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Hey!! Im a huge fan, btw love all of your art. But quick question. Have you ever thought about drawing adult lance/any of the other characters? I would love your take on them. Also, catch me up: what happened to lance and rax(?)? I miss stuff lol. Love your art and aus!!❤️💛💚💙💜

Thank you <3 I have not actually thought about it yet. Drawing them all adults, I mean. I have 3 WIPs for this AU and they’re all still kiddies. OTL 

[The Voltron Family] Lance and Rax, they lasted only 3 years, unfortunately. :( They broke up not because they had a fight or something, it’s because Rax wanted to study in a different country and he didn’t want Lance to suffer long distance relationship. It was mutual and they’re still friends. I mean, Hunk married Shay so they’re still brothers-in-law.

Oh but that didn’t mean teen Lance wasn’t heartbroken though. Lance came home after Rax broke up with him and it was Shiro who noticed it first.

Shiro: Hey, buddy. What’s wrong? You seem down?
Lance: *looks up* *tiny voice* Rax broke up with me. *teary eyed*
Shiro: Oh, Lance. *pulls him into a hug* I’m so sorry, sweetheart. *kisses Lance’s hair* 
Lance: *hugs his dad tight* I mean… I knew it was coming with all his plans to study in Sweden but like… *tears started falling* 
Shiro: *caresses Lance’s back* 
Lance: *whispers in between his sobs* Why did it have to hurt?
Shiro: *frowns* Because what you felt for Rax was real.
Lance: *looks up* I hate it.
Shiro: Do you hate him?
Lance: *shakes his head slowly* No, I don’t. I’m happy for him. I’m happy that he got accepted in his dream school and I’m just… 
Shiro: You’re just what?
Lance: I’m just sad to know I wasn’t part of his fricking dream. *snorts* I know that sounded so cheesy but I’m hurting, Daddy Shiro, so I have an excuse.
Shiro: *smiles sadly* I didn’t say it was cheesy, Lance.
Lance: But it was though.
Shiro: Yeah, it was a little cheesy but he’s—
Lance: *falls back to his dad’s chest again and starts sobbing* He’s my first boyfriend. WAS. My first boyfriend. And I hate myself because I sound so selfish. I wanted him to stay with me but I can’t get in the way of his… *mumbles incoherent words*

They stayed like that for a while, Shiro letting Lance cry it all out. He wanted to talk to Rax but he was sure the boy was only saving Lance for further heartbreak. He knew where the boy was coming from. Keith arrived with groceries and saw them by the kitchen.

