their future is falling into place with this last chapter

harukie  asked:

19 Days has 146 chapters of the present/past, 17 of the future and 2 specials (christmas + valentine) Oh, and official art, which are like 48 pictures, am I wrong? I have all of that downloaded and I don't really know which chapter from the present is the first one, but I think it would be the one where Jian Yi wakes up because of his alarm and then falls asleep again, right? Idk if you have it downloaded but if you want I can send you a file with everything (I guess) of 19 Days [in chinese]

Hey! I have counted everything all over again and I’m pretty sure 19 days has a total of 155 chapters, where the first 15 are placed in the future.

The 1st chapter of 19 days is this one: {x}

The 15th chapter is the last one placed in the future: {x}

The storyline set on the present starts in chapter 16th: {x}

The chap where Jian Yi kissed Zheng Xi for the first time was the 100th anniversary chapter. {x}

There are 3 specials (single’s daychristmas + valentine’s) that shouldn’t be counted as chapters.

About the number of illustrations I’m not sure but I think it’s around the number you said! ^^

I have all chapters download but thank you anyways sweetie! <3