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since the adventure zone finale is tomorrow i thought i’d post all my doodles so far. most of these are me trying to figure out my headcanons (ive drawn so many fucking taakos adfghsg) i love them all so much tho


Tenka Moon Chapter Kirigakure Hotaru Preview

Note: I’m sorry for any wrong and off translation since I’m a learner, please correct me for any mistakes *bow*


Fujibayashi Sakuya
Sarutobi Sasuke
Fujibayashi Genya
Hattori Hanzo
Kirigakure Hotaru
Narukami Kyoichiro

MC [ …..Perhaps, you are the owner of this cat? ]


??? [ ….. ]

A boy you happened to encounter in Kyoto while searching for a way for Mitsuba Clan to survive.

Hotaru [ STOP! ]

His true identity was Iga’s 隠し玉 (kakushi-dama=hidden character/person), “言霊主” (kotodama-nushi=master of soul of language).

MC [ Hotaru-kun? What’s wrong? ]

Hotaru [ What’s that? ]

Pure, honest, innocent.

His speech and conduct, behavior was a series of things that make you forget he is a Shinobi.

In order to find out Hotaru’s real intention, also to propose a contract with Mitsuba Clan,

You approached by “Uesugi Kenshin” side, a warlord who is rumored to have deep sense of justice.

Hotaru [ I give you this. ]

Hotaru [ I was taught by Kenshin. ]

MC [ Errr…..what did you learn? ]

Hotaru [ He said that I need to give important things and precious things to those who are important and close friends. ]

You are being taught great things. GOOD JOB KENSHIN SAMA

Your frozen and stiffed heart starting to appreciate that facial expression and his words.

It is the cruel appearance of Hotaru that you witnessed when the interval/gap of warm thoughts and doubtful heart are swaying/shaking out.

Man [ Stop, stop it….please stop! ]

Hotaru [ ….. ]

Man [ No - ]

Although I feel terrible and afraid, I want to believe him…..

Hotaru [ Why was I born? ]

Hotaru [ I….. ]

Chasing after each day, Hotaru keeps falling/descending into shadow by the hand of his real elder brother, Saizo.

For the first time, HIM, understand/know all by himself.

For the first time, YOU, have thought of wanting to protect a person.

Hotaru [ But, since I want to live here with Mimi. ]

Opening the path of love for the Shinobi with fate of living in the shadow,



Honey, APH Greenland does not have an official colour scheme nor additional sketches of them. That’s just my colouring of a drawing that was in Nordics button set. It’s MY colouring, not Hima’s, and until official aph Greenland someday maybe comes out, it’s just my imagination what the colouring could be like. Also, my Greenland doesn’t go by gender pronouns. 

 Why are you all so pissed about a design that’s not even officially introduced? Himaruya may surprise you! He may also withdraw from the character entirely since the controversy, or start from a scratch and create a new one. There’s many many many countries that doesn’t have a character yet.

I’m sorry your lack of presentation in media and what your culture has have to put up with in there, but this whole series is based around stereotypes. You can’t just incriminate a single, simple Japanese man for creating a comedy series. Just, leave him alone, he can’t change how the world is.

As a person of culture, what about making content yourself? A series based on native Americans and their lives. Then you can be sure it’s not racist or stupid or whatever. Start it and make it big, change the world yourself. Don’t wait others to do it for you. You have the advantage as a person who knows their stuff.


Whoot! Look at this folks…fucking five more years of bloody YuGiOh. Five more years with this muse. Five years I’ve been on Tumblr with him and in this fandom, and wow, do I feel old! Its a magical day! A momentous day! I’ll be hitting five years on the 30th of this month and since Atem’s birthday is on the 26th, I thought why not put it all together! Why not make a terrible photoshop thing and spout out the love I have for all of you!

Five years ago I recreated the muse that I’ve loved for years but never had the heart to pick up until then. I was a victim of abuse and my love for this muse faltered, I almost even lost him completely, but after about three years of picking myself up and filling my heart with more positive energy, I was able to pick him up again. To play this muse I love and cherish. To show this love I have for him, to you; the people who follow me and have supported me for years.

I know many of the blogs that follow me have come and gone, but to me this is momentous day! After five years I have reached 1800+ followers, which is completely crazy and scares the shit outta me everyday. I never expected it. I never even thought of myself even capable of gathering such a large following, but here we are today. SO MANY FOLLOWERS. 

