their hands are dead center of this thing

I need to compare these face shots

This is what I see:

The top gif is full of duty. Dean’s face is set strong, he’s not going to fall apart because he knows Sam couldn’t handle it. He’s being the parent, putting on a show. His arm stretches across Sam’s shoulders protectively and he kind of vice grips him.

But, in the second gif, Dean’s face is soft and full of regret. He’s easier with Cas. More open and vulnerable in this shot. There are things unsaid there, a million thoughts and nothing he can do about it, because he’s all out of time. He doesn’t vice grip Cas. His hand is dead center on his back, pushing their chests together. It’s a warm, intimate hand placement, and he just kind of holds him.

Really, his face has love in both gifs, but I think it’s two different examples of love. Familial versus romantic.

This idea is followed through later when Dean asks Cas to look out for Sam when he’s gone. Dean views himself as Sam’s parent, and asking Cas to fill in for him in his absence is like asking a significant other to step up. It’s very, very much a “look out for our son” kind of moment (without Sam actually being their son).

Of course, this is just my musings on it. If anyone has anything they’d like to add, I’m all ears!

Dying Light

Summary: You and J-Hope get caught in a tight situation

Pairings: Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)/ Reader

Genre: Unnecessary Smut lol

Words: 3.2k

A/N: Zombie world au


“Uh ah… way.” The leader had the great idea for you to make a trip with a loud ignorant nuisance.

Long story short: Its about 4 years since the outbreak and you lost pretty much everyone but your little sister. You were always on your own but last year you found a group that welcomed you and was able to trust you. And luckily you trust them.

You were pretty handy with a knife. Actually one of the best, so you were in charge to make runs for survival gear. You and your partner Wes would gather the most important items but one day a few months ago you ran into a herd in the city. You manage to get out but Wes didn’t. He was bitten.

His last words to you was that it was okay and you needed to leave him. So you did. You were always strong. You never shed one tear since this whole apocalypse but Wes was like a father figure to you.

You always went on your own after that even though Kris said it was too dangerous.

Now onto the nuisance. J-Hope. That’s what everyone called him because no one would use their real name during this hard world.

He was the fastest in our group. He could climb buildings like some Samurai ninja and he was handy with any weapon he chose to carry. Him and his partner were always chosen to find weapons and ammo. Usually that would mean sneaking into other camps. You had to be very sneaky for that kind of job. Unfortunately for them his partner ended up getting shot a week ago and he’s still recovering.

“Why not, we are running out of medicine.” The leader begged. “You two are our best bet.”

You huffed but he was correct. “Fine but if he gets us killed.” You glared at your boss.


You were waiting patiently at the gate waiting for J-hope.

Right on schedule you heard loud laughter coming closer. Once he saw you his face went serious. “Ready?”

“I’ve been ready.” You stated sarcastically.

“Sorry, I had to get some things.” He raised his eyebrows.

“Okay.” J-Hope motioned the signal to let the both of you through.

Once the gates were open there was only a couple zombies you had to take care of.

To your right you kicked a zombie and stabbed him in the head. The only way to kill a zombie is to attack his brain. You watched to your left as J-Hope slicing a zombie in half with a machete. You hated to admit but he was good. Too good. You never really heard about the before life from anyone in your camp. Makes you want to know their story.

You both got into the car and headed towards the city. You tried to avoid cities from after Wes. You hated them.

“Look there’s a handsome zombie.” He laughed and was heading straight for a zombie.


He was speeding closer and faster. “Okay very funny….you can stop…..” He wasn’t slowing down. “J-Hope!! STOP!” You had to yell.

He wasn’t budging so you grabbed the steering wheel and turn over so you barely grazed the zombie.

The car slowed down more right outside of the city. “What the fuck (Y/N).”

“Me?” You questioned. “Pull over I’m getting out.”

“What’s wrong?” He came to a complete stop.

You opened the door and grabbed your stuff and headed towards your way.

“(Y/N) wait.” He ran to catch up to you.

“Get the fuck away from me.” You yelled. Luckily there was no zombies around they were all in the city.

“I was kidding come on.”

You turned around. “You think this world is some video game to you?”


“You could of killed us don’t you understand.”

“I wasn’t going to hit it-”

“You can go that way and I’ll go this way.” You turned back around.

“It’s not a good idea to separate.” He said still lingering behind you.

“I’m better on my own.”

“Can we at least meet up? I’ll go to the bandits camp in that building and you could check pharmacies over there.” You could visibly see the areas he was talking about. “Then we could meet up there…in the mall.”

“Anywhere to get away from you.” You started walking again.

“You need to learn to laugh (Y/N), being too serious could kill you.” You didn’t want to fight so you just kept on walking.

You decided to take the alleys in the back to avoid the herds that were gathered in the city. You jumped up to the fire escape to climb into a local pharmacy.

You wished J-Hope didn’t make you so angry. You actually did care about him. You cared for everyone in your camp. But you were worried for him, he was sneaking into a bandit camp. It was risky. They are usually the ones to sneak into other peoples camp so it was highly dangerous. Especially alone.

You noticed you were in some upstairs office. You went to walk further when you heard a creak noise under your feet. You didn’t sweat it so you continued to walk until the floor board broke apart leaving you falling through the floor.

“Ow.” You manage to get up. The fall wasn’t that far. The only thing is that your fall was a little loud that you could visibly see zombies making their way towards the windows of the shop. The doors were locked but the they were only made up of glass so you didn’t have much time.

You scattered anything you could find. Which was only a few aspirin bottles or allergies meds, which wouldn’t be to successful on your part. You made a slight giggle seeing some maxi pads. Those could come in handy, you thought.

You also stopped when you noticed some condoms. You weren’t thinking for yourself because there wasn’t any boys in camp that you liked and none that was really your age. J-hope and a few other boys were but they were all annoying.

You thought about the young couple that were always together and always affectionate that was at your camp. You figured that they would probably be doing it by now. The last thing your camp needed was a new born baby. You didn’t have the right supplies for raising one. So you took a box.

You looked over and saw the zombies making some progress with a few cracks to the window. You quickly ran to the exit door, running as quickly as you could. You decided to not take any more fire escapes.

You only checked a few more stores here and there and found nothing. All cleaned out. Figures.

You decided to finally break into the mall to meet J-Hope. Which you thought was dumb because there was no way he would finish his job already. You walked around the mall when you came across the security office. It was locked of course.

Lucky for you that you knew how to pick a lock. You took your smaller knife and a bobby pin and went to work. Only a few seconds later you were inside. You saw a dead police officer still in his chair in front of security monitors.

You glanced over and saw a first aid kit attached to the wall. It was still there. The space was kind of tight so you had to climb over the dead body just to go through. You put one leg onto the counter getting ready to move. You climb up onto the counter making your way towards the other side when something caught your leg. The sudden change had you falling to the floor on the other side and you noticed that the dead body was alive and getting ready to bite your ankle.

You kept kicking for it to stay back but you couldn’t get out of his grasp.

You cried in pain trying to get out. You noticed your knife wasn’t near you either so you figured you were doomed. You finally gave up and laid back when suddenly the grip around your ankle was freed. You looked up to see J-Hope with your knife into the head of the zombie police officer.

“You okay?” Thank God. You have never been happier to see the happy virus.

You nodded and got up retrieving to the first aid kit. “Get my bag.” You asked J-Hope who was on the other side of the dead body.

You grabbed the first aid kit and looked inside. It was filled with a whole bunch of important things.

“What else did you gather?” J-Hope unzipped your bag. Of course the first thing he saw was the box of condoms.

He held up the box and gave you a confused glare. “I’m flattered.” He laughed.

“Not for you.” You handed over the first aid kit. “They’re for Kris and Shirley.”

“Right?” He reached for your hand and helped you out of the small room. You both walked to the center fountain so you could sit. He keeled down in front of you and gently grabbed your ankle.

You looked at him confused as he pulled up your pant leg. You were taken back from the sweet and caring gesture.

“Hand me the first aid kit you found.”

You were about to ask why until you saw your ankle cut up. “Oh my god! I’m gonna turn.”

You were shocked from J-Hope laughing. “No you’re not….the cuts didn’t even break the skin.” You handed over the kit and watched as he put ointment and bandage over your ankle.

“Thank you.” You sweetly smiled.

“Where are they?” You heard shouts coming from the other side of the mall.

“Fuck…we need to get out of here.” J-hope grabbed your hand and you were both sprinting in the opposite direction. You were startled when you heard glass breaking from somewhere inside a store that was in the direction you were going.

“Now where?” You panicked.

“In here.” J-hope led you into the security office that you were previously in. He shut the door and locked and you both climbed over the dead zombie and pushed him more towards the door. You felt like you were still too noticeable so you jammed both yourselves into the corner that was hidden behind a shelf.

The only problem was that the space was so so tight that you could feel his breath against your neck. You heard glass breaking from right next to you that J-Hope had to cover your mouth so you wouldn’t make a noise.

It was the door to the security office. They broke the window to the door. “See anything?” You heard a man.

“Nope just the dead.”

You knew the coast was clear but you could still hear the men looking just outside the room.

“How long are we going to be trapped in here?” You whispered as you looked up annoyed.

“Ah.” You slightly jumped back so you were right against J-Hope causing him to groan.

“What?” He whispered.

“Spider.” You pointed.

“Really? You’re not afraid of zombies but you’re afraid of spiders.”

“Shut up…you screamed when you saw the snake in the shower room.”

He arched his eyebrows at you knowing that you were right. You took off your shoe and jumped to kill the spider. You manage to reach but fell backwards once again rubbing against J-Hope.

“Sorry.” You giggled.

You reached down to put your shoe back on but you couldn’t help but hear J-Hope quietly moan. You leaned back up moving to try to get comfortable.

“Can you stop doing that?” He breathed out.

“What.” You moved again to look at him.

“That.” He leaned his head back. You looked down to see what he was talking about and you blushed realizing it. You kept rubbing your ass against his crotch.

You couldn’t help but bite your lip from laughing watching how aroused he looked. He couldn’t even look at you. “Sorry….there’s not much room.”

“Uh huh.” He nodded sarcastically.

You leaned your head out so you could hear anymore men.

“We’re gonna take shelter here….we know they’re in here.” You heard someone yell, somewhat far away.

“They’re taking shelter here.” You rolled your eyes.

“So what are we suppose to do?” He asked.

“We’ll have to wait until they’re sleeping.” You suggested.

“Okay but in the mean time?” J-Hope referred to the sun that was still up.

“It’s getting darker out there so it must be around 5 by now….so just a few more hours.”

J-hope let out a exhausting sigh.

