their name meanings fit them very nicely


BJD Box Opening: MYOU Ailsa

I ordered her in stock from Junkyspot, she’s in the normal skin (which is on the yellower side), with the three part torso, small bust and with a face-up. She won’t be keeping the face-up, since she’s destined for the dyeing pot, but she came with it and was still a good price, so I didn’t mind too much. It is quite a cute face-up though. 

Her box is a sparkly beige colour and she came along with a pair of walking dead socks, a pokeball with a tiny transparent Abra, a whale eraser. She also came with a credit card type certificate that appears to be sculpt specific, a little booklet and a maintenance form? Apparently you can use it to send the doll in for maintenance? I’m not entirely sure what that means. Her bag is gorgeous and velvety, it’ll be great for taking her to meets.

Her arms are very nicely strung but her body is a little loose. Surprisingly she’s also more chunky than I was expecting. I was going to have her wear this cute dress that I got from Luts, but it doesn’t fit her. Hopefully I’ll have something she can wear.

So far, she is tentatively named Aisling 

(sorry for the lack of pictures, tumblr apparently decided that the majority of them couldn’t be uploaded no matter what I tried)

Dear Cis People:

Remember, when a trans person changes their name, do your best to support it! It’s very important to show that person that you’re taking them seriously and that you care about them. And for the love of everything good in this world, DO NOT MAKE FUN OF THEIR NAME PLEASE. It’s like, they spent all their time picking it a name they thought represented them well and fit them nicely, so please don’t ruin it for them. I’m sorry if it’s out of the blue for me to say this, but saying things like “You named yourself after a pig?” is just plain ‘ol mean. Support trans peoples’ names, please.

-Mod Wilbur