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WOW  — just wow. I hit 1k followers just about five months ago and last night i actually reached that 2k milestone  🎉 I’m a little bit speechless, because i never thought that so many people would enjoy and love those shitty edits of mine and would actually want to talk to me about my fave characters, my life and literally just anything? It’s amazing and i’m beyond grateful for all of the support and appreciate each and everyone of you; especially my lovely mutuals. And even though all of this is still beyond me, i wanted to give the following people a big and plushy shoutout!
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of course my sweet parabatai has to be the first person on my list that’s going to be mentioned  — i don’t make the rules. mags, you lovely human being. i don’t think i can put my feelings for you into words that actually make sense, but i’m going to try. you’re one of the most amazing people i ever got to meet and i’m beyond grateful for your existence. we’re basically the same person which, let’s be honest, sometimes creeps the shit out of us, but at the end of the day that’s probably one of the reasons why i love you as much as i do. you share my love for harry shum jr and don’t even get me started on necks and collarbones and all the thirst (yes, we need some holy water, babe.) you also share my love for poetry and prose and you’re one of those people i can talk to about literally anything. you talk to me about life changing decisions, drag me for my typos, encourage and support me to be the best version of myself, send me cute pictures of your kitties to cheer me up, send me funny memes and videos, bless my day with your beautiful selfies and most importantly you’re always there for me. and you always make sure that i never forget about that. i’m honoured to be your friend and i love you so much! 

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DAMN GURL is the first thing that comes to my mind when i think about you, brooke. you’re not only one of the most beautiful and sweet girls i have ever seen (please never ever stop sending me those gorgeous selfies!) but also one strong and genuinely kind and caring person. you’re like a little sister to me, except for the fact that i’m the vodka mom friend™ and your mom would probably kick me out within two weeks :’) i love that you speak your mind and how enthusiastic you are when you talk about the things you love. you’re so open minded, share my sense of humour and i can have those 3AM kinda conversations with you at any time of the day. i’m so so glad that you’re a part of my life and that i’m able to call you my fufe. i love you! … and don’t forget the fact that, if someone were to hurt you, i’d fly over to the US in a second to wreak vengeance for you c; #lol

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where do i start when it comes to you, yael? god. i remember the day i saw that you followed me and how i instantly freaked out for a second and had to remind myself that i’m an adult and that we fangirl in silence c; you were and always will be one of the editors i admire the most. you’re so incredibly talented   —  and i’m not only talking about gifs and editing in general, even tho i always get those heart eyes when i see you posted another one of those gorgeous sets of yours. but you’re also seriously talented in cheering me up when i’m at my worst and you make me feel like i can talk to you about anything. it doesn’t matter if it’s just fangirling and fandom talk or those moments when my anxiety is rising and it feels like it’s crushing me down; you’re there. and i can’t tell you how grateful i am for that. you’re such a kind, strong and intelligent woman and you inspire me. i love it when you talk about your religion and traveling, share your personal stories and expierences with me and the fact that i can still learn so much from you. please, don’t ever change and please, take me to jerusalem and show me the city. i love you so much!

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you’re the cutest little bean on this planet, brie. thank you so much for instantly writing me when i posted your blograte  —  we might’ve never talked if you didn’t, because i’m a shy chicken and i seriously wouldn’t want to miss you and our conversations for the world. you have a thing for poetry, just like me and are a quite talented poet yourself (even though you don’t always see that yourself) and i’m amazed at how much talent and kindness you carry in your heart and brain. the second we started talking i knew that i had made a new friend, because that’s how you treated me from the start, even though we didn’t really know each other at the time. you’re such a warm and loving person and way too precious for my anxious ass; seriously. i love your honesty, your humour, your love for stephen king and the stories about your family (#zwetschgenknödel are the best 😉) and how you’re not someone who’s quick to judge others and always makes sure the people around you are feeling welcome and good. i know you tend to underestimate yourself and that we haven’t talked that much lately, but please let me tell you that you’re an awesome human being and that you can do absolutetly everything you put your mind to. you don’t have to hide your talents, mein mädchen. i love you!