Keith: Well, this is such a touching scene to come home to. *smiles* Father and son all lovey-dovey—
Lance: *looks up to see Keith* *eyes red from crying*
Keith: *eyes widens* Oh no. Darling, what’s wrong? *drops his bags and rushes to Lance with arms open wide*
Lance: *hugs Keith tight* Rax broke up with me.
Keith: *angry* What the? What did that boy do now?! I’m going to—
Shiro: *places hand on Keith’s shoulder* *knew this was how Keith was going to react* Keith, calm down. 
Keith: *snaps head at Shiro* What do you mean calm down? My boy is crying and you expect me to—
Lance: it was mutual, Dad.
Keith: *looks down at Lance* What? Mutual then why—
Lance: Because I wanted him to stay with me for selfish reasons. *tells Keith the story again* Told him we could work out the long distance thing, but he said it wouldn’t especially for six years or so. I don’t get it—
Keith: You’re both being selfish here actually.
Lance and Shiro: *blinks at Keith in confusion* What?
Keith: *rolls his eyes* This is why I’m the editor in this family. I see things a bit differently. *lifts Lance’s chin* I get where you’re coming from, sweetheart. But imagine it in Rax’s point of view. In all of those three years of you being together, I know the boy loves you—disgustingly so. *scrunches his nose in amusement* He sees an opportunity that would be a step closer to his goal. He grabs it. It’s six years or so as you’ve mentioned. Then there’s you in the picture, Lance. It’s not that you weren’t there in the future he envisioned. It’s because you were in the future he envisioned that he broke up with you.
Lance: I can’t really say I’m following to be honest.
Keith: *smiles sadly* Oh you sweet summer child of mine. *caresses Lance’s cheek to wipe his tears* A lot of things can happen in 6 years. Especially to those who don’t see each other. You’re a charming boy, Lance. Everyone knows that. And Rax might have been scared that in those 6 years he will notice you falling out of love with him. And to be honest, knowing someone who loves you a lot with all they’ve got, someone who’s so fond of you… knowing that one day they just don’t feel that way anymore, that would be the scariest and most painful. So I see this as Rax being selfish in his own way but also saving both of you from the biggest heartbreak of all.
Lance: *stares at Keith* *starts tearing up again* I hate it when you’re right. *hugs Keith again tightly* 
Shiro: *smiles at Keith* *mouths* Spot on. *turns to Lance* Why don’t we grab some ice cream and have a Sailor Moon marathon?
Lance: *still buried in Keith’s embrace* *mumbles* I’d love that. Curse boys!
Keith: *chuckles* Now, now. Don’t curse boys. You’ll find another one.
Lance: *looks up* But what if I don’t?
Shiro: Then you’re stuck with us for the rest of your life. *chuckles*
Lance: *beams* I don’t see what’s so wrong about that.
Keith: Good. Then you and Pidge are stuck with us in this house—forever. No one’s allowed to leave. *pinches Lance’s nose*
Lance: *giggles* I love you both.
Keith and Shiro: CHEESEBALL. *rolls their eyes in amusement*

Duckverse stuff

I’ve been thinking about potential headcanons that would make sense and i found some, sometimes more developped.

First, @lostmyplanet and i assumed Donald was quite young when he adopted HDL, and even now they’ve grown up a little. In my humanized version of him, although he has the traces of fatigue on his face, we can see he’s not really old like Uncle Scrooge. In fact, i have some explanations to this : in a panel i recently found, we can see that Uncle Scrooge is pretty old to just be Donald’s uncle, he almost seems to be his grandfather (even though he’s the big brother of Hortense). Maybe Hortense had her twins a bit late, and on the contrary, Della had her triplets really soon (with a guy who was older than her). She was really helpless, and not ready at all to support three children. Maybe she wanted to continue her studies to become a real astronaut, so she gave them to Donald. But he’s the same age. Yes he hasn’t made big studies. Yes he’s always living simply, with little jobs. But he could live simply because he was still young and alone. The fact that he had to grow up so fast while being so young is heartbreaking. He could be their older brother or cousin.

This is why always draw him looking so tired. He loves Huey, Dewey and Louie with all his heart, but sometimes it’s really difficult to play a fatherly role, with his hot-tempered mind and his depression always threatening to come back. We could compare him to Nani, you know, Nani from Lilo and Stitch… She was 19 (only 19!) when she was forced to abandon studies to work and be an adult to her sister Lilo. The “broken-family” theme is here, as well… But they hold still together and form their own kind of family. Plus it will become easier for Donald when the triplets will become more mature, maybe by realizing they’re putting too much pressure on him sometimes (yes i’m thinking about you, first part of Mickey’s once upon a christmas. You destroyed my feelings). Or him having an accident, perhaps ? This would make the boys realize that he’s the only relative that can take care of them, on an emotional, physical and even financial plan. Life with Fethry, Gladstone or Scrooge would be great for a little time, but not too much. However, with Donald, they can have some stability (because he will always be struggling to ensure their futures), a firm but fair education, a father-uncle that will do anything for them, even hurting himself. He’s also the closest they have, and the only one that can actually feel what they went through (broken family, separation, etc) : he can listen to them and know exactly what to say because he felt it also when he was younger. Without him, they would certainly be in a foster home, with a more miserable life. And that brings them to reevaluating the way they see Donald, the way they take all of this for granted. They grow up a bit and make it easier for Donald. (plus i want a sweet family reunion)

