their hats

It’s Sunday and Apple Tree Yard is on, and it turns out it’s real. Maybe there never was a fourth Sherlock episode after all. You decide to watch Apple Tree Yard, maybe it’ll be better than you thought it would be. The typical break interrupts the programme and you sigh, still feeling disappointed. But when you look up there is a strange advert on the screen.

It’s the back of a man, he’s facing away but he still looks familiar. After all, you saw him only last week as he exited a helicopter, to your utter delight. You watch as the man lifts his phone and presses a big ‘play’ button. He still isn’t facing you, but a song starts to play. You hear the first few lyrics: “Don’t stop believing…” The rest fades out as you hear the man laughing.

Then Apple Tree Yard is back.