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superman, ginger, blueberry lemon -- I hope you get through your paper eventually!

superman: do you like sweaters?

man, my dude, my sugary creampuff, i L O V E sweaters i just?????? love them s o m u c h?????!!! Specially oversized and confy old ones omg…. My current favourite is one i got last week - it’s made of this fuzzy black knit and has a cat face in sparkling silver knit on the front + it’s oversized. It’s absolutely horrible and cute and confy and it’s the best thing i own i wore it for like 4 days straight after getting istg isdhsoidufhsdfh

ginger: a new feature you wish tumblr could have?

dude at this point i’m legit afraid to ask for anything new lmao I just wish they would make a u know functioning app that didn’t consume like half of my storage and fix the goddamned video player it’s time tumblr come on

blueberry lemon: favourite blogs?

omg this is such a difficult question because i positivelly adore everybody i follow for different reasons and i’m currently following 548 blogs so…. that’s a lot of people lmao but here are some people that i love:

these are people that i know irl or am friends with online or have been mutuals with for so long that i already consider them friends and i love them all to bits, including their magnificent blogs:

@not-aph-england, @thelastlesbiander, @knowledgequeenabc, @of-pasta-and-potatoes, @beneath-the-corsican-stars@aph-belarusia, @viktorsboobies, @assbuttytea, @crystalgem-wannabe, @viktorsboobies, @vixenofthemist, @aph-poland, @aph-lithuania, @missbelgium, @fox-headguy, @frukinghell, @tvshowaddict, @theravingcelt, @staches-and-sabres, @chengmogu, @kimirashiispeedde@yuriheichou

I’ve been quite into Yuri on Ice as of late, so here are some YoI or mostly YoI blogs that I love:

@dadvans, @cafecliche, @fireblazie, @lavenderprose, @kixboxer, @sarah-yyy (whon i’ve been following since her les mis days ausgdyewdg), @forovnix@cuttlemefishwrites, @runesque, @tosquinha, @rcmclachlan, @kevystel

+ some others that i l i can’t really fit in a category except that i love them a lot, be it because we’ve been mutuals for a long time despite never talking, or because i’m a fan of their art/writing, or because i admire them as people or simply because i really just fucking enjoy their blog a lot

@romanope, @thoodleoo, @beau–brummell, @angeoltaire, @glumshoe, @habemus-sea, @janiedean, @brazilianism, @momo-de-avis, @la-vie-en-lys, @jrantaire, @stirringwind, @frederick-the-great, @queen-nat-xvi, @zu-art, @beekeepermarycatherine, @claquesous, @naliya, @blue-lothus, @francymemad, @serduszko, @lithuanias, @thequeensclock, @that-whole-shebang, @bidonica, @tombliboos, @clueless-walrus, @yiangillium, @candy-alpacas, @heyhellohowdy, @fruking-losers, @nordic55555, @astonishingpeppermint, @tiiaallen, @enjoloras, @peregrintoook, @learnhowtoart, @charanteleclerc, @keloly, @cabesmeadow, @gotohellstephano, @endlesscolddreams, @kirklandick, @aph–lietuva, @ma-chi1993, @alonelyscribe, @ships-from-me-to-you, @pockettaire

and okay i’m gonna stop here because if i were to list every single blog i love i’d stay here all day lmao but yeah, i love all these people/blogs a lot and 100% rec every single one of them

thank you for asking and yes!!!! thank u omg i’ll be going back to my paper now but this was such a welcome distraction i really needed a break so thank u ilysm

ice cream asks

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Any ideas of what I can do in my GSA club?

Tie-die club t-shirts! Do a bake-sale for your local LGBTQ+ resource center! Play the board game LIFE & have a same-sex couple in the front seats of your car! Have a movie night & watch Moonlight!

If your school has a GSA, I’d consider you to be pretty lucky - so many communities & schools aren’t as welcoming. A cool thing to do is to support organizations like GLSEN - they help make schools be more inclusive. You can learn more about them online.

Plus - I’m selling a shirt this week to raise money for GLSEN - get a shirt or sweater here. A portion of the proceeds helps GLSEN continue their amazing work! Look how cute…!! Comes in t-shirt or sweater, in a bunch of pastel colors too!! But only available for four more days… :o

Well, there’s a reason of why I’m posting to much. It’s beacuse I’m stealing wifi I wanted to start a new activity on my tumblr! In celebratrion of my 2000+ followers I want to do this! “Let’s create together”!

