their look in the last one


everyone wants this walnut to bring back the red flannel and I’m still shook over blue


“I hope I can do this” 

“There’re all sorts of people in the world, and we are all one of them.” 

back at it again at my school’s graffiti walls. im not sure if these are new writings or ones I didn’t notice before. 


sure hope you can see these.

anonymous asked:

Not an ask about William! Just a fun fact about your Daniel Radcliffe comment - it's so true! Did you know that the directors tried to put green contacts in little Danny when he was 11 and his eyes reacted SO BADLY to them, watering, red af, itchy, swollen up 10x their regular size like Pepe...lmao so he had to just have blue eyes, despite everything. Idk I just thought that little piece of trivia was fun. 😂

I think the same thing happened with Emilia Clarke, who plays the notoriously purple-eyed Daenarys Targaryen on GoT. People are mad about that, too. Coloured contacts are difficult to act with, if I recall correctly. Not only are they super uncomfortable, but the natural expressiveness of the eye is severely limited, and makes close-up acting look stiff and unrealistic. They just don’t look good. 

And eyes are completely different in literature and fiction than they are IRL. Like, I’m all for 10-paragraph long descriptions of Fox Mulder’s mossy forest ash slate emerald pools of desire, but it’s just not realistic to expect an actor be cast on virtue of having the correct eye colour. 

i have this short book called “the cia’s greatest hits” and its like a compilation of a bunch of evil shit the cia has done, 2 pages each per operation and i cant find a pdf anywhere but its worth reading and i wish i could link it bc the cia is fucking vile and they should be more widely hated and more americans should know about all of the disgusting and horrific stuff theyve been responsible for