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• imagine being. . || part of the flash cast

A/N: This was just in my brain from watching one too many Flash && Arrow cast videos (+ the crack && blooper videos that are ridiculously funny) to make another would include! Because I kind of had fun the last time I did with author! reader and grant. So here’s The Flash Cast would include if you were part of the cast. C/N – is Character Name and I don’t know any of the actors in real life so this is kind of an assumption based but knowing them be kind of cool tbh. Feel free to request if you’d like Arrow Cast or anything would include if you’d like. And as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

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                    » The Flash Cast & Reader (friendship) «

  • you were probably already an actress on set (or it’d be your first big break from small flims) and you were really nervous on your first day to be part of a big show. And if you were an actress you’d play as C/N

  • when you started to feel homesick, some of them noticed and tried to help you overcome it while Tom Cavanaugh would try to make you smile again by using  one of his voices (I was laughing when Wells did that pirate voice a few episodes back)

  • lots of inside jokes between you and the cast like that Tom C. calls Grant, ‘Gavin’ most of the time

  • Candice and Danielle helping you with your script when it came to being in scenes with them due to having trouble

  • Grant scaring you by surprise at the end of shooting a scene which you swore that’d get revenge on him for doing that to you

  • there’s bloopers with you either swearing when you messed up a line to making a silly face at the camera to almost bumping into a wall

  • taking lots of pictures on set while making silly faces in your C/N’s costume with Carlos and Danielle, sometimes getting the others to join you

  • Tom and Jesse being kind of a mentor/dad figures for you while guiding you to get better at your acting

  • attending comic con with them and getting questions asked about your C/N like ‘what will happen next for them?’ to ‘does C/N have a love interest?’

  • you trying not to say spoilers about what’s going to happen next to your character but did say that C/N would get a love interest

  • getting nominated for an award at an award show from either the Kid’s or Teen’s Choice Awards

  • the cast being proud of when you won or lost but they don’t care cause they think you did a fantastic job and congratulate you

  • when you did win the award, you tried not to cry as your favorite cast member went up with you help you calm your nerves

  • you finding all sorts of fanart and fanfiction of C/N and multiple characters to show everyone

  • having some people hate on you but you talk about it in a video and how you’re not perfect + the meaning of being hateful of others

  • it goes viral and having many people supporting you other than your fans

  • you and the cast get close like a big weird but happy second family of your own
Draco Malfoy Imagine: “Secrets”

hey request where reader + draco meet on the platform & they sit in the traIn together n they get friendly, but reader gets sorted in ravenclaw n they see each other outside classes to keep their “friendship” going but they like each other secretly?

Requested by anon

Notes: ravenclaw reader, some angst

[y/s/c] skin= your skin color

Platform 9 ¾. The train to Hogwarts was about to arrive. Your parents had just left after kissing and hugging you goodbye and wishing you a good year. Your nerves were eating you alive. You could nearly breathe the expectation of other first years in the air. Today was the day your dreams were about to come true at last. All those tales about the magical castle, all the adventures and things you’d learn… You honestly couldn’t wait for that. Your daydream was cut short when somebody bumped into you, making you fall with a thud.

“Watch where you are going!” a boyish voice screeched.

By the time you recovered, the boy had already disappeared amongst the hustle and bustle, but not before you could spot his shiny platinum hair.

You were alone in your compartment. Well, that was a lie. You had the best company in the world: Hogwarts, a History. You had read it so many times you nearly knew the lines by heart. It was your favorite book. You could spend all day immersing yourself in its words, picturing every single nook of the school in your head. A knowing smile played on your lips as you turned a page, already knowing what it would explain. You didn’t get to read that part though. A first year student came into your compartment and closed the door quickly, sighing relieved. He had shiny platinum hair, the same shade of that boy who had run up against you and acted so rudely. It was him, you could feel it.

“Are you going to say hello, or are you going to scream at me like you did before?” you wondered with a pout.

The soon-to-be student of Hogwarts turned around ever so slowly. Your gazes locked and you could finally study his features: pointed face, grey cold eyes and his unique shade of blond hair. It took a few seconds for him to recognize you. He didn’t even hide his annoyance.

“Bloody hell! It had to be you!”

“Hello to you too,” you said rolling your eyes. “You know the way out, if you have a problem. I was just fine reading my book.”

He snorted. At that moment, you heard some voices. His face was nearly comical: his eyes wide in fear, his mouth ajar. Before you knew it, he curled up into a ball and stayed close to the door in an attempt to hide. You saw two boys looking through the little squared mirror, as if searching for something…or someone.