This activity consist in creating a character using the suggestions you guys give me (eye color, powers, skin color, etc) but in my style. What’s my style? well, as you see, I love to draw sanscest fan children and I want this character to be one. And finally give blueprint a friend so I don’t have to draw him alone

SO, since there’s a LOT of Sanscest ships, I want to make a votation of wich ship should I draw. After that, I’ll ask you guys to send me descriptions based of how would a child from that ship look like. Simple right? I hope I have explained it well ;o;

Let’s call this stage: “Selecting a Ship”

but HEY, don’t start throwing me ships names! keep reading first uvu

I sellected a few ships I like and you will have to choose between those! Since Tumblr allows to comment on a post, I don’t have to create a poll for this on other site -v-)U yes! It doesn’t matter if the ship already has one child, I want to make my own and give you the chance to cooperate in the process of creation! 

Also, I’ll give the winner ship their own ship week (like I’m going to do with InkBerry)

Here’s the ship list:

-ErrorNight/Error x Nightmare

-Cream/Cross x Dream

-RottenBerry/Reaper x Blueberry ( @nekophy made me love this ship with just one comic xDU)

-AfterFell(?)/Geno x Edge

-Kustard/Classic x Edge 

They’re the ones who I love the most! 

So, as I said before, this time you only have to comment with the ship you want to win! After some time I’ll check the votes and announce the winner. Once the first stage is done, we’ll proceed to the stage two: “Making their appearance”!

Don’t forget to participate!

[Withering Blossoms]

Fragment 0 ; - Fool is Sin -

Updated! //no
Actually it has already started about… 2 or 3 weeks ago. But I were just able to finish it now //faint.

[Withering Blossoms] is a fanfic collaboration between @berryargento and me~
If you are interested, here’s the link o/ [AO3] or [Tumblr]

Note : I’ll remind you again, that one of our tag is ‘tragedy’ so… please read by your own risk ; w ;

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Gaara headcanons, being dork with his s/o

  • Gaara keeps a picture of himself and his s/o on his desk in the Kazekage office.
  • Don’t ask him who the person in the photograph with him is, once he starts talking about his s/o his mouth curls into a soft smile and he gets an affectionate look in his eyes and that’s him gone he will ramble on about them for ages.
  • Gaara isn’t very big on PDA, however as his relationship with his s/o develops every now and then he’ll give them a quick kiss on the cheek or will sheepishly reach for their hand when they’re walking together.
  • If his s/o is a ninja themselves or has a particularly dangerous job which requires them going away for weeks at a time, Gaara would be beside himself with worry in their absence and whenever they were due back he’d find some way of getting time off work to spend the day catching up with them and making sure they’re alright.
  • In a more modern AU, he’d create accounts on social media websites for the sole purpose of following his s/o. He likes all their pictures on Facebook and reblogs all the selfies they post on Tumblr. If they had a Youtube channel 99% of their views would be from him.
  • For Christmas, Kankuro gets him and his s/o matching dressing gowns or something equally as cheesy like mugs that say “I’m his” and “I’m theirs” as a joke and Gaara unironically loves them and uses them all the time.
  • Gaara likes to keep mementos of him and his s/o’s relationship regardless as to how insignificant they may look to other people. One day Temari is helping him have a spring clean and she finds an old napkin at the bottom of a draw and goes to throw it out and Gaara panics because it’s from the restaurant him and his s/o went to on their first date Temari listen it’s important you don’t understand.
  • Gaara would name at least one of his cacti plants after his s/o, he’d name an entire greenhouse after them if that wouldn’t be considered excessive and a little bit weird.

