their friendship will be the end of me

All the Feels

Woke up this morning around 4am to pee. Had a little sexy time with the husband and then fell back to sleep. At which point I had such a bad dream! I dreamt he was seeing someone else, and left me. But they way he spoke to me in the dream and the way he looked at me. It was the same tone, attitude, and lack of any feelings in his eyes that I experienced a few years back when we were having huge trouble and nearly divorced.

I was just waking up when he came into the room this morning to see if I was stirring yet (he gets up really early) and I was literally tearing up. He turned on the heat, brought me a coffee, and sat down to cuddle. I literally held on tight and long.

Is it possible to have the recent end of a friendship trigger ptsd from that old divorce episode? I think that’s what it was. And it sucked revisiting all those feelings.

Then he brought me breakfast in bed and we made a grocery list and played and now I feel better.

This one, I’ll never let go.

I want Oswald and Sofia to become what Liza and Carmine Falcone should have become.

Towards the end of the manipulation Liza clearly started to have concerns and possible regrets. While in the confessional with Fish, Liza showed concern for Carmine’s life. It really should have gone in the direction of her surviving. Even if the two of them went their separate ways for a while, at some point in their future they should have come together again, having moved on and realising that some of what they had slowly became genuine. They would have their own separate lives that intertwined. Perhaps they would see each other for special occasions and holidays. 

It would have grown into what they had before: taking care of each other, Liza feeling safe and protected, Carmine feeling some genuine happiness outside of a life of crime, etc etc, but this time it would be 100% real.

I want that for Sofia and Oswald. I want this manipulation and such to continue because it’s interesting right now, but I don’t want it to end with one being on top because the other is dead or driven out, never to be seen again.

I want to see them stop the manipulation and become honest, genuine friends. Just like Liza there’s going to be genuine moments where Sofia feels something for Oswald and something she says or does is going to be real. Just like Carmine there will be moments that Oswald can’t forget, moments where he wonders if it was real and wishes that it was.

Imagine having Gotham ran by two people. As Sofia mentioned, Oswald’s only downfall is that he doesn’t have the Falcone name. So just imagine if they both ran Gotham together but they had their separate lives. They would have a genuine relationship. A friendship that ensured they had the power to keep the city running without bearing the burdens all by themselves. Only they would each have their own territories or specific things to worry about.

It could be such a beautiful relationship that thrives on the fact that it’s platonic and they’ve already hurt each other in the most unimaginable ways so they both know there’s nothing to fear.

If Gotham won’t give me back Liza, if they won’t give me the ending she and Carmine should have had, then I bloody well want it with Sofia and Oswald.

Heeey I’m doing another art raffle ^^

Same rules as last time:

Following me isn’t necessary but it’s really appreciated!

END DATE: 31th October

Dont’s: furries/anthro, gore/extreme violence, sexual and underage stuff, super duper complicated mechas (I’m fine as long as it’s simple), detailed backgrounds

Do’s: just take a look through my art and you know what I’m comfortable with. Fluff/romance (M/M, F/M,F/F, other), friendship, slice of life, happy, funny stuff … your OC(’s) I try to draw kisses but I can’t promise anything (the couple always turns out biting each other’s head of lol). It don’t has to be a fandom I have drawn yet ^^

Enjoy! And thank you ♥

Basically Fairy Tail, in no specific order

  • Wooossshhhh fiiiAAHH
  • Awww friendship
  • Wow there is lots of boobies
  • He burned something else, didn’t he
  • Natsu don’t do that
  • Gray fullbuster stop pulling a Sasuke
  • TF you mean they’re brothers
  • Oh and of cOURSE he’s a demonic book
  • Remember when it was simple and we only had to worry about past! Gajeel? Me too
  • Tease, tease, tease
  • Boobies
  • Oh fuck me over we’re all gonna die
  • These couples are all obviously couples but are shy with PDA
  • A Q U A R I U S W H E R E R U
  • Goddamnit natsu
  • Oh shit oh shit ohshitohshit
  • Friendship! is! Magic!
  • Big explosion, fiiaahhh, crying
  • Lots and lots of crying
  • Zeref, basically: I am in pain so I want to die but I want you all to die with me so yolo
  • *episode 122 flashbacks*
  • Holding hands
  • The End
Keithtober: Love

A/N: friendship ended with Klance, now Regeith is my new OTP

aka I was originally going to do this prompt with Klance but then season 4 punched me in the gut with a new rarepair

prompts by @meteorysh // shoutout to the Regeith crew @revasnaslan and @thegalranetwork


Regris stood in the corner of his room in his undersuit. He’d finished taking off his armor and was now working on his gauntlets.