Now little worthless headcanons that will make you go awww

- the triplets LOVE to wear Donald’s béret (his hat, dunno what it’s called in english) even though it’s too big for them and blinds them

- same thing for scrooge’s hat

- grandma duck is absolutely badass

- donald’s skills in cooking are incredibly good. When you have to cook for triplets…

- scrooge’s biggest dream is to teach donald how to play bagpipes

- donald’s not enchanted but will do it anyway and discover he’s talented

- when they want to play tricks on donald, the boys exchange their clothes. But Donald always finds out with a single glance who’s who (cf. An Eye for Detail, a comic where you learn Donald can distinguish each triplet without their colors

- scrooge is confused when they play the same trick on him (he’s like ???? why)

- donald knew the caballeros when he was even younger than the time he adopted the boys (so i assume he was a young adult) and sometimes he yells at the triplets in other languages (he only knows some words) and they’re just : wtf unca donald why are you talking in brazilian

- the best part of a long day of tiring work for donald is when he comes home and puts the money earned in the special jar of all the money he keeps for the boy’s studies / when the triplets welcome him home with great news (Huey being first in class, Dewey winning a competition, Louie’s drawing being displayed on the wall of the classroom) and he’s just a proud father / when the triplets hug the heck of him


#23 Bringing the baby home from the hospital

A/N Hiiiii! So glad you guys loved those last few preferences! I got so many messages about them! Keep giving me feedback and requests HERE because I love to hear what you have to say! Hope you like it!

Ashton- “Doesn’t she look so cute Ash?!” You said as you snapped the final buttons on Avery’s going home outfit. “She always looks cute babe but yeah she looks extra adorable right now.” “She’s so small that even this newborn dress is almost too big for her.” You cooed over her. “What are we waiting for?” He asked. “The nurse needs to bring the papers to check her out. I’m so ready to go home and just start taking care of her on our own and being a cute little family cuddling on the bed already.” You sighed. “Awww that sounds so cute. We can do that right when we get home I promise. You need to rest babe.” Ashton said sweetly. He lifted her carseat onto the bed and slowly picked her up and placed her in. The carseat was huge and it pretty much swallowed your little 5 pound baby. The nurse finally came in and let you sign the papers to leave. “Congratulations again. She’s adorable.” The nurse said with a smile. “Thank you!” You both said simultaneously. Once you were all set in the car it finally became real. “Ashton she’s ours!” “I’m so happy Y/N are you?” ?I’ve never been this happy in my life.“ Just then Avery made a little coo and showed her dimples then went back to sleep. You giggled "I think A agrees.” You said smiling. “That was the cutest noise I’ve ever heard in my life. Oh my god.” Ashton said in a cute voice. You made small talk in the car pretty much talking about Avery the entire time. A while later you arrived at home and you breathed a sigh of relief. “We’re home munchkin!” Ashton said softly. He placed the carrier down on the couch and you carefully unbuckled her and picked her up. “Should we give her a house tour?” Ashton asked. “Later…How about we see if she likes her room though?” You said. He followed you up the stairs and into the room. “Y/N can you believe she’s going to be playing in here one day.” “That’’s crazy. For now I think I want her to stay little though. I like this.” You smiled and kissed the top of her head. “Me too. Now come on let’s go cuddle in bed like you wanted. All 3 of us.” He said. 

