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Please Don’t Go

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Summary: Barry promising (Y/N) that he will never leave her side.

Word count: 1.001

A/N: I am back, finally! I wrote something fast and this story kept running in my head for days. I don’t know, but I was left by someone important these past few weeks and I just miss him. Although, I realized that there are people who care for me, no matter what, and I am happy to have them. Hope you like it!

P.S.: Barry Allen requests are open!!

- G. x

You buried your head between your soft and comfortable white bed pillows as you sobbed endlessly against them and you let your tear stains to wet them, leaving big circles of salty water full of emotion stains on them.

You’ve been locking yourself in your room since the time you got home from work and you didn’t even have your dinner, even though your stomach was crying just to have little bit of food in it.

“(Y/N)!” You heard your mother knock on the door for several times and you stopped for a moment, thinking whether you should open the door or not.

“Mum,” You answered when you finally decided. “I’m not in the mood.”

“Honey,” She was worried and you could hear it in her voice that she was. “I know that you want to be alone, you wouldn’t lock yourself in there if not. I just wanted to tell you that Barry is here.”

“Tell him that I’m not in the mood, Mum.” You repeated harshly, looking at the door, as if you were seeing their silhouettes across your wooden coloured door.

“(Y/N), please let me in.” It was Barry’s turn to talk and he tried to convince you for several times. “Please.”

“No.” You shortly answered, peeved.

“(Y/N), please!” Barry insisted, anger could be heard in his voice and you knew how serious he was that time. Barry cared a little too much for you and he knew when you needed someone with you by your side.

“Fuck, Bar!” You lazily got up from your bed as you dried your red and tired face. You opened the door and you saw two worried faces gazing at you.

“Finally!” Barry sarcastically said, but he then pulled you in his arms to give you a tight comfort hug.

“I’m leaving you two some time to talk, I’m in the living room if you need something.” Your mum warned and you just nodded your head in response.

“What’s happened?” Barry then asked as you two broke the hug.

“Eddie!” You spat his name as if it was a venom in your mouth. You then started to cry once again, tiny teardrops running down your burning cheeks.

“What did he do? I’ll beat him silly if he did something grievous to you.” His face was quickly masked in anger as he closed the door behind his back. You both sat on the bed, letting your body fall on it.

“I caught him,” You looked at your fingers as you fidgeted with them. “he was with Iris in his office at CCPD, kissing.”

“What?!” He exaggeratedly reacted. You didn’t know if you should laugh or cry. His reaction was just so idiotic and funny.

“You heard it right.” You nodded as you smiled weakly at him.

“He’s surely a dead man.” He shook his head as he tightened his fist, readying himself to beat Eddie. You stared at him silently and you both had those silent but not awkward moment. “He better get ready.”

“Bar?” You called his attention, letting yourself into sadness once again. “Why do people always leave me?”

“I am still here and I will never leave you.” He seriously looked at you, reassuring your doubts.

“I know, but Eddie promised me that he wouldn’t have done it.” You weakly asked him, voice cracking a little bit as you held your tears back. You still remember how Eddie used to be by your side every time and now? He’s gone.

“Sometimes people don’t understand the promises they’re making when they make them.” Barry caressed your cheek as he quoted one of John Green’s book, The Fault In Our Stars.

“But they should never leave!” You stubbornly answered, not caring of your adamant behaviour.

“(Y/N), people come and go in our lives. There are people who can’t handle relationships well and there are people who choose to stay with you, despite your flaws, your behaviour, everything.” He explained as he moved quickly nearer towards you, making you bounce slightly on the comfortable bed.

“Why do some people choose to leave then?” You sadly and melancholically asked. You were still wondering why did Eddie do something wrong, even when he knew that you would be hurt.

“They can have different motivations, (Y/N). But remember that we are like firecrackers in this world. There will be that time where we’re going to explode and only the people who remained beside us will have the chance to enjoy the show, your show.” He rubbed your back to calm you and you just unleashed a long and deep sigh.

“Nothing’s to enjoy in my show. I’m a normal person, maybe a shitty one too.” You bit your lip as you were admiring Barry’s emerald orbs. “Maybe, I am the problem here.”

“No, (Y/N). You aren’t.” He shook his head as he dried your cheeks with his thumbs. “You are beyond perfect as a friend and people don’t deserve you. You deserve much better and I can assure you that.”

“Bar, they always leave.” You sighed and admired your hanging feet as you looked on the ground.

“I won’t.” His answer was short, but you knew that he would never leave you alone. He cared too much and he would never let someone hurt you. He’s never deluded nor hurt you and you knew that he never will.

“Please, don’t go Bar.” You pleaded himself, looking straight in his eyes.

