their moments


170430 LAX (airport) to Korea

Can you hear me screaming as I use my phone to make gifs and to update?

Hah! I was supposed to be sleeping but nope this has to slap me in the face

Look at how cute and adorable this is! Chanyeol doesn’t seem to want to be filmed by the cameras so he starts clinging on to Baek, who has suddenly become the knight in shining armor. I’m not sure but I think Baek had a tiny smile on his face when Chanyeol started learning on him ;-;

Ugh remember that time where Chanyeol covered for Baek when he didn’t want to be filmed? Well the tables have turned and I love it

Airport moments are LIFe

Class B memes

  • pushing Tusburaba off cliffs to cope
  • Kendou “yaoi hands” Itsuka
  • Sen is not straight
  • Shishida the furry
  • referring to Tsunotori as “my little Pony”
  • whispering “lizard girl” when someone says Setsuna’s name
  • asking Ibara for a favour and then saying “do it for the vines”
  • humming the Sailor Moon theme everytime Monoma wears his hero suit
  • sticking googly eyes to their faces and pretending they are Tsuburaba
  • saying “marry me” whenever Honenuki does absolutely anything
  • *Honenuki picks a pencil from the floor* Tsuburaba: marry me
  • *Honenuki holds the door open for Manga* Manga: marry me!!
  • Kinoko’s face is the dark secret that must never be revealed to the world even though she said she was okay with showing them what’s under her bangs
  • saying “guess we’ll have to sacrifice someone to the gods” after any minor inconvenience happens then everyone saying “Monoma” right after
  • adding more Tetsus than necessary to Tetsutetsu’s name
  • the more Tetsus you add the funnier it is
  • Pony holds the record with fourteen Tetsus
  • making bets on “what color is Awase’s headband today”

Punkle’s first mohawk for a sweet Anon.