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Home Invasion (Peter Parker x Reader)-Part 1

Character Pairing: Tom Holland’s Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 3,140 (might have changed I went back a revised a bit)

Warning: Rape mentions, cussing, literally the title (if that’s even a warning you never know with Tumblr)

 You hated being home alone. When your parents first told you that they had to go to a family friend’s wedding, you panicked. You pleaded to go with them, not because you had wanted to see the ceremony, but because you couldn’t stand the thought of sleeping in the apartment all by yourself. Of course they had said no, just for the sake of airfare prices, but it wasn’t that much of a letdown since you didn’t even know the bride and groom anyways. Being the stubborn girl you were though, you were relentless with your parents about going, until they finally bribed you into keeping your mouth shut. 

 Not surprisingly, you spent half of the money they gave you on takeout food, since cooking for one is just too much of a hassle. Plus, cooking for just yourself was yet another reminder that you were completely alone in your apartment. 

 Grabbing the brown paper bag of food and a soda, you made your way over to your room. You plopped down on your bed, and began to flip through channels on your T.V. It didn’t take long to find a good movie, this one in particular was actually one of your favorites, so you were quite content, getting swept up into the storyline almost immediately.

 Although, at some point while watching, you felt a wave of loneliness hit you so abruptly, it made your heart sore. You all of a sudden craved the presence of another person with you, just to keep you company. Knowing this feeling wouldn’t go away on it’s own, you called the first person you wanted to be with at the moment. Your best friend, Peter Parker.

 Tapping on his contact, and putting your phone to your ear, you waited patiently while listening to the dial go off every few seconds. Normally, he’d pick up within seconds, the sound of his eager voice greeting you was what you had expected. But after a couple of minutes of waiting, when he answered, he spoke in a low, hushed tone. “Hey [Y/N.]”

 “Hey Peter, so my parents aren’t home now and I was just wondering if you maybe wanted to come over a-”

 You stopped talking when you heard shuffling sounds and yelling on Peter’s line. Where was he? “Parker, are you okay? What’s going on?” You questioned, your voice heavy with concern. 

 As the phone was silent, you stood up from your bed and began pacing nervously, waiting for him to answer. Your worry only began to heighten every time a sound other than Peter’s voice emitted from your cell. You began to consider hanging up on him and dialing 911, but then you realized that would be pointless since you have no clue where he is. He definitely wasn’t at home judging from the sounds of cars every so often. Finally, after a few minutes of waiting anxiously, he responded. “Look [Y/N],” he sighed, a bit of guilt laced in his voice, “As much as I’d like to come over, I’m sorta caught up with some stuff right now.”

 You frowned, not only because he was rain checking yet again- even more-so when he knew you were all alone, but also because you were distraught about this whole phone call. Why was he acting so weird? Peter had been acting off for a while now, but this was a whole new level for him.

 “I’m sorry, I know how much you hate being home alone,” he whispered now, rushing through his words as if he just wanted to end the phone call, which made you even more upset. “I’ll make it up to you though, I promise.”

 As you heard the three beeps that signaled Peter had hung up, tears began forming in your eyes, causing a stinging sensation. Closing them, you pressed your fingers against your eyelids, trying to wipe away the feeling. How could he be so indifferent with you?

 Peter had been different for a while now, and you’ve grown so used to this side of him, you chose to ignore it for the most part, almost becoming blind to it. Almost. Every now and then, you would catch him in a lie while he tried to make an excuse up for why he didn’t have time to hangout with you, but you never dared to confront him about it. It just wasn’t your style. Well, it wasn’t your style until now. This was your last straw, and you promised yourself the next time you see him, you’d ask him what his problem is.

 Although you didn’t want to admit it, you were scared Peter was just blowing you off because he didn’t want to be your friend anymore. Maybe he was getting sick of you, found you to be clingy, and he was just too sweet of a guy to ever say that to your face. It was a horrible thought that made your heart hurt every time you’d think about it.

 You sat on the edge of your bed, shoulders hunched forward and your head in your hands just crying, drowning in your thoughts. Even though Peter had done this for a while now, it just dawned on you how much you missed him. The intense pain of loneliness you had felt before dulled out after a while but it still hurt. You somehow knew this discomfort you felt wouldn’t go away until you could see Peter again. You wanted to hear his melodic laugh as you told him a joke, and hell, you would sign up to be a comedian if it meant listening to that forever. You wanted to see his cute little grin when he’d walk up to your locker in the hallways at school, greeting you, his eyes lighting up when you smiled sweetly back at him. You missed the science banter between him and Ned, always being on his side, even if he was wrong. You couldn’t wait to see the next time he’d awkwardly stumble, and you as always, would laugh your ass off as you watched his cheeks bloom with a tint a of red. Don’t even get started on the way he speaks with such passion about the Stark internship. He was so dedicated to the job, it made you happy he found something that he loved so much. You missed everything about him. 

As you dozed asleep, emotionally and physically drained, you had one last thought before you completely slipped unconscious.

 I think I like Peter Parker.

 You woke up to the sound of glass breaking outside of your bedroom. It sounded a bit muffled, but it was loud enough to wake you up. Maybe it was just a cup falling in the kitchen, you tried to reassure yourself. A few moments after the crash though, you heard the distinct sound of footsteps. They sounded a bit farther off outside your room, but you knew for sure that these noises were coming from your apartment.

 Now fully alert, you swung your legs around to the side of your mattress and stood up cautiously, not wanting to make any noise. Your heart began to thump hard against your chest as you tiptoed silently to your door. A plan of escape began to form in your head, which had nothing to do with going through the main doors as an exit, but you wanted to see the intruder’s face before leaving. After all, if the police were to catch this guy when you notified them later on, they’re going to need a description. Grasping the doorknob, and giving it a slow turn, you smoothly swiveled your door open and poked your head out.

 Your eyes scanned your apartment, quickly locating the invader. Judging by their height and broader shoulders, this person was a man. His back was facing you as he was tearing apart your living room, not even bothering to keep the noise level down. 

 That’s when a thought popped in your head. He seemed to have known that your parents would be gone, since he obviously isn’t being quite stealthy. This is someone you knew. Someone who was a neighbor in your apartment. He must have assumed you had gone away with your parents if he was being so careless at the moment.

 Breaking yourself out of thought, you suddenly had a brilliant idea. It would just take being careful and waiting for the perfect moment. Grabbing your cell phone from the pocket of your hoodie, you opened the camera app, holding it up to the man. As you were waiting for the burglar to turn his face, something caught your eye on the phone screen. Squinting to try and make out what it was in the dark, your eyes widened as you put your hand over your mouth in horror when you realized what he was holding. It was a knife.

 At this point, you honestly couldn’t care less if you shot a good picture of his face or not, you just wanted to get the hell out of there. Preparing yourself, you took a deep breath and with shaking fingers, pressed the camera button.

 You knew what your mistake was seconds too late. 

 You kept the flash setting on.

 The whole living room lit up in a bright light, the burglar whipping his head in your direction. This man definitely lived in your apartment, you’ve seen him around before, but you never learned his name.

  When his cold, menacing eyes met yours, you felt the dread of your mistake wash over your whole body like a wave. It was the most horrible feeling you’ve ever felt, the realization of how dangerous this whole situation was, now that he knew you were here.

 Thinking fast, you swiftly slammed your door shut, locked it, and pushed a chair up against it. You didn’t know how you even managed to do that, since your whole body was shaking due to the fear coursing through you like venom. You ran towards your window, beginning to turn all the safety locks your parents had installed on it. 

 “You can’t escape from me, [Y/N].” The man said, his voice so sinister sounding, you couldn’t help it as a chill ran down your spine. The way he addressed you was so… final. Almost as if he was one hundred percent sure he was going to catch you. Finalize you.

 Heart rate quickening at that thought, you began using all the strength in your arms to pull up the window, but cursing loudly to yourself when it wouldn’t budge. The locks were jammed from all the years of never opening this window, you always opened the smaller one, but you were much too big to fit through that one.

 “C’mon [Y/N], think, think, think,” muttering to yourself as your eyes scanned across your room, until they landed on baseball bat. You couldn’t help yourself as you let out a cry of relief, rushing over to the other side of your room to grab it.

 Ironically enough, you always kept that baseball bat beside your bed in case anything like this were to happen. You could cry you felt so grateful that your past self was crazy-cautious enough to go through the measures of putting it there.

 You were just about to swing the baseball bat into the window to smash it when you heard it.