“It’s not that bad.” You moved again to look outside.

“Please sto-”

“What’s wrong?” You moved back in again and noticed the more tightness. You felt something poke you from behind. Then it hit you. You were giving him a boner.

“Really? Right now? Of all situations.” You whispered.

“I told you to stop.” He whined.

You couldn’t help it that you were stuck in a tight space you just couldn’t get comfortable.

“Why are you still doing it? You’re trying to torture me?”

You couldn’t help but giggle. “Stop laughing.”

“I’m flattered.” You used his own words against him from earlier.

“Shut up.”

You were actually quite amused. You purposely moved your ass back and fourth causing him to moan. You felt him getting harder behind you.

You don’t know why but you felt aroused yourself. Maybe because you haven’t had sex since when the outbreak started, which wasn’t a lot since you were only 18 at the time.

You turned around so you were face to face with him. You reached down unbuckling his jeans.

“Really? Can’t this wait when there isn’t bad guys out there trying to kill us.” He whispered causing you to laugh quietly.

“It’s more fun this way.” You smirked.

You continued, reaching down into his jeans rubbing against his length. You always thought sexual faces were ugly but he looked very sexy, you were surprised yourself.

You pulled him out so you could have more access. You started moving your hand back and fourth causing more friction.

You didn’t know what has gotten into you. You had to address to the fact that you were still human and that you should forget about the outside world every now and then. Like J-Hope said before, laugh a little. Don’t be so serious.

You leaned into him closer and closed the gap with a kiss. You never thought in your wild dreams you would be doing this to him but something changed since this trip.

He responded to the kiss immediately giving you butterflies. The kiss turned deeper as you grazed your bottom lip with his tongue. You opened your mouth accepting the offer and he explored your mouth. His kiss was a surprise to you that you almost forgot that his member was in your hand. You went back to pumping up and down his length causing him to pull away from the kiss out of breath.

“Is it too late to say that I always had a crush-”

You shh him. “You can tell me later.” You reached down for your backpack and grabbed one of the condoms from the box.

“I knew they were for me.” He smirked.

“Shut up.” You giggled. You ripped the package opened and let him pull it on himself. He turned you around so you were pushed up against the wall. He wrapped his arms around you to unbuckle your jeans and slowly pulled them down so they were hanging around your thighs. You felt his member brush through your folds before pushing in.

He quickly covered your mouth as you were about to moan out from this sudden thrust.

“You okay?” You nodded. “Your going to have to be quiet.” You nodded again.

He went back to thrusting inside of you at a slow pace. It was already stirring some kind of feeling inside as he rocked against you. You leaned your head back against his shoulder as he picked up the pace.

“Go faster.” You begged.

“I wish I could but I don’t want them to hear us.” He kissed your neck. “Next time.” He whispered.

His hands wandered up towards your chest. It felt amazing once he gently started to caress you. You leaned back pulling away so you could turn around. He bit his lip as he watched you lean back against the wall and pulled one leg out of your jeans. He leaned forward lifting your leg around his waist. You felt him once again push inside. The new angle was driving you crazy.

He brought his lips into yours to block the noise coming from both of you. He made his pace quicker as you wanted that you didn’t know how much longer you were going to last.

He moved his mouth towards your neck, sucking every inch of you. You leaned your head back against the wall weakly. You felt the pleasure rise up inside.

You couldn’t help but moan as you bit his shoulder in front of you. The sensation had him weak himself as he pulled away finally releasing into the condoms. You reached your high not much after he did. You were letting out a moan but he lean into you quickly kissing you before you could be any louder.

“You think they heard us?” You whispered.

“We would of been dead by now.” He looked out where the door was.

“I thought I heard something over hear.” You both heard a man walking closer. You noticed him walk past the officer into another part of a store.

J-Hope took you by surprised as he pulled out of you suddenly. He had to cover your mouth once again as the man was right outside of the door.

You saw him throw the condom away from you and zipped his pants back up. You followed his lead and buckled back up as well.

You told J-Hope that you would take the lead as guard if he wanted to rest. It was hard since there wasn’t that much room to lay down.

You haven’t heard anything in the past hour so you walked out of your corner and tilted your head outside of the broken window through the security room. You saw some kind of bonfire in the middle of the mall and many guys sleeping around it. You did see only one man sitting up in a chair who was probably night watch.

You tapped J-Hope and told him that now was a good time to escape. He nodded and quietly opened the door. He tugged your hand around the corner so you weren’t seen. You saw the opened window from above and watched as J-Hope climb up the walls up to the window like it was nothing. You threw him your bag and then jumped so he could grab onto your hand pulling you up.

You ran down the fire escape and made your way past the alleys so you wouldn’t be spotted by zombies.

When you finally made your way towards the car, you felt all the pressure off your shoulders. “How much supplies did you get?”

J-Hope lift up his bag, you can tell it was full. “No wonder they wanted to kill us.”

“Please don’t kill us.” You got into the passenger’s side.

“No worries.” He smiled.

“Can we make a pit stop for round 2?”

You couldn’t help but laugh. The camp barely gave you any privacy.

“I suppose.” You grabbed his hand.



A Bit Of Both (Gaston x Reader)

Part 5 (epilogue) of “Another Look Around”

Originally posted by evansluke

Word Count: 2,825

Warnings: If Gaston being flirty counts as one, then there’s that…

Tags: @mmegaston @lovelylpevensie @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli @lj-laufeypevensieweasley @juggernaut-jones @timeskipeleven @cherrrylimes @ciaprincess @thesizeofabarge @thewhisperingfox

A/N: yeh, it took a while longer than the previous parts, but yo, I finally finished it. Thanks so much for all the reads, likes, reblogs, and the AMAZING comments, lil chickadees!!!

For several moments, you tried to ignore the prodding on your arm. It was early after all, and yesterday had been a particularly exhausting day. But after half a minute of the timid motion, you finally shifted, stretching out your legs and arms and with a groan.

You felt soft breath fanning across your face as a small voice asked, “Are you awake?”

You cracked your eyes open, a smile spreading over your lips. “Well, I am now,” you answered quietly, your voice raspy from sleep. As you spoke, you moved your hand and poked the side of the little girl laying opposite you. She squealed and swatted away your hand, smiling widely.

“James was snoring again,” the dark-haired girl said accusingly. “You can hear it from all the way down the hall. He woke me up.”

“Did he?” You responded, gently stroking a few stray strands of hair from her eyes. “Well, we’ll have to speak with him about that when he wakes up, won’t we?”

The child, Rosemarie, nodded, a mischievous expression on her delicate features which coaxed a snicker from you. You brushed your thumb across her cheek and leaned forward to kiss her forehead before asking, “Ready to get up?”

Rosemarie nodded again, swiftly shimmying her little body from under the covers and slipping off the bed. Her curly, deep brown hair bounced around her waist as she scurried from the room, her bare feet filling the silent morning with a pattering sound.

You grinned widely after her, sighing as you hauled yourself into a sitting position and raked your hands through your hair. The morning was pale and just beginning, and through the window across from the bed, you could see a thick mist hanging above the ground as the sky turned pallid blue. The house was warm, but outside the cool whispers of fall were beginning to fill the land.

You briefly glanced at the empty space beside you, noting the absence of your husband from his usual position before tossing the covers off your legs and rising from the mattress. You quickly pulled a blue skirt and vest on over your white underdress, then joined Rosemarie in the large kitchen, the floorboards cold under your feet. When you arrived, you found her sitting with boy who was slightly older than her, but who had the exact same chestnut waves atop his head.

“Ah, well if it isn’t the culprit himself,” you teased, ruffling James’ hair as you passed him. He gave you a satisfied smirk, leaning back in his chair. “I can’t help it,” he said simply. “It’s Rosemarie’s fault for being a light sleeper.”

Rosemarie gasped, “Is not. I can’t help that either.”

“Well if we’re being specific, I made both of you, so I suppose it’s my fault,” you said, grinning at the way that James scrunched his nose in disgust – reminding you so much of his father – while Rosemarie sat there blankly. “I don’t understand,” she confessed. You laughed lightly, moving to fill a large kettle with water to boil for tea. “Trust me, Rosie,” James answered. “you don’t want to understand.”

The pot was on the stove and Rosemarie was halfway done braiding James’ hair when the youngest of your children finally emerged from the bedroom that the boys shared, looking hardly awake.

Gabriel was the only one who’d inherited your hair color instead of his father’s, and incidentally he was also what James liked to call a “mama’s boy”. It was true. Gabriel was almost always stuck to one of your legs, no matter what time of day. It was of course something he would eventually grow out of, but until then, you relished every instant that the stunning little boy spent at your heels, asking to be held or reaching his small fingers up to wrap around your thumb.

At two years old, Gabriel’s speech was still rocky, but he remained silent as he crossed the room straight to you, holding his arms out. You smiled and acquiesced, hoisting him into your arms and resting him on your hip. Rosemarie was next in the age line at four, followed by James and his twin sister at six.

It suddenly dawned on you, just as Rosemarie and James began bickering over Rosie’s decision to put flowers in his hair, that your other daughter was nowhere to be seen.

“Wait a minute,” you muttered, looking from Gabriel, to the other two. “There are supposed to be four of you. Rosie, where’s Adeline?”

“Outside with Papa,” she answered before engaging James once again in debate. The corner of your mouth turned up. “When is she not?” You commented, kissing Gabriel’s cheek quickly before moving him to sit in one of the chairs at the table. “Mama will be right back, alright?” You told him, tapping his nose with your finger. He yawned in response. “Good. James.”

The boy froze as he was about to smack Rosemarie’s arm with a nearby spoon. He blinked and you raised an eyebrow. “Can you keep an eye on Gabriel for a few minutes?”

He smiled appealingly, dropping the spoon onto the table and making a knightly vow to protect his younger brother with his life. You winked at him and moved towards the door as Rosie asked, “Oooh, if you’re a knight, then does that make me a princess?”

“Of course not, Rose. Mama’s the princess. You can be the dragon.”

You ignored the sounds of Rosemarie’s indignant protests, knowing that James could handle the younger children until you returned. You exited the house, leaving the door open and stepping out into the chilled morning air.

Your rustic home sat upon several acres of lush forest green, and practically perched on top of a mountain. From the front yard, it was possible to look down and see Villeneuve spread out below. The area was secluded, but not difficult to find. A small stream ran behind the house, and the surrounding forests wrapped around all sides except the front, which looked out over the lands beneath. It was picturesque to say the least.

The dewy grass felt divine between your toes as you walked slowly to where two figures stood out in the fog. You stepped carefully, not wanting to alert either one to your presence just yet.

