their open guard not new a guard

1. She isn’t naturally shy, but she tends to be shy initially because being forthcoming hasn’t always worked in the past. When she starts to behave around you the way she acts around her closest friends, she’s letting you in emotionally.

2. She might not reach out to make plans, because she doesn’t want to be shut down or rejected, especially early on. Instead, she’ll respond by making sure you know how much she appreciates you taking initiative, and will be open to trying new things when you propose them.

3. She stopped herself from just blowing you off. She’s trying. Trying to believe that you aren’t just anyone. Trying to believe your first move won’t be to hurt her.

4. She wants to love blindly, but she can’t because before you met her, she learned exactly what can happen when you wholeheartedly put all your faith in one person: They can leave. But her belief in that big, unattainable love exists and if she’s giving you a chance it means you have qualities she thinks could fit with hers. She wouldn’t bother otherwise.

5. She’ll ask you too many questions. It’s partially because she wants to get to know you and partially a defense mechanism – if you’re talking about yourself it saves her talking about her own life, which she’s not sure she’s ready for yet.

6. She will be overly protective of her family life. When someone has difficulty trusting, remember that it might not be the result of an ex. It could be her family life that left her with fear of abandonment, which is often revealed if that’s a subject she strays from.

7. She’ll find excuses to touch you because she associates touch with comfort and wants you to feel at ease with her. Women with trust issues will go above and beyond to make you feel secure, because they don’t want to make anyone feel insecurities they’ve dealt with.

8. She’ll make sure you know her identifying qualities by showing you what she likes outside the realm of romance and dating. While she might not be ready to talk about old relationships, she’ll want to show your more of herself than just restaurant preferences and affinity for certain movies, or dessert.

9. She’ll consider making plans with you in the future – but not too far in advance. If she’s really interested, she’ll say yes to concert tickets, or an event a few weeks or a month down the road. But if it’s still new, making plans 6 months from now is too much. Don’t invite her to your brother’s wedding just yet.

10. She’ll talk about the future in generalizations – not so she doesn’t freak you out, so she doesn’t freak herself out.

11. If she calls you out on something that bothered her, she’s beginning to trust you. She’d typically brush it off, ignore it, or phase you out if you did something to upset her. But if she’s willing to explain how you made her feel in a specific instance, she thinks you’re worth keeping around.

12. If she doesn’t demand commitment from you right away, it doesn’t mean she’s not interested in that eventually. She takes commitment seriously and doesn’t want to rush. Fear of rejection means biding your time before putting yourself in a vulnerable position.

13. She’ll be over protective of you around her friends, even before you realize she cared about you. She knows how it feels to have someone else not stick up for her, and doesn’t ever want you to feel that way.

14. The more she likes you, the higher her expectations will be. (But if she sees how hard you try, she’s also more apt to be forgiving.)

15. She will appear to not need you and it’s through no fault of your own. She doesn’t want to appear to rely on anyone but herself because people who are hesitant to trust don’t want to openly admit that they need anyone else to be happy.

16. You’ll know she’s going for longevity if she opens up to you about why she has trouble trusting people in the first place. She won’t lay it out for you, but she’ll give you pieces from her past relationships, or share a small bit of the story about who hurt her. She’ll want you to understand where she’s coming from, and she’ll want to understand anything that hurt you too.

—  Maya Kachroo- Levine, 16 Ways Women Who Have Difficulty Trusting Show They Care About You 
Five Months and Twenty Days*

WARNING: Imagine might contain mature material so read with your own risk! No need to come say to me that I didn’t warned you

Posted on Instagram: 1st of December, 2016


Third’s POV:

She looked suspiously around herself and pulled tighter that purse of hers against her chest. “Keep in the middle while walking, don’t look at them in the eyes” they had told her when she had told to guards that she was their new art course leader

Disgusting words were flying out of those men mouths who had spent there months, no years in those cells. “Hey, cherry pie! Come here” one of them yelled to Y/N but she ignored it

She looked on her feet and tried focus nothing but getting away from that long hallway to the class were she suppose to be that art class today. Finally she noticed that white door in left which one of the guards had told to her. She opened the door and stepped in

Y/N’s POV:

I met older woman guard’s face when she stepped in. “Oh hey, you must be Y/N, right?” she asked and I nodded. “Yeah, that’s me” I chuckled nervously. “Hey hey, this place and its diners might look a bit creepy but I’ll be here watching you in that room” she told and pointed a wall where was a big mirror

It must be those special windows, I thought and finally nodded back to her. “I will run here right away if something happen, okay? Just stay calm and don’t show them you’re nervous, okay? You’ll be fine, Y/N” she tapped my shoulder and disappered in that room back of the art class room

I took a deep breath and opened my bag and took out of my things. There were a few brushes and color palette because I wasn’t sure if here is ones or not. I put them on the table and started search my apples and oranges from my bag which we should paint today. Just before first prisoners walked in the class I found those things which I needed

I sat behind the table and followed how one by one seats in front of me filled. Their serious and kind of angry looking face made me feel myself insecure but I knew that I was safe

I stood up and opened my mouth: “So welcome to art course, my friends” It was maybe the worst way to call them but it just slipped out and you couldn’t take back your words. Few minutes later the last prisoner, man with short brown hair walked to the room and sat to the front row. He smiled for me shyly

My words went in mess and I started stutter. I heard a few chuckles and whispers before they calmed down again. “T-today w-we’ll paint.. fruits, yeah fruit” I mumbled and started give palettes and a few brushes to every prisoners

For my suprise, they mumbled thank’s to me and when I reached that last prisoner, the man who had just smiled for me. “Here” I mumbled and nodded. “Thank you, beautiful” he complimented and it was too hard for me not start blush. I just nodded lightly

I walked back behind my table and pulled the cover off over the fruit plate. “You can start, remember be creative” I guided before I sat on my chair and started follow how they started paint

Most of them just sat their arms crossed on their chest and looking around annoyed. I decided let then just be and not say anything. It would be too risky to do that since there would be big men against you. I’d nothing to them if they decide beat me down and the guard wouldn’t probably arrive there quick enough even she was just a few meters away

My imagination was rushing too fast that I didn’t even heard how some of the men called me. “Hey, girl. Can you come here to check this out?” man with blond hair asked and raised his eyebrows. I just nodded and stood up from my chair and walked over him

His painting looked almost like a real painting. “Wow, that’s looks really good. Shading is just perfect good job..” I tapped his shoulder and made him startle a bit. I pulled my hand away quickly and chuckled nervously. Y/N, stop acting like that. You make it too risky, stop, voice inside my head yelled

I moved over the next man and gave him some advices. I did that almost everyone even they didn’t ask help. Finally I walked over the last person who supposed to be that man who had almost made me blush in front of everyone. I was scared that this time he would make me really do it

“Sooo.. how is it going here? Is everyt-” my question left open when I looked his painting. There was that fruit plate on the table but especially one thing on his painting struck on my eyes, a girl on the right side of it. “You like it?” he asked smiling but I got nothing out of my mouth

“I-I.. ” I mumbled but nothing else came out still. I was speechless. Had he just painted me on that paper? He just smiled before the door opened and group of guards walked in

“Time is up. I hope that you had a fun two hours with, Ms. Y/L/N” one of them said and soon the woman guard who had been watching us in that small room walked inside the room too. “Did they behave good?” other man guard came ask me and her and we both nodded back. “Suprisingly well, I haven’t ever seen them that calm”

“Especially Justin, he even painted a picture of Y/N” woman guard continued and that man guard looked me suprised. “Oh? That’s a new side of him” Now I finally realized who they were talking about and a light blush creeped on my cheeks, I hoped that they wouldn’t notice it

One by one prisoners started walk out of the class and now there was just me and the head guard. “It went fine, didn’t it?” he asked and I nodded. “We’d like to see you here more often, Ms. Y/L/N. It’d be a good thing to every of us. You would get some job, our boys would get something to do and well.. we would get sometime to ourselves” he chuckled and I chucklef back

“Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe sometimes. You have my number, right? Just call me when you want me back” I told and grabbed my purse on the table before I said byes and started walk out of the prison

Justin’s POV:

When my prisoner friends kept guards busy I got a chance to slip away from the group to behind the corner. Nobody noticed it and well I could always say that I wanted just go out smoke if I get caught