I’m forever grateful and blessed to have you all following me. For adoring this muse of mine as much as myself. To give me the opportunity to show you someone, who is not just a character, but someone who can be relateable and human. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I hope that you may allow me to show him for the many more years to come. //smoochies

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Different reactions to Joseph

Me the day DD was announced: Joseph looks like that rich arrogant douchebag. Who would want to date him.
Me the day they introduced Joseph: I take every bad thing I said about you back omg. What a cinnamon roll™. He loves baking with his children, what a darling ;;
Me when I played DD: I love him so much omg look at him. He gave us cookies oh dear. How can you hate him.
Me seeing stuff about the cult end: Wow you know what? Fuck you. I trusted you and you fucking asshole just omg this is the worst, I got played by a white man. Now he wants me dead jfc would you look at that.
Me after his canon route:….. I mean…. I didn’t… I well… Okay I fucking guess
Me now: Joseph Christiansen is a complex and human character, who’s not a demon cause that cult ending is scrapped apparently. Of course he’s not good and innocent like we all thought but he also isn’t a bad person. It’s stupid to assume that he’s abusive or that Mary is abusive, when they both are bad in their own way but also have good traits. It is human to have flaws, which makes characters interesting and I hope that we will get a good ending, where he and Mary end their marriage and try to work out all their problems and maybe become good friends after this. Still it doesn’t change the fact that I love you.

storiesbehindyoureyes  asked:

36. and 43. for Dialogue prompts, with Drake x MC, pretty please? 💕

Thanks for the prompt @storiesbehindyoureyes

ANGST WARNING: This is a sorta-AU set during the last chapter. I’ve seen a lot of fics with Liam being incredibly gracious when he finds out about Drake and MC (I’ve written them myself), but he’s only human and I can’t imagine how much it would hurt him. Honestly, I’m slightly terrified for the next chapters. 

36 - “Tell me I’m wrong.”

43 - “Are you drunk?”

Special thanks to @blazerina for encouraging me to get this finished! :)

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Late at night, the grounds of House Beaumont are quiet and dark. Liam takes advantage of the peace to walk through the vineyards alone with his thoughts. He can scarcely believe that soon he’s going to have to choose a bride, a wife…a queen. His thoughts drift from suitor to suitor but always return to Louisa. Is she up to the challenge of being queen? He believes she can do anything, but he’s acutely aware of the trials this life brings. Leo’s mother abandoned her husband and child, breaking under the pressure. Does he have any right to ask Louisa to take on a life like this? Can he choose someone he loves but who is inexperienced and potentially unprepared for the duties of the crown? Or should he choose someone more “appropriate” who understands this world, but will only ever be a partner and never truly someone he loves?

Liam sighs as the answers to his questions escape him. He keeps walking the grounds, lost in his thoughts. It’s only as he approaches the house that the sound of hushed voices interrupts his reverie.

“We can’t meet like this again. I have to tell him.”

Drake? Liam steps quietly toward the open window that his friend’s voice drifts out from.

“I know.”

Liam starts as he recognizes Louisa’s voice. A sinking feeling begins tugging at his heart. He leans over slightly and peeks in the window and through the sheer curtains that are waving gently in the cool breeze, he sees them.

Drake and Louisa are lying on the bed together. They’re fully clothed but that doesn’t diminish the intimacy between them. Drake holds Louise close to his side. One of his hands absently runs through her hair while the other hand rests on her waist, his thumb making lazy circles on the strip of exposed skin at the bottom edge of her t-shirt. Their legs are tangled together and Louisa’s fingers drift over Drake’s chest and neck, as though she can’t stop touching him.

Liam rears backward, their betrayal hitting him like a freight train. No.

“I want you, Louisa.” Drake’s words are dagger in Liam’s heart, but still he can’t seem to look away.

“I think…I think I’m falling in love with you” Drake continues in a soft voice, his grip on Louisa’s waist tightening as he pulls her even closer, “and I don’t regret a single thing that’s happened tonight, but we have to tell Liam before anything else happens.”

“You’re right,” Louisa sighs, “You’re right and I think I’m falling for you too, Drake.” She looks up at him with such incredibly affection that Liam has to bite his lip from crying out. Neither Drake nor Louisa move from their lover’s embrace and after a moment Louisa’s hand comes up and she runs a finger along Drake’s lower lip. Liam watches as Drake bites her finger gently before ducking his head and capturing her lips in a tender, passionate kiss.

Liam stumbles away from the window. No. No. God, no. How can they do this? He wanders into the house, not really seeing where’s he’s going. He ends up in the Beaumont library. Numb as he is, his mind remembers this place and where Bertrand keeps the good whiskey.

Not even bothering to turn on the light, Liam cross the moonlit room and pulls a bottle out of the globe-shaped bar cart. He pours himself a finger of whiskey with a shaking hand. He swallows it down in one go and pours another. Even as he slings it back, he’s sure not even the strongest drink in the world will be able to erase the image of Louisa wrapped around Drake and kissing him with such love and tenderness or the sound of Drake telling Louisa he’s falling in love with her. How could they?

Ditching the glass, Liam takes the whiskey bottle by the neck and stumbles over to a chair in a darkened corner of the library. He feels sick, his stomach churning like a stormy sea. His best friend and the girl he loves. How could they? The thought reverberates in his mind again and again. Taking a swig from the bottle, Liam suddenly hears someone whistling softly from outside the library doors. The tune is an old jazz standard and the lyrics swirl through Liam’s mind as the whistling gets closer.