 First, it was just heavy pounding against your door.

 Then it was the distinct sound of wood cracking under pressure.

 He was breaking down your door.

 Knowing your door would only take a few more blows, you hastily struck your window with the bat, the sound of breaking glass sharp in your ears. The cold city wind rushed in as soon as the window had been smashed, nipping at your nose, but you didn’t care.

 You had to keep moving if you wanted to make it out of this alive.

 You swung one of your legs out of the window, straddling it, and planted your foot on the fire escape platform. The glass was cutting into your thighs and hands but you didn’t feel anything at the moment. You were numb, the only thing that mattered was escaping. 

 As you began to bring your other leg around the window sill, you saw a shadow move in the corner of your eye. Your neck snapped to the side and you couldn’t help it as you let out a shrill shriek, seeing the man break through the door with a loud CRACK, not even pausing as he stalked towards you. You stumbled onto the fire escape, and strangely enough, the panic didn’t fully set in until now. Panicking lead to not being able to think straight, and not being able to think straight lead you to making possibly the worst decision you’ve ever made: you started running up the stairs instead of down.

 A sob escaped your lips when the realization of this mistake hit you, but it was too late anyways. The man was behind you, already climbing the set of stairs you just finished going up. You didn’t dare to look back, fearing that you would freeze up if you didn’t like how close he was getting to you.

 What would happen once you reached the top? There was nowhere to go once you got to the roof. Would the man quickly end your life, so there were no witnesses to his burglary, or would he make you suffer? A shudder ran through your body as you thought about the possible ways he could slowly kill you off. 

 You didn’t know whether or not this was the final chapter to your life, but one thing was for sure. You would keep fighting until there was no use. When you couldn’t run anymore, you would crawl. When you couldn’t crawl anymore, you would drag yourself inch by inch, still trying to get away. That’s just how you were. You were too stubborn to give up.

 You were so swept up in your thoughts, you didn’t even realize you had reached the top. That’s when the fear that you had pushed away this whole time, tucking it into a corner of your mind, was rushing back with an overwhelmingly intenseness to it. The feeling was so strong, it knocked the wind out of you, leaving you a heaving mess, gasping for air. This was it. You were done for.

 And he knew it. 

 The man chuckled, probably because you now stood in front of him, all thoughts of escape gone. You were like a deer in headlights. Eyes wide, moving sporadically, feet planted, body frozen in place. Not knowing where to go. 

 Ever since you were young, you’d always made fun of the stupid teenage girls in horror movies that just stood in place as the killer approached them. Now in their place, you gulped down the lump in your throat as you realized how they had felt.

 The knife in his hand gleamed under the moonlight, now so foreboding-looking, you couldn’t help it as tears began to form in your eyes. Being the stubborn girl you’ve always been -not wanting to show any signs of weakness, you fought them, trying to not let any spill, but it was too late. They were already silently streaming down your cheeks.

 As you started backing away from him, not daring to turn around in fear he would jab his knife in your back, it didn’t hit you until you felt the heel of your shoe step back into nothingness: this was the edge of the roof. You had gone your limit, and now there was truly nowhere to run. A sharp pain poked at your stomach, and you let out a whimper as you looked down to see the tip of the blade pointed at you. The man was now so close, your chests were almost touching, which made you shudder with disgust. You squeezed your eyes shut tight, waiting for him to make the final move of killing you. But that never happened. 

 “Now, why don’t we stop playing games,” he said, jabbing the knife against your skin a bit more, “And let’s start having some fun.” His disgustingly grimy hands skimmed the waistband of your jeans, tugging them slightly and you recoiled as much as you could. As he began unbottoning your pants, thoughts raced your mind so fast, it was hard to keep track of them. 

 It was the way he said it that made you have a feeling what he was about to do to you would be far worse than death. So cold and unforgiving. He was looking for another way to show that he had more power than you, more control. He wanted you to be scared and backed into a corner, that’s just the way his sick, twisted mind worked. But you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of this: you refused to.

 “Fuck you.” You said, surprising even yourself with the way you managed to snap out those two words. It was so hatred-filled that if words could kill people, this man would be dead and gone. You spit in his face just to have one last accomplishment before you did it.

 Before you let yourself fall back.

 All you remember about falling was screaming. Screaming so loud you felt like you might rip your vocal cords in half. But you weren’t the only one screaming, the wind was too. It was whipping past your ears, blowing your hair in all different directions as you free-fell at a killer speed. This was it. You were going to die. You thought of your mom and dad, and your heart shattered in half as you realized they may think you had just wanted to commit suicide. If only they knew.

 Just as you began squeezing your eyes shut, bracing for the impact, you felt an object ram into you from the side. You let out a gasp of air as the force of whatever hit you knocked the wind out of you. As silly as it sounded, you thought at first it may have been a bird that hit you, but when your eyes snapped open you knew it wasn’t any kind of animal that ran into you. It was a human. More specifically, it was Spider-Man. He saved you.

 Noticing you were looking up at him, you felt his arm around your waist give you a gentle squeeze. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you.” He said, his voice so quietly comforting, you feel your heart beat steady to a normal pace soon after his words. Maybe it was just your imagination, or maybe you had misheard him due to the whistling of the wind as he webbed between buildings, but you could’ve sworn he added in, “I’ve always got you, [Y/N].” 

A/N: Hey guys! So when I had originally thought of this idea, I wasn’t going to make it so long, but I usually tend to draw out stories so there will be a Part 2 to this. (If everyone wants one I don’t know maybe no one will end up reading this just let me know if you’re even interested in a part 2) I was supposed to cram it all into one fic, but I thought that may have been a bit long. Also, I’m very, very sorry there was barely any Peter in this but I promise part 2 will have a ton more of my baby, and it’ll be super fluffy so just you wait!


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Eric x Reader

Requested By Anon

Eric stomped through the room to grab a tray of food. He was late so the best food was gone, putting him in a foul mood. With a glowering scowl he glanced around, daring anyone who was looking over at him to continue doing so.

When he finally started to eat, he spotted a girl at the other end of the table, nervously fiddling with her cup, as if waiting for something. He finished quickly, leaving like almost everyone else had, glancing back suspiciously when the girl put her cup on the side and left.

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the last post from the apple music promo - it made me so wistful cuz they just go from laughing and catching one another eyes to just being wistful and it's something people do like you just get totally caught in one another and then you get a bit shy and in this case I dunno maybe louis was having a bit of a rough day and he smiled big for a moment... nice gif still!

My heart aches to witness the moments when Louis appears to catch himself in the middle of something — enjoyment? feeling carefree? — and his face falls after a look off-camera…

(Aug 2013)

Dec 2014

Dec 2014

Sept 2015

call it a hunch


Excerpt: The first time Dan brings up posture, Phil is hunched over his laptop and feels rather as if he’s been caught in the act.

This was written for @pinofs and the @pinofsappreciation project! Happy early birthay, Nikki :D <3

Beta: Laney

Word count: 3.7k

Warnings: excessive use of innuendo, smut

read on ao3

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Imagine: Hiking with Sam.

Sam x Reader

Content: Fluff & Smutty beginnings

Request @har-rystyles: Hiiii! Hope you’re well, I absolutely adore your work! Your way with words is just beautiful. If it’s alright, could I request a Sam/Reader fic? Loads of fluff, with a large helping of smut on the side; perhaps where the reader is interested in photography? A walk through the woods with Sam and her camera, or small intimate moments where the reader cant help but capture every detail of Sam that she adores- take it wherever you want! Thank you Xx

Salt mingled in the cool morning breeze, drifting through the forest carrying the scent of the sea from the west. The relaxing psithurism soothed and excited your mind drawing unending waves of energy despite the early hour. As the crisp air kissed your cheeks you grinned unrestrained at the path before you as if the babble of the creek to your right spoke amusing tales to the canopy of new green above. Lingering snow in the pockets of shadows patched the browns of tree bark with bright white allowing the infantile shoots of grass and flowers to appear in the richest of greens. You paused on the path leaning back ten degrees to view the scene through the lens of your camera. You twisted the focusing ring to compensate for the wide landscape and clicked.

“Did you get a good shot?” Sam’s voice; as soft as the spongy soil below your boots, warm like the dancing rays of sunlight drifting through the leaves, and as clear as the brook following the path, asked.

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Right in Front of You: Part 2

Paring: Sana x Yousef 

Show: Skam 

Sequal to: Right in Front of You 

Summary: It’s August and things have changed since Yousef left. 

Again angsty. Sorry guys. 