I stayed there thinking what I should do next. Since I first time saw our art teacher walking pass our cells I just could let that chance to get woman under my control after a long time

It felt like forever when I had last time heard one moaning under me and beg me to fuck her up. Just thought of it made me horny already and my hand sweat

I knew that she would be coming out of that room soon and images what I would do to her flew inside my head wildly. It was hard to stand still when my body felt like it would be in fire. I breathed out and smirked of the thought what she would look like when I slam myself deep inside of her

That painting thing was just a feint to get her around my finger. She had been so nervous around me when I had talked to her that it made me always laugh. Maybe she was that because she was scared but it felt more fun to think that it was because of me and my magnificence that had made her almost blush in front of me

Suddenly I heard how the door of activity class opened and seconds later I heard those familiar sound high heels hitting against the floor. It was her, my time was no if ever. That sound got closer and closer before it was just maybe meter away from me and then I attacked

I jumped in front of her and cover her mouth with my hand that she couldn’t yell help. She tried escape from my grip but it did nothing but hurt to her. Finally she calmed down and I started drag her to closest room which happened to be bathroom

I opened the door and closed it quick behind me before I let my victum off my grip. “What the hell is wrong with you?! Hey, somebody he-” I covered her mouth again with my mouth. “Shh.. I won’t hurt you babygirl. I just- I just want have some fun, okay? These last months has been like a Hell to me and now when I have a chance to get some release, why I wouldn’t use it” I mumbled to her ear and she tried kick me but lost it

“You’re crazy!” she mumbled against my hand when I pushed her against the wall and pulled of her skirt up. “But you still like it mm..” I chuckled when my hand met her tribbing sex against my fingers. She tried mumble some excuses back but I just stopped her. “Don’t even try lie to me” I said and ripped off her panties

I pulled her behind me over the sink table and set her gently against it. “Kitten, relax. This will be fun to both of us in the end” I mumbled and rub her shoulders but she just kept staring shocked in front of her throught the mirror. “No, no.. ” she mumbled quietly and closed her eyes to hold back her tears before I pulled my orange prisoner pants down and pushed myself inside her

A low groan left my mouth and my hand moved against the sink table to get some support to me. “Oh shit, baby. It has been too long time since I.. oh god” I groaned when I pushed my lenght inside her again. I almost saw stars, the feeling was just so incredible. I heard a weak moan slipping out of her mouth too and sign of that she was seemly enjoying it too (well nothing couldn’t beat the pleasure which I was having) made me smirk and fastened my pace

Third POV:

Almost a half year without woman had driven him almost crazy. The first two months had been the worst for him but after that he had kind of got used to it. Jack off had became one of the most important routines here for him but it couldn’t ever replace the ‘real thing’

And now it was happening. He was making long but hard thrusts inside her and it felt almost unbelievable to him hold on himself but he couldn’t let that moment end just yet. He had to take all fun out of it before the guards would come search him

“Come on, kitten. Moan a bit for me, moan my name. I know that you’re enjoying it” he mumbled and pulled her arms behind her back and started pound her faster. One innocent moan slipped out of that young woman’s mouth and seconds later there came more. “Fuuck..” she hissed herself out of breath and bit her lip.

“My name is Justin, not fuck or well if that’s your way to ask me fuck you harder, I’ll gladly do that” he mumbled and kissed her neck.  Seconds later she was already screaming it out loud that he was getting scared that someone would come and caught them

Justin’s POV:

Well I would always blame them to giving me desires like that in front of me if they would caugh us almost naked in that dirty bathroom. They knew that nobody who had spent almost half year in prison, couldn’t resist something like that. I would also add them that they should stop getting girls here if they don’t want problems, especially hot girls

However that moment ever happened and I was able to keep my words inside my head. I told her to be quieter and she nodded but volume of her whimpers didn’t lowered much enough. In the end I didn’t even care to tell her that but let her do it just like she wanted. At least I knew that I was making her feel good

I felt how my high started get closer and she started tightening around me too. “Are you close, kitten? Because..” a loud moan slipped my mouth and I grabbed her tighter against me. “Because if you don’t you better reach it now” I mumbled and let himself release not caring even ask if she was on pills or not. He wouldn’t accept to raise that kid in the end

She closed her eyes and let herself release with me. I pulled off and smirked myself before I left the bathroom without saying anything

Y/N’s POV:

I looked shocked to the door when he left smirk on his lips and I listened how some guards yelled his name and where he had been. All I was able to hear was laughing and heavy footsteps which got quiet minutes later.