My yesterday was blue, dear
Today I’m a part of you, dear
My lonely nights are through, dear
Since you said you were mine

A moment later, Drake appears in the doorway. In the dim light, Liam can make out a contented smile on his (former?) best friend’s face. The happiness radiating from Drake changes the sick feeling in Liam’s stomach into a ball of burning anger. He watches as Drake, still whistling, searches through the bottles. He’s happy. He and Louisa have ruined my life and he’s happy.

“You’re too late,” Liam says bitterly, swigging once again from the bottle.

Drake jumps, startled, “Jesus, Liam! What are you doing sitting here in the dark?”

“Drinking to forget something that cannot be forgotten.”

“Oh, god. Are you drunk, Liam?” Drake asks, stepping closer to him. “You always get weirdly poetic when you’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk. Not yet. But my god, I wish I was,” Liam seethes. 

Drake squints at him in the dark, “What’s going on, Liam?”

“You and Louisa,” Liam accuses, his voice low and angry.

“What?” Drake’s eyes widen. “What about me and Louisa?”

“What do you think, Drake? I saw you. I saw the two of you…together.” That sick feeling is back and Liam swallows hard against the bile rising in his throat.

“I…I don’t…” Drake hedges, avoiding Liam’s gaze.

“Tell me I’m wrong. Please, tell me I’m wrong,” Liam begs, desperate for Drake to tell him that this all some sort of nightmare. 

“Liam…I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” Drake murmurs, guilt and pain written across his face. Liam’s eyes slide shut. The whiskey in his stomach threatens to come back up. How could they? 

“I didn’t mean for this to happen, Liam.” 

Liam opens his eyes to see Drake standing before him. He looks utterly broken, staring at the floor, a glisten of unshed tears in his eyes. But suddenly, Liam feels no compassion for the man before him, the man he once considered a brother. A cold feeling steals over Liam’s heart as he comes to his feet unsteadily.

“I need you to leave, Drake.”

Drake’s eyes fly up to meet Liam’s. “Liam, no. Please don’t.”

“I need you to leave. You and Louisa both. I can’t handle this right now. I have a decision to make and your betrayal…” he lets the word linger between them, watches Drake flinch visibly at it, “has made my life infinitely more difficult.”

“Liam, we didn’t…”

“You didn’t mean to hurt me? You did. Your intentions are irrelevant. I may be able to forgive you…one day, but right now you need to go.”

Liam steps around Drake and walks out the door wondering where he’s supposed to go from here.

MFMM Minor Character Love - Camellia / Miss Fisher Random Thoughts (284)

@whopooh started an initiative for us to spread our love for the minor characters. (Link here) Coincidentally, I recently completed the draft for a post about Camellia, so I will gladly participate.


Has anyone ever wondered why Camellia was wearing her wedding dress (at least the top anyway) when she was kidnapped from Miss Fisher’s house? She brought a suitcase full of clothes with her when she sought refuge at Wardlow and shouldn’t have run out of wardrobe choices in a couple of days. As usual, this mystery triggered my random thoughts.

From Ruddy Gore and Away with the Fairies, we know that Lin was not crazy about the arranged marriage, but we weren’t given much information on how Camellia felt about it. She told Miss Fisher that her family would kill her if she was rejected by the Lins and sent back to China, so it appeared that her attitude toward the marriage was survival; however, what if it’s not as simple as that?

Running off with a communist was a bold life choice for a young woman in China back then, especially someone from a prestigious family. Judging by the fact that she could read and speak English fluently, I dare say that she was well educated and likely studied in college. She gave up a comfortable and stable lifestyle to pursue love and ideology, which was admirable.

Unfortunately, her dream of a bright future did not materialize as her husband was captured and executed. As a young widow on the government’s blacklist, who was then exiled from her family and homeland, no matter how strong and clever she was, she must have felt somewhat helpless and hopeless.

I am sure that she was aware of Lin’s relationship with Miss Fisher, but she knew that the only chance she had to make a new life for herself was to go forward with the wedding now, even though it would mean a loveless marriage. I don’t judge her for that. Putting myself in her shoes, I would likely make the same choice.

Now, back to the wedding dress. My theory is that she might have tried it on in private that morning with mixed emotions. Part of her mourned her late husband, with whom she never had a proper wedding, let alone wearing a beautiful wedding dress like this. While part of her might look forward to the marriage with Lin as it symbolized a new life, part of her must wonder if the wedding would actually take place; and if not, what would become of her? It’s likely that part of her also self-doubted whether it’s wise to marry someone without love.

I know that the relationship between Miss Fisher, Lin, and Camellia was portrayed differently in the books, so my sentiment here only applies to the TV show. Since we will never find out what happened to Lin and Camellia as the show probably would not feature them again, I think it presents an interesting topic for us (especially the clever fanfic writers) to explore. What’s your take?

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Voltron again

Okay, but LISTEN!

When is Princess Romelle going to be introduced?