their friendship is the cutest on a show full of adorable things

Just a Pretty Face

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Steamy kissing? So much fluff you’ve been warned

Word Count: 12, 175

Summary: Reader is Peter Parker’s best friend and realizes they are hopelessly in love with him while sifting through all the milestones in the relationship.


A/N: This is my very first fic! I know it’s really long; I may or may not have gotten carried away. It’s mostly a series of memories leading to the point I guess? I read this over before posting it and cringed for my life but here goes nothing! I am a science student, not a writer so please forgive its crappiness. I hope you enjoy it!

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I learned early on in life that being a female I’d have to face many more challenges than any male whether it was in a school setting, career or even buying a god-damned car. My mother told me that even something so mundane like buying car would be another challenge to face with sexist stereotypes. When a man walks into a dealership he is asked what kind of car he is looking for; the specs and all. When a woman walks into a dealership she is asked what color she’s looking for.

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yo,, hit me up with them sweet sweet jared x reader headcanons

u asked for it BETCh i love my meme boy

(these aren’t laid out like normal headcanons i know but i’m not even sure if they are headcanons?? they’re kinda just big chunky paragraphs what i think dating jared is like,, also i’m p sure all the readers pronouns are gender neutral ! correct me if i’m wrong :) )

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The Gillian Experience: Fans at Streetcar

So many fans were lucky enough to see Gillian perform as Blanche DuBois in Streetcar last summer, watching her perform her heart out on stage night after night. What struck me the most, however, was the fan experience– how Gillian impacts her fans through her performance, and her interactions with them. 

Whether you wrote about it, painted it, made it, or created it, Streetcar took over Tumblr, and below is a little sampling of just how much the play, her performance and her interactions changed the lives of so many. 

Note: This is by no means a full telling of every Streetcar write-up or art piece. I apologize if yours was left out – I can promise you that it was not intentional. 

Fan Art by: @mulderswaterbed

“I wish there were a way for Gillian to understand that she has given rise to so many wonderful friendships. Because of her, I have met and become friends with some incredibly strong, smart and witty women from all over the world , that I would never have met otherwise. It was so lovely to see all of them again and incredible to experience the play with them.” Source: @gladlybeyondanyxperience

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Gryffindor!Mingyu & Slytherin!Minghao

•has a yearly tradition of buying one of every single snack when the lady with the cart of goodies passes him on the train
•he’s not wizard born, both his parents are muggles, so his first year he was like “weird looking/moving food? Sign me tf up”
•it’s been tradition ever since
•let’s be real it’s the main reason that Soonyoung and DK sit with him on the train rides
•once during the prank war between Gryffindors and Slytherins (see Hufflepuff!Joshua and Slytherin!Jihoon post to understand), Chan slipped him what he thought was a shrinking potion.
•But in actuality it was a growing potion.
•so 6 foot tall Mingyu became 9 foot tall Mingyu
•the effects of the potion latest a week and Mingyu had to be excused from quidditch practice because he couldn’t fit on the broom…
•was peer pressured by Seungcheol to join the quidditch team and is like “mehhh” about it until you get the the quidditch game
•then he’s competitive and determined af
•the reason Seungcheol wanted him on the team is because he saw Mingyu sprint across the castle from the dining hall to divination because he lost track of the time and was gonna be late, and Seungcheol was like “if he can run that fast for that long, how fast do you think he could fly??”
•the answer to that is pretty damn fast as they both found out at tryouts
•he ends up becoming one of the chasers for the Gryffindor team
•the only thing Mingyu had to practice a lot to get good at was catching the freaking quaffle because he’s a clumsy giant and kept dropping it accidentally
•Mingyu: *drops quaffle from 100ft in the air*
•Seungcheol: “gOd dAMn iT, go get it!!”
•is dorm roomies with Seungcheol and vry happy about it
•just came here to have a good time and learn magic n stuff but Seungcheol and Vernon are always dragging him into their messes
•Seungcheol and Vernon are always tryna prank the Slytherins but Mingyu just wants to live in peace and not be targeted for revenge
•it’s hard for him to stay inconspicuous when it comes to pranking because he’s really freaking tall (he literally stands out of a crowd) and has like the worst poker face. Precious tol bean
•Mingyu: *walks into the dining hall with a really awkward/uncomfortable smile*
•Chan: *blows whistle* “TAKE COVER”
•all the Slytherins duck under their tables and then the cakes that were on those tables explode
•Seungcheol and Vernon just look at Mingyu with the most disappointed look
•they learn to stop including Mingyu if they want to be successful
•anyway moving on
•every year, the new first years are kid of wary/cautious around him because he seems like a tall, intimidating guy
•but then he runs into a pillar or almost falls off the moving stairs and they’re like “oh. he’s fine”
•generally a tall innocent meme who just wants to live peacefully but… naw lol his clumsiness and friends liven up things
•he enjoys it and appreciates them but he won’t say it directly
•he’ll bake Seungcheol and Vernon cookies or some shit and they’re just so skeptical about it
•Vernon: “did you poison these? Have we personally wronged you somehow? Idk what it was but I’m sorry please don’t kill me with these”
•Seungcheol: “no no I don’t think that’s it, he would have nowhere to hide our bodies. I think he did something wrong and we’re gonna lose house points or something so he’s trying to get on our good side before it comes to light”
•Mingyu: “wow I literally just made you cookies and I’ve been personally attacked. I’m gonna eat all three dozen of these with the Hufflepuffs, they’re way nicer than you guys”
•Seungcheol: “Mingyu we’re sorry come bACK”
•and Mingyu does come back and the positive vibe is restored via eating cookies and goofing off, what these three do best