Luke- “Wow I can’t believe we’re actually taking her home now.” Luke said as he snapped the buckles on Emersyn’s carseat and buckled her into the car. You adjusted her little bow and pacifier as he closed the door and walked to the drivers seat. You took a deep breath “Yeah I hope it’s ok.” “It’s going to be fine sweetheart.” You nodded. “Ready?” He looked in the rearview mirror at you and smiled. “Yep!” He was driving so much slower than normal and you thought it was adorable that he was trying to be so safe. “Luke you can go a little faster babe.” “I know. I just don’t want her to get banged around too much.” He bit his lip. The good thing was that the house wasn’t too far away from the hospital so it wasn’t a bad drive. Shortly later you arrived home and Luke carried her into the house. “She’s sleeping Y/N. What should we do?” “Lets bring her up to her crib and let her sleep. Maybe we can take a nap too.” You suggested. Luckily when he picked her up and gently placed her in her crib she didn’t even stir.“ You both looked down into her crib and you leaned your head on Luke’s shoulder. "How did I get so lucky?” You asked him. “I ask myself that everyday.” He said back. “She looks so cute in there oh my god.” He said with a smile. “Do you see what I mean? She looks exactly like you look at her sleeping that’s exactly your face.” “Oh you mean like this?” He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.“ You giggled quietly. "Yeah like that.” “Come on we’re going to wake her up.” you said. You flipped on the baby monitor and went to lay down on the couch and snuggle with Luke for a while before she started crying. 

Michael- Ok here’s all the papers and the stuff for his birth certificate that you need to sign before we go. The nurse just brought it up when you were down getting the car. Michael please do not spell his name wrong.“ You said. "Pshhh I got this.” “Seriously be careful when you do it it’s important.” “I know how to spell my Son’s name d a x t i n ” He laughed. “Michael.” You shot him a look. “Sorry babe I’m just kidding around I know how to spell it. I’ll do it right.” “Thank you. I’m just freaking out a little. I’m nervous. We’re going to be all on our own now.” “Aw it’s going to be ok. Look how good he is. He’s just looking around!” He talked in a baby voice He looked down in between your legs where the little boy was laying because you were about to change his outfit so you could leave. “Yeah he’s such a good baby.” You said as you kissed your son’s cheek. “See you’ve got nothing to worry about.” Michael said reassuringly as he took the papers from you. You both finished your tasks at the same time. Daxton was ready to leave and the papers were all signed. “He’s so cute Y/N I’m actually dying.” “I know look at his little hat It’s like bigger than his head.” You chuckled. “Oh that reminds me… I brought something with for him.” He pulled out a little stuffed lion from the bag. “Here Dax this is my buddy Daniel the lion!” He said in a cute little voice and placed Daniel in the carseat. “You’re so cute Michael.” You said giving him a quick kiss. Soon you were all checked out and home. “This feels weird.” Michael said as you unbuckled Daxton and picked him up. “What does?” You asked quietly. “Last time we were here there was only two of us and now theres three.” “Yeah it is pretty weird.” “So.. What do we do now?” Michael asked. “He’s sleeping. Not much we can do.” You said giggling. “When can he play xbox again?” You just shook your head and smirked. 

Calum- “This is the longest car ride ever! You’re so lucky Y/N you get to look at him the whole time.” Calum groaned from the front seat and made a pouty face. “Aw sorry Cal. When we get home you can hold him for as long as you want. It’s ok you aren’t missing much he’s sleeping anyways.” “He looks so cute when he sleeps though!” Cal said. “I can’t get over how cute his nose is. It’s just like yours.” You said with a smile. “You’re killing me Y/N I haven’t seen him in like a whole hour you can’t just say that when I can’t see him.” “Cal you’re so cute we’ll be home in 5 seconds.” Once you got home Calum pretty much jumped out of the car and came over to help you out and bring him home. He moved the blanket a bit so he could see his face a little better. “Aw there’s my boy!” He said proudly. “Cal when we go in we have to be really careful so The dog doesn’t scratch Griffin.” “I got it Y/N” Calum brought the baby in and set him down on the couch where you unbuckled him and he brought the dog over. She automatically started sniffing him and wagging her tail. “This is the best feeling ever y/n I love you.” “I love you too Cal.” Suddenly the baby started crying and you both froze. This is the first time you had to do it alone. “What does he want?” You shrugged. “I think he’s hungry that’s all.” Sue enough you were right. He stopped as soon as you started feeding him. “I think we’re going to be good at this.” Calum said. 