-Admin Evie

Reverse Idol (Jungkook)

Before I start this, I gotta say a happy birthday to Jung Hoseok, I hope he’s having/had (depending on the time zone) an amazing bday I’m watching the vlive rn but I’ve seen some gifs and it seems like he was really happy and that makes me s o happy also his new hair is so beyond cute I’m in love!! Last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan line, the final part to the maknae line, our golden maknae who is continuing to prove he’s talented, the first time I heard the whole “chong, jojun, balsa" bit I thought it was hobi but the fact that it’s kook is so amazing bc this kid can really contort his voice and I can’t wait for the MV, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (kook’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • This AU is gonna feature some youtuber!Jungkook (here) to sum it up, he’s a gamer on youtube 
  • Jungkook is another huge fanboy but he’s the O.O fanboy like chim’s the :) fanboy tae’s the :D fanboy but kook is just wide eyed “oh my god oh my god”
  • When he loves an artist, he seems to really just look up to them like him and GD, we all know that boy loves GD I mean wasn’t it him that made kook wanna become a singer/idol that alone says a l o t about how much kook respects him
  • In public he tries to be -_- (it doesn’t last long but he does try) but at home he loses it
  • He’ll hear your song in public and his eyes get really big and Yoongi’s mentally starting the ten second countdown before Jungkook starts  dancing along to it 
  • It starts off with just a bit of foot tapping around the three second mark, at the five second mark, his head starts bobbing, at the seven second mark, he starts swaying until he breaks into the full choreography
  • Whenever he plays your music, everyone just knows he’s about to come running into the room dressed head to toe in your merch and start screaming the songs so they just all prepare themselves, vmin start stretching so they don’t pull anything 
  • Sure enough, kook slides into the room with a hairbrush to use as a mic and start singing as loudly as he possibly can, not caring if he goes off key and he starts doing the dance to the song
  • But it’s actually really cute but all of the other boys get these huge smiles and they gotta join in
  • Okay but kook gets s o fucking into lip syncing or just goofing around and singing like we all remember the Linkin Park video that’s about all the proof I need and the fact that no one was really reacting to it tells me that he’s doing that shit at home too
  • The boys all know your music since I have this head canon that if one member knows an artist, they all know that artist just bc they’re all so close it’s easy to assume they’re sharing their favorite music with each other
  • Him reacting to performances is super cute too bc he gets so into it and he’s singing along and dancing and you can tell he’s genuinely enjoying it and what I love about kook is that he gives the performances his full attention
  • I was watching him react to one of Astro’s performances and his eyes are just glued to the stage and it’s so sweet
  • Of course I gotta bring up his reaction to the Rainism performance he literally started performing in the crowd and it was so fucking funny and cute you could just see how excited he got
  • His fans all know about his crush on you even though he tries to play it cool it’s pretty damn obvious
  • In the background of a lot of his videos, you can see some of your posters and some albums and he just giggles when he gets questions about it which totally gives away the whole crush thing bc your face lighting up at the mention of someone is normally a pretty good indicator that you have some sort of emotion towards them, whether it’s platonic or romantic
  • Plus in his live streams, he’s always got one of your albums playing in the background
  • And Vmin may have just maybe totally told everyone about his crush on you during one of their Q&As and Jungkook may have screamed when he saw them do it he m a y b e chased Jimin with a shoe and threw a banana at Tae’s head
  • Okay so an a m azing anon suggested this and it has become my head canon entirely
  • Jungkook has a tumblr right and it’s mainly art and gaming shit, those are the main focuses
  • He uploads his art a lot, they’re normally drawings of characters or musicians he likes and one day he uploads a drawing of you and everyone flips
  • Not only is it s o realistic, it’s also getting all of the shippers fired up and ready to scream bc it’s obvious it took some time to draw and Tae uploads a few videos of kook on snapchat like two weeks ago where he’s staring really intently at the screen of his phone and no one knows what kook’s drawing so everyone’s excited
  • And then the excitement doubles when it’s revealed that he was drawing you and then Jimin adds onto the excitement by stating it’s not the first time kook has drawn you 
  • You notice the drawing bc everyone sends it to you, even the people who don’t follow kookie send it to you bc it’s rea ll y good we all know how talented kook is especially when he puts his mind to something and he’s not about to half ass a drawing of his crush
  • You tweet out about it bc you don’t know who did it so you’re just like hey this is really good, whoever drew it and then everyone immediately starts telling you it’s Jungkook’s (the boys also help out by tagging you on instagram in kook’s pictures bc they’re wingmen all of them)
  • Kook decides in honor of your birthday, he’s gonna release a cover of his favorite song by you bc he’s released a few covers here and there already so why not do one for you and that does n o t help the shippers’ poor lil hearts at all
  • He doesn’t know that you know who he is yet so he doesn’t even think you’re gonna see it but little does he know, you’re following him on all the social medias bc he’s super cute in all the ways
  • It’s a more laid back version of your song, it’s just piano and kook’s voice which is s o nice and you can’t believe that this is the same kid you just watched dance around in a Pikachu onesie during one of his celebration videos
  • After that, you just h a v e to contact him bc he’s so sweet in his bday wishes to you and he’s just so cute and precious you gotta do it
  • “Your drawing was really cute and your cover was amazing, I’d love to meet you”
  • Ight but to announce your relationship to the public, he releases all of the other drawings he’s done of you
  • “Thnx for being my muse but no, I’m not gonna stop texting you pictures of puppies at three in the morning, they’re important”