The young girl stood, her brown eyes blazing with concentration as she held a small bow in her hands, the string drawn to her cheek and the knocked arrow aimed at the trunk of a gnarled old oak tree. Her stance was solid and professional for someone so small, better than that of most fully grown hunters.

The man on his knee beside her had his back slightly turned to you, one of his large hands resting gingerly on the girl’s side. He was talking quietly, and after every sentence, the girl adjusted something in her position, lowering her elbow or altering her aim.

After a minute or so of this, the girl finally pulled back. You saw her shoulders rise as she took a deep breath, then fall as she exhaled. Next thing, she released the bowstring, and the arrow went whizzing from the weapon, spiraling straight into the center of the dead oak.

She shrieked joyously, and deep, rough laughter that sent shivers trembling down your spine joined in with the child’s giggles. She threw her arms around her instructor’s neck, nearly knocking him backwards, causing him to shift towards you in order to keep his balance.

There was a smile on your face as Gaston’s dancing eyes caught yours.

When Adeline pulled back from her father, she too caught sight of you, instantly running forward exclaiming, “Mama, did you see? I hit it!” You dropped to your knees just in time to catch her in a tight embrace. “I saw!” You answered. Then you pulled her back and said, “Keep shooting like that, and you’ll be rivaling your father in no time.”

“Now that I would like to see,” Gaston shot back, striding towards the two of you. You raised an eyebrow and gave him a sly smirk, to which Adeline sniggered again.

“Papa says that he taught you how to shoot too,” she said, lacing her fingers through yours as you stood. “That he did,” you replied, keeping your eyes on Gaston. “I don’t think he ever thought that one day I’d turn out to be better than him.”

Gaston narrowed his eyes as the corner of his mouth tilted up. “In your dreams, perhaps,” he taunted.

“Ooooh,” Adeline gasped, gazing up at the two of you. You squeezed her hand, then her face lit up as she declared excitedly, “I’ve got to show James and Rosemarie!”

Gaston chuckled as his daughter spun on her heel and bolted towards the house, snaking an arm around your back as the two of you watched her go. You in turn moved closer and turned to face him, sliding your hands around his torso and resting them on his sides.

“How long have the two of you been at it?” You asked him, glancing down at the bow in his other hand. “Not long,” he murmured, shifting his full attention to you. “That was her first shot.”

You nodded, unable to keep the smile off your lips as you gazed up, examining his features in the pale blue light. After six years of being together, it still astonished you how ridiculously handsome he was.

On this particular morning, Gaston’s hair wasn’t pulled back as usual, but rather left unattended in all of its thick, wavy glory. Despite a few additional wrinkles around the corners of his eyes, mouth and forehead and the occasional grey streak to his hair, he hadn’t changed at all in terms of appearance. He was still every bit as muscled, and he still stood nearly a full head taller than you.

“You’re staring…” He pointed out cockily, pressing his forehead against yours. You grinned, using your grip on his midsection to pull him against you. “So are you,” you countered, causing a husky chuckle to emanate from his chest. His hands rose to your face, the contrast of his calloused fingers on your smooth skin making you shudder. “Is it not common for a man to stare at the most beautiful thing in sight?”

You laughed, making him smile wider. If there was one thing the years definitely hadn’t taken from him it was his inhumanly perfect charm. To this day he could still send your heart pounding effortlessly.

Without hesitation he pulled your lips to his, eyes closing blissfully as he kissed you for the first time that day. There was a chorus of squeals from the house, and realizing that the children – none of which necessarily appreciated the frequent displays of affection between you and Gaston – were on their way out, you started to pull away, but then stopped with a shrill gasp as he caught your lower lip between his teeth. You brought a hand up to smack his chest. He laughed smugly, pulling back just as Adeline returned with her siblings behind her.

You opened your eyes as Gaston pressed a quick kiss to the corner of your mouth, winking roguishly before moving back and heading towards the kids. You lingered behind a moment, feeling dizzy and light, taking a few seconds to regain your composure. It was only when James ran up to complain about being hungry that you truly snapped out of it.

After Adeline had showed her brothers and sister her archery skills, you gathered them inside and set to work immediately.

Gaston stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame, a smile on his face as he looked on. It didn’t matter how much time had passed. You still baffled him with your elegance and poise. He watched as you somehow managed to keep your head cool amidst a wave of chaos – “No, Rose, we can’t have pastries for breakfast. James put that down before you poke someone’s eye out. Adeline, keep the shooting outside, please. Gabriel, what on earth is on your face?” – and the way you moved around the room with fluent grace. Every gesture was effortless, and merely watching you interacting with your sons and daughters, even in the mundane, every-day manner was enough to make his heart swell.

To him, you were the embodiment of perfection, a gorgeous sort of mystery that never ceased to amaze him. You were his and only his, and though he may have been reluctant to admit it out loud, he couldn’t deny the way he was wrapped around your finger as well.

After breakfast had been eaten and each of the children had gotten themselves dressed, you assisted the girls while Gaston helped the boys to get ready for the day they were meant to spend in town with your parents.

Gaston corralled the boys into the hallway, telling James for the fifth time that he couldn’t bring the dead bird that he’d found in the yard that morning with him. No doubt it was the work of the family cat, Rufus, but the concept that it might be disturbing to some of the villagers to see a young boy skipping around town with a deceased bluejay in his hands couldn’t seem to get through his son’s head. James gave him a sulky look before stomping into the kitchen.

“Dramatic,” Gaston muttered, shaking his head. Without missing a beat, you leaned out of the girls’ room, saying, “Mmm, I wonder where on earth he gets that from.”

Gaston didn’t get a chance to respond as Adeline shot past you into the kitchen, then proclaimed excitedly, “They’re here!”

You simpered at Gaston teasingly, while he stepped towards you, leaning down to your ear and practically growling, “You will be the death of me, woman.” You only smiled as his hand traced up your spine, but then let out a bark of laughter as he squeezed your side, making you double over.

Rosemarie appeared from the bedroom and gave Gaston a reprimanding look, silently commanding him to stop tickling you, to which he obeyed. You straightened your back and subtly kicked his leg, trying to look cross and failing utterly as he gave you a dashing grin. You shook your head, wrapping an arm around his waist and walking onto the porch with Rose.

Gabriel and Adeline were already climbing onto your parents wagon when Rosemarie bolted forward, barely giving your father any time to catch her before she flung herself into his arms.

Your mother made her way towards you with a wide smile, placing her arm on your shoulder and looking between you and Gaston.

“I’m not sure how the two of you do it,” she admitted, making you laugh as you glanced at the children. “To be honest, Mama, we aren’t either.” You kissed her cheek before adding, “I hope you can handle them for the day.”

At this your mother made a face. “Now, now, (Y/N), one day is perfectly manageable.”

“Are you sure?” You asked. Your mother raised an eyebrow.

“Of course I am, I raised you. I’m prepared for anything.”

“Mama!” You exclaimed, Gaston and your mother sharing a laugh. You rolled your eyes and linked your arm with hers, the three of you strolling to the wagon where your father had just finished situating James, Gabriel, Adeline and Rosemarie.

“Well,” your father said, embracing you fondly. “I suppose we’d better be off. Ready, darling?”

Your mother nodded, giving you one last hug while Gaston and your father shook hands.

“And remember,” you said as your parents mounted the wagon. “If at any time you lose track of Rosemarie, you’ll almost definitely find her at Père Robert’s.”

“Don’t worry!” Your mother scolded. “We’ll be perfectly fine.”

You didn’t argue, but secretly you knew that by the end of the day, your parents would undoubtedly be pleasantly exhausted.

Each of the children waved wildly as they set off, trying to be the one who yelled their goodbye the loudest. You smiled and waved back as they disappeared from sight, their voices growing smaller and smaller.

“My parents have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into,” you joked, placing your hands over Gaston’s as his arms encircled your waist. “Mmm,” he hummed, his chest vibrating against your back. “They’ve done it before, they can do it again.”

“I guess so,” you sighed as Gaston grazed his lips across your neck, making goosebumps bloom on your skin. “You know what this means,” he asked, his voice an octave lower than usual. “What?” You whispered, your eyelids fluttering as the scruff around his mouth scratched your skin. “For the first time in weeks, I have you all to myself.”

You managed a flustered laugh. “Should I be scared or excited, Monsieur Gaston?”

His arms tightened around you and he placed a kiss beneath your ear. “Maybe a bit of both…”


November 2005

He woke to Sam’s startled, strangled cry, and he was on his feet with his Colt cool in his hand before he realized that his brother had been dreaming.

‘Sammy, Jesus Christ,’ he muttered, thumbing the safety back on before he put a bullet through the goddamned lampshade. Sam looked up at him from the other bed, sweaty-faced, wet-eyed, and then kicked free from the tangle he’d made of his sheets and ran for the bathroom; the light went on and the door slammed shut and a heartbeat later Dean heard him throwing up the little he’d eaten at supper—a shitty apple and half an egg-salad sandwich from the Kwik Stop on the highway, and a candy bar Dean had practically forced down his gullet, ‘cause his kid clearly needed protein, and Snickers had, y’know, peanuts. 

Damn it.

He tucked the gun back beneath his pillow, scrubbed a hand across his hair and stood irresolute for a moment in the center of their room, then padded quietly over to the bathroom door.  Rested his forehead and one hand against the thin cheap wood, didn’t open it. ‘Sam,’ he said. ‘You all right, man?’

One breath, two. ‘M fine,’ his brother managed, which Dean would have believed, sure, no problem, if only the kid hadn’t sounded like he’d been flayed open and left for dead on the side of the fucking road. 


They worked a few cases, saved a few people, hunted a few things. Sam lost ten pounds and stopped sleeping anywhere save for the cradle of the front seat, with the road humming beneath Baby’s tires and his head tipped against the window, a pained furrow between his brows. 

He still woke, always, from a nightmare.

He was, always, fine.


They were in western Indiana, one state line and 250 miles from a room full of shattered mirrors, when Dean opened his eyes, a little after midnight, to find Sam sitting on the edge of the other bed, head in his hands, sheets and blankets a messy tumble at his back. 

‘Hey,’ he said, rubbing sleep from his eyes. ‘You all right?’

I’m fine, he expected, but Sam said nothing, and he came all the way awake.


In nothing but his boxers, shoulders hunched, feet bare, his little brother looked small, somehow, and painfully vulnerable. ‘ … I can’t sleep,’ he admitted, soft and young and lost. ‘I just … ‘ His fingers tightened in his hair. ‘Dean, I’m so tired, and I can’t—I can’t sleep.’

