their parents have had so many kids tho

Name: Taylor “the Tailor”
Age: 39
Height: 5′8″
Race: Slime

Taylor is a very patient multi-gendered slime who loves sewing and socializing. They’re pretty new to the Space School staff but are already well known for their excellent craftsmanship.

I’ve been asked quite a few times, “How do the non-humanoid shaped students/teachers get their uniforms?”

Why, the tailors of Space School make them custom stuff, of course!

So, here’s one of said tailors! Taylor here isn’t the only one, but they’re the only one I had a design in mind for. (And of course neither the kids nor their parents pay for any of said tailoring. Everything provided for the students and teachers at Space School is free since it’s a Federation run program.)

Space School has a lot of inner workings so there are a lot odds and ends jobs that have many to maybe even just one employee doing them– depending on what it is, of course. The majority of staff is teachers. Most all teachers/faculty live off campus in the nearby city/space station tho– while the students all live in the dorms on campus.

It’s been SO LONG since I got to design a Space School character– and while Taylor here won’t play an important role in the comic at all, it’s still nice to use the universe I made for fun.

Hope ya’ll enjoy!

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okay so I know jshr is technically a huge (tiny) baby, but which character of yours would most likely have children of they had a willing and loving partner of many years, I guess adopting counts too but jshr cant count for that either!

MY FAV fav question

Jshr is actually pretty high on the list for baby-having, when he gets older he will almost definitely have a few kids! Hopefully before Garul passes away so big orc dad can be big orc grandpa and cry over the little cat babies :’’’o these idiots have come so far,

i can actually really see Durza having a kid too, not that she’d be responsible at all but at least she’d love the lil shit. Her kid would be brought up in Sky Haven with the other Blades, so Im sure Ghuff and Rato and Delphine and Esbern would function as parents too. She would not have a kid with a loving partner of many years tho lmao, probably a one night stand w some random strapping orc dude turned into a LIFETIME COMMITMENT

and that’s basically where the list ends, Garul definitely would have had kids with Amrael if she had survived but. his window has passed by now. uhh. Ghuff and Rato each raised their horses that counts right. horse moms 

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The guardians in general are kind of interesting as far as the “good” vs “bad” question—John complains about Dad even tho Dad’s kind of the best out of the bunch, but they all have kind of shady quirks in some way or another haha

This is very true!  We even know Grandpa Harley had his own less than optimal parenting eccentricities before death…  Who knows what Nanna would have been like. @v@

(I’m just throwing in this quote because these discussions have made me remember it, not because it makes a point or anything…)