25 July ‘16 | (44/100)

more bio notes!! tumblr didn’t post this earlier ugh

hey guys so sorry for being away for q a long time and not posting!! was rly busy with prelim exams and gna be semi hiatus all the way til o levels!! (87 days left *gasps*)

hope everyone has had a great Monday and wish you guys a rly nice week ahead!! :D press on yall!! 😊x

hi everyone, luhannet has officially opened and is now recruiting members o(≧▽≦)o♪ with this network, we hope to create a safe and happy corner of tumblr where lufans come together and share edits, gifs, graphics, videos, and love for luhan ~

before you join, please remember to do the following things:

  • read our rules here
  • reblog this post (we will check!)
  • fill out an application here
  • follow luhannet
  • track #luhannet on tumblr
  • link luhannet on your blog within a week of acceptance (we’ll shoot you a message once you’ve been accepted, and we’ll check back on your blog after a week!)

don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, and we look forward to having you join us!

I’m sorry I have been so inactive the past few weeks, and keep saying ‘I’ll try to get active’ and then not get active. University has gotten more stressful (so fucking stressful you wouldn’t believe) my mental health has been a rollercoaster, and I have a lot of personal stresses e.g. where I’m suppose to live after I finish uni; testosterone bullshit etc.

when I do have free time I am typically playing video games with friends bc the stress has really killed my muse and inspiration to roleplay and video games is just fun. I promise I will be active, I dunno when but at some point. 

I guess this is just a post explaining indefinite semi-hiatus? I’ll get to replies whenever I can, but probably no starter calls for a bit yet. If you really wanna thread with me and willing to be patient af tho hmu

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Maybe you know what happened recently with yorekichan? From weeks I saw her rare on my dash and now even her queue has ended. I miss her energy at my dash and worry.

Hi anon!!! ahhh my baby waifu is so busy busy those days, her work takes a lot of energy and time, so she can’t be a lot on tumblr and she put her posts in queue. So I guess her queue is empty right now?
I talked to her few days ago, don’t worry, she was ok!! 

I also miss my waifu a lot (;v;) <33 Let’s be patient and wait for her :))

Hey guys! 

I know I’m two weeks or more late for the witchsona week thing, but we kinda took our time to do this ahah

I’m very very pleased to be a part of this, ngoc ha is awesome! (<3)

Go and take a look on her tumblr, you won’t regret it.

Soooo, just saying : I’m a plant controlling witch with a tendency to like birds & she’s a light witch, playing with constellations and things

Hope you enjoy it o/

nnt week - day one (food) (click for full view bc tumblr likes to resize lol)

Q: who has the biggest sweet tooth within the sins?

A: merlin. she’s dependent on sweets when she is deep in thought.

Let’s talk about picking URLS.

Whether you’re changing urls or setting up a new blog, chosing a URL is a crucial decision and sometimes, it can be extremely frustrating. Often a URL will be taken by a fandom blog or saved by someone, causing rpers to take creative measures to try to use that url. Some people replace vowels with an X, some replace A or O with C and some add extra letters to make it work.

But one thing that is never okay is using a URL that is almost identical to another active rper.

By active, I mean, has posted within the past 8 weeks, you should not just change one letter of a url to make it work. This can lead to A LOT OF CONFUSION. Not only will tumblr autocorrect @ mentions to the older url but the tags can also end up autocorrecting to the older url.

