their hug at the end though

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wow.. just.. wow.. shirabu back story make me remember akaashi's and that make me emotional i want to hug them both.. they deserves all the love!! let me hug them!! aaahhhhh!!! keep going lissa!! you're awesome!! 💕💕

yes! I wanted them to have very similar pasts, even though the trigger to their ‘immortality’ was different. Please hug all of them  ♡ ♡ ♡

This couple. Viktor and Yuuri. They’re killing me. This contains YOI Ep. 9 spoilers. 

There’s this emotional reunion between them at the end of the episode, after they have been apart. It’s beautiful in general, but what is really killing me is how they focused on Viktor and Yuuri’s movement into each other’s space. We know how closed off Yuuri is with feelings and relationships. We know he didn’t like that girl in the past hugging him because he was feeling vulnerable and it felt like she was intruding on his heart, his feelings. 

We know that Yuuri sees his relationship with Viktor as something different (“he meets me where I am,” his moment of vulnerability with Viktor in the carpark), but he’s still been hesitant to ask Viktor what will happen if he loses the Grand Prix, hesitant to ask what will happen to them when the season ends. 

Here. Though. HERE MAN. This pic below is after Viktor and Yuuri first reunite and hug. Yuuri pushes him to arms length to ask Viktor to stay with him until he retires from skating, almost as if he’s preparing to protect himself if Viktor says no (BOI HE’S SO IN LOVE WITH YOU HOW CAN YOU EVEN WORRY ABOUT THIS AT THIS POINT OH MY GOD. ahem.)

But, when he asks, Viktor makes this face and kind of makes light of the question - “is this a proposal’ - after just kissing Yuuri’s left hand, maybe even his left ring finger if you’re super shipping trash like me and think that’s what he did. 

And then Yuuri does this.


This is so important for our precious closed off Yuuri. I mean, even with Viktor, who we all know he loves, he’s been cautious. Viktor - for the most part - initiates shared spaces, casual touching, the actual kiss in ep. 7. Yuuri is far less upfront about his feelings. Yes, we all know the Eros routine is basically one giant “I want Viktor and he is Mine” deal, but that’s still, arguably, not a super direct way of telling Viktor what he wants. 

This though. This is Yuuri telling Viktor what he wants. Yuuri being vulnerable with Viktor. Yuuri putting everything he feels for Viktor out there and Viktor, once again, meeting him (emotionally) where he is at. Only this time, Yuuri is the one to have made that push, to take that step, and creates that shared space for them. 

And then Viktor says he hopes Yuuri never retires. And Yuuri cries. And they clutch each other like this.

And I die. 

The most fascinating part of rebelcaptain for me is that it’s an uncompleted story. It’s a story of what could’ve been. The reason we didn’t see a kiss between the two, in my opinion, is because they weren’t allowed to get to that point in their relationship with one another. The hug solidifies that there were true feelings between them. The way Jyn smiles, the way Cassian brings his face in closer to her shoulder. They loved each other, but their story was ended before it could begin.

I think the elevator was where they realized how real their feelings were. Those looks, that closeness. That’s more than just friendship. Jyn wasn’t going to let Cassian die alone and Cassian, though wounded, found his way back to Jyn because he was serious when he told her welcome home. He would be the home she never had. The person who’d stick by her through it all, even until death.

Even when Jyn is unnecessary to the mission, Cassian always goes back for her. He always tries to take care of her. Jyn has been without a true purpose for so long and Cassian’s had a set purpose since he’s been six years old. Both see something in the other that they long for and through their mission they find each other in a way they, at least I think, don’t necessarily expect to. Their love is subtle and slow and it builds up.

The reason I love rebelcaptain is because it’s a not quite and that’s how life is a lot of the time. They had a beginning, but because of their circumstances they received no ending and in a way that almost immortalizes their bond. The way we saw things falter for Han and Leia we never have to see for Jyn and Cassian. It’s bittersweet. They get this image of each other as their last moment, their success in reaching their goal, but their love never got to be complete. They never got to kiss because the story wasn’t over yet. It got cut short because that’s what sacrifice is. Sometimes you have to let go of what you love most for the best of all.

Very light spoilers for the special, but anyway

I just noticed that in the end, when it shows everyone out at the front door, Nino is literally in the very back

HOWEVER, when they’re all coming in, Nino’s the very first one there

In other words, I am 100% convinced that Nino went “Move Bitch, Best Friend Privileges” and literally shoved everyone else out of the way, and there is nothing you could do to convince me otherwise


That world, and the people inhabiting it, was a reflection of your own desires. What might have been if Komaeda Nagito lacked his good fortune and led a quiet, uneventful life.