It was a surprisingly sunny day in Oslo. The docks were brimming with people. Children playing. Teens skateboarding. Sweet old married couples gazing into the ocean. It finally felt like summer. Sana sat observing her surroundings. 

“Sana!” Jonas yelled waving his hands in front of her face. “Are you there?”

Suddenly, Sana snapped back into reality.

“Of course,”

“You seemed distracted”

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28 hs au of andrew when neil goes back home for vacation orrrrrrrrrrr??

send me a softer world prompts! 28.I miss doing nothing with you. (I miss not having to pretend to like your family.)

there was a two second delay to andrew’s answers over the line which meant either of two things: a) andrew was sluggish with sleep or b) the connection was absolute shite. or, possibly c) both.

the timezones kind of worked on their favor. with sixteen hours between them, it meant that even if the rare sun was out at 7 AM and neil was reclining on the couch, it meant that andrew was being his usual insomniac self and hiding under his covers at 11 PM.

neil pouted at the camera, noticing that andrew had that look on his face that said that he was on the group chat with renee. “i’m sick, drew.”

andrew hummed in agreement, possibly to the wrong thing. 

“i’m sick from missing you,” neil admitted. he caught the pause in andrew’s typing, caught the moment that andrew actually switched back to his facetime screen just to look at neil.

andrew looked at him for a few more beats, the message taking a while to get to the other end, before going, “you need to find better friends in that shithole.

neil huffed, “at least say it back. and what kind of person am i supposed to befriend in this neighborhood? all the people within a ten mile radius have the potential to be child predators.”

andrew rolled his eyes, “you’re sixteen, not stupid. figure it out.

neil sighed, looking at the way andrew’s face was lit up by his laptop screen that was probably on in the background. the rest of the screen was dark. aaron slept early, and nicky often came home late.

“i miss being there,” neil admitted again. “i like it better than here. at the very least, i don’t have to pretend to be my mother’s son when i’m with you. i’m just neil.”

andrew considered this for a few moments, or not. the either/or theory was getting a little confusing.

i miss you too.”

it didn’t work like this, neil thought. it never worked like this when they were in the same room, on the same continent. they never had sentimental words exchanged between them, never had to vent too openly because they’d rather be talking about nothing, everything, anything but themselves.

“i wanna come home, andrew,” neil whispered, loud enough to be heard through the speakers.

come back to me.”

send me a softer world prompts!

Why I love Wanna One: Jihoon edition

Jihoon, aka Park Jeojang aka WinkBoy

  • Jihoon is indeed beautiful so his fanbase was the largest since day one after  that legendary Wink. But he’s much more than that
  • Self Managing trainee: Jihoon was ambitious and determined to reach his goal. His goal was to make it and he worked hard since stage 1. 
  • His wink made him famous but it wasn’t just a moment that randomly got caught on camera. The boy was winking for 4 minutes straight just to get one wink caught on camera. That’s determination
  • He’s talented: We all know how these survival shows work. People, especially younger fans tend to gravitate first towards looks. That’s why when WinkBoy rose to the top people assumed that it was only for his beautiful face.
  • But the boy can dance, sing and rap. He’s an all rounder. He can do everything AND set new trends that even your faves do at fansigns. A legend.
  • Now, a lot of people didn’t even have the chance to witness his skills because Mnet would barely give him any screen time related to his talents(once again, snakes)
  • He still worked hard in every stage, to show the best result possible. While he was ambitious and aimed for the center spot, he still was respectful of his team mates and their decisions and worked as a member of a team.
  • He has a very extra side of him: I’ve said this before. WinkBoy is extra. As he worked strategically throughout the competition towards his goal, he was very careful of his image and seemed somewhat reserved. Which is smart, knowing how Mnet comes up with nonexistent drama.
  •  But we still got a small glimpse of it, in the center position evaluation when he randomly started Voguing (impressive), and towards the end of the show when he managed to let loose and ran around in pink asking for people’s signatures.
  • Despite his insane popularity he was still humble. We didn’t see him complain even when he was worried about his ranking dropping. He was always worried about his fellow contestants and was happy for their success. 

For these and many more reasons I love my son Park Jihoon and you should too because he’s squishy, talented and he knows how to work hard to achieve his dream.

(3/11) ~ WannaOne Appreciation

A Very Bad Idea (M) // Choi Youngjae

Originally posted by markjin

Pairing: Youngjae x Reader (ft. the other members of GOT7)

Genre: Smut, Comedy

Summary; As you and Youngjae are about to get a little heated together, the rest of GOT7 walk in on you both.

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So my brain is not remembering words at the moment, like the name of the place where they keep all the camera monitors, so I’m just going to call that the base… 

Requested by billcipher1989

You had been sitting at base with Aaron for the past 30 minutes, monitoring every room and listening to the audio to see if you could pick up any movement or sounds.  In one of the monitors, you could see Zak looking around the room with the spirit box, trying to communicate with one of the spirits that he had been following around for most of the time.  Getting caught up in staring at him, admiring his form and everything about him, it took you a few seconds to realize that Aaron was trying to get your attention.  Looking at him, you took the headphones off.  “Did you find something?”  You ask, trying to be oblivious to the dorky grin that was on his face.  It was Aaron, he was always smiling about something.  

“Only thing I found was you staring a little too intently at those monitors.  Specifically the one with Zak.”  He nudged your shoulder, causing you to push back.  “Psh, please.  I’m monitoring.  It’s not my fault if he’s standing in one of the frames.”  He wasn’t buying it for a second.  “Uh-huh.. so when are you gonna tell him you like him?”  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  You said nonchalantly, returning your gaze back to the monitors, realizing that Zak was no longer in view.   “Come on, Y/N.  It’s painfully obvious that you like him. Only person who doesn’t seem to know is Zak himself. “  You looked at him again, a light pink tint showing up on your cheeks,  thinking how careful you were trying to be to keep this as your secret.  “Painfully obvious, huh… Fine, I’ll admit it, I like Zak.  But it doesn’t matter because he’s shown no indication that he feels the same way.”  

Right before you could continue your thought, you heard the door slam behind you, causing you and Aaron to whip your head around.  You felt your face flush as soon as you saw Zak standing there, his arms folded across his strong muscly chest.  “What’s going on here?”  He asked, his expression faltering as he tried to hide his smirk.   “Nothing, we’re just.. I’m watching the monitors and he’s checking sound.. we’re working.. did you.. did you get anything?”  You were going to pretend like he didn’t hear everything you just said.  He came in after you mentioned his name.  He doesn’t know a thing.  

“Can I talk to you for a second, Y/N?  Outside?”  Your shoulders fell and you gave a nod.  This was it, you were going to get fired. You were on the job, you shouldn’t have been talking about feelings or stupid shit like that, you should have been professional.  "Look, I’m really sorry.  I don’t know how much you heard, but I should have kept it-”  “I heard enough, I think.”  He interrupted.  Your head dropped and you looked at your hands.  Your face burning up, and even through the terribly lit hallway, you knew he could still see your bright red face.  “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”  “Hey, listen.. I’m not here to yell at you, you’re not in trouble.”  He chuckled lightly, placing his hand on your shoulder to try to get you to relax.  “I just wanted to make it known that… I do like you.. I just didn’t realize you had any kind of feelings for me.”   You smiled, happy and relieved it took this turn.  “I heard.”  You laughed.  He nodded, a smile playing at the ends of his lips.  

ffxv-edits  asked:

XV, Prompto + Noctis. Any of the prompts work tbh because they're my lifeblood at this point.

I’m gonna admit I kinda rejoiced when I saw your ask. I love your blog! *squeal* I couldn’t decide which prompt to use so I kinda jumbled them up together thus resulting to a not-so-drabble drabble. I went overboard, but otherwise I had fun writing this (bottom Noctis for the first time) Hope you like it!

Incoming lame title drop

Porn for Prompto

“So I’ve been wanting for you to do me this huge favor. It ain’t gonna be easy and I’m not sure if you’re gonna agree to it, but if you do, that would be really cool.”

Noctis tossed his deck of cards over his unfinished game of solitaire. He plopped down on the bed and stretched his legs out, bitterly dishevelling Prompto’s perfect game. He listened to him beat around the bush, waiting to get to the point of the consequence.

“I want to film you sucking me off.”

No response. The prince was just absentmindedly showering himself with the mess of cards around him. He was just really bored.

“You’ll be on the floor, doing business while I hold the camera from above. Maybe you could glance up every now and then and shoot me a dirty look.“

A handful of cards flew at Prompto’s face and he could only squint in defense.

