their little baby faces in season one

You know what I realized? SAB has never let Bay just be angry or upset without making her look to be the bad guy.

Being switched at birth and having to deal with her parents’ attention now going to another child with special needs? Suck it up buttercup.

Falling for Emmett and he does the same. But then Daphne thinks she may like him? Oh you have to give her a break, she’s been his friend for years.

Regina knew about the switch and never came for her? Well, Regina meant well so Bay has to forgive her within in an episode. (FTR, I don’t blame Regina, but the girls had every right to be upset.)

Emmett cheats on her? You can’t hold grudges forever, Bay.

Tank sleeps with Bay when she was too drunk to remember if she consented? (Aka raped her) Well la-di-freaking-da Bay. Don’t you care that this straight privileged white boy had his life ruined because he raped you? You must forgive him. You shouldn’t have been drinking anyway. Oh and when your supposed BFF dates him, her mom had a stroke so ya know, that makes it okay for her to date a rapist.

Angelo dies? We don’t have time to explore your feelings on this, we gotta show Daphne who ignored him for 3 seasons and started bonding with him an episode before his death.

Emmett makes a movie about the rape without her permission? Well guess what, now he’s all messed up so it’s all cool now.

Seriously. I am so over how this show treats her. No one faces consequences except her it seems. I want her to take Travis and move back to China where she can do tattoos and have little ginger babies with him.

Star vs Toffee

I don’t know how many of you seen Battle of Mewni but it left a lot more questions then answers for me.

At first I thought Moon and Toffee relationship was like Star and Marcos when they where younger but then they had a “falling out"which I thought Toffee had killed her mother or someone close to her which was confirmed to be mother in Battle of Mewni but apparently Moon didn’t meet him until after he killed her mother. Why did he kill her mother when she was trying to sign a peace treaty with the monster king?

It also appears that he knows a lot about the butterfly family like how he knew about the whispering spell, the secrets of the wand, the book, and etc. He even knew Glossaryck and what his personality was like. Glossaryck seemed to know him as well like they met before.

He treated and spoke soft spokenly to Star like a child and even though he kidnapped Marco he didn’t treat him badly more like a authoritive figure(though he did try to squish him-.-) and it seemed that he knew Macros monster side wasn’t completely gone.

Even though he kept his promise in ep 13 he didn’t when he was resurrected. I think that’s partially why Toffee wanted Star to preform the whispering spell because it traps anyone near it inside the wand and he knew his finger was inside. Which why Star preformed it again to kill Toffee inside the wand but it ended backfiring cause toffee used it as leverage to get his finger back from Moon so he could resurrect himself. Though he didn’t keep his promise when he destroyed his half of the wand which cursed Star to a purgatory like place with Glossaryck until she found a little magic left to allow her dip down and transform into her full Mewman form that allowed her to escape.

I thought it was also weird that he just walked away after he was resurrected, he didn’t even try to kill Moon. I’m not surprised that the dark curse didn’t work when Moon tried to cast it again(I think it’s ethier once per castor or because the wand was technically not hers anymore) but I was surprised that Marco was strong enough to punch a hole right through Toffee’s chest but given the circumstances he had enough rage to do it.

But because he didn’t do anything it ended being his down fall because he underestimated Star. But he still didn’t die even when she reduced him to goopy skeleton, It looks like he’s dead when Ludo dropped a piller on him. But I still don’t think Toffee is gone completely, someone like Toffee refuses to die and always has a back up plan and judging by Marcos nightmares it might have to do with him….

(It was really cute when Buff frog saw again though her mom didn’t really trust him because her predijuce against monsters. It shows how close they have gotten and how Star has learned not all monsters are bad. We can see that when Star shows how much she loves his babies :3 Buff frog not only think of Star like but like one of his kids, we could see that when he affectionately calls her “his little potato” and when he was worried she wasn’t going to plan how to face Toffee because he knows she usaully charges first. Which is why he put his home on locked down so she couldn’t get out. Moon began to trust him because of that, I thought it was funny when they both said"Go to your room!“ together lol XP

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Prompt: Kim and Trini watching Supergirl together.

Thanks for the prompt!

Monday nights were sacred. On Monday’s they had a rule: if the world wasn’t at risk of ending and there were no imminent threats, then they had to be over at Trini’s - mostly to show her mother she did in fact have friends - to watch Supergirl.

Trini, of course, blames Kimberly for getting her into the damn show. She had been fine with messing on her phone or with doing homework while her f=girlfriend watched it, but Kimberly would just complain they weren’t doing anything together. Trini had rolled her eyes and had let out a deep breathe, but had gone to join her girlfriend, nonetheless, scooting herself down the bed so she could sit next to her.

