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reading a post about asian ethnotypes and stereotypes and

(excerpt from this post)

hate to relate everything to homestuck but there are clear stereotypes leading to the popularity of a particular trend within homestuck ethnicity headcanoning: AKA poc prospits vs white derses. and, by extension, asian prospits vs. nonasian derses.

the reinforcement of stereotyping is so unabashedly blatant that it pains me to think about and try and explain this in terms that are understandable; but i’ll try my best to properly communicate my thoughts on the issue.

prospit is less popular than derse. not gonna lie, i’m a derse kid fan myself. prospit is less popular for many reasons (development is just plain better for the derse kids, most of the prospits except john get largely ignored/ character arcs aren’t completed well at all, people find that the derse kids are more relatable due to their less obviously bright personalities, etc. note that this is swapped for the trolls.) and for some strange, twisted reason, this makes people want to shove their poc headcanons on to the prospits. Well, not necessarily prospit is less popular therefore they have more poc headcanons, but:

there is a clear link between the “prospits are more likely to be HCed as people of colour” fact and the “prospit kids are generally less popular than derse kids”. you can argue that it’s because people prefer the whole prerequisite for derse, but that isn’t solely the case. People like to project their fantasies onto the characters they like; ergo, they like to envision their favourite perfect white model Striders and Lalondes, because it’s something they want to see in the characters that they view as superior. I was the same, when i first got into homestuck: i was all for imagining jade and john as fun quirky chinese kids versus dave and rose, pale as the moon and perfect in every way. because, despite how much i love all the kids, i related to dave and rose more, especially, and i was eager to project my fantasies in the same way.

while the most popular depiction of all the kids is skinny and white, this is the case even more so for derse. i’ve seen my fair share of POC headcanons for the strilondes; plenty of black and hispanic headcanons for them but the fact remains that they are still generally the vast minority in comparison to the majority of “perfect” looking white daves, dirks, roses and roxys. whereas if people want to make their art look more “diverse”, what’s their first thought? change jade’s skintone a little darker, by a shade or two, cause she lived on an island. jake too. dark hair? prospit thing, so they’re “more suited” to being depicted as POC. the weird-ass general image of all the prospits being glasses-wearing nerds? obviously the derse kids aren’t so they’re white, and if anyone’s gotta be POC, then its gonna be the Prospits. imperfect prospits, with their buckteeth and glasses.

(ignoring the fact that all the kids are nerds.)

yknow what?

this is bullshit.

people seem to forget that hair dye is a thing, that the art style of homestuck is vastly interpretive, that the #FFFFFF of their skin is merely for artistic ease because hey guess what? all the kids are aracial.

now, onto the asian thing.

isn’t it just absolutely astounding how han chinese is the largest ethnic group in the world and yet it’s the most underrepresented main group in the entire fandom? 

Not to mention the fact that asian headcanons, if they exist at all, consist largely of japanese and korean ones. i have absolutely nothing against this, because they’re few and far between as it is, but you’re forgetting that the rise in popularity of japanese and koreans is due to the influence of pop culture; namely, anime and k-pop. both of which have western fanbases that can be incredibly harmful upon the livelihood of their respective root countries, and the increasing rate at which fetishising “cute japanese schoolgirls” and “hot korean boys” etc. becomes more and more common. fetishising east asians is not a compliment. it’s on the same level as fujoshi culture normalising the fetishisation of m/m relationships. it’s harmful and uncomfortable for all involved.

as a (mainly) han chinese teenager, all i can tell you is this: as a child, I sometimes wished that i could be korean, maybe. or japanese. because if i couldn’t be white, then it’d be nice to have been viewed as part of the group of “perfect asians” - the skinny, pale, beautiful japanese / korean models that apparently represent asia for the rest of the world. obviously, there are many, many problems with this mindset- the world’s view on asian people had forced me into thinking that i wasn’t good enough if i wasn’t exactly how they saw asian people should be. representation matters, in that it’s comforting to find characters just like you, that have the same or similar cultural experiences to you, being showcased throughout fandom and media content. i cannot emphasise this enough.

the fandom has an abhorrent habit of ignoring the rest of asia which, in case you didn’t get the memo, contains over 60% of the world’s entire population. that’s right. and within that 60% contains a plethora of different cultures, languages and racial groups (within China alone there are 56 different ones.)

so, where are my malaysian lalondes? my chinese-indonesian striders? pakistani rose? tibetan roxy? kazakh dave? there are literal hundreds upon thousands of different separate groups i could name all of which don’t necessarily include the main ethnic groups within japan and korea.

*i’m not trying to bash on korean or japanese people. i know that as a chinese person i already have a highly significant vantage point over even the more commonly acknowledged south asian groups ie. thailand, indonesia, cambodia, india, malaysia, etc. but, the effect of the popularity of weeaboo/otaku/koreaboo culture has gone too far and it’s become sickening.