“Have you seen Malfoy?” you heard one ask, his voice half-muffled. He didn’t even bother opening the compartment.

“Malfoy?” you wondered.

“A blond boy,” the other said.

Your eyes settled on the boy, who was shaking his head with pleading eyes. Yes. That was Malfoy, no doubt. The question was: to help him, or not to help him?

“Sorry, I haven’t.”

The pair went looking somewhere else and you glanced at the blond boy, Malfoy. His eyes were still wide, but they weren’t holding fear now. Instead, wonder was gleaming in his orbs, which had suddenly lost their cold quality.

“Why haven’t you given me away?”

You had no idea why, so you answered him with another question, “Why were they after you?”

“That’s none of your business.”

You smiled devilishly and made to open the compartment.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“I’m calling those boys. I am sure they will be glad to find you…” you teased.

“Wait! Don’t do it! Crabbe and Goyle are stupid! I don’t want to spend more time than necessary with them…”

“Why do you have to spend time with them if you don’t like them?”

“Why do you care?” he spat.

“I don’t. I am curious, that’s all,” you shrugged.

You thought he wasn’t going to reply, when he confessed in a low voice, “My father wants me to befriend them.”


“My father is friends with their parents…”

“That doesn’t mean you have to be friends with them, does it? I believe that everybody should be able to choose their friends,” you spoke slowly in order to make him understand your point of view.

He looked thoughtful for a few seconds and stared at you intently, as if taking in your features for the first time: [y/e/c] eyes, [y/h/c] hair, [y/s/c] skin. A grin broke onto his face as he said, “Perhaps you are right… Which house do you think you will be sorted in?”

“I have no idea…”

“Well, I bet you could make a great slytherin… That’s the best house, you know? I’ll be sorted there; I have no doubts about it. All my family has been in slytherin, after all.”

That was the beginning of a friendly conversation. You talked about your expectations, about the subject you couldn’t wait to learn about, about Quidditch… You didn’t even notice you had already got to your destination.

“Come on! We have to hurry!” he urged, even more excited than you.

His expression made you chuckle. Maybe you had made a friend, you thought. Sure, he could be rude, arrogant and mean, but you had a great time chatting with him.

“Hey, I have just realized something… I don’t know your name,” he whispered somehow shyly.

You smiled at him and said, “[Y/f/n] [y/l/n]. What’s your first name?”


The sorting hat had not even touched his head when it screamed SLYTHERIN! You smiled at him and took pity when you noticed those two boys, Crabbe and Goyle, you recalled, sat in front of him.

“[Y/l/n], [y/f/n],” called Professor McGonagall after a few minutes.

The disappointed pout Draco pulled when you were sorted in Ravenclaw made you feel a pang in your chest.

A month passed. You had tried to talk to the boy, but he always managed to wriggle out. He was avoiding you… The question was why. You spotted his unmistakable blond hair while you were in the library. He was alone, no sign of Crabbe and Goyle. That was your opportunity. Silently, you made your way towards him and sat next to him.

“What are you doing?” he asked startled.

“I’m talking to you…” you said flatly.

He rolled his eyes at your sassy response and inquired, “I can see that. What do you want?”

“Why have you avoided me?” you asked bluntly.

Draco’s arrogant posture disappeared and was replaced by vulnerability.

“You are a ravenclaw.”

“So what?”

“We can’t be friends.”

“Who says so? Your father?”

His posture stooped and that was when you knew you were spot-on.

“I am willing to be your friend if you let me… Nobody else needs to know… I mean, we are both clever. We can keep it a secret…”

He stared deeply at your [y/e/c] eyes and eventually, a sly smirk settled on his lips.

“It will be our secret,” he murmured.

Years passed and your secret friendship blossomed. Well, it went even deeper than that, at least for you. You couldn’t lie to yourself: you had fallen deeply in love with him. He was your first and last thought of the day, that one person who could make you smile so effortlessly. You found yourself daydreaming about him instead of focusing on Potions class… Well, how could you not if his cologne was everything you smelled when you brewed amortentia? There was something that was bothering you, though… Lately, you had got the impression that the boy was avoiding you. Besides, he seemed to be more anxious and distracted, as if his mind was elsewhere far from Hogwarts…. He looked paler than usual and had bags under his eyes, due to lack of sleep, you were sure. 