“You’ve got a pretty dirty imagination thinking your prince would pose for the camera with cock in his mouth. That’s going to be a huge scandal if it got out.”

“No way am I gonna make that happen. It’s only for my eyes to feast on. Porn for Prompto.”

It’s not like Noctis had anything better to do. Starring on his boyfriend’s personal porno is a great idea to kill time and of course he trusted him it would only be for his safekeeping. So he agreed to do it, but under one condition.    

“You’re only allowed behind the camera til I tell you to get on scene. No hands inside my pants or yours.”

Prompto was puzzled, but he had an idea and thinking about it only roused his sexual fantasies even more.

“So you’re gonna give me a show too?!”

“I’m feeling generous today.”

Noctis’ pants came off quick. Prompto shuffled to his feet and rushed for his camera, eager to catch some footage of his boyfriend stripping for him before there would be nothing left. He indulged himself and he didn’t care if Prompto took forever to set up his camera and stand. Whatever footage he failed to record was Prompto’s loss. Noctis wasn’t gonna slow down for him since the heat came in too quick.

His legs are spread open and his hand shamelessly rubbed on his clothed boner. His shirt is held up between his teeth, displaying erect nipples that his other hand fondled on. Prompto freaked. His eyes were all on Noctis and his fingers were blindly fumbling random buttons, hoping the one he pressed on was the fucking record button. He heard the camera beep once and did a millisecond check to see if that tiny red circle was displayed on the corner of the screen. Perfect.

“Oh gods, Noct. It’s so hot watching your legs spread out on camera.”

Noctis hoisted his ass up so he could rid himself of the last lining of clothing. He grabbed on to his shaft and started to jack himself off crazy. There was no lube so he used his thumb to rub on the head and hasten the release of pre cum as substitute. Prompto had an eye for perversion so he had no shame zooming in on that delicious cock stimulating itself for pre ejaculation. He bit his lip hard and fought off every fucking temptation of digging into his own pants and start pleasuring himself, but no. He had to stay strong. His hands were secure on his hips and his fingers fondled nothing but the buttons on the camera. Then he felt weak. So weak when Noctis reached further down and stretched open his ass cheeks to reveal his gaping asshole.

“I know you got your lens zoomed in right here. “

He kept it stretched open and even slipped a quick digit inside to tease. The moaning was just impossible to resist.

“You’re killing me here, Noct. I want in already.”

The horny begging made Noctis’ chuckle sound sadistic. He continued to torture his poor erect boyfriend with all the ecstatic moaning and obscene self penetrations, but honestly he wasn’t doing this only for himself. He knew Prompto would thank him one day for providing him with some great masturbation material. That and he needed to create his own leverage to reach his climax faster so he could move on and pleasure his needy boyfriend.    

“Sucks I can’t have yours inside instead.”

“Heh. Sucks for you coz I can come in anytime, but you’re just stopping meee.”

“Haha… I’m doing this for you, Prompto. After this, you can mouth fuck me all you want.”

Prompto gulped down his impatience.

“J-just finish off already, Noct. Please… It really does suck I’m not doing all the work for you.”

Noctis was empathetic. He closed his eyes and only focused on reaching climax. His hands double tasked, one vigorously pumping his cock and the other fingering his hole. Once at the brink of satisfaction, he elicited such sweet, sensual sounds. The release of cum sullied his stomach and he spread his mess up his chest just coz he wanted to feel a little dirtier.

“Oh Noct. If you could only look at yourself now.”

“I can do that later.”

He beckons for Prompto to come over and he approached Noctis, bringing the camera with him. He had it on standby until the prince was ready for round two.

“You’re such a sadistic little bastard, y’know that?”

He came down to kiss him on the lips and he felt Noctis’ greedy tongue try to slither its way into his. Prompto took it and sucked it hard like venting out a fraction of his sexual tensions he had pent up in him.

“Yea, I know and I got you to thank for being lenient despite me abusing my sadism.”

Noctis flicked the protruding flesh beneath Prompto’s jeans and before he could react, Noctis’ lips were already pressed against his erection. He sniffed at its pungent odor and the effects of it drove his libido mad. Hands worked their way to free Prompto off his restraints. Belt unbuckled, fly unzipped and when the first layer was gone, Noctis sunk in deeper into his pelvis to lick the cum seeping out of the edges of Prompto’s underwear.

“Hey, you gonna turn the camera back on or what?”

“Oh! R-right!”

Prompto turned the damn thing back on record and watched Noctis through the screen. He was already stripping his underwear off and continued to lick the semen dripping down his thighs. Prompto had to steady his hand from all the shivers he was receiving. When Noctis licked his thighs clean, he gave Promto’s tip a little peck.

Oh shit. He’s so fucking hot, I’ll have the gods take my soul after I come.

Noctis liked to take his time playing around with boners before swallowing the whole thing down his throat. He licked him underneath, on the sides and lingered a little longer at the tip before taking it into his mouth. Prompto couldn’t take the play of his tongue on his tip so he pressed in a little without warning which earned Noctis to gag and withdraw. His chin was filled with cum and saliva.

“My bad. That part’s a little sensitive.”

Prompto came back in, filling Noctis’ mouth a little deeper. He eased in with shallow thrusts, getting Noct used to his size and pace. The lens of the camera begged for Noctis’ attention. Prompto had to lift his chin up and divert his focus to the lens.

“Don’t forget to look at the camera once in a while, your majesty. It loves your face.”

He held him on the back of his head and fucked his majesty’s mouth faster. Prompto wanted to see his prince make wanton and lewd expressions on cam, make him gag without pulling out and get his juice all over his face. The thought of it catching it all on camera came close to reality. Noctis was bobbing his head in sync with Prompto’s rough thrusts. His eyes shot lustful stares at the camera, his hunger for cock growing ravenous that he managed to reach base.

“Oh gods! Gods…gods, Noct! You better get ready to gulp this all down.”

Prompto rocked his hips harder against Noctis’ oral fuck hole. His moans were breathy as he failed to speak up and instead mentally begged Noctis to hang on a little longer. He threw his head back, bracing for climax and when it came, boy was he loaded. His release came out plentiful and messy. When he withdrew, there was more that got on his majesty’s face and Prompto at the heat of the moment didn’t feel sorry at all. He squeezed himself empty, squirting his last few into Noctis’ gaping mouth and outstretched tongue. Prompto mentally praised the six for being destined to meet this handsome prince covered in all his jizz.

“Haaa… Let me just take a moment to bask in this beautiful and sultry work of ours.”

He focuses the camera on Noctis’ soiled face, capturing the aftermath of their lovemaking, but Noctis turns away and wipes his mouth clean. Promto’s got more than enough dirty footage of him.

“Shut the hell up, Prompto. Don’t get used to making my face your cum dump.”

“I am aghast, Noct. I would never think that.”

And Noctis just rolls his eyeballs. Prompto was occupied with his camera. He replayed the whole video on fast forward, just making sure nothing was cut or corrupted. Then he caught sight of something disturbing.


“What is it?”

He shares his findings with Noct, playing back the video now on normal speed. They exchanged glances and both of them are petrified.

“This is what you get for chanting gods gods gods the entire fucking time, Prompto.”

“I couldn’t help it! You would have chanted with me if your mouth wasn’t so full.”

“I’m fucked. She’s definitely gonna tell Luna on me.”

“Holy shit…”

The Padalecki Diaries - How they first met

When you’re drunk

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Live (Part 1/2)

Peter Parker x Stark!Reader 

Father!Tony x Daughter!Reader

A/N: I have the flu and I am bored. So, here you go! I could not think of a title, so just ignore the title. Has lines from CA:CW. I googled them, so if they are not quite right… oh well! LOL This is not my best writing, but what do you expect with me having the flu?

Summary: During the fight at the airport, Y/N Stark was told to keep out of the way. She tries, but between being on Team Cap, going against her father, and trying not to fight her boyfriend, can she come out unscathed?

Warnings: Violence, etc etc.


 I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t have agreed to this. Any of this. I was about to go fight against my family. I was about to go fight against my father, Tony Stark. The one who has supported everything I have ever done… except this. One of the last times we had spoken, he had tried to use the fact that I was a minor against me and force me to sign the Accords. I refused, and ran away with Steve.