I pulled my skirt down and picked up my ripped panties on the floor. Even I couldn’t put then back no more, I couldn’t leave them just there for everyones eyes. I fixed my hair and moved out of the bathroom

My legs felt weak and I hoped that nobody could come to me but before I was able to finish that thought of mine, I met one of those guards. “Hey, why are you still here?” he asked and I chuckled. “I think that I got lost, would you mind show me where’s the door out” I asked and he laughed back. “Of course, this is a really big place and you’re not actually first one who had got lost. Just follow me” he said and I started walk behind him

I heard whistles behind me and I looked behind me. Some of the prisoners looked me smirking and I exatly knew what they meant with that. “Don’t pay attention on them. They have been on those cells too long and got bored. Just don’t give them attention” the guard told and opened the door out for me

I walked there but before I stepped out I heard loud yell somewhere close: “See you soon, Ms. Y/L/N. I can’t meet the next art class” It was him, Justin. I turned around and looked down that nobody could see my red cheeks. I walked slowly out that my weakness wouldn’t show to the guard. “We’ll call you, Y/N” he said before he closed the door behind me

I walked to my car and but still before that I looked behind me that big prison building. He giggled and shook my head. Who would knew that I’d end up in same small room with a hot prisoner. I couldn’t wait the next time

-insert something people would pay attention to-

(I see ppl doing dis but idk if people would be interested) SO…..i dun know if anyone knew about this but… au royal red blood and blue rose bruises *terrific name lol* I thought about its new update…..and I was thinking…..“what if I mix ppa with this…..”
Stupid idea I know….but I have created ROYAL RED BLOOD (etc) PPA!! In other words….rrb and brb ppa….i don’t knows a good name for this… basicly…red team are the bad guys who work for asgore….and blue team are the good guys who work for Toriel……and golden flowers are also good but hide so they don’t create trouble….they work for asriel…..


Queen Toriel: open
Robot!Jane: open
Royal guard!sans: open
Royal guard! Papyrus: open
Royal guard! Mettaton: open

King asgore: open
Alphys: open
Undyne: open
Jane: me
Robot! Chara: open
Robot! Mettaton: open

Asriel dreemurr: open
Frisk dreemurr: open
Chara dreemurr: open
Blooky: open

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My Brain Is Scattered - The Joker Imagine

{imagine being a patient at Arkhangelsk Asylum and the Joker being in the cell next to you}

You started laughing, the voices wouldn’t quit telling jokes about killing the guards.

“Girl you are crazy,” the guard said, opening the small box to slide food in. You quickly walked up to the door.
“Can I tell you a secret?” You whisper at the guard.
“Sure” he says giving an annoyed look.
“The best people are.” You say before looking at the disgusting food and pushing it out of your cell, hearing it hit the ground in front of the door. You walked back into your dark corner laying yourself down on the cold concrete.

“You’re new,” blaming the voice on your head you chose to ignore it.

“It’s not your head sweetheart,” the voice was gruff, different, something you didn’t usually hear in your head.

“Oh sorry.” You say, deciding the voice was real, “my brain is scattered”

(There will be a part 2 released at some point next week)
All I need is someone

Thinking about posting a part 2. What you think?

Jerome x reader

Summary: where the reader is Jerome’s therapist (Harley Quinn) and they develop feelings for each other.

(Y/n) POV:
I sit in the metal chair starring at the empty red couch. I check my watch and sigh. 5 minutes late. I huff my breath cause my hair to fly out if my face. I tap my pencil on my note pad till the sound of the rusty door opens. I look behind me and see two guards on either side of my new and very first professional patient.

One guard turns to me with a worried look. “Are you sure you don’t want him in bonds?” “Yes I’m sure.” The guard nods and they both walk out closing the door and leaving the two of us alone.

“Welcome Jerome. My name is (y/n) (y/l/n). I’m here just to talk is all. Would that be okay?” I ask in a light voice making sure to use my words carefully not wanting him to snap. He nods and sits on the couch. “Ohh. Comfy!” He bounces up and down a few times causing me to giggle at his child like behavior.