“I will never leave you, (Y/N). You’re too important to me.” He smiled sweetly as he wrapped his arms around your waist to hug you tightly. “We all have a choice here.”

“And?” You raised an eyebrow as you relished his arms around you.

“And I choose to stay with you.” He answered and you were flattered for what your best friend has just said.

Maybe Barry was right, maybe we all just have some choices and priorities. We all have one important person around us and we choose the one we think we really deserve.

MAMAs 2016

하나… 둘… 셋… Luhan, Kris, and Tao rise up out of the stage. Everyone is in shock, including Luhan, Kris, and Tao. They were each told they were going to perform as a surprise soloist. They all start arguing and only stop when they notice the artist seating area. It all descends into madness. Big Bang watches emotionlessly from behind their usual mountain of awards as Tao beats the shit out of Seugri for “defiling [his] beautiful, innocent angel”. Sehun ignores the situation in favor of looking a pictures of Victoria’s Secret models on instagram. Suho breaks a chair over Kris’ head as Kris tries to simultaneously acquire 4/5 of the Red Velvet members phone numbers. Luhan is sobbing in Minseok’s lap while Baekhyun and Chen try to use a crowbar to remove him. No one is happy, except for a satisfied YG who pays Mnet the promised amount.

  • GRUNT: Yo, boss! Why are your shades dented?
  • GUZMA: My dad dented them when he hit my head with a golf club. Don't get emotional about it. It's no big deal.
  • GRUNT: But boss... *Starts to get teary eyed*
  • GUZMA: *Turning around to face away from the grunt* I said, don't get emotional about it.
  • GRUNT: Boss... *Crying*
  • GUZMA: *Rubbing his watering eyes* I said don't.
  • GRUNT: Boosss!!! *Wrapping his arms around Guzma*
  • GUZMA: Don't! *Sobbing*

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Hey, it's obvious that you ship Jerza but how about the rest of the ships in FT!? BTW, I like your artwork 😍

About the question, yes I do love other pairings besides Jerza, however I get very focused on my OTP like laser focused on them xD and it looks like is the only pairing I ship when there is more pairings on the side that gets my love. Funny is that besides Jerza in the “big four” I also ship Nalu and that’s it. The others are no very popular pairings, ones can be qualified as polemic/ unpopular for some or rare pairs. At the top of my head these are favorites of mine:

Stingyu currently is a very favorite of mine, I just love the boastful, loud type paired with the shy but strong girl who can keep him in his toes with determination and gentleness, uwu! <3 (Lories gets me for almost the same reason!)

Since I must head to bed cause I have to be a reponsible adult (sob!)  I can’t draw the rest, but I want to mention them anyways:

Jeltear (Jellal x Ultear): The angst, the common story, a mutual understanding because they both have known darkness. Sorry can’t help it, I am a sucker for dark characters and their path for redemption, getting to search for their answers and helping each other alongside. In the hands of a capable writer, my mind blowns over the possibilities.

GrayLu: Man just check the avatar arc and their conversation afterwards If Mashima hadn’t make so obvious what are the endgame ships, i would believe about their posibilities, they are such a sweet and stable combination. Lucy as a true beacon of light for Gray <3 Still I love them <3

Arcadios x Hisui: tiny and rare but loved his devotion to her and the fact oftenly overlooked that the pendant that protected Arcadios from the lava, was a gift from Hisui herself. I shipped them so hard during the Magic Games arc <3

Lyredy (Meredy x Lyon): @blamedorange is to blame and I just love the pairing, the cuteness and the idea of protective papa Jellal x333 (and oracion seis giving him hell xD.

Jelano (Jellal x Sorano): a cute unrequited love story in my head. Sorano is secretly in love with Jellal, he is just clueless as hell but cares sincerely for her well being and happiness. She doesn’t mind and accepts the status quo.Still she gets deeply flustered when he praises her or get too close, endless teasing from all Crime Sorciere and Jellal more confused xD

Sorano x Erik (cobra): I love team sarcasm. Their idea of flirting is a battle of caustic remarks, their friends thinks they are gross xDDDD

That’s all I can remember xP

After another big fight, Alois is curled up in bed, angrily sobbing his pretty blue eyes out and mumbling beneath his breath. 

Ciel had unintentionally pissed him off, and as usual, he has no idea what he did wrong.

By now he’s grown used to Alois’ mood swings, but he never gets used to seeing his lover cry, no matter how much they argue.

Once he’s calm, collected, and  certain Alois won’t bite his head off; Ciel quietly creeps into the bedroom. 

Alois has his back to the door, and the covers pulled all the way up to his stuffy little red nose.

Ciel climbs into bed, and Alois groans in protest. 