As if to punish me, then he asks my boyfriend of a year, Peter Parker, to join his little team to arrest us. Of course, my father wasn’t going to tell me, until Peter called me and told me that he was worried about fighting against me, and that he refused to harm me. I was furious, not that Peter said yes to fight with my father, but because my father – whom I only told about Peter being Spiderman because he caught him in his suit in my apartment – chose Peter out of all the vigilantes. There were so many other choices just within New York, but he had to ask my boyfriend.

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My Worlds recap

Here I was, on March 30th, in my hometown Riga with bus and ferry tickets and most importantly - tickets to Ladies practice and Short Dance in my pocket. I could not believe I was going to Worlds after many years of living and breathing figure skating. This was a dream of mine that I thought would never come to life. It felt so surreal I had to pinch myself a few times. 😅

When me and my mom made it to the arena at 8 AM on March 31st, it was so difficult to hold back tears ( i am literally tearing up as i’m writing this 😂). Watching figure skating has been one of the biggest parts of my life for five (!!!) years now and I don’t think I can put my feelings towards it in just some sentences. It is better than all the movies because it’s the real life - but with the spectrum of emotions I only get to see in the cinema. It doesn’t only show “the movie” (aka the performance) but also every behind the scenes action (like the emotions before and after the performance, the training process, the challenges along the way) which makes it so much more interesting. So when I walked in the arena it felt like a dream come true. They didn’t have doors heading to each sector, but a curtain instead (to not make a sound every time someone enters or exits) and because it was the practice time for Ladies the curtains weren’t closed but fully open instead. So even when I had just come in the arena, I could already see a glimpse of the ice rink which felt so surreal and that was the first time it hit me so hard that I was actually really here - at the World Championships.

It felt fantastic to see stars like Ashley Wagner, Kaetlyn Osmond, Gabrielle Daleman, Evgenia Medvedeva, Anna Pogorilaya and Carolina Kostner skate so close to me (we were seated really close to the ice), to see their determined faces and to live through their great performances. Incomparably mesmerizing.

Before the short dance there was some time to kill so we just walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere which is SO unique! There is this buzzing feeling which makes you feel warm and welcomed and everyone looks nervously excited. We walked through every booth/shop there was, I even got some beautiful postcards from John Wilson Blades booth (they were handing them out for free?! 😧) with Ashley, Patrick, the Shibs and Chock/Bates. There I met a lovely French fan and we had a brief talk about our journeys as fans and let me add that it feels so weird to actually talk with someone about figure skating after you’ve mostly only shared your opinions online and have never had a legit conversation live??! 😂

Then it was the time for the short dance (oh my, hearing the ISU fanfare live was hands down the best experience ever 😂😂😂) . I have been a massive ice dance fan since forever and I am a big supporter of Tessa&Scott. They are the main reason I was actually here - I can’t put into words what they’ve done to me in these past years - they have held me up every time I felt down in various ways - with their performances, life stories or just small interviews. I just wanted to give back to them a little with my heartfelt support. However, I joined the V/M fandom in 2012 when everyone was furious about D/W and their success (which would happen in 2013 and 2014) and I quickly learned to be as bitter as everyone else. It feels sad to look back now and think that we used so much time to just talk about Meryl and Charlie - more than about great things of Tessa and Scott. I only understood this after T&S took a break after 2014 and I just became this casual ice dance fan who wanted to see the best in everyone and was listening to everyone’s stories of ups and downs. It was the same fantastic atmosphere - just without all the rage. During this period of time I really fell in love with Kaitlyn&Andrew, Maia&Alex and Gabriella&Guillaume. When Tessa&Scott came back I couldn’t believe how great I felt during the season - it was now 100 times more exciting as I had so many couples I loved and supported throughout (…well, i did love t&s a little more than anyone else though 😆) . And you have NO idea how much I loved the theme of this years SD. SOOOO much spunk and sass! I hope you don’t mind me saying that pretty much all of these were the best short dances I have ever seen from the top teams.

First of all, let me say a word about the atmosphere live. It is absolutely incomparable to the TV. The audience noises are lowered for about ten thousand times and are almost inaudible in the TV which is the biggest change. The ovations are so impressive you can’t believe them at first. Second of all, the skating skills and the speed is insane live. And thirdly of all, the costumes look SO. MUCH. DIFFERENT. (they are much more sparkly and colorful 😍✨).

I was actually worried that I might not last for seven freaking groups but the time went so fast. I still can’t believe the zamboni breaks. I swear to god they didn’t last more than five minutes 😅 (I always get cranky during the resurfacing breaks when I watch TV - feels like hours). From the first four groups couples that stood out for me the most were Smart/Diaz, Kaliszek/Spodyriev and Lauriault/Le Gac - they all had great stage presence and superb feel to the music.

Then the fifth group came. All of a sudden Tessa and Scott were on the ice and I was like one of these crazy Bieber fans who can’t stop their tears. I tried my hardest to bring the tears back but I miserably failed (I had promised myself that I would act NORMALLY NOT START CRYING ON MY FIRST OPPORTUNITY I AM SO WEIRDED OUT OF THE SUDDEN EMOTIONS THAT CAME OUTSIDE IN THAT MOMENT - I am a very reserved person who always puts herself together 😂). Tessa’s costume is SO much more beautiful live. I wasn’t a fan of it when I first saw it but DAMN she looked hot. Also the golden sparkles around the cutouts on the pants are basically not seen at all in the usual professional pics but they were actually unbelievably shiny. And Scott just has this amazing aura around himself. He seemed to ooze confidence but also some sort of humbleness. And OMG - they’re fast. But the thing that struck me the most was the non-touching step sequence. They did it once in the warm up and I legit thought it was some “easy version of this sequence without the hard steps just to get warmed up” and you can’t imagine how surprised I was when they performed it in the actual dance. It WAS the sequence. I swear it looked like anyone could do it. So light and easy. Now THAT was the moment I understood how superior they actually are. Everybody else’s StSq looked, you know, like a StSq should look like - a hard element hard to execute (don’t get me wrong - they were mostly done beautifully but it was visible that this is a hard element - which it is 😆). After the warm up ended I was probably still in shock so I have no recollection of the first two pairs in that group. Sorry. 😁 Then they came up on ice for a short warm up again while the previous teams scores were announced. And this includes the moment I think nobody has caught on camera (I don’t think I have seen any pre-sd videos at all which is such a shame). They were just gliding on ice separately with Tessa slightly in front of Scott. Then they started to slow down because they were coming to Marie France. And while they’re slowing down, Scott skates right in front of me with the biggest grin ever and his lovey-dovey eyes focused on Tessa’s back slightly in front of him. And that is the moment I calm down. His eyes bring the sense to me that everything is going to be okay and he is confident about it (i swear to god he’s a magician or whatever but that look was SO calming and surreal). And Tessa just turns her head, looks at his face and literally rolls her eyes with a smile on her face (okay i might’ve imagined the eye rolling but you all know that face when tessa looks at scott and thinks ‘god you’re such an idiot i love you’) and then they’re already with Marie France with last words before performance. The actual performance was unreal. They did their beginning moves right in front of me and that was SO sharp. Also when they did these moves there were quite few “eeeaaaww” kind of shouts or whatever the Michael Jackson kind of short screams sound. That was superb and I’m so sad NONE of them are audible during the actual recording. It gave a great atmosphere. Scott did the kneeling thing right before the end of the first section right in front of me which left such an impact. SOO much control. The blues sequence was hella smooth (and twizzles were ok but i was so scared about them) BUT THE LIFT. THE STADIUM FREAKING ERUPTED DURING THE LIFT. I felt as if I had wings and had been accepted into paradise. And then it ended and I was on my feet and there was an ocean of tears (whoops😅). It was an experience I will never forget.

Then it was time for Group number 6. I have to be honest - I was a little disappointed with Stepanova/Bukin. I’ve been a huge fan of their SD but seeing it live was a little bit underwhelming. It’s the way of skating - they skate “small”. However I still loved the choreography and their chemistry is certainly the best in the younger ice dancers field. If they can improve their skating skills, I’m completely on board.

Piper and Paul were a huge surprise for me. Even when they were warming up with everyone else, you could feel their presence the most. And let me just say this - Canadian men are superior dancers. Scott, Paul and Andrew all felt a bit similar to me. They makes themselves look extremely confident (i mean their skating skills also are 😍) and they lead their ladies better than anyone else - it just feels extremely natural. So, back to Piper&Paul. This was a huge hit in the arena (and for me!). The feeling was great throughout the performance and I just want to say it one more time - the skating skills (piper has improved so much)!! the twizzles! they took my breath. I have to admit I didn’t think this dance would actually work for me but it did.

