their friendship was underrated imo

princessdirtpig  asked:

Are Feferi and Kanaya friends in your bloodswap? (they're one of the most underrated hs strong female friendships imo!)

haha well they’re not immediately best friends or anything. kanaya has a weird aversion to favors, or relying on other people at all, that feferi thinks is stupid.

feferi is a good friend of karkat’s, and when karkat and kanaya start dating pale, kanaya sometimes comes to visit him. So kanaya made the effort to be friends with his friends, and feferi is generally pro-friend and was no problem at all.

(eridan, of course, WAS a problem and alternated between being slightly nasty and being too afraid of kanaya to say anything.)

but yes they got to be friends! they get along pretty well.