their first meeting was at scandals

→ Paper Doll (pt. 1)

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☆ pairing → Jungkook x Reader

☆ genre → idol+singer-songwriter!au, drama, slight angst

 warning sexual themes with smut in the next chapters, mentions of past unhealthy relationship 

☆ word count   → 2.1k

summary   → When the nation’s little sister, IU, gets into a huge scandal, your agency seizes the opportunity to thrust you into that now vacant spotlight. Your self-composed song Paper Doll becomes an overnight sensation, and soon people are itching to find out who was the one who broke your heart. All hell breaks loose once netizens discover that you used to date popular idol, Jeon Jungkook. Little do they know that it wasn’t him who left the relationship unscathed –  it was you.

alternatively: a story on the consequences of a hit break-up song

i | ii 

a/n  → so basically this is me being coerced into writing jjk smut 
edit: pt i is more of a prologue

[+11,435; -2,003] this really breaks my image of him… proves how you can’t judge someone from their personality on camera

[+9,386; -1,983] all this time he was pretending to be super innocent haha all those stupid fangirls throwing money at him blindly must be going crazy

[+5,903; -1,234] i mean everyone goes through break-ups, but he was cosplaying as an innocent guy who was scared of skinship with girls all these years.. lmao he’s super shamel–

The words on the screen in front of him all blurred and bled into one big stain. He quickly scrolled through the hundreds and hundreds of comments, each more condemning than the last. A steady pressure was building in his ears, until the only thing he could see or feel were the accusations of a faceless crowd, all jeering at him loudly, fingers pointed.

It was as if his entire life flashed in front of his eyes right then, and he could suddenly recall every inconsequential and significant thing that had shaped his life the past seven years – the hours and hours spent in front of the mirror rehearsing the same steps over and over again, the taste of soggy ramen Hoseok hyung had let overcook last week, the screams of fans, the sound of his alarm clock, the look on your face when you told him it was over. There was no chronology to the kaleidoscope of fleeting glimpses of his past.

“What,” he breathed, hands shaking, eyes wide and disbelieving as his phone fell with a clatter on the table. He desperately wanted to ignore reality, but the stares that were all focused on him kept him grounded to the present.

Of course his first scandal would be linked to you.

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To you asking them to have sex ❤ ❤ 

See you crying after a fight ❤ ❤


To you taking them to meet your family in a foreign country ❤

When their child ask them questions about the sex education class they had at school ❤ ❤

When they find a positive pregnacy test in your bag ❤

To their gf/wife waiting with their child at the airport, and they see someone say racist comments because you speak german/the child is blonde/ mixed raced

To they girlfriend falling to sleep in their arms ❤

To their gf listening to metal

To you getting a tattoo

When they like a girl that is tsundere

To you wearing their boxers ❤ ❤

To you calling them “oppa” for the first time ❤ ❤

When they have a crush on you but you’re best friend with another member, who also like you

When they there idol gf perform on stage

When you surprise them at home with a puppy 

To finding another member dead because killed themsevels when they came home from the practice

Who is most or least likely to have a foreign girlfriend

When they find out the “girls” they like is actually a trans boy

To see you for the first time and they want to talk to you 

To them realising they love you

When they idol gf suddently faints on stage

To seeing you in a cute swimsuit ❤ 

When you being scared of needles and having to get a shot

To you hitting him ❤  

To walking in on their girlfriend naked ❤ ❤  

To they liking a guy but being too scared to act out on it due to what the other members would think of their “gay” relationship

To getting a call which says that their gf is in the hospital bc she tried to commit suicide

To you being a celebrity guest at the Mama Awards and you’re from the west (UK,USA, etc…) and they have a crush on you ❤ ❤  

To you getting in an argument or maybe even a fight because the other girl was messing with you and trying to get close to your s/o

How they would act when they found out they love you ❤

To them getting a call that you got admitted to the hospital

To you suddenly being friendly and texting another group guy

To being friendzoned

Seeing you (idol/gf) dancing in the practive room

Sex Positions (+19)

To their idol girlfriend doing a sexy dance with another idol

To another member getting their little sister pregnant

If another idol confessed to you and he happened to see him almost kissing you ❤ ❤

f them making you cry and they have to fix it ❤

Where they meet your parents

Seeing you with makeup and in a dress for the first time and the dress is scandalous