As annoying as it is to have to try to pick a new url, please do not barely change a url when your first choice belongs to another rper; it’s remarkably rude and causes unneccesary problems.

it's a girl

headcanon: sakura hasn’t failed to notice the strong boy trend in the uchiha bloodline. she’s so sure they’re having a son that when she finds out it’s a girl, she doesn’t know how to tell sasuke. she forgets, however, that sasuke has never needed to rely on much more than his eyes to see through all the worries she tries to hide.
a/n: i’m sorry my tumblr layout makes the font so tiny ;o; too lazy to do anything about it right now lol but please send me prompts!!

She finds out on a cool Saturday morning, some time during the third week of her fifth month, when her doctor comes into the room with a coy smile on her face and a file in hand. There is no usual exchange of hello’s or how are you’s because Sakura hears how the doctor refers to the baby as “she” and “daughter” and her heart races momentarily before a soft warmth engulfs her.

A girl huh…

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Stay (Home) : A Vampire Marco Commission in Two Acts

Fall is a pretty good time for vampires.

The Pacific Northwest isn’t huge on heat to start with, but once August rolled into September the summer sun burned off for good, sinking into weeks on end of cool gray rain, with long winter nights closing in on either end of cloudy days, and Marco started to come outside during daylight occasionally, the clouds and endless rain keeping down the heat his weird metabolism couldn’t handle.  The rain turned the deep earth of his garden into clinging black mud that stuck to his fingers and streaked across his skin, obscuring freckles and highlighting hollows under his sharp cheekbones, and his garden bloomed and bloomed like it hadn’t noticed summer was over.

“Long-term investment,” he said when I mentioned it, with a satisfied smile, dragging the back of his faded, flowery gardening gloves across his sweaty forehead, rearranging some of the dirt on his skin.  “Benefit of living in the thame house for thirty years, I guess.  You can really build up the fertilizer.”

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Usuario de Tumblr destacado: Senyor Pablo

Blog: senyorpablo

Ciudad de origen: Zaragoza, España

Ciudad actual: Madrid, España

Primera publicación: Noviembre de 2010

Después de trabajar como atrecista en televisión, cine y publicidad, Senyor Pablo abandonó el audiovisual para confeccionar él mismo prendas de punto una a una, combinando motivos gráficos actuales y la técnica tradicional del tricotado. Desde hace 5 años desarrolla su propia marca y tricota para otros diseñadores, como Carlos Díez Díez, Krizia Robustella o Brain&Beast. Además, ha participado en El Showroom de El Ego de Cibeles (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid), colabora con iniciativas, marcas comerciales y artistas varios (Eastpak Artist Studio, Bubi Canal, Nacho Torra, BYOB, Libros Mutantes) e imparte cursos y talleres (IED, La Casa Encendida, Duduá BCN). En todas estas facetas, apuesta por encontrar nuevos usos y vías de expresión mediante el punto.

¿Cómo surgió la idea de crear Senyor Pablo?

Fue un poco por casualidad. En 2009, el diseñador Carlos Díez Díez no encontraba un taller de punto para confeccionar su nueva colección y, como sabía que yo hacía punto a mano como pasatiempo, me propuso que la tricotara yo. Gracias a su encargo y ayuda, terminé haciéndome con una máquina de tricotar, tejí su colección y a los seis meses estaba en el Showroom de El Ego de Cibeles presentando mi propia colección, casi sin darme cuenta.

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TITLES TO KNOW TUESDAY: Holy Trinity Fanfic (w/o 9/17 - 9/30)

Oh hi. Fancy meeting you here. You know, on your own dashboard. You’ve chosen to follow me though, so well done you for making excellent life and fanfic choices. It’s been a good week in prose here on Tumblr, so enjoy what has been bouncing around in reverence in my mind this week.  Past editions located here.

Disclaimer: The main ship I read is Hartbig but I also read Swace/Mace/Jarto and other ships depending on the author. (Oh, and I <3 Grester - DEAR G-D THEY ARE GOING TO KILL US ALL WITH THEIR INCESSANT ADORABLENESS - but I don’t read the fanfic.) These lists are always in random order. 

