their hair and faces look so bad lmao


Guess who looks like Levihan’s love-child.


my dream is to look like a fashionable eighties dad as a teenager at all times

just a regular day in this month of october

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harrys expression when uma grabs his hair 👀

ok but literally lmao. i’ve literally started a huma fic about it and i’m bad at being consistent with the things i write bc i end up hating them but why not preview what i have so far:

he melts into uma’s touch no matter where they are. she runs a hand through his hair and he’s weak, leaning into the touch with his whole body and a satisfied grin on his face. when she softly grazes his scalp with her nails, he hums softly and she laughs, a sharp and bright sound. he looks at her and knows she can see the message behind the gaze. ‘i’d do anything for you,’ it says. her own answering look says, ‘i know’ and when they’re alone, ‘me too.’

jsyk if you see me at Thought Bubble you can totally come and say hi!! im actually REALLY bad at putting IRL faces to faces from photos (does that make sense??) and names or urls or @’s and i talk to quite a few people on here and twitter so i get people mixed up…like i could look you right in the face after seeing a photo of you online and not recognize you so please dont take it personally lmao im just so bad at it…but please say hi if you feel like it and like i said before if you wanna hang out with my friends and i you totally can, ill be there friday afternoon til monday noon

ill have dark green hair by next friday btw but its easy to recognize me…im pretty tall and lanky and ill have a camera around my neck/shoulder 

maybe we should all wear name/url/twitter name tags lmao we did that at the Wembley MCR show in 2011 actually

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OK IN LIGHT OF THAT LAST ASK.... could u write some hcs about seven and his lovely trans gf mary vanderwood?

✿ It seems like there’s barely any 707/Vanderwood at all, much less with transgirl!Vanderwood. The best we can do is start creating and hope others join us, eh? 

  • Mary Vanderwood the III’s complicated feelings about her gender were actually the catalyst for her hooking up with 707.
  • Before she came out, Seven still called her ‘she’ - but it wasn’t anything serious, it was just meant to tease her. And for awhile, it was…. fine. Like, it was something, y’know? And it took her a long time to really sort through her feelings and understand that she really was a girl, so until then… she just let Seven make his jokes. But eventually, enough is enough, and she snaps at him when he starts going off about his “favorite maid”, Mary Vanderwood the III.
  • “Stop acting like me being a girl is a joke!”
  • Vanderwood realizes pretty promptly that, whoops, maybe she wasn’t ready to actually admit that yet - how the hell would Seven even react? - and tries to cover up her accidental outing of herself. But Seven isn’t fooled, and furthermore…
  • He doesn’t let her just cover it up with an excuse. He asks Vanderwood seriously about what she meant and how she feels.
  • This is the first time Vanderwood has gotten to talk about these feelings with anyone, so she’s really not sure where to start. But once she starts, it just all spills out - how she feels different, how her body feels wrong, how she’s always been forced into this box by her parents and how she’s jealous sometimes of Seven and how he has the confidence to do whatever he wants. Why can’t she be like that? Why can’t she be proud of who she is…?
  • Seven puts a hand on her arm, tells her that it’s ok, and they are going to immediately go shopping for a more fitting wardrobe.
  • One trip turns into two, three, four… Until it’s a pretty regular routine thing for Vanderwood to go out with Seven. At first, she’s terrified of trying to pass, but Seven holds her hand, smiles at her, and says it’ll be okay.
  • they’re secret agents if anyone tried to bother them she could just pull out her taser lmao
  • This supportive friendship gradually turns into love, and Vanderwood first kisses Seven on Christmas Eve under the mistletoe. At first, it seems like they might both try to play it off as a joke, as a tradition - but Vanderwood looks too pretty under the decorative lights, and Seven can’t help but kiss her again.
  • Being with Seven starts to make Vanderwood relax about things. She gets less scared of being confronted by her transsexuality, and his confidence rubs off on her, giving her the strength to imagine a future for herself where she doesn’t have to compromise on things that are important to her. And in return, Seven starts to feel like… his happiness and jokes are less fake. He forgets his pain when he’s with Vanderwood, because teasing her and her teasing him in return produces a very genuine emotional high in him.
  • When Vanderwood learns about his family, she’s quick to be like dude what the fuck that is so not your fault jfc, and she provides the emotional support that he provided for her when she was first exploring her presentation and gender. And whenever he’s being self-destructive and refusing to eat right, she just… shows up, cooks him a good meal, and makes him Take a Goddamn Nap.
  • (he jokes about how she’s starting to evolve from maid to wife. she gets embarrassed and threatens to introduce him to her taser.)