You found him alone in the library, although you could tell he wasn’t really paying attention to the book in his hands. You snaked behind him and said hello. He nodded and pretended to keep reading, but you were having none of it.

“What’s wrong with you?”

He didn’t meet your eyes. He ignored you, instead.

“Draco, answer me,” you ordered more briskly than intended.

At your insistence he could do nothing but shrug and finally reply, “I don’t know what you mean by wrong, [y/n]… I am busy. I need to study… Just leave me alone.”

“We have no exams next week, Draco. I thought slytherins were better at making up excuses… And of course you know what I meant. You have been avoiding me lately. Why?”

He eyed you coldly before rising from his seat and whispering in your ear, “After dinner, the Astronomy Tower. Meet me there.”

When you got to the Astronomy Tower, he was already there, a thoughtful expression etched on his features.


Your eyes locked. You had never seen him so serious.

“Are you going to tell me why you behaved so distant with me, lately?” you demanded, not hiding the hurt in your voice.

He flinched at your tone.

“I… I am doing something, something bad and I… I think it is better if we simply don’t see each other anymore.”

“I don’t see why our friendship should end just because you think you are doing something bad.”

“You don’t get it, [y/n]! I am doing something for You-know-who! Can’t you see? I don’t want to drag you into this mess!”

His tone was desperate. Your eyes filled with tears. 

“You-know-who? Draco… A-are you…? I mean, do you…”

You struggled to get the right words out, but the blond boy got the message anyway. He rolled his sleeve up as an answer. There. The Dark Mark. You let out a choked gasp and stared at the skull with a snake.

“Why?” was all you asked him.

“I-I have no choice. M-My family. I don’t want them to die,” he said in a quivering voice, fighting back tears that threatened to stream down his pale cheeks.

It hurt to see him in this state. He was always pleasing his father. Always living up to the expectations of a pure-blood family. He did it as a kid, and he kept doing it now. Nothing had changed. He was still the same boy you had hopelessly fallen in love with.

“Draco… I still want to be your friend.”

“It’s dangerous,” he refuted coldly.

“We’ll keep it a secret, like we have always done…” you pleaded.


“Why not? We are still the same, Draco!”

“No, I am not the same.”

“Why do you think so?”

“Because I love you! That’s why!” he blew up, breathing hard.

For Rowena Ravenclaw’s sake! He loved you? For a moment you could have sworn your heart stopped beating.


“Just go…” he begged in a broken tone. “Please…”


“[Y/n]…” he warned you.

You grabbed his slytherin tie and pulled him close, kissing him and pouring all your emotions in that one kiss. He was so shocked at first he didn’t even dare to move. Soon, he snapped out of it and kissed you back, making you sigh in the kiss. Your hands draped over his shoulders as his fingers curled into your [y/h/c] hair. Your lungs demanded air too soon for your liking, and when you finally parted, you panted, “I am not giving up on you, Draco. We can do whichever: wait for the end of the war with no guarantees either of us will survive, or keep our relationship a secret now and make the most of it.”

Your words caught him by surprise. You could almost feel his internal struggle in his stormy eyes.

“We have never been caught. There’s nothing to fear now,” you assured him, trying to convince him that it was okay to act on your feelings.

It worked, for all qualms melted away from his silver-tinted eyes. He crushed your lips to yours. You knew what that meant: you had another secret to keep.

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“I hope your happy.
I hope that your pain and suffering will
end, even when it is at my own expense.
Even when I am breaking down and
broken, but I tell you I am fine because
honey you won’t even think twice about it.
Even when I am furious at you but I still
make sure you are okay. Even when you
hurt me and do not apologize. Even when
you abuse our friendship because you
know I would do anything for you. Even
when you play me but know how
vulnerable I am. Even when I bottle up all
my emotions just to see a smile on your
face. Even when there is nothing left of me because I gave it all to you. I hope you are
happy even when you do not see the
battle I fight for you.

