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that allura post is great, and reflects what i think some people forget. that we know a lot of insecurities the characters have (and even then, we still don’t know all of the backstory details). so WE can see things like keith’s abandonment issues or lance's "what do i contribute" issues but for the other characters to know these things would require serious telepathy. (plus i think allura's "new family" comment means she absolutely wants everyone to feel they belong)

I mean there’s definitely something a little weird about how people… somehow assume if the character is hurting, it’s a product of the team somehow, like. Lance’s insecurity, people act like that’s a product of Voltron and not that Voltron is an environment where he’s actually healing from that.

So much of this is things the characters brought with them from before, from their histories. The reason why Keith was so scared by Allura’s response is because that he’s started to actually feel safe and at home in the castle and with Voltron. The prospect of leaving the team for good was terrifying.

And frankly, I think it’s incredible that people miss just how meaningful it had to have been to Keith to hear Allura tell him that whatever else happened out on that mission- come home. That not only was there going to be a place for him if/when he came back- but that if he didn’t, he would be sorely missed.

I don’t know if Keith has ever felt like he had that. We see with s2e8 that he definitely fantasizes about the idea that his parents miss him and would want to reconnect with him, but- it’s something uncertain. There’s this element of part of him is convinced the people in his life won’t stay no matter how much he wants them to.

Hearing that from Allura was a big deal. I know some people are wary at the idea that they might be made into a ship but I think it’s unfortunate that crowd seems to sometimes go the extreme of “Keith and Allura don’t even care about each other” when really, they do care! Space family loves each other. Is it probably overwhelmingly platonic? That’s sure my two cents on the idea. 

I keep thinking about Lance and Keith with bad sunburn. Can you imagine how cute and irritable they would be?! Both of them waddling around the castle ship, trying to avoid touching anything (or themselves) because it hurts, and laughing at each other’s pain when they catch a bad burn spot. Lance would totally try and make himself laugh by running up behind Keith and just slapping him on his burns, but he’s too burned himself to be able to run away fast enough and Keith would just chase him down and slap him back. Their little fights would be all jerky and flaily because neither of them want to catch their own burns, and the rest of the crew would just end up staring bewildered as the two idiots flop all over the place trying to hit each other’s burns. I bet in the end Shiro would just walk over and clap them both hard on their very sore shoulders, and smirk when they complained. ‘Well, that’s what you two knuckle-heads get for trying to sunbathe on a planet two times hotter than Earth. Now for God’s sake, go sit somewhere very far away from each other so we don’t have to keep watching this. You both look way too pathetic right now,’

Cue Lance and Keith both skulking off to opposite sides of the castle to sulk and complain about not being allowed to use the healing pods because quote ‘it’s your own damned faults you’re like this,’

Hunk plays the ukulele

this one person just saved one of my pins of a yellow ukulele to a hunk character board… how could we have been so blind? just imagine him strumming mindless little tunes on a lazy sunday morning, with lance’s head laying on his lap. then all of them humming to a song he plays while they are just doing their own thing. Lance and Pidge ironically singing wonderwall. Keith forcing Hunk to learn some twenty one pilots songs. Him smiling and softly singing along to house of gold with hunk.
Hunk plays the uke, sorry I don’t make the rules.


truly, this is the fight u all deserve to see

“Dude, you’re crushing on Keith? I heard from someone that he’s ace.”
“Yeah, he is. Isn’t that amazing? He’s so wonderful and he loves aliens, too.”

Because Ace Keith who loves to read is my jam. /o/ Redbubble

I never see any written klance relationships where the two of them know one another’s sexual orientation before they actually fall in love with them, so I decided to do it myself in a comic since I can’t write for shit.

And so a friendship is born.


Wow, super long, but worth it. I just really like the idea of them falling in love gradually rather than just, “You like guys, I like guys, let’s get together.” I hope you guys enjoy this slow burn!