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Can we some some of your recent traditional and digital art? Like the differences between it? I adore your art! I have ADHD and it has been making me struggle with art/learning to study art lately.

Thank you!  And here’s a quick comparison (two girls with similar facial features; no refs; did both of em today):

I think my digital pieces look smoother, while the traditional ones have more lines and scratchiness (which isn’t present in digital paintings because it’s easier to eliminate).  They both take a fair amount of time- maybe an hour or two for each one- and my value range/edges seem pretty similar for both.

Good luck with your ADHD, by the way- I’ve found that anything that decreases my focus makes it very troublesome to draw, and though I can’t exactly know what you experience I understand it’s gotta be bad.  Hopefully you can get back into art without too much headache.

March 2017: Gion Kobu’s youngest Maiko: Maiko Yuriha, Mameaki (Tama Okiya), Mametama (Ninben Okiya), Tatsuha (Tama Okiya) and Mamesaya (Shibata Okiya).

Source: Kinmokusei on Instagram