their friendship is pure and beautiful and will never end

An Open Letter to Rumer Willis

Dear Rumer,

Thank you for taking a chance and dancing this season on DWTS. You have shown such bravery, poise and immense talent. I loved watching every dance you and Val did. I feel like the friendship between you two was one of the first real things I’ve ever seen on a reality show. It’s now a “showmance”, but a real connection based on love, trust and hard work. 

To be honest, I’ve always been a fan. I loved you in Sorority Row and The House Bunny. (They’re 2 of my guilty favorites ever!)

I just wanted to say thanks. Thank you for showing me that anything is possible if you put hard work into it. 

I hope you win tonight, you and Val deserve it. Your Freestyle was pure and beautiful. I never wanted it to end. I’m so happy to know that girls have you to look up to. I wish I did when I was younger. The way you just put yourself out there is beautiful, as are you. 

Finally, girls have a real role model to look up to. Someone who has been through the teenage rollercoaster and shared their experience with the world. I thank you for that. I thank you for that for the sake of my nieces and little cousins. I want them to know that it’s more important to love yourself and be an individual than it is to “fit in”.

Last night you reminded me, and I am sure America, why we love the show. Pure, honest, intimate dance. It was absolutely amazing. 

Let’s just say, you got all my votes. (And always have.) 

Thank You.