strewn messily on the floor. He knelt over, finding himself mirroring her hasty motions before his hand met yours and his heart near stopped. 

He stared deep into your eyes and found the brightest rays of sunshine beaming back with that adorable smile of yours.

“Thank you. I am so sorry again.”

“It’s alright, Ms.-”

“It’s Y/n. You ar-” You replied happily before a distant grumble of jealousy and dagger glaring your way cutting it short. You glanced around nervously, not entirely sure what carnal sin you had just committed to earn such ire expressions. “Uhm, this is stupid but are you by any chance famous? Cause I feel like a bunny about to be eaten by wolves… very hungry wolves…” You chuckled nervously, eyes widen triple the normal size when you turned around to find him laughing with all his might, shoulders shrugging.

“I don’t know, I don’t think so. If you’re so scare then how about I’ll protect you. Walk you to class?”

“I think that would be the opposite of the solution to me not being eaten by wolves.” You stood up now, overwhelmed by the height difference between the stranger and yourself. He was handsome, soft brown locks falling over his forehead. His lips boasted a playful smile as he scratched his head nervously, as if he was hiding the biggest secret in the history. He dressed simply but by no mean any less dashing than the most gentleman of gentlemen in his well cut slacks and the button up peaking out from his soft sweater. 

“It looks like you have no clue where you’re going anyways by the look of that crumbled map… How about letting me walk you to the right place, you know, as an apology for ramming into you. I haven’t been back on campus for awhile so, just reeling everything in.” You hadn’t even gotten a chance to nod before he already took you by the shoulders, dragging you through the crowd full of despair moans and stiffen cries. You eyed the parting sea of girls, very pretty girls, with the most curious of thought as to why you felt like you were in the middle of a K-drama scene right now. 

“You’re 100% sure you’re not famous?!” You asked one more time, in hope of maybe saving the last bit of your safety, incredulous at his previous vague statement.

“Yea. I mean I’m in this group called iKon, nothing big you know. I’m Yunhyeong, by the way. Nice to meet you.” He said it as if ikon was just a flimsy cloud floating across the bright sky, a fallen petals from the endless rows of cherry blossom tree showering you both with its blushful tone.

“Hold up, excuse you!” You halted to a stop, nearly yanking his arm off its socket. “iKon, the monster rookie group, breaking every chart there is iKon?”

“Oh, so you do know who I am… Why fake ignorant.” An almost disgusted tone seeped through the pair of lips you didn’t think could even hosted such words.

“No…” You suddenly found yourself small, retreating back a few steps. “I-I-I don’t mean to upset you. My roommate talks about iKon all the time although i’ve been so busy adjusting with this new life I’ve never bother to look up… I don’t know anyone’s name or faces. I-I’m sorry.” With that, you yanked the stack of paper resting peacefully in his arm before bolting the other way. Comparing to the legs for days man, your bolting wasn’t even worth his jogging as he quickly caught up to you. 

“Hey, I said I’d walk you to class didn’t I? I’m not a man that like to break my promises. I-I wasn’t exactly forth coming with you earlier either… How about we start over. Hi, I’m Song Yunhyeong. What’s your name, cutie?” he huffed out faster than you could even process what was going on.

“I’m Y/n. Nice to meet you, Song Yunhyeong.”

“Baby, will you just look at me?” His voice wavers, no doubt it’s taking everything he has to hold himself together for your sake. Meanwhile, you sit there sobbing like a 5 years old kid that lost her favorite toy.

“I don’t wanna go… Yun… H-How do you expect me to just leave you?” Your ugly sobs cover up the usual sweet tone Yunhyeong loves so much and it’s killing him.

“It’s your family, babe. You can’t trade your family for me… Not when you’ve been gone for 5 years.” His hands so gently rubbing up and down your shivering body, whispering exactly everything he knew you need to hear.

