their forehead kisses are my favorite


get to know our members challenge: favorite rare pairs - cho chang & luna lovegood - (8/?) nhi

“Our love isn’t a miracle,” she said to me, kissing my forehead. She tugged gently on my arm, smiling when I fell into her arms, and hugged me close. “Our love is precious, amazing, and beautiful. but, it was never a miracle. It has and always will be real. Baby, Our love is infinite.”  x

non-lip kisses are my absolute favorite. absentmindedly kissing the back of someone’s palm as you hold hands. chaste forehead kisses and brushes against their cheek. silly boops on the nose. kissing fluttering eyelashes. neck kisses that barely touch skin but are no less passionate. kisses on collar bones or exposed tummies. sloppy kisses at the corners of someone’s mouth. kissing each and every fingertip with a delicate touch.

My favorite Klance things

Keith sitting on Lances lap. He’s just curls up there and it’s,,,, just,,,, so freaking cute. I can’t


Keith pulling Lance in for kisses. Like please, my heart can only handle so much.

Lance calling keith babe. Like babe please.

Either of them laying their heads in each others laps and playing with their hair;;

Keith coming up from behind lance and hugging him. Like real domestic, they’re in the kitchen,,,, lance is cooking and, Keith, oh keith just comes up and gives lance a soft tender hug from behind. And lance just smiles and says good morning babe~….shit I gave myself the feels..

Lance grabbing Keith’s hand at any moment and keith lacing their fingers

Cuddling. Either keith is curled up into lances chest or lance is the little spoon.

And lance just sleeps like a rock most nights, and so keith just gets to watch him sleep and he’s like goddamn I am so in love with this idiot. (Some times hell catch lance snoring or drooling and he just falls harder)

then on the rare nights that lance wakes up before keith, and he just lies there with a dopey grin on his face while keith has his mouth wide open, hair splayed everywhere, and in general just a hot mess. In other words, it’s hella cute and lance can’t handle it.

Idk man, just klance. Klance ok.

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Lena getting home after a long day just so exhausted her hair pulled from it hair tie, running her fingers through her hair. And sweet Kara getting her out of her work clothes and into pajamas. Kissing Lena's forehead as she's sitting on their bed. Kara touching Lena's cheek and Lena just leaning into it. Kara combing Lena's hair behind her eyes and Lena's eyes fluttering close. "Did you eat already? Or do you just wanna go to bed?" "Can we just go to bed darling?" "Of course."

My Favorite Parts of Sophie and Kit’s Commentary.

Both Sophie and Kit have adorably not watched any of the episodes this season.

Cute discussion about horses farting and Kit farting. Sophie and Kit couldn’t stop laughing.

“After I got off that horse, my crotch hurt.”
“Oh God.”

Sophie and Kit mention there  has been a lot of “tension” throughout the season. Sophie loves yelling at Kit,

They relationship is very similar to Jonsa, especially when they fight..

Sophie called Kit her “irritating, shorter, older brother.”

Sophie and Kit “Actually remember” their lines from the forehead kiss scene and were reciting them over other scenes.

Kit calls Sophie “Soph.”

Kit stole Sophie’s celery. He hates celery. He took a bite, and she said she’d take it back.

Sophie and Kit are just such huge fans of the show and each other.

I can picture Eren sitting next to Armin on the couch with a cheerful grin. Armin blushes at him, curious as to why he’s so delighted. I can see Eren just lightly pressing his forehead to Armin’s and then saying, “My favorite day of the year is tomorrow.” And at first, Armin is a little confused until he realizes… that Eren’s favorite day of the year is not Halloween. It’s not Thanksgiving. It’s not even Christmas… It’s November 3rd. His birthday.

Armin’s big blue eyes well up with tears and chokes up a little bit. He murmurs, “Eren…” Eren coos and kisses Armin on the cheek lovingly. “Babe, I thought you knew that for me, the day you began to exist is the best day to celebrate on the entire calendar. It always has been and it always will be.”