1. Cards and How You Play Them: by fic-big (Hartbig)

There was a new chapter posted….I KNOW. Try not to pass out. I almost did! We’re four chapters in to this high school AU where Hannah is a starting quarterback and Grace is her adorable best friend that has no clue Hannah is puppy dog eyes in love with her. If she did, she probably wouldnt be kissing her cheek so much…or maybe she would!? Oh yeah, and Grace is dating the most popular guy in school so you know there is going to be some tension. Mamrie is the football team manager and fucking hilarious, per usual but there is kind of a dark thread that runs through the fic so far - Hannah’s parents were in the mob, there is a nemesis named Dante who seems keen on getting Hannah into trouble, Grace’s boyfriend is kinda shady with other ladies and now Hannah is keeping secrets from Grace, the girl she usually tells everything to. It’s all very dramatic and very fitting of a high school AU and I for one am excited to see where it goes.

Great lines: This feeling, this vulnerability, is something that Hannah absolutely hates to do. It’s as if she has torn herself open, ripping herself apart and dangling herself for the whole world to see; and the whole world can see every scar, every bruise, every nook and cranny and dark spot inside of her.

2. Hearts and Thunder: by puns-n-butts (Hartbig)

I might as well make a rather permanent spot for Lise on this list because she is quite the wordsmithing mystical otter of loveliness. As someone who is also terrified of storms, this fic had my heart racing as Grace is scared and being comforted by a very warm and soft Hannah during a particularly bad clash of the elements. There is a very effective countdown from ten to one that is utilized  throughout the story super effectively for dramatic effect and it’s all written like poetry, lines protruding, sometimes dangling, begging you to breathe between them because by now you are tearing through them at breakneck speed with no plans to stop anytime soon. It feels like the storm is possibly in you now too, all clanging heartbeats and little gasps from prose that might just leave you a little unsteady too.

Great lines: Hannah had never before clung to a storm wrapped beneath a girl’s flesh. But she holds tightly to Grace in their own personal brand of total darkness. Hoping her short nails will perhaps leave tiny half-moon shaped imprints in Grace’s flesh. Because she, Hannah, was here. Tonight. And Grace is so caught up in her own stuttering pulse and all she knows is that she doesn’t want to be on her own. Not really, not now. Not tonight, when heaven and home have somehow bundled together into a tiny blonde and the sky is threatening to fall down upon them.

3. Undertones part 4 : by hartbig-in-onesies (Swace)

This one has been on the list before but part four has left me so kerfuddled (yes I invented a confusing word) that I had to include it. Previously, Grace and Sarah have been getting horizontal quite a bit and Grace has been trying to nail Jello to the wall in getting Sarah to stay after the deed is done because, well, Grace is catching feelings and wants things to be a bit more concrete and snuggly. She put her foot down last chapter and has successfully been avoiding Sarah, but as it often happens in mutual friend situation, they’re stuck in the same room together tonight and it’s bound to get interesting. (hint: it does in fact get interesting)

Great lines: Oh shit. Those green eyes are now staring straight at Grace, bright and familiar, and surely the intensity of the way that Sarah looks at Grace must come with mind-reading powers, or something. Grace tries to emblazon the word ‘BITCH’ onto the front of her mind in huge sparkling letters, in case Sarah does have these mystical powers, but gets distracted as a coy little smile flashes across Sarah’s lips.

4. Skyscraping: by iloveyouinchinese (Hartbig)

Turns out, El’s a poet and we didn’t even know it. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get stuck in an elevator with an attractive stranger? Well, toss Hartbig into that situation and we’ve got ourselves a fanfic. I loved this story because as a former resident of NYC, it’s so strange the situations you find yourselves in sometimes. The city is huge but tiny and you’re always finding elements of your personal space invaded and there are people you see once and have this intense moment with in passing because everything’s always moving too quickly for you to really grab on to anything. Living in NYC is like living in one of those mazes with the moving walls…by the time you figure out where you’re going, the routes changes and nothing looks the same. So maybe it’s meeting eyes on the subway platform, stolen glances at a cross walk,  someone picking up the umbrella you’ve dropped on the stairs and your hands touch, or maybe, it’s getting trapped in an elevator with someone who makes you feel something for the first time in a long while. Maybe they’ll be come the most important person in your universe or maybe you’ll never see them again. We all start out as strangers though, don’t we?

Great lines: 

She was the sound of teeth, puncturing the skin of an apple.

She was paradise in the summer with an oscillating fan.

Sunburns fade, though,

and hot pavement’s reborn every time it rains,

and she fades away, too.

The plane ride from Narita back to New York takes

12 hours and 50 minutes,

and after 12 hours and 50 minutes, I am reborn.

It’s a better place.

It’s catharsis.