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What I Loved About Shadowhunters 1x11


I’m dead tbh

  • MALEC 
  • M A L E C 
  • THE MICHAEL WAYLAND IS REALLY VALENTINE REVEAL (which was predictable, I was suspicious all along)

What I didn’t like :

  • Jace and Alec fighting once again (that made me sad)

i made a follow forever about two or so months ago but i really disliked how it all looked and how messy it was. but in those two months, i’ve become much more active on here and i’ve met some really wonderful people and have followed really fantastic blogs. so, along with celebrating the new year, it’s time for an updated (and a HUGE) ff!

just really quickly, i wanted to give a very special mention to a dear friend and someone who is extremely important to me, gamingmakesmehigh. angel is a very dear person in my life and i’m so thankful for him. he listens to me, always speaks of me so highly when i don’t deserve it, and is always checking up on me more than people irl do. he’s someone i hope to keep in my life, if not forever, then for a very long time. oh, and his blog is top notch and a major favorite of mine!

i used to really oppose the italics and bolded deal, but i’ve come realize it’s to appreciate those who deserve extra recognition for being great mutuals and friends. so, here we go.

- italics are blogs that are particular favorites of mine and/or are very lovely mutuals that i feel need to be acknowledged especially.
bolded are blogs and bloggers that have become good friends of mine, have taken time out of their day to send me encouraging words when i have my moments of anxiety, or are always there making me laugh and smile. basically wonderful friendships that i don’t deserve.

and before i end my incredibly long letter to you all, hover over the  for a special message from me to you.

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Cute Mistakes: Draco Imagine

A/N: Hullo!! This imagine was requested and I hope you guys enjoy it! Oh, and I hope this is what you were thinking of anon. <3

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Warnings: None…unless cussing is warning worthy

Notes: Requested and requests are still open!!



~Three years previous~Second year~

The girl laughed hysterically as her best friend tripped over his robes, running to her to greet her after Christmas Break. “Shut up Y/N. Come help me up.” He grumbled, sitting up with his elbows. She stopped laughing but wouldn’t stop grinning. She quickly walked over and helped him up. “You’re a dork, you know that?” She asked playfully as he stood and brushed himself off. He turned a light pink. “No I’m not.” He pouted. She nudged him lightly and said, “Draco, yeah, you are.” He rolled his eyes but smiled at her before she gave him a big hug. “I missed you over break.” They pulled away from each other as he responded, “I missed you too. It was so boring at my house.” “That sucks.” She noted as they started walking aimlessly in the halls. He shrugged. “Yeah. So, how was your break?” He asked. “It was awesome! My mom and dad got me new books that I really wanted and after Christmas, my dad took my cousins and I to the arcade and- oh, that reminds me.” She stopped and searched through her pockets until she found it. She pulled out a small plastic ring with a small fake green gem on it. Draco raised his eyebrow. “What’s that?” He questioned. “It’s a ring.” “Is it real?” He asked confused as he cocked his head to the side. She giggled at his action. “No, it’s not. I got it from the arcade.” “What’s that?” “A place muggles go to play games and win prizes.” She answered. “I won it, but i wanna give it to you.” “Why? We aren’t married.” They both grimaced and made faces of disgust. “No. No way. No, that’s not what it’s for.” She shivered, grossed out at the though of that. “Then what’s it for?” He asked. She shrugged. “A friendship ring.” She answered simply. “A friendship ring?” He repeated. She nodded. “Since you’re my best friend, I thought I should give it to you.” She put it in his hand. He smiled a little then enclosed his hand around the ring. “Okay. Then in that case, it’s a best friend ring.” He revised. Y/N grinned. “Always keep it on you. The friendship ring will protect you from anything!” Y/N teased. They both laughed. “I’ll always keep it with me.” He assured.

