their friendship is the most beautiful thing ever

hearing “i love you” from a close friend, relatives or parents is the most beautiful thing ever, like you don’t have to find a significant other to be loved, you are loved already by the people around you and it’s a blessing

ok but listen... namseok

Have any of you ever considered the beautiful friendship between these two boys? I’m so sad that this amazing ship never gets any recognition when there’s so many beautiful things about Namjoon and Hoseok together. Allow me to tell you why Namseok is worth shipping. 

They’re most comfortable around each other

First of all, Namjoon and Hoseok are the same age. When Hoseok was asked the question “who is the easiest to get along with?” Hoseok said: 

“Namjoon, because we’re same age friends, and we’ve been living together for so long. When I look at him, I can feel what he wants to say and how he feels.” 

When asked about their relationship, Namjoon once said: 

“We’re like rice cakes. (Hoseok and I) we always stick together.” 

In Bon Voyage, they were told they seem like “awkward friends” because they don’t really interact that much in videos. They both confirmed that on camera, their personalities won’t be the exact same. When the cameras are off, they talk all the time about even the stupidest things, but also the serious things, they confide in each other. 

They respect each other immensely 

While reviewing the WINGS album, Namjoon talked about the members and their individual songs and he kept telling how well Hoseok did and how hard he worked on his intro with both the dance and music. Later Hoseok walked in to tell Namjoon he was going home (how cute is that?!?!!!) and Namjoon complimented him again. Hoseok was too shy to function.

Or that time they had a heart to heart and told each other why they were envious of each other. Telling each other what the other meant to the group. They admitted their insecurities to one another and it was truly heartwarming to see how well they can talk with each other. 

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i know how bts has to call each other by their stage names for official events/stages but don’t you just love it when they accidentally call each other by their real names like it just shows how comfortable with each other to the point where it’s basically second nature. their friendship is the most beautiful thing ever.

Honestly tho can we just talk about Finn “pure angel from above” Wolfhard™ for a sec:

- Amazing, stunning actor

- Freaking hilarious, best sense of humor

- Beautiful, husky singing voice

- A1 Spotify playlist

- Never mean or rude to anyone

- Does not end his friendships even though people grossly ship him with his friends

- Embraces who he is and does not try to act like someone else

- Speaks up against wrongdoings even when no adults have the guts to

- Basically the change we need to see in this world

What’s Your Biggest Dream // Finn Wolfhard Imagine


69. “What’s your biggest dream?” “To kiss you.”

21. “I don’t think anyone’s ever said that to be me before”

84. “I’ll pay you to hit me with a car.”

100. “You know my name?”

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and when you start to feel the rush

Summary: dan’s never had sex with a boy and he wonders what it’s like.  phil says that he can show him. (literally just 2009 first time porn with minimal plot)

Word Count: 5.9k

Warnings: smut (blowjob, butt sex ya know the whole deal), swearing

A/N: i literally haven’t written in almost two months but for some reason i felt possessed to write practically 6k words of porn in two days so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who even knows at this point tbh (title from Heaven in Hiding by Halsey)

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Dan had never really been so sure about liking boys.  Sure, he had identified as bisexual for a few years now and he liked the way that felt.  It certainly seemed like a label that fit when he thought about all the cute boys he saw in movies and a couple that he had brief crushes on over the years.  But more often than not it seemed like the other boys his age were too brash and loud.  And yeah, most of the time he was like that, because after all, he was young too.  They were all just trying to figure things out and they would probably calm down with age.  

Nevertheless, this made Dan feel like he would never actually like a boy enough to want to date one.  He wanted someone that he could have an emotional connection with too, not just something physical like all the boys he met at parties seemed to want.

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Even after all this - although I care about you differently - I don’t care about you any less.

        All your secrets are safe with me.
        I’ll still protect your scars.
        We don’t have to speak again
        For me to be on your side.
        I’m on your side
        Even. in. this. fight. I’m on your side.
        The color of your heart
        Is still one of the most
        Beautiful things I’ve ever seen.
        I know I saw but a piece
        A piece of that heart is all I need.
        If this is goodbye, I want you to know
        I don’t care about you any less.
        You are still and always will be
        Safe with me.


Where They Wander: @stayawildchild 

Destination: Oahu, Hawaii.

“It has opened my eyes and my heart toward other people’s lifestyles and cultures. Really, it has changed me for the better and it has made me feel the most alive.”

Take one look at Adrienne’s dreamy adventure photos, and you’ll find yourself wishing you lived in her world of wanderlust. Her never-ending travels are captured in a series of beautiful photos from icy landscapes to stunning tropical oases. Each one of Adrienne’s photos captures the emotion and experiences from that particular trip to tell her travel stories for others to enjoy. Today, we’re chatting with Adrienne about her magical trip to Oahu, Hawaii and the moment that took her breath away.

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closure- h.s imagine


Harry stood in front of you with a drink in his hand and a sense of nervousness in his eyes as he smiled at you. Your face mirrored the same look of queasiness as you stared at your ex boyfriend. “Harry. Nice to see you again.”

Harry nodded his head in agreement. “Always a pleasure, Y/N.” You could feel your cheeks burn as you noticed Harry’s eyes scanning over you as if he was analyzing you. It’s been a while since the two of you were in each other’s presence but Harry still managed to keep you on your toes.

A moment of silence passed between the two of you, the only sound heard was from everyone else enjoying themselves at the party the two of you were at. It’s been years since the two of you saw each other. Do you congratulate him on his debut album? Does he ask how does it feel to finally be out of uni? It was a weird line for you to cross for the two of you weren’t each other’s exes, you were each other’s firsts. First kiss, first relationship, first love, first time. First heartbreak.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.”

You closed your eyes to stop the tears from cascading down your face as you wrapped your arms around yourself.

Harry wiped his bloodshot eyes as he stared at you. “I was drunk. I was so drunk and I was missing you so much.”

Your head whipped towards Harry, your eyes narrowing. “Are you saying that you cheating was my fault? Because you missed me, you decided to sleep with some random girl!” You stood up, suddenly wanting to get as far away from the person that once made you feel like you were home.

Harry stood up just as fast as his hands grabbed at his long locks. “No! Of course not! I wasn’t in the right mind space and that being mixed with alcohol-

“You have some bloody nerve to sit here in front of me blaming alcohol and you being horny. You cheated on me, Harry! I could never forgive you for that!”

Harry’s eyes went wide as you turned to leave. He quickly went to grab your hand but you were quick to turn around and slap him.

Harry stared at you with shocked and tearing eyes. You were breathing hard, trying not to break down in the middle of the apartment. “Don’t ever talk to me again.”

Moving on from Harry was the longest, most toughest thing you’ve ever had to do in your life. Harry was the first person to ever make you feel beautiful and loved. But Harry was also the first person to ever make you feel small and question your worth.

Harry always thought cheating was the most vile thing someone could ever do. So when he cheated on you, he felt absolutely disgusted with himself for a long time. It made him question who he was as a man. You were the most perfect thing Harry has ever had in his life. Why would he let you slip out of his hands by doing such a stupid thing? Why would he throw away not only his relationship with you but also the beautiful years of friendship the two of you shared?

Harry cleared his throat. “I didn’t know you were friends with Nick” Harry pointed out before he took a sip of his drink in his hand. You nodded, wrapping your arms around yourself. “Oh. Yeah, I met him through a friend. Quite a party this is” you said as your eyes wondered around all the colors and fun going on in the room.

Harry let out a small chuckle. “Yeah. That’s Nick for ya.” You nodded your head, your eyes looking everywhere else but Harry. Harry on the other hand couldn’t look at anything else but you. “You look beautiful, Y/N.”

