their friendship will be the end of me

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hey anna, i hope you don't mind me asking this question, but have you ever dealt with the fear of the end? the end of a friendship, a relationship or even just life in itself? how do you deal with such moments? sending you loads of love, Anna!

All the time. It’s scary to feel like you’re nearing the end of anything, but for me personally it also is a blessing. Because it makes me put everything into perspective and is a positive lesson for me. Like, if my relationship was ending, why and how did it get to that point? What can i do to better myself and what have I learned? As for life, I’ve realized that it’s the best thing anyone could ever ask for, and I know whenever it’s over, I’ve lived a pretty damn good one ha!

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my main issue with wttm is far from yuri's wardrobe choice (honestly it's so in character??? what else was a teen who was told he couldn't do something gonna do smh) but more that the fandom seems to be taking the leaked scenes as ot@yuri which, being between a 16 and 19 year old, really rubs me the wrong way (you definitely didn't deserve that nasty ask tho what an ass)

ahhh okay! I totally get what you mean! 

I personally take it as a platonic ota//yuri thing. They literally just met so I really hope that Kubo would take time to slowly build their friendship before anything more happens (if it’s gonna be a canon thing ofc).

Tbh, I actually don’t mind if ota//yuri never becomes canon. Their friendship seems to be a very important part of the story, and I don’t mind if they just end up being best buds. I think YOI’s theme is all based on love, and love between friends is just as important as love in a relationship.

But I can’t make anyone think the way I do. It’s interesting to hear a different view of this whole wttm thing tho!

Yuri Plisetsky and the Power of Friendship

When I read about this happening in the WTTM-manga:

happening in the WTTM manga, (Source: denkimouse )

it immediately reminded me of this scene from episode 3.

Is it only me or is is that, whenever Victor and Yuuri appear as a combo, Yurio mostly gets the short end of the stick?

In episode 2, we learn that Victor promised to coach Yurio, but “forgot” about it.

In episode 3, Victor created choreographies for both of them and trained them, and Yuuri easily did better than Yurio. 

Now, in the exhibition skate, Yurio wants another chance to shine in more personal performance, but Victor and Yuuri are one step ahead of him. Or are they?

Well, not necessarily.

It’s a lesson in humility that pays off and actually allows Yurio to improve!

He learns that one does not always have to be a solo-fighter to achieve success, and that working in a team with a partner of trust can be far more rewarding than he ever believed.

He learns what friendship is about and yes  I’m sounding like the generic anime protagonist, but Yuuri!! on Ice is an anime, so

I think this is some of the best character development we’ve seen from Yuri so far -think about this:

Yuri Plisetsky, who took so long to become friendly with Yuuri while staying under the same roof for weeks; who even appears to keep a distance between him and Mila when she is shown as his closest friend; Yuri, who even Victor and Yakov have trouble reaching.

This new Yuri Plisetsky reaches out himself- reaches out to  Otabek Altin, and asks:

“Don’t you want to blow their minds?”

And, oh, they do.

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Do you by any chance follow gallusrostromegalus? Because i started following her recently and she kinda reminds me of you. Colorado, illustrator, graphic designer, weird family stories.

Ha! Thanks. Being compared to the lovely @gallusrostromegalus is certainly a compliment. I do follow them, but over on my “reblog all the things blog” @grand-county-witch because I actually check my dash regularly on that one.

Though, to be fair, Gallusrostomegalus is from a strange, cryptidy family and I am from what would honestly be better considered a cryptid-hunter family (with me cast as the very annoyed witch daughter of said hunter family). Worldly, strange abilities with plants, and frequent encounters with the strange vs. crumudgeony 4th generation Colorado natives who’s family history reads like a western dime novel. Basically, a friendship between us would probably end up being like some weird and hilarious paranormal buddy cop movie.

My Thoughts Arrow 5x23

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Let me just say THIS would be a very different review if not for the last minute of the show. If not for that this show would get an A+++ BUT NO.  It might actually take me until October to get over my sad.


