their pelvis dance

Au where Jean, Marco, Connie, Armin, Bertholdt, Reiner, and Eren go shopping. The song ‘I’m too sexy’ by Right Said Fred starts to play and they start to put on sunglasses doing the catwalk and sexy dances in every aisle because they’re all sexy dorks and they know they’re too sexy.


Star Prince Hans. Can’t get Hans and Guardians of the galaxy off my mind, I’ve worked on this all day and I’m not good at backgrounds, but this crossover was scrolling through my mind during days. 

When I heard Peter Quill been called “Star Prince” I don’t know why I had this weird crossover idea, perhaps I’m so obsessed with Hans at this point. Hope you like it :)

Go The Fuck To Sleep- Farrah/Aja- Ortega

A/N: I feel like I’m emerging from a coffin for how long it’s been since I wrote/submitted anything. Hey everyone! It’s good to be back. In case any of you were wondering about Just the Game We’re In (and God bless you if you are because it’s literally been 7 months I’m SO SORRY) I’ve now got a little bit more free time which I’m using to write chapter 4, which should be here soon! For now though, this is a horribly cheesy, horribly unoriginal High School AU Farrah/Aja. It’s just horrible. Yeah I’m really good at selling my fics. I really hope you guys enjoy it!!

Aja just wants to get a little sleep. Farrah just wants to talk. They’re both worried for the future.

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Request Scenario: “Can you do a long jungkook smut with lots of foreplay and nipple play pleasee”

Genre: what do you think.

Word Count: 2190

A/N: I’M GOING TO HELL BECAUSE OF YOU ANON. HELL. HELL. BURNING FIREY HELL. thank you so much for your request :3 I tried my best “nipple play”. 


Okay, you admit that you were maybe trying to rile Jungkook up, but it wasn’t for no reason.

He spent so much of his time making his fans go crazy through his sensual hip thrusts, wetting of his lips, those eyes fucking contacts that by the time he spends his time with you, it’s like he is drained from doing any real sexual activities. No lingering touches, no suggestive looks, for god’s sake, he doesn’t even look at you like he used you when you purposely bent over to show a glimpse of cleavage. Boobs guy my ass. You were sick and tired of not being physically loved, you don’t even remember the last time you guys slept together. You understood that he was tired and just wants to rest when he goes on breaks, but this has been happening for far too long and you were beginning to feel deprived from him. Every waking moment nowadays are spent having to go everywhere and see his face, knowing that you are the one he truly loves, but not getting that attention physically.

So when you were a tad bit tipsy and touching Taehyung just a little more than casual friends do, the glare Jungkook was sending your way from the other side of the room was sinfully satisfying.

“You wanna tell me why you are being so flirtatious with Jungkook literally looking like he could murder me without a second thought over there?” Taehyung leans forward and whispered into your ear.

“He haven’t fucked me for two months.” That’s all you had to say before you saw Taehyung topple over laughing.

“Oh man, you are really asking for it tonight.” The older boys shouted through the blasting music of the party.

“How mad do you think he will be?” You shouted back, this time, placing your perfectly manicured hand on his thighs, making Taehyung raise his eyebrows.

“Well, he is coming over right now.” Taehyung nodded towards the dark-haired maknae who was barging though the sea of drunk dancers. He didn’t even need to get close to you for you to see just how dark his eyes were, swirling with a mix of anger and a hint of something new.

“Hey ba—” This was working a lot better than you thought it would as Jungkook dragged you across the crowded dance floor and into a more secluded hallway.

“What the hell do you think you were doing?” He slammed you against the cold marble wall, it felt so nice, contrasting your heated skin.

“Honestly Jungkook, what are you talking about?” You were really pushing your limits now.

“Don’t play innocent with me, Y/N. You know exactly what you were doing.” The way he said your name was almost too quiet to have any ounce of cute little Jungkook left in him.

“Seriously, I don’t.” His body pressed against yours harshly as you felt his hard-on digging into your stomach. It wasn’t until now that you realize how strong he has gotten. His powerful leg forced yours apart as he began to rub your core with his leather-clad thigh. Oh, did those pants drive you crazy every he wore them on stage.

“You don’t touch any other male beings like that. Only me.” He barked into your ears, making you understand he truly meant what he said. “Do. You. Understand.” He stated, wrapping his long fingers around your neck not too loosely.

“No.” It didn’t settle within your mind why you said that, but the look Jungkook was beginning to scare you.

Oh god, I shouldn’t have done this.