You bit down on your bottom lip as you stared at your empty glass that you so badly wanted to refill. Harry continued, “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”

Your eyes closed momentarily as you let out a deep breath. What felt like forever to Harry, you finally opened your eyes and looked at him. You nodded your head slowly and agreed, “Almost three years.”

Harry placed his drink on a nearby table before he grabbed his bottom lip, a habit he had whenever he was nervous. “Listen, Y/N. I never had the chance to apologize for that night.”

Harry immediately closed his mouth when you placed your hand up to interrupt him. “Please, Harry. Not now.”

Not being able to handle the tension any more, you turned your body to walk away until Harry gently placed his hand on your arm.

“Y/N, don’t you think we should talk about it? Get some…closure?”

You turned your head to look at Harry. “Closure? I needed closure when you fucking cheated on me three years ago. Why didn’t you come after me? Why did you let me walk away?”

Your words shocked both you and Harry. You didn’t know if you meant the words leaving your mouth. Would you have forgiven Harry if he fought harder for your relationship? Would you guys still be together to this day? Would you guys have come to this party together. With how things ended so quickly, Harry wasn’t sure you wanted him anymore. There were so many things Harry wanted to do, wanted to say but he didn’t; next to cheating on you, letting you walk away without Harry telling how much he loved you was a big regret in his life.

You shook your head as you looked up at Harry. You moved your body away from his. “Goodbye, Harry.” And with that, you walked away from Harry for the second time in your life.

You let out a sigh as you stared at your phone to check on the status of the Uber you just requested. You looked up to the sound of Harry shouting your name.

As Harry walked up to you, you wrapped your arms around yourself. Harry shook his head, “I’m not letting you walk away again.”

You shook your head. “Please, Harry. Don’t.”

“I love you.”

You were about to protest, about to tell Harry that he was delusional but Harry was quick to continue, “I’ve loved you since we were kids, I’ve loved you since we were 18, I’ve loved you my entire life. And cheating on you was the most stupidest, most vile thing I’ve ever done. And I will never forgive myself for it. I promised you that I would always protect you from whatever that would hurt you. And I broke that promise when I was the one that ended up hurting you.”

Your lips trembled as tears started to flood your eyes. Harry let out a sniff, his own eyes filling with tears. “When we broke up, it was the hardest thing. Not only did I lose the person I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with, I lost my best friend. I couldn’t tell you how devastating it was when me and the boys went our separate ways or tell you about my album or that I was fucking auditioning for a bloody movie. And you know what absolutely breaks my heart, Y/N? I couldn’t tell you when I could. If I didn’t ruin us, I could’ve. Me and you could’ve been together. We could’ve been married. We could’ve had kids together if I didn’t ruin everything.”

You didn’t notice that with each word Harry was saying, he was inching towards you. Harry placed his face onto the crook of your neck as he let out a loud sob, not caring who saw.

Slowly you wrapped your arms around Harry, trying to choke down your own tears. It was in this moment that you knew how badly the two of you needed closure. You realized that the both of you made a mistake with how you guys ended. Because of your mistake, the both of you bottled up so many emotions and went without each other for too long.

This was the closure you guys needed.

i woke up at like 4 in the morning and i got the idea for this prompt but i swear to you it was me being delirious cause i was like FUCK YEAH THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME 

now that i typed it out im just like eh. lol let me know what you guys think!

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give me headcanons for boyf riends in middle school pls

Anon is speaking my language because I think of this all the time

-they were already best friends at the time because they met in the elementary school, matching bracelets and everything

-Michael had already started realizing he was trans at this time, but brushed it off as being tomboyish.

-because of this Jeremy grabbed scissors and helped Michael by cutting his hair short

-Michael’s mom screamed for about 3 days straight

-there was a time in gym class where Michael really didn’t want to be there so when a dodgeball very softly hit his knee he fell to the ground and started sobbing.

-Jeremy saw him being picked up that day, Michael stopped sobbing for a second to wink at Jeremy

-Once Jeremy broke Michael’s glasses by taking them off his face, yelling “how many fingers am I holding up?” And then dropping/stepping on them

-Jeremy never changed in front of the other guys, he’d always go into a stall and would be called a sissy by the others

-All of Michael’s bracelets were given to him by Jeremy at around this time, they were thank you presents for helping him with bullies

-Both of them got bullied a lot, mostly verbal but there was certainly shoving and even gum-in-hair once.

-Because of this they ended up holding hands in the hallway protectively, only to get more bullied

-and this is when the concept of being gay is introduced to Michael, and he starts thinking “..that might be me”

-the first time he realized he had a crush on Jeremy was when he accidentally exploded ketchup in his own face, Jeremy’s laugh was the most beautiful thing ever, when he got the ketchup out of his face he was entranced

-Jeremy got braces at the end of eighth grade and was super embarrassed of it, but Michael kept calling him adorable and saying “your mouth must taste like a robots!” And it cheered him up some

-they used to have Pokémon battles at lunch, they had full on intense battles and at some points their friendship was tested

-they had full on debates in whether ash should have pikachu evolve or not

-along with this Michael had his very own pokedex and it was his most prized possession

-Jeremy took the school bus while Michael walked home, that is until Jeremy realized Michael wasn’t getting a ride home from his parents.

-he told Michael to ride the bus with him since his house wasn’t too far, but Michael said the bus freaked him out, so Jeremy ended up walking home too

-they had a handshake for literally every possible occasion

-they were huge Cartoon Network boys, Jeremy and Michael used to binge watch teen titans

-Jeremy used to hang upside down from his legs in the locker rooms. Michael would flick his nose whenever he walked by

-Michael may or may not have accidentally started a food fight.

-Jeremy and Michael were both chosen to do a Shakespeare scene where Jeremy was Bottom and Michael was Titania

-Jeremy ended up having to basically snort Michael’s hair

-this was also when Jeremy started to like theater, especially because of the cute girl who was rocking the Puck role.

-he got paired with said girl for a project, and learned her name was Christine and that she was adorable. After that Jeremy couldn’t say full sentences to her

-Michael also started having to listen to Christine rants from Jeremy all the time, it was like being hit in the face with “ah yes my crush is straight” constantly.

-still he helped Jeremy out so much, and gave him literally every bit of advice he could, even though some was from rom-coms

-one day Jeremy returned the favor by jokingly buying a rose for Michael and handing it to him with a “mi amor” Michael still had the rose pressed into a book

-Michael had heelies and slid down hallways with them

-Jeremy never used school bathrooms for some reason

-after a particularly bad bully made Michael’s nose bleed, Jeremy promised him that he’d never abandon him, and that he’d make sure he’d get loved one day

-they usually ended the day with a goodbye of a handshake and: “see you tomorrow right?” “Always” “let’s be cooler tomorrow” “we’re already a step closer”

Okay but rather than their friendship necklace, what if Yoongi forgot to wear his wedding ring one day?? Like the morning starts out really fucking great. Taehyung covers the elder’s face in kisses right as the sun is rising and the first thing Yoongi gets to see when he opens his eyes is his most beautiful boy ever. Taehyung is staring at him all sleepy eyed and cute while he giggles quietly and rests himself on the elder, Yoongi is instantly confused when he brings his hands up to hold Taehyung’s cheeks and the younger’s face shifts into confusion and then a frown.

“What is it?” Yoongi asks with his groggy sleepy voice.


Okay, the elder thinks, that means it’s actually something. Taehyung is wearing that little annoyed fake smile he puts on when something is bothering him as he gets up from the bed. Too bad, before Yoongi can pry more and see what is bugging his husband, the other members are banging on their door telling them filming will begin in a few hours.

Throughout the day Yoongi is legit so confused and slightly getting more and more annoyed because Taehyung seems to be avoiding him.