Dean’s heart clenched up, hard, behind his ribs, because he knew that voice, even though he hadn’t heard it in a dozen years: Dean, help, his baby brother had said, at seven, bringing him a dying bird with a broken wing; and But Dean I want to stay, he’d cried, at ten in West Virginia; and Dean and Dean and Dean, Sammy always so certain that he could fix it, that he could help, no matter how many times he failed him.

‘… I know,’ he said, quietly, because there wasn’t anything the fuck else to say, no matter how much he wished otherwise. ‘Sammy, man, the nightmares about Jess, they’re—they’re gonna get better, okay?’ he said. ‘They always do; it’s—’

Sam was shaking his head, slow and weary. ‘I’m not dreaming about Jess,’ he said, and Dean blinked at him, because what the hell? ‘I mean, I am, but not … not all the time.’ He pushed a hand back through his hair. ‘It’s always the fire,’ he said, softly. ‘But sometimes it’s … it’s Dad, on the ceiling, dying.’ A shuddery breath. ‘Most of the time it’s you.’

Dean’s throat closed up, hard. ‘Sammy,’ he managed, but the kid just shook his head again, looked up at him with desperate, pleading eyes. 

‘I can’t—I can’t keep watching you die, man; not after … you’re all I got, and I can’t …’ His voice cracked, took something in Dean’s chest with it. They were quiet for a moment, the only sound the rumble of a semi passing by outside on the highway, and the low murmur of the TV from the manager’s office on the other side of the wall.

‘C’mere,’ Dean finally said. He scooted over in the narrow double bed. ‘Just … grab your pillow, all right? You ain’t gonna get any sleep over there.’

He could have sworn he saw his little brother flushing in the dark. ‘D-Dean, I … I don’t–’

He smacked the mattress, once. ‘Shut up and lie your bony ass down, Sasquatch. I ain’t gonna tell you again.’

It took a minute, but four years’ distance apparently hadn’t sapped all of his Big Brother mojo, because Sam finally crawled in beside him, hesitantly, mattress lurching briefly beneath his weight.

They lay quietly for awhile, both of them on their backs, shoulders close but not touching in the dark.

‘Hey, you remember that awesome diner in Georgia from when you were a kid?’ Dean asked. ‘With the waffles and the peanut butter pie?’

He didn’t think it was going to work for a moment, but then, softly: ‘The one with the big peach on the sign? Outside Savannah?’

‘Yeah. Dad and I ended up back there about four months ago, after we cleaned up a haunting in the city. They still got the pie. I was worried, you know? That they’d be sellin’, like, tofu cheesecake or somethin’ by now, but they still got it. Same dumb curtains, same dumb tablecloths, same awesome pie. Sweet potato fries are still good, too.’ He shifted a little, settling himself more comfortably. ‘What were you, twelve, when you polished off that basket of ‘em? The owner came out to take a picture.’ He didn’t mention that he’d found it in August, a Polaroid tacked up on the wall with three hundred others, Sammy sweet-faced and floppy-haired and shyly smiling, or that it was tucked safely now in the glove box, with the few other precious things Dean owned.

He could hear Sam’s smile, even if he couldn’t see it; could feel the tension starting to drain a little from his brother’s long body. ‘Yeah,’ he said. And then: ‘You got the recipe from the cook, remember? Tried to make them for me the next time we were at Bobby’s.’

‘Yeah, well. Not all of my plans are genius, Sammy,’ he said, and his brother snorted out a soft little laugh in the dark. 

Dean talked on, softly, about nothing important: a diner he and Dad had found in Nebraska one Christmas Eve; a ski cabin in Maine they’d slept warm and safe in for a week; the massive, moss-covered oak he’d spend a night under on Jekyll Island, waiting for the ghosts of a slaver and his son. After awhile Sam rolled onto his side, curling up bit by bit in the space between them until his forehead was touching Dean’s arm and one bony knee bumping against Dean’s leg; a little while longer and there were long, hesitant fingertips settling soft against his ribs, like his little brother just wanted to make sure he was real, that he was there. Dean was reminiscing fondly about a burger called the Mac Attack he’d found in Boston when he heard the kid’s breath finally settle into the slow, easy rhythm of sleep.

He lay quietly for a long while beside his brother in the dark, and never knew when he tumbled headlong into dreaming.


He woke a little after 7:00, their room still dark, December rain coming down steady and cold outside. Sam was still sound asleep, sprawled across Dean’s chest the same way he’d slept as a kid, tucked in under Dean’s arm with his face hidden in the crook of Dean’s neck and one arm and leg thrown over him in a haphazard tangle of limbs. Warm to his bones, Dean shifted just a little to ease the cramping in his lower back; Sam snuffled and kicked and wound himself more tightly around him in reply. ‘D’n,’ he mumbled.

Dean settled a hand in his brother’s hair, and closed his eyes against the coming day.

In Plentea of Time [ML Ficlet]

@kasumiafkgod @keaoriginalart @fynneyseas @sockdilemma

“Hi, welcome to Lucky Cat Tea!”

Marinette freezes in her spot behind the counter. Busy replenishing the tins of loose leaf tea for the more popular brews, she hadn’t heard the delicate chime at the front door. She turns in slow-motion to the shop floor, watching as the new customer starts chatting with the blond standing by the shelves. She hadn’t heard the front door chime, which means it’s too late-

“Oh, I have no uncertainteas about finding the right blend for you.”

It’s too late, and Adrien has taken center stage.

The customer, a woman around forty or so, giggles behind her hand and bats her eyelashes at him. Gross.

And it’s not like Marinette can blame her, really: the only thing Adrien has more of than looks is charm, and both are abundant. When the bright-eyed boy with a voice that toed the line between silk and sin had clocked in on the first day, Marinette herself had experienced a good swoon. She’d even made the mistake of mentioning her handsome new co-worker to Alya, resulting in a one-woman warpath dead set on getting the two of them together. Normally, Marinette would appreciate the enthusiasm, were it not for the one glaring, unfortunate, and utterly unavoidable problem:

“Well, I’ll leaf you to browse the rest of our selection,” Adrien says. The grin is quick to his lips, lips that would otherwise be very kissable were they not the purveyors of such unholy atrocities.

Given the way he swings that grin to light on her the moment that the customer looks away, Marinette is sure he’s doing it on purpose.

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you could write fluffy wayhaught snuggles when nicole comes home to waves after long day of work!

The chorus of Hayley Kiyoko’s Girls like Girls filled Waverly’s room as she put the finishing touches on her makeup. The creak front door sounded from downstairs and she felt her heart rate accelerate from the rush of excitement that always came whenever her girlfriend was around.

With one final check in the mirror, Waverly headed down stairs to where she knew Nicole would be waiting for her.

“Right on time as always, why are you so perfect?” She asked as she walked down the first few steps.

Nicole was standing at the bottom of the stairs, but was dressed in her full uniform, which was unexpected to say the least. Waverly looked her girlfriend over and took note of her slouched posture and the bags under her eyes. The brunette descended the remaining steps quickly and placed her hands underneath both of Nicole’s elbows.

“What’s wrong baby?” She asked, voice full of concern.

Nicole shook her head. “I’m just running little behind. Things were crazy down at the station today and I didn’t have time to change. I’ll just go upstairs and get ready here.”

The redhead looked down and took a step toward the stairs but was stopped when one of Waverly’s hands came to rest on the center of her chest. “Hey.” Waverly said softly. Nicole lifted her head and met Waverly’s eyes. “We don’t have to go out tonight.”

“But you’ve been looking forward to this for weeks, we don’t have to cancel our reservations because of me.”

“Nicole, you are dead on your feet. It’s not fair to have to make you go out like this.” Waverly said, wrapping her arms around Nicole’s neck. “And besides, I’ve been looking forward to spending the night with you. I don’t care where we are, and if it happens to be a place where I don’t have to wear these awful shoes, it’s even better.”

Nicole glanced down at Waverly’s high heeled shoes and frowned. “Baby, you could have just warn your flats.”

Waverly shrugged. “I like being able to kiss you without having to stand on my tiptoes.”

Nicole smiled and rolled her eyes playfully.  “You do have a solid argument, but what about Wynonna? Won’t she be back anytime now?”

Waverly smirked. “Oh, she won’t be back for awhile. She and Doc are at a Labour and Delivery class.”

“You’re kidding.”


The girls looked at each other in silence for a moment and then burst into laughter.

It took a moment, but after they both calmed down, Nicole spoke. “That poor teacher.”

Waverly slapped her shoulder. “Oh hush. I’ll order us some pizza and then we can camp out on the couch for the rest of the night.”

“You’re so good to me.” Nicole said before giving Waverly a peck on the lips and walking up the stairs to change.

Waverly followed her up soon after with the intention of asking if Nicole wanted to add cheesy bread to their order, but found that she was sound asleep on her bed. She had managed to take off her uniform and replace it with a pair of plaid pj pants and an oversized sweatshirt but ran out of energy before she could get under the covers.

The brunette quietly changed into pjs of her own before carefully pulling her blankets over Nicole and then climbing into the bed beside her. Nicole’s arms snaked around Waverly’s waist and pulled her close to her chest. Waverly melted into the warm embrace and felt herself grow tired. It only took a few minutes before she too was fast asleep.

Mrs. America- Chapter Ten

Summary- Captain America x y/n Kent - Y/n Kent is the daughter of superman and wonder woman. Her parents send her to another universe because their world is ending. Here she meets fury and he helps her get used to this new world and has been working unofficially as his assistant since she was 20. Then Loki attacks and she has to step up and become a member of the avengers.

Message- The two of them are back at the tower! sorry it took me so long to update this fic! Sorry if this sucks!

Warning: implied smut in this chapter.  

Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter FiveChapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine

Word Count- 1390

It takes quite a while to get to the tower and with a quick scan of the building, using your x-ray vision you realize the two of you are the last to arrive. You and Steve walk hand and hand into the building and you are greeted by Tony.

“Well, that’s an interesting development. Looks like I was right when I called you Mrs. America.” Tony says as he gestures to your interwoven hands.

“We are the last to arrive, everyone is already training.” You say to Steve, choosing to ignore Tony.

“How could you possibly know that?” Tony asks you.

“Well I can hear everybody’s heartbeats.” You said as you cocked your head to the side. “I also used my x-ray vision while we were outside to scan the building.”

“Your what?”

“My x-ray vision. It’s pretty self-explanatory, Tony. I thought you were our resident genius.” You sassed and Steve snorted.

“What are you?!?” Tony yelled.

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❤ Reactions from the S,M and T brothers if their S.O. gave them a bouquet of flowers? ❤

I’m not dead I swear nvn. Sorry this took so long babe.