•was really psyched to go to a wizarding school because he didn’t have any wizard/witch friends growing up
•until he got on the train and saw Vernon try to snort smarties because Soonyoung told him “it’s a thing the muggle kids do”
•Minghao was freaking out on the inside like “dear god… They’re idiots… I thought wizards would be more mindful people like me…”
•so he decided to keep observing the people on the train before actually initiating a conversation with anyone
•he sat down in an empty seat and started ‘reading’, but he was actually listening to everyone interact and figuring out who he might be able to tolerate for the next seven years
•the thing that got him to finally decide someone was okay to talk to was when Seungcheol accidentally elbowed Jun in the face as they were passing each other in the narrow hall of the train, and Jun started swearing in Chinese because ow
•Minghao looked up from his book so fast he got whiplash but was like “HIM. IT HAS TO BE HIM”
•Minghao’s thinking “we can talk shit about people right in front of them and they won’t know what we’re saying” (honestly, friendship goals)
•and he’s also thinking “if I have a friend that speaks my native language, maybe I won’t feel so homesick” but he doesn’t acknowledge that feeling bc he’s tryna be tough
•so Minghao walks over to Jun and is like “you okay?” in Chinese and Jun is just like !!! New Chinese buddy??
•they sit together and by the end of this train ride they’re close friends and have talked a lot of shit. About eVeRyOnE except that one kid Joshua because like they tried to find something bad to say about him and literally couldn’t?? Like why is an angel on this train??
•they gossip lightheartedly, obviously they’re not really hating on everyone
•they’re just being like “how many times do you thing Vernon will silently stare at Seungkwan until he stops talking and pays attention to him”
•casually blunt observers
•turns out Jun and Minghao both planned to try out for the quidditch team even before they got to Hogwarts
•the Slytherins captain at the time was like “listen all you people wanting to try out, it’s not gonna be easy”
•the people who really wanted a position on the team were the ones who stuck through all the tough drills and training
•and the only two left in the end for the two open spots were Jun and Minghao
•Minghao earned the position of beater (not even a little surprised) and Jun was made a Chaser
•the literal definition of resting bitch face. He does not look approachable by any means if he’s by himself
•he also looks really stylish in his robes by adding accessories and doing his make up real nice, etc. But to some people that can be a little off-putting because wow?? This person has their shit together enough to accessorize?? I sure don’t.
•so that adds to the 'unapproachable’ vibe.
•but when Minghao is talking to one of his friends, he has the cutest happy expression on his face
•the kind of loving look that everyone wants someone to look at them like that
•at first everyone thought that Minghao and Jun were dating because they spent so much time together
•when someone nosy *COUGH CouGH s e u n g k w a n* asked them about it, it ended up a lil something like this
•Jun: “you think I’m dating Minghao? I have this thing called standards, don’t kid yourself”
•Minghao: “why would I date the moron who’s probably backhugged every other boy in this school. Do I look like the kind of person to settle for an idiot like that”
•Jun & Minghao: *shrug at each other, fist bump, and walk away together*
•Seungkwan: “????? the fuck”
•so yeah they’re not dating, just besties that enjoy roasting not only other people, but each other
•because let’s be real if you can’t roast your friends, are you really even friends???
•When it comes to the prank war… You do nOT want to go up against Jun and Minghao
•because they only prank together and they have no mercy
•like you thought Monsta X’s No Mercy would make you cry?? Jun and Minghao’s wrath is worse
•y'all thought getting hexed by Jihoon was bad… At least that only lasts like 15 minutes, max. (Except for that one time… rip DK… but that’s a whole other story)
•these assholes will prank you until you break and beg them to stop
•they will not stop until you admit that they win
•if you tell them they’ve won, they’ll never bother you again.
•they don’t do any really harsh pranks, they just keep bothering you incessantly until you give up
•Jun is mainly the execution of these pranks, and Minghao is the brains behind it
•moral of the story, don’t try to fuck with them lmao
•Minghao’s favorite class is Care of Magical creatures and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me
•he tries to be cool, like “hmm I’m a Slytherin, I don’t care too much for this” but homeboy skips his classes sometimes just to go pet and feed Buckbeak (catch me sobbing, what a soft cutie)
•if you ask him nonchalantly a question about a creature he’ll pull up a projector and show you a PowerPoint full of fun facts about whatever creature you asked about, full of adorable pictures of said creature
•even if it’s a visually… challenged… (deadass ugly) creature, Minghao will describe it like it is the most precious thing and will convince you that it is precious. Because no one has the heart to disagree with this boy who’s so excited about these creatures??
•he is accidentally very cute
•just wants to be seen as independent and manly but is a spacey and cute boy

HP!headcanon - BTS V

|| WIZARDINGBIAS - where your fave bands live in hakho’s hogwarts au ||

Character Headcanons
↳ BTS V // Taehyung Marshall // Gryffindor

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  • okay this boi will be the death of me and im not even a taehyung stan
  • Why is this boy a Gyffindor?
  • lemme tell ya listen up, buckle up, put on that strap
  • strap on
  • more under the cut hoes

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My Fave P101 contestants

Ong Seungwoo - He is the absolute cutest dork and I love his attitude and dance. I really want him in the top 11 as I don’t think Fantagio have another boy group planned for a while. This boy needs to debut. 

Hong Eunki - Obviously. I loved this boy from the start when he was the first to sit on the number 1 chair but give it up without a fight. I won’t say his audition was amazing but his freestyle dance that needs to be released was awesome and then him in the dance battle was the best thing on the entire show. 

Kang Daniel - My baby squish. I was disappointed with my boi but he apologized and he’s honestly such a sweetheart so I can’t stay mad at him. Also he absolutely adores his members, look how happy he was when Jisung got the number 3 seat, he almost fell off of his own. He can sing, rap and dance along with b-boying. 

Kim Jaehwan - His voice is the best on the competition in my opinion, I love Woodam and Sewoon but this guy has such a unique feel to his voice. Also his part in Sorry Sorry was the best part of the performance. He needs to work on his dance but apart from that he’s ready to debut

Yoo Seonho - He improved so quickly and his visuals in his sorry sorry stage were amazing. He can also play piano like a pro. I know a lot of people are rooting for the other cube trainee but Seonho seems more ready to debut at this moment.

Yoon Jisung - Memesung. He is so funny and cute. He honestly needs to debut as he’s 27 and this will be a great opportunity for him.

Ahn Hyungseob - Wen’t from D grade to A grade like a flash. He’s full of talent, passion and humor which  the final group would benefit from. 

Kang Dongho  - He’s sexy and cute at the same time and he’s got a voice from heaven. Now that Nu’est are back on track I want this giant muscled baby to get into the final group. 

Kim Jonghyun - Also, the group would be nothing without a good leader and why not one with 5 years of experience who knows what he’s doing and will stand by his members. 

Kim Samuel - I don’t think mnet are appreciating him enough and he’s been relying on his fans. He can dance well and his singing is good but he has been shown to do anything amazing yet so I’m waiting for this next performance to blow me away as I know he has it in him to slay. 

Kim Yongjin - He can rap and dance and even sing apparently. Also he’s a twerking God. I liked him since my friend said she was freaked out by his cringey introduction which I watched and found hilarious. I love the fact he tried his hardest in the Mansae stage and he was an energetic performer. Appreciate him guys. 

Takada Kenta - I can’t believe mnet didn’t broadcast his audition, it was one of the best solos. He is so cute and nice and his fashion is the best. Give this boi some more screentime pls mnet.

Lee Daehwi - I liked him at first and then I didn’t but now I’m slowly starting to see the error of my ways. He can sing definitely but I want to see a bit more of his rapping and dancing in the future as in those departments he’s shown nothing outstanding.

Jung Jung - Acrobatics king. He has some of the most underappreciated visuals in the competition and the best body. His improv  with Eunki was everything and I love their friendship so much. I want to see more of him slaying.

Park Woojin - He is an an amazing dancer but he doesn’t seem to be getting any recognition? Maybe because he’s a shy bean that was to shy to go up on stage during the dance battle despite being one of the best. I can’t wait to see him slay his next performance. 

Lee Woojin - Baby. He can’t be split up from Ong and Daniel, they’re like a little family unit which I love. Because his voice hasn’t broke yet, it’s really angelic and I would love to hear it in the final groups songs. However, I’m worried about his voice breaking during promotions and having to carry on because of his contract. I don’t want that so i’m on the sidelines with this one. Either way he’s in a talented band called East Light. 

Lee Insoo - I remember enjoying A6P and then seeing him on Boys24. There’s only so many chances a person takes and I don’t see him trying any more after this and I wouldn’t blame him. He’s probably the best rapper on the show, I mean watch his audition on Boys24.

Noh Taehyun - Krumping king. Another great dancer with attitude twice the size of his height. He has an amazing personality and I can’t believe mnet ever even tried to evil edit him the snakes.

Lim Youngmin - Alpaca man. His red hair is so gorgeous and I feel like him and Youngmin need more screentime as they are both so good and deserve as much appreciation as Daehwi. He’s also another good leader. 

Yoon Heeseok - My jelly boi. I was looking forward to Jellyfish from the start and when I saw his resemblence to N I fell even more in love even tho his audition wasn’t the best. He is so beautiful and he went up to B grade from F so pay attention. He has some mighty fine vocals and can dance but he needs more screentime. 

Answering asks #2

l-der asked:

I think your theory is really close with what actually happen bw TaeJin. I feel something is off too. Jin said he close to V but they did not bond that well to consider as close in that period of time. Can I ask for your fav TaeJin moment? and What kind of bf do you think Tae/Jin is?