*i’m also not trying to make people who already have nonasian POC headcanons for the kids feel bad. i appreciate everything you’re doing; this is just me trying to remind the world that asia exists.

basically, if you realise you’re making fancontent that follows this trend of either:

- all white kids, or one slightly-darker-skinned-jade-amongst-a-sea-of-pale-faces

- POC prospits vs white derse kids

maybe, just maybe you could think about researching and including asian derse kids in your headcanons. I know that a lot of people like to see themselves in these characters (myself included- why do you think i’m so worked up about telling people about asian striders?) and i understand that. At the end of the day, i can’t change anything about what anyone’s doing and i certainly don’t want to pressure people into thinking that they’re doing everything wrong.

my sole objective is to maybe let people at least consider thinking over what their accepted headcanons are, and perhaps push towards a change that will mean that i don’t feel quite as alone as i do creating south-east asian strider-lalonde content.

in conclusion: the white derse vs nonwhite prospit dichotomy is bad and needs to be stopped. and also asia is a very large continent with over 4 billion people on it and many, many ethnic groups.

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What do you mean by saying you don't want "Not like the other Pearls" in the show? I really like your meta but I didn't really understand that part.

Judging by the time stamp, you’re talking about this post.

It was a half-joking reference to the phrase “not like the other girls”. The implication that it’s unusual and amazing that you can do something or be proficient in something or have a certain personality trait despite the fact you’re a member of [minority] - which is the exact attitude Peridot currently has towards Pearl, btw, so she still has miles to go on that front (“I have to admit, it’s remarkable that a Pearl such as yourself could become such a knowledgeable technician.” - I mean yeah, it’s remarkable, but it’s remarkable because of how other Gems treat pearls, not due to pearls inherently lacking the potential or capacity or whatever).

Basically, I don’t like the idea that our special protagonist Pearl is superior to and better than meek, obedient “other pearls”, who suck, ew. I mean the “If pearls are really like you say they are, then Pearl isn’t common at all.” line still rubs me the wrong way a bit, as I’m intensely invested in that Pearl Solidarity, every pearl can do things if given the chance good stuff. And also, a bit more subtly and on an implied level, fighting and engineering skills don’t make you inherently superior to someone whose skillset focuses on something else - it’s the determination and constant work at acquiring those skills (whatever they may be) that sets someone apart, especially, as is the case with pearls in this particular universe, in the face of huge social barriers - that is the message I believe the “common vs. amazing” speech was supposed to convey, along with the at this point general SU theme of bettering yourself and constantly evolving and changing. The emphasis isn’t supposed to be “She trained herself to fight, she learned how to build things!”, but rather “She trained herself to fight, she learned how to build things!” and of course the conclusion “and she works hard every day to be greater than she already is”.

So the one thing I don’t want to see the show pull, particularly once we get to meet Homeworld pearls, is some sort of shallow she wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts/she holds up the tail ends of Yellow Diamond’s cape, I BUILD SPACESHIPS AND FIGHT IN A GLORIOUS REVOLUTION IN THE NAME OF ROSE QUARTZ thing - and the creators have so far caused me to have considerable faith in them and their handling of often delicate matters, so I hope this continues here, as well.

I hope all this made a bit more sense now? I don’t know, it’s just something I feel strongly about, and I’m not sure I can properly convey.

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do you know how you're gonna avoid ndrv3 spoilers until it comes out in English?? because I really would love to play the game w/o knowing all the murders and stuff but on this site idk how to avoid spoilers and I'm following a lot of dr blogs I don't want to just unfollow mutuals ygm???? what should I do????

Yes hello there anon, sorry for only responding now, I was pretty tired last night after streaming! Anyway, I’ll just list pretty much everything that I have planned and hope that it’ll help you out:

On tumblr:

1. Of course, blacklist the heck out of “ndrv3 spoilers” and other v3 name variants like “drv3 spoilers”, etc. If you wanna be extra careful and don’t mind not seeing the characters for a while blacklist the whole ndrv3 tag overall.

2. Close submissions. People can just send you an ask if they want to show you something.

3. Turn off anonymous. I personally won’t do this, but more about that in the next point.

4. Really silly sounding, but if possible, get someone who understands what spoilers are/or is into Danganronpa themselves and doesn’t mind spoilers and let them check your ask box. It has to be someone you trust of course, I trust my best friend with everything so she will check my ask box for me to prevent spoilers. I’ll leave anon on for the shy ones.

5. Check your favorite blogs and mutuals to see if they have written about spoilers in their description or in a link on their blog. “I will tag spoilers” “I won’t tag spoilers” is a common phrase I see for bigger blogs to give you a warning beforehand. If they don’t say anything about spoilers on their blog check their past entries to see if they actually tag things (including spoilers).