Armin kisses Eren square on the lips then brokenly whispers. “God, I love you so much.” Eren laughs and Armin swears his heart skips a beat. Then Eren kisses him softly and says against his lips. “I love you too. And tomorrow, and every year, I’m going to make you love your birthday more and more. Until you love it just as much as I do.”

I can’t unknow you,
I can’t forget all your flaws,
All your favorite songs,
The way you stretch and look at me in the morning,
How you used to kiss my nose and my forehead and run your fingers through my hair when you thought I was asleep,
The little noises you’d make in your sleep,
And most of all,
The way you looked at me like I was your everything.

I can’t forget because your ghost won’t let me.

Merry Christmas from the Suitors

May Albert give you a shy kiss on the cheek, “Merry Christmas Princess.” ~d'aww

May you share a dance with Louis, a beautiful waltz where he holds you close. ~ soo sweeet

May Alyn give you a nudge and a smirk, “Hey, Merry Christmas.” *blushy face*

May Byron give you smile and that gaze he does without his eyepatch. ~fufufufu

May Leo jump on you naked Christmas morning screaming “It’s Christmas!” *externally screaming*

May you and Sid agree that he needs to be nice… and naughty. ~oh lala

May Giles give you the day off from lessons, and spoil you instead. ~huehue

May Nico give you an extra long forehead touch, “This is my favorite Christmas, because it’s with you”. ~hihihi

May Robert give you a kiss on the forehead, “Merry Christmas to my favorite Princess.” ~flooooof

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Kiss headcanons and the gen 5 boys? 🙏🏻

a/n: GEN 5 BOYS U SAy??? my weakness……..HMU IF I MISSED UR FAVE UNOVA BOY


  • he gets really flustered if his s/o kisses him when he’s not expecting it. his voice will probably crack when he tries to speak after which makes him go even redder.
  • lowkey loves it when his s/o pulls him down by his tie to kiss him.
  • favorite spots to be kissed are the forehead and the neck.


  • he rambles on about things a lot, so at times his s/o will kiss him on the cheek while he’s talking, not to interrupt him, but because he gets so cute when he’s talking about something he’s passionate about.
  • after him and his s/o finish a date, he’ll kiss them on the forehead before going to his house.
  • likes to be kissed on the cheek and nose.


  • doesn’t mind kissing his s/o in public. in fact, he’ll instigate impromptu make-out sessions in a bathroom or in an empty aisle in the store. he likes the feeling of almost getting caught.
  • he tastes like coffee most of the time, but other times he tastes like mint gum.
  • he likes being kissed on the lips or his jawline.


  • sometimes, he’ll abruptly stop in the middle of kissing his s/o because he came up with an idea for a new project. it’s frustrating, but he’ll make it up to them later.
  • colress will definitely mentally note how his s/o responds to certain types of kisses to find out what kisses they like best.
  • prefers to be kissed on the lips and temple.

Finnrey Week Day 1: Fav Moment/Scene

My favorite FinnRey moment has to be the much discussed forehead kiss.

Not just because it’s a parallel to Han/Leia (bc it is) (x)…

But because this is the moment that solidifies that Finn & Rey and their love for each other is the emotional core of the film and the forthcoming installations. 

We have Rey, who has been alone for most of her life, forced to eschew emotional bonds because trust on Jakku makes one dangerously vulnerable, yet she waits desperately for someone who loves her to come back for her and take her away from this backwater planet.

And there’s Finn, who was stolen from his family at birth and raised to fight and kill, and the First Order tried their best to beat the “dangerous” levels of empathy out of him, but they couldn’t – they couldn’t make him stop caring for others, protecting others, they couldn’t make him stop desiring to be part of a unit, a team.

Finn breaks free and he runs right into Rey and they’re exactly what the other wants and needs. In Rey, Finn finds someone who appreciates who he is–his empathy, his instinct to care for and protect others even if it it means he must face his biggest fear, even if it means he must face certain death. In Finn, Rey finds someone she can trust, someone with whom she can be vulnerable, someone who will always come back for her, no matter the cost.

All of that becomes beautifully, heart-breakingly clear in this moment. Because Finn did what Finn does–he went back for her, for Rey. Rey–quite possibly the only person in the galaxy for whom that act is everything.