He looks up at me and smirks. “When they told me I was gonna be put in therapy I expected an old broad with rotting teeth…not a beautiful girl like yourself. Tell me how old are you? You seem young to be getting this position.”

I blush slightly and look at my pad. “How about we make a trade? Next two weeks we talk about you and then if you want you can ask me anything and I’ll answer. Deal?” I stick my hand out to him asking for agreement. He grasps it and brings it to his lips kissing my skin tenderly.

“So Jerome let’s start at the beginning.” Jerome told me about his mother and how she was abusive. He even went into exact detail about how he killed her. That’s information the cops don’t even have; so for me to have it I feel very privileged.

We had gone over his whole story and all his memories in just 8 days. Right now he sits in the couch constantly moving around bored. “Can we play a game?” Jerome asks looking at me. I tilt my head to the side and smile. “What type of game?” Jerome stands up and talks around me. “Well…more like role play actually. You be me and I’ll be you.” “Honestly Jerome I don’t think you could pull this skirt off.” I say smirking at him. “Oh you’d be surprised, but what do you say? It’ll be fun! We’re not exactly doing anything productive anyhow.” I sigh and look at this mad man. “You Mr. J are sure one of a kind.” I giggle and go sit on the couch.

Jerome picks up my pad of paper and pencil and sits straight up acting professional as possible. “Now (y/n) let’s start from the beginning.”

“Well my parents were nice people, good people, but my mother was killed in a car crash. After that my father started drinking and he soon became abusive. I stayed out as much as possible, but that didn’t work because when I came home he got upset and beat me. One day the neighbors heard my screaming and called the cops. I was taken away and into a safer home. That was when I was 10 and since then I’ve been missing something. In school I was always called weird just because I never fit in. I started home school when I was 16 and finished all my education earlier then all my school mates hence why I’m so young and have my job.” I breath deeply trying to hold in tears.

“You know the same pain as me. The one thing I need is someone to laugh with and just love me. Maybe even join me in my crime.” Jerome says as he writes something down on the pad. “Yes! Exactly!” I exclaim siting up. Jerome stares at me and smiles; his lips stretched wide and his teeth showing. “Who’s someone who makes you happy (Y'n)?” Jerome asks while staring at me with soft eyes. I know what you’re thinking. How unprofessional she is. Falling for her patient. Not to mention he’s a psychopath. You sure do know how to pick em! “Well I would have to say you J. We’ve become friends and you make me laugh and feel wanted I guess. I don’t have many friends so it’s nice.” Jerome smiles at my answer. “Well (y/n) you got one now.” He smiles once again but it’s not the menacing creepy smile he gives. It’s filled with actual happiness, and maybe some soft of affection.

“What’s your favorite holiday (y/n)?” I look at him strange confused by the sudden subject change. “Um Halloween actually. I always go to this once costume party with my one friend.” “How exciting! What do you dress as doll?” I blush looking down at my fingers. “Usually harlequin.” “The clown character? Huh. Interesting.” I raise my eyebrow at him. “Interesting how?” “Well if you just change up the letters slightly or miss say it you could get the name Harley Quinn. Ever thought of a name change (y/n)? It would suit you.” I ponder on the name. Harley Quinn. Not bad I must say.

Suddenly a beeping sound is heard meaning our time is up for today. “Ugh. Come on doll don’t send me back yet. We’re having fun!” Jerome sighs dramatically slumping in the old rusting chair. I giggle walking over to him and resting my fingers under his chin and pulling his eyes up to mine. “Same time tomorrow J. I promise.” I kiss his cheek quickly, but he holds my neck and pulls me back to him, and presses his lips against mine. He’s are cold, but surprisingly soft. Jerome pulls back to my dismay. “Same time tomorrow doll.” He winks and walk to the door for the guards to come and escort him back.

I walk home and unlock the door to my appartment turning the light on making my surroundings known. Especially the unknown man sitting on my couch. I gasp and quickly pull out my gun from my vase by the door. “Who are you?” “Nice response time. Could use that.”