Favorite Stiles Scenes: Season 6, Episode 10: The Reunion with Lydia

Alright, so here’s the final reunion scene Stiles had in episode 10. I really do try to keep my blog ship-free so everyone can enjoy it but I wanted to do all three reunion scenes and have a complete set. My favorite part is the hug at the end though. I love how each reunion fits with the characters’ relationship with Stiles and they all got to hug him in their own way.

The other reunions: [Scott] [Sheriff Part 1] [Sheriff Part 2]

I love the coloring in this one. Everything is visible and clear. It’s funny I’ll do these gif sets, then go back to watch the episode and forget how completely dark it is! Now I’ll do other scenes from this episode and episode 5 (and I might slide some Theo in as well!)

  • Me before encountering anti Kylo bs on my dash: Kylo Ren is a highly complex character and will most likely only grow in complexity as the trilogy goes on. We don't yet know much about his motivations for doing the terrible things he does, but the fact stands that he has gone too far down the dark path to come back without significant effort and suffering on his part. He can still find redemption, but it's extremely unlikely that he will have a traditionally happy ending the way many fans want him to. Even though he was manipulated by Snoke, many of his choices were still his own and the narrative as well as the audience will demand retribution for that.
  • Me after encountering anti Kylo bs on my dash: Wow I can't wait for the final shot of Episode IX to be Kylo Ren smiling as he's engulfed in a group hug from his polyamorous life partners Rey, Finn, and Poe, while the baby ewoks they've adopted dance around their feet and the two previous Trios all smile down on them from above
On Victuuri’s airport scene and the words they exchanged

I’ve always thought of the Japanese language as the language of the heart. Every word spoken carries the speaker’s thoughts, representing their soul. One of the things that made Victuuri’s airport scene so special, apart from their longing gaze for each other and their heart-warming hug despite everyone watching, was the few words they said at the end, when Yuuri asked Victor to be his coach until he retires.

I don’t think that’s all there is to it though.

Here, what Yuuri said was 「引退まで、僕のことお願いします!」. He used the phrase ‘onegaishimasu’, and how much should I emphasize this - it’s a phrase that more often than not gets lost in translation. ‘Onegaishimasu’ literally means ‘[I beg of you,] please do this for me’, and is very commonly used in daily conversations. You say this when you’ve just met someone and hope to get along well with them. You say this when you need someone to help you out with work. Lovers also use this phrase; simply put, it’s like ‘Please continue to love me.’

‘Please continue to love me until I retire.’

Which, I think, explains Victor’s reply.

(!!!!! Yuuri looks at Victor tenderly, then pulling him into a hug once again)

Before Victor’s reply, Yuuri’s look might have meant that he was content with having Victor by his side, even if things will end with his retirement. But with Victor wishing Yuuri would never retire, it was like…

It was like he wished they could stay in love forever.

And I believe that was what put Yuuri in tears. That Victor would stay close to him no matter what.

I’m not good at writing these kinda thing so I’ll just sum up what I’ve been trying to convey through this post:

  1. Yuuri hopes that Victor would love him until he retires.
  2. Victor wants to love him forever.
  3. Yuuri cries because he secretly wants to be with VIctor too.

modern au where morgana suspects merlin is gay and so when she realizes she’s gay and hints at him about that they end up coming out to each other

and merlin! is the first and only person morgana’s ever told! or who knows! even though she’s maybe known for a long time! and morgana! is the only person merlin’s age that knows about merlin! and the only person he’s ever told instead of them figuring it out (because gauis found out when he found merlin’s gay porn lol and he thinks hunith knows but he hasn’t Officially Told her and will knew he had a crush on this boy when they were little but he was straight so it Wasn’t The Same) and morgana! who merlin’s always thought of as kind of cold and standoffish, hugs him and won’t let go and cries after they tell each other and chokes out “i’ve never known anyone else who was gay, thank you thank you”

they’re both so high off the fact that Someone Knows and they’re always giggly at each other and make silly gay jokes (gwen: hey look a rainbow’s out! merlin: you know, i don’t see many rainbows. morgana, smirking: really? *giggle giggle* merlin: well, not many actual rainbows *giggle giggle* maybe other types *giggle giggle* arthur: what?)

they don’t know each that well outside of this one thing, but they’re constantly talking to each other about it and they’re the friends who shop together and text each other constantly while they’re with their friends together and complain about the Straights and Judge People (honestly 80% of their conversations that aren’t directly gay jokes are them Judging People Together) and they can’t go to pride events where they live because Uther, so they road trip together other places, and they’re so physically affectionate too, particularly morgana

and! everyone! starts to think! they’re together! and they keep giggling about this which only serves to make everyone more sure, like arthur gwen merlin and morgana go on a trip together and arthur and gwen are dating so they’re going to share a hotel bed, and morgana’s like “merlin can share with me *giggle giggle* we don’t mind heehee”