~Normal time~Fifth year~

Draco watched her at the Ravenclaw table, laughing and smiling with her friends as he rested his chin on his fist. The way she smiled or laughed would make him smile. Her Y/E/C eyes shining with excitement of the upcoming weekend. The way her lips looked so kissable. He grinned a little more at that thought. “Draco!” Blaise said loudly while waving his hand in front of his face. Draco shook his head and looked to his friend. “Huh, what? Did you say something?” Blaise smirked at him. “Y’know, you’re not keeping it too oblivious that you like Y/N.” Draco’s cheeks tinged a light pink. “I don’t like Y/N.” He denied. Blaise rolled his eyes. “C’mon, I know you better than anyone. You like her.” “Shhh.” Draco shushed him, looking around. “Don’t be so damn loud. I don’t want everybody knowing I like her.” Blaise then smirked proudly. “What?” “Your words, not mine.” He pointed out proudly. Draco shoved him, making Blaise laugh. “Who does Draco like?” Goyle asked. “Oh, a certain Ravenclaw.” Blaise teased. “Who, Y/N?” Crabbe questioned, butting into the conversation. “Shut up!” Draco scolded them, annoyed. They laughed, making him even more irritated. “So what if I like Y/N?” He demanded. “Then do something about it other than watching her like a creep.” Blaise answered, crossing his arms as he rested them on the table. “I’m not being a creep.” Draco retorted. “Then do something and ask her out.” “To do what?” “I don’t know. How about Hogsmeade? It’s coming up this weekend.” Draco looked back to her, seeing her begin to bubble over her words. He smiled a little then looked back to his friend. “How would I ask her?” Draco questioned. Blaise shrugged. “Figure it out.” For the rest of the day, Draco tried to come up with the perfect way to ask her. He thought of plenty of good ways that would work with other girls but he wanted hers to be special and he knew these ideas wouldn’t work on her. He tried to think of something before he went to his dorm but alas, there was no way she’d like anything he had thought of.

Draco sighed as he laid in bed, already hearing his dorm-mates’ snoring. He looked at the ceiling in the darkness, still wracking his brain for a way to ask her. When his head started to hurt from so much thinking, he groaned lightly, annoyed, before he turned over to his side so he was looking at his bedside table. He looked at the various items next to him before his eyes landed on the plastic ring she had given him so many years ago. Then it clicked. His eyes widened and he sat up, picking up the ring before he quickly got some parchment and a quill. He spent two hours writing up the perfect plan, reciting it a few times then deciding he would do it tomorrow, holding the ring the whole time. He crawled back into bed and grinned at the thought of her saying yes and blushing adorably like she does. He closed his eyes and sighed quietly in contempt as he thought, What could possibly go wrong? 

When he awoke the next morning. He got dressed and ready as fast as possible. He gelled his hair back a bit more than usual and made sure he looked amazing. He smiled proudly at himself in the mirror before he rushed out of the bathroom, gathering all of his things. He met up with Y/N by the Great Hall. “Hey Draco.” She grinned. “Hey Y/N.” “You’re up early.” She noted, before looking him up and down. “And you look like you’re about to attend a wedding.” Her eyes met his. “Which girl are you trying to get to swoon over you now?” She asked, crossing her arms with a smug grin. “Well, actually Y/N, the thing is…” She smiled at his uneasiness. What was he doing?! This isn’t what he had planned! Not at all! Thankfully, the bell rang indicating their first class of the day. Y/N didn’t hear him sigh in relief or see him for that matter as she looked down the corridor, before the bell stopped. She looked back at him. “What were you saying?” She asked innocently. “I-I uh, er it was nothing. Let’s head to Transfiguration.” He tried to cover up. She seemed to believe him and shrugged. “Okay.” They walked for a bit, talking or joking around and laughing. After Transfiguration, Y/N had Herbology while Draco had Potions. Before they could go their separate ways, Draco stopped her. “Hey, Y/N?” She turned around, holding her books to her chest. “Yeah, what’s up Draco?” “Can you meet me by the entrance of the school at lunch?” She raised an eyebrow. “Sure, but why?” She questioned. He shrugged. “You’ll find out.” She groaned, turning away. “Damn straight I’ll figure it out!” She called, making him laugh.

 When lunch rolled around, Draco hurried to the entrance of the school, waiting patiently for her. When she arrived he grinned. “Hey.” She greeted. He gave a nod and responded, “Hey.” “So, what did you want me to meet you here for?” He shrugged. “Jus’ wanna go on a walk.” He answered slyly. She rolled her eyes. “I thought it was going to be something interesting.” She complained playfully. He chuckled lightly. Oh trust me, Y/N, it will be.” “Ooh, super mysterious.” She teased. They both laughed lightly, beginning their walk. Draco sparked up a conversation quickly so they were laughing before they made it to the destination. They walked all the way down to the edge of the Black Forest. Y/N looked up at the large trees with eyes wide in amazement and muttered, “Whoa…” Draco smirked. “You didn’t tell me you wanted to walk in the bloody Black Forest!” She exclaimed, smiling slightly as she looked at him before smirking as well. She crossed her arms. “What’re you planning?” “What’re you talking about? I’m not planning anything.” He said innocently, even though he knew she wasn’t buying it. No one would as he said it in a playful matter. “I swear if you try to prank me or something you’re so getting it.” She warned, setting her bag down. She shed herself of her robe. “What are you doing? He asked. “I don’t want to get caught by something or get held back because this stupid thing get’s stuck on a branch.” She explained, putting her hands on her hips. Draco swallowed, slightly flustered but shrugged it off. “Okay.” He took his off too, setting it beside hers. 

