their locker room dynamic is funny


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Request: Hi, I love your guys account so much😍😍😭😭, is it okay if I get a Liam Dunbar imagine smut of course😂😂. I want one where your surrounded by Scott and Stiles and he gets jealous so he takes you to the locker room and you know, you guys get it on😂😂❤️

*End game buzzer*

“Oh my gosh you guys! That was so great! Good job!” You gush. “Thanks Y/N! It was a great game and even greater seeing you come to watch,” Stiles said with a smirk, Scott laughing in agreement. You had always known Stiles and Scott, and had always remained unaffected by their flirtatious and funny remarks. You knew it was all purely in good fun. However; the only person that’s quite unaware of the dynamic between the three of you was the one where it was absolutely crucial, Liam. You had liked Liam for a long time, yet he remained completely unaware, you thought it was because you were always with Scott and Stiles, so it kinda turned him off to the idea because the three of them were all pretty tight. 

You turned your attention to Liam when you heard the boys’ locker room door slam open. You figured Liam had left to go and change, but you wanted to congratulate him before he left so you wandered in after him, excusing yourself from the group. You walked in cautiously. The lights were turned off, but you heard a shower running. “Liam?” you called out. There was no response, which instead of scaring you back outside, peaked your curiosity and drove you further into the locker room, hopefully where you wouldn’t meet your death. You peeked around the corner and saw him. 

He stood in the cascading water, his muscular back towards you, shorts hanging dangerously low on his hips. You felt compelled to walk towards him. You didn’t even realize it until you reached out and touched him. “Liam…” He whipped around to face you, thrusting you against the wall opposite and just looked at you, betrayal evident in his eyes. “I’ve always liked you Y/N. But you’re always flirting with Stiles and Scott and it makes me feel like you don’t want me.” He whispered, looking deep into your eyes. OHEMGEE HE LIKES ME?! You couldn’t believe your ears! Liam just admitted he liked you! “Liam, I like you too! A lot actually, but you never come and talk to me so I assumed you just didn’t like me at all. I didn’t realize that all you were was jealous,” You said with a smirk crawling across your face. 

“Me?! Jealous?! No…” Liam said, taking a step back in the process, blush burning brightly in his cheeks. You stepped forward, feeling brave. “Well, since obviously I belong with you, how about we let Scott and Stiles that I’m yours and yours only?” Your eyes glinting with a mischievous sparkle. His eyes caught yours, his darkened with lust and triumph. He grabbed you roughly and pressed his lips to yours, moving in synchronization as if they had known each other for years, instead of mere seconds. His large hands roamed every inch of your body, getting acquainted. His mouth moved downwards, leaving bruises and marks that would surely let Scott and Stiles who she was to be flirting with at all times. You moaned at the unfamiliar sensation. Liam lifted your shirt over your head and began to unbutton your jeans. The moans became louder and you moved your hand to your back and undid your bra. Liam moaned at the sight of your breasts, and proceeded to lick, bite, and pull at your taut nipples. You screamed with a mixture of pain and pleasure. He dipped his hands into your panties, pinching your bud with his thumb and forefinger, almost getting you to climax right the and there. 

He slid his fingers over a bit and was soon inside you, slowly moving them in and out, allowing you to get used to the feeling. You wanted to release so badly, yet you held yourself back. You wanted to feel Liam inside you first. “Liiiaaammmmmm….” you whined, you glanced at him and he gave you a silly smirk. Hopefully he got the memo. He pulled a condom out from his locker and slid his shorts around his knees and sat down. You stopped him from putting the condom however. You got down on your knees and wrapped your lips around his boner. You bobbed your head up and down his length and listened to his breathy moans and his whispered ‘fucks’. You licked the precut off the tip and continued to suck until he grabbed your jaw and pulled your mouth to his. As the two of you kissed, you stood up and put the condom on his dick. As soon as you were sure it was on properly, you slid onto it, your juices assisting in the process. You grinded your hips back and forth, listening to Liam’s bestial growls. You bounced until you approached your climax. Moaning in harmony with Liam as you both came. The two of you rode out your highs and then lay on the the floor until you had the energy to get back up. 

“Well, that was certainly something,” You admitted with a laugh. Liam chuckled in agreement. You both got dressed in silence and walked out one after another. As you walked out the door you couldn’t help and notice how vacant the field was. You blushed furiously to yourself and proceeded to walk to your car.