1. OLICITY kisses and hugs! Initiated by Felicity because she didn’t want anymore regrets! Squee!! Happy pleasant surprise!

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2. Lance knocking out the Black Siren! I stood up and clapped!

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3. Nyssa al-Ghul. Bickering with Malcolm, kicking her sister’s ass - Being Nyssa

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4. Thelicity - this is a wonderful, wonderful friendship.

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5. Oliver looking REALLY HOT in the green arrow suit on the Island

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Really at the end of the day I loved most everything about the episode - even Slade - shocker.

I did like the idea of blowing up Lian Yu - quite a way to end the five years, but how they did it - not so much.

My love of the episode died when Oliver believes he has lost EVERYONE he loves except William. He did EVERYTHING right, he found another way - but for MONTHS he will be in pain.

As far as Oliver knows Felicity, Thea, John, Samantha, Curtis, Lance, Nyssa, Slade, Malcolm, Curtis, Dinah, Rene are all dead and I’m sure he blames himself. William will grow up without a mother. Felicity is dead.

Yes, we all know they are not really dead. But Oliver, wonderful, amazing Oliver, thinks they are. Sleep did not help. I’m STILL beyond sad. I hurt.

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You’re blind in friendship all you can see is yourself. You cannot spell friend without end, and when I think of our friendship I only want to end it. Everyone looks up to you as some kind of goddess. I was part of this everyone, but now I’m not that’s why I’m a nobody. The tears that used to comfort me are now blades slipping through my skin. All I ask is for one loyal friend, hope I can find you one day.

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To the last anon post I was in a similar situation over 2 years ago, I had been good friends with this girl for 10 years and we had this thing for a week where we were in the city and had to do a group project. We were in the same group but she wasn't happy with the others in the group so decided it would be awful. I was optimistic about it which she didn't like, by the end of it she told the teachers we were all bullying her, if anything she bullies all 3 of us. After it she stopped (1/2)

Talking to me for a bit. I was quite upset and after a bit I realised that I had allowed her to make me feel like crap about myself and ruin multiple friendships that I had. So when she decided she wanted to be friends and started talking to me (would happen every time we’d have an argument I just let it go) I refused to continue the friendship. 2 years later, I have amazing friends and am so much happier and more confident than I ever was. May seem hard but could be positive

One more thing about the friendship thing (same person as the anon 19 year friend), may not be the same for them, could be completely different but I’d say to use this to reflect on the friendship you had and if it is harmful to your happiness then it’s really not worth continuing. It was one of the hardest things for me to do but not talking to her has helped me grow and become a person I am proud of and happy to be

Well said! If someone has stopped talking to you without any warning, that’s a very manipulative thing to do and I’d suggest having a look at your friendship. Try to make contact, it could be that they’re going through some stuff and you need to give them time, but if someone just picks up and leaves with no explanation or justification then I’d recommend doing some thinking

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Well thank you for drawing some zen and jumin even if you don't ship it. You made me smile anyway because it's always a joy seeing them together. So thank you. ❤

I wanted to portray the kind of friendship I see them having but it’s for free interpretation in the end haha. Happy you liked it, Anon  ♡

The Inquisitive Snake -


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There is a request of an Archie x Reader on my inbox that I will hopefully post before the end of the weekend - I just haven’t figured out the ending in my head.

This however came to me today so let me know if you guys like it. As always thanks for reading.

A few months have passed since Jughead Jones joined the Southside Serpents as well as becoming a student at Southside High.

His friendships still exist within Riverdale - but his new found friends at school have made it difficult to keep his life in Riverdale the same - including Betty.

I was done with the day already - I didn’t want to go to the trivial classes where I seemed to already know the answers. I didn’t want to ditch with my new friends yet either though. As much as they had accepted me as one of their own, they still didn’t know me - and I’m not one to let people in.

Part of me always liked schools - even when I lived in one. Hallways going from an intensive loud rush to a quiet and somber retreat. Classrooms that could remain silent and kept secrets hushed behind their doors. Something about a school, felt more like a home than my actual one.

So when I decided to ditch class by my lonesome - I decided to investigate the new school that seemed to have some secrets of its own.