He first really notices when it’s their lunch break and the cameras are turned off. It’s supposed to be a normal meal where all the members sit together and laugh too loudly and make a mess and so far it is. Jimin and Jungkook are being their usual selves and are basically eye-fucking across the table as poly line, Jin, Namjoon and Hoseok all take turns feeding each other and then dropping food. The only real shift that happens is when Taehyung suddenly slides his hand out of the way as Yoongi tries to link their fingers together.

The other members seem to notice it happened as they suddenly get too quiet and Yoongi, with confused furrowed eyebrows, decides to try again. Slowly, as if he’s slightly scared, the elder moves his hand until it’s right beside Taehyung’s. For a moment it seems like the younger will let him but again, Yoongi is shocked when Taehyung lets out an annoyed sigh and moves to the other side of the table.

No one really says anything about it as filming begins again. The rest of the time is filled with Yoongi trying to get Taehyung’s attention as the younger kind of but not really ignores him. He tries finding seashells along the beach that he knows for sure Taehyung will like, only to have the younger not even pay him a second look when he shows them. Hell, at one point Yoongi even offers to play int he beaches warm water, despite hating getting wet, because he knows Taehyung will always beg to. Yoongi is shocked to find that for once Taehyung says he’s too tired to swim.

At the end of the night, when they are in their shared room and getting ready for bed, Yoongi is sick of it. He’s never been one to drag out fights and has always preferred just having a shouting match and then making up.

Right as Taehyung passes by his side of the bed to head into their bathroom, the elder grips his wrist and stops him.

“What the fuck did I do?”

Yoongi knows his voice sounds annoyed and angry and he probably has no right to be but he can’t help it. Anger has always been his way to defend himself and it’s always been his go to emotion to hide when he’s scared. Taehyung knows that well but still, it pisses him off more that YOONGI is the one getting mad now.

“Nice wedding ring you aren’t wearing.”

The words are quiet but Yoongi hears them as if they were yelled. For some reason, it annoys him. All this time, all day, for every hour since they had woken up Taehyung had been acting like a brat and ignoring him because he forgot to wear his wedding ring?! Yoongi nearly growls as he pushes Taehyung’s wrist out of his hand roughly, the stress of the day finally getting to him.

“You’re throwing a fucking tantrum because I forgot to wear a stupid fucking ring?”

The moment the words leave his mouth, Yoongi knows he’s fucked up. The elder can tell in the way Taehyung’s shoulders deflate and the way Taehyung’s wide eyes fill with wetness he won’t let fall. Like always though, neither refuses to back down.

“A stupid ring huh,” Taehyung’s voice is shaking as if he wants to cry and Yoongi wishes he could just hold Taehyung’s hand like they always do when they fight until Taehyung is smiling and happy again. “I didn’t know our marriage was fucking stupid to you.”

“Tae that’s not what I mean-” Yoongi tries before he’s cut off again.

“I didn’t know that the sign of our love,  the object we wear to show others that we have each other and the object that shows we belong to each other, was fucking stupid to you.”

Taehyung doesn’t even give him time to speak before the younger marches into their bathroom and slams the door.

The next time Taehyung sees Yoongi’s it’s four in the morning. When the younger had finally calmed down enough to hide his red swollen eyes and sniffling, he’d re-entered his and Yoongi’s shared bedroom to find the elder was nowhere in sight.  In fact, when Taehyung had looked all around the house the members were renting, he’d found Yoongi was gone.

It hurt.

It hurt more than their actual fight because Yoongi never left, not even when they’d last foughten so hard they were throwing furniture around as if it was some battle ring between the two of them. Yoongi never left, just as Taehyung never left. The two of them would sit in the middle of the mess and chaos their fight had caused and hold hands until they were both bursting into laughter and apologizing before making love in the middle of their trash, But they never left.

The younger finds himself in their bed, trying hard not to burst into tears again, when Yoongi finally returns home.

The elder tries to be quiet as he stumbles through the darkness of the room and  Taehyung decides to have mercy on him when he hears his husband curse as his foot hits the corner of their dresser. The younger switch on the bedside lamp and the moment their eyes meet it’s like they’re the same blushing hard headed boys who first fell in love with each other all over again.

“You left.”  Taehyung whispers in the most broken voice Yoongi has ever heard.

Yoongi sighs and lifts his left hand up so Taehyung can see the way his ring finger is bandaged.

“I was doing something totally crazy because I’m a fucking idiot in love with the worlds most pettiest boy.”

Yoongi strips the bandage from his ring finger and Taehyung can barely make it out in the semi darkness of their bedroom. His eyes strain a bit and when Yoongi finally moves closer, a gasp is ripped from Taehyung’s mouth.

“Ring or no ring, you own me every piece of me, and everyone will know that now.”

Right there, in Taehyung’s own messy hangul, sits his own name, tattooed on the side of Yoongi’s ring finger in a deep black. Taehyung doesn’t even think before throwing himself at his dramatic husband as tears leave his eyes.

“You’re so extra, I fucking love you.”

Taehyung’s words are muffled as he cries into Yoongi’s shoulder and the elder laughs as he brings his right hand to FINALLY  lock with his husbands.

“I love you, too, Crybaby.”

EXO Reaction: having a crush on you, but then finding out you are secretly dating another member (request)

II feel like I got too into this whole thing for everyone. I ain’t sorry though, it was fun writing this. 

Sorry for any errors.


“Let’s take a break dude.” Kai huffed.

“What? Another break? We just had one an hour ago.”

“C’mon hyung. I’m tired.” Kai pouted.

“Aish, fine but after this break we have to be serious about getting these moves down so we can break it down for the guys”

“I know.” the younger one groaned.

Xiumin threw himself on the bench, looking at his phone to find a text from y/n telling him to have a nice practice. He smiled to himself. He got butterflies in his stomach just reading her text.

“Hehehehe” Kai giggled as all his attention went to his phone.

“What are you laughing about?” he asked. His question went unanswered because all he was focusing on was the phone.

Curiosity got the best of him, and he went behind Kai to peek over his shoulder.”What are you laughing at, a meme?” but as he took a peek he noticed it was a text conversation.

“Fuck!” Kai jumped up and stepped away from him.He even hid his phone behind his back.

Based on that weird reaction, he really wanted to know who he was texting. “Who were you talking to?”

“No one.”

“No one? You don’t giggle at a text from just no one.”

“Okay, someone but i’m not saying who!” he said showing his phone in his pocket.

“Jongin, how long have we known each other?”

“ike practically half our lives.”

“Exactly, so you can tell me. If you don’t trust m then who can you trust?”

“Well, Kyungsoo, Taemin, Junmyeon- with some stuff, not everything-”

“Whatever! Just tell me who you were texting. the only time i ever saw you look at your phone like that was when you were with krystal.”

Kai’s eyes scattered all over. “Krystal and I are over, so it isn’t her.”

“So who is it?!? Dude you can’t jut not tell me!”

“No! She doesn’t want anyone to know we are dating!”

“So she’s your girlfriend?!?”

“I didn’t say that!” he blurted out nervously.

“You just did!”

“N-no i didn’t!”

They both knew he was caught and Xiumin knew exactly what to do t get the information out. “Oh… Ok, how about this? One piece of information for another. You tell me who you are dating… And I’ll tell you who my crush is.”

Kai’s eyes widened “So you’ll actually tell me who you mystery crush is?!?”


“O-ok, but you’l have to promise to not tell the guys. She and I want to everyone about it later. A-an you can’t let her know that you know that she and I are dating.”


“Ok so on 3 we say the names at the same time?”


“Ok… 1 “

“2 “

“ 3 “

“Y/n!” Y/n!” they both said at the same time. “What?!? You like her?!?” “What?!? you are dating her?!?”

“Dude, i’ve had a crush on her for months!” Xiumin couldn’t help but be upset.