  • coming out to you is absolutely terrifying.
  • she’s so scared you’ll think she’s not really a girl, or that you’ll think she isn’t attractive. She freaks out to Seven a bit about oh god, I need to look my best when we meet up, because she’s just……. so scared about not making a good impression.
  • when you tell her that she’s lovely she gets this really cute kind of shy expression on her face, looks away, and twirls her hair around her finger.
  • like omg, how can one person be so precious.
  • The RFA starts calling her the ‘Spy Mom’ as a nickname because she is so hella maternal
  • Like - you thought the others were bad about asking if you’ve eaten? She’s a gazillion times worse. She will call you and harass you into eating.
  • She does that with Yoosung too lmao, just prodding him into getting his schoolwork done and eating properly. You joke about how she’ll be a great mother to your future son and she’s like
  • hhhahaha
  • haha
  • hhhhahh ch i ldren
  • “s-should a weirdo like me really be raising kid-”
  • “there’s nothing weird about you, Vanderwood, you’ll be a great mom.”
  • She knits you a scarf and hat for Christmas and tries to play it off as ‘oh i was bored……..’ but you know she tried really hard to make sure they were pretty for you.
  • (You end up sharing your new scarf when you’re walking home one day. She’s blushing - though she says it’s because of the cold - and it’s so cute.)
Locked out: lh

(Hi guys! I haven’t written anything in months so I’m sorry if I’m a bit rusty but I’m trying to get back into it so here you go. Since I’ve been gone for a while, feedback would be spectacular!!!) 

    You kick yourself mentally for leaving your keys in. It’s a good negative 10 degrees out and your landlord is asleep and probably won’t even wake up until the late morning. You would call a friend and ask to bunk with them for the night but your phone is dead. Neighbors aren’t quite an option because you don’t know any of them except the one dick who lives next to you. Luke. There’s no way in hell you’d let your pride sink that low.

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20 46 58

20: My favorite song at the moment? Bad at love by Halsey I love the vibe and the general sound of it

46: what my last text message says? Lmao pass xx

58: Description of my best friend. Well she dyes her hair dark brown but she’s a natural blonde and it looks good af all the time. She’s got freckles on her face, especially in the summer and the widest blue eyes like the ocean. Her laugh is contagious and her smile is so pretty and her teeth are white AF because she’s obsessive about dental hygiene. Her veins always show on her hands and forearms and she works out all the time. She could probably break me in half tbh. She’s shorter than me (HAH) and I have a 299 day streak with her. She’s the funniest gal I know I can laugh with her for hours, then turn around and have a deep convo about the universe, or about something serious. She has the freshest takes on life that are so different than mine and I love that about her.

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please do baby hood and daddy hood

Walking into his home, Calum sighed. He could hear you quietly singing along to the radio in the kitchen, probably cooking dinner. You had gotten into the routine of getting home and making dinner, and when he got home he would help in any way that he could.

He walked into the kitchen, your voice drawing him to you.

“Hey, baby,” You whistled, stirring what looked to be pasta sauce.

“Hey,” He replied, setting down his bag on the counter. He yawned loudly, drawing your attention to him.

“You alright?” You questioned, an eyebrow raised.

“Hmm,” He hummed. “Tired.”

“Long day?”

“Yup,” He rubbed his eyes, going to grab placemats to set the table. “Where’s our daughter?”

“In the living room. Which is where you’re going,” You shooed him out. “You look like you’re about to pass out. Go lay down.”

“Okay,” He said, too tired to argue.

When he walked into the living room, he saw your daughter playing with her blocks (she had prefered them over barbies, and you had gladly bought them for her).

“Hi daddy!” She giggled.

“Hi babygirl,” He said, smiling tiredly at the toddler.

He laid down on the couch, his stomach facing the cushions as he rested his head on the back of his hands.

