their hands are really small though

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would it be possible to see your sketch drawings for the chibi fates characters? I'm trying to learn how to chibi but struggling!

*squints* chibi fates… do you mean my awakening charms? here are a few:

my sketches are pretty loose LOL

but chibis are a lot easier imo bc they’re so round and fun!!

There’s not really a Right way to draw them, but I guess for personal decisions I make when I draw chibis…

- the heads are big! but I don’t like making them TOO big… that’s a personal thing though. mine are about… 2.5-3 heads tall?

- even though the point is that they’re disproportionate, there are certain proportions that I prefer to keep in check, especially arm length: I try to keep the elbows where their [small, chibi] rib-cages end, hands end around the thighs, like a normal human anatomy. this really only matters if you’re drawing, uh, longer legs. some chibi styles have stubby legs, LOL, which is fine too.

- i like using thicker lines for my chibis. that’s all personal taste though, thin lines and no lines are just as good, as long as u use them well.

It’s really hard to teach this kind of thing bc there are just so many ways to do it and none of them are wrong!

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“Want to have a look around first? We both are here for the first time so we could get some insight on what they prepared here! But on the other hand..maybe taking a small break first would be good. We had a long way until we came here. What do you think Flamma?” He noticed her having some longer looks at other ninetales, so he kept having an eye on her. If he’d noticesmething being odd with how she behaved he wanted to be there and cheer her up. But even though the arcanine was prepared for anything it didn’t look like she was feeling bad at all. This made Hak really happy.

Domestic!Destiel with canon bunker setting based on this tweet:

Dean takes his time in the shower. It’s the one thing he’s extremely grateful for in the bunker. The water pressure is just perfect, beating down on his back and shoulders. There’s a rhythm in his head that’s been in his head the entire day and he begins to sing. Rubbing his hands over his face and ducking his head under the water he doesn’t hear anyone open the door. Hell, he didn’t even realise he forgot to lock it - years of living in motels with just his brother meant he hadn’t really needed to.

He’s just grumbling the chorus when he hears the shower curtain sliding open and whips round with a yelp.

When he blinks water from his eyes and covers himself as best he can with the small face cloth he find Cas staring at him with a bag of crisps in his hands.

“Cas!” He yells. Cas isn’t moving though and hold the crisps out in front of him.


“CAS!” Dean yelps again.

“Are we - Dean, stop screaming, it’s just me… are we out of cheetos?” His eyes are wide and look impossibly blue in the bright bathroom. For a moment he forgets that he’s only got a face cloth covering himself.

“What? Cas, you’re holding the empty bag, of course we’re out of cheetos.” Cas’ eyes grow wider. Dean sighs. “I’ll make a run… just… just leave me for a moment to finish.”

“Thank you, Dean.” Cas grins. Dean’s pretty sure he is on the verge of melting at that look and smiles back. Cas has gone through eight packs of cheetos in the last week and he’s sure that it’s unhealthy, but buying more of them will make him happy and a happy Cas is a happy Dean. Plus, when they’re pressed against each other watching TV, Dean can’t help but dip into them.

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*claps hands together*

Opinions, dude
Personal preferences, dude

Isn’t this the Internet, people behind screens and not random souless bastards?
I’m not on anyone’s side but, this isn’t the first time this has happened. 
Even though, I believe it’s one of the first times in the EW fandom though..?

Many other fandoms have those kinds of ships. Some hate them, some love and praise them. But is it really people should callout others about? What about DMs? Wouldn’t the situation be settled if they TALKED like normal people instead of one of them starting it off as PUBLIC??

You can’t just,, do that man,, That’s like me calling out *I dont wanna insult this tumblr, but they’re also a famous eddsworld artist* that has drawn Rick x Morty *sexually* in the past (and a few unnerving DHMIS things on their old account, which is deleted now) 

But I have NOT SEEN a SINGLE POST about them being a  “Pedophile that is turned on by insest”??