“And I’ve liked her for a year! She was the reason Krystal and I broke up!” 

“What the fuck?!? Haven’t you noticed that i hit on her every time she comes over?!?”

“No! I just thought you were being friendly! But she is mine now so don’t talk to her like that anymore!”

Hearing him refer to y/n as “his” made his blood boil. “You know what?!? Practice over!” he shouted as he stomped out of the room. He didn’t want to even look at his maknae. He refused to believe that he and y/n were actually dating.

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Suho/ Junmyeon:

“Junmyeon, I’m sorry, but i have to end our skype chat early.” Y/n pouted.

“Aw, why?”

“I’m going out with friends tonight and I’m getting picked up in a bit.”

“But we were having so much fun, we have’t talked in forever.” he whined.

“I know, I know, but he is going to be here any second and i want to make sure i am ready.”

Immediately he jumped up in his seat. “He? He who?!? You don’t have any guy friends besides me and EXO!” He didn’t want her to be going out on a date. He always liked y/n, and planned to ask her out at the right time. He hoped he didn’t miss his chance. It’s not a date is it?” he tried to say casually.

“D-date? Pft! N-no! It’s not a date. It’s- It’s- He’s just a frined and he’s picking us all up. Yeah, so i got to go now, bye!” She said before she ended the chat.

“Aish, I hope it isn’t a date…”

“Junmyeon” he heard through the door before Chen poked his head in the room.

“What do you want Jongdae?” He groaned. The last thing he wanted was to talk to anyone else.

“SO uh, bro.” Chen whispered as he closed the door behind him.”You got condoms?” he whispered lower, despite the fact they were the only two in the room.

He slapped his hands over his face. “Bruh, you got to be kidding me! We just had a damn meeting going over the dating rules again.” A leader’s duties never ended, especially in the moments he wanted to be alone. “”And here you are asking me for condoms!”

“C’mon, don’t be such a mom!”

“It’s not a one night stand is it? You know how risky those are!”

“Yeah, i know! That’s why it isn’t a one night stand!”

“Oh so  you’re dating someone then?”

“Yeah, I am! I’m allowed to date!”

“But you got to be careful who you date! You can’t just go out with anyone! They could reveal everything!”

“No shit! I’m not stupid! I’m not dating some random girl okay?”

Suho couldn’t help but scoff. Considering their schedule’s they all didn’t have much contact with many trustworthy people. “And who could you possibly be dating that is that trustworthy?”

“Look it’s Y/n alright! We are all friends with her and we all know that we can trust her about anything! So is this interrogation over already?”

“Y/n? You’re dating y/n?!?” He couldn’t help but feel a sense of betrayal . “How could she not tell me? How long has this been going on? What does she possibly see in him?What does he have that I don’t?”

“Look, you got condoms or not? Y/n;s waiting for me to pick her up!”

“No I don’t” he said through his teeth.

“Fucking waste of my time.” Chen grrumbled as he walked out of the room.

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Lay/ Yixing:

Yixing was excited to say the least to be returning from China. Sure it was hard to leave his country again, but coming back to Korea meant coming back to Y/n.

The night before he and her stayed up talking on skype almost the whole night. they both agreed to spend the whole day together when he got back, just the two of them.

Yixing had been harboring a crush on Y/n and did not dare reveal it to anyone. With all his soul, he wanted to tell her, but he was busy enough as is and most of all, the last thing he wanted to do was ruin the friendship they had. What they had now was enough for him. He wasn’t even going to think about considering his confession until his schedule ever lightened up.


Today was the day that he was going to hangout with y/n. She knew drill, dressing in the least flashy clothes, but somehow she still looked so beautiful in her drab disguise. 

The morning was filled with breakfast, walking through the mall in sunglasses and a scarf despite being indoors, and blabbing away about anything and everything.

Now it was the late noon and they found themselves through the park. Every so often his hand “accidentally” bumped his hand into hers and enjoyed the tiny bit of physical contact and relished in the fact that she did not seem bothered by it or move away from him.

“So what else happened when i was gone?” he asked to keep the conversation going.

“Well… something did happen… but i don’t know if i can tell you.” she said looking down at the ground to avoid his gaze

“What happened?”

“Well… I came to a realization.” she smiled shyly.

“Realization? What kind of realization?” he let out a chuckle at her cute shyness.

“You know… One of those realizations where you… where you like realize you have feelings for someone.”

Instanly his palms were sweaty. “F-feelings? F-for who?” his heart raced. He felt like his chest was going to explode.

“… I realized I like Chanyeol, so I confessed and it turns out he likes me back and now we are dating!” she squealed.

And just like that, his soul left his body and he felt he was going to drop to the ground. “Ch-ch-chanyeol? You li-like Chanyeol?”

“Yeah! And I just had to tell someone cuz i can’t keep it a secret anymore.’ she beamed.

He stayed quiet, the horrible news sinking into his mind. “So… Chanyeol…”

“Yeah” she smiled brightly. “But don’t tell anyone. Wee still want to keep it a secret… I just couldn’t hide it from you, you are my best friend Yixing.”

“Yeah… Best friend.” he sighed

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He and Y/n were at her place having yet another on of their infamous movie marathons. He loved their movie marathons. It was never really about watching movies, it was more about them being as stupid as they wanted with each other and not being judged by others.

Right now, the movie Madagascar was playing, but Baekhyun was busy laying on the floor, trying not to laugh as Y/n was placing candies and snacks on his face to make a “food mask”. He had his eyes closed, two gummies atop of them. He giggled as more things were piled on.

“Baek, don’t laugh! You are making all the chips slide off!” Y/n whined.

“I have to!” he tried to say while keeping his face as still as possible.

“Baek, shhh!” she nagged

He tried his best not to move, but when Y/n shoved cheese balls up his nose, he couldn’t just not laugh. “Y/n why?!?” he cackled, removing the food from his face.

“Baek, why did you laugh??” she smirked teasingly.

“You knew that tickled and that I was going to laugh!”

“You should have kept yourself from laughing. I was working on a masterpiece.”

“Y/n, it was impossible not to laugh.”

“It cant be that hard.”

“You think so?” he asked with a smirk. That’s when he pounced. He tickled her sides, making her explode in laughter.


“I’d like to see you try!” he said to soon. 

Y/n magically pushed him off and now she was the one on top of him. “Take this!” she shouted as she tickled him.


He grabbed her hands, not letting them close to his body. With some magic of is own, he got back on top of her.

“HAHAHA BAEK!” she laughed in his ear. her laugh was loud, but it was a beautiful laugh, it was music to his ears. “HAHA I GIVE UP!”

“What?” he asked still staying on top of her. 

“I give up! You win!” she said trying to catch her breath

She looked so pretty looking up at him the way he was. Her eyes in combination with her lips, that was what always caught his attention. He liked y/n for a long tie, but it wasn’t until now that he wanted to do something about it. “I’m sorry, what was that? I can’t heat you.” he teased leaning closer to her.

“I said you-”

His lips stopped hers and he finally kissed her like he always daydreamed about. However, unlike his daydreams, Y/n pushed him off. 

“Baek…” she looked back at him with shock.

“Sorry” he said as he backed away from her a bit. “I’ve just liked you for a while- I just - I just… I don’t know.” he could feel his face burning. It didn’t help that she was looking back at him with such an intense frown.

“Baek, I have a boyfriend.”

“What? Boyfriend?!? When? You never told me!” He could feel his inside churning.

She looked away from him. “I’m dating Sehun. We’ve been secretly dating the last 3 months.” her voice was so soft, she was barely audible.

“Sehun?!? Sehun… Um… I’m just gonna leave now.” his voice cracked. He couldn’t get himself to look in her direction as he walked to the door.