“I know that! Don’t you think I know that, Yunhyeong? GOD!” Enrage by everything that was going on, you lash out even though he had been nothing but an angel the past 4 years of your relationship. “There has to be other ways.. I, I love you. I don’t wanna leave.”

“And I love you too, Bunny. But you gotta think about yourself first. You only came here for school and internship to better your future. Now that you’re finished, you gotta enjoy all your hard work because from here on out it’s going to be easy. If the past 5 years you had been with your family, trust me when I say i wouldn’t think twice about asking you to stay with me. But they miss you. I can’t keep you away any longer.” He pulls your head into his chest, letting you soak all your sadness on his shirt. 

You knew he was right. You came here with the sole purpose of furthering your position in the company. You knew it’d be hard but life after that would be easy… should be easy. However, you never thought you’d literally crashed into the most wonderful man in the world. His loving soul and kind heart had made your time away from home anything but tough. Even with the crazy life of his, he made sure you were always first and how could you not fall in love with such a caring man. You never regretted loving him nor do you regret the relationship that makes going home so hard. You just wish with all your might that this changes nothing, that Song Yunhyeong will forever be yours. You knew this was coming but it doesn’t make it any less hard to come to term with not being there for your boyfriend whenever he needs.

“Look, I have money. Soon, you’ll have money too with that new fancy job of yours. I’ll visit you as many times as I can and you do the same. I’m not saying we break up. How could I break up with my little Bunny. I gotta protect her from all the wolves.” Pressing kisses all along your dampen cheeks, he holds you close, drinking in every micro second he has left. When he let you go, a sad grumble parts from your lips earning a slight chuckle from the near teary eyes man. He reaches out back and pulls out a paper shopping bag. “I know you’re not leaving for another month but… I couldn’t help myself.”

You tug the bag open, eyes full of confusion before widening at the realization of what the soft bundle of fabric was.

“You’re giving me Mr. Berry?? but it’s your favorite sweater, baby.” 

“Well I bought Mr. Berry a friend and I was going to give you the new one but I figured, you’d love Mr. Berry more. Now we can match and It’ll make me feel a little better that you have something of mine with you.” He did his best to put up that bright expression you love but he still couldn’t hide the depressive gaze behind that wonderful eye smile of his. How could he when he’s literally sitting here musing over the fact that his damn sweater will be seeing more of you than he will. He had thought it’d make you happy but judging from how hard you were now bawling, he panics.

“I’m sorry. If you don’t like it, I can take it back. I’ll return the other one…”

“How am I suppose to live easy when I don’t have you, Yunhyeong.” A painful sentence rips out of your throat as you choke on lord know what round it is now of tear. “I love Mr. Berry but I’d love it more if you were wearing it. I promise you, I’ll come back. When it’s time, I’ll be here with you. Please don’t leave me even though I’m half a world away. Please…” Your desperation plead finally cracks the last tough shell he got as a few tear stream down his soft skin. He tugs you onto his lap and just holds you close. He will cry, but not right now. Right now he needs to protect you, to let you have your moment. Who to say tonight when you’re fast asleep, he won’t be crying on his own as he watches you sleep, counting down the nights he has left. 


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Grumbling under his breath, Jiwon shouted out a loud cuss as he entered the YG’s building elevator. “Stupid bet” he muttered, who would’ve thought the muscle bunny of iKon would lose in a strength test. For sure he didn’t think he’d be the one trudging out in the cold to buy all the boys drinks, all by his lonesome. Seriously, how did they expect him to carry all 7 drinks back on his own. Feet stomping through the powdery snow of November, he pulls up his face mask higher to hide his frost bitten nose, glaring dagger at the innocent naked trees lining the walk as if they were the one that made him take the bet.

Pushing through the already festive decorated glass doors, Jiwon nudged the small figure of penguin in Santa hat out of pure spite out of his own vexation. Another loud groan left his lips the second he laid eyes on the stupid line, the stupidly long line. Nothing to do but shuffled over and wait, he pulled out his phone and proceed to text the boys for their drinks. 