“We have to start from the beginning.” Kimberly had said as she messed around with her phone for a couple seconds, her eyes furrowing in concentration. 

“Wait, what? What are we watching?” Trini asks, trying to peek over Kimberly’s shoulder. It didn’t take long before the starting monologue of Supergirl blared out in her room. Trini groans because she’s heard this before - Kimberly talks about it every chance she gets - and she knows the other girl is already on the second season.

“Just give it a chance.” Kimberly whines next to her as she rolls her eyes. 

“Fine.” Trini says, a small huff escaping her lips. She doesn’t complain further, though, because Kimberly smiles at her with that really big smile she gets when she’s really excited, so she figures she can indulge her in watching the firs few episodes until they fall asleep. Also, the small kisses she gets from her girlfriend throughout the night don’t hurt either.

But she didn’t realize that’s how it starts, and she hates herself for being so weak. It didn’t take long for Trini to be invested. In fact, the next morning, when she woke up with Kimberly’s dark hair in her mouth and the girl curled around her, she hadn’t remembered how or when she had fallen asleep. Kimberly had laughed and given her a knowing smirk before pulling her out of bed a few minutes later. 

Then, she finished the first season. All of it. It took her three days of almost no sleep. She had been glad she had finished, now she could move on with her life.

“You know there’s a second season, right?” 

Trini wants to shoot lasers at her girlfriend. Kimberly laughs as Trini glares at the wall above her head, Trini’s hand tightening around her pen, trying to control the urge of snapping it in half in the middle of chemistry. She didn’t need to see the second season, though, because she was fine, she was almost an adult and she didn’t have an addiction to fictional characters. No, she didn’t.

“I have them on demand, wanna come over tonight?” Kimberly says from across Trini, a smirk playing on her face as she waits for a response.

It takes her a total of thirteen seconds before she lets her shoulder sag. “Ugh, fine,” Trini concedes, still glaring at the wall as she curses herself for being so weak.

She doesn’t sleep that night. She had gotten to her girlfriend’s right after school, secretly thanking whoever it was for not having to save the world - at least tonight - and she didn’t leave until the next morning for school - she tried to ignore the weird looks she got…mostly because she was wearing her girlfriend’s clothes.

Trini had the biggest TV, so when she had invited her girlfriend over to watch the latest episode, who was she to dictate what they watched. It wasn’t a secret Kimberly never missed an episode - it made it easier on her to have an excuse to have to watch it. And everything would haven been fine if she wasn’t so…invested.

“Can you believe this prick? Who does he think he is?” Trini says outraged as she glares at the TV, making gagging sounds every time the white potato crossed her screen. “Kara could do so much better than him - she’s got two choices for crying out loud: Lena or James. And she went with this guy?”

“They’re not real, babe.” Kimberly whispers in her ear, pecking her neck before running her fingers through brown hair, caressing her neck every so often when Trini would curse at the screen. 

“It doesn’t matter,” Trini whines as she let herself lean back against her girlfriend’s chest. “My little brothers watch this, and look what he’s teaching them.”

“Baby,” Kimberly says with a sigh, a small chuckle escaping her lips, “just ignore it.”

“I can’t,” Trini points out, turning to look at her when the commercials began, “he’s shoved in my face every two seconds. Why can’t we go back to season one and add Sanvers? My babies are suffering, Kim.”

Trini glares at her girlfriend when she sees the tell-tale signs of a smile on her face. 

“Don’t,” Trini warns as she watches Kimberly cup her mouth, her smile big enough to spill over. “Stop it,” Trini says again as she shoves Kimberly’s shoulder lightly, but it only causes Kimberly to laugh out loud faster. Trini hates that she can’t actually be mad because she can’t help but think how beautiful the other girl is. She watches with wide eyes as Kimberly’s eyes squint and her lips pull upwards enough to see her white teeth. The melodious laugh making her heart speed up as a shiver threatens to run down her spine. Ugh, she hates her.

“Stop,” Trini says again, a smile now forming on her face. “Babe, stop or I’ll go watch with Zack - at least he doesn’t judge.”

That makes Kimberly laugh even harder. Trini huffs and crosses her arms, willing Kimberly to stop laughing with a seriously look. She’s not surprised when it doesn’t work, so she pushes herself up and crosses the room to the chair near the corner.

“I’m sorry,” Kimberly says between laughs, trying to pout but her laughter got in the way. The show comes back and they both quiet down. Trini tries to ignore the pair of eyes looking at her from across the room because she laughed at her when her smol children were in distress. She huffs again and it doesn’t take long before commercials begin again.