“Baek, you don’t have to leave. We can just-”

“Bye” he said as he closed her door.

“How could I have been so stupid?!?” he thought to himself. “Of course she doesn’t like me! What made me think that she could actually like me?!? I should have known she wouldn’t like me back! Agh, I’m so stupid!”

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Chen/ Jongdae:

It was a wonderful night at the dorm. Almost all of the members were over, but so was y/n. Chanyeol had invited her and she actually had time to come by.

She just arrived and was sitting with Chanyeol on the couch. “Hey Y/n.” he smiled. he went over and sat at her other side. “Oh Chanyeol, Kyungsoo is calling you.”

“He is?” Chanyeol raised his brows at him. “I’ll be back y/n this shouldn’t take long.” Chanyeol said as he left the room.

“So you want some popcorn?” he offered. 

“Ha I hadn’t even said hi back yet and you are already offering me snacks?” 

“Well I mean, they were already finished when you got here.”

“Wow, and here I was feeling so special” he laughed

“C’mon, we made some of your favorite stuff, so you should still feel special.” he said leading her to the kitchen.

“Haha, thanks” she giggled shyly. all cute just like every time he threw a compliment at her. “You know, you look extra pretty today… Doing that for a certain someone?” he winked

“Jongdae, what do you mean?” She covered her smile with her hand. “I look like I always do.”

“Nah, I notice you using just a bit more makeup. I don’t know why though. you are just as pretty without it.”

“Jongdae stop, my face is burning.”

“What? I’m just saying the truth!” He tried to give his best smile. At this point he had been subtly flirting with for months and now he was just wanting for her to take him more seriously.

“And I don’t believe you about your face being hot.”

“Trust me, it is!” she insisted.

“Hm.. Let me see.”

He went up t her and cupped her face, making sure to make eye contact. “Oh wow. You’re right, your face is on fire.” he smirked. “You’re hot.”

Suddenly someone cleared their throat and Chen jumped at the sound. He quickly turned around to see D.O and Chanyeol standing at the kitchen doorway.

“Are we interrupting something?” D.O’s eyes switched between Chen and Y/n.

“No, we were just talking.” he said calmly.

“Let’s get started on eating!” Chanyeol declared passing plates and cups to everyone.

They all surrounded the kitchen island and loaded their plates with snacks. Chen was talking to Chanyeol, drowning out the sound of D.O and y/n’s conversation until D.O said something that caught his attention. 

“Babe, can you grab me a spoon?”D.O asked as he pour chips on his plate.

‘Sure!” Y/n said and without hesitation, grabbed a spoon out of the drawer and gave it to him.

“Thanks.” D.O said.

This completely threw Chen off and he cut off Chanyeol’s sentence  with  “Woah, wait! What did you just call her?”

Immediately the froze. “What? I didn’t call her anything!” D.O’s voice was suddenly nervous.

“Yeah you called her “babe”. I just heard you!”

Y/n looked panicked. “No he didn’t. He- he only called me y/n.”

“I’m siding with Jongdae” Chanyeol spoke up. “Kyungsoo, you just called Y/n, babe.”

“So what’s going on here?!?” Chen was tired off all the pointless talk, he wanted to know if he really heard what he just heard, because it couldn’t be really, it just couldn’t.

D.O and Y/n exchanged looks. “We are dating! There! Now you know!”  D.O said

Now Chen really couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Dating? Since when?!? You guys barely talk to each other! I talk to /n way more that you do!”

““We talk in secret stupid! We didn’t want anyone to know!” D.O snapped.

“We wanted to tell you guys, we really did, but we didn’t want to make things weird when we were all together.” Y/n explained.

“But it’s not like it should matter that we are dating. What y/n and I do is just between y/n and I” D.O added.

Chen clenched his jaw. “You’re right…It doesn’t who is dating who.” he forced himself to say. Seeing y/n so nervous about the whole reveal, he just decided to end the topic. “It’s not like I had a crush on her or anything.” he mumbled to himself.

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Dorm parties were always fun, especially when y/n was able to show up. With their crazy schedule, he barely had time to see her, but when she was able to see them all, she spent most of her time with him.

Now more than ever he wanted to hang out with her. It had been months since she was over and it was in this time that he realized he hated not having her around. He missed her. He missed her cute face an adorable laugh, and beautiful eyes. He just wanted time to go faster so he could see her again.

“Junmyeon, you did invite y/n right? Cuz if not, i can give her a call.” He said poking his head into his leader’s room.

“Uh… Yeah, we walked a bit, she’s coming don’t worry.” he swirled around in his desk chair to go back to what he was doing on his computer.

“But you sure though?”

“Yes Chanyeol, I’m sure.” he said in his mom tone.

“…I’ll text her just in case.”

“Fine i guess.” Suho huffed.

He sent a text, getting a confirmation right away that she would be getting to the dorm at around 7pm.

He had a good two hours before she would be over, so he took his time getting ready and making sure he looked as good as he could.

7pm rolled by and Y/n arrived right on the dot. He was lucky enough to be the one to open the door for her. He greeted her with a smile an a bear hug. 

“Hi Channie!”

“Finally i get to see you again!”

“Where is everyone else?” she asked looking into the packed dorm.

“You know, around. You want to go to my room?”

“Not yet, let me eat first. Plus, i need to find Junmyeon and talk to him about something.”

“Oh, he’s probably fixing his hair in his room again. Why don’t i get your plate together while you go talk to him?”

“Yeah, ok sure! Thanks Channie!”  she then swirled around and went off in search of Suho, greeting the other members as she cut through the crowd.

“The sooner she finished talking to him, the sooner i spend time with her.” he thought as he put her plate together. he made sure to get  all her favorite snacks . “Ok, now to find her!”

Thankful fr his tall frame, he looked over everyone in the crowd to spot her. “… not here.” he moved down the hall. “excuse me… excuse me… excuse me…” he said as he tried to go down the hall, holding the plate above everyone’s heads.

He went to his roo,m ,hoping she was waiting for him in there. “Nope, not here.”

He made his way back in the hall, and went to Suho’s room. “She is probably still talking to him.”

Without knocking, he opened Suho’s door and walked in on something that stopped his heart. Suho’s lips on Y/n’s, Y/n’s lips on Suho’s, his hands going down her wait. Chanyeol’s mind couldn’t comprehend.

“Thankfully” they jumped away from each other. “It’s not what it looks like!” Suho said right away.

“Not what it looks like?!?” he couldn’t help but be angry.

“Channie, don’t tell anyone please? We’ve been trying to keep this a secret.” Y/n whimpered.

His eyes stung., his vision soon became blurry and a lump formed in his throat. “Secret?” He looked between the two of them and then threw the plate of food on Suho’s night stand before slamming the door shut. He couldn’t handle what he just saw, not them , not the people at the party, not anything.He needed to go outside and get some air and just be alone with his aching heart.

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D.O/ Kyungsoo:

They sat on either side of the couch, their legs under the blanket they were sharing.

He never knew what it was about crush that made a person look at the one they liked constantly, but right now he found him self doing just that. Y/n looked so cozy unnder thefluffy blanket, so ccalm as she read the book on her lap. Her hair was so pretty, her lips so perfect, well everything about her was perfect. 

He wanted nothing more than to profess his feelings for her, but each time in the past, he backed out becuase he is too scared of rejection. Right now he felt it would be a god time to finally tell her. They were the only ones inn the dorm and they were just having a nice time in each others company

“Y/n, I need to tell you something.” he said softly.

She looked up at him with those beautiful eyes of hers and he just froze.

“What’s up?”

“I- I - uh”

“Cat got your tongue or what?” she laughed 

Her smile made it even harder to get a word out and there was nothing else to do but to give up again. “Nothing… I just wanted to say that… that i wanted to make your meal for your birthday party next week!”