I’m just confused
What even is ‘Tumblr’

Twins and Triplets Headcanons

-Preschool age triplets and the two Alphas being very worried about their clumsy and small Omega sibling so they always insist on each of them holding one of their hands and keeping the Omega safely between them when walking around crowded or public places

-Identical Omega twins in high school that think its funny to take turns flirting with the same Alpha, and the Alpha has no idea that he’s flirting with two different Omegas because they look and smell identical, and then the Omegas causing a big dramatic scene when one of them “catches” the Alpha flirting with their twin. And the Alpha just being so embarrassed and confused by the whole thing

-Twin Alphas that fight constantly but if anyone else picks a fight with one of them, the other will become extremely protective

-Older triplets with two Alphas and an Omega, other Omegas always befriending the Omega just to get closer to their Alpha siblings and the Alphas very bluntly rejecting any Omega that they catch doing it

-Twin Alpha and Omega that are very close and the Omega always goes out of their way to try and take care of their twin while the Alpha is very clingy and protective of them

-Twin Betas in middle school getting revenge on Alpha bullies by leaving fake love notes from Omegas in their lockers and watching the usually arrogant Alphas become flustered messes when they confront their “admirer” and are told that the note must be fake because the Omega doesn’t like them

-Triplets with two Alphas and an Omega, and the three of them going places and hanging out and the Omega walking ahead happily, not noticing their Alpha siblings behind them, giving death glares to any other Alphas that even glance at the Omega for more than a second

-Twin Alpha and Omega, the Omega being extremely picky about what kind of mate their twin will end up with. Partly because they don’t think anyone is good enough for their twin, but mainly because they want all the Alpha’s attention for themselves, the way it’s always been

-Baby twin Omegas and one of them almost never cries, except when their twin is extremely upset because even as an infant they can sense just how distressed their sibling is and it causes them to also become very distressed because they can’t make it better

-Twin Omega and Beta, and the Omega always really admiring the Beta and looking at them like they are the most impressive person in the world, so even when the Beta is looked down on by others it never really bothers them because their twin thinks they are great and that’s all they really care about

-Little triplets with two Alphas and an Omega, and whenever the Omega is sad the Alphas try their hardest to cheer them up, making funny faces and attempting squeaky croons until their Omega sibling is once again content and giggling

-Little triplets with two Omegas and an Alpha, and the Omegas always pulling the Alpha along into whatever they are doing like building nests and playing house and the Alpha going along with it all because they like making the Omegas happy

Kissing Frogs

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in which you have to kiss a few frogs before you finally find your prince aka one day i will stop writing best friend aus but not today

“So, I um, kinda wrote you a poem.” Your boyfriend said, looking at you over his round glasses and producing a lined piece of paper from the pocket of his flannel.

“Really? No one’s ever done that for me before.” You said, managing a small smile even though panic alarms were going off in your head. The two of you had only been together for three months, and in your opinion it was a little early for anyone to be writing anything about anyone.

He returned the smile and unfolded the paper with a shaking hand. You started to feel bad for worrying. He was obviously nervous and maybe is wasn’t even a love poem. You took his free hand in yours, running your thumb along the back of his hand, trying to soothe his nerves. He cleared his throat and began to read.

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“I would not mind you laying in my bed.”

Pan’s hand was laying on my leg as he spoke. The lost boys laughed at his words. They were used to our harmless flirting and just laughed at the comments we made.

We would walk past each other looking the others body up and down and smirking in approval. We would make comments about each other hair and that we wanted to see each other in bed or that we would love to take a peek under that piece clothing but we never really went any further than that except from some small touches on the head and arms.

Tonight was different though. He would stroke my upper thigh and whisper in my ear. It’s not like I had a problem with it. It made me actually want more then that harmless flirting.

Felix sat beside Pan as I talked with a lost boy. Pan’s hand travelled to my lower back and slowly slid up my shirt making a chill run down my spine. His hands travelled further and further as I tried to concentrate me on the conversation. I felt Pan’s hand stop at my bra and with one easy movement he unclasped it.

My face turned red as I stood up covering my breast to keep the bra at its place. The boys looked at me in confusement while Pan just looked at me with a grin. “I’ll be right back” I said with a smile on my face cursing Pan inside of my mind.

I was walking towards my tent as I heard a familiar voice speaking behind me. “Having trouble now have we” “Thanks to a certain boy we do.” I turned around seeing the boy in green standing against a tree. “What were you even trying to achieve with that.” “nothing in particular.” He moved away from the tree towards me as his eyes wandered to my arms covering my chest. “I just felt something different today.” “Like what?” He stood before me licking his lips seductively.