and arthur and gwen! get all jealous! but don’t quite understand why because they haven’t both quite worked out that they’re not in love with each other but in love with merlin and morgana respectively, and arthur’s just sitting around that whole trip like “i’m not sure whether to fight my sister or merlin for this and i’m not sure what’s up with any of it but i Don’t Like It”

because you know merlin and morgana would only encourage people thinking they’re together once they found out people thought so, because if they didn’t think they could come out anyway they’d be like “how many of our friends’ heads can we screw with heehehe” so morgana’s texting merlin like “elena just asked me if we were together and arthur was there so i said i wouldn’t tell her that but that i did know youre well hung af and arthur turned an alarming shade of purple and excused himself, you can thank me later” meanwhile merlin’s texting morgana like “how! can percy not realize! i’m gay! we’re sharing a room and i only wore tommy hilfinger black briefs to bed last night THIS IS A TELL TALE SIGN!!!! and yet he just asked me if i like freya oh my god”


I was actually unsure to ever gif this moment. I know that’s mostly the mama bear in me that feels protective toward sweet Ames, but I felt so uncomfortable hearing her doubts and fears. Those tears didn’t help. I just wanted to hug her and reassure her, because her man loves her even so deeply even though he hasn’t put a ring on it yet (and in his defense, it wasn’t for lack of trying).
Anyway, in the end I considered that I appreciate having the possibility to know more of how she feels, how supportive are the girls with each other, and the ending is objectively hilarious.

At the end of the day, he isn’t you. At the end of the day, he doesn’t make my heart speed up and slow down at the same time; he hasn’t seen me through my darkest times. At the end of the day, he isn’t you–but that’s okay. No one will ever be you. You know what, though? He makes me laugh. He makes me smile. When he hugs me, I feel safe and warm. Yeah, he doesn’t make my heart speed up and slow down at the same time–but, in all honesty, that fucking hurts, and probably isn’t very good for me. Instead, he makes my hands stop shaking, and my mind stop racing. When I’m with him, I’m not thinking about you, but rather I’m thinking about how his laugh makes my heart happy, and how his eyes shine in the sun. So, yeah, maybe he isn’t you, but maybe you’re not what I need anymore.
—  maybe he’s exactly what i need (12/52) by (DS)
Blind V Headcanons

Because last night I couldn’t stop thinking about all of the silly things that would happen to our vision impaired blue cream puff if you were in a relationship with him.

Sry this turned out to be longer than I expected lololol.

          ★Has been in a deep conversation with what he thinks is you for 15 minutes but its actually the coat rack.

          ★Realized it when he reached for the sleeve and found no arm inside.

          ★Goes to give you a hug and ends up shoving his finger in your nose. - @goddamnitdazai

          ★Thinks he’s being romantic and sneaking in on you in the shower but its your dad visiting from out of town.

          ★Apologizes to inanimate objects. More than he wants to admit.

          ★He leaned in super fast for your first kiss before he lost his courage, but ended up kissing your eye. It’s now a thing for you guys because it was so sweet.

          ★Trips over stuff in your apartment, like, all the time.

          ★Even though he should know where everything is?????

          ★”V, the coffee table has literally been in that same spot for years why did you walk straight into it? That’s like the third time this week”

          ★He doesn’t know it but when you need to sneak away and get him a surprise gift you have Seven come over in his wig and pretend to be you so he doesn’t suspect anything.

          ★”MC, your hair doesn’t feel as soft as usual? Are you conditioning properly?”

          ★Sings when he thinks no one is around.

          ★But you’re around

          ★He actually has a super sweet voice??? but you stay quiet and just   enjoy it.

          ★Falls off the bed

          ★A lot

          ★”V…your shirts backwards?”

          ★”Oh my god, i’ve been out all day like this T_T”

          ★Has been sprinkling salt on the table just to the left of his plate.

          ★Eaten too many of those little stickers they put on fruit

          ★Found out the milk is spoiled the hard way, too many times.

Voltron Actor AU

- Hunk is actually the one who curses the most in the outtakes because he keeps forgetting his lines with Shiro close behind. 

 - Lance and Shiro are best buds. 

 - Keith likes taking videos of his cast members. 

 - Pidge and Allura’s relationship is like Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams’.

 - Zarkon being the oldest of the cast along with Coran would often end recording sessions hugging their castmates to keep them from freaking out (it often fails.) 

- Shiro’s laugh is infectiuous 

- Shiro and Keith are childhood friends.

- Pidge and Lance would exchange games in the trailer while waiting for their scenes to come up. 

- The cast says acting while in their lions are the hardest because they’re just looking at green screens and often has to rely on their facial expressions. 

- Zarkon and Sendak needs to wear green suits for CGI. 

-Shiro actually likes wearing his prosthetic arm. According to him, it makes his arm look cool even though it could get uncomfortable as the day progresses. (He’d like to take it home once the project ends). 