Y/N snorted some as they began walking. “If we get attacked, it’s every person for them self.” “Wow, so you’ll just leave me? That wounds me, Y/N.” Draco joked, placing a hand over his heart dramatically. She giggled and Draco thought it was the cutest thing.”You’ll be fine.” She stressed playfully. They walked through, occasionally running because they heard something and it freaked them out. Finally, they reached the edge of the forest and Y/N gasped. There was a stunning view of the ocean, sand leading up to the water from the forest. Flower bushes grew all around, making it one of the most beautiful things Y/N has ever seen. “Draco, did you know this was here?” She asked, looking back at him to find him grinning. “Yeah, I did. I come here sometimes.” “Really? Why haven’t you told me about it?” He shrugged, walking closer to her. “I wanted to wait for the right time to show you.” She raised an eyebrow at him. “Why is this the right time?” She asked. Draco inhaled deeply before he got down on one knee in front of her. Y/N was confused but couldn’t fight off the butterflies that were building in her stomach. She took a slightly cautious and confused step back. “Draco, what’re you doing?” She asked as a faint blush crawled along her cheeks.

Draco was slightly pink as well, finding it absolutely ridiculous he was doing this. And when he looked up at her, all of the lines that he’s rehearsed and written were completely gone from his memory. His mind was blank as he looked up at her, seeing her blush and trying to hide an adorable confused smile. “Uh, well er, Y/N…I…um, well you see.” HE sighed. “I swear I didn’t have this planned.” He chuckled. “Okay, right. Well, a few years ago, you gave me this.” He started as he took out the small plastic ring. She gasped. “You still have it?” “I never go anywhere without it.” He grinned, knowing he got her as a deeper blush set on her cheeks. “And well, you said it was a friendship ring…a best friend ring. And this is going to sound so stupid, but I’ve fallen for my best friend. And I was wondering if you’d like to go to Hogsmeade this weekend with me?” He asked hopefully. She grinned widely. “Is this seriously what you planned? You planned this?” She asked surprise, the blush and smile still there. Draco stood up quickly, realizing he was being ridiculous.

 But, seeing as there were so many bloody rose bushes around, his pants got caught on a thorn, resulting in him falling into another one. Y/N couldn’t help but laugh like crazy. He groaned, turning extremely red. “Shut up will you? These hurt and I need help.” He complained. She stopped laughing by biting her lips but giggled here and there. She pulled him up, only to have him almost fall back down from his shirt being caught in the thorns. Y/N giggled a little more as she went around his shirt, undoing the thorns and picking them out of his shirt as he got the others from his pants. When that whole fiasco was over, Draco walked to the water and sat by the waves lapping at the shore. He sighed and looked down, embarrassed beyond belief. Y/N sat next to him. 

She looked over at Draco and smiled shyly. “You know, that was really cute.” he scoffed. “Me falling into a thorn bush is cute?” She giggled a little then stop after seeing the look he was giving her. She cleared her throat and looked down, the shy smile still on her face. “No, the way you asked. And I’m so surprised you still have that thing, let alone remember what we said about it.” He shrugged. “I kept my promise.” She smiled a little more laughed lightly. “Yeah, you did.” They were quiet for a while. “You know, you’re not the only  one who’s fallen for their best friend.” She admitted. Draco looked over at her shocked.”W-what?” She smiled, a red blush settling on her cheeks. “I like you too Draco.” “Really?” She nodded before she rested her head on his shoulder. “A lot.” He smiled widely, unbelievingly as the girl who he’d hopelessly fallen for admitted her feelings back. He snaked an arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him. “Me too.” He confessed. “I’d love to go with you to Hogsmeade, by the way.” “I’m looking forward to Saturday.” He responded, resting his head on top of hers. They sat in silence for a little bit before Y/N raised her head. She quickly pecked his cheeks, a deep red heating up her cheeks. “We’ve gotta get back to class.” She informed as she quickly stood up. He stood up as well. “You think you can just do that and get away from me?”  He teased, despite the pink tinge to his cheeks. 