“little bit of greed and lust.”
“So I need someone’s help to get rid of it.”
“Other word you’re just horny.”
“Will you help me if I admit it?”
“oh god yes”

he smirked and his lips crashed into mine as he transported us to his tree house. His hands travelled over my body as I pushed him towards the bed. I took of my bra from under my clothes and threw it on the floor followed by my shirt and pants leaving me in my panties.

He laid on the bed eyeing my movements as a bulge started to form in his pants. “Don’t let me wait.” He ordered as he removed his shirt. I walked towards him taking my time as hands grabbed my wrist and pulled me on his hip.

We returned to kissing as his hands groped my breast perfectly earning a soft moan to escape my lips which he used as an opportunity to sneak his tongue inside my mouth.

His thumps moved sync over my breast together with his tongue who was exploring every inch of my mouth. He pinched my nipples earning a small sound of pleasure vibrating trough my mouth. He deepened the kiss as his one hand started to stroke my sides earning whimpers from me as he missed the place where I wanted him.

Our lips parted as he looked me in the eye smirking the entire time. He lowered his head not losing the eye contact and started to leave a trail of kisses from my neck to my breast.  The hand on my side moved to the back to support my body as I leaned back to expose all my skin towards him.

His tongue circled around my nipple as he pinched rolled the other one between his fingers. “God damn…” I moaned softly as I felt his smirk against my skin.

Suddenly he stopped as an annoyed groan was heard from the back of my throat. “I don’t do things for free darling.”

I rolled my eyes at him as I stood up to lean my hands on his thigh. “Sounds fair…” I spoke as I pushed his upper body on the bed. I hovered over him as I started to leave butterfly kisses on his chest slowly making my way down to his pants.

Slowly I removed the first layer of clothing as I heard him groan impatient. “Darling speed up.” I heard him say as I moved my body upwards again. “be quiet and just enjoy the service.” I touched the tent in his underpants with my index finger as a growl was heard trough the room. “Don’t tease.”

I removed his last piece of clothing as my hands started to stroke his member up and down while circling my hand a little bit. He arched his back as he tried to sit up only for me to push him down again.

I kept going for a while till I heard his breath turning irregular and stopped. “Why are you doing that!” he yelled in anger sitting up immediately. “I don’t do things for free darling.” I said repeating his own words. “Then why not work on both at the same time.” He pulled me up and tossed me and the bed with my stomach hitting the blankets. Pan pulled my ass up and spread my legs trailing his finger across my panties.

“Look who is dripping wet.”
“Shut up you were moaning a while ago Pan.”

I heard him laugh as he placed a kiss on my back only to use his teeth to remove my underwear.

His finger slowly entered my as a moan escaped my lips. “One finger in and you are already full of pleasure.” “Other then you I had some activity these last couple years.” Another finger entered me as he started to curl his fingers upwards making a silent moan fall from my lips.

The third finger went in and he started to move around more hitting with his long fingers my good spot. “oh my god…” I moaned. “You like that?” He said full of mischief as he stopped moving not removing his hand. “What do you want me to say Pan.” I spoke looking at the boy from the corners of my eyes. “Say you want me, say you want me to enter you to make love to you so that you won’t be able to stand tomorrow and that only I can satisfy you.” “Any extra request?” I asked moving my head back towards the pillows. “Beg like you are being drowned in pleasure.” I signed. “move your hands first, it makes it for me easier.”

His hands started to move more roughly as I leaned on my elbows. “God damn Pan! More” I moaned. “Say it.” He spoke. “Pan please I want you inside of me!” I moaned as I heard a chuckle from behind me. “what else?” “Make love to me till I can’t stand anymore!” I groaned. “I need you!” I moaned.

His fingers left my body as I looked at the boy shifting my body to look at him. His fingers were dripping wet as he licked them seductively. “Good girl.”

He spread my legs as he entered with one big trust earning from both of us a loud moan. “God damn what are you tight.” he groaned as my nails dug into the sheets. He kept his trusts at a fast and steady rhythm but it was not enough. “O god Pan harder!” I would moan as he happily listened.

He shifted my body to the side hitting a different kind of spot that made sure to hit my g-spot with every trust. “Damn Pan!” He trusts started to get messy and sloppy as I felt my own high approaching.

With one big trust he and I both released as he moved out of me earning small whimpers from me at the loss of contact.