Ahhh thank you for your asks sweetie! As I said, I’m gonna answer you with 3 master posts ok!

FIRST PART: “Jin said he close to V but they did not bond that well to consider as close in that period of time." 

I mean these are personal theories based on what I see of their interaction and of course we will never know the entire story so all we can do is connect the dots and fill in the blanks.

Mirroring like people who are into each other do:

Yes Jin said V is the closest and I agree with you, their on screen bromance was far from being the "cutest” for fan service purposes so why did Jin said V was the one he was closest to? I think what Jin said explains a lot about Taejin actually, cause they had real feelings for each other from the start, what they had and shared was not for the fans to see, like it was not part of the job, not to promote a bts bromance. It was private, therefore precious.

This is why I believe taejin is real, Jinnie & VV interaction is completely different from the other pairings in the band. Like all the boys are touchy and promote the skinship and the management knows how to explore that aspect for the fandom, they know how to milk the cuteness of vk*ok and even jinkook. So to measure if something is real just by skinship and the kinda of puppy love all the boys display for each other is just not valid for bts. They legit are all superglued to each other all the time.

So to understand whats real and whats showmance, let’s compare Taejin with the popular Vk*ok. When I watch for instance the Vk*ok vids with “proof” that they are a real couple it’s mostly funny cause it’s all about they acting like puppies and two kids playing. Don’t get me wrong, vk*ok it’s totally cute and I get why their ship is pushed so hard by their management but there is no psychological or theoretical evidence of a real affair other than cuteness.

It only takes a minute to compare V in Vk*ok pix versus V in taejin pics, the difference is OBVIOUS, with Kookie he is a tease, a model, defiant, goofy, showing all his teeth with that pretty boy perfection, its all a perfectly staged performance and k-idol cuteness ship glamour to please the masses. No real romantic relationship needs an over the top kinda peformance like that, real couples don’t behave like they need to share their feelings like they are in an advertising. Its all aesthetics and I’m sure they adore each other but can you see genuine romantic sentiment in Tae’s actions? Me neither…

Posterboys, showmance & staged cuteness overdose:

Now if you see taejin pix, V is sometimes kinda shy, sometimes proud, sometimes even awkward, always seductive and delicate, he poses like if he was posing with his boyfriend. There is softness between them, they usually mirror, nothing is forced, no full teeth fake smiles, there is no idol V being all flamboyant, just 2 boys in candid togetherness and sometimes even a little real life bittersweetness in their eyes. Just look at these pictures and tell me that is not how a normal real couple, like your friends or even you and your bf/gf usually pose!

Soft, connected, candid and private like real couples do:

And when we talk about them, we have to kinda separate their relationship in phases. As I said before, I don’t think they had something going on before 2015. But I do think they were already secretly close, back in the start when Jin said he and V had the same hobbies and loved to watch dramas so they were used to stay together until late, I feel that they were already emotionally bonding. It was about friendship and companionship and not like trying to hook up with each other but when you are so young and kinda alone in an exciting different environment it’s most common to fall in love within your inner circle. So I believe V really got emotionally attached to Jin as a protective figure and that eventually became a platonic love.

One thing that also made me believe V was the one who was first really in love, was the infamous “taejin showered together” video. Jin talks about V asking to shower with him like it was something funny to be shared and you can see how V smiles shyly but his body language (hiding his hands, tight lips, turns away from the public) expresses he didn’t want Jin to share that. I think Jin didn’t see (or pretended not to see) that for V their thing was not just a funny bromance.

So basically they kept taejin a “secret thing just for them” without pushing their bromance like the other bts pairings were pushed probably made both Jin and V protective of this one special thing they had that was not for publicity or for promoting the band. There are many videos and stuff of the boys playing around and taejin is low-key sitting together in the background just lounging or something… It was their thing, and not a fan service job. And trust me when you have a very public life like these boys do, anything private is treasured.

To be honest, I think the vk*ok and namj*n push has always been a planned strategy to hide taejin in plain sight, but thats a conspiracy theory for another ask…

Lots of love.

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Lilac: First Love

Pairing: Bambam/Yugyeom
Character: Bambam, Yugyeom, Jinyoung, Youngjae and Jaebum (mentioned), OC
Rating: PG-13
A/N: I really craved some Yugbam as parents and I took the liberty to do that and also made Jinyoung as their kid lol. I’m sorry it took so long but please enjoy ^^ (It’s about 2k long)

Yugyeom panicked as he smell something burnt. His fried rice smoked behind him while he was searching for the cheese in the refrigerator.

“Shit” he muttered under his breath, running to the stove with the cheese in his hands. Luckily, he managed to safe the said fried rice. Cooking was never really his thing but Bambam came home so late last night he didn’t have a heart to woke him up and made breakfast so yugyeom tried to put his limited skill of cooking—that he got when he had to survive everytime Bambam was not around to feed him—on action. Not that bad.

“Jinyoung, has you prepared the table?” He shouted to his son in the dining room. 

No answer.

The dining table was prepared perfectly when he walked in. Jinyoung already sat down on his chair, eyes not leaving the book on his hands, as expected from his son, the smart and perfectionist Jinyoung. Yugyeom smiled slightly, he really didn’t have any idea how they could raise a kid like him.

Bambam was walking into the room right after Yugyeom finished putting the rice on the table and added grated cheese on top, completed their favorite breakfast recipe. Their daughter laughing in his hands from the nonstop pecks Bambam gave all over her face.

“I smeel something burning,” was the first words he said followed by the giggling of their daughter. He was sniffing around exaggerately.

Yugyeom was ready to defend himself when Bambam added, “It’s the smeel of my heart burning with love for you.” Then he winked.

Their daughter looked at both of them, interested.

Fifteen years living with bambam and yugyeom still didn’t know how to react to his cheesiness. While bambam put their daughter down to the chair and ruffled Jinyoung’s hair before walking around the table to sat on his chair, Yugyeom hurriedly took off his apron and sat down beside him, willed the red flush on his cheeks to disappear as he saw jinyoung rolled his eyes across the table.

It was their usual Saturday morning, having breakfast together leisurely while talking about their week, their plan for the weekend, everything. Jinyoung put his book aside as they began their breakfast. Their daughter ate passionately beside Jinyoung, wanting to show off that she already mastered how to use spoon properly. Yugyeom might cry a little bit inside knowing his fried rice not as good as what bambam made but his family still eat it well.

“Cheonsa, eat slowly, darling” Yugyeom warned her gently, afraid she will choked on her food.

“My princess has grown up so much, now she won’t even let me feed her,” Bambam shed his fake tears. Bambam had the biggest soft spot for their daughter. Maybe because he always wanted a daughter that he could pamper so bad, or because Cheonsa was raised by them since she was a baby, or maybe both.

“I want to grow up fast, like Jinyoung oppa,” their three years old daughter announced proudly, looking up at Jinyoung with a big smile, which the later returned just as big. Yugyeom smiled at that and Bambam whined how his princess loved her oppa more than her daddy.  

And that’s how their usual Saturday morning went. Jinyoung mostly silent unless he had something to ask but Yugyeom knew Jinyoung always payed attention to everything going on around him, especially his sister. He also knew Jinyoung always spared his time to play with her everyday between his school and his busy life as a teenager.

“What book are you reading?” Yugyeom pointed at his book on the table with his chin. Bambam and Cheonsa were having an exiting conversation about alien on the side.

“A novel.” He answered shortly, but looking at the expectant look of his father he continued. ”It’s about a wife of someone who could time travel.”