“No?” He repeated.
“No?!” He screamed, striking the wall next to you head. You felt his arms around your knees as he threw you over his shoulder effortlessly like you were one of his language bags.

“Let me go!” You shouted, banging his back repeatedly. Oh my god. Oh my god. You mind was racing with so many thoughts, you couldn’t even keep track. You also didn’t understand why you were enticed by this side of Jungkook. It was just so different. Not that you two haven’t had rough sex before, but it was never because there was a reason behind it, you just wanted it to be fast, so it turned into rough. This… This had a reason and you were getting more and more intrigued by how he will take care of this situation.

When Jungkook let you go, it was at the back of the limo you all arrived at the party in. Demanding the driver to drive straight to the nearest hotel, you couldn’t even believe your ears when Jungkook basically told a stranger that he was going to have sex with you. Not only that, he took a remote control and scrolled the screen up to block the view from the driver.

“Kookie…” You tried to speak softly, not wanting to make him anymore mad.

“Don’t even think about calling me that tonight. You have been so bad and I’m going to punish you.” This was new and so was the amount of wetness that was settling in your panties. On the way to the hotel, Jungkook gripped your thigh, making crescent moon marks on your inner thighs. As you delighted in the sting his grip gave you, he index finger suddenly stroke your fabric-covered center.

“Nobody else make you this wet, can they.” It wasn’t a question to be answered, it was an affirmation reminding you who you belonged to.

The pad of his finger lazily rubbed circles on your clit, not increasing in speed, just staying the constant. You were stuck in a painful buzzing moment where you are about to reach your orgasm, but he wasn’t going fast enough for you to actually reach your breaking point. 

Never tease Jungkook again, or you will be the one that suffer the consequences. Your mind made note of that quickly. 

The sleek black automobile silently halted in front of a glamorous hotel.  Pulling you out of the seat, leaving you still vibrating in pleasure, you were now trying to pull down your black dress. Jungkook did slightly want to humiliate you, but he also didn’t want unnecessary attention brought forth to you, so he reluctantly helped you with your dress and proceeded towards the gold-edged elevator. The interior was covered in mirrors, giving Jungkook an idea when he immediately pushed you against the mirrors. Your chest was roughly forced against the reflective surface, leaving you to see your messed up expression with eyes bloodshot and hair decorated all over the place. You haven’t even had sex and you already looked like you were ready for the walk of shame.

“Who are you wet for, princess?” Your eyes screwed shut, unable to form coherent words with the way Jungkook was thrusting his fingers into you. After a few seconds of you continuing to moan in pleasure, his hands landed on your bottom, slapping you. You were positive tomorrow you will see a dominating handprint, tattooed against your smooth skin.  

“You! Jungkook. You!” Screaming on top of your lungs, you were surprised people weren’t calling the managers, wondering what was going on within one of their elevators. Leaving you empty once again, you whined at the lost of contact as you two stumbled towards the hotel room. Fumbling with the card, Jungkook snatched it out of your hands and swiped the door open.

“Strip.” Jungkook demanded, pushing you towards the bed. You slowly tugged your ruined dress off you, while his eyes were following your every move. He was like a predator, observing his prey before attacking. You have never felt so vulnerable before, having Jungkook command your every single action. But you secretly enjoyed it being under his control. He was your puppeteer, moving your every limb for his enjoyment.

“Kneel.” He looked down at you and petted your hair, deeming you his. The plush carpet sank in as your knees made contact with it, “Look up.” Following his order, you saw Jungkook grinning down at you cunningly and the all black suit he was adorning on his body was not helping with the imagines you were playing in your mind.

“Are you just gonna stare? Get to work princess.” He growled, pushing your focus towards the constricted black pants. You could drool over how much you wanted to taste him. Unbuckling his leather belt, you liberated his pulsing shaft. Without hesitation, your enveloped his leaking head with your mouth, making the boy above you pull on your hair. Moaning onto him, you were rewards with a caring touch on your cheek. That was his way of telling you good job. Stroking his base you felt him buck into your mouth, no longer able to hold onto his release. “Y/N…” He grunted lowly, seeing you swallow all that he has given you.

His eyes were hooded and dark, his usual self was gone, lifting you onto the silky sheet, he crawling on top of you. Both his arms were upright next to your head, while his thighs trapped you under him. He looked like a lion ready to pounce and he did, roughly biting your neck and then soothing it with his tongue, he was ready to cover you in him. He wanted to brand you his and forever his. He wanted to own you, all your emotions, his. Letting every human being know that you were his. Jungkook has never felt so possessive over you until he saw the way you can ensnare another male under your playful hands.