- Keith likes playing the guitar and is an actual sweetheart. 

- Hunk, like his role, likes making food for the others and is a real nitpicky person (most of his lines are adlibs).

- Pidge (Katie) cried when her real hair was cut off for her role as Pidge and was comforted by Hunk’s desserts. 

- In a lot of video outtakes, Lance would often trip even without reason earning himself the title “flat-foot tripster”. 

- Shiro, Hunk and Lance were seen in one outtake to be dancing in sync. Keith and Pidge followed afterwards.

- Lance is shy around girls and in an interview wishes that he could be as much of a ladies’ man as his role. He also thinks he’ll probably be bawling his eyes out if he gets stranded in space and be homesick.

- Allura says her favorite part about her role is her wearing elf ears and her least favorite part about her role is the wig. “It’s hot and heavy”, she says.

- In the first episode, Shiro was supposed to be half-awake when Keith and the others saved him, but the directors said to make Shiro sleep because Keith ends up laughing after both of them went to hysterics saying “I saw myself in your eyes.” and jokingly made out. (With Shiro still tied down the gurney).  

Getting hugs from Karasuno

@jasonntcdd sent fanart of Yamaguchi hugging Tsukki in our group chat and we ended up coming up with these. hope you enjoy.

  • ok Yams looks really squishy like you know when you hug someone and it’s like you can just sink into them? that’s Yamaguchi.
  • SUGA WOULD BE SO SOFT.  he just seems like the soft hugger type and he’d be so gentle and i am on the floor send help.
  • Asahi would also be a soft hugger like Suga omg he’d be like a human teddy bear i wanna cry.
  • Hinata would be the the type of person to give bone-crushing hugs ok this kid would end up hugging you so tight it’d be a situation where you have to tell him that you sorta kinda cant breathe.
  • does Tsukki even know the definition of “hug”? he’d probably be so awkward oh my goodness. i can see him being more open to hugs if he’s really close to the person though.
  • Kags would kinda be similar to Tsukki, sort of but like when s/o or anyone hugs him he’d first be kinda stiff like out of surprise but then he’d hug them back ya feel?
  • DAICHI’S ARMS. i mean, did you see the recent episode when he rolled up his t-shirt sleeves? damn. he’d engulf you omg and he’d be the hugging-from-behind-and-resting-chin-on-shorter-s/o’s-head type, definitely.
  • hugging Noya would be one the best things ok. he’d be the one to wrap his arms around your waist and lift you up while hugging you aNd i waNt tO diE :)
hyung line reacting to their s/o not having their first kiss


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in all honesty i think he’d find it really endearing and sweet, he’s really honoured to be your first kiss and is so happy that you trust him enough to have your first kiss with him.


Originally posted by hansoulji

he would get really shy upon hearing that you hadn’t had your first and would try and do something romantic for you that ended up with a smoke alarm and a burnt casserole.


Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

He’d tease you slightly about it, before bringing you in for a hug “I’m just kidding baby, i think it’s cute” he wouldn’t put much planning into it probably because he’d just kiss you right then and there.


Originally posted by taeyongd

he would find it really cute that you hadn’t had your first kiss yet though he’d probably feel some pressure in making sure your first kiss was unforgettable. 


Originally posted by y-ta

He’d probably like knowing that you hadn’t kissed anyone before and that gave him hope that he would be the first but he’d want it to be perfect. One day you’d make your way over to his apartment and he was running around. “yuta what are you doing?” “ I’M LOOKING FOR MY LIPBALM TWO SECS”


Originally posted by honeyxxxmoon

he’d be so shy omg, knowing that he’d be a lot more gentle with you, taking your relationship slow and making sure you were comfortable with everything, until you just grab his face and place a soft kiss on his lips


Originally posted by yonges

he would turn it into a competition to see how fast he could kiss you, he liked how innocent you were and sometimes teased you because of it. Little did you know he was ecstatic that you hadn’t kissed anyone before him.


Originally posted by hermosadani

he got really shy and giggly when you told him, he’d be really shy with skinship, holding your hand gently, kissing your nose, head, cheek and singing little songs before softly kissing you.


Originally posted by zeusmayo

I could imagine him smirking when he learns that you hadn’t had your first kiss yet, to be honest he’d make it a challenge to see how flustered he could get you before you give in and press your lips to his.


Originally posted by chokemewinwin

tbh he’s probably as shy as you are and takes a while for you both to feel comfortable around each other but when you do, it’s natural and one day he just loops an arm around your waist a kisses you.