He’s still angry, but secretly grateful for Ciel’s company. He doesn’t know why he’s like this… why he gets set off so easily, why he can’t be ‘normal’, he knows Ciel must be growing tired of his constant emotional meltdowns…

Ciel gets under the covers and wraps his arms around Alois’ slender waist, burying his face in his lover’s fluffy blond hair. Alois always smells so sweet, like cotton candy, and his skin as soft as freshly spun silk.

The warmth between them is enough to ease the tremors that wrack the blond’s aching chest. 

Suddenly, all is calm… all that matters is that Ciel hasn’t left his side, that Ciel still wants to be close to him, even after a rather vulgar exchange only moments before.

Alois’ eyes slip shut, his hands gently wrapped around the smaller ones that hold him. 


“I know, no need to explain yourself…” 

Ciel planted kisses at every inch of visible skin, the softness of his lips making Alois melt under the gentle affections.

“You’re a big cry baby bitch, but you’re all mine, and I love you…”

Alois couldn’t help but laugh, as he turned to face the boy he loved, Ciel was always there to wipe his tears away.

“I’ll always love you more… cheeky bastard.”

Ciel’s laughter was absolutely contagious, and all thoughts of their altercation had slipped away as their lips met over and over in a fit of giggles.




Warning: death of family member

The bathroom floor was cold. You were rocking back and forth slowly, your arms pulling your knees to your chest. Your body was wracked with sobs, your vision was blurry, and your head was resting against the rim of a bath tub. You felt pathetic, but more importantly, you felt sad. Actually, sad was too small of a word. There wasn’t quite a word big enough to describe just how you felt. After all, what word could you use to describe the death of your family? 

“(Y/n)? Where are ya sweetheart?” You heard Harley’s voice, and you felt a bit better, but not by much. You wanted Harley next to you, you wanted to cry into her shoulder, but you couldn’t make a noise. You felt like you couldn’t breath, and you let out another choked sob. The bathroom door opened slowly, and Harley poked her head in. She had been smiling, but as soon as she saw you, her smile dropped. She rushed to your side, dropping down next to you. “What’s wrong,” she whispered. There was a hint of disbelief in her voice, as if she couldn’t believe you were crying. You were always so strong, you never showed your emotions, and you knew that her seeing you like this had thrown her. 

You still felt like you couldn’t talk, so you just pointed to the newspaper that was there. Her face shifted, from concern to horror, as she read the headline. 

The Joker Kills Gotham Family 

You watched as her eyes brushed over the paper. When she got to the names of the victims, it all clicked. It was the (L/n) family who had gotten killed. Your family. Her beautiful eyes began to brim with tears, and she could barely look at you. You were still letting out heart-wrenching cries, and you were rocking back and forth slowly. She began to stand up, but you reached for her.

“Please,” it was hard for you to speak, it took all of your effort, but you didn’t care, “please stay with me.” She nodded slowly, her lips pursed. 

She sat on the floor next to you, murmuring reassuring thoughts into your ears. She began to pepper you with soft, small kisses. The kisses helped you feel grounded. The feeling of Harley’s lips on your skin reminded you that everything was real, and it brought you back to reality. “Don’t ever leave me,” you mumbled, resting your head on her shoulder.

“I won’t, and that’s a promise.” 

You’ve Never Been So Wrong - one.
  • Baekhyun x Reader
  • Fluff - Angst
  • Word Count: 2,438

Description: You move into a new studio apartment where you meet some of your…. interesting neighbors. Your quiet home life is about to turn into a chaotic one.

A/N: ok so this is the first chapter and it’s over 2k words and that just seems like a lot to me, but I have so much going on for this story like, you think it’s just gonna be some cute baek fluff. Naw son, you just wait. Also this might get smutty, I haven’t decided yet because I have a direction in my head and I don’t want to stray too far from it. I’ve edited this a million times so if it’s goofy, I’m sorry sobs.

one. // two. // three. // four. // five. // six. (in the works)

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Needless to say, the latest episode of Steven Universe destroyed me. This song in particular. Of course my Hamada Brother feels had to kick in shortly after. 


Imagine tricking ramsey into letting you into winterfell and managing to get rickon to sansa and jon


You pushed into the tent as sansa and jon were in mid argument. They both turned and did a double take when they saw you werent alone. Sansa stared wide eyed and gasped as she saw rickon stood next to you and a grin burst onto jons lips. “Rickon?” Sansa gasped. Rickons face crumpled and he flung himself at jon and sansa. Jon picked him up and held him tears leaking from his eyes. Sansa quickly wrapped her arms around rickon too and he buried his head in her neck. “Your so big now” sansa sobbed breifly seperating from rickon to look at him. “So are you” rickon smiled “you look just like mother” before sansa grabbed him again. “Rickon im so sorry, but your here now, your safe now” she sobbed “your safe little brother”. Both jon and sansa were glowing as they clutched rickon never letting him go. “Thankyou y/n” they all gasped “thankyou!”. You smiled at them in return as they all clung to one another, together once more.