Her smile grew. “Really?”


“Kyungsoo, thank you!” she jumped up from her spot and went up to him to hug him.

1 week later

He had spent the whole day perfecting y/n’s favorite meal, enough for at least he, the rest of EXO, and y/n of course. Baking the cake was probably the easiest part of the whole day. He just wanted everything to go according to plan. He was going to actually confess to y/n. Plan A was that she was going to love the food, spend most of the night with him like she always does when she is over, enjoy her cake, then he was going to take her onto the roof, look out on the city and confess in the middle of their deep conversation.

However, things weren’t going exactly how he expected. throughout the party, y/v was with everyone else, mostly Baekhyun. He was really stealing her attention with his stupid antics. Only every so often would she talk to Kyungsoo. It sucked he didn’t talk to her as much as he wanted, but she looked like she was having fun, so that was what mattered. Also he used the time to go over exactly what he was going to say to her

“Guys, guys… Hey everyone!” Suho practically shouted. “Time for cake!”

“Cake!” Baekhyun cheered. he grabbed y/n’s hand and they both ran into the kitchen laughing with everyone else.

D.O stood by his cake with pride. He loved seeing y/n’s shocked face when she saw her cake. 

“Kyungsoo, this is amazing! Thank you!” she said, giving him a peck on the cheek.

He could feel himself melt but he held himself together as Y/n blew out her candles. 

It was now it was almost time that he was about to pull her to the side and reveal her feelings.

“Yay!” everyone cheered as they attacked the cake. 

“Guys! Guys!” Baekhyun stopped everyone just asthey were about to eat.

“What could he possibly want to say?” D.O thought.

Baekhyun, cleared his throat. “Uh… um” he walked over to Y/n  “So y/n and i have something to say.’ that’s when D.O saw Baekhyun intertwine his finger’s with y/n’s “…We’ve been dating for two months already!” 

“What?!?” the word just jumped out of him. Luckily for him, his rage came out as shock and it only made Y/n smile shyly. 

“We didn’t want to jinx anything by telling everyone right away, so we dated in secret first to see if we could last.” she explained.

D.O could feel his insides dropping to the floor. He felt light headed noting made sense. all he could do was slap a fake smile on his face as everyone cheered.

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Kai/ Jongin:

It was finally time for the lunch break during dance practice when the beautiful Y/n appeared.

“Hey guys!’‘ She beamed as they all crowded around her in excitement.

Y/n was originally Tao’s best friend, eventually befriending them all. With Tao not apart of the group anymore, Y/n mostly hung out with the remaining members of EXO-M. So obviously she greeted Lay, Xiumin, and Chen with a hug, then hugging a few of the other members she was a bit more close to. 

Kai held himself back like he always did. He just stayed behind D.O and gave her a shy wave like some idiot. 

Y/n wasn’t by often. She had her own friends, her own life, plus their own schedules were crazy. He and Y/n didn’t really talk much, they weren’t too close. He would try to talk to her and she would try to talk to him, but in the few time they did interact, he would get tongue tied and come off as word, but not a good weird like Baekhyun or Chen. But he knew alot about her from what the other members have said about her and from eavesdropping on her conversations with the other members. He might not have been close to her (because of his own fault), but he had a really big crush on her and he couldn’t get past it.

“Guys, I haven’t seen you all in forever!” he smiled that perfect smile that always made his heart skip a beat.

“So i have some news to tell you guys, but I won’t tell you guys until after I buy you all lunch!” she offered.

“Y/n, no, you don’t have to buy us all lunch.” Lay said walking up to her. 

“Yeah, you don’t have to” they all said.

Yixing, guys, it’s fine. I am just in a really good mood today, so let me get you all something from that new cafe around the corner. How does that sound? Cuz I’m not taking no for an answer.” she said through her smile.

“Yay!” they all cheered awkwardly.

“So who wants to come with me and help me carry everything?” Finally a chance for him to not be a coward and actually talk to her. 

“I will.” “I will!” he and Lay said at the same time.

They both looked at each other. “Jongin, you don’t have to. You practiced really hard today so you should have a nice rest.”

‘Nah Yixing, I’m not tired at all. Plus, you just got back a few days ago , you should rest instead.”

“No, it’s okay-”

“Yixing, don’t worry about it. Jongin, made a good point, just sit down and rest.” Y/n said.

Lay sat back down.

“Oh shit! What did i just make myself do?!?” he thought. “Now I am going to be alone iwth her for like 15 minutes! What am i going to say?!?” he panicked as they walked out of the studio.

“So how have you been?” he asked first. “We haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Oh, you know, here and there, skyping Tao, fangirling over him and you guys constantly.” 

He let out a nervous chuckle. “ And how is Tao?”

“He’s good. He misses you guys.” She said as she opened the door to the cafe.

“Upon entering the building, he lifted up his face mask, making a sad attempts to keep people from recognizing him in the crowded area and pushed his hair into his beanie.

Y/n learned a thing or to about the unspoken rules, so she knew that they wouldn’t be talking while they were in the cafe. 

The orders didn’t take long. And they were son walking out with arm fulls of food.

“So I heard you and Krystal broke up… How are you taking it?” Y/n said in a soft voice.

He only shrugged. “Things weren’t working out, schedules and all that.” that was only partially the reason. The other reason was his crush for y/n. He felt bad that his crush kept him from focusing on Krystal. It didn’t seem fair to date someone if his whole heart wasn’t in it. 

“Ah, sorry to hear that.”

“Eh, its alright, I kinda moved on. I like someone else now.” Instantly he shut his mouth. “Did I really just say that?!?” he thought.

“Well that’s good! Who do you like? Do I know her?!?” she asked eagerly.

He just shook is head shyly.

“Are you goinng to confess to her?”

Again he shook his head.

“Jongin, you should! You’re a catch!”

He could feel his face burning.

“You should tell her… You know I had a huge crush on someone and I finally confessed.”

He stopped walking, “What?”

She stopped with him, a huge smile on her face. “And we are dating right now!” she squealed

“Wa? Who are you dating? Do we knnow him?”

She came cup close. “Yixing!” she whispered.


“Yeah! That’s why I dropped by! We are going to tell everyone, but act surprised when we announce it!”

“Y-yeah, no problem.” he mumbled

“Thanks! And, take my advice Jongin. It might work out of you put yoursefl out there.”

“…Yeah …” He fake smiled. “…Yeah…. Should have thought about doinng that sooner.” he said to himself.

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“So that’s what I want to do with my life I guess…” Y/n concluded.

“Well that’s interesting. Knowing you, I am sure you will accomplish all that.” he smiled genuinely. 

He looked over to the end of his bed where Y/n sat. Y/n was a great person, a great friend. He was sick and the second she found out, Y/n rushed over to take care of him. She was a great friend, but was someone that he wanted as more than a friend. Lately she had been over at the dorm alot more often and her coming over just to look after him, he couldn’t help but feel maybe she had similar feelings for him. 

“But I’ve been talking way too much. You talk Sehun.”

“I don’t mind. I like hearing you talk.” He was too sick to talk in a full voice.

“You’re too nice” she giggled.

He shrugged like it was no big deal. “Yeah, I get that alot.” 

“And you’re humble too.” she added sarcastically.

“So what is your type of guy?” he asked “randomly.

“What? Why are you asking me that?” her eyes shifted all over.

“I don’t know, just to keep the conversation going.”

“Well, what is your type?”

““I asked you first.”

“And I asked you second!” 

He let out a chuckle, smitten by her childishness. “I can’t say I have a real type.”

“Or are you really not interesting in girls?” she asked teasingly. 

“Hey, I said my type is no type, so now you tell me your’e type.”


“C’mon! Now can you tell a sick person no?”

