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Name: Clarissa
Age: 17
Country: USA

Looking for a pen pal because why not? I’ve always been interested in that sort of thing. I love making new friends.

I’m about to be a senior in high school. I absolutely love art, tea, photography, Netflix, listening to music, reading traveling, and of course…. my cats.

I’m a pretty kind person, but I don’t tolerate any kind of disrespect.

I enjoy a whole variety of music, as well as movies.

I’m also Hispanic… along with that I have brown eyes, dark brown/black hair, and somewhat tan.

Preferences: I’d prefere someone around my age.


Would like to talk on here, social media, or messenger apps.. then letters later (:

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I don't know where you stand on the whole Disney owning Star War thing, but you have to admit that they at least brought life back to the franchise. Right?

I’ll admit they brought a lot of money. Which, I guess, makes for a lot of opportunities for future projects. I would argue that life never left it. It was always the fans that keep these kinds of things alive. 

I’ve stated my opinions on Disney before, and I don’t think we should settle for decent when we can get great. From what I understand, it seems that Disney is more interested in money vs caring about what the fans want. 

What do you guys think?

Like I said before, I’m not the biggest fan of the Bayformers in terms of dialogue, story, humor, or the human characters, but I do love the action, effects, and designs, so much so, that I want to rp as them, but only the transformers themselves, and with my own stories. What do you guys think?

Disney Fathers

A father loves you

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He teaches you about the world

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He loves spending time with you

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He loves to make you smile and laugh

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And being your father makes him smile

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He watches over you

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He is always ready to protect you

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And he will fight to keep you safe

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He gives you advice when you need it

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And is there for you when you’re sad

He helps you find out who you are

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And he learns from you as well

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He supports you and your dreams

Even when no one else does

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He wants you to achieve your goals and fly

And he is proud when you succeed 

No matter how far you go, he’ll be there when you return

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No matter how long you were gone

He prepares you for the world as best he can

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And lets you go explore it

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No matter what, he will always love you

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The one that raised you might not have been a true father

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But somewhere in the world you will find a father

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Your father might be a brother

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Or a teacher

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Or a stepdad

Or a friend

But they will be there for you

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And they will love you

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And support you

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And you will find them 

Because everyone has a father somewhere


If Carmilla “re-vamps” in the movie, I hope that means she randomly turns into a cat at some point without realizing it 

(And yes, Catmilla can talk because why not)