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One Piece ワンピース [Thriller Bark Saga] : Shichibukai Bartholomew “Tyrant” Kuma vs Roronoa “Pirate Hunter” Zoro 

“Just stay back, all of you!! He challenged ME didn’t you hear?! I’ve accepted the challenge I don’t need help. So don’t humiliate me by butting in! When disaster looms, you’ve got to step up or shove off. Making excuses isn’t going to change anything. If I die here…then I wasn’t worth much to begin with!!”

This is my favorite moment in One Piece. When Kuma came to annihilate all witnesses to Gecko Moria’s defeat and challenged Zoro, the hype! Just the fact that they just defeated a Shichibukai and it took all they had and then another one shows up and Zoro stands his ground even though he’s clearly outclassed was like, “wow, what a badass”. But of course, what sealed the deal for me was when Zoro threw down his swords and offered his head, the head of the future “Worlds Greatest Swordsman”, in exchange for Luffy & his crewmates’ lives and then took in all of Luffy’s battle damage. Magnifique. Truly, Oda molded the perfect right hand for the future Pirate King!

♪ : Mozart - Lacrimosa


Please enjoy what may be the greatest exchange in the history of this show, including:

  •  The camera whipping around dramatically as Sue storms up.
  • The way Sue’s voice sounds so broken when she says “This is all I had!”
  • The background laughter which i’m pretty sure is from the crew.
  • The way Mel charges in to back Sue up.
  • The utter lack of shits Selasi shows during any of it.

“You still need me? You still need me to do something, right?”

after rewatching birth by sleep clips I’m thinking Braig didn’t join Xehanort’s plan particularly willingly…

“I’m just lucky he didn’t steal my heart like Princess Whatever-it-was. That would’ve ruined my week for sure.”

Ok but for real though:

“Your MOM kidnapped me?!”

“You KIDNAPPED her?!”

Might be the greatest exchange in the history of RWBY. “She does really like tuna”? Fuckin’ second-rate compared to that shit. Like this was the joke I’ve been waiting for since episode 2, and holy shit Barb and Kara knocked its delivery out of the goddamn park. Goddamn iconic.

Sink or Ship - Flamboyant Holmes (Robert Stephens & Colin Blakely)

I am honestly surprised The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes doesn’t get more Tumblr love, because it is gloriously, blazingly queer.  Billy Wilder blew right past subtext and divebombed into plain old text, at least to the extent that he could in 1970.

**Spoilers all over everywhere**

If you haven’t seen this movie (which you should do immediately—it’s great fun), it’s divided into two uneven parts.  The first and shorter of the two features a prima ballerina who asks Holmes to father her child.  Holmes, less than enthusiastic, takes a hint from half the fanfics you’ve ever read and gets out of it by straight-up lying to her face that he and Watson are very happy together kthxbye.

Watson is understandably furious when he finds out, given that it could have ended with them both in jail or worse, and begins suggesting ways to quell the inevitable rumors, leading to the greatest dialogue exchange in movie history:  “Maybe if we married?”  “Then they’ll really talk.”

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL.  Watson finally calms down, realizing he’s got dozens of women who would happily testify that he is not into dudes (or at least that he’s into women), and surely Holmes has dozens of women of his own, right?  Holmes?  Where are you going?

Yeah, Holmes never does answer that question and in fact pointedly tells Watson to drop it.

Keep in mind this is all in the first forty minutes. And granted, the first bit is by far the gayest, but there’s plenty of non-heterosexual fun to be had in the rest of the movie as well.  In this second part, Holmes and Watson try to find their client’s missing husband.  At one point, the client, Gabrielle, remarks on how misogynistic Holmes is in Watson’s stories.  In the ensuing discussion, Holmes says that he’s totally been with lots of women and was even engaged once, but his intended died the day before their wedding.

The film also, depending on how you interpret, dips its toe into more conventional territory by potentially implying Holmes develops romantic feelings for Gabrielle by the time it’s revealed she’s not who she says she is, and especially when they find out what happened to her at the end. However, this is a very heteronormative way to look at things and quite frankly ignores the other 95% of the movie:

- Holmes is awfully shifty-eyed when talking about his past quote/unquote exploits, like he’s saying it to get a reaction out of Gabrielle.  One gets the impression that he’s being his usual troll self.

- Even assuming Holmes has been with women, that doesn’t mean he’s straight.  He also doesn’t speak very fondly of his poor dead fiancée, so if she was real, he may well have been pushed into the engagement, probably for covering-up-the-gay reasons.

- A man, no matter his sexuality, does not have to be in love with a woman to admire her, to feel fondness for her and to mourn her.  Much like Irene Adler, Gabrielle did a bang-up job at fooling him, which is such a rare occurrence that of course Holmes is going to place whoever manages it on a pedestal.

TL;DR You’d have to cherry-pick super hard to view Holmes as straight.  There’s evidence here that he could be any sexuality EXCEPT heterosexual.

Okay, I think I’ve established by now that this Holmes is pretty queer, but what about Watson?  He’s certainly more indulgent of Holmes’ weirdness here than in other versions; instead of complaining about the tobacco smoke clouding their flat, Watson insists to Mrs. Hudson that there is VERY IMPORTANT SCIENCE GOING ON HERE.

Later, Watson gets suspiciously snippy about Holmes’ suggestion that Holmes and Gabrielle pose as a married couple, even accusing Holmes of having a crush on her.  I guess he could just be pissed that he’s stuck playing the valet, but that doesn’t explain why he’s so offended when Gabrielle, being driven away by the police, uses her parasol to tell Holmes “auf wiedersehen” in Morse code.  From Watson’s reaction, you’d think she was sexting him.  I like to imagine that the incident with the ballerina got Watson thinking about his life and his feelings for his flatmate and led to the two of them becoming a couple in true fanfic fashion.

SINK OR SHIP?: This is the mothership and I am ASCENDING.


This is my Makorra gift exchange gift for ceruleanavatar ! Kate, you said something along the lines of how Mako and Korra work so well for each other, which gave me the idea to draw something similar to what happened in canon where Kuvira and Korra were in a reflection-type scene to show how similar they were. Mako and Korra are pretty similar too aren’t they? ^^ I hope you like it!!


“You’re lucky we’re alike.”

I grew to really like Jokaste by the end of Kings Rising. Much like Laurent, she was introduced rather villainously, only to have her true motivations very subtlely revealed much later on. People making the most of their own terrible situations and doing what they can to stay ahead is quite the recurring theme in these books. I still don’t know for sure what her true feelings for Damen are in the end, but I love that she saw the storm brewing on the horizon and did what she had to do to keep herself - and Damen - alive, even at great cost to the both of them.

On a more indulgent level, Jokaste and Laurent finally meeting face to face made for some of the GREATEST EXCHANGES in the entire series imo