their hugs ugh they kill me every time

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ohhh gosh. Joe loves Caspar SO much. these LA vlogs show us a lot. 'i missed you. i was so worried', 'we're gonna miss you. look after him pls, he's precious', 'who am i gonna explore with? we had such a great time yesterday', Joe being annoyed that Caspar hugged Oli and gave him only a high five, his happy face when Caspar run back to hug him, also him trying to grab Caspar's attention every time and being jealous abt 'random girl'. ugh. kill me. pls just kill me.

sTOP ur killing me:((( im so glad these vlogs have happened. i mean, joe seems to be becoming more comfortable with expressing himself and showing affection??? it just makes you think, like, he’s probably been thinking cute things like this the whole time, but now he’s becoming more comfortable with saying them