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(hope you guys are having a great day i love you)

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Headcanons :3 RFA + V + Saeran reacting to MC who loses focus easily and copes with it unhealthily in order to stay attentive? Example: repetitively hits her legs with her hands, pinches her arms, etc. (BECAUSE SCHOOL DOESN'T ACCEPT THE DIVERSITY)

A/N: I’m assuming by the way you secretly not so secretly, i can see right through you anon curse the school, this happens to you? ;A; I’m sorry to hear that anon!! If it helps any, I also do a few of these things! So you aren’t alone- come here, lemme hug you (づ ̄ ³) ~Admin 404


           -He just got off of LOLOL and noticed how late it was

           -But? You’re still awake? Why?

           -He walked over to you and watched as you were attempting to study

           -You quickly lost focus though, and ended up staring into space

           - aw my MC is so cute look at them zone out

           -Should he say something? Bring you back to earth?

           -Before he can say anything though, he notices you start pinching yourself!

           -Rushes over to you and frantically tries to stop you, and honestly has tears in his eyes

           -Why were you hurting yourself!!!? You explain to him that you pinch yourself in order to stay focused! You have a huge exam tomorrow and you NEED to study for it! But you keep zoning out! Pinching yourself gets you to remember the task at hand

           -He begs you to stop doing that, and that from now on he’ll help you study, so you can stay focused! No more zoning out for you! Not when Shooting Star Yoosung is around! omg what a cutie


           -Your boss sprung a last minute report on you, and you now have less than 9 hours to get a 27 page assessment done wow what a dick

           -But you just couldn’t focus on it! You were so tired and it bored you out of your m i n d

           -So you’d become unfocused and stare at the wall in front of you

           -Zen realized you still hadn’t come to bed, and went searching for you

           -Though when he found you, there were papers strung everywhere??

           -At this point, your hands are buried in your hair and you’re tugging it just enough to get you to focus


           -He comes up behind you and grabs onto your wrists, and whispered sweetly against the top of your head that you didn’t need to stress yourself out to the point that you need to harm yourself

           -So you explain that you weren’t pulling your hair due to stress though you totally were stressed, it was because you couldn’t keep focus on the report

           -He understood that you needed it to focus, so he decided that as long as you were up working, he would have you sit on his lap and he would brush, braid, or run his fingers through your hair so you get the sensation without the damage!


           -You didn’t need to do something immediately damaging to yourself in order to focus

           -Though, if you kept downing energy drinks one after another;;;;; it was bound to damage your body eventually!

           -She knows how it is to drink quite a bit of coffee and an energy drink here and there to pull an all nighter when she had a lot of work, but….

           -You just downed seven “5 hour energy’s” in less than a minute??


           -But!!!! You needed it to focus!!! She understands!! She has the same problem!!

           -HOWEVER it doesn’t matter if she does it, she has to make sure you’re healthy and okay!!!! wow way to be hypocritical momma jaehee

           -Instead of just outright telling you that you should really stop doing that, she secretly helps you out!

           -The moment you start working, she’ll make you some coffee, when she sees you lose focus, she’ll give you a healthy snack for real though she’s the type to hide all your energy drinks

           -After a while, she starts to notice you’re behaviour changes! It’s not much, and some days you revert back to the energy drinks, but some change is better than none!!! She’s so proud of you!!!


           -He doesn’t have this problem very often

           -There’s hardly a time that he’s not focused on his work!

           -Because he’s focused on his work, he doesn’t notice that you can’t focus on your own

           -You have a term paper due in the morning and you just can’t do it!!!!

           -After a while of trying and trying and trying to focus, you take to more physical measures

           -You started to smack your legs repeatedly, in order to focus

           -The noise piqued Jumin’s interest, so he went to find the source. When he realized it was you hitting your legs, he softly put his hands on your shoulders to make you stop and pay attention to him

           -You apologized if you disturbed him, but this is just something you did to bring yourself out of the clouds so you can finish the paper

           -D E V A S T A T E D that you’ve been hurting yourself like this??????? He understand that you need to stay focused but?? He’s not letting his princess hurt herself anymore

           -From then on, if you have work to do, he immediately places Elizabeth the Third on your lap so you can simply pet her when you’re unfocused! cats heal all wounds; jumin han, 2k16


           -Why is the desk shaking

           -He’s trying to type, what is happening

           -is tHERE AN EARTHQUAKE???? MC!!!!!

           -You were trying to figure out this puzzle in your video game, and you were trying so hard to stay focused!

           -It’s been bugging you for half an hour now! But you keep losing focus because you can’t figure it out!

           -Since you were trying to stay focused, your subconscious decided to help you

           - shake leg violently why you gotta oh shit yeah u rite

           -Saeyoung looked over and noticed you deep in thought and your leg shaking. He’s seen someone do this before so he immediately recognized that you were just trying to focus

           -“MC, lemme help you out” “No I wanna figure out this puzzle myself” “I DIDN’T MEAN WITH YOUR GAME, SILLY”

           -Now, every time he sees your leg bouncing, he’ll sit on your lap and drape himself over you dramatically so you can’t anymore!