When Rey says, “We’ll see each other again, I believe that,” it’s a commitment to come back for him too–to give Finn her everything. It’s a promise. Sealed with a kiss.

Seven Kisses (one-shot)

Summary:  A kiss on the cheek is for kindness. On the hand means a kiss of respect. On the forehead means a kiss of friendship. A kiss on the palm is for longing. A kiss on the eyelids is for idolizing. A kiss on the arm and neck is for lust. On the lips means a kiss of love. And anything else is a sign of insanity.

Author’s Note: So this story is NOT meant to be read as a preference. It’s meant to be read as one story with a continuous flow. So the story takes place with the heroine (or rather, you) as Scott’s cousin, starting in season 1 shortly after Scott received the bite and vaguely ending beyond season 5b (however it ends). Scott and Stiles’ portions are platonic, Derek and Liam’s are slightly in the air, and Isaac, Theo, and Brett’s portions are different kinds of love.

This is a very old prompt that came from the writing forum I used to come from, but it’s long been shut down. I actually used this prompt before, but I lovee this one so I decided to write it for Teen Wolf.

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James March: Sick

You’re laying in the bed you both share wearing your favorite pajamas and wrapped up in a blanket watching TV. Your throat feels like it is on fire, your body feels weak and your vision is slightly blurry.

James drops everything to take care of you today. He’s on the bed next to you sitting up on top of the blanket. While rubbing your forehead with his hand asking, “Aw, my poor sweetheart. Is there anything I can get you, dear? ” You let out two coughs and replied, “Uh yes, tea and soup please.” James kisses your forehead and gets off of the bed. “Right away, dearest.”

He starts walking to the door and right before the door closes behind him you hear him call out for Miss Evers. “Oh Ms. Evers!”

“Yes, Mr. March!” Ms. Evers responds

“I am in need of your assistance for a moment. My queen is feeling under the weather and requires tea and soup.”

Both James and Ms. Evers enter the elevator together to head to the kitchen. Once arrived in the kitchen, Ms. Evers starts right away in making your tea and soup. James just stands there with a worried look on his face and Ms. Evers glances at him quickly, then looks back again. While still preparing your needs she asks James, “Are you alright, Mr. March? I’ve never seen you like this.”

“My queen is laying there suffering and there is nothing I can do for her. I hate to see her in this condition.” With his left hand, James has one thumb on his cheek and two pointer fingers on his forehead. He rubs his forehead in frustration.

“Oh, she’ll be fine Mr. March. All she needs is rest and hot soup and she’ll be back to her normal self in a few days, oh you’ll see!” Ms. Evers smiles. She grabs a tray, puts a white mug full of tea, a bowl of soup, and a spoon on it. “All ready for Mrs. March.“ She was picking up the tray with both hands but James stops her. “Thank you, Ms. Evers but I will take it upstairs for Mrs. March.” He grabs the tray, lets out a sigh and starts heading to the room.

Upon reaching the door, he realized his hands were full so he sets the tray on the floor in order to get the door open, then he holds the door opened with one foot and picks up the tray. 

The TV is on but you’re not in bed. “Dearest?” James sets the tray on the foot of the bed before attempting to look for you but you come walking out of the bathroom letting out a cough. You notice the tray that he brought for you and you smiled. “Thank you, love.” You walk to the bed and get your bottom half under the covers, sitting up on the bed. James helps tuck you in. He grabs the tray, sits next to you and sets the tray on your lap. You were grabbing the spoon but James takes it from your hand saying, “My duty is to take care of you.” You nod your head and James starts to feed you. No one has ever catered to you this much while you were sick, let alone feeding you. 

James is more than you’ve ever wanted in a man and you’re eternally grateful.

Daddy's Little Princess

Based on this bc hoLY SHIT {}

Slight Smut but not really

Rated T+ bc yaH

Natsu loved being called daddy.

When he would chase his daughter around the house, having her bubbly giggle fill his ears, he felt his heart fill with warm whenever she squealed the term.

