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25 July ‘16 | (44/100)

more bio notes!! tumblr didn’t post this earlier ugh

hey guys so sorry for being away for q a long time and not posting!! was rly busy with prelim exams and gna be semi hiatus all the way til o levels!! (87 days left *gasps*)

hope everyone has had a great Monday and wish you guys a rly nice week ahead!! :D press on yall!! 😊x

ohvegeta  asked:

I haven't been on tumblr much and I haven't really seen anything from your blog lately so I hope you're doing well. Keep on doin' the art, Nadia :*

I’m sorry I haven’t been more active lately ;o; This week has been really… hectic, tbh. And apparently my vision is getting worse sO THAT’S NICE. But I’m doing well, I think :’D And yes, I will keep doin’ the art that I do, thank you for the encouragement Alyssa ;O; <333333

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wait wait wait, u wrote that???? it's one of my fave ritchie!adlock fics ever!!! that one and Ah! rammenta o bella Irene <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Thank you so much!!!!! (ノ♥ヮ♥)ノ*:・゚✧ I am publishing this because I want to keep this message 5ever.

It means the world to me that you like it, because your blog is such #goals, top quality, 12/10 would recommend and I’m a huge fan of your Sherlock + tumblr posts edits!!!!!!

I’ve been considering doing a revised version of Glowingly (and posting it separately) correcting all the odd grammar, the words I got the meaning of wrong, editing some things here and there. That fic was a bit of an exercise on learning English, so there are many things I cringe at, reading it now.

I still get the odd review here and there, and lovely people like you saying they like it, which I’m just so amazed?? and flattered and bashful about??? Doesn’t quite register in my brain lol. So do you think, if I ever did a revised, probably shorter, rewrite that people would be interested in that?

And you also read Ah! Rammenta??? Thank youuu 😘 I have a finished chapter I haven’t published yet because I think it will be the last one, and I don’t quite want to close the door on that fic yet. Anyway, just letting you know there is more coming on that one.

Let’s talk about picking URLS.

Whether you’re changing urls or setting up a new blog, chosing a URL is a crucial decision and sometimes, it can be extremely frustrating. Often a URL will be taken by a fandom blog or saved by someone, causing rpers to take creative measures to try to use that url. Some people replace vowels with an X, some replace A or O with C and some add extra letters to make it work.

But one thing that is never okay is using a URL that is almost identical to another active rper.

By active, I mean, has posted within the past 8 weeks, you should not just change one letter of a url to make it work. This can lead to A LOT OF CONFUSION. Not only will tumblr autocorrect @ mentions to the older url but the tags can also end up autocorrecting to the older url.

As annoying as it is to have to try to pick a new url, please do not barely change a url when your first choice belongs to another rper; it’s remarkably rude and causes unneccesary problems.

nnt week - day one (food) (click for full view bc tumblr likes to resize lol)

Q: who has the biggest sweet tooth within the sins?

A: merlin. she’s dependent on sweets when she is deep in thought.

I’m doing these slot’s for these pose??? base thingy I made! :D

now red line is example. 

I’m doing a full Drawing(shading and everything.) for about $6? if that’s okay?

Slot’s on Commissions







-message me if interested

-Looks at my Do’s and Don’ts on my “Commissions” (witch it’s here.–>  )

-Please give me full reference sheet or a clear picture on what the character looks like.along with there color palettes(don’t tell me the colors you’re character has you can use msPaint for you’re palettes if you like.) 

-Please do not be rude or disrespectful please. 

-you can pay now or half/half :o 

-I do not give out refunds unless I’m pass the week mark (I’m giving myself a week to work on them.)

That’s all i have. C: 


please do not repost my art please and thank you!

Jay-Z, photographed performing ‘Izzo (H.O.V.A.)’ on the stage outside the MTV Video Music Awards on September 8, 2001. On his shoulder you can see he has stitched an “Aaliyah” badge onto his jersey. Just two weeks earlier he had tragically lost his close friend in a plane crash.

DID YOU KNOW: Aaliyah’s favorite basketball team was the Chicago Bulls. I wonder if Jay-Z picked this BULLS jersey on purpose when paying tribute? 

// reblogged from aintnojigga and aaliyahalways tumblr.

Hey guys! 

I know I’m two weeks or more late for the witchsona week thing, but we kinda took our time to do this ahah

I’m very very pleased to be a part of this, ngoc ha is awesome! (<3)

Go and take a look on her tumblr, you won’t regret it.

Soooo, just saying : I’m a plant controlling witch with a tendency to like birds & she’s a light witch, playing with constellations and things

Hope you enjoy it o/

The 100 + Bellarke drabble based off of this tumblr prompt: “can i please take a picture with you it’s for a scavenger hunt i swear i’m not creepy”.