           -A lot of times, you have to wear long sleeves

           -You get distracted easily and to put you back on task, you end up scratching your arm!

           -Sometimes you really can’t focus and end up breaking the skin from scratching so much in one spot

           -You weren’t trying to hurt yourself!! The sensation just brings you back to what you were doing! Sometimes it just takes a lot and accidents happen

           -One day, you were working on an art project and you just couldn’t focus on the subject matter

           -You thought maybe staring at the canvas until something popped into your head would get you going, but it didn’t, so you rolled up your sleeve and started to scratch

           -V came in to see how the project was going, but ended up seeing you scratch yourself instead

           -At first, he thought maybe you just had an itch, until he noticed how read it was. You broke the skin?? You started bleeding?? Were you upset and hurting yourself???

           -NOT IN V’S HOUSE! Runs over to you in a panic and asks if everything’s alright!! What was wrong!!! You explained you were just trying to focus on your project and he still looked very concerned. After cleaning up your arm, he forced you to take a break from your piece

           -Every time he noticed you unfocused and your hand reaches for your arm, he’ll immediately ask if you’d like to go for a walk with him to take a break!


           -He has a bad habit of zoning out as well

           -Though his thoughts (or you) tend to snap him back to reality

           -Never realized you zone out just as badly as he does maybe because y'all zone out at the same time??

           -You were trying to study for your language test the next day but you couldn’t stay on task

           -Do I conjugate this verb? Does this word use “un” or “es”? Is thiS PLURAL OR NOT

           - scream So you kind of stare at the floor while you were thinking and ended up off track

           -Saeran had just returned home after being drug out of the house by his brother, when he walked in on you smacking yourself in the face

           -?????? whaT ARE YOU DOING?????? DON’T DO THAT!!!!

           -Rushes over and puts his hands on your cheeks before you can do it again and demands you tell him why you’re hitting yourself. He comes to realize you’re just trying to stay focused on studying but absolutely refuses to let you hurt your beautiful face

           -Now, he tries not to zone off as much so he can watch you, and if he notices you start to get unfocused, he holds onto your hands and talks about anything and everything to take your mind off having to smack yourself

Dating BTS Jungkook

Title: Dating BTS Jungkook
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x You  
Genre: Fluff
Type: AU
Summary: What it would be like to date the gold maknae Jeon Jungkook.   
Request?: No

  • protect this child at all costs
  • claims he’s legal but really he’s still 3 
  • “hyung what’s that?” *points to inappropriate website 
  • “no jungkook” *closes laptop* 
  • hates to see you struggle 
  • will do his best to make sure youre okay and you feel loved 
  • HUGS 
  • the guy likes to hug even though he says he doesnt 
  • pda? more like private display of affection 
  • this kid doesnt know when to stop though 
  • once he starts he doesnt stop 
  • it makes him feel validated that he can take care of you 
  • date nights include shopping trips 
  • he wants to make sure that your guy friends know that hes youre taken 
  • white tshirts, jeans, and converse for days
  • will try to make you work out with him 
  • ends up sleeping with you instead 
  • lots of naps thats for sure
  • this kid is tired 24/7 
  • embarrassed by hyungs 24/7 
  • “hey have you seen this baby photo of jungkook?” 
  • “thats was a few years ago hyung” *embarrassed* 
  • will look up hair tutorials and become your personal stylist 
  • does his make up better than you anyway 
  • ARMS FOR DAYS because he wants you to know that hes very strong 

what idol should i do next? 

Workplace fun – Min Yoongi (M)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: pure filthy smut :)

Word Count: 2099 words of filth

Warnings: CEO!Yoongi (does that count as a warning?), oral, fingering, minor ass play (first time writing that wow), spanking, dirty talk

Summary: Seeing your boss jack off in front of you had you hot and bothered, but it also lead to your fantasies coming alive. 

Sooo I’m starting a CEO!Bangtan series cause fuck them in suits and ties is like so hot and just imagine being bent over their table with them pounding into- just read the smut to know what fun times are going on okay ;)

This is probably the filthiest shit I’ve written oh lord I need to go to hell (even though it turned really shit towards the end) this was five pages long rip

Yoongi groaned as he walked into his office, his pants already becoming tight and the day hadn’t even started yet. But just seeing you in your tight pencil skirt that hugged your body and extenuated your curves in just the right way, the way your white shirt was tucked into your skirt, but it being slightly see through so he could see your black laced bra when you walked under the lights – fuck he was turned on beyond belief.


You opened the door to your boss’s office, he’d already said you were able to come in without having knocking in the five second phone call he’d given you.

“Mr Min you wanted to see m–” your voice was caught in your throat, the sight in front of you making your eyes widen with surprise. Yoongi’s head was tossed back in his seat as a deep groan left his plush lips. The table was blocking off the view, but you could see the way his arm was moving, which only meant he was pleasuring himself.