Suddenly, he felt little footsteps on his back.

“What are you doing, baby?” He questioned, turning his head to see his daughter on top of him.

“Givin’ you a message,” She said, saying the word massage wrong. He laughed quietly.

“And why are you doing that, girlie?”

“B’cause you look tired, and I heard mommy say that she gave you messages when you’re tired to make you fall asleep.”

“Hmm, you’re right, baby. She does do that,” He hummed. Surprisingly, her tiny weight on top of him felt very good. She walked near the bottom of his back, avoiding his spine and pitter-pattering to his shoulders. Once she reached the top of his back, she folded her body over to look at him.

He opened one eye, noting his daughter upside down in front of him.

“Are you asleep, daddy?” She whispered.

“Yes,” He whispered back.

“Okay,” She said. He felt her lay down on top of him, her entire body fitting on his back.

You walked into the room to find them both asleep, your daughter’s hand in his hair and a pleasant grin on his face.


LMAO this was so bad but this request was v cute so u can tell me how i did if u want idk

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I need a poster of Highschool Musiccal with the DwD boys face XD


I’m sorry I put in my gurl too lmao

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techno howd you always look so happy tbh? your smile is amazing and ur eyes so kind my face always looks like a corpse tbh lmao

Aaaaah, thank you! I dunno, I just kinda smile, I guess? Plus, I moisturize and shave every day, and kinda constantly brush my hair. I doubt you look that bad, though, I’m sure you’re just fine!

First Time (Luke Hemmings)

omg so im just going to do one for luke right now bc bad luke feel ya know- but I’ll add on later ayyye -gabbi