“Sounds interesting. Is it good?”

“It is so far, I haven’t finished.”

“You should tell me when you finish it.” Yugyeom said, adding another spoon of rice on his plate. Cooking had depleted his energy, apparently.


Yugyeom loved time they spent together where his son told him about the book he finished, he felt they became a little closer. They adopted him when he was 7 years old. After years of their marriage, Yugyeom and Bambam contemplated on having kid but when they met Jinyoung, the biggest kid in the orphanage, the kid with twinkling eyes that somehow screamed loneliness, they were sure they wanted to become his father. It’s not easy to crack his sheel and get him opened up to them, but they made it. it’s been five years since then and Jinyoung grew up so well. Yugyeom was grateful they took him.

“Son, Youngjae said you haven’t come to the reading club for two weeks, what happened? Do you want me to drive you later?” Bambam asked.

“Daddy,” Jinyoung whined, “I’m not a little kid anymore. It’s fine.”

“Kids nowadays grown up too fast.” Bambam sighed. “When I was your age I’m still this small,” Bambam motioned his hands to showed his height, “And people still bought me ice cream.”

Yugyeom only chuckled because well, Bambam, indeed was still looked like a kid even when he was above Jinyoung’s age. He was so  cute, still cute. 

They continued eating with Bambam cooed exaggeratedly at his daughter everytime she successfully eat her food from her spoon.

“Appa, when do you have your first love?” Jinyoung asked Yugyeom carefully. 

Bambam immediately turned his head and look at Jinyoung with wide eyes.

“Are you seeing someone right now??” Bambam gasped.

Cheonsa also turned her attention to Jinyoung in an instant, not because she understand what’s so big deal about it, but because she had a habit of mimicking her daddy. Cheonsa is taking her personalities from Bambam too much.

“Is it that scray boy Bum something?“ Bambam preened.

Jinyoung, had been put on the spotlight, sputtered. “It’s Jaebum hyung. He’s not scary and it’s not related to him. It’s just.., just the main character on the book I read had her first love when she was 6. I’m just curious.”

“Oho… I’m sure there’s something.” Bambam started, but Yugyeom quickly stopped him before he went further with the teasing. He could see Jinyoung was uncomfortable with the topic.

“Well, I had my first love when I was 16,” Yugyeom drew the attention to him instead.

“Ah, that noona on the coffee shop? Kids, your Appa always drag me to the coffee shop just to met her. He’s so lame right?” Bambam said in conspirational tone to their kids.

“No, idio- Bam,” Yugyeom almost slipped a ‘bad word’ and mentally patting himself on the back for keeping his language in front of their children. “It was you, duh.”

“Really?” Jinyoung surprised. Yugyeom just nod.

“Really?” Now, it was coming from Bambam. His eyebrow rose so high.


“Really?“ Cheonsa didn’t want to be left out.

“Why you never tell me? You said you like that Noona. Wait, is that why you always drag me there? Not for her? Was I, like, having dates with you, unconciously? Did we date???” Bambam was talking with his mouth full it’s actually disgusting but adorable at the same time with his eyes widen comically.

Yugyeom just shrughed and leaned forward to wipe a rice on Cheonsa’s cheek.

“Was Dad not liking you back?” Jinyoung asked curiously.

“No.” Yugyeom said.

“Yes” Bambam said at the same time.



It became awkward after that and Bambam was a little quiet so Yugyeom squeezed his husband’s thigh under the table and added, “Meeting your daddy is the best thing ever happened to me. And look at us, sitting here together.”



“Hey.” Bambam smiled weakly.

“You should put her on her bed, you’ll get cram if you stay like that too long.”

Yugyeom carefully fitted himself beside Bambam on the swing in their backyard and gave him a can of soda, trying not to wake up their daughter  who was sleeping peacefully on Bambam’s lap, her head nestled safely on his chest. He brought a drink for himself too and his now empty hand found Bambam’s shoulder and pulled him closer. Bambam scotted and rested his head on Yugyeom’s shoulder.

“It’s okay. I miss her. I barely spend time with her.” Bambam kissed the top of her head.

“She missed you a lot too.”

“I was thinking about what you said before.” Bambam said in hushed voice.

“Which one?”


“Oh, me too.” Yugyeom sipped his chocolate milk. He probably a fourthy something and he had changed a lot but his love for chocolate was an exception.

“Why you didn’t tell me?” Bambam nudged Yugyeom.

“I- I was scared I guess. I don’t want to lose our friendship.”

“Is that why you were crying so much when I went back to Thailand?”

“I knew you were supposed to left anyway, but I guess I really was a cry baby.“

“Is, a cry baby.” Bambam cut him. 

Yugyeom ignored the teasing. “You were here only for the exchange study and I didn’t want to burden you.”

“You should told me. I always told you everything.”

“You didn’t tell me you like me.” Yugyeom countered back. “Did you really like me back then?”

“At first, yes. But then I thought you liked that Noona so I buried that feeling deep down inside my heart, you know.” 

“What? Really?” Yugyeom mused unbelievably. 

“ We could be the cutest couple in high school,”

 “Why were we so stupid?” they chuckled.

But that’s what brings us together,” Bambam grins at Yugyeom, earned a peck from the later. “I can’t believe I only found out now,”  he sighed once yugyeom’s lips leaving his. 

“You never asked.” Yugyeom whispered, resting the side of his forehead against Bambam, his cheek brushing his hair.

“Because I’m sure your first love was That noona and I don’t want to talk about her.”

Yugyeom just leaned down and kiss Bambam’s pouty lips once again with more pressure. “I guess we’re fated. God sent you again from Thailand to Korea to meet me. I almost didn’t recognize you when we first met for the second time.” Yugyeom smiled at the memory.

“Yeah, me too.” Bambam pulled him for another kiss. He would want more than that but he settled for a long lingering kiss as Cheonsa was still sleeping on his laps.


"Appa, is Daddy really your first love?” Jinyoung asked him as they washing the dish from their dinner.

“Yes, why?” Yugyeom smiled at Jinyoung. His father instinct told him there’s something going on with his son. “Is there something you want to ask, or tell me?” Yugyeom coaxed, knowing very well his son is so much like him, or worse, Jinyoung won’t tell his problem unless he was asked.

“No, just… Isn’t first love never works?”

“Who said that?”

“A book I read.”

“Jinyoung, what’s written in the book is not always right. What always right is what your heart says.“

"But what if you love the wrong person?”

Yugyeom was a little taken aback by that and shook his head. “You definitely more mature than your age.” He put aside his dishes to face Jinyoung. “So, who is this wrong person we talked about?”

“No one,” Jinyoung muttered, busying himself with pouring water on the dish.

“Are you afraid your first love not going to work?” Jinyoung’s silence only meant yes. “I never thought I will marry your daddy, he seemed so far away.  But look at us. My first love works perfectly. I have your daddy, you, and your sister, and I’m the happiest person in the world.”

Jinyoung looked up at Yugyeom.“ But it’s you, not me.”

“Exactly. It’s me. And You, you’ll make your own story, even greater than mine.” Yugyeom smiled at him. “If you’re afraid to start something, you’ll never know what you can achieve.”

Yugyeom let his word sinked in before he continued soaping the plate, but suddenly Jinyoung hugged him. 

“Whatever happened, I always have you, right?” Jinyoung mumbled on his chest.

Yugyeom hugged his son back, overwhelmed with the feeling of pride as a father, that his son trust him so much, and patted him on his back. “Sure son, sure.”

The serene moment was not live long, not in this house.

“What is this? Are we having family hug session? Why you left us out?!” Came a whine from his husband standing in the door with Cheonsa holding his hand at his side. 