“You must be kidding me… why can’t they all just get one type of drink. God, the barista is gonna hate me” 

He hated being a hassle and ordering 7 custom drinks on a busy afternoon is exactly that. He glanced up at the fire for eyes, disgusted frown for lips woman at the cashier and pray silently that she won’t murder him for putting in his order. When he was 2 person away from the front, like salvation sent from God, an early Christmas’s miracle, the rough voice of the woman rang out that had him wanting to kneel down in thankfulness. 

“Y/n, I’m off. Can you take over? Just take all the order till Minji comes in then you can go back to making the drinks.”

A soft “Of course!” permeated through the air like music to Jiwon’s ears. He couldn’t see who it was that answered but he sure hope Minji doesn’t come in before he has the chance to order. As the seconds ticked by, the person in front of Jiwon order became more muddle up into some strange alien language as his heart thump faster than the beat of the rap song spewing out of the speaker.

“Hi, welcome! Can I get a name for the order.”

You were smiling so brightly that he found himself lost for words. Stammering like crazy, he managed to get his name out of his lips and a quiet apology of how many drinks he was about to order. You just smiled and went on your way the second Minji came to the rescue. He chose a seat near by the station, keeping an eye on you at all time, amazed by how fast your hands were moving. Soon enough, his name was called and you bowed politely before taking a rest from the crazy rush hour. He took his drinks, wanting nothing more but to talk to you but what excuse would he has. Just then, another miracle happened as he glanced down on the neat scribbles on the cups.

“Hey princess, you sure this is my drink?” 

The second the greeting left his mouth, he bit his own cheek in embarrassment. Why did he had to call you by that stupid nickname for, it’s not like he really knew you. Nevertheless, you politely came over, rechecked the drinks and nodded before reciting all the drinks verbatim the way he had ordered it.

“Those are yours, aren’t they?”

“Yea but what’s this ‘G1′?” 

You burst out in a bright giggle and suddenly the sky outside wasn’t so gloomy anymore. Everything was bathed in the warm and golden glow of how adorable you look laughing. 

“Sorry. It was so busy and you had like 7 drinks so I shorten your name. I’m sorry if that offended you. I can make you new drinks.”

“No it’s alright,” He chuckled nervously, hoping you would keep talking to him. “I guess I could say I’m a regular now? Seeing how my cute barista has a nickname for me.”

“I guess you could say that, Mr. playboy G1.”

“Wait, Y/n. Whose playlist is the shop using? I love the old school hiphop vibe here!” He managed to yelled out, needing just a few more seconds of interaction with you.


You exhaled quickly with a wink before running off toward the sound of Minji’s voice.

“Wow, funny and good taste in music. Where have you been all my life, Y/n” 

He stood there for a minute, just stunned about what had just happened before the nagging sound of cell phone ringing snapped him out of his reverie. For you, he’d gladly take on another 10 bets and loses every time. 

Jiwon slumps down on the bench just outside of the shop, the same one he had sat in so many times in hope of catching a glimpse of you running back and forth inside the shop. He sighs the sigh of all those who had lost love, of those who knew they were at the end of the line. His hand clutching on the small envelop that holds his whole heart yet he couldn’t bring himself to open it. Would this even do anything? It wouldn’t change the fact that you were still gone. You had been gone for days now. The what ifs burning through his mind as he forces himself to keep his composure. After all, it would do you no good seeing an article of him losing it in public so soon after he had left. You were always a smart cookie, you’d know he was breeding a storm inside because of you. With a loud grunt, he let goes of all that was holding him back. What the hell, what could be worse than losing you even before he has you. His svelte fingers nimbly go to peel back the paper as delicately as he could, holding onto the only thing of you he got.

