their pants tho

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5 things you will find in my bag pockets:
Don’t have bag pockets, pants pockets tho :)

1. A piece of cloth I use to clean my glasses

2. A set of Keys

3. Money…sometimes

4. My Phone

5. …???? Pocket Lint

5 things you will find in my bedroom: 

1. Small bookshelf filled with books some I need to read.

2. A wood and metal computer desk.

3. A fairly old commonly used laptop and an old desktop sitting unused under my desk.

4. My assorted collection of videogames, collectables etc.

5. A laundry hamper.

5 things I have always wanted to do:

1. Dress up as Mileena I really wanna do it but I need to figure out how to make stuff YouTube how tos for Ref here I come.
….Also Widowmaker too :D

2. Successfully make a DOOM map (not Snapmap) but an actual Map with DoomBuilder for Classic DOOM I’ve tried on several occasions made some progress but never actually finished.

3. Also DOOM related make some kind of DOOM mod if I ever figure out how decorate/coding and sprite editing etc. works I’ve studied it abit but still don’t fully understand it.

4.Make some sort of content ppl will enjoy like a game or DOOM mod for example.

5. Maybe travel somewhere outside the U.S

5 things that make me happy:

1. Cats and the lil pap pap paps their paws make when they run pretty much anything a cat does.

2. VideoGames in general and playing them.

3. My best friend Aly.

4. Listening to music.

5. Spending time with the ppl I love.

also you guys following me your awesome and I love you(except them bots/porn bots) I’m sorry we don’t talk/interact much besides liking/reblogging stuff from each others blogs.

5 things I’m currently into: 

1. Mortal Kombat

2.Black Lagoon

3. DOOM and other Old First Person Shooter
Games from the 90’s

4. Collecting Old VideoGame stuff I mainly collect 90’s to early 00’s VideoGames

5. Stuff I find aesthetically pleasing…if that counts…

I’m into alot of stuff but since the list was only for five…

5 things on my to do list: 

1. Get a job I’ve been in unemployment for awhile, I do “temporary jobs” to get by.

2. Clean up/Re-Arrange my room around.

3. Get a newer PC

4. Get my drivers license I do drive sometimes and know how to drive but need my license it’s pretty silly me a 27 year old guy who doesn’t even have his license.

5. …I think get my life together.

I tag @jessebamfmccree @jessie-chan16 @venus6f6 @so-many-efforts @raven-senpai @dosgamer000 @pimellu @high-lady-of-os-alta if anyone reading wants to participate feel free this is totally optional. If you’ll excuse me I have mild to intense stomach pains/troubles and I kinda wanna die :’(

I hope I didn’t typo/screw up somewhere in the post I think I’m good.

the tazswap ipre crew!

1d as kids i met on my first day of work at a kindergarten

harry: the boy who acted really tough but had pink pants and one glittery earring and carried a pink rock around with him for an hour when we were playing outside

niall: the girl who asked me 5 times what my name was but then decided to call me “baked potato”

louis: the boy who played board games all day but never finished a game. he always quit while he was still winning so he wouldn’t lose (he also cheated a lot)

liam: the brother of the pink pants boy, always complaining about everything his brother did and only talked to me once to ask me if i listen to a lot of music