Or when they would be at the guild, and she would shout out the word to gain his attention before setting Gray’s poor son on fire.

His favorite time was when he would tuck his little bundle of joy in her bed and place a soft kiss on her forehead as she began dozing off.

“Goodnight my lil princess.” He would coo while petting her fuzzy pink locks.

“Gnight daddy…” She said softly before shutting her big brown eyes.

However, there was a much more sinful way to use the term that Natsu couldn’t help but love.

When he would come home after a victorious mission, feeling especially cocky and prideful, Lucy would moan the word from her lips as he gladly had his way with her.

Or, when they were at the guild and she felt like testing his limits. Whispering it into his ear as he clutched onto his mug and almost shattering it to pieces along with his self control.

But to top them all was when he had her pressed against the wall, gasping and begging for him to fuck her brains out.

“Say please princess~” he cooed in her ear, sounding very calm and collected in contrast to the animalistic grinding into her back side.

“Please daddy~” she whined.

Ah but what could compare to the times when he would come home from a lone mission, and his two favorite ladies would greet him with a big warm hug.

“Daddy’s home!” The two would say happily. His daughter would squeeze his side with happy giggles, and Lucy would press her lips against his in a passionate kiss.

Natsu loved being called daddy, as the term could go both ways.


Soul x Maka WEEK 2016 // Types of Kisses

Three beautiful kisses for three of my AU’s. ;u; Eskimo/nose kiss on the left with Waldgeist AU, kiss to the forehead/top of hair in the middle in Heidi AU and a kiss to the lips on the right with viking AU. ♥♥♥

I unfortunately wasn’t smart enough to plan ahead with my drawings and I have school this coming week and won’t have access to my laptop to draw more digitally :( Maybe I manage to draw some pencil things but I can’t make promises, exams are eating my free time ;__; But I drew another thing for Red String of Faith and put it on a schedule - I hope it will upload on Thursday. ;u; I will do my best to draw some more, SoMa WEEK is THE!! event of the year and I’m so sad that I have school this week. :( I will check up on all of the beautiful drawings and writings when I have time or when I’m back home on Friday! ;u; ♥

share your favorite things with the temporary people in your life
staple your favorite songs to the foreheads of people you’ve known for two weeks
dance around in artificial lightning and touch them for as long as you can
take pictures with disposable cameras, pin them to cork-boards and write down their dates
let them scrawl their names in sharpie ink on your wall, ignore when your mother gets mad at you for it
watch your favorite movies with them
kiss them during your favorite part
write down the taste
write down what you hear
fill notebooks with their sentences
take their hand and lead them to your favorite places
count the blades of grass under you
record the rocks
the tree leaves
the sand
the hardwood floor
read them your favorite books
tell them your theories
match them to main characters and laugh when they try to imitate their dialect
read them your poetry
whisper your favorite words in their ear
pass them notes with your favorite lyrics
give them tastes of your favorite ice cream flavor
promise yourself not to forget their disgusted face
at your favorite weird food
smear the color yellow into their palms
because it has always been your favorite
trace the lines that crack the paint
give them your favorite sweatshirt
let them make it their home
smell them on you the next time you wear it
let them enter your world and include them in your list of favorites

when they break your heart,
you will be forced to conform to the sadness you feel
you will have to turn off the radio when that song comes on and you see their smile in the melody
you will have to pay for a new camera
burn pictures and blame the smoke for your teary eyes
stock up on white-out and erase those dates
when they pass the next year you will stay inside all day and your hands will shake
you will have to paint a new color on your wall just to quit staring at their name while you try to fall asleep
you will paint three, four, five coats atop their handwriting and
at night you will still be able to see it
you will have to go to the movies and categorize new favorite scenes
when that movie plays on sunday morning you will taste them and it will taste like cold coffee and
eventually you will be strong enough to change the channel
you will tear pages out,
buy new notebooks
drive by your favorite places and don’t stop
you will have to read new pages
find new characters
its okay if you catch yourself running over the spine of the book you woke them up to read at four AM
buy a dictionary and find new favorite words
make up new favorite words and drop them into casual conversation
eat new icecream,
try more weird foods at restaurants you can’t pronounce
look at colors more closely and determine a new favorite
buy new clothes
ones that smell like mass production and the local mall
you will leave the world you gave to them
and you will create a new world
with new favorites
with new songs, words, memories, places, books, movies, foods
with new pieces of you
and you will let someone new enter that world
they will tear chips of paint off of your wall
and ask you what your favorite color is
its okay to hesitate
say blue.