He heard footsteps behind him. Regris’s ears twitched subtly, not enough to give away that he had noticed. Keith could never sneak up on him, but he was so proud of himself when he thought he had that Regris always played along.

He could feel Keith tiptoeing around his tail as it swished back and forth on the floor. Then, Keith slotted his body in behind Regris and slid his arms around Regris’s waist. “Surprise,” he whispered against Regris’s shoulder blades.

Regris purred, and leaned into him while Keith nuzzled his face against his back. “You’re back early,” Regris murmured. His tail rose up and curled around Keith’s waist, holding him even closer.

“You’re leaving in the morning, right? I had to see you before then…” Keith replied. “Promise me you’ll be careful?”

Regris lifted one of Keith’s hands and kissed it. “Of course, my love.”

Regris had heard the messages of the Blade of Marmora since he was a kit. Knowledge or death. Caution in all things. But he never knew what they meant or how to reconcile them, until now. Keith was worth risking his life for. But more than that, Keith was worth being cautious for and coming home to alive.


Owari No Seraph: Favourite Friendship: YuuNoa 

Favourite Scene:

“ This is…what you want, right?  

anonymous asked:

Who gave Sketchbook that letter and Colin the email? I thought it was Shrignold but it turns out that they were spying on Laptop and Gilbert. (Friendship arc BTW)

oh god that takes me back. that arc started out great, but man did I not know how end it.

It was a joint effort of the love cult, if I’m remembering correctly. So, it was Shrignold’s idea, technically. But he might’ve gotten like Bunny Boy to do his bidding or something.


No, hold up, it WAS Shrignold. Unicorn Boy and Furry Boy were spying on Gil and Lappy. Shrignold and Bunny Boy were directly spying and shipping Sketch and Colin. 

And okay while my older art physically hurts me, I think the fake email I wrote is funny

cloudjimin  asked:

my fave fake subs was probably the stripper jimin one because jk at the end is me every time i watch Jimin perform. buT ALSO THE OTHER PART OF THAT RUN EPISODE YOU DID WITH HOBI and he asks yoongi if he's busy and yoongi was just like "*playing mini games* yeah i'm really fucking busy". how do you come up with this

that was a great skit, bts needs more police setting skis i tell u. I LOVE FAKE SUBBING YOONGI he’s so savage

I keep complaining about this but I’m quite frankly pissed off by a classmate who has made it his mission to make me a friendlier person by introducing me to people that I have no interest in getting to know. He says I’m going to end up lonely but I have no problem socializing and making friends if I want to. He doesn’t know this because he only sees me twice a week for 3 hours a day and is in none of my other classes so it’s beyond annoying for him to think that he knows me well enough to make those kinds of assumptions. Just because I’m not jumping at the chance to socialize with everyone I see when I’m hanging out with him doesn’t mean I’m having problems forming friendships when he’s not around. As annoying as it is it’s also amusing to hear him say that I’m going to end up lonely and unmarried if I don’t take his advice and I’m so tempted to tell him that I’m in a long term relationship as a big fuck you and to get him to leave me the hell alone. But even if I weren’t in a relationship I don’t think I have a strong desire to be with someone in order to feel fulfilled in life. If it happens it happens but I’d rather not force something with someone to avoid being lonely when I’m older. That’s not everyone’s goal in life.