Yugyeom just opened one of his arm to invite him in a huh and in a second Bambam already crushed them with his limb, Jinyoung groaned at that, and Cheonsa fussed to be lifted up to joined the hug.

Yugyeom laughed happily because right now, he had everything he wanted in his arm, literally.

Namjoon Appreciation

Once again happy Namjoon day!!! This post is gonna be all about our amazing leader, Kim Namjoon, they definitely aren’t all of the reasons he’s amazing but they are some, I’m gonna stick to ten reasons for now

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anonymous asked:

list all your fave kdramas which makes u insane bcs the main characters are so sweet

ah so you want the characters of the cheesy, cavity-inducing variety, my favs. i can’t vouch for plot or writing, but i will vouch for these fluffballs.  

  • fated to love you - jang hyuk and jang nara MAKE this show. like literal hearts shooting out of their eyes every time they look at each other. also that giddy feeling of just being in the same room as that person you really like, it’s palpable and makes me want to jump up and down.
  • girl who sees smells - yoochun and shin se kyung unexpectedly have adorable rapport as partners-in-crime turned romantic couple, kissing for evidence and such.
  • high school king of savvy - i still don’t agree with how the ending was dealt with, but i would be lying if i don’t admit on screeching at how ridiculously cute min-suk and soo-young were. it was seo in-guk’s spot on performance as a teenage lovesick puppy that really sold it.
  • marriage not dating - han groo and yeon woo jin constantly have that cute bickering kind of thing going on, but they really knew how to turn up that cute dial like wow.
  • my girlfriend is a gumiho - shin minah is Adorable personified as she steals the show and runs away with it, luckily dragging lee seung gi with her. *flirty finger guns*
  • oh my ghostess - na bong sun/shin soon ae and chep had some of the cutest moments ever, only deterred (for me at least) by the fact that he didn’t know who she really was. nevertheless park bo young and jo jung suk had sparkling chemistry, and behind the same team that made high school king of savvy, it didn’t lack in laughs.
  • oh my venus - so ji sub and shin minah flirt for 16 episodes, plus lots of sexual innuendo, winking, snuggling, dimple popping, suggestive exercising, basically a Good Time.  
  • queen in-hyun’s man - ji hyun woo and yoo inna didn’t go from reel to real for nothing because that chemistry was sizzling. watch her teach him the actual use of a necktie among other, (coughs) educational things
  • rooftop prince - in my opinion, yoochun had the most chemistry with han ji-min, as they cute-bicker and she teaches this old fashion king the basics of teeth brushing, eating omurice, and living in modern day seoul.
  • she was pretty - i know like half the population had second lead syndrome but i was totally on board the main couple, so i was totally ok with park seo joon and hwang jung eum being so-cute-you-want-to-strangle once they got together doing mundane coupley things, for like, the entire second half of the show. 
  • smile you - fiesty lee min jung and beta male jung kyung ho were the most winning combination that they allowed me to sit through 45 episodes of family drama. there wasn’t only one cute couple; did i mention lee chun hee married his co-star jeon hye jin because of this show?? 
  • splash splash love - so!! cute!! so!! short!! but actually just right because it leaves you satisfied but at the same time wanting more. someone cast kim seul gi and doojoon in a full length drama stat.
  • sungkyunkwan scandal - really a coming of age youth drama disguised as a sageuk. yoochun and park min young were still green as actor/actress, but their characters were truly Meant 2 Be. i mean, nerdy scholars!! fighting for justice!! moral support!! love letters in books!! dates in the library!! joseon f4!! fighting over roommate sleeping positions!! the friendship was as great or greater than the romance, also song joong ki and yoo ah-in actually won a couple award so use your imagination.
  • witch’s romance - despite the age difference, park seo joon as boy next door and uhm jung hwa as kickass career woman heat up the screen with their chemistry. also yoon dong ha is probably the most husband material out of all kdrama characters ever.

call-this-place-our-home  asked:

Lily asking sirius to come with her to petunias wedding because he knows how to dress and how to act and together they dance and have fun

So it gets a little shippy at the end, but there is a nice amount of Wolfstar in here as well. Honestly, this could have been a whole fic, and I might do it one day, but for now, have this. I hope you like it!

  • Sirius blinked at her for what had to have been the hundredth time.
  • “I’m sorry…you want me to what?” 
  • Lily Evans crossed her arms and offered him an indignant huff for having to repeat herself for the seventh time. 
  • “I would greatly appreciate it if you came with me to my sister’s wedding.”
  • Sirius still couldn’t wrap his brain around the request. 
  • “Okay…why not ask James? He’s actually, you know, attracted to you. Not that I don’t think you’re swell or anything like that-”
  • “Because Potter would be an absolute embarrassment to bring home to my parents.” 
  • Sirius had to bite back a laugh.
  • “Come on, Lils. He isn’t that bad.” 
  • Lily leveled a look on him that made Sirius immediately retract his statement. 
  • “Alright, alright. But what about Remus? He is half muggle after all. He’d be much better suited to have muggle conversations.” 
  • Lily frowned.
  • “I thought of that, but…”
  • Sirius waited, but she didn’t finish. 
  • “…but?” 
  • “…the thing is…it’s on the night of a full moon.” 
  • And suddenly Sirius realized the weight of her predicament and the guilt immediately began to settle in the pit of his stomach. 
  • “Lily…”
  • “I know. I know you don’t want to leave him on a full moon. I’m sorry for asking, but I wouldn’t do it unless I absolutely needed you to. Potter and Peter will be there for him, right?” 
  • Sirius swallowed hard. What she said was true; Moony wouldn’t be alone for the full moon, but that didn’t make him want to be away from Remus any less. He rubbed the back of his neck and groaned.
  • “Sirius, please…” 
  • “On one condition. You have to agree to go on a date with James.” 
  • Lily’s expression would have changed from pleading to angry had it not been for the absolutely stern look in Sirius’s gray eyes. 
  • “You want me to leave Remus on a night when he is most vulnerable, then that’s the cost.” His voice was steady as he spoke, and part of him felt like an ass for not outright agreeing because he was a nice guy deep down, but the stakes…well, they were extraordinarily high. 
  • “…fine. One date.” 
  • The two of them shook on it and left it at that until the following week. 

  • “What do you mean you aren’t going to be here?” Remus has already not been feeling well, and hearing that only made him want to vomit. Even if he lost is mind during his transformation, he knew he would miss the scent of another dog being alongside him, especially because he recognized that scent to be his mate. 
  • “I made a deal with Lily. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, Remus, but it’s really important to her.” Sirius brushed his lips over the back of his clammy hands. 
  • “You being here during the full moon is important to me,” Remus argued quietly. “What’s so important that you would-”
  • “Don’t say ditch. I’m not ditching you, Remus. I made a promise to her that I would stand in as her date to her sister’s wedding. She wanted to ask you, but well, she knew what tonight’s agenda entailed.” 
  • Remus frowned, then outright pouted. 
  • “I love you?” Sirius wrapped his arms around Remus and Remus sank into him. 
  • “I’m sorry, Moons.”
  • Remus shook his head. Sirius knew he was still upset, but he would be ultimately forgiven. 
  • Remus straightened the bowtie around Sirius’s neck and took him in. He looked dapper in well-tailored shirt and slacks. 
  • “Show her a good night. And don’t do anything stupid, Sirius.” 
  • “Me?” Sirius smirked and kissed his lips. “I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re referring to.” 