Fandom: Chicago PD
Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Set right after 4.01
Genre: Fluff (I guess)
Prompt: I have gotten so many asks for this, so here it goes. I hope you enjoy it.

A/N: This was written right after 4x01, so it disregards all the spoilers for 4x02.

Title comes from the song by Christina Perri, which was probably written for Linstead. I mean it’s just so them!

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That big Heart of yours

Requested by @mariia-love-is-music Admin A~

I could hear the sobs even if she wasn’t crying. I could hear her heart breaking even without resting my head on her chest. I could see the pain in my girl’s face even when she had smiled telling me everything was alright. But I knew her well, I had lived my years on this Earth to know how to recognize when someone was trying to hide their feelings.

I don’t blame her, I know she doesn’t want to distract me, to worry me. But she already is, because she is the reason why my heart beats.

She was watching TV, but she wasn’t paying attention. Her resting face seemed sad, her eyes were almost in tears. It wasn’t the movie, she was watching some comedy not drama. But there she was on the couch, hiding under a blanket, alone. 
She hadn’t heard when I arrived, she didn’t know I was watching. Probably she even cried as I stood there. But I couldn’t not do anything, ignoring it and waiting for her to tell me would do worse. I wasn’t sure what was bothering but I had an idea. I knew she wanted some warmth in her heart so I walked back to the kitchen and as quietly as I could I made her some of my special coffee. I could still hear the TV, the laughs coming from it, but she wasn’t laughing. Her heart was crying. 

I was her home now and more than ever, she needed that home. I didn’t question her, I didn’t want her to feel I pitied her, no. She just needed me to stand there by her side, holding her hand so she wouldn’t get lost. 
“I made this for you” I told her, making her jump a little, definitely not expecting me to be back so early. “It’s made with love” I smiled as I handed the mug to her and sat next to her. “Come here… Let me give you love” I whispered, waiting for her to be in my arms. “Xiumin I…”
“Shush, you don’t have to explain. Do it when you are ready sweetie. But don’t forget I’m here with you, here to protect that big heart of yours”

6 Movies I Could Watch Anytime

Thanks for tagging me babe @bellamyblakesgun

  1. Spirited Away (Or honestly, any Studio Ghibli film, probably most notably either Princess Mononoke or Howl’s Moving Castle)
  2. Like any of the Futurama movies (Bender’s Big Score, Into the Wild Green Yonder, Bender’s Game and the one which’s name I’ve forgotten lol)
  3. Interstellar
  4. Grave of the Fireflies (another Ghibli film but this one just makes me sob every goddamn time.)
  5. The Hunger Games
  6. The Simpsons Movie

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Having now written the entire back end of this latest chapter of Nexus (coming in so far at 6400 words…) but not the start, the question I must ask myself is: Miss Carina, can you write Edge at the marketplace in less than 4000 words so that this chapter does not go over 10,000 words and kill people??

And the answer I would like to give would be: Oh darling, of course, don’t you worry your sweet little head, I am, after all, a lady who has the gift of brevity.

But really, I know the answer is going to be more along the lines of hysterical laughter giving way to those great big heaving sobs that cut deep and ache in your chest for hours to come.

Conclusion: I am a mess.

  • Look at my baby, Rickon Stark. He is in canon, a child. Never been to battle, never really seen a battle. He is a child. Just the fact that I am a full grown adult, and I would have been sobbing, begging for my life is just jarring how calm he is in comparison. He takes a steadying breath and just bows his head, accepting his death sentence with honor, Like his father did in season one. There will be no weakness from Rickon.
  • As he is running, he has this look of determination. Like, he’s trying to be brave, trying to get to Jon’s side as fast as he can, to prove that he can make it, that he is brave.
  • When the arrows start getting closer is when the fear starts set in, he starts to run harder, checking behind him, trying to get his legs to move faster, trying to get to Jon as fast as he can. Trying to survive, to live! I’ve seen like 100′s posts screaming for him to zigzag, that he’s stupid for going straight.  He is in a panic! If someone is shooting at me, my first thought is not zigzag, but get the hell out of there as fast as I can. Remember, he is a child who’s never been shot at! 
  • Then the last photo. I already made a post about the last photo, but the more I stare at it, the more I see the hope, the almost relief he seems to have because Jon is right there, His big brother, who would never let anything happen to him is literally feet away, reaching out. Risking the whole battle, but to save him. Jon is one of the last family members he has left and he thinks he has made it back to his family. He survived, He beat Ramsay. There’s just a ghost of a smile on his face. Only for it all to be ripped away a millisecond later.