their friendship is my fave one on tv


I don’t care what’s in your hair,
I just wanna know what’s on your mind,
I used to say, “I wanna die before I’m old,”
But because of you I might think twice.

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Hey there people. I’m an almost two decade old psych student. Originally German/American, but I live in Scotland now for university.
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Movie was awesome! So many cute little references and I caught every one my fave being Hungry Hungry Hippos lol. I will also say this movie just like the tv show could really teach people the power of kindness, and friendship. Which this world could def use more of these days. Loved the movie and still loving the tv series!

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Hello :) Im a new svt fan and I was wondering if you can explain the relationship between jeongcheol? And Jihan not sure switch to ship since everyone tells me jeonghan and scoups are meant to be >.< but Theres something in Jisoo & Jeonghan...

hello anon! welcome to the diamond life~

i can’t really help you with jeongcheol, i don’t really ship it as i am pure unadulterated jihan trash [insert double pistols and a dramatic wink] if at the end of this you’re still unsure and can’t find yourself committing to one ship you can always multi-ship and have fun with both :)

however it seems to me… that if everyone is telling you about jeongcheol but you still aren’t feeling it.. and you’ve come to me for jihan information… well anon, it seems that in your heart of hearts you may have chosen jihan already.

i can tell you all about jihan! anything you want to know~ i have got it! i will dig into my jihan files and pull out moments from all era’s lmao this answer will be accompanied with various videos and gifs throughout jihans friendship!

now one of my fave tropes is best friends to lovers, (idk why it just is) which goes very well with jihan as they are the best of friends! and have been close since they met way back in 2013
jeonghan was the new kid to seventeen and jisoo was the first person to greet him, at that point jeonghan kind of imprinted on him like a baby duckling or one of those twilight werewolves. 
one of the reasons i love jihan so much is because i watched a lot of predebut videos as they were debuting with svt project. seventeen tv is full of jihan!!! 

like this
and this
and ofc this (jeonghan is saying happy birthday to his mum and jisoo joins in with him

and well a lot of things i should stop OH WAIT this is iconic. this too. (theres no subs, but jisoo is like “i miss you” and jeonghan is like “i always miss you” and thats beautiful)

i didn’t even know jeongcheol was a thing till much later because during predebut seungcheol was often with doyoon [weeps we miss you] or jihoon. so from the beginning i was jihan and jicheol! and i became very attached. i am unwavering! lmao

BUT ANYWAY I DIGRESS!!! it was predebut that i got caught


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and later on predebut svt project there was this 

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and theyre always next to each other in svt project like find one find the other!!!!

and post debut there was this!!

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oh man the loving stare video (loving stares are kinda their thing)  heres a gif and i’ll link the video here


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jihan are generally very subtle [uh ignore the last two jeonghans been extra lately lmao] they’re like best friends turned lovers who have lived in each others pockets for so long that they dont need to be over the top with expressing their friendship or affections. but their every action still screams closeness. jeonghan doesn’t interact with anyone the way he interacts with jisoo. he doesn’t search anyone out or direct all his attention at anyone the way he does jisoo. and jisoo seems very quiet and to himself, but he opens up like a blooming flower under jeonghans attentions. aahhhh i love their relationship so much!

i should really round this up though cause i could go on forever! just like go through my jihan tag. look for yourself anon. jihan is beautiful!

How I Met Your Mother discussion time and why IN MY OPINION the finale did NOT suck (Spoilers from the finale)

Okay, so, let me start off by saying that I am one of the few people who probably actually really liked the finale. I saw a very long and brilliantly argumented post about how the finale was a disgrace. Here’s my view on the topic:

  • The Mother: Right from the beginning, season 1, episode 1, the story of the mother has always had a tribute kind of feeling to it. When you think about it they could have introduced her right in the first season as one of the main characters or made her at least a series regular who would later transition into a permanent cast member and she and Ted would have their ups and downs, then probably have a few horrible break ups, maybe even getting one of them married to the wrong person and trying to get us to think that she wasn’t the mother all along. No. We had a very concise image of the mother. She was a student of Ted. Carried a yellow umbrella. He met her at a wedding. Bass player. His absolute soulmate. And even though we got to know her in the 9th season more than we could have possibly imagined we still did not get a more serious vibe from her. Why not make her into a main cast member? Why not include her in thet final McLaren’s photo before the wedding? The mother both was and never was the center of the story. People say the writers should have payed tribute to the character of the mother and that they wrote her off in a very rude and disrespectful way. The whole 9 seasons of this show were dedicated to the mother. Ted doesn’t simply ask permission of his kids to go and date aunt Robin. He makes sure that his children know how much he loved their mother and that she could never be replaced. Because people can fall in love a bunch of times over a lifetime but true love only happens once if you’re lucky.
  • Barney: Okay, the fact that some people state that his character development is completely lost on the plot of the finale is bullshit. Barney is a complex character and not a lot of people give him a lot of credit for that. Change is not permanent. You don’t just go into a cerain life state and stop. You either change some more or you revert to your old self. I mean what did people expect Barney to do after the divorce. He was in love with Robin. Reverting to his old lifestyle is a completely logical step for him to try and protect himself emotionally by trying to forget about her and blocking out his emotions. The reason he changed and became the person he was up until the divorce was because of Robin’s influence on him and his love for her. With her gone he did not have a reason to cling on to this life of virtue anymore. He opened up in a way he never has and got hurt. I have to agree, the pregnancy story was not introduced in the best way but I found the outcome to be beautiful. First of all, Barney has never been the character to settle down for one lover. And what I found wonderful about his part of the story is that not a lover makes him change for the better but his newborn baby. It’s such a complete cliche to make somoene change out of love for their partner and that’s why I thought his ending was so original - in the end not romance but fatherly love does the trick.
  • Marhall and Lily: Marhall and Lily’s role in the finale was not perfectly written, I agree. But when I think about it, throughout the series we learned about their future far more than anyone else’s. The fact that nothing “exciting” happened to them in the finale is due to their future already being explained in detail in past episodes. In the finale, in my opinion, they played the anchor, so desperately trying to cling onto the gang, trying to glue everything back in its place. In a way Marshall and Lily’s characters in the finale represent us at turning points of our life and our relationships with our friends who we either keep or slowly drift away from and they represent the desire for nothing to change, for the series not to be over, if you will, not only the fictional friendship between the characters.
  • Robin: Robin’s character has always been one of my fave TV characters. She is a strong-willed woman who has set goals for herself. She’s never waited along for a man to feel complete. From the start the freaking dream was the career of a successful journalist. Along the way she just happened to stumble across love. Robin has always been an emotionally distant character both friendship and romantic wise. Back when she was dating Ted and she was in love with him she still couldn’t bring herself to express her emotions openly. An example would be when he told her he loved her (not the first time in the first episode but when they were already going steady) and even though she felt for him she panicked and answered with “Falafel”, or later in her realtionship with Barney during their first try when Ted told Barney she couldn;t express it externally but she still felt it (Example: Barney telling her he caresabout her and her going “You’re an idiot”). Robin did not turn cold and distant because of ther work and divorce because she was already emotionally challeneged, which does not excuse Barney’s wreckless behaviour after the divorce.