  • The wedding was more or less similar to a wizard ceremony (that he would only know because of course he showed up to Andromeda’s wedding and enjoyed good ol’ Ted slipping him the good liquor.)
  • Lily’s sister…
  • Petunia was it? Maybe. He honestly hadn’t been paying that much attention because he was so engrossed by her husband to be. 
  • “He looks like an olive,” he whispered to Lily.
  • “Who? Vernon? Yes, well, not everyone can be as dashing as you, Black.” 
  • Sirius smirked. He never could turn down a good ego stroking. 
  • “You think I’m dashing?”
  • Lily smacked his arm and he couldn’t help the chortle that escaped him. 
  • Lily looked lovely though, and he off-handedly wished that he could print the picture he had mentally taken of her and show it to James and Remus because…
  • Well, who was he kidding? He might not be all that interested in women sexually, but Sirius would be an idiot not to see how stunning Lily Evans was. 
  • Her parents were nice enough (and he couldn’t wait to rub it in James’s face that he got to meet her parents before he did.)
  • He properly kissed her mother’s hand and shook her father’s hand with a friendly smile. 
  • He had intended to greet Petunia the same way, but his gut (followed by the nasty sneer she and Vernon threw in his and Lily’s direction only moment prior to meeting them made him think otherwise.)
  • “She thinks we’re freaks, you know.”
  • Sirius blinked and brought a glass of champagne to his lips. As he looked at her he caught a glance at the moon looming overhead.
  • “Who does?”
  • “Petunia,” Lily said at length, and sighed heavily. Sirius on the other hand, snorted.
  • “If she only knew the half of it.”
  • It was Lily’s turn to snort at that. 
  • “I suppose you’re right.” 
  • Sirius remembered Remus’s words to him and shared her sigh.
  • “Come along, Lily.” He took her hand and set the flute aside just as some muggle slow song came on. 
  • There was a brief moment of horror in Lily’s features. 
  • “What are you up to?” 
  • “Up to?” Sirius laughed softly and twirled her in place. 
  • “Look, we both have somewhere else we’d rather be, but let’s make the most of it. And if she thinks we’re freaks, then we’ll just have to be dancing freaks.” 
  • Sirius smirked and took pride in the fact that he was able to woo even Lily Evans if the setting was right. He escorted her to the center of the dance floor and placed a hand on her waist while still holding the other.
  • “I assume you know how to waltz?” 
  • Lily nodded briefly before Sirius took the lead and carried her across the dance floor, weaving in and out of family and friends, and for the first time that night, there had been a genuine smile on her face. 
  • ‘Mission accomplished, Moons.’
One Piece 852 It’s All Dad’s Fault

I can’t believe the amount of information Oda packed into this chapter! For a chapter between breaks, it gave us plenty to chew on during the wait. For this chapter, I’m going to skip around by topic instead of going through the chapter page by page.

Sanji, Luffy, and The Basket

When we see Sanji in the infirmary, unsurprisingly the basket’s still with him. He’s NOT throwing that food away. It’s sticking around until he reunites with Luffy, and it’s a good thing, too, because Luffy is running on empty.

I found it REALLY interesting when Nami tells Jinbei that Luffy burns 3x more energy than the average person. While I’ve seen this theory used plenty of times in fanworks, and it’s pretty much been a long accepted assumption, I think this is the first time I’ve seen it stated in canon. 

Which means that Oda is going to use this metabolism issue of Luffy’s to create more drama between Sanji and Luffy. If Nami knows that Luffy needs 3x more food than anyone else, then Sanji sure as hell knows that. He also knows that Luffy would starve 3x faster than anyone else. ONE DAY without food for Luffy would then be equivalent to THREE DAYS without food for anyone else.

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I have prepared a powerpoint presentation for @bangtansonyeonderp in hopes of helping her figure out who her got7 bias truly is.
*disclaimer: this might backfire and make it harder for you to choose between the two. whoopsies. 

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Kelley’s Top 10 Season 1 ML Episodes

Now that Season 1 of Miraculous Ladybug is over, I wanted to make a post of my top 10 favorite episodes because…I could? I don’t know, let’s get on with it. Also, this in no particular order, I just like these more than the other episodes. Spacial thanks to @ladyofacat for the gifs <3. (I’ll admit, most of these episodes are my favorite because of OTP moments)

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lifespossibilities  asked:

Alright can you give me a play by play of knk and who they are and what they're about bc I keep seeing them on my dash and i feel them pulling on my soul but I need a guide can u help a friend out

in short, they are the #1 example of don’t judge a book by it’s cover: these boys look so tall and dark and handsome and intimidating right? turns out they’re all a bunch of super extra nerds with the cutest aegyo and high pitched voices and loudest laughs ever. 

S T A N  K N K

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Something magical

Rucas Oneshot
Title: Something Magical.
Summary: Something Magical happens on Riley’s 21st. 
Words: 1200
Genre: Fluffy
Rating: K

“I am sorry Lucas couldn’t be here Riley!” Smackle says softly as she gives Riley a hug making Riley smiles brightly.

“It’s fine really! Lucas’s focus on school is important and if he didn’t have this big exam tomorrow he would have been here. Besides we have next weekend planned for just the two of us.”

Smackle nods and while Riley seems to be fine she can’t help but feel a tiny bit sad that Lucas is missing her 21st birthday.

Riley smiles as she excuses herself to go talk to family while Samckle returns to where her friends are sitting on the couches.

Farkle kisses her cheek as she sits down.

“I am very sad for Riley that Lucas couldn’t come.” Farkle and Zay nodding in agreement, while Maya had to look away to stop herself from smiling. She quickly composes herself though “Well Lucas has big plans for next weekend, so I think that is enough for Riley.”

If only the others knew the real plan.  

An hour later Maya finally has a chance to speak with her best friend alone, wanting to give her present without prying eyes.

“Peaches!” Riley hugs Maya before letting go and taking a seat in the bakery’s own bay window.

“Honey I wanted to give you your present now ok?”

Riley grins excitedly as Maya hands her a small package which Riley takes eagerly opening the wrapping paper while Maya watches on. Riley lets out a beautiful sigh when she sees the gold chain when she opens the little jewellery box.

“Maya it’s beautiful!”

Maya grabs her hand and quickly takes off Riley’s friendship ring, slipping it onto the chain before clasping it around Riley’s slim neck.

Riley’s eyes widen as she takes in everything Maya is doing.

“What…what Maya?”

Maya takes Riley’s hand in both of hers and kisses it softly.

“I just think the rings need a new home, while you may not be able to see it, it will always remain close to your heart ok?”

“But Maya I like it on my finger.” Riley goes to take the necklace off but Maya stops her.

“Please trust me ok?”

Riley searches Maya’s eyes looking for anything but Maya’s eyes only sparkle, so Riley sighs and nods. Maya kisses her cheek before standing up, seeing Cory signal that it was time for cake.

“I will always be your peaches and I love you ok? Remember, something magical always happens?”

Riley nods, smiling as Maya quotes Riley’s writing back to her “I love you too.”


Riley beams at all her friends and family as she blows out the candles, the bakery filing with instant darkness before the light’s quickly turn back on. Maya nudges her best friend “So what did you wish for.”

“Just for something magical to happen.” Riley speaks softly and Maya gives her a smile telling her to turn around. Riley frowns and turns anyway, the gasp escaping from her lips the moment she does. There kneeling down in front of her on one knee is Lucas, with her parents standing right behind him, their arms wrapped around each other.

Riley feels the tears forming as her eyes take in Lucas. He is wearing a white button shirt, opened at the collar with grey slacks. His hair is styled the way it generally is and Riley instantly remembers the times she has tangled her fingers through those blonde locks. His face is radiant, with his green eyes sparkling and the cutest smile. However, it’s the little black box that Lucas is holding open in his outstretched hands is the thing that makes Riley’s heart beat faster.