With your mind unclear about what was happening, you were shocked to feel your breast suddenly bared into the cold air, seeing that Jungkook didn’t even reached behind you to unclasp your bra, he held your torn up piece of clothing dangling above you. He did not just rip your favorite bra. You lifted your legs and fastened them onto Jungkook’s hips, trying to flip him, but you were powerless against him as you felt his pouty lips latch onto your raising nipples.

“Jungkook…” You moaned weakly under his simultaneously grinding pelvis. Dancing really helped him move better in bed that’s for sure.

He blew onto your sensitive bud, making them calling out for more attention and then he would softly bit down, as his hand massaged the other. Kneading them roughly, you whimpered his name over and over again. Jungkook could cover your nipples and suck on them until they were reddened with raw attention. Moving his head between your breast he trailed kisses towards your stomach, taking the lacy trimming of your panties between his teeth, he tugged them off and immediately began lapping on your swollen clit. Pulling hard onto his previously styled hair, you thrusted into his mouth as he slide his tongue in between your trenched folds.

“Mmm you taste so good princess.” He commented quickly, diving back into feasting on your core. It was pure euphoria when your core tighten and your legs shook with pleasure you’ve never reached before.

“Are you okay babe?” Jungkook’s voice was returning to his normal octave as he smiled shyly, unable to comprehend the past hour of what he did. You nodded lazily, trying to get down from the body shattering feeling that was still coursing through your body. Although you were tired, you could see how tense Jungkook still was and you knew he would just ignore it as much as he can, but you wanted to give him at least this.

Reaching down and wrapping your small hands around his harden member, Jungkook groans likely as your sank into his length. He may be the youngest, but he might as well be the biggest. Filing you to the ends of world, your bodies rocked together. Holding you tightly against his chest, Jungkook planting sloppy wet kisses along your jawline. Unlike the roughness that took place, this wasn’t fucking, it was love making and it didn’t take much for you two to began trembling, crying each other names. You already felt the dryness within your vocal chords, grating against each other.

“I’m sorry for being so rough just now. I don’t know what came over me, I just felt so jealous the attention Taehyung was getting. I’m so sorry baby.” Jungkook mumbled, covering his face with the back of his hand while the other kept a hold of you close to his.

“Don’t you dare apologize for the best sex I’ve ever had.” You corrected, booping his nose that you loved so much.

“Oh…” As if he face was flushed enough already, another shade of pink took over.

“But in all honestly, Kookie… Don’t make me try to get your attention like that again okay? I know you are tired and I may be sounding incredibly self–” Your turn to mutter out as much as you could was stopped when his lips landed on yours.

“It’s my fault for not seeing my baby girl’s needs. I’m sorry.” He smiled, displaying his bunny teeth.

“I love you Jeon Jungkook.” You cooed, sleep beginning to take you over.

“You are my life Y/N.”


Say hi to Satan.

Hope you enjoyed this and I’m sorry it took a while, I had to mentally prepare myself for writing this. Being a noona can suck sometimes.

//gif is not mine–neither is the boy, unfortunately//

[fanaccount] toronto kpop con 2016 - vixx

firstly, a big shout-out to @robochorom (meg) and @coffeeprinceleo (maggie) for being the best seat partners! (will update this if i remember anything later)

the set-list went like this
☆ 사슬 (chained-up)
☆ 저주인형 (voodoo doll)
☆ beautiful killer 
☆ introductions
☆ 다이너마이트 (dynamite)
☆ spider
☆ talk
☆ 손의이별
☆ love letter
☆ say u say me
☆ b.o.d.y
☆ q&a > costume change
☆ error
☆ secret night
☆ 다칠 준비가 돼 있어 (on & on)
☆ talk
☆ 기적 (eternity)
☆ encore > costume change
☆ 이별공식 (Love Equation)

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Any man of mine

Gillovny RPF

Relationship : David Duchovny / Gillian Anderson

Summary: inspired by the gifs of Mulder dancing in “Babylon.” Gillian spots David rehearsing his choreography with his partner, and she feels *a little bit* jealous.

Rated : NSFW

Note : Thanks again to @becksndot5 for her beta!