Shu - “What are these? Quiet down I know they’re flowers…” He may seem like you’re bothering him with such useless things and interrupting his sleep, especially when he hands them back to you and orders you to put them in a vase, but that’s just Shu… he cares and appreciates them!… We think.

Reiji - “Well you do have a very nice taste in decor. Though these leaves are starting to wilt I’m sure I could fix that.” He fills a vase and they go right in the center of the table so he can admire them while you two eat dinner, even if he is nitpicky he still loves the thought that you gave them to him.

Ayato - “Uhh thanks, but you know something that Your’s Truly really wants?” Of course, it’s your blood. He may play around like that but he is really touched that you thought about him and will find a proper vase for them.

Kanato - Honestly he may be a little lost with his words because to be completely honest he’d rather you had brought him something sweet after all flowers die so easily at least candy has more… uses. (ノ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ*:・゚✧

Laito - “Oh Little Bitch these are very pretty, maybe we could spread them on the bed~” If you were to agree he’d decline and keep them in a vase, you did go out of your way to pick them out just for him after all~ He’ll save that idea for a later date.

Subaru - Subaru.exe has stopped responding would you like to restart this program again? He’s at a total loss for words, through blushes and stutters you’ll get a thank you but other than that he’s hit the road jack. You’ll see him admiring them before placing them in a vase, so he can’t damage them.


Ruki - “Hmm these are rather nice Livestock, I suppose you have learned something.” He seems rather pleased with them actually, or more so pleased with the quality of them. They’ll be set in a vase in the dining room as the centerpiece that night for sure.

Kou - “Aw did my Kitten get these for me? Well, now I have to give you something back right?” Say yes… Just, please say yes.

Yuma - “Hey, Sow, where’d you get these? They better not have come from the garden… A shop? But I grow them?… A gift? Uh thanks…” After the questionnaire, he’d plant a kiss on top of your head and put them in a vase.

Azusa - “Ohh… these are really… pretty just like… Eve.” Did he just turn this back on you? Yes, he did… smooooth.

Tsukinami (they don’t get no love):

Carla - “These are very nice but you do know that I have no need for such things when you’re around.” How he manages to be this smooth is unfathomable but he does.

Shin - “What? Why would I want these, especially from you?” Rest assured when you are out of sight he’s blushing so hard. You may just find them in a very special vase in a very special place where he can see them whenever he wants… but he’s not gonna tell you that.

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Regulus and Luna

This turned out a bit longer than I expected… 

“That’s odd.” 

The words came to him as if heard from the other end of a long tunnel. Regulus coughed and heaved as water spilled past his lips and onto the carpet under him. Each cough scraped against his already raw throat and his hands clenched at the fabric weakly and he could feel the stone that lay beneath. He was half blinded as tears crowded his eyes. He caught a blur of movement from the corner of his eyes and suddenly his lungs felt as if they were on fire. The water he had been drowning in seared out of him. It was over as quickly as it had come and he collapsed on the floor, panting with his eye shut, trying to clear them. 

“I’d offer you some water, but…” A soft voice above him said and Regulus felt his chest move in a silent laugh. “Can you sit up?” they asked before taking one of his hands in their own and pulling. 

Regulus used his free hand to push himself up and opened his still blurry eyes. In front of him a pale blue, vaguely human, shape floated in a golden cloud. He blinked rapidly to clear them and slowly a young woman appeared. Her pale blonde hair still seemed to be floating around her in a mess of partial curls, her blue eyes were starting at him, full of concern. “Thank you.” He rasped out and pressed one hand to his aching throat. 

She smiled at him and bit one side of her bottom lip. “You’re welcome.” She twisted the ball of one foot on the carpet, making it bunch, “I didn’t expect you to be so wet. Were you wet before I summoned you?” 

Regulus shuddered as memories of cold, dead, hands pulling him under the surface of that dark lake filled his mind. A small warm hand rested on his cheek and pulled him out of his reverie. “I’m sorry.” She said, her eyes moving back and forth, searching his own. “I can see terrible things moving inside your eyes.” Her breathe was cool and sweet smelling as it fanned against his face. Her thumbed swiped just under his eyes and Regulus realized he’d been crying. 

“I was drowning.” He told her, his voice a hoarse whisper. 

She leaned forward and softly kissed the center of his forehead. Regulus sucked in a shaky breath as the memories that threatened to wash over him again, slowly faded, pushed to the back of his mind. In awe, he wrapped one hand around her arm, “Who are you?” 

She gave him that soft smile again. “I’m Luna. Luna Lovegood. Who are you?” 

“Regulus.” He said with an answering smile, “Regulus Black.” 


Summary: The one where Cheryl interrupts B&V in a bathroom stall

Word Count: 1,078

Rating: PG-13 (smutty but nothing extremely explicit…)

A/N: anon request! changed it up a bit though.


The door to the bathroom crashed open. Veronica’s head popped in and within seconds, Betty was being pulled into the bathroom along with her. “Betty shut the door.” Veronica asked, and without so much as a sound Betty did as she was instructed. “Do you seriously think we have time before first period?” Betty muttered while Veronica checked under the stalls. “We’ll make time.” The pair had practically claimed the Riverdale bathrooms as theirs. Whenever people saw them disappear into one together they knew to stay clear. This one in particular smelled faintly of cinnamon rolls and hand sanitizer. Both girls didn’t mind, just glad it didn’t smell like pee. If they had the choice they would have used the handicapped stall, simply because it gave them more room to work with. The hand rails were an added bonus. A big white sign was plastered over the handicapped stall door, ‘out of order.’ Betty huffed, “Figures we pick the bathroom with the out of order stall.” She rolled her eyes in annoyance.

The blonde was caught off guard when she was pulled into the stall next to it and pressed up against the, now closed, door. “Whoa there tiger.” Betty purred when she felt Veronica’s lips against her neck. Soft plump lips searched for any piece of exposed skin on her body. Veronica knew just the places to kiss her to make her knees weak. Veronica’s fingers ran through Betty’s hair seamlessly, loosening her ponytail as she pressed her lips against hers. Betty made a mental note to readjust her ponytail after this, she was not too keen on the idea of getting weird looks from her teachers. Her ponytail was always pristine, just how the blonde wanted it, a reflection of herself. All those thoughts of perfection flew right out of the window whenever Veronica and her were alone. Veronica always tasted slightly of mint, such a familiar taste by now. Betty kissed her deeper. Now it was Veronica nearly falling into the toilet, Betty all over her. “Goddamn it Elizabeth Cooper” the girl cursed. Fuck you Betty, she thought to herself. Fuck you for looking like that, for touching me like this. Veronica bit down hard on her lip to stifle a moan, but it slipped out anyways. Her moan only served to boost Betty’s confidence. Veronica liked to be on top, she wasn’t the submissive type, but she let Betty take control in this very heated moment.

The height difference was more obvious each time they found themselves in these high school bathrooms. Betty kissed over the exposed bit of Veronica’s neck, just as Veronica had done to her only moments before. Betty earned another moan from Veronica, louder than the previous. The blonde’s soft lips traveled over Veronica’s neck, tilting it to the side so she could gain even more access. Take control of me, Veronica thought to herself. Betty dominating her was sexier than she ever thought it could be. Maybe, just maybe, Veronica would be the submissive more often.  Betty’s hands palmed Veronica’s breasts through her checkered J. Crew dress. No doubt there would be a hand print on this dress that no amount of dry cleaning and pressing would be able to get rid of. Betty was just so…aggressive…sometimes. Veronica shrugged off the thought, the dress wasn’t all that important. If it had somehow ended up on the disgusting bathroom floor, she wouldn’t mind much at all. Everything Betty did was flowing right through her bones like pure ecstasy. When Veronica felt her lace panties pushed to the side and two of Betty’s slender fingers enter her, the feeling of ecstasy shot through the roof. Veronica’s breath hitched, “Betty…” she huffed, another loud moan filling the silent air around them. Veronica kissed over Betty’s face, trying to show her some sort of gratitude. Betty was awfully quiet, and Veronica was the one being so damn loud. “V, quiet.” Betty mumbled against the girls’ desperate red tainted lips, her lipstick partially worn off from kissing Betty’s face. Betty kissed Veronica, to shut her up. As much as she loved the moaning, desperate, wet, submissive Veronica, Betty wasn’t too fond of getting caught in this bathroom fingering her girlfriend.

“Who knew you were so loud, V.” Betty laughed. Veronica attempted to challenge Betty but failed horribly when another one of Betty’s fingers slipped into her. “Fuc-” Veronica nearly shouted, being cut off once again by Betty’s lips. The damn handle to flush the toilet was digging into Veronica’s back even more so than before. She struggled to relieve the stabbing feeling in her back. The pain was relieved by Betty, who pulled her off the handle only to push her harder against the wall. Veronica laughed, “Just when I thought you might let up.” Betty shook her head, “When have you ever known me to let up when I’m three fingers deep in you?” A raised eyebrow countered Veronica.

A loud slam came from outside the stall, “Fuck.” Betty whispered, her fingers leaving Veronica feeling empty once again. A soft whimper followed. Soon came a knock on the stall door, Cheryl’s usual bitchy tone broke the silence, “What the hell are you sluts doing in there?!” Betty rolled her eyes, sensing that Veronica did too. Just like Cheryl to come and ruin their fun. Veronica grabbed Betty’s wrist, giving her the usual eyes she gave the blonde whenever she was going to take care of things. Betty, astonishingly, shook Veronica’s hand off and slammed the stall door open, coming face to face with a shocked Cheryl. Betty’s face was covered in red lipstick, her body standing dead center between Veronica’s spread legs. Veronica was surprised at Betty’s behavior, a soft blush appearing on her face when Cheryl looked at her.

“Care to join?” The usually shy, non-confrontational Betty snapped at Cheryl. Cheryl looked her up and down, eyes still wide, grabbing the stall door and closing it behind her. “I’ll leave you two alone…” Her voice was shaky. She certainly hadn’t expected to encounter that. Everyone had suspected that Betty and Veronica were fucking in the school bathrooms, among other places, but no one had ever caught them in the act. As soon as Cheryl left the bathroom, the girls burst out in a fit of laughter. “Think she was turned on by us?” Betty asked, helping Veronica up off of the toilet. Veronica nodded her head fervently, “Who wouldn’t be? We’re hot.”

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hi alice!!!! i heard that u are looking for some inspiration :P how about a scenario featuring someone who holds a grudge against Jumin and wanna get revenge on him by attempting to kill off every single person important to him one after one, from least to most? :3c

Title: The Pierrot’s last Joker

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Genre: Angst/Romance/Mystery

Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

a/n it’s funny how i was listening to synchronicity while writing this. it actually added more to the mood i wanted to achieve. lololol anyway here you go!! let me know what you think, yeah? oh anon-chan you are so evil for requesting this lolol i like how your mind works

Every story has a beginning. For example, how did the universe begin?
Who created it? Was everything part of a greater plan?