“Come on, babe,” Kimberly says with a pout as she stands and makes her way to Trini, extending her hand out for the other girl to grab, “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t mean it.” Trini says with a scoff as she squares her shoulders and moves her jaw to show her irritation.

“I do,” Kimberly says, tugging on one of Trini’s arms until she pulls hard enough to stand her up, wrapping her arms around her waist as she tugs her in closer. “I mean it, I won’t laugh anymore. And I agree with you - Kara can find someone better.”

“Like Lena-”

“Or James.” Kimberly says and Trini can’t help the twitch of her lips as she stares at her girlfriend, her brown eyes hypnotizing. She tilts her head when Kimberly cups her cheek, her thumb rubbing softly against her skin. Trini rolls her eyes when she feels a shiver course down her spine because, really? Is this what love sick feels like? 

“Can we just get back to watching Supergirl? Maggie is going to be on soon and I can’t miss my wife.” Trini says as she pushes her way to her bed, climbing it and making herself comfortable.

“Excuse me?”

Revenge on the Road

Dean Winchester x Reader, mentioned Sam Winchester 

Warnings: smut

Summary: Dean wants to go for a ride and drags the reader into going with him, even though she is enjoying her lazy day.

This is a song fic. I used the song All Over the Road by Easton Corbin. Heard it on the radio my family was playing at the reunion and this is what I thought of. Just bear with me.

Word Count: 1,333 including lyrics

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No Regrets - Sisters

@winchesterprincessbride requested: Hi. This might not be what your looking for but I would love a fluffy drabble of Becca “playing” with the baby, not knowing Jensen is secretly watching her. And he is getting emotional, his heart is so full

Not exactly what you asked for. But I hope you will still like it sweetie :)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: just fluff

Word Count: 576

A/N: This is a drabble complication. All drabbles fit into the universe I created for my Jensen x Reader series Living with Regrets. Most can be read as stand alone, but will also very much be part of the series.

This takes place a few months after part 10 of Living with Regrets. Jensen and Y/N are married and their second child AJ was born. In real time it takes place near the end of season 11 and when Y/N and Jensen have just started their hiatus in Austin.



Becca looked around the living room to see if her parents were anywhere close by before she sneaked into her sister’s room. Becca grabbed one of the toy boxes and dragged it up to her sister’s crib and crawled in lying down next to her sister.

AJ turned her little head and her big baby blue eyes focused on her older sister. A smile almost appeared on her face as she reached out to touch Becca’s cheek making the older girl giggle and place her hand on top of the baby’s.

“I can’t wait until you get bigger,” Becca confessed as AJ watched her with a big smile on her face. “We can play together. I can teach you stuff. I am not sure if you know it, but we have the best mommy and the coolest daddy in the world.” Becca spoke and a giggle erupted from the baby making Becca smile brightly.

“When I was little like you, I didn’t know daddy. But it is okay. Mommy took care of me and she told me stories of him. He is even better than she said though. You’ll see,” Becca spoke and a yawn escaped her. She hadn’t realized how sleepy she had been until she fell laid down next to her little sister, but now she was comfortable and snug beside the baby, she drifted off to sleep along with AJ.

Becca slept right through her mom’s panicked calls of her names when she didn’t find her in her room. She slept through her mom screaming for her dad and how they searched for her for minutes before her dad thought to look in the nursery. Becca didn’t hear her father’s soft call of her mom’s name, nor did she register how her parents stood by the crib looking down on their two sleeping daughters.  

“I think she missed her sister,” Jensen whispered wrapping his arms around his wife’s waist hugging her close to him as his chin rested on her shoulder, watching his daughters with her. Becca had spent the past few weeks in Vancouver with Jensen. Giving them some needed father/daughter time and Y/N a break from being an alone full time mom, while Jensen had filmed without her for the past few weeks. The only few scene Y/N had fro the finale she had filmed a few weeks ago, allowing her to start hiatus early.

Becca had, had a hard time adjusting to no longer being an only child and since she seemed to be missing Jensen a lot the few weeks he had been apart from his little family, he and Y/N had agreed a few weeks in Canada with him would be a good idea.

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I feel selfish sending a prompt lol biadore but instead of Ru calling Michelle during Danny's meltdown in AS2 he calls Roy

Thank you darling! Currently not taking requests
Don’t feel selfish hun! I was the one that asked for them! I’ve weirdly missed writing Biadore…what’s happening to me?!

All Stars wasn’t anything like Danny thought it would be. He’d thought it would be a breeze. He’d found his style since leaving the show last time and he was much more confident in his drag. More confident than he’d ever been. But then Michelle Visage had ruined everything.