This has to be the most ridiculous frosh week activity in the history of stupid frosh week activities, Clarke thought. The upperclassmen at Ark University had decided that a scavenger hunt beginning at eight o'clock p.m would be a fun activity for the freshmen. Why a scavenger hunt? Well, I guess the older students wanted to see the new students run around the college campus, drunkenly stumbling around and attempting to finish the list of things to do to complete the scavenger hunt. Most of the students had been non-stop drinking all day - it was frosh week after all - so the task would most definitely be an interesting one, that’s for sure.  

As Clarke was handed the list by one of the student organizers, her other group members circled around and introduced themselves.

“ ‘Sup guys, I’m Raven, and I’m a first-year in Mechanical Engineering.”

“Hey. Name’s John, but everyone calls me Murphy, and I’m a first-year in Criminology and Psychology.”

“I’m Monty and he’s Jasper and we’re Physics and Chemistry majors.”

“WHAT’S UP BITCHES! I’m Octavia, and I’m gonna be studying Sociology and Gender Studies.”  

As the group collectively turned to look at her, Clarke introduced herself, “Hi everyone, I’m Clarke and I’m in pre-med.”    

In attempting to read the list, Clarke realized she was more tipsy that she’d thought - seeing as how the words were a little blurry on the page. “Okay, so here’s our list for the scavenger hunt and it says everything must be documented by photos/videos and only one person from the group has to complete each task.”

Clarke continued, “Okay, our list is: 1. Dress up a stop sign on campus with at least 2 articles of a teammate’s clothing. 2. Sing/dance on a street corner and collect 2$ from passerbys. 3. Climb one of the many trees on campus. 4. Photo-bomb someone/a group. 5. Jump in the pond at the entrance to campus. 6.  Take a picture with a live animal. 7. Take a selfie with a stranger.”

Clarke thought for moment, “Okay why don’t we split up and one part of the group will get half the list and we’ll take the other. And we’ll send photos to the other half of the group once the task is completed. Then we’ll meet back here.” Clarke said, gesturing to the quad.

“Sounds like a plan.” Octavia said, “I’ll head ou with Jas and Monty and we’ll do numbers 2, 3 and 4 on the list. That leaves you Clarke, Raven and Murphy to finish up the others.”

“Okay, meet back here in an hour or so?” Clarke asked.

“Got it!” Octavia said, dashing off with the two boys.

Clarke turned to the remainder of her group, “Okay, what should we start with?” 

Raven glanced at the list first, "Dress up a stop sign - simple enough.” She glanced around, found a stop sign and strode purposely toward it. Taking of her shoes and shirt she decorated the stop sign and snapped a picture. Returning to Clarke and Murphy while putting her clothes back on she asked, “What next?”

As Raven asked, Clarke’s phone dinged with a message. Reading it, she got a picture of Octavia, Monty and Jasper photo bombing a group with the caption One Down! Smiling, she glanced at Raven and Murphy, “They finished one of their tasks too!” Clarke explained.

“Cool. What’s next on the list? Jump in the pond right?” Murphy asked.

“Yeah,” Clarke replied.

“I guess I’ll do that one.” Murphy said. The three of them began walking to the campus entrance, where the pond was located.

When they got there, Raven took out her phone, ready to snap the picture of Murphy, “On the count of three Murphy! 1, 2, 3!”

Murphy jumped into the pond, semi-nude, with a loud splash. Turning and giving Raven two thumbs up, she snapped the picture of him. Murphy climbed out of the pond and put his shirt and shorts back on, as Raven sent the others the updates of their progress. In return she got a picture of Monty and Jasper way up in a tree, with the caption 2 down, 1 to go!

“Okay next up is take a picture with a live animal.” Clarke said. “Hey, do you think those birds over there count?” she asked.

“I guess so. Here, let’s grab a selfie with them.” Raven replied. She and Clarke knelt as close to the birds as they could and snapped a photo of themselves. It turned out okay, so they saved the photo. As they saved their own photo, they got a video message from Octavia, so they played it, “Hey guys! I just sang and danced to Single Ladies on the side of the street and made $5 to complete our last task. So we’re heading back to the meet-up point. See ya in a few.” The video ended.  

“Alright well we’ve still got the 'take a selfie with a stranger’, so Clarke this one’s all up to you. Murphy and I’ll head back to meet Octavia, Jasper and Monty and get all our stuff organized. Meet us there when you get the picture!” Raven yelled, already taking off with Murphy back to the quad.

“Okay not a problem. I’ll just ask the first person I see, no big deal,” Clarke muttered to herself. Glancing around, the first person she saw was a guy sitting at one of the benches in front of a dorm under a street lamp, reading. So she walked over to him, getting her phone out.

As she got closer, Clarke realized the guy was actually incredibly good looking. Like a rendering-her-speechless kind of attractive. He was sprawled casually on the bench, his tall frame managing to look comfortable on the park bench. He had short and dark, curly hair, tan skin and was that a smattering of freckles across his exposed collarbone and face, Clarke thought.