5. Changing Winds: by carrotskoalasandbooze (Hartbig)

Two parts have been posted so far but the premise is mainly that Hannah has been running from relationships for some time now, accumulating one-night stands like baseball cards in a shitty trading deck, each one more generic and easily forgotten than the next… and then one night, she meets a leggy, funny, gorgeous brown-eyed girl who mocks her ability to keep track of her alcohol and leaves after a brief encounter and a few laughs exchanged. Now Hannah can’t get Grace out of her head, she’s the song that gets stuck on repeat and you’re standing in a department store and you SWEAR you can hear it even though it’s definitely not playing. It’s 3 months after their ten minute conversation before Hannah finally runs into her again. Fate? Kismet? Just an incessant need for caffeination and warm beverages? Who knows but damn, I am excited to find out.

Great lines: Just like a sweet piece of chocolate cake, the sex was sweet, delectable and you think that you’d love to keep eating it until there is just one bite that makes you absolutely sick to your stomach. Every girl was like a piece of chocolate cake, but eventually there would be that one morning that was like that one bite too many.

Additional thoughts: 

Ray onemilliongoldstars is still jamming on Practically Strangers and after Hannah had the terrible idea to try and avoid Grace before she fell for her, seeing as Grace is a bit straight, a package of epic proportions and fabulous taste in tv shows gets them back in contact. It’s a slow burn, this one, but it’s so so good.

And that’s all for this week! I hope you have enjoyed this little jaunt we’ve taken together. Or you know, haven’t gotten car sick all over the backseat or something after I warned you not to eat that whole pack of candy corn and sugar pumpkins, but noooooo. Ugh, go clean yourself up so you’re presentable for the rest of the day.


merry-kuroo  asked:

Hi! Don't know if this has been done, but how about GOM + Kagami's s/o convince them to get a Tumblr and now they are completely addicted to it?? Thanks and I love you and your blog <3


Akashi: “Sei, it’s actually a good site. You post or reblog stuff that you want to be in your blog and when people will like your posts, they will follow you!” you explained since he questioned y ou about what’s addicting in Tumblr.

“Followers? They’ll follow me?” he asked, trying to hide that amused smile on his face. “I’m impressed.”

(A week after)

You noticed how late it really was but Akashi was still wide awake facing his laptop. You tried to recall if you had homework to give him reason to stay up late on a Saturday night, but you didn’t have any.

“Seijuro it’s late already. I thought sleep is important? You keep on telling me that and now you’re the one who’s staying up late!”

“You go ahead, (f/n). I just need to track the addresses of my blog followers. They need to be punished since they didn’t obey me, Akashi Seijuro. I asked them to talk to me, yet no one came to my ask box and leave a simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello’. How dare they defy me? Anyway, good night. I’ll go to bed immediate once I’m done here my dear.”

Aomine: “What can you even get from there? I mean it’s just a site. Come on babe! Making out with me is a lot more fun, you know?” Aomine couldn’t handle the fact that you were actually spending more time on a blogging site than with him. He couldn’t see the point of choosing Tumblr over having sexy times with him…he just couldn’t.

“Well, it literally has everything that interests you…” you simply said. “Try to make an account and you’ll surely get me.” You didn’t have really try to convince him, knowing that maybe he’d just become too lazy to create one.


“Well, yeah.”

(A week after)

“Daiki let’s watch a movie together,” you invited as you scanned through the list of movies you have on your laptop. “I mean you’ve been spending too much time on Tumblr these past few days.” You were actually whining now, but he seemed not to get the memo.

“You just go ahead, (f/n). There are new updates in this Mia-chan blog. I’ll just follow after I finish scanning through the pictures.”

And you honestly tried your best not to hit his face with your laptop because Aomine…really?

Kise: “You should try it, Ryouta! Other models have a blog of their own, you know?”

After hearing that from you, he immediately snatched your laptop from you and logged your account out before creating one of his own. That information was enough to finally convince him and create a blog. You immediately regretted about saying such to him since he happened to become addicted to it right away.

(A week after)

“Kise Ryouta! Give me my laptop back! I need to submit a paper in History so please!” you yelled as you sent glares at your boyfriend. You didn’t really mind him using your laptop (he had one of his own but he didn’t know where he put it so he always borrowed yours), but the paper was an essential part of your final grade and you just couldn’t just let your boyfriend’s addiction become the reason of a late paper.