I walked around for a bit - avoiding the random person in the hall - until I heard some faint music.

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Child tell me, do you know any daddy dom accounts on tumblr? I must indulge in more daddy activity, to widen my friendship with these creatures. :)

Child??? Creatures???? I am not a child. We are human beings.

You are lost and ended up on the wrong blog my darling. Yes, I know of two when I find them I will tag them in the comments.


I have not, an’ I be pleased our spiritual pat’s have not crossed. Zalazane been me friend once, but ‘im madness fo’ powah did well to destroy dat friendship, when he used our people to bolster himself.

Dat’s not what we be about, we Darkspear.

I have sacrificed blood an’ bone an’ life fo’ my people, an’ I would gladly forsake a friendship wit’ one Troll fo’ da safety o’ dem all. Ironically, in da end, Zalazane made dat same sacrifice.

His soul be in a special place wit’ Bwonsamdi; a place no mon wish to find demselves. Punishment in life be one ting. Punishment in deat’ be far greatah. No mon knows pain until dey insult da Loa, especially da Loa o’ da dead.

I don’ tink I’ll evah see Zalazane again. And Mon, I be fine wit’ dat.

*****SPOILERS*****//REACTION TO 4x13

1. “I love you big brother” CRYING
3. Emori was all “can’t we give her another minute??!!” and that meant a lot to me because it rlly shows how much she already thinks of these people as opposed to when she just didn’t trust them at all *sniffles*
4. Monty hugging Murphy and going “maybe I don’t hate you anymore” FRIENDSHIP GOALS
5. Raven and Bellamys lil moment at the end “you with me?” “Always” (not my otp but I could totally see it happening
7. Clarke literally trying to talk to Bellamy for an entire 2,199 days and getting nothing (my heart is dying)
8. my little nightblood" THE NICKNAME IM DYING. (maddy is 99% guaranteed to be my fav character next season)

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Noticed IHQ doesn't mention the word "love" once. Curious as to why some think it's about a romantic relationship gone bad. A friendship or work situation works as well right? Camila said it's not about a boy and it's about a "situation" that wasn't good for her. Idk, I believe in Camren 100%, I have eyes. Lol. Just feels bigger than that I guess.

Like I said she will be honest with her emotions during the couple years she struggled and I am sure she will speak more candidly in the future. But I have questions for you is about love…the lack of the word doesn’t mean the context changes. The whispers at the end say more than enough to me that she is speaking to a past/current love…😩 but that’s just my opinion. Just like I’m entitled to mine you’re entitled to yours…so I respectfully disagree. But I appreciate you for sharing your thoughts. You have given me some things to think about in reference to the tone of the rest for the album.


Christian is the kind of actor that throws things at you, things that aren’t written in the scene that really end up helping you a lot. In the scene on the cliff where I’m crying, I didn’t even know that I was going to be crying that much in that scene, it just kind of happened in the first take. It was because of the help from Christian and how he was doing it with me. He cares so much and gives it so much passion. He hugs Clay at the end of that scene but that wasn’t written in the scene. Christian just did that and it’s those little things that he would do. At the end of episode 9 where I’m freaking out and kicking my bike and then I sit down and play tape 10, and he comes over and sits next to me — that wasn’t in the script either. He just does these things that end up taking these scenes to the next level and makes you care about their friendship so much more. - Dylan Minnette

Dear Evan Hansen AU in which Connor didn’t commit suicide but rather he ran from home, leaving Evan’s letter behind. So pretty much the story of the musical still plays out. But then Connor ends up coming back, half because he wants to kick Evan’s ass for pretending to have been his friend, half because he caught wind of the Connor Project and… He was glad?
I mean, they were all hypocrites by the support and memorials… It got to Connor and after calling Evan a dick he held out his hand like “I’m the real Connor. Thanks for making them remember. Now get ready to deal with me and clear all these lies up.”

I promise I’ll be there until the very end. No matter who comes, no matter who leaves, I’ll stand there holding your hand always, through everything.
—  Leohearts