He felt like he could have been on season six again when Michelle laid into his drag like that. He felt like that fresh faced queen he had been back then, with no idea of what he was doing. He didn’t think it would be like this. So for his sanity’s sake he’d decide to leave, to walk out of the competition. Before he was allowed to do that though Ru had told him he’d called someone he wanted Danny to talk to before he made his final decision.

Danny leant up against the wall outside the studio, tears filling his eyes. He felt weak. He felt defeated. Things he hadn’t felt in a really long time. He had nothing but good memories from Drag Race but that had all been changed now.

When he saw him approach Danny’s first tear fell.
‘This better be good, I had to fly in from Florida!’ Roy clucked as he approached. Danny laughed a little as he fell into the older mans arms.
‘I can’t do it. It’s too much for me. If I stay it’s going to break me.’ He wrapped his arms around Roy’s neck and buried his head in his shoulder. Roy held Danny’s waist tightly.
‘It was just one critique baby. You stuck out season six with all the bad things Michelle had to say. What’s changed?’ Roy pulled back so he could look at the younger man. Danny’s tears were cascading down his face.
'I needed that kind of critique back then, that’s what has helped shaped me into the queen I am today. But I’ve worked so hard to get where I am and for her to just write me off like that? It killed me Roy.’ Roy cupped his face and stroked at his tears with his thumbs.
'So you pick yourself up and you keep trying.’ Roy told him softly.
'I don’t think I can.’ Danny sniffed. 'Ever since I left the show I’ve been defending my style of drag to people. I thought Michelle got it, she was so complimentary to me during BOTS but now it feels like it was all lies you know?’ His tears kept coming and Roy kept trying to bat them away as he held Danny’s face.
'She’s just doing her job sweetie.’
'No.’ Danny shook his head. 'She was unnecessarily harsh on me. Why should I put myself through that again? Why does she get to dictate if my drag is valid or not?’ Danny stepped back out of Roy’s hold and ran his fingers through his messy hair. 'I’m over it! I’m not strong enough to deal with it.’
'Yes you are.’ Roy stepped closer again and took hold of Danny’s hands. 'You are stronger than you give yourself credit for.’
'I don’t feel it.’ Danny sniffed again. 'I like my drag Roy. No, I love my drag. I’m not going to fucking crowd surf while wearing a corset am I?’
His words made Roy chuckle a little.
'No that would hurt.’ Roy agreed.
'I like wearing sneakers and looking rough around the edges. I like showing off my boy body because guess what? I’m a fucking boy!’
Roy laughed a little again and squeezed Danny’s hand.
'Michelle was just doing her job baby.’ Roy reminded him softly.
'I know.’ Danny sulked a little. 'But she didn’t need to be such a bitch about it.’ He fell into Roy’s arms again and Roy cradled him while he finished crying. Roy hated seeing him like this, it literally broke his heart to see him so sad. He knew the struggle Danny had gone through better than most to get people to take his drag seriously. But Danny was a sensitive soul, he always had been. And his drag was the biggest soft spot. Eventually Danny’s tears subsided and he wiped his eyes on Roy’s shoulder.
'Whatever you decide to do baby, I’ll support you. 100%.’
Danny looked at him through watery eyes. On the one hand he wanted to stay and stick this out. He wanted to storm back in that werk room with his middle fingers in the air and scream, ’fuck you Michelle I’m still here!’ He wanted to rock every challenge thrown his way, get to the top three again and maybe even win this time. That would be a massive fuck you to Michelle. But Danny’s skin wasn’t thick enough for this cut throat competiton. He wasn’t even sure how he’d gotten through season six, maybe it had something to do with Roy. If it hadn’t been for Roy, Danny probably wouldn’t have made it through the first time around. Danny weighed up his options for a moment. He wasn’t a quitter but he really did feel as though this competition would destroy him. Eventually he sighed; he’d made his decision.
'Roy?’ He mumbled.
'Yes baby?’
'Take me home. For the love of god please take me home.’
Roy smiled at him a little and cupped his face before kissing him softly. He threaded his fingers through Danny’s and the two of them headed away from the studio.
'Anything you want baby. Anything you want.’

Little Peach Headcanon

(The baby was confirmed to be a girl at a 2016 comic con, for those who don’t know.)

Jack had had some good times the last 50 years. Despite his grim surroundings, constant running, and grieving over the loss of his old life, he’s still managed to find comfort in many places and people.

The first few years were full of hope of returning home, even as relationships with new friends grew to the point of honorary families.

He hadn’t noticed the years passing at first. Hope was ever still alive in him, home never seeming too far off as friends seemed to stay the same to him, each just looking a little more tired after each visit with Jack.

He hadn’t noticed that time had really stopped for himself.