“I’m sorry I left so abruptly. I really wanted to see you one last time before I leave but it’s looking like I’m not so lucky. I’m sorry if this is crossing the line or something. You are an international star after all and me, I’m just some average girl that make your coffee. Or I guess it’s made now…” 

A long heavy breath emit from his lungs. How could you still think of him with such distant after all these months. Had he not given you enough hints to know all he wanted to do was to claim your heart? Was he really that pompous of an ass that you’d think he’s some diva. 

“I don’t know what I’m doing haha. I mean I’d like to think you really were flirting with me just as much as I tried to flirt with you. If you haven’t figure it out by now, I am not exactly good at this flirting/dating thing. Yeaaa… totally not good at all.” 

He chuckles thinking back of the way your cheeks would turn the adorable rosy hue whenever he’d brush his hand against yours “accidentally” while grabbing his drink. How you’d just stutter, fluster whenever he’d go overboard with his compliment, the nervous giggle. God, everything you did drove him crazy. 

“Anyways. If my gut isn’t as blind as my intuition is, I hope this letter could be of use for you. I guess since you never ask me for my number, here’s my new one. It’s wifi/video-calls so it’s free. Yay! Oh wait, what am I talking about. Your rich boi ass can afford international call. hehe. So I guess this is goodbye, for now. I hope I hear from you but if I’m just a delusional fan girl reading too much into your meaningless actions, I apologize. Please forget about this. Bye, G1.”

He leaned back on the bench, feeling both the elation of cloud 9 and the weight of the whole word upon his soul all at once. You like him. This whole freaking time he was being shy for no damn reason. He could’ve ask you out so long ago but he waited and lost. Hastily, wasting no more time, he pulls out his phone before punching in those digits that he was too scared to ask for.

“H-Hello? Jiwon?” You speak in that soft voice, stuttering out your greeting as if unsure he’d really call.

“Hey, princess!” He cheeses out that stupid greeting that nearly costed him his friendship with you. He remembered how cold you were the second and third time he came back for drinks. He beat himself up so many night wondering why the spark of your first meeting had fizzled out so fast. It wasn’t until one afternoon when he caught you on your way out from work that the mystery was solved. Unlike the bashful, cute Jiwon you’re used to now, at that point you had thought he was just another frat boy type that call everyone sweetheart for the sake of planting seed for later needs. You hated it so you distanced yourself. 

“Ah, I see player Jiwon is back. Took you long enough to call, freak!” Although the high tone of your teasing voice was there, something about the wavering whiny voice of yours that solidify all the hope his heart was swelling up with.

“I’m sorry, baby. I was ready to head out to see you and our manager said we had a meeting… next thing I know we got shipped out to Japan. I-I really didn’t think that was my last chance to see you. I’m so so sorry, baby.” He mewls out his word like a sad puppy, sincerity drips from every syllable. Even with all the rush of emotion, of finally understanding why he never showed up in almost two weeks, you couldn’t help but feel the shattering quake of the endearing nickname.

“Yah, who said I was your baby… I’m still mad at you for ghosting me for 2 weeks. You didn’t even see me off.” You feign anger, not really doing a good job at it judging from that strange laugh of his emanating from the speaker on your side.

“Aye, don’t even pretend like you don’t love it when I call you baby or princess. I didn’t ghost you, baby. I swear. I didn’t have your number and I was oversea…” His cheerful voice and the unique guffaw that’s so him suddenly died out, in its place sadness and solemnity.  “Did you know how devastated I was showing up and being told you moved back home? I thought I was going to black out then and there… I don’t know what I would’ve done if you didn’t leave me the letter. I’m sorry, baby. I’m so sorry for waiting so long to call you my baby. I-I never thought that the last time we met was my last chance ever of telling you I really like you. God, I’m so stupid.” A long sigh and a few sniffles later, you were sure he was tearing up, just as you are. 