I was about to close my eyes as he pulled my body up towards his. “I’m not finished yet.” “Pan I have no energy left.” He plunged his finger into my aching core as I let out a painful scream. “S-Stop…” I mumbled as he started to move. Curling his finger to the side and circling his fingers inside of me. “Stop please it hurts!” “Really because it seems like you are enjoying it down there…” My face turned red as a painful moan fell from my lips as I came again. I tried to catch my breath as he entered me again. “GOD DAMN PAN!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

He started to move his hips in a circling movements as I wrapped my arms around him and dug my nails into his back. He nibbled at my ear lobe as he pulled me up so I sat on his lap. My head fell back as he left kisses on my skin. He started to move faster as every trust made a moan fall from my lips. I released as he followed after me after a few more trusts.

He laid me down as he sat up again waving his hand to clean us both up. I did not move, not because I was laying perfectly but I was far too tired. “So?” He asked as he waited for me to move. “Give up, I won’t be able to stand tomorrow just let me sleep here.”

“not going to happen.”
“What are you going to bring me back to my tent because my feet can’t carry me.”

He signed in defeat and laid besides me. “If you ever feel horny again please tell me so I can prepare myself…”

Today is a weird day for me. Since most universities are back in class today. I cannot help but feel a wash of relief come over me. But on the same hand I’m terrified. Honestly, I never thought I’d be here. Not the here as in this small coffee shop/ art gallery sipping on a way over price cup of really good coffee. But in the “real world” or I guess the post-grad world. Last year it felt like my whole world was crashing down on me. And to tell you the truth, even though I could see the light last semester, it didn’t end how I pictured it would when I was a naïve little freshman four and a half years ago, I can say that I am damn proud of myself. I might not know what the hell I’m doing with my life, but honestly who actually does? Yes, job searching sucks, and my pipe dreams of living on my own as soon as I graduated with a job in the field that my degree is in, is a reality that isn’t happening, so what? What’s the rush? I see this happen with so many people. We are always rushing, to get to the next place, to get that selfie posted on Instagram, or to find that job. Life is short, so I get wanting to do everything you can, but I think we need to take things slow. We need to step away from the hustle and bustle of life and really take a look around us. Reality is that life isn’t going to go as planned. And as much as that scares the shit out of me, I’m excited to see this new life plan that is out there for me. So, to anyone reading this, (I only have 8 followers, so it’s a high chance no one is, and that’s fine, I kind of wrote this for my future self) it’ll be okay. For those who are still in school who feel like they are going to be there forever, don’t fret, YOU will graduate. Take a break when you feel the stress coming on, it’s your bodies way of telling you to slow down. To those who are like me, a recent grad and who hasn’t found a job yet, it’s okay. YOU will get a job. It might take months and many interviews, it might not even be a good job, but you will do it. You will find that job that shows you your purpose in life. YOU WILL eventually move out of your parents’ house. You will get out of this slump. To those who have been out for a while but seem to be hating life, it will get better. You will get that promotion. You will get the courage to quit and do something that makes you happy. Now I’ve been really down lately, for many reasons that I will not get into right now, I see a long post about in my future, but today I slept a little later than normal, and I woke up finally feeling happy. I don’t know how long this happiness will last, but right now I’m going to live in the moment and enjoy my life, even if it’s not how I planned it to be.

Dating Kurt Would Include....

• He’s so super duper shy around you
• The sweetest slightly cheesy dates
• Watching the stars, romantic movies, etc. • When he gets nervous and talks too fast his accent thickens
• “I love you’s” in German • At first he’s too shy to tell anyone you’re dating, but eventually Peter and Scott hear and they’re so proud he finally told you how he felt
• Small surprises like flowers and notes
• Sharing snacks all the time
• He looks after you a lot
• His eyes are so bright and full of love everytime he sees you
• He gives you his jackets when it’s cold
• Adorable nicknames
• Though he’s extremely shy when it comes to PDA, Kurt is always holding your hand
• He goes to Jean and Charles for advice
• Staying up late together, laughing at cheesy movies
• You are one of the few people that really truly understand Kurt and what he’s passionate about
• He wants to learn everything about all your intetests no matter how small or obscure
• Learning some German so you two can talk in secret
• Loving when he blushes and his face turns from blue to pink
• He surprises you with sweets on bad days
• His favorite type of kiss to give you is forehead kisses
• Kurt goes to you when he doesn’t understand something in English
• You two explore the institute together with little adventures
• Scott, Peter, and Jean cover tor you guys when you ho on dates and don’t want everyone to make a big deal about it
• Laughing at them when they tell you about the things they made up to Charles to cover
• Kurt always has a goofy grin whenever he sees you
• He rests his head on your shoulder and sneaks cheek kisses
• Compliments for days
• Kurt being an overall sweetheart who loves and cares for you unconditionally


“Thank you!” you called as you pushed open the door, hearing a few calls back as you stepped back into the cool spring air.