He hadn’t noticed his friends changing as they grew into the autumn of their lives. Grey hair and those tired eyes were looked past and their lively and familiar souls showed through. He had missed their springs and summers, as they had happened before he even existed in their world.

He hadn’t noticed the seasons changed at all. Not until he found Her again.

When he first came to this world, she wasn’t a thought yet. When he met her, she was in her spring. Warm and new, just coming to life. He had been there for only a small part, saving her life and giving her the chance to experience another season.

When he came back to her, summer had long set. The remaining warmth in her pudgy face had melted away to a matured yet still round one. Soft baby hair now flew thickly as the setting sun.

Still, her eyes remained the same; stern and murky blue, with the spirit of the Samurai in them.

This was the first time he realized that time moved without him. His little peach had taken her own roots and sprouted into a tree, standing tall and proud, all without him realizing she had.


I think one of Dabb’s worst mistakes about season 12 was that it wasn’t actually about Sam and Dean. 

It was about Mary. About Lucifer. About Vince bloody Vincente. About the BMoL. About the whole “devil baby mama drama”. Even a little about Cas.

But not the Winchesters.

Even Sera Gamble’s horrible two Seasons of Sam were at least about ONE of them. And about the other one - what’s his face? - by extension.

Dislike about Carver as a showrunner what you like (rift between the brothers, Gadreel,  Amara) - at least his seasons were about Sam and Dean.

And Sam and Dean - that’s what the show’s heart and soul is. Not any of the other stuff.

Imagine :

A little girl with Thick Curly black hair, tan skin, with freckles covering her little nose and face with chocolate brown eyes that make your heart melt, chattering away about Books and mythology while helping her mother fix a rover .

A baby boy who is identical to his father in facial features but gets his mothers soft eyes and hair color, her speaking softly to the baby in her arms telling him that one day she hopes he will become the bravest and strongest Man that has a wicked eye for technology, while her husband converse about mythology with their daughter.

Morgan Rielly #4

Requested by Anon:  can i request smth for morgan rielly? smth about him just makes me wanna squeeze him and pinch his cheeks😂maybe smth about you doing that to him all the time and him being jokingly annoyed and embarrassed? thanks you’re awesome ❤️😘

*Thank you so sooo much! You’re awesome for actually reading my work! :)) I hope you enjoy this one. :)*

Word count: 845

Originally posted by zetterbabe

Morgan’s spoon was halfway between the bowl and his mouth, “stop,” he said, putting the spoon down and looking at you pointedly.

You frowned, “what are you talking about?”

“You have that look on your face,” he said, looking at you suspiciously, “the one you get when you’re about to do something I don’t like.”

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Happy Valentine's Day - Liam Dunbar