6. Yeah, you’ll probably have to unfollow them if they don’t tag spoilers and refuse to do so for whatever reason (which is completely ok). Just write those blogs down and go follow again after you’ve played through NDRV3 yourself.

7. I personally will go on Hiatus on the release date of the English localisation because I am sure my dash will blow up that day. I will play the game myself, then come back onto my blog. I’ll announce this beforehand.

8. No more tumblr mobile.

9. A lot of mutuals will probably also wait for the English release, so you’ll prolly be on the same boat, you might wanna talk to them about it. Chances are they will not even reblog any spoilers.

10. Make tumblr chat available for blogs you follow only.

11. Add “No spoilers about NDRV3 please” in your description and/or ask box. Yes, there might be jerks who want to ruin your experience through ask box, but with the precautions I’m taking I’m just gonna let my friend block them without me even seeing those spoilers. Too bad for them.

Outside of tumblr:

1. Youtube. New Youtube account. No clicking or watching Danganronpa videos. You might get recommendations about NDRV3 that way, including spoilery thumbnails and/or spoilery titles.

2. Discord/Skype. No more group chats where people you don’t know properly yet are. I will leave all Discord groups that are DR-based aside from my streaming group because I completely trust them.

3. AO3. No searching through Danganronpa - All Media Types (or the NDRV3 of course) fanfics. Check just game/other specifics like Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc nd stuff. Possibly block NDRV3 fanfics too in case someone decided to put the ndrv3 cast and previous casts together.

4. For all of those who go to Cons with a cosplay: It probably won’t be a good idea to cosplay a NDRV3 character before you have played the game. I don’t wanna limit you on this, but it is possible that someone would accidentally slip a few spoilery words out towards you without even meaning it.

5. Streaming-sites. Including art streaming site Picarto. You prolly won’t want to join if you don’t know the streamer properly and see that they’re making DR art or is streaming DR content.

6. As a streamer yourself. I personally will start private streaming and giving the links to people I know frequent my streams/people whom I trust only. This option on Picarto is only available with a Premium account.

7. Google. You know google is the big source for all those sweet, sweet Danganronpa spoilers. Heard of Danganronpa for the first time and you’re googling the pics? Well, too bad, scroll just a tiny bit down and you’ve been spoiled. You probably don’t want to google Danganronpa after it’s been a while since the release.

8. This should be a given: Danganronpa Wikia. It’s a spoiler landmine, don’t go on there. Even if you just want to add a picture for a previous game’s character, the most recent pictures added to the Wiki will show up and they are most likely going to be things such as executions and other spoilers.

9. Ask people (tumblr or outside, whatever) when the English NDRV3 will be instead of trying to search it yourself (unless you get like a heads up on your dashboard or something).

Download MP3 (music only) or MP4 (video) files of YouTube videos if you:
-Want to still listen to DR OST and your only source has been YouTube up to now. Go download your favorite tracks in MP3 format to listen to them privately so you do not have to try and wiggle your way around through YouTube only to see a spoiler.
-Want to still watch some videos. Perhaps you want to download the NDRV3 trailers and maybe the opening too (which I suspect will come out before the game just like the DR2 opening if I’m not mistaken), or other DR videos. Download them in MP4 format instead of going on a risky adventure on the DR side of YouTube.

My thoughts on when NDRV3 might come out:
This is just my pure speculation and nothing official of course, but I thought I’d voice my expectations for the waiting time on here:

DR1 JP first release (PSP): 25th of November 2010
DR1 NA first release (Vita): 11th of February 2014
-> a 3 year and 78 days gap

SDR2 JP first release (PSP): 26th of July 2012
SDR2 NA first release (Vita): 2nd September 2014
-> a 2 year and 99 days gap

DR:AE JP first release (Vita): 25th of September 2014
DR:AE NA first release (Vita): 1st September 2014
-> a 11 months and 7 days gap

EU and AUS release are usually just a few days after NA release.
I personally suspect that it will take less than a year, just like DR:AE. I heard DR:AE didn’t do so well in NA, apparently? I cannot say this for sure, but I’m hoping that that doesn’t scare them off since NDRV3 is a main series title after all. I am hoping it will take 8 months, but do not take my word for that. This is gonna be a tedious wait.

I hope this helps at least a little bit.

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Malec for the OTP question meme: 1, 3, 4, 11, 12, 17, 24, 28 (you don't have to necessarily answer all of these I'm just giving you options haha.)

ha! i’m doing all of them

1: Who is the most affectionate?