A/N I wrote this pretty quickly and I’m not sure how much I like it or if it’s even good but I hope you enjoyed :) 



  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Interviewer:</b> "The Our Way tour. It must be so exciting for the two of you to finally have this moment as brothers. I've kept a close eye on both of your careers and I can confidently say no two individuals deserve this opportunity more."<p/><b>Maks:</b> "Oh gosh, thank you."<p/><b>Val:</b> "Wow, no pressure. Nah, I'm kidding! Thank you, that means a lot and it is really exciting to get the chance to show our fans where things kinda all started for us."<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> "Not only are you two brothers but you also consider yourselves best friends?"<p/><b>Val:</b> "Absolutely."<p/><b>Maks:</b> "When did I ever say that?"<p/><b>Val:</b> "Come'on man!<p/><b>Maks:</b> "I'm joking. No, I have been blessed with that. Not many people can find a best friend in a family member, much less their little brother."<p/><b>Val:</b> "Awww." *wipes pretend tear*<p/><b>Maks:</b> "Shut up."<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> "Haha, I can fill the love radiating from the room." *looks into camera* "Can't you guys? So, it's no secret that you know everything about each other and the 'Our Way' tour is to help your fans get to know you a little better. Well I've decided to take it upon myself to help that process along by asking you a few questions that your fans may not know the answer to. Is that alright?"<p/><b>Maks:</b> "Yeah, let's do it!"<p/><b>Val:</b> *claps hands together* "I'm ready!"<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> "Okay first question! What is your favorite color? "<p/><b>Val:</b> "Zendaya."<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> "..."<p/><b>Val:</b> "..."<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> "..."<p/><b>Maks:</b> "...Jesus, man."<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Fanfic - Cute Little Family - 1/1

Prompt:To Anon who wanted Barry gives Iris a puppy for Christmas. Joe and Wally tease them about it. 

Rating: PG

Word Count: 423

“A puppy? Barry I can’t believe you got me a puppy!”

Barry watched with great satisfaction at the big smile lighting up Iris’s face. Immediately Iris reached in to take the Golden Retriever puppy out from the box to cuddle him to her chest. Her fingers gently petting across the golden fur of the puppy’s coat. A soft giggle escaping her as the puppy started to lick her cheek.

“I thought you might want company with you getting your own place,” Barry explained.

“Thank you,” Iris beamed at him. “This is such a thoughtful gift.”

“Yes, very thoughtful.” Wally drawled over from his place on the couch.

Barry turned to where Wally and Joe were watching them with matching knowing expressions. The grins on their faces making Barry feel a little nervous.

“A puppy is a lot of responsibility,” Joe pointed out. “I hope you’re planning on helping Iris out Barry.”

“Exactly,” Wally nodded his head in agreement. “A puppy is like having your first child. But I’m sure Barry and Iris will make great parents.”

Barry felt his cheeks heat up but he wisely kept his mouth shut.

“What are you two going on about,” Iris shot a warning look to Joe and Wally. “Barry gave me a very sweet gift.”

Iris then walked over to sit with Barry on the floor next to the tree. The puppy cradled in her arms as she snuggled in close to Barry’s side. Quickly his attention became focused on Iris cooing over the puppy. The two of them laughing together as the Puppy started to take fumbling steps in-between their laps with his tail wagging. They shared the same soft smiles when the puppy finally tuckered out and fell asleep on top of Barry’s legs with his head on Iris’s knee.

“Awww what a cute little family,” Wally chuckled.

“Too bad for the puppy his mom and dad aren’t together,” Joe retorted in amusement.

Barry silently prayed Joe and Wally would stop before Iris started to take their teasing seriously. He didn’t get Iris a puppy in a plan to get them to date. At least not entirely. He might have hoped it would bring them closer together.

“How little you two know,” Iris scoffed at them while she stroked the puppy’s soft ears. “Little Kanye has two parents who love each other very much.”

The warm smile Iris gave him that teased of more deeper feelings was the best gift Barry got that year.