—  how to force growth / k.s
otp kisses aesthetic
  • KuroTsuki: morning forehead kisses. lazy mouthing at jaws and necks. lips pressed into chapped skin in the winter. strawberry-flavored kisses in the summer. foreheads tickled by mischievous hair. mouths trailing kisses down each and every knob of the spine. balconies and back rows of bookstores.
  • Bokuaka: chapped lips. teeth. evidence of mouths on the inside of thighs. palm-kisses. tugging at the lower lip. glassy eyes. shoulder-kisses. deliberately prolonged walks home. quick and breathless kisses after practice. tugging at unbuttoned shirts.
  • Iwaoi: "your lips are my favorite way to bruise," and a ball thrown lightly at the back of a head. lips worshiping every knuckle. nervous thumbing at lip balm in pockets. tongue teasing over the upper lip. dim-lit rooms and star-lit benches. salt caught between teeth. rosy cheeks.
  • MatsuHana: fingers in hair. a mouthful of smile. hickeys resting dangerously near the collar of every shirt. secluded corners. "kissing burns calories so i suggest we skip leg day and make out for three hours." kisses over handlebars.
  • KenHina: red noses. secret kisses underneath three blankets. screen-lit cheeks. good-night-kisses. pouty lips. tucking shy strands of hair behind ears. hands in each other's pockets.
Doing Grayson's makeup

(Y/n) pov:
“Come on, Gray, please let me do your makeup?” I begged.
“(Y/n)….” He begged, his voice hoarse, “No.”
“Why not?” I pouted.
His eyes softened and he turned away. I giggled and got in his lap. He looked anywhere but at me. I grown and kiss his jaw softly.
“That’s cheating,” he whined.
“Just a little bit of makeup? Not even a full glam look,” I pinched his cheeks softly and he sighed.
“Can’t we do a compromise?” He leaned his forehead on mine.
“Like what?” I hummed.
He thought for a few moments and then smiled widely. It was one of my favorite smiled where his eyes would scrunch up and he’d let out a small laugh.
“I do your makeup,” he nodded enthusiastically.
“Hmmm,” I pretended to think, “No, it would be much more fun to do yours.”
“(Y/n)……” He sighed.
I looked deep into his eyes and gave him puppy dog eyes. No matter how hard he tried he could never resist these eyes. It was quite funny actually. He leaned back and closed his eyes.
“What are you doing?”
“If I can’t see you then I won’t give in,” Grayson seemed as if he was trying to convince himself.
“Gray,” I sniffles pretending to cry.
His eyes flew open and he glared at my smiling form, “(Y/n), why?”
“Because it would make me happy, and it would make me laugh,” I nodded knowing it was working.
“Ugh….fine. But expect payback,” Grayson sighed.
“Yay!” I cheered, “Let me go get my makeup!”
After setting up my makeup i made Grayson sit still. He looked angry but I just laughed. I couldn’t help it. He thought I was only going to do a little bit I was going to go all out. I got out some foundation and dotted it on his face. His face scrunched up and he frowned.
“It’s so cold, ow, why are you beating my face with a sponge?” His eyebrows furrowed together and his lips curled into a frown.
“I’m blending it into your skin,” I smiled as he nodded.
Next I did his eyes and put a gold sparkly shadow all over his eyelids. I then did winged eyeliner and put on false lashes. I moved into his lips and went for a dark purple shade. I then gave him a bit of blush. I smiled and laughed.
“Ugh, I’m so embarrassed,” he tried to hide his face. This was when Ethan came in and laughed.
“I got the whole thing on camera!” He laughed.
Grayson frowned and glared even more at me. I just laughed.