their laughter is better than the actual song

GOT7 Reaction to walking in on you dancing to their song


Jaebum had promised you he’d be out all day working all day, so you decided to give your apartment a thorough cleaning. You had blasted through the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and now you were busy spraying fabric cleaner onto the sofas, GOT7’s music blaring out of the speaker in the corner of the room. You twirled around, bopping to one of your favourite songs ‘Let Me’. When it reached the first chorus you flung the bottle to the floor and spread your arms, belting the song at the top of your lungs-

“Let me hold your hand!”

You screeched as someone gripped at your hand. As you tried to turn you were pulled quickly into the waiting arms of your boyfriend, JB. He caught you easily as you stumbled and fell into his arms, a broad grin on his face. You let out a very undignified screech and smacked your hands onto his chest.

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Tessa Gray - 
She was a warrior of words, books in dusty libraries and blood as black as ink, an angel with wings of desire and a heart beating desperate hope. Eyes wide with curiosity, a child’s happy laugh, four-leaved clovers pressed between the pages of a notebook, a summer morning filled with light. 

James Carstairs - 
He was the stars at night when the whole world is asleep, the gentle hum of a violin playing a song of despair, long nights of demons playing chase in your head. Music in your veins like a second heartbeat, a happy smile and a broken laugh.

Will Herondale - 
He was a dark soul with a darker mind, a heart of coal with a silver lining, a trembling hope for disaster, “maybe it’s easier to not be alive”. A warrior with eyes like fire, wielding knives of blood and starlight, a lone wolf howling at a moon that refuses to listen.

Charlotte Fairchild - 
She was the queen of an empire she had built on her own, with towers of broken bones and broken hearts, a little girl with wings of fire, the sound of water beating rocks. A mind like a universe of its own, a million constellations in the pattern of her thoughts, a soldier’s hand and the set of her shoulders that shows losing is not part of her plan. 

Henry Branwell - 
He was the pattern of galaxies in the sky, laughter shared in the dark, a fire glowing silver. A field of yellow flowers, a smile winning wars, the smell of leather and hot chocolate, a heart in love with life. A little kid with a crazy smile and the wish to change the world. An old man with a crazy smile and the knowledge that he has. 

Jessamine Lovelace - 
She was a princess living in a castle of lies, torn dresses dark with blood, the flicker of a smile of another life. A warrior fighting against themselves, a pretty face hiding a mask of despair. Head held high and shaking knees, “I deserve better, this is not all there is”. 

Sophie Collins - 
She was trees bending under the pressure of the wind, hair in high ponytails and cheeks red with blush, a soul of a fighter masked under a trembling heart. A fire ablaze in her bones, the songs of the birds midday, the first peek of sunlight after a lifetime of winter days. 

Gabriel Lightwood - 
He was dark nights of chasing demons, and mouthfuls of shaky lies, a heart of gold in a rib-cage of hatred, a bed with crumpled sheets. Hands holding a gun loaded with despair, loud laughter and the sound of applause, the feel of victory and triumph, snarky replies and hiding grins in the dark. 

Gideon Lightwood - 
He was shy smiles and the sound of the wind, murmurs of “I love you” in every single language of the world, shaking hands gripping a blade bleeding rage, a warrior fighting for freedom. Waking up with the sun in your eyes, the smell of freshly baked bread, eyes clouded with the dream of a future better than the past. 

Cecily Herondale - 
She was crossed hearts and hope-to-dies and war in her blood like a call of the wild, racing thoughts and racing heart, a sweet smile hiding a tongue spitting poison. Flowers with petals of diamonds, the feel of finally coming home, witty jokes and laughter that sounds like a song.

—  The Shadowhunters of the London Institute /// TID AESTHETICS 
What Doesn’t Kill You

((A/N: This is the fic I deleted because I hated it so much. THAT SAID just go in knowing that. But I love you guys and you said you wanted to see it so… here you go. TFW+Reader playing to Kelly Clarkson on Rockband. That’s all you need to know.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: Fluff. Hilarity. ))

“No. No way. I’m not doing that.” Sam was shaking his head, hands up as he stepped back, Dean grinning widely as he could.

“C’mon, Sammy! What’s wrong with ‘Heat of the Moment’? It’s a great song!” Sam gave him ‘the look’, which meant he had a bit of a glare mixed with a straight-lined mouth, watching his brother.

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Preference #280: Does He Know?

Liam: Gushing to Liam about your boyfriend, you expected happiness. Why wouldn’t he be happy for you? You had no idea of the feelings he held for you. If you did, you probably would not be with anyone else, let alone be gushing about that person. You were with someone else however, and were now going on and on about how well he knew you. You finally learned of Liam’s feelings, when he cut you off, bitterly replying to your words. “He knows about you in every way,” he snapped, “He’s memorized every part of you face. Inside and out, head to toe, he knows everything there is to know. I got it. You don’t have to keep telling me. He’s the only guy who would pay attention to you like that. Of course.” “What is your problem?” You asked, though you already knew the answer. How could you never spot his jealousy before now? It was so obvious in this moment. Had it been this way before? “Nothing,” he lied unconvincingly, “I’m glad there is a guy out there who knows so much about you. Every little thing.” “Yeah,” you replied quietly, “You know, I never said he was the only one who knows me. I just said I liked that he did.”

