their laughing was so adorable i can't


i wonder if they’re just happy he’s not naked for once…🙊


Sweet summer child Yugyeom’s struggles during girlfriend-related missions


きたああああ!! I bundled the CDs together so I got both in one package. And I got Louis’ & Leo’s mini scenario bromide <3 (idk if there are others, can anyone confirm? Edit: it looks like the bromide are given randomly i.e. there should be Alan/Alyn, Byron/Xeno, and Giles/Jill too igottheonesiwantedyass)

The CD in yellow is a tokuten/store bonus from ordering both at the animate store~ It contains each of the cast commenting on the recording, answering a question (”イケメン王宮のせかいで王になたらまず何をしますか” / “What will you do first if you become a king in the world of Midnight Cinderella?”), and a message for the listeners. Stellasworth also has a tokuten (scenario booklets) but I much prefer this one (=w=)b Tachibana-san’s ‘evil’ laugh lmao :’D

Watch on

Squeaky Jimin back to attack me again


└ Ah~ damn you Jun for making it impossible for this shipper to behave like a mature, respectable adult. 

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 29.10.2016

You know that thing Colin Firth does when he smiles and he’s slightly laughing and he’s got the lil overbite with the bunny teeth? My god is that adorable. Here, Colin. Have my heart. It’s useless now anyway. It melted at your cute as fuck smile.


Wowzers ! It’s been one whole year since I’ve been on this account. One whole year of memeing, having a good laugh and all around just having a wild experience. I literally remember the first time starting this account—- I didn’t know how it was gonna pan out. Booster Gold had always been a character who I’ve grown to love and see, er, somewhat evolve over the years. This was the character that brought me into the DC community. The first actual character that made me pick up a DC comic and read through. I love this character ( then hate him, then love him again—- It’s a complicated relationship ) and to just see so many people who do as well it’s !!! So mind blowing. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you’ve done. For the follows, for not following and just liking my things. For all the roleplay accounts and non who are here—-Thank you. Thank you so so much for everything. For making this year so wonderful. For welcoming me with open arms and allowing me to show you one of my favorite characters. Just, thank you.

Booster Gold’s Premium Membership ( Special Mention )

@thisguythisgardner : Ben ! Oh my godBen. My pal, my bud, my amiguy. I might go a bit sappy on you just giving you a heads up. ANYWAYS—-They say that your writing partners often make your roleplaying experience good or bad and that’s 100 % true. You’ve made this experience 10x more enjoyable for me thinking about our two losers. All because you jumped into my IM to ask how I feel about the two together. You’ve made me think, analyze Booster more closely, create headcanons that would fit his character ( which I should really put on here to make it #canon ) and just all the rad verses and plot ideas we’ve made with our boys. And the art oH BOY. Drawing our boys to improve my art style. It’s still insane how much the two are literally the same person2 green lanterns. Like whoa mama. You’re always here to talk to me about these two or just anything else and I love every moment of it. 💛💚

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one of my favourite full band gifs, they all look so damn happy (larryquinnn look at the hashtags)

At Home With Ina Garten


We talked about Instagram…

“Who do you follow?” I asked.

“Who do I follow?” She sort of laughed. “Taylor Swift?” I’d read before that she and Taylor Swift were friends of some kind.

“Are you internet friends or real-life friends?” I asked.

“I’ve had the unbelievable good fortune of meeting her a few times,” Ina said.

“I think there’s nobody I admire more. She’s an extraordinarily talented, creative, principled woman. I just adore her.”

She talked about how they met, which was at a Food Network photo shoot where celebrities got to pair up with their favorite Food Network stars, and Ina was excited Taylor chose her.

“It was really sweet. She said, ‘I follow very few people, and you’re one of them.’ I said, ‘I follow very few people, and you’re one of them.’”