“Come back anytime Y/N,” Evan called from the small table beside the door, sending you a smile as you waved back before turning and walking to meet Spencer who stood leaned against a small payphone with his own coffee in hand.

“You ready Spence?”

“Yep. Let’s go,” he replied shortly, sipping his coffee as he walked beside you to your car.

“Okay really, what’s up?” you asked, remembering how he had blown off a similar question this morning though you hadn’t believed him.

“It’s nothing Y/N. Let’s just go before you spill your coffee again and have to go back,” your eyebrows raised at the small amount of spite in his words as he branched off from you, moving the passenger side as you stood at the front of the car, mouth slightly agape in shock.

“What is that supposed to mean?” you questioned, causing Spencer to sigh before he opened the car door. 

“Nothing. We need to get to work,” he said, closing the door with a slam while you still stood outside the car watching him.

“Wait a second are you jealous or maybe just mad about me joking around with that dude? It didn’t mean anything Spence, we were really just joking,” you explained once you opened the driver’s side door and climbed into the SUV. You sipped your coffee before starting the car, glancing at Spencer out of the corner of you eye.

“I know,” he sighed, shaking his head before he looked at you with a forced smile, “I know, let’s just go to work okay?”

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Please may i request a Julian Albert oneshot/imagine set after flashpoint where youre Barrys younger sister & he walks in on you & Julian & hes really confused & annoyed bc he doesnt like Julian, thank you! :)

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I’m so sorry that it’s so short. I honestly didn’t really know what to do with this, LOL. I hope you like it though! <3  

My eyes stare down at Calvin and I’s intertwined hand. I notice how long his fingers really are, nearly reaching halfway up my hand. His thumb is rubbing small circles onto the top of my hand, soothing me. I’ve always had a thing for Calvin’s hands. They’re so amazing, as weird as that sounds. I honestly never truly thought someone’s hands could be perfect, my thought on that changed once I met Calvin.

I’m brought out of my day dream by a chuckle. I look up, noticing Calvin caught me staring at his hand.

“Dude, what the fuck is with you and my hands, I mean are they really that good?” he asks, laughing a little as he speaks.

I nod, smiling gently at him. “I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s how perfectly my hand fits in yours, or maybe it’s the way your hand always finds its way to mine when we’re side by side,” I speak softly.

I look up at Calvin again, staring into his brown eyes. His thumb has stopped tracing circles on my hand, and his smiling at me. His pearly white teeth show, the wrinkles next to his eyes appearing due to his wide smile.

I giggle, his intense stare making me feel all giddy. His hand squeezes mine, and he looks down at my lips. He leans forward slowly and plants a soft, loving kiss to my lips. He pulls always slowly, smiling at me.

I look back down to our hands, resting my head on Calvin’s shoulder. I play with his fingers, lifting them and dropping them, bending them, pulling them. I feel Calvin rumble with laughter, feeling his gaze fall onto me playing with his fingers.

He meets death as an old friend...

He was determined to do this.He walked with a bit of a limp, a mission injury that no amount of magic ever really healed. 

“Lumos” the end of his wand illuminated breaking a path through the dark and stingy forest. 

He found the spot and with a slightly shaking hand Harry dug tired fingers into the dirt, the tips of his fingers found what he was looking for. He pulled the small stone up and looked at it in the flood of moonlight coming through the trees. Harry told his family he hadn’t decided who, on his last days he wanted to see. His parents again, or Molly and Arthur, Sirius, Remus or Dumbledore. In that moment though he knew, clearer then anything.

“Tom Riddle” he said clearly into the crisp evening air.

The air shifted around him, the first thing he noticed was a hand, curling into itself and slowly being lifted to a pair of thin, taught lips. 

“Hello, old friend” Harry barely breathed.

Tom looked him up and down and with a slight laugh responded

 “Look at you, old, broken, tired. Look at me, good as new” Tom said with a tip of his head.