When you were given birth, were you planned? Were your first cries as a sign of life immediately welcomed? Who planned to give you to your current family? Were you born to be a part of someone’s story?

Stories. Stories can equal life. And in every story there will be choices. You move and decide according to what you believe in, what your emotions tell you or even according to what you desire. The strength of a human will can go lengths just to prove that they can and they will.

And the moment you try to take that will away, death will become the only last resort.

It all began one rainy night. This story that could have qualified to become a tale. A storm was to pass over Seoul and the streets were empty enough that only the pouring rain can be heard.

There was a victim.
And a culprit.

The Victim. A group of men in black wearing black masks over their faces were dragging a poor soul across the wet asphalt, not caring enough if he gets wounded or might break his limbs. The man seemed to be already dead anyway and no movements of protests were made by him.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I adore all of your stories, thank you so much for sharing them with us! I was wondering if you could write one where obi wan faints from a combination malnutrition and exhaustion and is unhealthily thin with anakin being all protective. Once anakin realises this has been going on for years he sets out to ensure obi wan is taken care of and addresses his self-worth issues to make him see he's important.

The world was spinning unsteadily and Obi-Wan struggled to make sense of the words being spoken to him as he leaned on the holoprojector. He had to pay attention, they were suppose to infiltrate a suspected Separatist factory and confirm what it was for, droids or supplies while gathering more information.

But it was so hard.

Force how long ago was it since he had eaten?

He lifted a shaking hand to his face and pressed it over his eyes, trying to get his mind together and pay attention.

Force was the room spinning?


The familiar voice, so close and then a light pressure on his shoulder. And then things went black.


He barely has time to catch Obi-Wan before the other can hit the floor of the command center, giving a surprised yelp as Obi-Wan becomes dead weight in his arms and almost brings both of them down.

There’s a clamor of surprised shouts and curses as the clones, Ahsoka and Mace watches Anakin quickly kneel down with Obi-Wan’s upper body settled against him, the knights quickly putting two of his flesh fingers to the others neck to find an uneven pulse.

“Knight Skywalker?”


Both voices makes Anakin look up, looking from Cody to Mace. “He’s passed out. Not sure why. I’ll take him to a medic but I think this closes us out of the operation tomorrow.” He said firmly and watched Mace pinch his lips together before the Korun agreed with a sharp nod.

“I’ll have Master Luminara and Padawan Barris take over. Send Master Fisto with them. They’ll handle the factory.” The holo looked down. “Send us any reports on Master Kenobi’s health when you can. Windu out.” He deactivated the holocall.

“Skyguy, what’s up?” Ahsoka questioned softly, eyes on her grandmaster.

“I don’t know. But I’ll find out.” Anakin slid his arm around Obi-Wan’s back and under his knees. And then promptly almost overbalanced, eyes growing wide as he looked down at the slight weight in his arms.

“Force fuck a sith.” He hissed in shock before marching out to get to Kix in the med tent.

Where he had expected a full grown man in armor and had prepared himself to lift just that, he had instead gotten the weight he would have guessed Ahsoka to be and had promptly almost fallen over from that when lifting Obi-Wan.

He had a horrifying suspicion that Obi-Wan fainting was a result of that lack of weight and the actions that lead to that lack of weight.


Obi-Wan is muscle, bone and skin. That’s it.

No fat.

His stomach caves in ever so slightly and his ribs are faintly visible along with the bones of his wrists and ankles. Anakin has a suspicion that if not for the beard, they would see the gaunt of Obi-Wan’s cheeks and its clear how pale the others become now that he’s been undressed and redressed in medical garb.

Obi-Wan can no longer hide in his robes and his armor.

Not anymore.

Helix and Kix has argued about the best way to proceed, what to do and Anakin?

Anakin has informed the council that Obi-Wan is basically a skeleton and had then submitted Obi-Wan’s weight to them.

There had been a few seconds of chaos, even over the comms Anakin had managed to hear the chaos of them speaking together, their shock, surprise and even something he’d call guilt if he thought the Council able to feel it.

But for Anakin…

He sat with Obi-Wan, the other Jedi close to waking as Anakin could feel him.

“…Before you ask, I don’t know.” Obi-Wan mumbled before opening his eyes and looking at the blond, looking dull and exhausted.

“You don’t know if you want tea?” Anakin quirked his lips.

“…Ass…you know I want tea.” Obi-Wan tried to smile.

It came out as a grimace.

Anakin reached out and took the others hand, holding tightly onto the others hand and ignoring the coldness of Obi-Wan’s hand. “We’re going to talk about this you know, even if you don’t like the idea.” He said seriously. “The council removed you as the lead general, Plo has taken your position for now.” He squeezed carefully. “We are returning to the temple. Kix and Helix has told me that you need to gain at least 25 kilos.”

Obi-Wan stared at him before he sighed and closed his eyes. “I see…the council agreed?”

“Yes. I don’t know why you did this to yourself Obi-Wan but I’m not going to let you get away with it anymore. We will be going by the healers when we get back so you know. And I’ve taken the liberty to inform both Rex and Cody of the state of affairs.”

The two stared at each other before Anakin quite loudly sighed and squeezed the hand in his. “Honestly master.”

To his utter mortification, Obi-Wan felt tears press and closed his eyes tightly a second time even as Anakin leaned forward and pressed a soft, reverent kiss to each of his eyelids. “I’m sorry.” He hiccuped, his voice surprisingly timid.

“Its alright. I’m here. I’ll help you.” Anakin whispered.


Helping Obi-Wan is harder then expected.

His problems is rooted far into the past with the feeling of inadequacy and a lack of self worth that Anakin is desperate to help the other overcome, to make him know how much he’s worth and how many people worry about his safety everyday.

So Anakin resorts to holding Obi-Wan everyday, talking quietly to him, ensuring that the other knows he’s wanted.

Not because of his mind or because of his battle experience.

But just because Anakin enjoys his company.

He tries to make Obi-Wan laugh, tries to make sure he eats more and tries to ensure his rest is relaxed.

And slowly he sees a change, the gloss of Obi-Wan’s hair returning and a spark in his eyes as he allows himself to be manhandled to the couch with a bowl of popcorn of all things and blankets to sit with Ahsoka and Anakin for what has now become a weekly thing, movie night.

He’s no where near healthy, but he’s getting there with Anakin and the healers help.

And for now that’s enough for Anakin.


Special Disclaimer: Gabby, maybe don’t read this, as it touches on the idea I mused over regarding Alice and how she got her holy powers.

So I’ve fallen in love with @the-vampire-inside-me‘s Inkborne AU. I’m not very sure what a lot of the backstory is in it yet– for example, whether or not Joey was abusive, whether or not he made Boris, Bendy, or Alice, or how quickly the Ink made the place decay, or… a timeline in general. But my brain sure wanted to find out, and it had the idea that this Bendy and Alice have a very strained relationship, and so this thing happened that assumes a looooooot of things about… everything I just mentioned. And explores why that relationship is strained. Trigger warning for talk about torture because boy howdy. Joey was. Yeah, he was a special kind of dick.

So anyway, have this drabble, otherwise titled “I write angst to deeply unfitting music.”

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Caught Part One

A/N: This is my first Peter Parker fic! Yes it is based off of Tom Hollands Spiderman because I think he did amazing (and also he’s kind of adorable). Please give me feedback so I know how I did! 

(I also know I promised The Soldiers Toy when I came back from hiatus but I just couldn’t write it the way I wanted it to be)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1216

Category: ANGST, so much angst

Warnings: pregnant reader, barely, but I’ll still put it, Peter Parker feels, Peters POV, Cliffhanger ending, 

Summary: You are kidnapped by the Vulture. 

Your name: submit What is this?

Peter skids to a halt inside the abandoned warehouse, eyes searching frantically for any sign of movement. He had received a strange message from you earlier. Meet me here, I have good news followed by an address. Google maps told him it was an abandoned warehouse, which made him a little nervous. He keeps looking around the room, waiting for you to jump out and make some joke about how stupid his face looks right now.

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Guess Who Saw Les Mis and wrote down all the crazy shit to share with you?

Boy oh boy was that An Experience. I can’t even right now (never thought I would say that unironically). Ok so all the longer shit I’ll bullet here and then other little things will be under the cut. Please keep in mind that this was my first live Les Mis and I do not know what is normal and what is unique to what I saw. Here goes:

  • Gav shows up about ½ through A Little Fall of Rain. She doesn’t see him. Grantaire eventually follow, and puts a hand on his shoulder. When she finally dies Gav whips around and wraps himself around R. Eventually, after they take her body away, only her hat and- a few feet away- Marius remain. Gav picks up her hat and hands it to Marius.
  • In Drink With Me, R starts out like your usual drunkard, absurdly. He smiles a bit, joking grabs some woman’s ass (keep in mind Enj is staring intensely from the top of the barricade). Then he riles up the crowd in a different way. His tone turns bitter. You can see he is visibly shaking up the people. By this point, Enj has climbed down the barricade. He reaches for R (I thought at first he was going in for a hug, but he was more likely reaching to touch his shoulder) and R steps away. He then wanders to the sewer/door/exit to stage left (drinking all the way) and makes as if to leave but Gav stops him. They spend almost the whole song hugging, then take a nap together.
  • [If you read below the cut before reading this- boy oh boy] When Gav goes to get the ammunition, you can’t see him. I had a feeling that that is normal, but it was unsettling all the while. Especially in the silence after the first shot. Then he starts singing again. Eventually you see him climbing over the top of the barricade. Even I thought he was gonna pull through. Then he stops for half a second- then he falls limply into Enjolras’ arms. Enj turns, cradling him to his chest, and steps slowly down the barricade, til he gets to the 2nd lowest point. R stands on the ground. There is a long pause- perhaps the 2nd longest in the show. They stare at each other. Eventually, almost reluctantly, Enj hands Gav over to R. R makes it to center stage and holds Gav and just… looks at him. I thought he was going to scream in agony. Perhaps that would have been kinder than the silence we were left with. Then they move to the direct right of center stage. Things go on, but R grieves for a long time.
  • Once another person dies (by falling off the barricade next to Gav and R) Enj finally comes down. R moves from Gav to this dead man. They straighten him out together. There is a subtle pause as they look at each other. Something happens. Maybe they touched each others faces. Maybe they touched foreheads. Maybe they kissed. I couldn’t tell, and will forever regret that. Enj goes back up the barricade. The story goes on.