She scrunched her face up a bit to tell him, Yeah, I do. She giggled as he started chasing her on the beach. She squealed in delight as he caught her, picking her up by her waist. He set her down as they both laughed but before she could try to escape, she tripped over another thorn bush as it caught her skirt. They both fell to the ground, the soft sand breaking their fall as Y/N landed on her back with Draco on top of her, both of them laughing almost hysterically at their luck. Draco’s hands were beside her head as hers were on the other side of his hands as your Y/H/C was sprawled on the sand. When they both stopped laughing so hard, they realized how close they were and started blushing hard. And with a boost of confidence, Draco crashed his lips onto hers. At first, she was shocked but started kissing him back, snaking her hands around his neck and into his hair. Huh, Draco thought. Her lips are very much kissable. When they pulled apart for air, Draco pressed his forehead onto hers affectionately, he chuckled lightly. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He whispered. “Then do it again.” She challenged, biting her bottom lip slightly. Draco smirked at her but pressed his lips back onto hers, kissing her softly and slowly. When he pulled away this time, he quickly pecked her nose, making her giggle. 

“So…are we dating now?” She asked. “Hell yes.” He responded. They both laughed a little. Then they heard the bell ring. “Oh no!” Y/N stressed, trying to squirm her way out of Draco’s grasp. He chuckled and pinned her down. “Where do you think you’re going?” He asked slyly. “Uh, school. The whole reason we’re here. Education.” She explained squirming more. “I don’t think so.” He teased. She huffed and stopped moving. “Fine.” He smirked. “So, are we just gonna lay here and make out?” She asked, cocking her head some. “I don’t see why not.” She smiled some as she pulled his neck down and began kissing him. He kissed back, surprised by her sudden control. He didn’t even notice as she slowly moved them both up to a sitting position. He didn’t notice she’s slipped out from under him. He just held her to him by her waist and kissed her with all he had. When she suddenly pulled from his grip, his eyes shut open to see her standing. She leaned down and quickly placed a kiss to his cheek. “I’ll race you back to school.” She challenged, holding her hand out for him to take. He smirked and took her hand, pulling her into another kiss as he stood up before responding, “Loser has to buy butterbeer this weekend.” She smiled against his lips and pulled away so their noses were barely touching. “Deal.” She muttered before she turned and bolted. Draco chuckled before he ran, chasing after her. Let’s just say Draco is a few galleons short because his girlfriend can run. 

It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve joined tumblr and never did I think I have soooo much fun being a part of the wrestling fandom along with some others and meet and get to know some amazing people. I don’t know why you all followed me to begin with. And now at 2,000 followers, I still don’t know why! But you guys are still here with me and I love you for it. I wanna thank y'all for gracing my dash, making me laugh, making me smile, sharing feels, fangirling and liveblogging wrestling or all the above. Online friendships do exist. ♥ 

Bold are my super faves but regardless, each and every one of you followers are special to me. Believe that. If you changed your url and I missed you, it wasn’t on purpose and I apologize!

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A thank you note, just for you c:

You know, as days pass by, I realize that I don’t say thank you enough.

Life is crazy, and social media can be rough sometimes.. but Tumblr is something that I sincerely enjoy most of the time. It can be such a positive escape from other things. Scrolling through my feed for just 5 minutes can make me smile on a bad day. But, most importantly, the people I’ve met on here, and the friendships I’ve made is something that I will never take for granted. That’s a promise. Becoming part of a community, being yourself, and finding people who share the same interests and passions as you (which in life outside of Tumblr isn’t always easy to do) is such a great thing.

So, to the amazing people on Tumblr that I am honoured to call my friends, no matter what community or fandom you are a part of,  no matter what your personal background is, your like or dislikes.. thank you. It’s not said every day, and it’s not something always made obvious- and although it’s quite sappy- you’re the bestest, and I love you xx

Spread some positivity and greatfulness on Tumblr feeds, and tag the friends and people who make your Tumblr experience (and even life in general) that much better c: