their outfits


A lot of you messaged me about the clothing challenge thing I posted a time ago. It seems lots of people are interested in something like this, because they have no inspiration for outfits to put characters in!

So I decided to make this a thing. Every week I will post 2 outfits (if I am able to) and you guys can draw characters wearing these outfits! It doesn’t matter what you do, OC’s or your favorite characters, go nuts!

I always love seeing your work, so if you tag the thing you drew with “weeklyshittchallenge”, I will be able to see them all! :)

Have fun drawing! 

Both outfits -> H&M

Darkness Manipulation, Tactical Analysis, and one hella smooth voice.

Better late than never! Introducing Jumin, the team’s financial support and dark magic guy. His powers come from that little purple cloak (or so he claims, but he probably just wears it to look cool)! He can manipulate shadows easily, making him a formidable enemy at night, and has extensive knowledge over all sorts of malicious and deadly spells. He also has a cat, because no proper wizard is ever without one, right?

Also, bread shoes is an inside joke between me and @omelette-douche-fromage. I grew so frustrated drawing his loafers that I screamed “i hate bread shoes” right at her face hahah rip me. She laughed so hard I think she almost died.