You know how Enjolras is iconically the last Barricade Boy to die whilst holding the flag? How he usually falls and hangs backward off the barricade? Not this time. I know for sure that this is A Way to do this scene. 

  • Once the bullets really start flying, things happen fast. First, there he is with the flag. But he is shot, and the flag falls off the barricade. He tries to straighten up, fist held aloft in the air. He falls limply face first off the barricade. He is perhaps the second or third of the men remaining to die. After that it is chaos, but one thing is clear in my mind. As the fall of the barricade winds down, two men attempt to climb from the ground to the top, to their deaths. One barely makes it halfway. The other reaches where Enj stood, but can’t even pull himself to his feet before he is killed. He raises his hand high. Instead of the blood red flag, or simply darkness, the last image of the rebellion is a green glass wine bottle, illuminated by two spotlights. Everything else fades to black. For a half a heartbeat, the bottle is burned into your mind. 
  • The longest pause of the show happens just before Javert’s Suicide. He climbs out and over the barricade and sees all the dead students. He then goes to the stage left sewer entrance as if he knows Valjean is down there. The barricade goes away and it is just Javert and Gav’s dead body, the only body he hasn’t seen (kind of). You think he is going over there, but no. No, at that moment two men come on with a giant cart. They whip it around and there, finally in that iconic pose, flag clutched in one hand other hanging limp, is Enjolras. There is something startling about seeing him like that without the grandeur of the barricade or the power of the window. He seems smaller, realer. Javert raise his torch above him but you could hardly tell because at that moment the two most brilliant of spotlights hits him and he glows. He is bathed in the purest light. You can barely see anyone else on stage except for perhaps, Gav. Everything is frozen like that for a long time. You are hardly aware of time at all. It’s how Hugo would have wanted it.
  • Turning was a funeral. There was a little girl. The women leave candles out and Marius joins them. They leave. He is alone, surrounded by candle light for most of Empty Chairs. Then, as he sings “the very words that they-” and out come the boys. They each stand behind a candle. He doesn’t notice them until “Phantom faces at the window!” That line has never seemed so loud. The boys hold their candles up as if toasting him, and by the time their candles return to their hearts they are out. Eventually, all but Enj leave. Marius sings the rest of his song facing away from us- to Enj. When E leaves and Marius turns, his lit candle is all you can really see.
  • When Gav says Larmarque is dead he is standing on the table. Before he sings Enj gently picks him up and puts him back on the ground. It feels v parent like.
  • When Ep enters a man grabs her from behind Lovely Ladies style. She like, elbows him in the dick and pulls his knife out of his pocket, threatens him with it, and then graciously hand it back to him. This is only the first time in the show this happens.
  • When Ep screams and is punched to the ground by Thenadier as he leaves, Cosette is the first to help her up and comfort her. Marius basically drags Ep away and honestly seemed like an asshole
  • Mdme. Thenadier was psychotic??? When she sang “but there’s not much there” she rips off the tip of a baguette and spends the rest of her part hacking it violently with a knife??? 
  • The Thenadiers grind up some blind guys canary lmao
  • Mdme T trying to seduce Valjean is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • When Valjean gives Cosette the doll and then swings her around in the air I actually felt my heart melting
  • When Enj says “Marius you’re no longer a child” he doesn’t even sing it its so motherly he’s like scolding him its iconic
  • Almost all of Patron-Minette was there and they made sure we knew by having Thenadier do role call every single fucking time they showed up thank god it was only like twice
  • There were women holding guns on the barricade but left before they got to shoot them.
  • When Javert is singing “And I am Javert! Do not forget my name.. do not forget me..” another guard is holding Valjean’s face, forcing him to look Javert in the eyes. Its so clear that this moment will define these two men’s lives and Valjean literally cannot look away. it was a v nice touch
  • the part where the Bishop tells VJ that his soul is God’s now actually made me shiver?? I usually find it so unremarkable
  • I have heard a LOT of Bring Him Homes. That was the best.
  • Enj was Enj. Tall, higher voice than you would think. Not to mention his hair. The most luscious golden locks.
  • During the end of Red and Black and the beginning of Do You Hear Enj is standing on a large pile of boxes (mini barricade?) in the Musain. The others are crowded around him, except for Grantaire who clearly stands apart. He is paying just as much attention as the rest, but you can tell for different reasons. He pulls Gav away from the throng of people and holds him to his cheast. 
  • During Red and Black when R sings his Don Juan line, he holds his ever present wine bottle to his crotch and violently mimes jacking off

WOAH this is long! Sorry! Tagging @r-we-taire-yet cause you mentioned you hadn’t seen it and I felt you might appreciate a thought dump.

If It's Meant To Be It Will Be [Anthony Ramos x Reader]


The author asked that they remain anonymous, and I’m respecting their wishes, but feel free to show them your love with this fic by liking and reblogging bc this is seriously so adorable.

- If formatting is weird, feel free to change some stuff around. Could I stay anonymous as well?? I’m not really confident in this and nervous since I’ve never put anything up here before. Also if you don’t really like it or don’t want to post it, I completely understand! Thank you :) -

It took approximately 25 minutes after entering the club for you to lock eyes with him and approximately 5 seconds of locked gazes for him to stalk towards you through the dancing crowds.

“Hi” the boy said with a smirk, “I’m-”

“No names.” You cut him off before he could spoil this for you. “If you want tonight to work, I have one condition- I don’t want to know your name and you don’t want to know mine.” You continued and stood there staring him directly into his eyes, taking notice of the seemingly infinite amount of freckles that adorned his face.

He stood there for a minute, smirk completely dissipated while he processed the offer you threw at him. After hesitating, his mouth twitched up at the corners and took a look at your lips that were painted a blood red.

“Wanna dance?” He asked and with that, you grabbed his hand and made your way to the dead center of the club.


Out of breath, the two of you leaned back in bed, entangling the sheets around you to cover up your bare, sweating bodies.

The sounds of panting eased and you felt his eyes on your face.

“Can I ask you something?” His voice surprisingly small broke through silent air.

“As long as it isn’t my name, you can ask me anything.” You responded stealing a sideways glance at the boy to see him staring directly at you.

“What’s the deal with the name thing? Do you just like mystery?” He inquired not once looking away.

You sighed and shifted a little in the bed, fixating your eyes on the ceiling, absentmindedly taking in the details.

“There’s less of a chance of attachment if we know each other’s names.” You started knowing he’d have follow up inquiries. “You can’t think back to that time you had a thing with someone named so-and-so, they’re just a face to you. They can’t mess with you or fail you if you don’t even know their name and form an attachment. No disappointment if there was no strong bond in the first place.” You finished, still staring at the ceiling and grasping the sheets to your chest.

“So you don’t want any attachments to anyone?” He pushed on and you turned your head to the left and looked at him, shaking your head.

“No, I’m not saying no to wanting attachment or a relationship. I just am trying to limit getting my hopes up that someone is the one or something special when they just weren’t meant to be. You could say I’m trying to let fate take hold. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be in the end.” You turned your head back to the ceiling and awaited his response.

You felt his head shift as he turned to examine the ceiling with you.

“I can’t not call you anything.“ He stated and let out a breath. “So I’m calling you ‘Red’ since your lips are the first thing I noticed about you.” He finally spoke out and you let out a small laugh.”

“Alright, freckles.” You responded giving him his title.

“So, I can ask anything? Just not your name?” He questioned, giving you a sideways glance.

You nodded your head turning to smile at him. His mouth turned up into a huge grin and with that, the night had truly begun.


“This is the most important question in the world! It says a lot about a person in whether they prefer pancakes or waffles!” You shout at the boy who was leaned up against the headboard. You had shifted awhile ago to sitting cross-legged facing him when you reached onto the bedside table for the nearest article of clothing which happened to be his blue shirt.

He threw his arms up - “Alright, fine! Waffles!” He laughed out and looked at you expectantly. You slowly nodded your head at him, approving of his answer.

“Good choice. But french toast wins everything.” You answered and smiled.

He shook his head and laughed at you. “Favorite color?”

“Blue. But 75% of my wardrobe is black so take that as you will.” You responded shifting your body to lay your head down as it started to feel like it had weighed 5x more than it usually does.

“Favorite place to go and unwind?” You asked while shutting your eyes, taking a break from the small light in the room emitting off the bedside lamp.

“Home- Puerto Rico. I like the beach a lot and it’s a break from the non-stop go of New York.” You hummed a response signaling your acknowledgement of his answer and awaiting his next question.

“How many people have you done this with?” He quizzed while also shifting his body to lay down.

You let out a sigh “You’re the first.” You opened your eyes and stared into his in which you couldn’t quite decipher the meaning behind them.

“I haven’t lied to you tonight nor do I have a reason to.” You followed up and shifted again to get more comfortable and shut your eyes another time.

“Coffee or tea?” You breathed out as your consciousness was slowly slipping away. You heard him talking, but only registered it as mumbles before you were completely gone.


The sun blared through the apartment windows, causing your eyelids to squeeze shut in an attempt to protect your eyes from the harsh light.

You had ended up curled on your side facing the freckled boy while he lay sprawled out on his stomach.

You smiled at him and looked around as you realized this was your best chance to get out with the least temptation of breaking your pact you made with yourself - don’t form an intentional attachment with this boy.

You crept out of the bed successfully and attempted to get dressed as quietly as you could. You folded his blue shirt that you had borrowed and placed it on the bedside table and went to grab your purse to head out when you heard shifting on the bed.

You smiled as his eyes fluttered open and his face twisted in the confusion of just waking up.

“You’re serious about this name thing aren’t you?” He inquired with a hint of disappointment laced in his voice.

You softly nodded. “Give it a chance. If you’re meant to be with someone, your paths are destined to cross multiple times. Try believing in signs.” You mused and gave a small smile.

“I hope I cross your path again, Red.” He stated, digging the side of his face deeper into his pillow.

You only nodded and reached for the door handle, leaving his apartment and forcing yourself to not take notice of his address to erase any possibility of you returning here for any reason other than chance.



You stood in line at the store, items lined up on the conveyer belt. You were absentmindedly staring at the stand of magazines by the check out when you heard a familiar voice nearby.

You looked up and around, scanning to find someone familiar in the other check-out stations. Your eyes locked on a boy with curly hair wearing a red flannel. Your eyes stayed glued to the back of his head as he finished up paying and turned around to leave the store.

He glanced around and when his eyes met yours, his mouth slowly turned up into a wide grin.

He waited while you finished paying for your items and you walked over to him by the door.