I walk closer with my gun pointed right at his head. “Who are you?” I ask once more. “Theo Galavan. I’m here to help you.” “Help me? I don’t need any help.” “No? Not even with a certain inmate at Arkham?” I lower my gun slightly but still keep my guard. “What do you mean by that?” “Oh drop your act Ms.(Y/l/n). It’s not hard to see you have feelings for Jerome, but seeing as his current placement it’d be hard to grow any type of romantic side. I can help get him out.” I lower my gun fully and stare at the man. “What’d you have in mind?” Galavan smirks and pats the seat next to him.


A tribute to all of you magicians and witches.

The Book of Magic

The decoration is simplistic. The tools were heated and held over a candle to coat them in carbon in order to achieve this contrast of the tooling. Two sets of borders guard the central solar element. The sun is above the purpose of the book, engraved on the leather “Book of MAGIC”. The decoration isn’t meant to draw too much attention to itself but be assertive of the purpose of the book at the same time. Attention is drawn fiercely however when the grimoire is opened, revealing the crimson endpapers guarded by a golden border. A whole new world lays inside, waiting to be filled by your hand. 

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The Signs at Their Best and Their Worst

Aries: They can be the most fun and most creative people around if you just give them an outlet to let loose! Some of the best Aries are ones that are surrounded by support and have the room for their natural independence and leadership qualities to grow. At their worst, Aries are blunt, critical, and sometimes harsh in their opinions and this can lead to some of the worst arguments you’ve ever had. Stubborn to a fault.

Taurus: At their best, Tauruses can be the funniest people around once they let their guard down! They are open to trying any new restaurant with you, and are amazing listeners when they care, comfort and consistency are their natural gifts. At their worst, they can be unmotivated, cold, materialistic, and practically immovable when they don’t want to do something. Sometimes very closed off and guarded.

Gemini: At best Geminis are fun, flirty, and interesting people to hang out with. They offer different perspectives on the world and can always surprise you with what they have going on inside their head. At worst, they can be flirty to the point of unfaithful, detached when they don’t get their way, and even a little manipulative because they have a way with words. Hard to understand what they want.

Cancer: Cancers can be the most nurturing, sympathetic souls around, who’s energy is lifted by helping their friends and having a good time. They’re always there when you need them to be, the mother that everyone needs in the group. But at their worst, Cancers can be overly sensitive, needy, and even a little fake in their politeness to everyone around them, needing constant validation. Stuck in the past. 

Leo: At their pinnacle Leos are compassionate, honest, driven, and positive people. They just want to make sure everyone is having a good time, helping them be the social butterfly that everyone knows them as, and they just want to treat others the way Leos think everyone should treat each other. At worst, they are bossy, snarky, more cocky than confident, egotistical, and prideful to the  point of never being wrong. Bad at admitting mistakes and apologizing.

Virgo: These people are so intellectually stimulating you always learn something new with them. Being around good Virgos can be educational, fun, and even helpful to understand things from a logical point of view. In their worst moments, they are over-analytical that they drive themselves crazy, closed off emotionally, or so independent they become isolated from everybody. Moody for no reason at all.

Libra: When Libras are in good shape they are social, efficient, smart, and capable of making the best out of any situation! They just want to have a good time with their friends and aren’t afraid to be their wacky comedic selves when given the right setting. If they don’t feel like being their normal good-hearted personas, at their worst they are indecisive, picky, and frozen like a deer in headlights when they’re scared of moving in any direction. Hard time trusting themselves to make choices. 

Scorpio: Although they are known for their burning intensity, Scorpios can also be the funniest people around with a childlike sense of humor. They are loyal to those that prove their worth, and their passion for life is what keeps their spirits high. At their worst though, a Scorpio is vindictive, vengeful, and holds a grudge like no other. This can make them manipulative and deceitful, because they try so hard at hiding their insecurities that they don’t show any emotion. Major issues trusting others.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians can be the best person to take on spontaneous road trips with, a great travel buddy because they love the freedom the world can give them, and some of the best pep talks you’ve heard it’s no wonder they’re so positive! At their worst times, these people are direct past the point of “tough-love”, selfish, and even blind to the smaller things in life good or bad. So forward thinking they don’t always live in the present.

