their love is so true

Quick question: I remember reading a fic back in September, a sentence in which kinda goes like ‘She’s quiet, his love. She deals with grief by internalising and compartmentalising’. It was really intense and Scully were screaming (internally or out loud) in the car (?) at one point. About William, I think. And the title was in Latin.

Does anyone know which fic is that or recognise your work? I’m pretty sure it was on tumblr. I really want to read it again but can’t find it. Thanks guys! 😊


That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I was holding off breaking down for most of it, but my grandpa stood to say two sentences and I lost it. I got through most of my song but couldn’t finish. And I felt so out of it, most of the time I just kept feeling nagged by the thought that she didn’t look like herself. I saw my younger brother stare at the coffin for at least a half hour without moving. My little cousin (who she and grandpa were raising like a son,) kissed her hand and said he would miss her, then turned to me and told me not to cry. Despite the dissociation I don’t think I’ll forget anything. Grandma, you were so, so beautiful, and so loved, and you will be so missed. Unlike some funerals where people are nice out of respect but without honestly, every word spoken about my grandmother was true. Every person loved her. She was so loving and understanding and sweet that everyone who knew her, even all her family called her “Honey.” I love you, grandma.

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I love your blog so so much. Everything you write is so true and real ❤️❤️❤️❤️ if you wouldn't mind check out my blog as well 🙏🏽 your work inspires me to write and most importantly write from my soul 🙌🏽

That’s really sweet of you. Thank you so very much 💜

You have a lovely blog and honestly, I loved your words and your blog.

Keep writing girl, you’re doing great ❤

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girl, i thought you replied on purpose like that to be petty ahahahahahaha . I thought that comment was suspicious af so i immediately checked her blog and she was obviously an ih blog.. anyways your reply was fire, the perfect amount of petty so you're a true savage lmaoooo. Love your drawings have a good day

AHAHAHA i’m only fire when i’m being unintentionally petty :’/ sad

ok tbh i’m always a little confused whenever people say ichigo and rukia are “best friends” like it’s something negative…? i consider them best friends, too. their most significant relationships are towards each other…. it’s healthy and mutual… of course they’d be best friends………….

isn’t that something most people generally aspire to w/ their significant others? being able to honestly confide and trust in someone, and be vulnerable around them?? i mean???? ????? ???????

Swerte ka kung yung bestfriend mo, yung crush mo, yung girlfriend mo at true love mo, ay iisa. So masasabi ko na nga talagang napakaswerte ko, kasi lahat ng iyon ay ikaw mahal ko. :)

Para sa bestfriend ko,

Yung babaeng hindi ko inaakalang makukuha ko, pero sobrang saya kasi binigay nga sa'kin ni Lord. Yung babaeng nagpapagaan ng lahat ng bagay, kahit andyan lang sya sa tabi ko. Yung babaeng nagpapasaya sa'kin. Yung babaeng matalik ko ring kaibigan. Gusto ko ako na yung lalaking makakasama mo na habang buhay, at gusto ko hindi mawawala yung pagiging bestfriends natin, kasi importanteng kaibigan mo rin yung mahal mo.

Para sa crush ko,

Seryoso, sobrang ganda mo. Sa loob at sa labas na anyo. Yung kapag nakikita kita, napapangiti ako, kasi ang ganda mo talaga, tapos ngayon sa'kin ka na. Yung dating iniistalk stalk ko lang, nakakausap ko na. Alam ko naman na hindi mahalaga ang panlabas na anyo, pero God, ang ganda mo talaga, lalo ka pa ngang gumaganda. Hindi magbabago na crush kita talaga noon pa.

Para kay babe,

Salamat kasi andyan ka kahit na may mga problema, salamat sa pag-intindi mo sa mga ito. Salamat sa pakikinig mo sa mga rants ko, at sa pagpapakalma sa'kin kapag naiinis ako. Nakakatuwang isipin na kahit na nag-aaway tayo, hindi ito nagiging dahilan para maghiwalay tayo, kasi alam naman natin na hindi rin naman natin kaya ng wala ang isa. Pinag-uusapan natin ang problema, tinatanggap ang mga bagay bagay, kasi di naman din natin kayang magalit sa isa’t isa kasi nga mahal mo ko, at mahal kita.

Para sa aking future wife,

Simula nung naging tayo, walang pagdududa na ikaw na ang gusto kong makasama. Alam ko darating ang araw na magkasama na tayong tutuloy sa iisang bahay, matutulog sa iisang kama, at wala ng paalam na magaganap pa. Hindi ko kayang isipin na mawawala ka pa. Ikaw ang lakas ko, ikaw ang inspirasyon ko, pinaparamdam mo sa'kin na deserve ko lahat ng ito.

Sabi mo sa'kin ako yung taong nagpalabas ng tunay na ikaw, yung dahilan kung bakit kilala mo na ang sarili mo. Ganun ka rin sa'kin mahal ko, ikaw din ang dahilan kung bakit ako nagbago. Nagkakaintindihan tayo, at kung maswerte ka sa'kin sabi mo, mas lalong swerte ako sa'yo. Perpekto ka sa paningin ko, wala na akong mahihiling pa sa Diyos kasi sobrang swerte ko at sa dinami-dami ng hiling ko, ikaw talaga yung binigay Nya sa'kin mahal ko.

Mahal na mahal kita.


“I’m just one gigantic ball of rancid fear and self-consciousness. I’m entirely fueled by fear, so the fact that I knew it could be a catastrophic disaster made me unable to sleep, and made me work quite hard.” — Eddie Redmayne, b. January 6, 1982


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Book describing its romantic lead: His face cracked into a charming crooked smile.

Me: Uh crooked smiles are not real?? No one in history has ever had a ‘charming crooked smi-.

Harry Styles:

Me: ok but you didn’t have to go that hard…