“Hey, Red.” He said, shifting his body to lean against the wall.

“Freckles.” You smiled back, mimicking his body language.

“So, it looks like we meet again.” He pointed out. You knew what he was inferring, but shook your head.

“I’m going to need a little bit more evidence than meeting at the only Target within a 10 block radius..” You laughed out and adjusted the bags in your hand.

He laughed and straightened up properly. “What?! This is totally paths crossing! This is a sign!” He mused as you slowly walked past him and turned around, but kept stalking out backwards.

“If it’s meant to be Freckles, it’ll happen again!” You quickly spun around and walked out, smiling to yourself as you walked to your car.



You groaned as you realized you were running later than you thought to your job. Things weren’t going well at work and it was to the point where you dreaded getting up in the morning because of it.

As you were trying to leave the small café a few blocks down from your office, you ran directly into the back of the person in front of you, spilling some of your coffee in the process.

“Shit! I am so so sorry, I didn’t get coffee on you did-” You stopped mid-sentence when you looked up to see a boy with a head full of curls and when he turned around, a face full of freckles.

Your mouth twitched up when you saw the boy grinning down at you.

“Freckles.” You stated, shaking your head.

“I don’t think you got coffee on me, but you may have bruised my shoulder.” He laughed out and you cracked an even bigger smile.

“I’m sorry. Something you didn’t learn that night is how clumsy I am.” You said while straightening your work clothes and trying to hide your blush.

“Alright, this is a small café far enough from where we met that you have to take a train. This has to be a sign - can I please have your name now?” He pleaded and you slowly shook your head.

“I’m sorry.” You breathed out, but then gave a soft smile. “Just wait. If-”

“It’s meant to be, it will be.” He finished for you and looked down at his shoes.

You leaned over and kissed his cheek, causing him to look up into your eye.

“I hope I see you around, Freckles.” You whispered and side-stepped by him and continued walking to work.

“Please be him.” You whispered to yourself and continued on with your day.



You nervously fidgeted with your blazer, anxious to meet your new co-workers. You had dressed up, not really sure about the type of environment working for a broadway company would entail.

You had left your old job when you were recruited by the manager of a theatre on broadway, The Richard Rodgers Theatre. At the time, the show Hamiltonresided there and looked like it had no means of going away with all the popularity it had generated. The theatre was benefiting immensely from the show and you weren’t quite sure why they needed you when business was so good, but you took the offer to help finance the theatre when it gave you the opportunity to leave your old job.

“Ms. (Y/LN), this is Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton.” Your new boss introduced the two of you and you shook his hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, the success of the show is incredible.” You commented and he laughed.

“Thank you! I wasn’t really sure what to expect when creating the show, but the response is amazing.” You smiled as he continued on.

“The cast hasn’t started arriving for tonight’s show yet, do you want a look around?” He asked and you nodded your head eagerly.

Lin took you throughout the theatre from the view of the audience vs. the view on stage to all the passageways backstage.

You were walking down the hall listening to his story about the cast’s work in adapting to performing on broadway, when a voice snapped your attention away from him.

“Red?” The boy with curly hair and an infinite amount of freckles stood down the hallway looking at you questioningly.

You laughed lightly while shaking your head, fixing your gaze for a moment on the wall next to you, only to return your gaze back ahead of you and the boy still standing there.

“Freckles.” You breathed out, disbelief heavily present in your voice. He smugly smiled and before he could say anything, you began to walk towards him.

“(Y/N). (Y/N) (Y/LN).” You extended your hand out to the boy, grinning madly.

His eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning as he shook your hand.

“Anthony Ramos.”  

13lizardsinatrenchcoat  asked:

Do your characters have any domestic activities that they like to do? I've always pictured Vlad as a bit of a stress baker/chef.

Oh, what a fun question.

Vlad is not much of a cook. He enjoys food, but he enjoys it more when other people make it for him. He does however like to read and paint, and tinker with things. You’ll always find him fidgeting with something, whether it’s a piece of clockwork or twirling a paintbrush in his fingers while he reads—either silently or aloud, depends on if people ask him nicely. He also plays several musical instruments, but prefers not to be the center of attention so keeps that to himself.

Nathan likes the act of cooking, but is actually fairly bad at it and requires Adult Supervision if left with a frying pan. What he does enjoy is fixing and building things. He’s the type of person who sees a crack in the wall and goes “I should fix that” and gains immense satisfaction from working with his hands. He likes being Active, and you’ll often find outside chopping wood in the dead of winter with his shirt off if he’s got nothing else to do. But he’s also pretty laid back and happy to just chill out if you ask him to. He can curl up and nap like a champion if the occasion calls for it.

Ursula enjoys baking and cooking, and is moderately good at it, though she has little cause to be in a kitchen save for her enjoyment of the act or for spellcraft. She is another one who enjoys working with her hands and spends hours embroidering with expensive silk threads creating works of art, but also embellishing her own clothes, and those of the people she cares for. She’s also not above basic repair work, and will quite happily sit and mend. It gives her something to do with her hands while she thinks. She’s also an avid reader and finding out that Vlad reads the same Penny Dreadful novellas she does is a delight for both of them. 

It’s not uncommon as the years go by to find the three of them ensconced together in some quiet fire lit room, Ursula working on something beautiful, Vlad reading aloud, and Nathan sprawled on the floor in front of the fire just enjoying the tranquility of being. 

Reveling in Richonne

#53: The Holding Hands pt. 2 (7x9)

I don’t know what it is about Hilltop, but it brings out some great Richonne PDA lol. And I’m so here for it.👌🏽

Now, I like to think I have pretty good eyesight and that I’m a pretty observant person, but a great moment that I missed in the moment (and then rejoiced over later, when those more perceptive than me pointed it out) was this small subtle background moment right here. 🙈🙊

R&M are not necessarily the focus of this scene, it’s about Maggie and the Hilltoppers who want to fight. 

But, ya’ll, as far as I’m concerned, this scene is about Rick and Michonne Grimes holding hands at Hilltop…again!! 🙌🏾

When 7x9 first aired I did notice R&M were standing particularly close to each other in this scene, but what’s new? But then came the hand hold! And once I saw that I was done. 😋 Like the adorableness of this couple is A1. 👌🏽

It’s so precious that, after taking the L with Gregory, they finally get some good news and some people who want to join the revolution and the first thing our perfect couple thinks to do is hold hands.

Like Michonne is so happy to hear that the two of them were right to want to fight cuz now here these people are, ready to join them. And so she reaches for his hand and smiles cuz she’s like, “We out here. And we’re going to make change happen. Like it’s already starting.” That’s a direct quote of her thought process lol. 😂😋

I love how organic this moment is as well, cuz she reaches for his hand in such a subtle wifey way, almost like it’s literally just her first instinct to want to do that, because she’s happy so she wants to hold the hand of the man who makes her happiest. 😊

And then I absolutely love how Rick seems to take her hand instinctually as well. It’s like looking at her and taking her hand is what lets him know it’s okay to be excited about this new development. 

One of the many reasons that cell scene was such a milestone for Richonne is because it was that moment where I think they both became very aware of how deep their love for each other went and how much they want to do everything together. And so a moment like this 7x9 handhold scene just confirms that R&M are going to be even more visibly one than before. 

And again, this hand hold isn’t forced PDA. It’s literally just what their bodies naturally do in that moment. And I’m so here for how connected they are and how they truly are partners in every way. Also, part of me feels pretty confident that this handhold was an actors decision and not something scripted, so thank you actors. 👏🏽

Rick and Michonne have always found themselves standing right next to or near each other for seasons, but I love that we’re now at a point where they can be near each other and hold hands! I love that this relationship started with a handhold and now they hold hands whenever they get the chance lol. 

They got their first W and they look at each other with so much love and pride in that moment. I’ve noticed that whenever Rick looks at Michonne it’s like he both gets centered/focused as well as lost in her when he looks at her. It’s a beautiful thing lol.  

So this is a super small subtle moment but it’s a wonderful confirmation that R&M are such a cute unit, such a visible unit, and also…they are so married. 😊😊

cheryl in ‘the sweet hereafter:’

okay i know no one cares but like

just saying

that was lowkey an awful way to handle cheryl’s suicide attempt? like actually really fucking bad???

like a) call the fucking cops or whatever, call 911 and tell them you think someone’s in danger of killing themselves, give a tip to a suicide prevention line, don’t just charge off ALONE to where you think the person might be 

b) don’t break ur hand breaking ice. like that whole river thing could have gotten way bad……. like what if the ice cracked too much and all five of you got swept up by the ice-cold current? all FIVE of y’all fuckers would be DEAD, ALL of you, so that’s why that’s a terrible idea

c) i love ronnie to pieces but also? ya girl Cheryl didn’t have a bad day sis she tried to kill herself. you guys need to get her to a hospital crisis center? a therapist? something other than spiked hot coco in ronnie’s living room??

d) don’t leave someone who you know is suicidal alone? while you guys go to a party and fuck??? like talk about irresponsible. even if you didn’t want to miss the party……. like, fuck, I don’t know, find a caring and responsible adult to stay with her, or you know, skip the party and be there for her? or get her a counselor or something in a hospital? not just “bye cheryl we’re going to the jubilee there’s more hot coco in the microwave, see ya later”

like what kind of fuckery

I mean we know cheryl’s mom couldn’t care less about her, but as her friends……. people who do care about her at least a little…. like this was The WorstTM reaction possible to this whole thing

Panic! At the Disco's Brendon Urie Joins 'Kinky Boots' Cast

Panic! At the Disco’s Brendon Urie will take on the lead role in the Broadway production of Cyndi Lauper’s musical, Kinky Boots, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Urie will play Charlie Price, the protagonist who inherits his father’s failing shoe factory and partners with a drag queen named Lola (played by J. Harrison Ghee) to produce a line of high-heeled boots that help save the company. The musician will make his debut at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre May 26th and will perform through August 6th.

The gig marks Urie’s first major acting role, though Panic! At the Disco’s music and live show have always been imbued with plenty of theatricality. In a video posted to Twitter, Urie said, “This has been on my bucket list for the longest time and it really is a dream come true. I’m just so incredibly excited to be joining Kinky Boots on Broadway – that’s wild. Plus you guys get to see me in those heels now.”

Kinky Boots is based on the 2005 British movie of the same name and debuted on Broadway in 2013. Lauper penned the music and the lyrics, while Broadway vet Harvey Fierstein wrote the book. The production won six Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Best Original Score for Lauper.

Panic! At the Disco released their most recent record, Death of a Bachelor, in 2016. The group has a handful of live dates left on their current tour, which wraps April 15th at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida.

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