their friendship is so gr8 though

chrisanddarrenfan11  Is today ‘Ch1ll3r Erase The Sexualities of People…

What I’m confused

Omg okay, so basically, someone posted a photo of C holding a sign that said “big booty” and next to it was a picture of D’s butt. Then along with that, was one of Chris  holding a sign that said “flat” and a picture of W’s ass


Seriously, I’ve seen right-wing Christians get less offended when you remind them Jesus probably didn’t look like a Swedish tennis player, and was actually a man of colour than these people got offended over this. It was wild.

One of them was like “omg u guise that’s like so totally homophobic” and I was like “wtf W’s bi how is that homophobic” 

Then they started going on and on about how I’m homophobic because I’m erasing the relationship he has with C and said me, the bisexual girl, was biphobic because W has no butt. But they didn’t believe really that W is bi EVEN THOUGH HE IS. And went on this huge tirade that we’re ruining W & C’s life by endangering it because we don’t ship them, and think W has no butt but ignores the fact that they’re the ones that stalked  W relentlessly and caused C and D to not show their friendship in the early days (but they’re not racist for erasing the friendship C has with a PoC man. Becuase white feminism is gr8. Also they’re supporting teh gays!?!111 So accepting! What’s a bisexual?)

aaaand now a bunch of Ch1llers(or maybe it’s them) are sending messages to bi/pan people in the fandom telling them they’re straight because they’re dating a guy. But sometimes we’re gay. Who knows. But we’re not bi/pan. Just like W because if we’re not monosexual, we’re ruining the Ch1ll4rr3n agenda!


So I never actually expected to gain this many followers in just a few months of roleplaying on Zim. Though I love the character and I am glad I chose him as much, also I really enjoy interacting with all these new people and staring new friendships and so on ahh—  I sure did met a lot of great people during being on this account and I hope I will be able to continue being on him  for a much longer time.


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HAPPY XMAS TO MY BEST TOMERS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! siobhanchiffon ppumpkinxo and kevin who doesn’t have a tumblr buT IT OK

This year has possibly been one of the best in my entire life thanks to you guys!!! ;v; Thank you guys for being there for me even though I’m a big weenie!! You guys are the most important people in my life and I wouldn’t trade you guys for anything in the worl ;~~ ;;;;!! I grew a lot as a person this year I think and thank u guys for pushing me to be a better person!

Siobhan: TY FOR BEING SUCH A GR8 BEST TOMER ;v; U are the nicest most amazing person i’ve ever met and such an inspiration to me!! Your art is so amazing and you’re so talented and i love ya so much TY FOR DRAWING W ME WRITIN AND PLAYING GAMES W  ME!!! I can’t wait for us 2 do more thing next year and HAVE OUR NEXT RLY AWESOME BOKKIE OUT >:3

Michell: qURL u da MVP FORREAL!!! You’re so beautiful and incredible!! you have such a good attitude and you’re so kind and I can’t even believe that people are shitty to you. YOU DESERVE SO MUCH MORE!! OUR friendship is now a freshman in high school and it will continue 2 grow ;v;;; Thanks for hangin out w me and driving me places!!!!!! u r 2 kind 2 me

Kevin: YOU HAVE BEEN AWAY 2 AUSTRALIA 4 too long, but now that you’re back i can’t wait 2 hang out more with u n michell >:3 Even though u were gone awhile but it seems like no time at all has pass bc u r still a gr8 best tomo!!! you r incredibly smart and I CANT BELIEVE U GONNA GRADUATE SOON ALREADY PLS REMEMBER ME N MICHELL WHEN U A FAMOUS SURGEON TY!!!!!