Your head rested in Luke’s lap, a cheesy movie playing on the television screen as his fingers combed through your hair. You weren’t even paying attention to the movie, as you were trying to gather the confidence to ask Luke if you two could try something new (sex lmao). You turned your head so you could focus on his face, noticing the stubble acros his chin and jawline.
“Luke?” You started. He looked down at you with those piercing blue eyes you fell in love with.
“Yeah, babe?” You took in a deep breath.
“I think I’m ready.” His eyebrows furrowed together.
“Ready for what?” You sat up, connecting your lips together in a deep kiss, moving your hand down to his clothed crotch. He grinned, suddenly realizing what you meant. He slipped his tongue into your mouth, lightly tugging on your lip. You slightly moaned, giving him a little confidence as he picked you up bridal style, not breaking your kiss. He opened the door to your bedroom with his foot and walked you over to the bed. He gently laid you down on the bed, hovering over you and dipping down to kiss you lightly. Your hands wandered to the hem of his shirt, tugging it over his head. Your eyes drank in all of him, smirking. He giggled and started to take your pajama shirt off. Once it was on the floor, his eyes instantly switched to your breasts, smiling up at you. He placed opened mouth kissed all over your chest and collarbones. Your hands traveled up to his hair, lightly tugging as he reached behind your back to unhook your bra. Once it was off, his wide eyes stayed glued to your chest before his mouth moved down to lightly suck on your breasts. You arched your back towards him as he switched to the other breast. He trailed kisses down your torso, stopping at the waist line of your shorts, licking across the top. You bucked your hips up slightly.
“What do you want, baby girl?” He looked up at you, smirking.
“Luke,” you gasped. “Your tongue, your fingers, your cock, something.” He chuckled, moving back up to hover over you. He lightly kissed your lips, moving away before you could do anything else. He started to slide your shorts down, leaving you in just your underwear.
“So beautiful.” He murmured under his breath. You blushed and he smiled down at you. You started to unbuckle his belt, and when he got the memo, he pushed your hands away and did it himself, pulling his pants along with his underwear down. His cock sprang up, the tip red and leaking drops of precum. Your mouth dropped open slightly and he chuckled, tilting up your chin so your eyes could meet. “Are you 100% sure about this? Its going to hurt- or at least be uncomfortable, and I want you to be ok.” He looked at you with reassuring eyes, trying to read what you didn’t say out loud. You smiled. “I’m positive Luke. I love you.” He leaned down to kiss your lips slightly. “I love you so fucking much.” His hands slowly started to trail down to the waistband of your panties, pulling them down inch by inch. You were completely naked, vulnerable, and you were wondering what Luke would do. He gazed at your body before locking your eyes. “You are so, so beautiful. I love you.” You giggled- that was the exact reaction you were hoping for. “I love you too, Lukey.” He positioned himself over you, grabbing his dick to line it at your entrance. “Ready?” You nodded. “Ready.” You whispered. He grappled a condom from the bedside table and rolled it on. Luke slowly started to push in, dipping down to kiss you as he did. He went agonizingly slow, but you were grateful due to the severe pain. (kk and btw, not everyone feels pain on their first time- just to let you guys know) The kiss deepened, his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth. The pain in your lower abdomen suddenly became more bearable. He slightly broke the kiss. “God, babe, you feel so fucking good around me.” You felt him push all the way in, his tip grazing your g-spot.
“You want me to stay here for a moment?” You nodded. Luke patiently waited for you. The pain started to gradually fade as the pleasure kicked in.
“Move please.” You moaned out. He grinned and slowly started to pull out, before going back in- still at a slow pace.
“God Luke- just go f-faster. Please.” You moaned out. “Thats my girl.” He said before picking up speed. His thighs slapping against yours, you gripped into his biceps for support. He hit your g-spot, causing you to moan a little louder than expected. He smirked. “Found it.” Luke said under his breath. He lifted up your leg over his shoulder, the new angle causing him to hit your g-spot close to every time. You gasped and wove your fingers through his hair, lightly tugging. His eyes were glued to where you connected, trying to get the most pleasure from you as possible. His forehead was sweaty, holding in loud grunts, you noticed just how hot he was. You started to feel a knot tighten in your stomach, signaling you were approaching your orgasm. “I- I’m close, Luke.” He nodded. “Me too, babe.” His hand traveled down to your clit, trying to get you to your high. You opened your mouth to scream, no sound coming out. Thats when it hit you. It was like a tidal wave, picking everything up along its way. You clenched around Luke, your high signaling his own as he moaned your name and spilled into the condom. Once you came down from your highs, Luke pulled out and tossed the condom into a nearby trash can. He rolled off your sweaty body, pulling you closer to him once he was next to you.
“How did you like that?” He asked, slightly panting.
“That was incredible.” You answered before cuddling your head into his chest. He chuckled, threading his long fingers through your hair.
“You were great.” He added with a wink and you giggled.
“Is that supposed to get you really sleepy? Because I am.” You said with a yawn. He smiled before kissing your forehead. “Yeah, barely breathing for a few minutes usually will wear you out.” You smiled before lightly punching him in the arm. He cuddled you closer, your head on his chest, his arms locked around your waist with his leg thrown over you.
“Goodnight, baby girl. I love you.”
“I love you too, Lukey.”

i honestly love this picture of ryan so much. he looks like a protagonist of some one man against the world adventure story that goes around punching bad guys with sassy one liners and blowing a single strand of hair out of his face before he decimates them. He’s even got his magical animal sidekick that probably sacrifices themself for him at one point idk man i think about this picture a lot


from newest to oldest here are my (objectively???) six best selfies of 2015?

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I MET SUWOONG (Don’t look at my lips lmao i have pretty thick lips but my weird smile killed my lips lmao). When i found out Boys Republic came to Germany two friends+me (one white,one hijab chick) went to cologne to met them.(Tbh i never heard abt BR but i still wanted to met them lmao) So we started walking around the city  and they were three boys(manager,tour dude and suwoong).We asked Suwoong for a pic but the manager said no,but Suwoong kept staring at me and said “ok lets take a pic” he putted on his sunglasses and we took the pic.

After the pic he kept looking at me and said “very very pretty face,cant wait to see u tomorrow” (his English was very very bad,but he was so cute).My friends started talking with the tour dude (not sure what his job was but he was French). While Suwoong and the Manager entered the grocery store,the tour dude still talked to us. Some Minutes later the other member arrived too (i first tough they were some Arabic boys lmaoooo). I dont know their names but one boy, I kept looking at him cause I  first thought it was Song Mino lmao,looked at me, stoped and said “pretty hair” and the entered the store too with the other members. And omg sorry for my bad English. I’m German lmao