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any tips on gaining and meeting ppl on tumblr?

i have 3 ways that have worked for me/on me…

OPTION 1 (fondly referred to as The Meg™):

message someone and say “i want to be your friend. we are friends now”


if there’s a blog you really like, try to show up in their notes often or reply to their posts and try to start a friendship just based on things you have in common


if you’re mutuals with someone, message them and say hey or DM them about specific posts. do it often enough (or have conversations with them enough) and they’ll probably end up becoming your friend 


if there’s someone who lives near you or has attended the same concerts as you, message them and talk to them about those things because it’s something you have in common

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I befriended one of Dean's friends for the obvious reason that he's friends with Dean. we've really connected on a personal level mostly because we're miles apart and don't know each other so we can tell each other stuff without judgement I feel like such a bad person though because our friendship's foundation is based on me being a shitty person and basically being a user LMAO please tell me I'm not a horrible person and that you would do the same 😩

That’s a pretty shitty thing to do and I’m not gonna make you feel better about it. But at the end of the day, you guys are real friends now so *shrugs*

I wouldn’t do the same. I’ve never been the type to be friends or get involved with someone just because I wanted something from them. In the future don’t do that. It’s not cool at all. 

Oh Gods guys I need you to freaking pray for me cause im a clumsy massive idiot. For a few years up until last year I had this friend turned psycho stalker who was crazy obsessive after our friendship ended due to me not returning his feelings for him and him going batshit over it (think musty fedora “nice guy” type shit) and he would just show up at my house and college and shit like we seriously had to get the cops involved because even after I asked him multiple, multiple times not to contact me, he would still show up and try to text, call, mail me things (he fucking contacted my 13 year old sister to get my address because I refused to give it to him) and message me and would send me like 700 messages a month (at least 8 a week) that were just full of creepy shit and I never read them because I didn’t want to encourage him by making him think I wanted to talk or was playing hard to get or anything and I was scrolling on my phone today and accidentally fucking opened them and it totally shows I opened them and FUCK

Like I just got this dude to fucking leave me alone and now if he sees I opened them he might take it as an invite to contact me again what the FUCK me I’m an idiot

Sorry I know this isn’t an appropriate place to vent but I know he still checks my Facebook and shit and I had a mini heart attack

I just finished From a certain point of view, and it was greatly enjoyable overall. Some highlights: 

  • Jot the Jawa and his love of stories (Stories in the Sand)
  • Ghost!Qui-Gon made me cry. the Obi-feels were strong with that one. i am weak in the face of the Obi-feels, so weak (Master and Apprentice)
  • Aunt Beru was next, so I cried some more because I’m just that sensible (Beru Whitesun Lars)
  • Animals. Whining, mewling animals,” or Wendig is back at it agaIN, but I guess Ackmena makes up for it. let’s not go into the mental images “fistula juice” gave me (We Don’t Serve Their Kind Here)
  • THE CAPER IS A THING OF BEAUTY. SO PRECIOUS. The characters are a delight, the whole thing is hilarious from beginning to end and it’s all about teh magic power of friendship. Oh, and Luke is mistaken for Obi-Wan’s teenage daughter. AND THE MUFTAK IS A TALZ I LOVE THE TALZ (The Kloo Horn Cantina Caper)
  • I don’t know if it’s intentional but in his short story Bobba Fett sounds just like the Robot Chicken version which is clearly an excellent choice (Added Muscle)
  • That Incredibly Wild Trooper Report (Born in the Storm)
  • More crying thanks to the Breha Organa chapter, and when i say crying i mean epic bawling (Eclipse)
  • Tarkin and Krennic competing to be the Pettiest. probably hatefucking in the margins (Verge of Greatness)
  • APHRA do i need to say more she exists, i live (The Trigger)
  • Omi The Baptist Dianoga and their great alien perspective (The Baptist)
  • Yoda being a little shit. Yoda and all his feels (There Is Another)
  • MON FUCKING MOTHMA (Contingency Plan)
  • me: we can be friends
  • a man: ?
  • me: y’know.. friendship
  • a man: ???
  • me: a bond that we share w/o having the end goal/thing in the back of your mind always be sleeping together
  • a man: ??????¿??¿¿¿