Hiding in a corner at the other end of the room, she is watching him rehearsing his dances move with Daniela, his partner for the episode. In the first place, she wanted to come over and laugh, knowing that he has no particular skills for dancing, but when she entered the room five minutes ago, she felt like she was witnessing something she shouldn’t be. They are alone on the stage, there is no music, and she touches him more than necessary for her taste. He looks good in his country-style outfit, and she has to admit that Daniela is gorgeous, her yoga pants enhancing her perfect curves, but maybe she could have worn a shirt over her sports bra. Her abs and generous cleavage does things to Gillian, and she knows for a fact that David and she are always on the page regarding women. He laughs too much, gazes at her too much, and touches her too much. Yes, it’s childish and probably stupid, yet she feels incredibly jealous. He is flirty and tactile by nature, and she knows that it’s certainly the way he behaves with other women when she’s not here to see him, and even if their relationship is serious now and she is supposed to trust him, she can’t help feeling unsafe at this moment.

When she thinks he is ready, Daniela plays the music and stands in position next to him, their hands resting on their hips, waiting for the music to start. Unfortunately, instead of a bouncy country track, the stereo plays a romantic love song. She laughs at her own mistake, and goes past him to change the music, but he stops her, grabbing her waist for a languid slow dance. He chuckles, his body pressed against her, his hand on the bare skin of her lower back, the other one around her shoulders, and they go in circles, following the slow rhythm of the music.

It is too much. She has two choices: make herself known, and cause a drama, or leave discreetly, and wait patiently in his trailer to kick his ass. After a few seconds of hesitation watching their flirtation, she decides to do both. Clicking her high heels on the floor, she heads to the exit, and throws him a death look before leaving, slamming the door behind her.  


When he pushes the door of his trailer open, he doesn’t expect her to be there. He had seen her leaving earlier, and knowing her, he had thought she’d be pacing in her own trailer, picturing the best way to make his head explode. The fact that she is actually sitting on his sofa makes him believe that he had misinterpreted her behavior. Maybe she isn’t mad at him. He’s wrong.

“Hey, babe. How are…”

“Don’t babe me!” She interrupts coldly.

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Are corsets good back support?

Corsets are an incredibly important part of my life for a variety of reasons. At the top of the list is my awareness that they completely affect the way the wearer feels. This is emotional as well as physical. At their most basic, corsets are excellent core support - and in today’s world where posture is quite neglected, we need all the help we can get.

I don’t often speak about myself, my body image issues, or my background outside of corsetry, but a lot of things have brought me to be very interested in the human body and its abilities. I grew up not only very interested in costume history, but dance also. I’ve been a devout yoga practitioner, love Pilates and swimming, and trained in circus arts for several years, constantly testing my own limits physically and mentally. I look at corsetry as sculpting - both as a corset wearer, being able to affect the shape of the natural body, and as a corset maker, creating line and form from simple pieces of fabric and steel.

I studied ballet very passionately until I was 12, when a run-in with a school bus while on my bicycle cracked my pelvis and made dance near impossible for several years. It may have been that injury, or some other predisposition to hyper-mobility that means I often have severe pain in my hips. Lately it’s been shocking to me how much pain I experience on a daily basis.

I suggest to clients and friends frequently that they try a corset for relief from back and pelvic pain, but it took me over a week to listen to my own advice. Because of my dance background I focused first on stretching, strengthening, chiropractic, acupuncture…but as far as instant pain relief goes - the corset wins. Don’t think I won’t pursue these other things - I’m not remotely interested in chronic pain, nor do I ever want feel like I *have* to wear a corset, but that I can feel instantly held and supported, and feel the screaming pain melt away - sign me up for that!

The other bonus is feeling more elegant, I like the line of my body better, and am sitting up straight at my computer or drafting table. The mind-body connection may never cease to amaze me. Better posture genuinely leads to feeling more confident - a positive feedback loop if ever there was one.

Some people worry that corsets make your core weak, that you can be lazy, but as I’ve been sitting typing this, I’ve felt myself try to slump back into my bad posture several times, only to have the corset remind me to sit up straight. The corset isn’t doing the work for me, it’s keeping me present to the work that I need to be doing. It’s also stabilizing my sacrum, which doesn’t come easily.

The photo above is of my second maternity corset client, one who needed bust support as much as back support. She has since delivered a healthy baby and will be getting a new belly section to help her body return to its pre-pregnancy shape.

I work regularly with clients who have been referred by doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists, for lower back support, upper back support, scoliosis support, bust support as back pain relief, hernia support…the list goes on. It’s always a delight to see people move from pain into comfort, and to see the emotional transformation take place at the same time.