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I wrote a song about Shiro because I love him

Shiro you’re my hero
I hope you’re doing okay
leading Voltron is stressful
and you still do it every day
I’m sorry Slav is annoying
and the Galra won’t leave you alone

You’re still my #1 Space Dad
and if you die I’ll be so very sad

Space Dad
I hope you’re somewhere chillin’
just like that
Space Dad
drinking space martini
on some nice deserted planet
with a good view of the sky

So when your team comes back for you
they won’t pass you by
they won’t pass you byyy
Space dad please don’t die <3

swagalicioussquids  asked:

I would love to hear what some of your FAVORITE FAVORITE Matt headcanons are! I write a lot of Matt-centric fics, and it's really fun and helpful to hear other folks' Matt-headcanons, since so much of his character is open for interpretation.

I have quite a few headcanons for him that I’ve seen from other people and a few I’ve come up on my own, so this is gonna be a mix of both

  • He’s around Shiro’s age (25, not 6), probably anywhere from 6 months-2 years younger tho
  • He’s super gay
  • I love the trans boy Matt headcanon, but I also love demi-boy Matt, non-binary boy/non-binary Matt, just not cis Matt is good
  • I’ve seen a few posts discussing his middle name and I 100% agree that his middle name would be the name of a famous scientist 
  • He’s still a cadet bc he focused more on his research rather than rank
    • Or, the cadet uniform could be same uniform the scientists wear
    • This is one that I’m still unsure about tbh, but I know he’s not a cadet bc he’s a minor bc come on y’all, they wouldn’t send a minor- a child- in to space on a government mission
  • He probably skipped a grade or two when he was younger, but stayed enrolled in the Garrison longer to get higher degrees (masters & maybe doctorate)
    • He might have been working on either of those degrees while on the Kerberos mission
  • When he was chosen for the mission a few of his peers commented that he only got on the mission because his dad was leading it/also on it
    • But he was actually chosen because he was the most qualified for the job, and deep down everyone else knew that and they were just jealous
  • He was top of his class tbh, this boy is real fucking smart
  • He was first and foremost a scientist, probably focused on astronomy and biology
    • Astronomy bc he worked with a space program
    • Biology bc when he’s talking about the ice samples in the first episode of season one he mentions using them to possibly find signs of alien life and study of living things = biology
  • In episode one we also see Pidge take down a Galra drone thing and reprogram it in no time, that makes me think that Matt was also interested in robotics
    • Maybe Pidge was the one who got him into it??
    • They probably worked on projects together
    • Some of their projects were hell for their parents bc they wouldn’t work as planned
  • His room at home is probably a mess, but an organized mess so don’t try to move anything around bc he has a system
  • He has ADHD
  • The Holts are Jewish, but not particularly religious
    • They still celebrate all the holidays but they don’t go to Temple
  • While in the Galra prison his dad was separated from him and Shiro almost immediately and it was only a few hours (?) days (?) later that he was separated from Shiro
    • He thought Shiro had died in the area and he wasn’t sure what happened to his father bc he was sent somewhere separate from him
    • The Galra found him to be a useful scientist and ended up using him
    • He ended up getting many scars, one on his right cheek and one over his left eye making him half blind
    • And many all over his body
  • When he was reunited with Pidge and Shiro it took him a minute to register who they were bc you know that thing where you see something that you look at everyday but it’s in a place where you don’t normally see it so you don’t register what it is for a minute?? That’s what happened with him
    • He then cried and they had a big group hug yay
    • He was part of a rebel group, the group the busted him out of prison, and after he was found he joined team voltron
    • He told his team that he was joining them bc they needed voltron as their ally and he could join and be like a diplomat of sorts
    • When in reality he just wanted to be with Pidge and Shiro and other humans again

I have more but I need to get off the computer now

I’ll make another headcanon post later!!

anonymous asked:

Oh no. I love your Percy Jackson au too much *screams* so... Would there be a time where Lance accidentally let his aura go? Like, when hes angry or sad??? And what would be the others reactions to it???

I have answered this question here so that might give a little more insight

When Lance is angry he tends to let his aura go and everyones reaction is mostly just to avoid each other.  Lance hides in his cabin and normally this is proceeded by a display of Lance’s powers (like Lance giving Keith frostbite) so everyone else avoids Lance’s cabin.

When he was younger Lance had a lot less control over his aura however, causing a lot more chaos.  There was one time he accidently killed his mothers herb garden because his sister broke a favourite toy of his.  His mother was very patient with him, his sister was terrified, and Lance was terrified.  

His first year at camp after his claiming was a bad year too, the year before everyone had been nice to him and suddenly they’re avoiding him like the plague (hehe).  He welted most all of the grass he walked on and that certainly didn’t help people think he wasn’t evil.

Now a days, even when he’s in his hiding in his cabin Lance manages to keep some control over his aura.  Zarkon believes that it’s just building up and building up to the point where if Lance did realize all that death and fear he’d cause some serious damage.  He’s not wrong either.  

As for everyones reactions, well here’s exactly how they’d feel if Lance caused such a disaster:

Zarkon would be very happy if Lance did that.  Hunk would feel he failed a friend, Pidge would actually be incredibly terrified because remember, she’s a mortal trying to take down a son of the big three whose older and more experienced than Lance.  It’s not often she faces how outmatched she is, watching Lance lose it like that would force her too.  Shiro would also be scared because Lance and Zarkon have the same power and funnily enough our boy Shiro’s got some stress PTSD, poor guy.  Later he’d feel guilty he couldn’t help Lance.  On one hand Keith would be scared because highly scary aura, on the other Keith would feel the need to punch Lance in the face for being an idiot and doing such a thing.  Allura would feel like she’d be right all along and Lance was, indeed, evil.  Later she’d realize that no, actually she’d pushed Lance into losing it and she’d feel incredibly guilty but take forever to admit that.  Coran, like Hunk, would feel he failed Lance.  Hades would consider the situation to have been inevitable really, but still desire to comfort his son.

Like hell the red lion is gonna let keith go so easily

bonus: black paladin, out. *throws double peace signs*