Another team which surprised me in a good way were Bobrova&Soloviev. As the season progressed, I always felt as this program was a little “pushed”. They tried to bring the sass, but instead it came off as a vulgarity. However the forms they create on ice are very clean and blade work is beautiful so I was actually scratching my head after watching these two because I’ve never really liked them but somehow they look better live (I just don’t understand why?)

I was also delighted by Anna&Luca’s performance. That dress looked even more beautiful live and they also made me like them more than on TV. They just draw you in and you can’t do anything about it. I just wish they would be more versatile (but i still love them!)

The seventh group started with the Shibs who I think had the very close second short dance choreography-and-idea-wise behind T&S. I’ve absolutely adored this dance all the times this season and this was no exception. That lift was badass and man, those twizzles… I didn’t think that was going to leave such a big impact on me. SO sharp in every movement. Alex just needs improve his facial expressions a bit and then they’d be even more perfect (also maia is a literal goddess).

I have to say my sentimental favorites of the night were Kaitlyn&Andrew. Their skating on TV looks a bit like Stepanova/Bukin’s so I was a little bit worried that it would fall flat. It was the DIRECT opposite. I think their skating skills were second only to VM that night because damn, they skated with so much speed. And their chemistry just went sky high. Also that lift made the arena erupt (again😂). It looked so much more powerful than on TV. The move where Andrew just rolls Kaitlyn on his back was hands down one of the coolest of the night. I was just so happy to see them perform the best they can after some disappointing starts. It was truly wonderful and after they finished I was standing and in tears again. I thought they were terribly underscored, but oh well, #twizzles. (they are both also incredibly hot 😏🔥)

Gabriella&Guillaume were also amazing live. I loved that they did the most program to the blues music which I truly respect because it is so much harder to keep an audience interested with blues than with hip hop. But the slow section was amazing - the attention to details and the blade work was soooo smooth. I’ve got to say although Guillaume’s skating skills and dance moves are through the roof fantastic, he doesn’t “lead” his partner that well - the Canadian guys do it so much better. I don’t think he has any rivals in the “best male ice dancer by himself” category, but he has a lot to learn to be the best in the “best male partner in ice dance” nomination - he isn’t the full package yet. However I’m a big fan of hard work and dedication (and I’m sad people only appreciate Guillaume’s because he is the more gifted one) so I’m a big fan of Gabi, her personality and facial expressions during the performance. She sells everything better than Guillaume but I don’t think she’s being recognized enough for that.

Madi&Zach also surprised me live by looking far more polished than on TV. The movements were sharp and they’ve got this weirdly different blade quality compared to others that I can’t explain (but i liked it). I certainly was a bit cringey about the music at the beginning of the season, but I’ve got to say that crowd really appreciated it and I was also on board. I smiled so hard when the scores came up because I absolutely love it when underdogs show everyone what they’re capable of.

Last up were Madi&Evan and this unfortunately turned out the same way I felt about Stepanova/Bukin. I had also been a big fan of this SD all season but their way of skating didn’t seem to impress me. I had also liked how Evan just tossed around Madi various times in the program but live it just seemed a little too much? BUT I totally respect that they have worked so much with their chemistry because it was nonexistent some years ago but now they just scream the word “FIIIIREEEEEE”. 😉

Afterwards there were about a hundred of people making a crowd close to the door which skaters entered to go to the draw for the FD. Well, I think it’s not a very good way to get a skaters autograph. They are very tired after the competition and it’s not even over - there’s still the FD so they got to keep focused. I think a moment between a skater and a fan should be much more personal than just blocking an entrance just to get your autograph. I don’t know, it just made me a little uncomfortable when everyone was waiting for them just to come like they’re some sort of zoo animals or whatever. I didn’t want any autographs or anything, it was just SO hard to get through the far-too-excited crowd (to the exit of the arena) I decided to wait until they go away. I didn’t even register that I was standing right after the entrance to the draw (where it wasn’t crowded at all, in fact I was like the only person there) and the wall was from glass so you could see the skaters after they entered the “closed zone”. And then I turned my head and saw FREAKING TESSA AND SCOTT in the closed zone. About a meter from me there was this crazy crowd waiting for skaters and turning their heads in the other direction while I was enjoying my view of Tessa and Scott having a conversation. 😄 They were kind of afar from me though and I was trying my best not to stare ('they are not animals and it is rude to do that’ I muttered to myself) - I don’t think they even saw me because they looked completely in ease as the glass wall separated them from everyone. Then they left further for the draw and I couldn’t see them anymore. Tessa&Scott were already in the closed zone because they skated early but the skaters from the last group still had to come. I’ve got to say it was a bit sad to see the guards having a hard time taking the skaters from the crowd to the closed zone. People went crazy every time someone came. But I, still not accompanied by anyone, just had the best view of my life of skaters like Maia&Alex, Kaitlyn&Andrew, Gabi (Guillaume didn’t show up because he was getting his hand stitched) , Piper&Paul, Madi&Evan and Madi&Zach after they had gone through the crowd. Madison Hubbell actually turned around to see the crowd once again, laughed, then turned in the other direction, saw me all by myself, smiled and waved at me! 😎😱 I was so surprised but also very thankful for such a nice gesture! (jeez, but I hope I didn’t look like those weird, creepy stalkers 😁). The crowd finally went away and I got to walk out normally.

My journey was over but the memories were never going to fade. It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world as it brought the whole spectrum of emotions to me. It was the best day of my life. I can never thank enough to my mom who came up with this idea and travelled with me. We had the most fantastic time ever. ❤️

(thanks for reading, this was suuuuper long 😂)

Admiring the view

@solangeloismymoonlight I hope this plays to what you had in mind, it ended up longer than I thought but I had fun with this.

Based on a head canon by Solangeloismymoonlight

Will always takes a camera when he goes to visit historical landmarks but he forgets to take pictures every single time because he gets so excited about just being there.

My addition: Nico or someone knows that Will would forget to take the photo so they end up taking the picture and have lots of pictures of Will admiring the view.


“Nico come on!” Will was practically bouncing, he was so excited that they had been granted permission to leave camp; everyone had agreed that Will had been over worked lately and deserved a vacation and Nico had opted to take him to see camp Jupiter and sight see along the way to help him relax.

They had stopped at different places along the way, stopping at different tourist attractions and taking plenty of pictures. Well that is to say Nico was taking plenty of pictures, Will would find the perfect thing to photograph but then would get caught in the moment and just stand there with his camera in hand so Nico would snap a picture and then get one of Will too because he couldn’t resist.

Now they had reached San Francisco and Will had wanted to see the Golden gate bridge so they headed over. Nico had of course seen it before but it was different now that he was here with Will. And he had to admit that the son of Apollo’s enthusiasm was contagious and he was having fun following Will around.

“Would you slowdown Will, we don’t have to rush anywhere. Besides you’re about to run through some ghosts.” That at least got Will to slow down and wait. “Oh, sorry.” That was something Nico loved about Will, he wasn’t creeped out by something like that, he was more concerned about if he bothered a ghost. “I don’t see them, did they run away?” Will asked looking around.

“They’re gone now; it’s probably just because I’m here. You know the whole son of Hades thing.” It’s common knowledge that the bridge was the place many people had died, not just the amount of suicides that had taken place there but also with those who died during the construction. But aside from those there were also ghosts of demigods, both Greek and Roman milling about, though none were causing any problems for anyone so Nico didn’t bother them.

They followed the tour that they were on and took pictures when they could, Will constantly paused to take a picture but got lost to the beauty of the light coming of the surface of the water or birds flying by so Nico took the opportunity to take his picture and then come up behind him to see what he was looking at from the same angle to capture the moment for him as best he could.

“Hey Nico Look!” Will was pointing to something and Nico turned to see the large groups of seals sunbathing on the piers as they continued their tour. He couldn’t help smiling along as he saw how Will’s face lit up at the sight. He was like an overly excited kid, well technically he was right? But it was really amusing to see the amount of joy flowing through Will as he took in the sights and sounds around them.

Nico made sure to take plenty of photos of the seals for Will because the goof was too mesmerized to even reach for his camera. “Look Nico aren’t they cute?” Will asked with a bright smile on his face. “You say that about just about everything you know that?” Nico said with a smirk. “But yes they are really cute.” Will turned and placed a quick kiss on Nico’s cheek. “Don’t worry Deathboy, you’re still the cutest.” Will said with a huge smile on his face.