“Sure I am old but I have lived, I am broken because I’ve fought and I am tired because I have loved, Tom” Harry spoke quietly.

There was a long growing silence and Tom’s face slowly changed. He seemed to devour, really absorb the words.

“What does it feel like?…to love?” Tom said looking up into the moonlit sky.

Harry thought for a moment 

“Well I loved my friends, and my mentor, those loves were the kind you follow and cherish. I loved my parents whom I don’t remember, that kind of love aches. I loved Sirius and Remus, that love was full of hope. Ginny made me believe in building, blinding love, then she gave me babies and I didn’t know you could love that selflessly, wanting nothing in return. Then I was shown a type of love that I don’t think I could have ever been capable of myself, the ability to love someone enough to put them first and hurt yourself. That brings us to my final love, the kind of love that forgives and builds a life together, despite all else.”

Tom seemed to be holding his breath.

“You gave me all of that, sure it was terrible and horrible things were done in the process, but if my life was different I may not have found all this love. I just needed you to know that.” Harry said taking a step forward.

“Love conquers all I see, so long Harry” Tom said quietly

“So long Tom” Harry turned and left the forest behind.

He walked through the grounds, down the road and apparated, landing in his home, with all his loved ones.

Harry died peacefully. 

Based on this prompt

  • <p> <b>Character 1:</b> *spontaneously touches head of character two with the finger*<p/><b>Author:</b> :) yay! Nice shot of a simple tou-<p/><b>Fandom:</b> basically the position of the hand was in old times a way to show marriage proposal even though in Ireland the touch on the head meant love when it was touched by a special someone it meant that the two were meant to be together look at the small blush it means its really love by the way i think you didn't noticed that she/he's worried for her that's why he/she leaves the group to after a while check if he/she's doing OK don't you see also forgot to say that touching in that special spot in the front meant woman and the way his fingers are organized meant sex even the author admited it iTS CANNON AND YOU CANT TELL ME ITS NOT MODAFUKER <p/></p>
The Start of Something Crazy - Chapter 2


A/N: Good job, Julie. Putting up another super late chapter 🙄I promise one of these days I’m going to post a chapter at a normal time guys! Anyways, I hope you guys like this chapter. For this chapter, I wanted to show some of what Negan was going through and where his mind was when he first met Katherine. There’s only a small interaction between our favorite couple in this chapter but I promise next chapter there will be more! I really hope you guys like it.

Negan ran a hand over his face as he tiredly walked towards the entrance of the hospital. It had been a long day for him. He had been up at the ass crack of dawn to go work a few hours at the used car dealership before he had to head to his second and main job, being a high school gym coach. Lucky for him though, he had taken a half day so it wasn’t to bad.

He hated having two jobs but did what he had to to pay off Lucille’s medical bills. His thoughts traveled to his wife as he made his way through the automatic hospital doors. He had decided to go and visit her while on his lunch break. He knew how hard she was fighting but he could also tell how worn down she was. The cancer had struck so sudden and quickly took over her body before they could even think of what to do.

Negan would be lying if he said he didn’t blame himself. He knew he didn’t give her cancer but he couldn’t help but think that had he been around more and not off screwing random women, he would have noticed how sick she was getting and gotten her to a doctor sooner. Maybe then they would have more options than they did now.

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Open Spaces

“Is he really your papa….?”

Barely a passing whisper and yet he caught it enough to lock sight with large brown eyes, seemingly too large, too innocent. Xanxus tasted a dose of rage, though he swallowed it down a fraction. Perhaps because he’d never seen this kid anywhere near the proud Vongola Mansion they both stood inside.

So instead he directs a blazing red glare upon the little snot nosed brat that dares to question his heritage.

“You don’t look like anyone here, fucking brat. You some poor sap’s illegitimate child or what?”

A rather small hand grips to the front of his obviously well worn shirt. Cocks his head to the side in the most infuriatingly innocent manner that Xanxus couldn’t even begin to digest.

“ ‘pose I’m ‘dopted. Don’t really know.”

That was that. He brushed past this toddler without a second glance. A future soldier or capo most likely. It wasn’t an unusual case, the weaker ones should lay lower however.

And yet-

“The fuck is this? Explain, old man.”

To explain why a tiny child in a booster seat sitting practically next to his spot, staring vacantly at the broad ceiling of the mansion’s dining room was certainly a challenge.