“(l/n)cchi! Five more minutes! I’m changing my theme and I can’t look for a good sidebar picture. What do you think? This or this?” he asked as he showed you two of the thousands of pictures he had. “Or should I just take a new one?”

“Are you serious? For real? You just changed your theme yesterday remember? You were bragging about a fan who volunteered to code for you and you’re changing it again?!”

Kuroko: “I don’t understand why you always have to share your experiences to people who live across the globe, (l/n)-san,” Kuroko bluntly said as he noticed how hyped up you were while answering a message sent to you about your latest post.

“I don’t know. I mean, I guess it’s because I can related to them and vice versa? It’s amazing to have internet friends too, you know! Especially when you two have the same interests! The connection will just be established right away and before you know it, bam! You’re like friends for so many years now.”

(A week after)

“Good morning(l/n)-san. I’m sorry to interrupt your sleep but, may I borrow your camera again?”

“J-just get it from my drawer,” you grumbled. “But seriously Tetsu…3:30 AM?”

“Well, like you, I managed to find friends on Tumblr. After this, may I borrow your laptop? I need to upload the pictures soon so that they can see it right away. Most of my Tumblr friends are from the US and I don’t want them to stay up too late just to see Nigou so I decided that maybe I should be the one to adjust.”

Midorima: “Tumblr? The blogging site? How absurd,” he simply scoffed when you mentioned to him that he should try to use Tumblr, too.

“Would you still consider it absurd if I say that there’s an Oha Asa blog and tons of other blogs of the same kind?”

(A week after)

“Shin you’re not listening to Oha Asa anymore…” you said, still not used to the fact that your boyfriend stopped listening to the horoscope every early morning.

“I follow Oha Asa on Tumblr so I don’t necessarily have to listen to it, unless I need to check things twice.”

“Oh you’re really a Tumblr user now? I bet you’re addicted to it!” you teased with that sly smile of yours that always made your boyfriend blush like hell.

“O-of course not!” he said defensively.

“Says the guy who has 1750 posts already. Are you reaching the daily limit?” you giggled noticing how the shade of red on his face deepened.

Murasakibara: “(l/n)chin I want to crush that laptop so much. It’s taking all your time from meeeeee,” the purple-haired boy whined. “What are you doing anyway?” He gave you a pouting face with a glare and you swore to the heavens that it was the cutest.

“I’m just on Tumblr, Atsushi!”

“I wanna crush Tumblr.”

“Even if you find out that there are tons of food blogs?”

(A week later)

“Atsushi! Himuro-kun is here already. I think you two have practice!” He was inside your shared bedroom and ever since you mentioned about the food blogs, he couldn’t help but create an account of his own just to reblog stuff that interested him (pretty much everything). He’d whine about how hungry he becomes by just looking at the pictures but he’d still stay on the site.

“Tell him I’m busy,” he shouted with that lazy voice of his. “Say (l/n)chin, do we have some heavy cream and condensed milk there? I saw a recipe on how to make a two-ingredient icecream. Oh wait is Murochin still there?”

Kagami: Curiosity was really killing him. What’s so addicting in Tumblr anyway? It’s just a blogging site yet you stay up all night just by scanning pictures and reading various materials.

“Well, Taiga, the Tumblr community is pretty big. I sometimes get my clothes from here you know? There are so many online shopping sites that have Tumblr as their host site. They have everything for anything!”

(A week later)

“(f/n), can you please pass my laptop?” he asked since you were relatively nearer to his computer.

You giggled, reaching out to him. His laptop was pretty heavy and yours weighed nothing compared to his. “You’ve been using your laptop quite often Taiga.”

“Remember when you mentioned about online shops?” he smiled sheepishly. “Well I created an account and looked for official sellers of basketball shoes and I happened to find one…” he explained, showing you the site. “And look, I just ordered a new pair of shoes from Nike.”

“But looks like you’ve been posting a lot, too,” you giggled pointing at his post count. “Let me see your posts!”

Your boyfriend became flustered the moment you opened his blog. You, on the other hand, couldn’t help but giggle due to the amount of recipes he’s been posting and, well, they actually managed to get tons of notes.

“So is this why you’ve been taking a lot of notes lately while you cook?”