Alec’s tendency to stutter, and stammer and lose his words around Magnus does not fade with time. Instead, Magnus just gets better and better at rendering him speechless. It works, but, as usual, Alec finds a way. With words, he struggles, but with his body, Alec is eloquent to the point of poetry. A quick brush of lips for ‘hello,’ and ‘goodbye.’ Tight hugs for ‘I miss you,’ or ‘be safe.’ A reassuring squeeze of a shoulder for ‘that was brilliant,’ or ‘i’m here if you need me.’ Deep, slow kisses for ‘i love you,’ and ‘i need you,’ and then, eventually, closed eyes and a bowed head for emotions too precious to name. 

3: Most common argument?

After Izzy’s trial, “the law is the law,” becomes less of a fact and more of an inside joke between Alec and Magnus because of how often it comes between them. As a shawdowhunter (or, more importantly, as the acting head of the Institute), Alec’s first instinct is to obey the rules, while, as a downworlder, ignored and condescended to by the Clave, Magnus’ first tendency is to artfully bypass them. Jace and Clary learn very quickly that the best way to get something done is to ask them both for help. 

4: Favorite non-sexual activity?

For 400+ years, Magnus Bane’s favorite thing to do has been to talk, to tell stories, to spin yarns that may or may not be true. After he meets Alec, however, his favorite thing to do is to tell stories to Alec. Alec doesn’t doubt, doesn’t poke holes in his stories, doesn’t wrinkle his nose in suspicion, doesn’t even interrupt Magnus (except to laugh). He just lies with his head in Magnus’ lap, a smile on his face, and his fingers entwined with Magnus’ own. And listens.

11: Who tops?

Magnus is too experienced and Alec is too curious for them to do anything but try every single thing that Alec can come up with. Which means they switch–almost every day, almost all the time. 

In terms of dynamics, however, it’s Magnus. It isn’t that Alec doesn’t like to rough him up a little every once in a while (he does–Magnus has both the hickies and the finger-shaped bruises to prove it), but that he doesn’t ever need to be the one in charge. Magnus doesn’t have to either, but when he’s with Alec, who wears his pain and his frustration (and his eagerness to please) as openly as he wears his wounds, it’s hard not to slip into that role. Harder still is pretending to ignore the way Alec responds to it, the way he blooms like a flower in the sun under the subtle, almost unconscious demonstrations of Magnus’ care–a quiet instruction here, a calming gesture there, a whispered word of praise as often as he can get away with.

Eventually, Magnus stops pretending.

12: Who initiates kisses?

Magnus has spent too time holding himself back, and Alec has spent too long suppressing his emotions, so for a long while, kisses between them come far and few between. Instead, they orbit around each other like stars, softly bumping knees and brushing fingers, gazing at each other’s lips and contenting themselves with a soft (and safe) kiss on the cheek, until one night it becomes too much and they crash into one another, knocking over wineglasses and weapons alike in their eagerness.

After that, initiating kisses is not a problem. Stopping is the hard part.

17: Who says I love you first?

It wakes Alec up in the middle of the night, knowing he loves Magnus. He can feel it–in the cool evening air, the shiver in his skin, the silk beneath their bodies. He holds the knowledge close to himself for a long moment, marveling at the rightness of the feeling, and smiles down at Magnus’s sleeping form, still curled towards him. 

I love you, Alec whispers–still quiet, still in awe at his own unbridled emotion– and sees Magnus’ mouth quirk upwards. His eyes narrow.


“In my defense,” Magnus begins, quickly untangling himself from the sheets, “A, you are a very loud thinker.”


“And B…” Magnus places a hand on Alec’s bare chest, right above his heart. His eyes are soft. “I love you too.”

24: Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

It’s barely 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon when Magnus finds Alec in the Institute, slamming his fists into a punching bag like it’s Valentine himself. “If that’s what they teach in stress relief classes here, I’d get my money back,” Magnus murmurs, smiling as he comes into the room. “Pounding that bag won’t make you feel any better.” To be honest, he’s thinking clandestine kisses, perhaps a quick massage or two.

But Alec turns around slowly (too slowly), and backs Magnus into the wall like a hungry predator. “Would you prefer I be pounding something else?” he asks, and only barely manages to smother his laugh when Magnus goes bright red from the tops of his cheeks to the middle of his chest.

And just like that, Alec feels just fine. 

28: What do they do when they’re away from each other?


Worry and bury themselves in work to pretend they’re not worrying.

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Hey, I'm not sure if I quite ship Enoch and the Woodsman as a romantic thing at this point, but I think the idea of their relationship is really interesting and I'd like to hear more about it. If you don't mind, could you share some of your thoughts about it?

Hhooo boy, I can already tell I’m gonna get pretty long-winded with this! I’m super interested in their relationship; even though we know very, very little about it from what’s in the show. But it’s definitely there, I think.

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