“Hey Riles.” Lucas says, the words coming naturally as he grins up at her. Riley bites her lips as she steps closer, and even though there are heaps of people in the small bakery, the only person she sees is Lucas.

“Hi!” She breathes out, stopping just a couple of centimetres from where Lucas is kneeling. She feels her hands shaking as Lucas continues to look at her with adoration in his eyes.

“Riley” he begins and it’s like the rest of the world doesn’t exist other than them.

“Riley Matthews, you fell into my lap many moons ago and since that moment all I wanted was you. We had our fair share of heartbreak and tears, but we had many more smiles and laughter on top of that. You are the girl who believes in everything, and has faith in things that most people don’t. You are the person who lights up my life.”

Riley lifts her hand up to her mouth, the tears having fallen a while ago.  

“I asked you a question that started with what if just before I left for Texas to start my college career and you stopped me before I could as with that radiant smile of yours and kissed me uttering the words ‘one day’. Well Riley Matthews on your 21st birthday, that day is today and I am ready for my question.”  

Lucas grabs Riley’s other hand, looking deeply into her eyes “Riley Grace Matthews, will you marry me?”

Riley’s heart swells at the question, and her eyes quickly dart to where her parents are standing, their faces showing nothing but pride, before gazing back at Lucas again.

Riley didn’t even have to think as she nods her head yes unable to form the words, pulling Lucas up off the full and kissing him.

Lucas grins against her lips, quickly separating himself as he grabs the ring from the box and taking her left hand sliding the ring the gently onto her ring finger.

“I thought you had an exam?” she hisses, while admiring the simple yet elegant ring that now sits on her finger.

“I had to plan something romantic didn’t I” Lucas shrugs and Riley shakes her head at him bringing his lips down to hers “I love you Lucas friar.” She mumbles against his lips.

“I love you to Riley soon to be Mrs Friar.”

Riley is finally pulled away from her moment with Lucas as Maya comes crashing into them, wrapping her arms around riley as all their friends and family come circling in to congratulate the happy couple.

“See, something magical?”

Riley glances at her new fiancé, linking her fingers with his “Something magical indeed.”

An Open Letter to Dan Howell

on June 11th, 2014, I was counseling two-week summer camp, fangirling because it was the 23rd birthday of a youtuber I had discovered only two months earlier. I spent lunch break that day watching his videos, giggling like an idiot.

and here I am, one year later, writing him a list of all the reasons he’s great.

now I know you don’t like your birthday; it’s a lot of unnecessary and unwanted attention. it’s people calling you and giving you presents, leaving you with the obligation to say “oh thank you” on repeat for at least a week.

but this is something you don’t have to say thank you for. don’t try to say “oh I’m nothing special” or be bashful; I’m simply telling the truth, and there’s no need to feel like you don’t deserve to hear the truth.

24 Reasons Why Dan’s Not a Fail (yay!) (in no particular order)

  1. He’s attractive. While looks are not everything, it would only be fair to include the fact that you’re cute. From your dimples to your cute lil tummy, everything about you is nice to look at (especially accidental model Dan Howell like that’s gr8.). 
  2. He’s intelligent. While you see your opinions and thoughts on things you’re passionate about as rambling or waffling, I personally find them to be well-thought-out and gracefully worded. That’s part of why I love your liveshows so much; I love hearing your thoughts on things you care about. I (and many others) would be so willing to just sit and listen to you talk for hours because when you feel strongly about something, everything you say about it is so well-put and eloquent and articulate.
  3. He’s successful. At 24 years old, you should be just out of college, still trying to find your place in the world. Instead, you’re living in London with your best friend and working for one of the largest radio companies in the world. You’ve met, interviewed, and played little games with countless celebrities. I mean you and your best friend have written a book and been in an Oscar-winning film for god’s sake, and that’s pretty damn incredible.
  4. He’s nerdy. You get really enthusiastic about anime and music and video games, which is extremely adorable. You whole-heartedly, completely unironically love so many things that most people I know would look at me strangely for liking, and I love that about you.
  5. He’s a survivor. From dropping out of university to the multiple existential crises, you made it. Even when you had no hope for yourself, even when all seemed pointless and you felt as though you had no worth, you kept going. You survived, and because of you, I survived too.
  6. He’s selfless. You care so much about others, sometimes more than yourself. You seem to go out of your way to help others, and that’s something not many people will do nowadays.
  7. He’s relatable. From your reflections on the universe to your fear of the dark (tbh same), people watch your videos and they understand where you’re coming from. Although it wasn’t until I started watching your videos that I started to realize that I have a place in the universe and became self-aware, which is both the greatest and worst thing to have happened to me in a while.
  8. He’s inspirational. Your videos have inspired so many people. More specifically, you’ve inspired me to start making youtube videos. It would be a dream to create content as creative and funny as yours, but just making the videos would be enough. 
  9. He’s heroic. From personal experience, you’re a hero. You - and many others - saved me from myself, saved me when I felt lost and hopeless and alone. Numerous people (including myself) are on the road to recovery from mental disorders because you helped them get there.
  10. He’s humble. You refuse compliments even though you deserve them. You don’t believe you’re anything special when you are. You don’t let people tell you how lovely you are, even though it’s one of the truest things about you.
  11. He’s sarcastic. You’re full of witty comments and sarcastic remarks. From one smart-ass to another, your sarcasm is just another great thing about you.
  12. He’s funny. From your “Danecdotes” to random comments in liveshows, your somewhat dry sense of humor paired with your sarcasm makes for a comedic style that cannot be replicated.
  13. He’s awkward. Just another relatable thing about you is that you’re awkward. As someone who is very prone to feeling alone in a crowded room or feeling overwhelmed in large crowds, I find knowing that you sometimes find yourself in the same situation a bit comforting.
  14. His ironic appreciation. Your ironic love for Comic Sans, swag, yolo, etc. is one of the dorkiest and cutest things I have ever seen. Although I do sometimes worry whether or not it’s all ironic.
  15. His meme-ness. There is no denying that you are meme trash (with a surprisingly good doge face), but you’re cute meme trash so it’s okay. (Also I - a stupid American - am now educated on how to speak Lad so thanks for that, too.)
  16. His laugh is contagious. Whether you’re laughing at one of Phil’s silly jokes or something else, I can’t help but laugh along with you.
  17. His smile is a beacon of light. Your smile is possibly one of the greatest things I have ever seen. You seem to light up a room whenever you’re happy, and your smile is just another thing that glows.
  18. His fashion sense. Although some of the things you wear might seem odd to some people (but they look damn good on you tbh), your wardrobe is something I envy. I always seem to find myself wondering “wow where did he get that shirt?”, occasionally paired with “holy shit I can’t afford that what the fuck is this?”
  19. His friendship with Phil. You and Phil’s friendship is one of the most genuine friendships I have ever seen. I can only hope that one day, I will find that companion. 
  20. His taste in music. Although I personally don’t listen to rap music, I love your appreciation for weird artists (also I used to hate Kanye but now I have a respect for his music). The first Muse song I ever heard was “Panic Station” on one of the old radio shows, and now they’re one of my favorite bands. An old friend originally introduced me to Fall Out Boy, and now - despite not really listening to them when he was still my friend - I own all of their songs (my favorite song is “Coffee’s For Closers” even though that’s irrelevant information). You introduced me to St. Vincent and My Chemical Romance, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the 630-song iTunes library that reminds me that I’m alive. 
  21. He can play the piano. Despite your arguments that you’re bad at it, you’re actually really good. As a matter of fact, I asked my mom if she would teach me to play because of you. I actually taught myself three songs; well, part of three songs (the intro to “Welcome to the Black Parade”, the intro to “The End of All Things”, and the intro to “Terrible Things”), but I’m learning.
  22. He’s a star. Dan, simply put, you glow. In everything you do, you shine and sparkle and glow. You are made of starstuff. We all are, and that is why we are all beautiful.
  23. He’s wise beyond his years. You’re smart, Dan. You know so much for someone so young, and you’ll only learn more as you get older. You have taught me so much about life, about my existence. You know more than I can ever hope to learn, but I hope that you can teach me more.
  24. He’s only 24. Dan, you’re still so young. There is so much life ahead of you. Few people are your age and as successful as you are. There are still so many things you haven’t experienced, so many things you are yet yo learn, so many days left to enjoy.