“A-ah, Y/N. Come here.” his voice was soft yet demanding. “Sir?” you spoke, your voice quavering a little as your legs started walking what seemed like by themselves, situating themselves in front of his desk before he motioned you to come round in front of him. That allowed you to take a good look at what he was doing without the table blocking your way.

His hand was wrapped around his red swollen cock, a few veins noticeable, slowly pumping it, a few drops of pre-cum rolling down his shaft making you lick your lips without thinking. “I think you should help me out with my little problem here, don’t you think baby?”

You nodded back and lowered yourself onto your knees looking up at your boss while biting your lip. “Unbutton your shirt baby. I want to see those tits.” Straightforward much. “Anything for you, sir,” you slurred as you bought your hands up to your shirt, undoing each button slowly, teasingly before slipping your shirt off your shoulders and tossing it somewhere in his office. You reached behind and unclasped your bra and tossed it away too, looking up at Yoongi again with a smirk this time. His bottom lip was between his teeth before letting it go and smirking right back at you.

“Like what you see sir?”

“More than like baby gir, fucking love it. Now come on, put your mouth to good use yeah?” you leaned forward and flicked your tongue over his red tip, a groan slipping Yoongi’s mouth.


You would be lying if you said you’d never thought of your boss in sexual ways. But could you blame yourself? He’d always look so fucking good. His blonde hair somehow perfectly contrasting with his porcelain skin, the black jacket and the white shirt matched with a black tie, making him look so so damn good. His hands. God you could think about them all day. You’d always stared at his long slender fingers. He could have just been writing something, fiddling with the pen and you’d have to bring your legs closer together.

You would love to be taken from behind, your ass on display for him as his cock slipped into your folds, your breasts flat on the desk with him pounding into you, his hand leaving red marks along your tanned ass cheek. Yeah…you’d gotten off the thought of your boss a shit load of times.


“Come on baby, don’t tease. You’ve been doing that all fucking day.” You looked up at him, biting your lower lip innocently – you placed your hands on his thighs and edged yourself closer to his red cock. “Sorry sir. Let me make it up to you.”

Your hand pushed his own away, your fingers wrapping around his dick, slowly starting to move up and down his length. Your lips wrapped around his tip, you hummed a little around it at the taste of his bitter sweet pre-cum. “Fuck baby girl. Just like that, keep going,” Yoongi groaned. You pulled back a little before spitting on his cock, using it as lubricant before wrapping your fingers around it before sinking down on his length taking him as far as you could go without choking. What you couldn’t take in your mouth, you took a hold of with your fingers, hollowing out your cheeks and sucking – Yoongi groaning above you.

His hands came down and wrapped around in your hair and helped you move your head back and forth on his cock, making you gag slightly before he moving his hand away to rest on the desk, the other being placed on your hand that was resting on his thigh. “Did you purposely wear that tight fucking skirt to tease me baby girl? God – you looked so good. I wanted to pound that tight cunt of yours when I saw you this morning baby.”

You groaned around Yoongi him pulling away from him, a string of saliva attached your lips to his cock. “Not at all sir. I didn’t think you’d be that turned on.” You were smirking, knowing that wearing just a tight pencil skirt that made your ass pop would have such a good effect on Yoongi.

“You don’t know the beginning baby girl.” He pulled you up before standing up himself and kicking his pants and boxers away before turning you around and pushing you towards his desk, your ass facing him, his cock rubbing your soaked panties earning a small moan from you. “I’ve barely touched you and look, you’re so fucking wet baby.”

“Sir please…” you rubbed your ass against his hard cock, hoping to get him to do something rather than stand there. “Hm? Please what baby girl. Use your words.” Yoongi’s hand ran across your sides, going up until it found your nipples and gave them a little squeeze, a gasp escaping your lips.

“Please sir. Your tongue, your fingers, cock please anything please sir please,” did you care you were begging? God no. Not when Yoongi was grinding up against you, his hand groping your breast and his lips were faintly trailing along your neck. God you were a mess already.

“Hold on tight baby girl, I’m gonna fucking wreck you.” Yoongi’s hand made contact with your ass, taking you by surprise. “Do you even know how much you teased me this morning?” he took his cock in his spare hand again as he moved it along your clothed folds, effortlessly earning another moan from you. “I didn’t hear an answer baby. Do you need to be punished?” Yoongi didn’t let you answer, his hand spanking your ass again but harder this time. You felt a stinging pain but it was slowly soothing away as he ran his hand across your ass cheek softly.

“H-how much did I-I tease you sir?”

“So fucking much baby girl. You think I wouldn’t notice how your tits popped out of your tight as fuck shirt? I could see your god damn bra. Didn’t you notice how everyone at the office was staring at you baby girl?” he was practically growling at this point, his voice was so low and the sound of another loud smack resonated through his office. A weak, broken whine falling from your lips.

