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do you sometimes get - idk if annoyed is the best word- at some peoples reactions? like "calm down and let me tell the damn plot"? idk im just wondering

Not at all! I don’t think I’ve ever been annoyed at a listener’s reaction - I’m just happy that people are reacting! I also totally understand that people get impatient - I get impatient when I’m consuming entertainment too. As long as our listeners trust me to tell the story (which I think - and hope - they do) and don’t expect me to take the plot one way or another based on what the audience wants, I’m happy. I also love seeing people guess about what’s going to happen next. 

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A Got7 reaction to their best friend being an exercise addict and always asking them to exercise with them please💙💙💙

Of course!

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GOT7 Reaction To Their Best Friend Being An Exercise Addict

Jackson: This guy is all about being fit and healthy, so he’d be all for it. He’d be excited to know that he has someone to work out with him all the time. Best friend gym selfies! Making sure both of you are sticking to your healthy food regime and workout regime. Weekly competitions to see who can do the most push-ups. (someone come get this boy)

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Jaebum: Don’t even ask him. He’s all about staying healthy and making sure you’re taking care of your health, but the gym is a no. He would probably come sometimes but you constantly asking him is annoying. He doesn’t understand why he has to go and why you couldn’t just go by yourself. When he does go, he’s going to be complaining. He might be a little jealous to see you lifting a lot more than him.

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Youngjae: He wouldn’t be opposed to it nor would he love it. If you wanted to go he would happily tag along with you. He would ask all kinds of questions, like why are you using that machine, what is it for, and has it worked on you. He’d try and use the machines you use, but since he’s not on your level he won’t be able to do as much. He’d probably lift a couple of weights, or do leg workouts.

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Mark: He would most definitely work out with. He’s been meaning to gain some more muscle, so when you’d ask he’ll go. He’d ask you questions on how he can build his muscle mass and what he should eat more of. Piggy back rides and his excuse is so he can get bigger and you’re not opposed to it at all. He’d make you healthy shakes before your workout.

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Yugyeom: At first he’d be okay with it because you guys do almost everything together, so this wouldn’t be any different. Then he’d notice that it’s all the time and he would be so irritated and done with you. He’d understand that you guys are best friends but absence makes the heart grow fonder. He will ignore every text that asks about going to work out with you.

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BamBam: He’ll go to the gym with you for moral support, but he is not working out with you. He’s seen what you do at the gym and he’s not ready for that. Instead he’ll be your hype man. Cheering for you every time you finish a rep in your workout. He’ll fool around on the machines and end up falling for playing around. On some occasions he’ll be serious and workout but not always. (pretend Jackson isn’t there lmao and that BB is just cheering being extra)

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Jinyoung: Nice try but no. He would tell you he doesn’t need to go exercise with you because he’s healthy enough and that he has better things to do. You will try to get him to go every time you go but he will not budge. He says he’ll be there in spirit so you don’t need him there. Ignoring you when you try and pull the “but I’m your best friend” card.

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I had a racist reaction when I saw Beauty in the Beast the other day. (Not the best film but I digress) they had POC in French aristocracy get ups and it bugged me that it just seemed really inaccurate. Even the biracial romances bugged me because it just seemed so out of place, when I realized it was a fairy tale, and you can do what ever in the fuck you want in a fantasy world, and it made me feel better. Not only did I catch myself but I realized it's asinine to think like that.

I understand what you mean, but this is just another thing that we’ve been falsely taught. There WERE people of color in the French aristocracy! You know Alexandre Dumas, the author of the Three Musketeers? He was Black! His father was a French soldier in Napoleon’s army, I believe. The idea that there weren’t POC in medieval Europe is a modern racist construct, so it’s not surprising that you would think the correct portrayal is in fact wrong. If you want to learn more, check out the blog @medievalpoc

It’s good to realize “you can include POC in a fantasy world”, but it’s even better to realize there were POC in the world that fantasy is based on. :)

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stimming asks 4,7,9,13!

4. Do you have any advice for someone who has harmful stims?

Don’t try to eliminate a harmful stim, but rather replace it. Simply trying to stop a stim is likely to be unsuccessful. You need to find something that provides the same relief that isn’t harmful. 

7. Do you tend to stim with stim toys or your body?

I do a lot of both. At work I mainly stim with stim toys, but out side of work I mainly body stim. 

9. Do you watch stimming videos? If so, what kind do you prefer?

I don’t really watch them, though I do enjoy some paint mixing videos and calligraphy ones. 

13. What are some reactions that you have gotten for stimming in public?

The best reaction I ever got was when I encountered an autistic kid out in public and I started stimming so he would see that adults stim too and then he started stimming with me and it was magical. 

Aside from that I get a mix of odd looks and indifference. I’ve been very lucky that I haven’t faced too much harassment because of my stims, though I did when I was in school. 

@ sm im still waiting on an ot17 nct life where tf is it like i appreciate all these small ones but i want all the boys together preferably all with natural hair bc that gets me real emo real quick so yeah how ‘bout it boi