their friendship is so gosh darn cute

Fourth of July at the X Mansion

Fandom: X-Men

Ship: None it’s just pals chillin and watchin fireworks

Length: 698

Rating: G I think

Warnings: Just cute friendship things it’s wonderful 

Requests: Lots of Warren and Alex who’s alive and well because he is gosh darn it (also Peter’s still in a cast because I thought it’d be cute)

((I know Kurt’s probably seen fireworks before but I thought his reaction to seeing them for the first time would be cute so fight me))

It was the Fourth of July at the mansion and everyone was in high spirits. Storm called a forecast of clear skies and a light breeze (at the request of Jubilee) but the Professor asked her to make sure there would be no breeze during the fireworks show.

Before any fireworks were lit, they had a huge barbecue out on the front lawn, and everyone stuffed themselves with hot dogs and hamburgers and potato salad. They cut up six watermelons and still ran out in a matter of minutes. Scott thought it would be funny to spit his seeds at Jean, but he regretted it as soon as he looked up and saw the ketsup bottle hovering over his head.

Jubilee said the red made him look more patriotic.

Kurt had never celebrated the Fourth of July before, and he was excited to see what it was about. He wore his red jacket and hideous white pants, complete with a big uncle Sam hat that Peter had told him that he had to wear as an American tradition. Everyone complimented his blue skin, and between him and a now ketchuped Scott, he was deemed most patriotic.

Peter had to pretend he wasn’t miserable the whole time, seeing as his leg was still broken and everyone from the entire school was in the same place and he couldn’t prank them. Secretly, the professor was almost happy that Peter’s leg was broken. The last thing he needed was a speedy mutant making an already stressful situation worse.

After they ate, everyone got a sparkler, which were lit by Alex (but Scott lit his own when no one was looking). Kurt had never seen something so spectacular in all his life.

“It’s a stick! A stick vith fire!”

The professor had bought tons of fireworks; some of them were complicated and the only ones allowed to light them were Hank and Alex, but some of the smaller ones like fountains and glow worms were passed out to the older kids. Scott decided it would be fun to try to light them all with his mutation, but after nearly cutting off Kurt’s toes, they decided to stick with Storm’s lighter.

Kurt thought they were more spectacular than the sparklers.

After the little fireworks were all lit, Alex and Hank went to the roof of the building and started the fireworks show. What they didn’t know was that Warren had stolen several sparklers and was flying around making a fool of himself to impress some girl.

When Hank and Alex lit the first firework, a Roman Candle, they almost hit Warren. Warren dodged it just in time and flew down to the ground as fast as he could, running right into a tree.

Warren got a good talking to by the professor and wasn’t allowed to touch any more fireworks or sparklers or anything for the rest of the night.

Kurt decided that the fireworks were the most spectacular things he’d ever seen, even more spectacular than the sparklers and fountains put together. He oohed and ahed after every explosion, and kept asking the professor how they were all so different.

As grumpy as Peter was, he actually loves fireworks, and they cheered him up significantly. Had he not been trying so hard to be cool™, he’d be oohing and ahing more than Kurt. Warren plopped down beside him and they started mocking the other kids together.

Peter decided that for a guy who went that slow, Warren wasn’t so bad.

Warren didn’t hate Peter.

After the grand finale, everyone wanted more, so Jubilee made her own little fireworks show. When she ran out of steam, the older kids went inside to watch Mr Smith Goes to Washington. 

Everyone fell asleep in the first half, and they woke up the next morning, Kurt snuggling with Scott (who snores way too loud) with his tail wrapped around Jubilee, who was snuggling with Storm; Warren and Peter on the couch with Warren’s wing around Peter, who’d fallen asleep with a twinkie in his hand; all the while, Jean was on her own on the other couch, taking pictures to blackmail them later.