Harry: You were talking with a group of friends, some of you speaking of your significant others, when Harry laughed. You had just said how you told your boyfriend everything, because you didn’t like secrets, and he, as one of your best friends, knew that was not totally true. “Oh, so he knows about your secret tattoo?” “You have a tattoo?!” A few of your friends looked shocked at that news. “Harry!” You glared at him. It was a secret for a reason. “I didn’t think so. What about the songs that you sing when you’re all alone? Your favorite band?” “What does that have to do with telling him everything?” you asked, not hearing there was a bit of anger behind Harry’s words. “Because, if you are comfortable telling him everything, he should know those details. Does he? What about the way that you dance? I’ve seen you dance a million times, has he?” You pulled at the hem of your shirt, as one of your friends laughed, “Harry, you sound so jealous right now.” Harry’s eyes widened, and he quickly denied, “I’m not. I just asked a few thing he should know.” “Mhm, sure,” someone else laughed, causing both you and Harry to feel uncomfortable, “Turn red all you want, but maybe if you’d admit the truth, either of you, things wouldn’t be this way.”

Zayn: “Where’s your boyfriend?” Zayn asked, when he noticed you dancing at a friend’s party alone. He knew very well that you were rarely without him. Your boyfriend was the controlling type, and didn’t enjoy you out without him there. “Home,” you replied, refusing to look at your phone which you instantly thought of, “He wasn’t feeling well, but I promised I’d be here, so I came anyway.” Zayn was truly surprised by that reply, and even more surprised when you put your arms around him, “Dance with me.” He did not turn down your request, and spent the next three minutes dancing with you, without a single word said. You were dancing so close to him, and in a way Zayn had never seen you dance, not even with your boyfriend. Finally though, he spoke again, when the song ended, “Does he know you can move it like that?” Laughter fell from your lips. “Does he even know you’re out?” You bit your lip, “Well, he knows I’m not home…” Zayn knew better than to say his next thought, but it feel from his lips anyway, “Does he know that I want you so bad?” Your eyes showed a mixture of excitement and worry, as you responded, “I actually think he does. It’s why he hates you.” You were so done with being controlled, and felt so free for the first time in a long time. You couldn’t picture ever going back. You smiled at Zayn, and uttered the words that were in the front of your mind, as you grabbed his hand, “Let’s forget about him.“ Zayn smiled, "Tonight, you’re mine.”

Niall: You were out with your boyfriend, so you tried to ignore the way you could not stop glancing at the blonde man who’d caught your eye from the moment you stepped into the club. You did not know his name, or anything about him, but you were drawn to him in a way you could not explain. Every time he would catch your eye though, you’d turn away. An hour and a half into the night, your boyfriend walked outside to call someone, who you did not know, and the other man finally walked over to you. You tried not to blush, but it was pointless. “I’ve been trying to pretend I don’t know you looking over at me, and then turning around, but there’s not hiding the smile on your face.” You laughed nervously. You did not know what to feel or say. Your feelings were obvious, but your boyfriend was right outside. “I am here with my boyfriend, you know.” He nodded, and shrugged, “Yeah, I noticed. Anyway, I’m Niall. When he’s not around, let me know.” He handed you his number after, and then walked away. Now wasn’t the time for more than that. Maybe one day, but not now. You smiled to yourself, but tried to hide your emotions and the paper, when your boyfriend walked back into the room. You were not a very good actress though. “What are you smiling over?” “Nothing,” you lied, and he saw right through it, but said nothing about it for now, “I’m just happy to be here, that’s all.”

Louis: “You still love me,” Louis uttered, as you stood face to face. He was your ex, who you had moved on from, but he knew the truth; you were not happy with your new relationship. It was all for show, just to prove you had moved on. You would never admit to this though. “I don’t love you,” you lied, trying to force yourself to believe your words, “I don’t love you at all. I hate you in fact. You just drive me crazy Louis.” If he thought for even a moment you were honest, he would have left it at that, and walked away from you. it wasn’t true though. Your denial did not mean anything, when he knew the truth. “You just don’t want to look bad, because you’re with him. And don’t worry, he’ll never know the way you lie when you look at me. He doesn’t pay enough attention to notice. So keep trying to convince yourself of what you’re saying, but you know I see all the little things that make you who you are. He does not. He barely knows you, and doesn’t care to know anymore. He knows your hot, that’s all he ever says. He doesn’t know the little details I do. The things that make you happy, make you mad..” You crossed your arms, and cut him off, “You know those well.” “I do know how to push your buttons, but only because i know you. And I know when you’re lying, and you are. You don’t love him, you just say that for some reason.” Giving in could have been easy, and then maybe you would be happy with Louis once again, but you were stubborn, and unwilling to admit you were wrong, “I do love him. You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

'til tonight do us part; nic&ames.

He wasn’t drunk. No, really, he wasn’t. Buzzed? Maybe. Tipsy? Most likely. But definitely not drunk. Because drunk Nicholas couldn’t walk in a straight line, and right now, he was doing a pretty good job of walking in a straight line and not dropping his girlfriend off his back. He was giggly though. He couldn’t stop laughing at anything and everything she said, and while he usually always did that, right then it had more to do with his inebriation than what she was actually saying.

“Ames,” His voice, mixed in with laughter, came as more of a sing-song than an actual spoken word. “A-me-li-a.”

He bounced her up a bit, his grip on her thighs tightening a bit to get a better hold on her as they headed down the famed Vegas Strip, deciding on their next stop.

A stop in Vegas hadn’t been in their plans. They were supposed to head back home as soon as they hit Disneyland. But adrenaline, a little too much happiness (not that it was a bad thing), and a quick Google maps search coupled with a bank account check and the appearance of a delayed graduation present from his dad had sent them both on the four hour drive from Anaheim.

So now here they were, less than sober, and more than attached at the hip, as they explored Sin City, trying to figure out what they were going to do next after having spent the first part of the evening bouncing between casinos, arcades, and the bars that had them so giggly.

“You won, I get it, but you need to pick already,” he told her, turning his to place a wet kiss to her temple. “I can do this all day, but you still need to pick.”