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Dylan Sprouse goes nuts while still managing to look fine as a dime as he portrays Lucas Ward in his new movie ‘Dismissed’


Check out a 2nd new clip of Dylan Sprouse in ‘Dismissed’ which will be released next Tuesday November 21st  on VOD!

omg i loved thor ragnarok

i’ve literally just seen thor ragnarok and i need to talk about it right now while it’s fresh in my mind.


-first of all I loved this film. It was funny and incredible and amazing.

-all the jokes were actually hilarious. Personally I thought this was funnier than Guardians 2 maybe not the first Guardians.

-the fight scene at the beginning was incredible. When the camera was following Mjolnir looked so amazing.

-also Loki’s play was so good. It was funny and Matt Damon omg. It took me a while to realise it was actually him so I couldn’t believe it was him at first.

-also Loki’s “shit” when Thor turned up killed me.

-Loki falling through doctor strange’s portal for 30 MINUTES omg

-the whole interaction between Thor and dr strange was hilarious as well

-Hela’s entrance holy shit. It was so badass. The whole character was so badass

-everything that happened on Sakaar killed me. It was so funny

-I’m actually in love with Korg. His little voice and just the tone he says things in, he sounds like a flight attendant. It’s great

-I’m gonna skip to the fight on the bifrost.

-Thor was a fucking badass. The lighting was so cool.

-the fact that the fighting was to the immigrant song made me so fucking happy.

-basically I loved this film

-also I fucking loved Loki in this film. If there’s any imagines/one shots/fan fiction of Loki specifically in ragnarok pls tag me in it

-there’s so much more I could talk about but I can’t be bothered to write anymore

i am officially starting the conspiracy that bill skarsgård did not actually play pennywise

like how can this gorgeous face go from this:

to fucking this:

this face chiseled by the gods:

to this ugly mother:

this sexi boi:

to this scarie boi:

sure there’s blood on his face, but still sexy:

blood on his face and still… uh…


bill skarsgård never played pennywise, they just used his name and sexy face to bring in more people