“…I … Well I can’t really have a type of i am already dating.”

“Wait what?”

“Cu i feel “what is your type” is a question you ask a single person that is looking for someone to date… I am not looking for someone to date.”

“But who are you dating!?!? When did you start dating someone?!?”

“Don’t freak out okay? I am only going to tell you this cuz you are my best friend… and i can;t keep it in anymore… but don’t tell anyone!”

Y/n took his silence ans his intense eye contact s a yes. “ So about a few weeks ago… Xiumin confessed to me and I have liked him forever and I said yes and we’ve been dating ever since!” she squealed.

“Xiumin?!?” he coughed.

“Yeah! He’s so hot and mature, but also cute and-” she babbled on and on as she gushed over his hyung. Every word was a stab to his heart and all he could do was sit back and let her talk, sad that she was smiling about someone that wasn’t him.

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-Admin Boat


Part 2:

Keith was sure Lana was trying to kill him.
Ever since the ball she had been much more confident and open. Which don’t get him wrong he was super proud of her for.
However the problem was that she no longer covered as much.
It started with her wearing shorts for training.
Then just one of Hunks large shirts for pjs.
Then the point that really pushed Keith over the edge was when she walked into breakfast just wearing one of Keith’s black vests and no pants.
He didn’t have anything against it.
In fact he loved seeing her feeling so relaxed around them.
He just wished he could stop having to pick his jaw up off the floor ever time he saw her.
Keith had foolishly hoped that when Allura had announced a small vacation on a snow filled planet after a few of them mentioned never actually having seen real snow before.
However 10,000 years can change a planet.
A lot.
What was once a ocean of ice, was now a incredibly hot beach with clear blue ocean.
At first Allura had wanted to leave and try again.
But after Hunk and Lana excitedly pointed out how much it looked like home, they knew they couldn’t leave just yet.
So that’s how Keith found himself mentally preparing himself as he sat in the sand wearing a red pair of trunks waiting for whatever Lana would be wearing.
Hunk and Shiro were splashing in the water wearing something similar to Keith just in their respective colours and Pidge was hiding from the sun reading a book under more sunscreen then Keith had ever seen, a pair of shorts, a shirt, pair of sunglasses and a giant hat.
Keith wondered if the reason Shiro kept glancing back at the castle was because he like Keith was waiting for a certain dark skinned beauty in a swim suiet.
Hunk suddenly wolf whistled and Keith turned and he was sure his heart stopped.
He had expected a one piece, maybe even a tankeenie… but not this.
Allura was wearing a a pink one piece with a cut out stomach and a purple wrap around.
Her hair was being held off her face by a large straw hat.
Keith didn’t need to turn around to know Shiro was currently bright red.
However what Keith couldn’t look away from was Lana.
She was wearing a bark blue bikini that formed a x over her chest.
It wasn’t exactly what she was wearing that made Keith stare though.
It was the large beyond happy smile on her face that was honestly the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
“Hey Mullet let’s race ok?” Lana grinned offering him down her hand.
Keith shook his head before taking the offered hand with a smile. “Your on.”
She pulled him towards the water and as she swam on ahead leaving him in the bubbles Keith realised something.
He was completely and hopelessly in love with Lana.
And he knew that because of that he was totally going to ruin their friendship/ rivalry soon as he caught up to her.
Catching up to the blue paladin in water was easier said then done.
Really Keith never actually managed it and it was more pity on Lana’s part that caused her to stop in the caves.
Keith found her sitting on the rocky ledge with a smug look on her face “looks like I win.”
Her hair was a wet mess and she had scrapped her knee getting up on the rock which only added to the collection of clumsy bruises and cuts that covered her legs and arms.
There was a piece of seaweed sticking to the side of her face.
Keith was melting from how gorgeous she looked.
Lana patted the space next to her and Keith pulled himself up.
“Yeah you win. I’ll kick your ass on the way back.”
Lana let out a loud laugh “please the only thing you’ll be doing to my ass is staring at it while I beat you back to shore.”
Keith joined her in laughing, not even noticing she had moved closer until Keith turned and found her face only inches from hers.
He looked down at her full lips.
“Lana… I.”
“Shut up.” Lana said as she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss.
Keith was certain this time his heart did stop.
That he died and went to heaven, because that was the only explanation for why this was happening.
When they finally pulled away they were both out of breath.
“Guess we’re not rivals anymore.” Keith finally said breaking the silence.
Lana laughed as she rested her forehead against Keith’s.
“What you talking about? As far as I see it I’m up two in a row, I beat you hear and I kissed you first.”
Keith laughed “ok you got me there.”
“I’m about to get another two.”
“Another two?” Keith asked rising an eyebrow.
“Fist back, and first to tell the others.” Lana smirked as she stood up and dove into the water while all Keith could do was stare after her.
Oh yeah he really did love that girl.

Moldova’s Magical Tea: 32k. Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, and—to everyone’s surprise—Draco Malfoy are opening a magical tea shop to revive wizarding tea culture and, hopefully, to bring the community together after the war. Harry, who is unemployed and trying to find his way in post-war society, wants to help his friends with their new business—but that means spending a lot of time around Malfoy. Featuring Muggle music from summer 2001, trips to the Muggle cinema, herbology and magical herbal infusions, and Draco trying to convince Harry that, while he’s still a snarky git, he’s no longer a bigot.

THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I’VE EVER READ. there, that being said, let’s get to the real rec, shall we? we get to experience a Beautiful Friendship between Luna, Neville and Draco in this one. they call each other weird names made from their surnames mixed together. and *whispers* it reminds me so much of the marauders it hurts. but it’s so, so good!! this one involves tea, friends to lovers development, CINEMAS and two oblivious boys being in love with each other. i loved every word. 

Word Count: 1726
Author’s Note: Happy Birthday, Jim! This wasn’t to the point I wanted it at, but I’ve got to get to work, so I had to cut the planned smut and the planned ending…

The first time you saw Jim Kirk, you knew your life would never be the same. There was something about him, even while you were both cadets. He made your world seem bigger. More dangerous. And infinitely more exciting. There was something about the way he looked at the universe with the promise of adventure that made you want to be near him. You were disappointed when he was caught fixing the Kobayashi Maru, and surprised when you saw he’d somehow made it onto the Enterprise. Once the dust settled from the Narada incident, the emergency crew assignments had been reviewed, and you were surprised to find that you were reassigned to the Enterprise, under Jim Kirk as your captain.

It was on the Enterprise that you really got to know Jim. He’d always been this larger-than-life character on campus, the focus of your unrequited crush, which left you filling in the blanks when you didn’t know the answers about him. He was at once better and worse, depending on what rumour was floating around about him. You were innately fond of him, no matter how many notches he scratched into his headboard. But it was a crush, and it was fleeting, and in those moments when you were honest with yourself, you would admit that the idea of Jim Kirk was a heady drug, but the reality would likely be a letdown.

Once you were serving together, you were pleasantly surprised to discover he was nothing like the man you’d imagined. Instead of a thoughtless lothario, he was overwhelming discrete in his romances. So discrete, in fact, that most people didn’t realize he still had any. He was smarter than you could have imagined, challenging the intellect of Commander Spock regularly enough that the Vulcan seemed perpetually frustrated. Unbelievably, he managed to know each member of the crew, and at least have some sort of background information on them so that each conversation he had built on the trust he already had gained. He took that trust, and in turn, returned it, giving him a loyal crew that would go beyond reasonable expectations for one another and for the ship. It was as though he was born to lead.

That wasn’t to say he wasn’t without failings, and you’d definitely seen those too. His successes made him prone to arrogance, and he liked to needle Spock just a little more than necessary. He was sometimes too headstrong. And his disregard for the Prime Directive was frustratingly obtuse. But the positives about Jim Kirk far outweighed the negatives, and you felt your youthful crush fading away into something more like an admiration, trust, and deep comfort. Simply put, you loved him. It remained unanswered whether your feelings were returned.