Shaking herself out of her staring, Clarke cleared her throat,“ Hi! Um, can I please take a picture with you? It’s for a scavenger hunt. I swear I’m not creepy. See?” She handed him the list of tasks, that he read.

The stranger glanced up at her then, and oh lord, his eyes were this warm, dark, chocolate brown that absolutely made her melt. He smiled up at her, “Sure, Princess. I guess I could help you out. That is, only if you introduce yourself.” He smirked.

“Oh, right. Um, Clarke.” She said, holding her hand out to him.

He smiled, “Alright Clarke, name’s Bellamy,” he replied shaking her hand. “Why don’t you sit here, we can take the photo.”

Clarke sat down next to him. He put his arm around her and pulled her in a little closer, keeping his hand on her upper arm. She tried not to think anything of it but damn, that felt good. Way too good. Clarke held the phone out on front of them, smiled and snapped the photo. Reviewing the picture, she could help but notice they didn’t look like strangers at all, more like a couple than anything.

“Is it okay? The photo?” Bellamy asked.

“Yes, it’s great! Thank you so much for your help.” Clarke smiled up at Bellamy. Their eyes locked for a long moment, she couldn’t help but get lost in those warm brown eyes. 

Realizing she still had to go meet her group, Clarke reluctantly got up from the bench. Turning back to Bellamy, she said “Seriously, thanks! I wanted to get this silly frosh activity out of the way, and thanks for not thinking I was a total creep.”

“Anytime Clarke, anytime.” Bellamy replied, smiling at her, then returning to his book.

She couldn’t help but smile to herself as she walked back to the quad.


Back at the quad, the group was waiting for her. As she approached, Octavia glanced at her flushed expression and small smile Clarke was still wearing, “Uh oh guys, I think Clarke may have found a HOT stranger to selfie with!” Octavia said in a sing-song voice.

“Oooooooooooooh! Clarke lemme see!!!” Raven exclaimed. All the boys just rolled their eyes.

“Guys seriously, it’s not a big deal. Though he was attractive, like wow.” Clarke enthused.

“Well LET’S SEE!” Raven snatched Clarke’s phone away so she and Octavia could have a look.

Suddenly Octavia burst out laughing. I mean really laughing. “Uh Octavia? You okay? What’s the matter? The dude is pretty hot and Clarke doesn’t look THAT bad!” Raven questioned.

“HEY! I resent that!” Clarke said with a smile, lightly punching Raven’s shoulder.

Finally Octavia composed herself enough to speak. “OHMYGOD, NO! No, don’t worry, it’s nothing like that at all, it’s just well umm- that’s my uh, that’s my brother.”  

Fic: Friendships and Fandoms I

Summary: The popular TV drama Star Force is coming to an end. Actor Rum Gold realises how little time he has left to spend with his make-up artist Belle French, and determines to make the most of the coming weeks before they have to part for good.

Then Belle accidentally introduces Rum to her tumblr blog…

Note: This is going to get long.

Hugemongous thanks must go to the wonderful forzaouat for her invaluable insights. Forza, if you read this and cringe, I apologise most profusely. I daresay I will be coming to you again in coming weeks with more questions!


It was five o’clock in the morning at Storybrooke Studios and the set of popular prime-time drama series Star Force was seemingly deserted apart from security (one of whom was sleeping), and a rather dishevelled figure wearing jeans, an undershirt and a bathrobe, limping in the direction of hair and make-up with his cane in one hand and a battered newspaper from the previous day tucked under the other arm.

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Usuario de Tumblr destacado: Senyor Pablo

Blog: senyorpablo

Ciudad de origen: Zaragoza, España

Ciudad actual: Madrid, España

Primera publicación: Noviembre de 2010

Después de trabajar como atrecista en televisión, cine y publicidad, Senyor Pablo abandonó el audiovisual para confeccionar él mismo prendas de punto una a una, combinando motivos gráficos actuales y la técnica tradicional del tricotado. Desde hace 5 años desarrolla su propia marca y tricota para otros diseñadores, como Carlos Díez Díez, Krizia Robustella o Brain&Beast. Además, ha participado en El Showroom de El Ego de Cibeles (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid), colabora con iniciativas, marcas comerciales y artistas varios (Eastpak Artist Studio, Bubi Canal, Nacho Torra, BYOB, Libros Mutantes) e imparte cursos y talleres (IED, La Casa Encendida, Duduá BCN). En todas estas facetas, apuesta por encontrar nuevos usos y vías de expresión mediante el punto.

¿Cómo surgió la idea de crear Senyor Pablo?

Fue un poco por casualidad. En 2009, el diseñador Carlos Díez Díez no encontraba un taller de punto para confeccionar su nueva colección y, como sabía que yo hacía punto a mano como pasatiempo, me propuso que la tricotara yo. Gracias a su encargo y ayuda, terminé haciéndome con una máquina de tricotar, tejí su colección y a los seis meses estaba en el Showroom de El Ego de Cibeles presentando mi propia colección, casi sin darme cuenta.

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