Warning: smut.
It was the weekend and my parents had left town for work and that meant I’d be home alone for two nights. I asked them if my boyfriend Liam could stay over and they said it was okay. I was so grateful to have such open minded parents.
“They said yes baby, you can come over tonight”, I texted him.
“Awesome, I’ll be there by 7”, he replied.
Liam and I have been dating a year now and but we’ve been friends for almost 3 years. I knew everything about him, including him being a werewolf. Yes it was scary at first but our love was too strong for something like this to wreck it. I accepted him no matter what and he did the same too.
My parents left in the morning and shortly after that I went to work out and then I came, took a shower, ate, and then I began studying and doing my homework so I can be free with Liam and we could do whatever we want.
Suddenly, I head the bell ring and I looked at the clock an it was already 7, “shit, time passed quickly”, I thought.
I went down stairs and opened the door.
“Hey babe”, Liam was standing there with a box of pizza and drinks in his hand.
“Awwww thank god you brought food, I was too lazy to cook anyways”, I laughed.
“Yeah I thought so”, he laughed back and leaned in to kiss me.
I welcomed him in and we went to the living room.
“What do you wanna watch?”
“I don’t know, I just wanna eat”
I laughed and played a movie and we sat on the couch and began eating the delicious pizza he brought.
“So how was practice yesterday?”, I asked.
“It was good, but I missed you being there (Y/N)”.
I would usually go and see him practice and it’d always keep him calm but yesterday I had to leave school early for my job.
“I’m sorry baby, you know my new job. The times aren’t flexible so I have to be there wherever they call me”.
“It’s okay babe I understand”, he kissed my cheek.
“Ew there’s sauce on my cheek now”, I hit him playfully.
“Sorry”, he leaned in and licked it off of my face.
“Okay that’s even more disgusting”, I laughed and he laughed back.
We continued on talking about yesterday and then we finished eating and started watching the movie.
“Honestly this movie is boring af”, I rolled my eyes.
“You’re the one who picked it, not me”.
“Yes, well this just further proves why I hate Valentines Day so much and how it’s so overrated”.
“It’s overrated but then here we are being such stereotypical couples and watching it and kind of ‘celebrating’ it”, he laughed.
“Ugh, I’m so done, let’s just go upstairs”, I turned off the TV and made sure all the doors and windows were closed but I mean Liam was there and I wouldn’t be afraid cuz he could protect me from anything and anyone so I felt safe and happy.
We went to my roomand Liam changed into his pyjamas or rather, his sweatpants and no shirt.
I looked at the time and it was 10:30pm.
“I’m not going to sleep now, it’s too early. I’m just gonna go on Twitter and talk to my online friends”, I opened my laptop and sat on my bed.
“Okay and I’ll lay next to you and see what y'all crazy fan girls do on twitter”, he laughed.
“Okay”, I giggled.
He began asking questions about what was happening and what the people were talking about so I explained everything the show was about.
“You’re so cute when you’re all smart and passionate about things”, he smiled.
“Stop it”, I blushed.
“Okay enough Twitter, let’s cuddle”, he got up and closed my laptop and put it on my desk.
“Heeeyyyyy, I didn’t even sign out”.
“Here I’ll do it for you”.
I went to the bathroom and washed my face and teeth and then I came back to bed.
“Come babe”, he had his arms open.
I went in the warm bed and we spooned.
A couple of minutes after.
“(Y/N), stop moving every second”, Liam said.
“Why”, I giggled. I knew exactly why he wanted me to stop moving.
“Stop”, he whispered in my ear and lightly bit it.
“I can feel it”, I laughed.
“Well if you don’t want me to rip the hell out of your clothes then stop moving”.
“But I don’t wanna”.
He grabbed my face and turned me around, “fine then, now when you ask me to stop, I won’t”.
His gorgeous eyes were staring straight into my soul and I felt butterflies in my stomach.
His soft lips met mine and I felt the shivers.
His tongue begging to enter my mouth, we began making out.
Now he was on top of me. His lips started moving to the back of my neck. He nibbled on my ear and then began kissing every inch on my neck and I grabbed tightly into his fluffy hair and moaned a little.
He started lifting my shirt up a little with his left hand and i sat up, allowing him to remove it.
He did and he pushed my hard into the bed again and started kissing my collar bone and my chest and down to my stomach. His kisses were so soft which made me ever more wet.
“Liam please”, I couldn’t take the tease any longer.
“I told you to stop, you didn’t. So live with it”, his voice was husky and sexy.
He moved to my tits and started rolling his tongue around my nipples, making them hard, and sucking them.
Then he started going down and he slowly removed my pyjama bottom and I was left with only my underwear.
He opened my legs and started kissing my inner thighs and it sent chills down my spine.
Finally he reached my area and gave it a kiss through the fabric and then looked at me.
“Please”, I bit my lips.
He removed my black lace undies and smirked.
“Hmm, already prepared for this? Naughty girl”.
When his tongue finally touched my slit, I let out a moan.
He licked it softly and inserted two fingered and began moving them slowly as he nibbled on my clit. He was still teasing and laughing.
“Enough”, I got up and pushed him down. I couldn’t take it anymore.
I pulled down his sweat pants and boxers and I saw how hard his member was. He was trying his best to stay calm just to make me want him way more than I already did.
I grabbed it in my hand and placed my mouth on his tip, teasing it with my tongue and tasting every inch of it. I saw his eyes turn yellow and I knew he was enjoying it so much.
I shoved it all in my mouth and began sucking. Moving it from one side to the other. Rolling my tongue around it like it was my favourite type of Popsicle.
“Stop!”, he moved me away from it and placed his hand around my neck and kissed me roughly and hungrily and bit into my lower lip.
“Let’s get to the fun part”, he pulled a condom from the drawer next to my bed and place it on and put me on top of him and slowly inserted himself into me and I bit my lips hard because it was so big and it felt so good
His hands grabbing into my butt, he began moving.
My hands were on his chest, moving them around his sexy abs, as I looked into his eyes and started riding by my self.
Trying my best techniques to pleasure him and myself. I started moving faster, up and down, as he watched my tits jiggle in his face and his balls hit my ass.
“You look so hot when you’re riding me baby”, he let out.
“I know”, I smirked and leaned in and kissed him.
He rolled me over and so he was on top now. Shoved it in me and started moving faster than ever.
My nails dug deep in his back. I was enjoying it so much. I loved sex after a long Roleplay and teasing.
“Harder”, I moaned.
He went harder and faster as he continued on kissing my neck.
“I’m about”, I breathed.
“Me too babe”.
Finally we both exploded around the same time and it felt amazing.
“Ah”, we laid back and we were barley able to breath.
About a few moments later, he grabbed me closer to him and i rested my head on his chest.
“I love you so much beautiful baby girl”, he kissed my forehead.
“I love you too”, i smiled and closed my eyes.
“Happy Valentine’s Day”
“Yeah happy Valentine’s Day”, I laughed.
We both were so tired so he started playing with my hair and then we fell asleep.
I woke up and Liam wasn’t in bed but I could smell food from downstairs and I smiled and coved my face with the sheets.
“I know you’re awake babe”, he said standing next to me.
I pulled the sheets down and looked at him with one eye.
“Damn you look so hot in the morning”, I laughed.
“Get up”, he pulled the sheets all the way down and handed me one of his jerseys that I kept.
I wore it and we went downstairs.
He had everything set up and it was the cutest thing ever.
Pancakes that were a little burned and my favourite smoothie. And he also had a lot of heart shaped balloons and a big teddy bear sitting on the dining chair.
“Omg Liam”, I turned around and hugged me tightly and then have i kissed him.
“Why would you do this omg?”.
I was surprised and overwhelmed by all this love.
“Because I love you (Y/N), and I wanted you to start liking Valentine’s Day”. His smile was so sweet and genuine.
He pulled my chair and I sat and there was a box wrapped in red on the table infront of me.
“Open it”, he smiled.
I unwrapped it and opened the box, it was this beautiful white gold necklace. I loved it. Liam knew me so well, he knew exactly what I liked. I teared up and I was almost gonna start crying a lot.
“I… I’m speechless baby, it’s beautiful. Everything is beautiful. I love this. I love everything. I love you so much”.
“I’m glad you liked it, I love you more babe”, he grabbed my face and wiped the little tears away and kissed me.
I was so thankful to have such a boyfriend like him. Even though We were only 17 but honestly this relationship was/is perfection. I couldn’t ask for more.
Hope you guys enjoyed my first Teen Wolf one shot. 💋