“Don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault. I was so scare that you were just being nice for the sake of being nice that I lost my chance with the best guy I’ve ever met. You’re not stupid, babe. I wanted to tell you I was leaving so many time but I never could bring myself to do it. I’m such a coward. I found myself waking up the past week waiting for you to call me princess, to hear your stupidly long order of 7 cups, all different drinks.” You let out a bittersweet grin, happy found itself resting on your lips as he mirror your laugh. 

“Can I call you? I can’t promise it’d be every day but any chance I get… We can work this out somehow, baby. I miss you so much already. I’d do anything to hear you call me babe again.” He whispers with all the desperation in the world for you to say yes. Sure he knows now you like him too but doesn’t mean you’d sit around waiting for someone that can barely be there for you. He needed so bad for you to say yes that without even realizing, his knuckles are going white from the tight grips, edging on his seat anticipating you reply.

“Of course, babe.” You exclaim and he got sweep away by the force of all the unfulfilled wishes he had.  “I’d like that very much. I’ll text you everyday, as much as I can, or until you get bored and annoyed of me.”

“I could never. We haven’t even gotten our first date yet. How could I?” 

“So you’d get sick of me after our first date? I see how it is Mr. G1.” He had always love how playful you get, how flirty you’d be without even realizing what you were doing. It seems to only amplify now that you’re his.

“Never. I would never ever get sick of you.” A tranquil silent floods out from both side of the call, nothing but content sighs and small giggle could be heard for the next few minutes but neither of you care. To be able to share this moment is enough.

“You’re in this with me, baby? I’d love to be your boyfriend if you’d let me. I know it’s selfish of me to say this now that you’re so far away but my feeling for you aren’t going away anytime soon.”

“Yes, Jiwon. I know it’s messed up how everything is but I think we can do this… If you’re in it, so am I.”

At your promise, Jiwon’s body relaxes as he continues recalling all the things he did in the week and a half he hadn’t seen you. Laughs and soft confession of love could be heard for hours as you both plan out your future meetings. 

Re: taming wolves and cuddling puppies

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+ “Fancy seeing you here, acting like you weren’t expecting me at all.”
+ “I thought you were together.”
+ “I fell in love with you despite the fact that you promised you’d never love me.”

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader (feat. Jimin)
Genre: Angst/Fluff (Fuckboy!AU, College!AU)
Words: 1357
Requested by: anon

written for my 600+ Followers Drabbles Event

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B.A.P Zelo ‘Wanna Make a Memory?’

@cherryblossomshadow asked: I see your huge to-do list and I almost feel bad to add to it, since I already have one on hold, but….reading the BAP in the rain reaction…I would really love to see a Zelo expansion on that thanks so much

An: No worries honey. ^^ I write what I get ideas for and after the draining scenarios I’ve been writing a little fluff is perfect. <3

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here

Yongguk’s Version      Daehyun’s Version


Despite the rain Mochi took his time finding the perfect spot to pee. Three minutes ago he was an adorable ball of fluff and now he looked like a drowned rat. It gave you an idea.

Nudging your boyfriend with your elbow you said, “Let’s go play.”

Currently both of you were relatively dry standing under an overhang of the roof. Junhong turned from watching Mochi. His eyes lit up but quickly dimmed. “I don’t know,” he hedged. “I’m wearing new pants.”

“Seriously? If it was Jongup asking you would, c’mon!” Moving behind him you started to push at his back. He wasn’t even resisting, just leaning back slightly to maintain his balance and make sure he wouldn’t budge.

Abruptly he shifted his weight and you pitched forward. Before you could do a face plant he caught you in his arms as you passed by. Wrapping you in a back hug he laughed at his little trick. He rocked you back and forth a few times, enough to waddle out under the rain.

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S.Coups - (Mornings with SVT Series)

Pairing: Reader x S.Coups

Rating: G

Type: More fluff bc that’s all I’m capable of lately, it seems

Words: 720

Summary: Waking up next to Seungcheol bc, again, this seems to be all I’m capable of lately rip

You shifted around in bed, still half asleep, and woke up a little more when your elbow bumped something solid.

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