Dan, life is short. You helped show me that. You helped show me that I only have one life to live, and that I’ve got to have the courage to live it. Because of people like you, I’m figuring out what I want to do with my life. I’ve figured out that I want to go to an arts school in my state to take writing classes during my last two years of high school. I’ve figured out that I want to move to London when I’m older. I’ve figured out that I want to be a youtuber and a writer. I know so much more about myself than I did a year ago.

“I don’t know who I am, but now I know who I’m not.” This lyric by one of my favorite artists (Sleeping At Last) could not be more true to me. 

I’m still young, and yet I know so much about life. In comparison to the vast expanse of the universe, I am but a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of it, and that’s okay. I know death is inevitable. I know that I only have a relatively short amount of time to really live, but because of you and Phil and so many others, I know how I want to live it. There’s so much to life that I have yet to learn, and it wasn’t until recently that I started wanting to learn it.

Daniel James Howell - born June 11, 1991 - turned 24 today. He still has his whole life ahead of him, and yet he’s done so much with it already.

For anyone else reading this, you still have your whole life ahead of you. There is so much life has to offer, and you only have a short amount of time to experience it. I was in a bad place a year ago, caught in a war with depression. Since then, I’ve started to recover. We all have bad days, and that’s okay. It’s okay not to be okay.

But because of this man, this meme-loving, anime-watching dork of a man, I know that I will be okay.

So, Daniel James Howell - danisnotonfire - thank you.

A Letter To The Writers Of Teen Wolf

Dear Jeff Davis and other writers of Teen Wolf,

I love Teen Wolf- it has made me feel a spectrum of emotions and I’m completely obsessed with the show. I wrote an English essay about the relationship development of Stydia and I spent an entire week during classes telling my friend, who was obviously disinterested, the plots of each season with the help of gifs saved to my phone. Teen Wolf has made me laugh to the point I cried and made me sob to the point I needed a full box of Kleenex. But, season 4 has disappointed me. I thought maybe I could give you a few of my critiques.


Everyone loved Allison, she was one of the first feminists in young adult television. Her relationship with Scott and Isaac kept viewers on their toes. She was a role model for girls everywhere, she was independent and totally badass. She was Scott’s true love, Lydia’s best friend and a prominent member of the pack. As fans, we’re grieving. We need to see that her dearest friends went through a fraction (though I’d expect those characters would have suffered more) of the mourning that we did. Without it, it feels like they recovered immediately or that the McCall pack is incredibly unfeeling.

Aiden was also, villain-turned-ally during his final days. He should get well-deserved recognition, he even played a love interest in Lydia’s life! His death brought a heavier blow to a powerful finale in the strongest season of Teen Wolf. We sympathised for him, why is it that we haven’t seen the rest of the pack do the same?

Out of the two twins, we all hated Aiden for quite some time. He was kind of a jerk, and a roadblock for Stydia fans- but none of us had much against Ethan. Okay, we sort of did, he initially tried to kill the cutest scarf-wearing werewolf but how could we hate him for long? He was sensitive and tightened bow-ties! Can we focus on the fact he’s gone?

Then again, his greatest tie to the show was the presence of the comedic and adorable Danny. You may say Danny’s time is up, it’s not. Everybody loves Danny (classic TV show in the making). His banter with Stiles constantly lit up the mood during dark times and he provided diversity to the show. With others, you may need to show proof they were there, but with Danny- you just need him.

And finally, one of my favourite fictional personages of all time: Isaac Lahey. We lost Allison, how could we bear to lose Isaac too? Someone needs to make Daniel Sharman part of the main cast and bring him back. His sarcastic nature and dashing good lucks are missed. His relationship with each character was so strong and so well-written, it hurts not knowing Isaac will be back.

You can’t leave us hanging, we’ve felt loss. You need to pay for repercussions.


I think about season three and I feel this overwhelming happiness. When I read Harry Potter, Little Women, The Maze Runner- those books touch you the most because you feel like you’re a part of something. It’s as if you know all these people in this group, this family, this army or even this pack, that they’re your true friends. Teen Wolf has allowed people from all around the world to feel included, to feel understood when they got to see screen time with relatable teenagers. Sure, they dealt with more werewolves than any of us probably have but season three provided a variety of distinct, interesting personalities. By season four, we lost several characters- but with your writing expertise, fans did not worry. We put our faith into you, knowing you could capture the essence of unity. We are positive you can, but during season four we never felt the same harmony in the McCall pack. Members would pair up, or an entire group would be together and one cast member remained absent, or they were figuring out another separate conundrum on their own. Lydia especially, is shown to be on her own, trying to deal with the problematic banshee situations she’s placed in. It is true, we see her with Parrish, Meredith and other minor characters but she’s also shown to be fifth-wheel. While “Stalia”, “Scira” pair up together (bridging the Malia x Kira friendship) Lydia happens to be left alone. We need to see a basic set-up of her relationships- who is her best friend? Does she even have one? These facts must be established.

I beg of you, please make me feel like I’m a part of something again.


I’m not going to lie, my opinion on Malia is completely biased. I spent an entire season (the infamous number three) shipping Stydia. My life revolved around Stydia for a great portion of the year, and my obsession only grew with the lack of it in season four. My rational anger is born from the fact, there was an incredible, beautiful amount of relationship development between Stiles and Lydia through season three. Why would you rob yourself of all that fantastic writing material that was used? The two episodes where Stiles and Lydia teamed up had me fist bump the air, those episodes were what I wanted. We either need to see that they’re distancing and that’s what your plan is, or we need to see continuation of that development.  I cannot decide whether the end of their relationship will be a toughly-bound friendship, or an unmovable love- but either way, we need to see where you’re taking them.

Some of us fans, hate Malia. Some of us love her. You can never get one hundred percent, but try to pass the fifty line. She’s brash, which could be the equivalent to sass but also to impolite. The line where she grins and says, “Deer.” Made me laugh even being the critical-of-Malia-fan. Some of us, convince ourselves our hatred for her is created as she’s careless of the rest of her friends. Clearly, she cares deeply for Stiles. But the respectable thing about Scott’s pack, is that they’re people who are willing to risk their lives for their friends, for the people that they love, for everyone. We need to see that Malia deeply cares for someone, someone other than Stiles, to the point that they’re a priority over herself. If Malia shows honorable characteristics, we’re obligated to root for her.

In conclusion, you are super cool. You’ve created a series loved by tons of people. You have the power to make people feel things, and you’ve used it so artistically. We need to see that this power is in good hands.

Much Love,


Please reblog this if you agree to any points, so this can come to the attention of the cast or anyone that’s on the team that produces/writes/directs Teen Wolf. Also, please message me, or reblog, so that you and I can add other important points he should look out for!

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