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Fangirling Over Something

There was also another anon message asking for their girlfriend fangirling over Shinee and I somehow lost it. So that is here too. 


Baekhyun watched his girl freak out about the tv show that suddenly came on and raised brow, not showing the same enthusiasm. She gushed to him happily and he just smiled and nodded, figuring it was best to let her fangirl and just pretend to know what she was talking about. 


“I love Shinee!” he said excitedly as he ran over to where she was dancing and started to dance with hr. They fangirled together for many hours, dancing to various K-POP groups. 


“Charmed?” he asked as he tilted his head at his foreign girlfriend. “What is this show about?”

She squealed a little as she brought her arm-full of DVD seasons to their entertainment centre. She dropped all of the seasons and then brought out the first one with a big grin on her face. She popped in the first disk and then turned to him. 

“Back when I lived in the US, me and my sister watched this every week~!” she gushed excitedly. “It’s a drama…about witches…who are sisters…but then they lose a sister and found one they never knew about…and then they have babies with angels…oh but one kills her baby before it’s born because its a pawn of satan…and have to save the world from evil. Yeah, that about sums it up. Oh and they stop being witches like eight times.” 


“And they’re all so cute,” she said with a sigh as she watched her computer screen with a daze. “I’d be lucky to even meet them.” 

Kai looked at his girlfriend and tried to think of how he could bring up that he was apart of a very famous band too. In the end, he just didn’t and let her gush instead. It wasn’t worth the trouble. 


“I really don’t want to watch some old soap opera with you,” he groaned as she did a happy dance when it came on. 

She turned to him sharply and poked his chest. “Hey! My family has been watching this for three generations.” 

*This is legit my family. They have been watching Days of Our Lives since the beginning. It makes me sick. My sisters are both named after soap opera characters and one of them named her son after one as well. I refuse to carry on this tradition.*


“I can dance well too,” he said as he started to do the the moves to Call Me Baby.”

“Sorry, it’s just not doing it,” she said as she looked at him and then back at the screen. 

She sighed at how handsome the other members were. He was pretty sure she was thinking about all the things she’d give to just meet their leader, forget date him. He realised that he needed to make someone not so pretty anymore. 


He scratched his head as he watched her dance to their song for the fiftieth time, trying to learn the dance just by watching them. He really didn’t understand. If she wanted to learn a K-POP dance so badly, he was right there and very talented. 

“Exo has good dances too,” he said as he watched her with a raised brow. “I can teach you Mama. I taught Chen.” 


“We are not watching Teen Titans,” he said firmly. 

“But I loved this show as a kid,” she whined as the intro started. It was like she flipped the switch and did a complete 180 as she began to sing chipperly to it. “Kyoumo kotsu ruruu wo mamoru yo, Teen Titans!”