“You looked so good I wanted to fuck you against the wall baby. I wouldn’t care if everyone looked at us in the hallways, they’d know how much I’d be pleasuring you, how I’d make you scream my name. They’d probably end up jacking off right in front of us baby. You’d like what wouldn’t you baby? You wouldn’t care that people would be watching – not when my cock was buried deep in your tight cunt right baby girl?”

Fuck, sir, please.” You whined, you were so gone by now. You just wanted him to fuck your brains out then and there.

“Patient baby girl. I had to wait for you.” Yoongi smirked, his voice cocky. He got down on his knees and licked your folds through your panties, groaning into your drenched walls making you claw at the wooden desk in front of you. He slowly slid down your panties and quickly grabbed your hips forcefully, wasting no time at all in wrapping his lips around your cunt. It seemed like he hadn’t eaten for days – he was going back and forth between licking your folds and sucking your clit. Man, you thought you were gone before, but now you were losing it.

Rocking your hips back into his face as pleasure consumed you all over, moans slipping from your mouth every few seconds. Yoongi pulled back for a brief moment and you turned your head too look at him, wondering why he had stopped. He placed his fingers in his mouth and sucked them, staring right back at you. He slapped your ass again, a burning sensation going through you again but you forgot about the pain when his tongue started to lock up your folds again, slowly this time, licking up all the way to your asshole – something that you were not expecting at all.

“Fuck Yoongi…”

“Try and relax for me baby girl, you’ll like it I promise.” He placed a small kiss to your ass before his middle finger slipped into your hole easily because you were so wet. Lewd sounds were being heard as his hand went knuckle deep inside you, before pulling all the way out and slipping inside again, his pace increasing as your moans got higher.

His tongue came in contact with your asshole again, just lubing (is this even a word lol) it up a little before he placed his thumb in his mouth and slowly eased it into your second hole. Your body tensed a little and Yoongi placed small kisses to your thighs, stopping the movement of his middle finger. “Relax.” He spoke softly.

He started to slowly move his thumb into you again, a low whine escaping your lips. His lips wrapped around your clit, sucking it, and he groaned into your cunt, a chain reaction occurring making you moan from above. Soon, he was moving his finger and thumb at the pace he was going at before, you were becoming a moaning mess again. Yoongi pulled away and stood up as you whined at the sudden loss. “Shh baby.”

You were going to say something back to him but all words were taken away from your mouth when his cock slammed into your tight walls, leaving you no time to adjust to his large size before his hips were hitting your ass, his pace quick and hard from the beginning.

Fuck! – You’re so tight baby girl.” Yoongi groaned.

Moan after moan after moan was falling out of your mouth, his desk pushing up against your stomach, pain running through your lower body, but you didn’t care. Yoongi’s hips were sinfully hitting against you, low groans escaping his plush pink lips.

“You close bay girl? You gonna cum all over my cock, hey?” Yoongi groaned as he felt your walls clench around him. “Y-yes oh god. Fuck don’t stop!”

“Come on baby, fucking cum for me. Be a good girl and cum all over my cock.” That’s all it took for you to be sent over the edge and you didn’t hold back on your broken moans of Yoongi’s name – the entire office could probably hear you two right now. Yoongi moaned lowly still thrusting deep into you, helping you ride out your high while he’s chasing his own.

“Shit, Y/N turn around, on your knees mouth open. Now!”

You turned around (probably ungracefully but it’s not like he’d notice) and got down onto your knees, mouth wide open for him. Yoongi’s hand started pumping his cock quickly before he tossed his head back and came all over your face – some going into your mouth which you swallowed without a problem, some ribbons of his cum rolling down your chin to your neck and tits. You hummed a little and bought your lips to his tip, sucking slightly and milking him for all he’s worth.

God – you look so pretty like this, with my cum all over you baby girl.” He ran a hand through your hair as you bought your fingers to your breasts and gathered some of his juices before lifting your finger and placing it into your mouth with a small hum.

“Did I do well, sir?” you blinked up at him with an innocent smile.

“So good baby girl, so fucking good.”

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The KH II Manga has destroyed my heart

She hugs him so he won’t leave after she’s been through so much!

This is not okay! ;_; Poor Axel, we didn’t see this in the game but just…..he came back for Kairi again after he failed before

Even as he’s dying, he’s still searching for Roxas and wishing to see him and he finally sees him in Sora!

Even Demyx’s death!

Riku is crying upon reuniting with Sora even though he still looks like Ansem!

After Axel’s death Roxas awakens within Sora and they fight ending in this…..

Before Axel dies and finds Sora he thinks that Roxas recognized him as Sora

Need I go on?

Go read the Kingdom Hearts Manga, you’ll get your feelings so destroyed you’ll become a nobody yourself.