Nico laughed. “I have photos from the past few days that say otherwise, have you seen yourself?” Will laced his fingers with Nico’s as they continued on. “Well I guess we’ll need to do a comparison then, on the way back we should stop at the same places and get pictures of you this time.” Nico hummed in response like he was thinking it over but really there was no need, he knew that no matter how many times they visited those places the joy and wonder in Will’s eyes wouldn’t fade any and he wouldn’t mind seeing it again and again.

Nico began to swing their joined hands slightly as they walked along. They still had a bit of time left before they had said they’d be at Camp Jupiter anyway so they could take their time like this for now. “That sounds fine, just do me a favor and get someone else to take the photo for you. That way we’ll actually have a photo.”

Will pretended to pout but couldn’t keep from laughing. “Yeah, okay. I know I get distracted easily, it’s just that I’ve always wanted to do things like this and I get so caught up in the moment that I just kind of forget.” He shrugs and smiles. “Thanks for getting the extra camera; I can’t wait to get the photos developed. I already have a photo album picked out that we can use.” Nico wasn’t surprised in the least.

“Just wait until we get to New Roam, I’ll ask Hazel or Reyna to take the pictures for us that way we don’t have to miss anything.” Will happily agreed. “Yeah and that way we’ll have some with us together, I can’t wait.” Neither could Nico. “Thank you for bringing me, I never thought I’d get the chance to do this especially with everything that’s happened in the past few years.”

Nico understood and was glad that Will was enjoying this so much. “You’re welcome Sunshine, you really deserve this and I’m glad I got to come with you.” He hoped that they would get the chance to do more things like this, but even if they couldn’t for a long time at least they had the pictures to look back on and remember this. This was something that they would both remember fondly each time they flipped through the photo album for years to come.

Adult Film 101 (Part 8 of Faking It)

And the kinks continue. Enjoy.

Read Faking It, Just Breathe, Sex Hair and Blindfolds, Cold as Ice, Rough Around the Edges, Sticky Sweet, and Slow Burn.

Warning: SMUTTY SMUT, filming sex, watching said film

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: Next part won’t be out until Wednesday. I need a minute to breathe, y’all :) <3

“Start filming,” you breathed, lying on the bed. Dean sat up between your legs to look down at you, both of you naked and ridiculously turned on.

Dean had woken you by kissing his way up your neck and sucking at your earlobe, softly rousing you from sleep into this comfortable, uninhibited state of arousal. You hadn’t had time to think or to process- you could only feel as you opened to Dean and let that mouth work its magic on you.

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anonymous asked:

I love your head cannons! I'd really like to request one, but if you've already done it please link me to it? How would the RFA and Saeran be with pregnant MC? Coming from a pregnant mother of two, I think this would be so cute to read! Thank you!

This is so cute anon!! It hasn’t really been done (there was one about MC and RFA having kids (go here to see it ‘cause peony did such a good job on it and it is so cute), but not exactly this ^^) so I’m going for it!!

I am also referencing (most of) their initial reactions from Peony, hehe


  • You revealed it to him in such a cute way honestly. On Christmas you got him a new gaming console and put a ribbon around each remote
  • One said “Yoosung’s remote”, one said “MC’s remote”, and the last said “baby’s remote”
  • He didn’t notice for the longest time?? He only noticed when he was taking the ribbon off. “MC, what’s this?”
  • “It’s for the baby Yoosung”
  • “……….”
  • “…..what? Wait wHAT??!!?”
  • Yes, yes he did almost pass out. Yes it was from joy and shock
  • But he became so excited??
  • He’s constantly worrying over you, “did you eat enough?” “MC don’t push yourself” “be careful, don’t trip on the steps!!”
  • He’s also constantly kissing your tummy, he thinks it’s so cute and precious, he’s constantly talking to it about how you’re the best mom and that the baby’s so lucky to be with you two
  • He pampers you as much as he can, given funds being kind of tight. It’s his inspiration to go back to college and work harder, he wants to be able to support you and the little baby
  • The two of you are constantly fantasizing about what you want for the baby, a month after you revealed it Yoosung was ready to go baby shopping “it’s too early Yoosung” “it’s never too early for our baby”
  • He doesn’t want to leave you at all through the whole thing
  • When the baby’s born, his whole face lights up
  • He knew it before, but this makes him so sure that he wants to be with you for the rest of his life and to raise your start of a family together


  • (Assuming you wanted your own kids instead of adoption, and you chose to be the one to carry ^^)
  • You two made the decision one night. It just kind of happened, “I want kids.”
  • “Let’s do it, then”
  • “I want to carry”
  • She grins and kisses you, “we’ll have the cutest little kid then”
  • Jaehee is really calm and comforting from start to finish
  • She seems be more understanding over the pains of pregnancy, and is constantly there comforting you whenever you get morning sickness
  • But she’s also so loving, constantly there for you and cuddling, always making sure you have a warm cup of cocoa or food
  • She’s constantly kissing your forehead and telling you how wonderful it’s going to be, the baby’s gonna have two loving mothers who will be so supportive
  • As soon as you find out the gender (a little girl), Jaehee and you go shopping. She’s the best shopper ever honestly, you two agree on everything and she finds the most adorable clothes to dress your little girl in
  • You find the cutest stuffed animals though
  • You know the baby will love them when she comes
  • And the two of you already love your little baby girl


  • You decided to reveal it to him at a photoshoot of the two of you. You each had a little chalkboard to write each other a message, and while he wrote something he loved about you, you wrote “guess what, we’re expecting <3″
  •  His face just lit up the moment he saw it, and then he rushed over and picked you up, spinning you in a circle
  • The moment was caught on camera, and as soon as you guys got the pictures, he framed it and hung it in your guys’ room
  • He is so happy oh my goodness
  • Every day he wakes you up kissing you and getting you breakfast full of good food
  • He’s constantly talking to the baby too. He loves singing to the baby, especially the cutie pie song okay actually you request that one all the time cause when he does it he’s so cute
  • Zen doesn’t ever want to leave you alone, he feels torn whenever he has to go to work, but he makes up for it by constantly spending his free time with you, constantly comforting and cuddling and loving you
  • He loves touching your tummy too, he constantly takes pictures as you progress through your pregnancy, and he kisses your tummy so much he might kiss it more than he kisses you on the lips
  • He’s so excited for the baby and is so gentle with you the whole time
  • “Zen we don’t know if the baby is a girl or a boy yet”
  • Whoops


  • Could he be any more in love with you?
  • Yes. Apparently.
  • You revealed it to him at dinner, on his napkin you wrote you + me = 3 
  • When he first saw it he kind of stared at it confused at first, but then it dawned on him
  • And he was so excited. He has you, and you are going to have a family with him, and he’ll have an heir
  • “MC, this will be so perfect. We will be so happy together”
  • He isn’t home often from work, but he’s constantly checking up on you, texting and calling all the time and making sure you’re okay, that you’ve eaten
  • He makes sure you don’t have any way to overexert yourself, he wants you to be totally comfortable
  • He’s so sweet whenever he’s actually with you, talks about what you two want for you baby when they’re born, how you want to raise them, the whole bit
  • He wants to be ready when the baby comes
  • He gets the baby’s room renovated and when you guys learn the baby’s gender you get clothes to dress your little boy
  • You secretly sneak a little dog stuffed animal you had as a kid into the cradle
  • Jumin doesn’t notice before it’s to late
  • The dog is the baby’s favorite stuffed animal


  • He was psyched when he found out, like he was bouncing off the walls with excitement
  • You surprised him with it on your anniversary when you gave him a box with two little shirts in it
  • “Daddy’s little twins”
  • TWINS???
  • He is so excited
  • And he keeps kissing you and your tummy
  • But he freezes for a moment where he seems really vulnerable, and worried, and sad
  • “Seven, are you okay?”
  • “I… I don’t want to end up like my parents”
  • You hug him and promise, “We won’t be anything like them– we will be so much better”
  • “Promise?”
  • “I promise”
  • He lightens up the rest of the time. And he doesn’t stop making jokes about it, all the time
  • Whenever people ask what they will be, Seven always says, “babies, hopefully!”
  • Seven they wanna know the gender
  • He also loves telling stories to the babies about the adventures of Agent Seven O Seven, the defender of justice!
  • Whenever one of the babies kick, he’s ecstatic
  • He is so precious but omg you’re positive that twins are a hassle to carry
  • You love them all though


