their new song :3


visit twit90s and listen to a new 90s playlist, hope you like it <3

songs at the playlist:

come as you are - nirvana

don’t look back in anger - oasis

losing my religion - r.e.m.

don’t speak - no doubt

creep - radiohead

torn - natalie imbruglia

iris - goo goo dolls

bitter sweet symphony - the verve

song 2 - blur

mr. jones - counting crows

last kiss - pearl jam

basket case - green day

ironic - alanis morissette

whatever - oasis

scar tissue - red hot chili peppers

learn to fly - foo fighters

boys don’t cry - the cure

black or white - michael jackson

ordinary world - duran duran

champagne supernova - oasis

zombie - the cranberries

what’s up - 4 non blondes

more than words - extreme

wind of change - scorpions

Hot off the algorithms, it’s Fandometrics.

Television: Miraculous Melissa McCarthy

Miraculous (@officialmiraculousladybug) jumps three spots to No. 3 in anticipation of its Netflix rerelease. 
Saturday Night Live came back at No. 13 after Melissa McCarthy killed that Sean Spicer impression.

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Movies: Two love stories, and that’s all they have in common.

⬆ With the release of the final trailer and new theme song, Beauty and the Beast leaps to No. 3.
☆ Sundance superstar Call Me by Your Name debuts at No. 14.

Music: Two queens, two babies, and a big football game.

Beyoncé (No. 1) knew we needed good news so she got pregnant with twins. All hail Beyoncé.
Lady Gaga (No. 2) is not far behind after she broke up the Superbowl with her halftime show.

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Celebrities: Where’s Dylan, tho?

Kristen Stewart (No. 1) used SNL to remind us how obsessed POTUS was with her ex-boyfriend.
Cole Sprouse (No. 4) rises from the Riverdale mist for the first time since June.

Games: What have you been playing?

☆ Stop, drop, and roll: Fire Emblem Heroes debuts at No. 6 after its recent release.
⬇︎ Animal Crossing: New Leaf has seemingly taken up residence of our list. This week it’s at No. 13.

Web stuff: Happy birthday, happy new show!

AmazingPhil (@amazingphil) celebrated his birthday on the 30th, moving up three spots to No. 2.
Joe Sugg has a new TV show, and a new home at No. 19.

Ever Since New York From Another Room
Harry Styles
Ever Since New York From Another Room

what esny would sound like if you lived next door to someone that just went through a break up from a relationship that lasted two months tops but still hit them hard.

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Yuki Kaji/Takashi Kondo


Kanato Sakamaki vs Subaru Sakamaki

カレイドナイト (Kaleido Night)