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Makoharu is perfect. I've seen a lot of anime, a lot of films and series BUT even if not canon their relationship is still my favourite. Best love story ever and noone will convince me they are not in love

I completely agree with this, Anon. There is a reason my OTP is MakoHaru and that is because in my opinion, their relationship is the most beautiful and loving one I’ve ever seen in any anime, film, series, or even in real life.

I talk about the beauty of MakoHaru a lot with some of my friends, so some of the things I’m going to say here may be their words, but there are so many reasons why I love MakoHaru so much.

One of the things I love most about their relationship is the childhood friends aspect. Most of us have friends when we’re young but usually, as we grow older and develop as human beings, we change and then we find new friends, and old friendships are left in the past for the most part. However, with Makoto and Haru, that’s not the case. They have been together since the very beginning; there are only about four months in Haru’s life when he didn’t was by Makoto’s side, at that was because Makoto wasn’t born yet! They were already together before some of their other friends were even born. And even as they grew up, they always consciously chose to be together. Especially the transition from elementary school to middle school is one in which a lot of friendships dissolve and this could have happened to Makoto and Haru as well because they were not in the same class. But it didn’t, because they consciously chose to stay together. Even after quitting the swim club in middle school, they didn’t stop seeing each other or hanging out together frequently because they simply enjoy each other’s presence so much. It’s always better to be together than to be alone.

Another thing I really love about Makoto and Haru’s relationship is their flaws. Yes, they’re not perfect, but that’s alright because they love each other’s flaws too. In fact, they match so well because they fill in each other’s blanks: for example, Haru has a hard time verbally expressing himself and Makoto knows this and therefore talks for him, which he is always able to do because he can basically read Haru’s mind.

Which brings me to the next point, the mind reading. It’s kind of a running gag in the show and the events, but it’s a reflection of how deep their connection truly is. They know each other so well that they know what the other is thinking based on the way they look and behave. They can read it in each other’s eyes. They are so in-tune with each other’s feelings than they know what the other is thinking. Or, like Kisumi said before, their hearts are connected.

There are so many other things I can name but I don’t think this message would ever end if I did, because there are countless of aspects that make MakoHaru my favourite relationship ever, but because I’m trying to keep it short, I’ll mention a couple of other points quickly: the fact that they are each other’s home; that their relationship is built upon years of unconditional trust, support, and love; that the only thing that truly broke Haru was the thought of Makoto leaving him behind; that Haru went to Tokyo with Makoto; that there is nothing about Haru that Makoto doesn’t like; that, when presented with something beautiful, Makoto will always look at Haru for his reaction because Haru’s reaction is even more beautiful than the thing; that when he’s scared, Makoto will hide behind Haru’s back for protection; that even though Makoto’s fears are irrational, Haru always takes him seriously and wants to ensure his comfort; and that their relationship is so natural: they’ve been each other’s best friends for their entire life and they just love each other so, so, so much.

I have to cut myself off at some point so I’ll do that now. MakoHaru is my favourite relationship ever, my OTP, the ship I dedicate my life to. For me, there is absolutely no relationship that can ever even begin to match up to the beauty and perfection of MakoHaru.

If Only

In which Harry loves Y/N but Y/N has a girlfriend

Y/N sat crying in her flat over her girlfriend, Aya for the second time this week with a bottle of cheap red wine in hopes of numbing her pain. It was no secret that Y/N and Aya had an unhealthy relationship. Everyone in their circle of friends grew use to the endless cycle of fighting and yelling.

Harry sat helplessly watching his best friend and the girl he has loved for years slowly crumble to pieces. If only Harry thought.

If only

If only she could love him the way he loved her but the fact is no matter what she can’t. Y/N had been with Aya for years, even before she met Harry and who was he to get in the way of that.

Y/N and Harry met through mutual friends of both Y/N and Aya and they instantly clicked. Harry was convinced they were soul mate best friends and well she was also his soul mate lover. He couldn’t bare the thought of loving someone the way he loved Y/N.

Harry’s thoughts were interrupted by a loud sob echoing throughout the room. His attention immediately turned towards Y/N. She was curled up and sobbing into her knees. “Why am I never good enough?” she asked as another sob ripped through her petite frame.

“Awh petal c’mere” Harry cooed as her scooped her up into his lap and wrapped his arms tightly around her as if he was trying to hold her together to keep her from breaking.”S’alright, yeh okay petal” Harry whispered while pressing soft kisses into her hair.

Petal, a pet name Harry had given Y/N when they first met. It was because he claimed she was the most beautiful, precious and delicate thing ever. At the beginning of their friendship this would make her blush and giggle like a school girl which Harry found absolutely adorable.

Y/N’s cries soon stopped and her breathing evened out indicating she was asleep. A soft sigh escaped Harry’s lips as he slowly slipped away from Y/N’s grip and tucked her into bed.

“I know you can’t hear me, but I love you so much petal, always have and I always will” Harry softly spoke and pressed a lingering kiss to her forehead. He then slipped out to head home.

The next time Harry saw Y/N they were all out for drinks. Aya’s hand was slug around Y/N as she whispered in Y/N’s ear causing a giggle to escape her lips. Harry glared intently at the couple and if looks could kill there was no doubt that Aya would be dead

Harry watched as Y/N’s giggles turned to scowls and then to her storming off and that was the funny thing about Aya and Y/N. One minute they were the happiest couple and the next they were doing and saying everything in their power to hurt each other.

“Well aren’t you smitted” Nick spoke as he approached Harry with a smirk plastered across his face. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed, it’s so obvious yet she’s so oblivious to it and also you haven’t taken your eyes off her for the night” Nick continued. “Shut it mate” Harry grumbled before walking over to Y/N.

“Hi there petal” Harry spoke as he approached Y/N, his voice laced with sympathy. “Hi H, I’m okay don’t worry” she replied as she leaned in to give Harry a hug.

“Petal yeh know I love you and want what’s best fo’ yeh yeah?” A loud sigh escaped Y/N’s lips because she knew exactly where this was going. “Why do yeh stay with her if she continues to treat you like shit” Harry questioned.

Y/N could feel her blood boiling and anger bubbling within her. She hated when people asked that, she hated when people gave her pity because of her fucked up relationship.

There were only a few things Y/N hated in this world and pity was one. She absolutely despised pity.

“You just don’t understand!” Y/n exclaimed her voice laced with desperation and anger. “No one seems to fucking understand.” She continued “All you and everyone else seems to do is fucking take pity on me and I hate it.” she cried.

Harry was shocked to say the least, she was never one to get angry. “Baby yeh know tha’ s’not it” Harry calmly spoke his eyes conveying sympathy.

“Stop that!” Y/N yelled. Harry’s brows furrowed in confusion. “Stop what petal?” Harry asked. “Stop looking at me like that, like I’m going to fall to pieces!” she screamed her voice filled with frustration.

“I don’t need this in my life.” she muttered before storming out of the pub and with Harry hot on her heels chasing after her while her so called girlfriend Aya stood at the bar effortlessly flirting with another girl causing Y/N’s heart to break even more if possible.

“Petal please, yeh need t’ calm down f’ me!” Harry yelled from behind her.

Y/N’s head suddenly snapped in the direction of Harry. “Calm down? Didn’t you fucking hear me?” she questioned her voice laced with anger. “I said I don’t need this bullshit in my life Harry, I don’t need pity and sympathy and I sure as hell don’t need you!” She yelled before storming off to God knows where.

And that was it.

Harry felt his heart shatter into a million pieces and he swore his entire world came crashing down right then and there.

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