Capricorn: Capricorns can be the goofiest people you’ve ever met, with an affinity for bad puns and reasonable steps to achieve their goals in life. These are the people you want around when you’re starting any new venture and need a practical solution to the problem. But sometimes this practicality comes off as cold, unfeeling, even insensitive at times. They don’t always know when to use their heart instead of their head, making it hard to get to know them on a deeper level. Too cold they forget the warmth of emotional connection.

Aquarius: Some of the most thoughtful and caring individuals you’ve ever met. Aquarians thrive on helping as many as they can, having the gift of larger sight that makes them good at seeing the long-term goals through. An affinity for individuality and originality, these people have many facets to their personalities. But sometimes this uniqueness comes off as aloof, misunderstood, and even trying too hard. They can be a complete know-it-all and won’t hear any other way than their own. Problem with listening to other’s advice.

Pisces: With a Pisces there is always laughter, joy, and appreciation for the little things in life. These people always offer their ears for listening, hands for helping, and arms for embracing. Always willing to go the extra step to take care of someone. Unfortunately the downside of this is that their empathy is often felt too strongly that they lose themselves in others, escapists to the point of substance abuse when things get tough, and can easily cry at anything anytime. Too busy holding on that they can’t move forward.

Resting Her Wings | Anastasia & Dimitri

She finally dressed in her own clothes she heard the footsteps of guards coming to her cell. “Alright, next rental.” She was pulled from her cell, her auction dress still lying at the end of her bed and forced down the hall. She had an idea who was renting her but it wasn’t until she saw his house come in to view that she was sure they were heading to Dimitri’s home.

“Move,” She guard spoke as he pulled Anastasia out of the car. There was no need for his roughness, she wasn’t about to fight him. She was exhausted from the stress and her night and following day of new and scary acts. Beyond that she was actually looking forward to the familiarly cool hands that brushed her cheeks and lingered on her skin. 

The guard knocked at his door and when it opened she actually managed a smile, “Hello Dimitri.”


Jon clasped the offered hand. The words of his oath rang through his head. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. And for him a new refrain: I am the guard who opened the gates and let the foe march through. He would have given much and more to know that he was doing the right thing. But he had gone too far to turn back.

Jail buddies- closed with the-hot-trio(Korra)

It had been three months since his capture. Legion had managed to stay alive in the grueling prison camp. Since he was a nonbender, the guards saw him as a simple minded peasant, unaware that he was much more than just a simple human. He kept the secret hidden, waiting for the right time to escape. But trying to bust out of a fire bender prison camp was no easy task. Guards and razor wire were everywhere.

He heard a bunch of commotion, guards rushing toward the front gates as a new prisoner was escorted in. This one was in much heavier chains and restraints. She looked familiar but couldn’t put his finger on it. Suddenly the door to his cell swung open and she was pushed in. “New roommate Legion” they joked as the door was closed and locked.

As they left, his attention turned to the new woman. “Who are you?”


New Slave || Open

James was walking into Benji’s suite, humming softly to himself. He was excited to see his master again, but as soon as he stepped into the living room, his mouth was covered by a rag and he was held tightly. He tried to struggle and scream when the weird scent on the cloth began to make him go weak. His struggling soon stopped as his body went limp in the guards arms.

After a couple of hours, James’ eyes fluttered opened. He let out a little groan and rolled over on his new cot. “A-….A cell…?” he squeaked out nervously before slowly sitting up. He wobbled from side to side slightly, still a little light headed from the strange substance on the cloth. “Hello?” he called out as he got to his feet and tried to open the door. “Guards?” he squeaked nervously “I’m not supposed to be in here” he called out, hoping someone would here him “Anyone? Please let me out!”


She was already nervous about all of this that didn’t sleep so well, for not say nothing but she didn’t care, she just wanted to finish everything. Cassie knew now that Liv was who she needed to blame, she was the one who brought her here and could not help her to feel really upset about that, they were friends and now it was like she was really different from the person that she knew. All she did was trying to help her, maybe that was her mistake.

When the guards were there, they took her by the arms and started to walking with her to her new mistress, at least for the week. Oh, God, that was really…she didn’t knew how to describe her feelings right now. When finally she was in the door, the guards opened and made her enter into that room and there she was, in front of her, like she told her that was going to happen.