Timoteo would accept it, vaguely.  “Tsunayoshi will be living here from now on.”

Ruby eyes snap from Vongola Nono to ‘Tsunayoshi’ who hasn’t shifted his gaze from trailing down the endless ceiling. Eyes squinting the farther his gaze travels.

“Hell no!”

“It isn’t your decision, Xanxus.”

Xanxus can feel his blood boiling. It was if he would be stuck catering to this weak son of a bi-

“I’ll kill him-”

“We’ll discuss this after dinner.”

For once, Xanxus complies. Slamming flat palms on the table as he angrily launches himself into the seat next to Tsuna.

The slamming is enough to startle Tsuna from whatever he might have been thinking about, and for the greater good more or less, he takes to investigating the assortment of silver cutlery laid out before him.

Big forks, little forks, big spoons, little spoons and two knives….. Tsuna decides he needs none of these and takes a fistful of mashed potatoes eagerly. Holds them out for Xanxus to see. “What’re these?”

Timoteo coughs into his napkin although those present are painfully aware he is laughing.

Xanxus takes an almost too aggressive bite of turkey, ignoring the kid who sits beside him, lost and still holding slowly cooling mashed potatoes in one hand. After a moment of silence Tsuna wipes the entire fistful onto the side of the expensive tablecloth. In the space between him and Xanxus.

Clearly having no idea what half of these things served to him are nor what to do. Tsuna reaches for the glass next to him, filled with red liquid that can’t possibly be anything other than juice.


An entire glass of aged red wine spills into Xanxus’ lap. “Fuck!”

“Fuck!” Tsuna echoes eagerly, though disappointed that all the juice is now on the floor. He lowers his head to lick the remains off the table and his head is violently shoved back by his new juice covered relative.

“Son of a-”


The warning glare. Seldom happens and he can only snort in response. He will launch the entire table through the huge ass panel of windows across the room if he has to in order to express his displeasure.

And then-

A hand shoots out in the midst of the rising chaos, closes around Xanxus’ turkey leg. The one on his plate. The one that is clearly his and his aura had stated if-you-fuck-with-me-you-die beforehand so there shouldn’t have even been an attempt- yet here they were.

Xanxus watches with an almost blinding rage as the hand retracts, taking his meal with it.

Instinctively he lowers the fork still poised in his hand. Swiftly, aiming for the grubby hand that belongs to a weak snot nosed brat who dares to take him so foolishly.

Clattering at the table ensues.



As if only a scrape, Tsuna grabs the turkey leg with his other hand, and bites into it.

The tension in the room collapses into silence. Tsunayoshi. A fork sticking out of his right hand. Blood spilling over from the wound and onto the pristine white tablecloth.

Yet he sits there, tears in his eyes, eating the piece of meat that wasn’t even his.

“Dear god…..”

With a grunt of displeasure, Xanxus exits the room. In order to change his clothes that reek of liquor. Vongola Nono fussing in the background.

So when they meet again the next day, Tsuna displaying a heavily bandaged hand. He expects at the very least a whimper of fear or some distance.

Only the blinking of doe eyes and a mock salute as Tsuna exclaims he gets to play in the spacious garden today. And somewhat amused Xanxus wonders what will happen when this kid becomes aware.

Six minutes later Tsuna can be heard screaming bloody murder as the smallest dog anyone has seen chases him across the garden. Because being stabbed in the hand was nothing compared to the fearful image of a tiny furball barrelling at him from across the yard.

Perhaps it would’ve been better if that kid had been left to the mercy of a fate less cruel.

lazy days  ♡ preference

eth ↝

On lazy days, you both would just put on your pj’s (which, for ethan, was just sweatpants and no shirt - lucky you.) and lay on the couch all day. You two would watch movies and eat junk food, cuddling on the couch. He would always want you attention though. For example, if you were watching the movie in silence, not paying ethan any attention, he would place small kisses all over your face until you give him some love :)

gray ↝

Lazy days with grayson is literally just napping all day and taking cute snapchat pictures with the different filters. grayson loves laying on you while you play with his hair so, that’s what you would do. He would fall asleep really easy but when you stop playing with his hair he’d absentmindedly put your hand back on his head which always made you laugh. You’d probably have 1 million pictures of a sleeping gray on your phone!

a/n – i seriously love writing these lmao :$