“Not again,” he said with a groan as he collapsed on the couch and let his head hit the pillows. 


“I’d give anything to meet an idol,” his girlfriend said quietly to herself as she watched Shinee dance. 

“Excuse me,” Sehun said to her as he crossed his arms. 

“You don’t count,” she said with a sheepish smile. 

“Of course I count,” he replied, clearly offended by her insinuation. “You can not walk around Seoul and not run into something EXO related.” 

“You’re right babe,” she apologised as she looked at him with a smile. “I don’t need any other idol but you.” 


“Can we watch it, Suho?” she whined when the intro came onto the screen. She had not seen this show in years. “I loved this show when I was younger.” 

“Please, Jagi,” he said with a laugh. “I’ll by all the seasons online if that’s what you want.” 


“You have got to be kidding me,” he said as he watched her listen to the song for the fifth time in a row. “How many times can you listen to Shinee before you get sick of it?” 

“Please, you should have seen me with MAMA,” she said as she turned to him and raised her brow. “My mother was proud that I was listening to something in Chinese for once but began to hate me when I listened to it for the hundredth time in one week while dancing in my bedroom and singing obxiously.”

Tao is secretly pleased that he made her fangirl so hard, but rolls his eyes anyways. 


“Of course I’ll watch it with you, Jagi,” Xiumin said as he watched her with a smile as she squealed and did a small happy dance. “How could I not when you’re being so cute?”

Original Imagine: Imagine being sick and Derek takes care of you

Author: anon

Reader Gender: Either

Word Count:  -

Warnings: Fluff. Enjoy lovelies

I woke up feeling like I’d just been hit by a bus. I let out a groan and rolled onto my side. I glanced at the clock; 3:41 am. I reached for my phone and scrolled through my contacts until I found Derek. I hit the call button and waited. 

“Y/N it’s not even 4 in the morning. Is everything alright?” Derek asked, his voice was laced with sleepiness. 
“I think I’m dying.” I croak out. 
“You sure sound like it.” Derek responds full of concern, “I’ll be over as soon as I can. Is the door unlocked or should I bring a key?”
“Bring a key just incase.” I mumble. 
“Okay baby.” 
I let out a yawn and mumble, “see you.” Before falling back asleep. 

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#248: 'I'm Here'

I’m Here- One Shot #248

(+past one shots)

No visuals in this one. 

“I’m right here.” His voice was soft and soothing and it held you to the atmosphere, when it felt as though, you were going to drift away.

You held his hands a little tighter, feeling the bones that created them, mesh together under his skin. Your hands were trembling so badly, you could see the vibrations just as deeply as you could feel them.

You tucked your chin further against your chest and squeezed your eyes shut as you felt the anesthetist prod at your back. You could feel the burning bile rising in your dry throat, your stomach churning with a sick feeling you couldn’t shake. You’d resulted to breathing through your mouth shallowly, to try and calm the nausea. Your head was spinning, and the air was too thick and smelled of antiseptic. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Would you consider making one after the Ember Island Players in season 3, where Zuko and Katara tease each other about the play and then they have a cute little moment? Thanks!

Of course I would consider writing this! 

“I think they were pretty spot on about your ‘honor’ situation.” Katara giggled. 

Zuko looked at her, a mock hurt expression on his face. 

Me? A situation with honor?” Zuko smiled at her, “I think they were pretty off about that, but what about you? The emotional, ‘cry baby’, I believe they said.” 

Katara swatted at Zuko’s chest. “I am not an emotional cry baby!” 

“I never said you were.” Zuko smirked at her. She smiled back up at him.

They smiled at each other for a moment. 

“I do think they were right about one thing though.” Katara whispered. Zuko looked at her, he pushed a stray away from her hair, cupping her cheek with a warm hand.

“-and what is that one thing?” 

Katara blushed in his hand. 

“Well, they were right about my feelings for you.” Katara met his golden eyes and smiled at him. “I believe they were spot on about that.” 

Zuko smiled warmly. “They were right about that too.” 

Zuko leaned down, meeting Katara, and kissed her. A long, sweet kiss.  


This list is pretty inclusive, there are just two leos I didn’t put up for sale yet because I want them to gain a few grams. Geckos under 15 grams can be held with a small non-refundable deposit, and then shipped at 15 grams. Parents can be found in the “My Leopard Geckos” link in my bio (here). Shipping is available within the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and usually ranges from $40 - $50. Buyers must pay for their gecko(s) and shipping before I send the little one(s) out! If you’re interested in a gecko, click here for more information. All pictures are taken in natural sunlight outside to capture their colors accurately. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Prices are negotiable and I offer great discounts on multiple animal purchases!

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