  • Saeran, when you first tell him, goes into shock
  • But then he goes into super-protective-new-dad mode
  • Just like Peony said, if someone so much as looks at you the wrong way he’s ready to fight them then and there
  • And he acts so tough in public but then at home he’s a worried mess
  • He’s more of a mess than you when you’re acting up
  • He’s so worried he won’t be good enough or that he’ll do something wrong
  • You often both end up curled up on the couch with a bunch of pillows and blankets eating ice cream with chocolate syrup (you with shrimp or something weird) and him curled up whispering to your tummy
  • It comforts him to just curl up like that and its comforting to you to just cuddle and relax with him and know that he loves you and the baby
  • Other times he holds you whenever you feel insecure and crappy from being pregnant and rests his head on yours and you feel so safe and so much better
  • The first time the baby kicks his eyes well up with tears
  • He’s actually gonna have a family
  • And be happy
  • Oh goodness
  • This boy is so happy and he loves you and he loves the baby
  • So so much

~Sunflower (:

Rewatching Reflekta

I feel like this part of the opening is relevant this episode. I can’t believe Juleka is actually Mike Wazowski

K let’s see who we’ve got in Mendeleiev’s class… I recognize not-crying-enough-girl, Justin Extra, the heartless kid from Darkblade, that cool girl, Jean Duparc, girl who looks like Asami, Mireille Caquet, Ron Weasley, Aurore Beauréal, and some other kids who I don’t have nicknames for yet


Kim is listening to Max talking about something

My sunshine children Adrien and Nino are chatting

Juleka and Rose are having a moment

Marinette’s spying on Adrien and Alya’s 30000% too entertained by this

Nathanaël’s doing something on his phone and Mylène and Ivan are watching him

Chloé and Sabrina are taking selfies or smth

The teachers are chatting (I love how Mr Damocles isn’t in the other class’s photo, they’re clearly not cool enough)

And Alix hasn’t even bothered to turn up yet (unless she’s too short and standing behind someone)

Seriously, what is my precious tomato son doing? He’s just scrolling? Maybe he’s showing Mylène and Ivan his artwork on like tumblr or something


This is glorious. Ron Weasley, Asami and not-crying-enough-girl were in their class. Chloé and Juleka haven’t changed. Sabrina is wearing green. Nath is wearing indigo. Kim is wearing yellow. Rose has long hair. Max has an afro. Marinette has her hair in a bun


Rose NOTICED POOR JULEKA AND SHE LOOKS SAD AAAAAAAA (also see Kim doing bunny ears to Marinette)

Look at this. Look at my cute smiling goth daughter. If you haven’t yet adopted her idk what you’re waiting for


One of the rare times we get to see both her eyes. This is an important moment.

Okay poor Ivan but I just can’t stop laughing… look at Max’s face. And you can barely even see Alix omg why did the photographer even considering putting the class giant on the front row

Marinette that’s a cute pose you’re doing there

Juleka’s death glare is my favourite thing

Chloé what the heck


Look at this family portrait of my 14 adopted children and my two adoptive parents

Why do they all look so unimpressed. Sabrina literally only asked to go to the toilet, it’s not like these guys knew she was up to mischief. Well okay Mylène just looks surprised and tbh “unimpressed” is Alix’s default facial expression anyway but like. Max and Marinette. Why are you unimpressed.

It seems this water cooler only has one cup. Where are all the other cups? How is more than one student supposed to drink out of this thing?

Why is there randomly a chair in the toilets

Why do these toilet doors have handles

Max just looks so done. Same, my child, same


Everyone in Mendeleiev’s class has so much attitude

I love how while everyone else is like “Oh yeah where’s Juleka???” Alix is just like “idc I’m outta here” and walks off

Marinette’s impression of Juleka is spot on tbh


When you realize the Reflekta Julerose scene is basically just the Horrificator Ivan/Mylène scene but gayer


This looks kinda uncomfortable

I’m worried about Juleka. She’s clearly very unhappy and has very, very low self esteem, even to the point of truly believing Rose would be better off without her. I know some people are like “why did she get akumatized over something as trivial as a class photo?” but I think it’s actually something far deeper than that, and not so easily fixed.




Mr Damocles and the Italian camera dude are totes besties

AND YOU KNOW WHO ELSE ARE TOTES BESTIES? Look at this. I’ve been keeping an eye on Nathanaël okay, and he never hangs out with anyone one-on-one, ever. The closest thing is when the whole class is there. But look. He’s talking to Alix Kubdel. One-on-one. You know, the other classmate who doesn’t have a best friend. So like I’m not saying these two are actually secretly best friends but OH WAIT THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’M SAYING

Btw Marinette’s lucky Chloé chose to record from this exact angle, otherwise Tikki would have been caught on camera and that would be the end of that

I love smug Tikki

Rose probably told Mylène and Jean Duparc what happened to poor Juleka. I bet they’re all predicting she’s gonna get akumatized

OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT they’re still talking to each other. Yeah yeah this is a background moment I shouldn’t read so much into it… but it’s not like they both got akumatized on their birthdays or anything… or that they’re near each other in the theme song, like all the other best friends… or that Horrificator kidnapped them in the same round, JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER BEST FRIENDSOR THAT THEY’RE THE ONLY TWO CLASSMATES WHO DON’T HAVE A CONFIRMED BEST FRIEND/COMPANION AND I’VE LITERALLY NEVER SEEN NATH HANGING OUT WITH ANYONE ELSE EVER (THIS IS NOW MY FAV BROTP FIGHT ME)

That djwifi tho

It’s really creepy that she attacked Rose so callously. But then again, Reflekta is unique in that she has the exact opposite personality to Juleka, so while Juleka clearly cares about Rose a lot, Reflekta doesn’t care at all.

Also Juleka is noodle-armed whereas Reflekta has an eight pack, Reflekta is shredded

Okay I’m going out on a limb here based on who I just saw get transformed… that crying one on the floor is probably Rose being terrified for herself and Juleka, and the one on the left is probably Alix going “I’m tall now???” (The ones in the background are prob Mr Damocles and Italian camera dude, tho I saw Kim, Ivan, Alya, Nath and a bunch of background characters get transformed too)

How did she get out of this tho

Her evil laugh is creepy whether you watch it in French or English

Not sure what to say about this

She’s sliding down the railing, why do we not talk about this more

This is so cool tho. She blocks every single one of Ladybug’s attacks while strutting along as if she’s on the catwalk. Reflekta is fab and she knows it

Um… I’m pretty sure French dub Reflekta just implied she’s planning on keeping LB’s earrings… uh do you seriously think Hawk Moth’s gonna let you do that

I bet this one’s Alix, she looks like she’s gonna punch someone

I still can’t believe Reflekta just frickin stepped on all of them and ran away


Darn tourists

Out of context this looks like Ladybug and Reflekta are a couple now

They see me rollin, they hatin

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think she’s the only one to be de-akumatized while still standing up

Oh, so they did take one with Mr Damocles (also I’m loving how angry that dude on the front row is looking). But where are Aurore and Mireille?

Kim you better not be bullying Ivan again

Tfw when you’re not sure whether this counts as a Kimax moment or a heartrate moment so Both. Both is Good.




This has been said before but I’ll say it again - Juleka’s Angels needs to be a spinoff


Avenging Angel: Part 9

Summary: You’ve spent the last five years on a dangerous mission to solve the crime that wrongly imprisoned your father. When the Winchesters find you half-frozen on the side of a mountain, they make it their own mission to save your life and make sure you stay alive. But after five years of uncovering horribly dark secrets, you’ve learned not to trust anyone. Especially people who seem like they have good intentions.

Word Count: 1591

Warnings: None

A/N: Guys, I am so exhausted today. We got so much snow over the last few days that it took my roommate and I two hours, a trip to three stores to find a shovel, a snowplow, and her mechanic grandpa to dig our cars out of the snow. We were both late for work and we were both icicles. But hey! Now I have a better idea of how cold the reader was in the beginning!!

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Part 5Part 6Part 7 – Part 8

Quentin walked in and you tossed the rag you were using to wipe down tables at Kallista. “Taking my fifteen.”

After grabbing the order that Quentin had texted you a few minutes ago, you led him to a booth. It had been a month since you started working here, and despite your agenda, Quentin and you had actually become friends.

“I went on a date last night,” you started while he took a bite of his sandwich.

“Oh yeah? How’d it go?”

“He didn’t even know who Cyndi Lauper is. How can I be friends with someone, much less say yes to a second date if they don’t know that girls just want to have fun?”

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