Where you, their s/o, wake up for a nightmare or something and you become kinda clingy until you can go back to sleep

To their girl friend being in a kpop group but she’s the only girl member and the rest are boys

To finding out that their girlfriends are pregnant but they just had a really bad fight ❤

Where you try to kiss them but you are too short ❤ ❤

To when you tell them that you want to write a book  

To them seeing you pick at your arm(like a scab or something) because you are stressed

Having a goth/emo girlfriend

Finding out that you’re pregnant ❤

When their gf don’t use/wear girly things (dresses,makeup,heels,etc.) and is more tomboyish

To their gf/bf wanting to become a kpop idol but their parents keep going against it no matter how many times they ask and sing to them 

To you being somali

Where they find out that their GF is a kickboxer and has lots of muscles

Where they try to help you in learning how to drive

From that your big sister gonna marry but you look better than her

When you’re a foreigner and you are from Europe and you can’t speak Korean or Chinese ❤

To their new girl member ❤

When seeing another guy giving his GF his number ❤ ❤

When their gf gets really jealous seeing them with another girl

When you ask them to go bra shopping with you

When he and his gf argue, he makes a sudden hand gesture and then she holding her hands out of reflex protectively in front of her face

On your wedding day ❤

To their gf having really bad period cramps to the point where he ends up taking her to a hospital

Of them finding a kitten on the streets

Confess to you

How long they will date their girlfriend before to ask for marry her

Where you are pregnant and you hid it from them for a long time because you were not dating. You were friends with benefits and you stopped the relationship when you found out about your pregnancy

To you using a ton of the shampoo and conditioner for your long hair

To accidentally waking up in the same bed with you

To you having a slight lisp

You are friends, that like each other, and you go shopping together but your dress got stuck and you ask them to come and take it off you

Finding out that their girlfriend that they’ve had since high school is pregnan (Suga and Jungkook)

Reject your confession

When their gf has sciatic back pain

To them finding a picture of themselves as your laptop desktop but you two are not dating yet

To them seeing you dancing one of their songs using only one of their t-shirts [First Version] ❤ - [Second Version]

What would they plan/do to surprise their gf on their first birthday together?

To you being a sarcastic asshole in a funny way

When they’re resting after a dance practice and you act as a stripper and do a lap dance for them, then walk away as if nothing happened, but later they find out it was a dare from the rest of BTS bc they knew of their crush ❤

Where their boyfriends propose to them

To finding out that you (new friend or gf) are a very popular youtuber that does a lot of dance covers/videos and is also a good singer [First Version] ❤ - [Second Version]

When you’re at the beach and the lace of your bikini top gets undone and you ask them to tie it back for you ❤

Where you take it to yourself to initiate sexy time by sitting on their lap and while pretending to be innocent you start moving your hips against them

Liking a taller girl (not taller than they)

If they see their gf suddenly just walking up to protect a woman who is being abused by her husband/bf and then the man got really mad at her.

Of liking you but you don’t know who they are

To you acting drunk but is actually very tired

To their gf cooking them Pão de Queijo

To you cursing them out in patois

Where they meet your Hispanic parents who speak quickly in Spanish and they don’t understand what they are saying

To you (gf) doing lap dance for them ❤

Age difference BTS would be willing to have in a relationship

To a cuddly s/o

When s/o sings the songs from Phantom Of The Opera with their pikachu oneesie while having a really bad cold

To pepero game with crush

To their s/o showing them their cat

To you wanting to take them to Trinidad to go to Bacchanal (Caribbean festival of dance)

To a female S/o with big boobies ❤

To seeing their crush getting slapped/hurt by their current bf ❤

To you always having your hair in braids but then when you loose them out your hair is a giant Afro

When their gf is very shy ❤

To you trying to get him to reveal what the short films/confusing music videos mean

To his wife pregnant with twins (Jungkook)

To waking up with their s/o’s arms around them and super close ❤ ❤

What kind of kissers and cuddlers they are ❤ ❤

When you exchange glances at a coffee shop while you work on your computer from another table and you look away because you panicked

To you surprising them with their favorite lingerie 


For a date ❤ ❤

Proposal date

Casual spring school outing

First Date

Drarry Fic Rec

The Quiet and Empty Bodies by angryspaceravenclaw (WIP)
Having spent most of his life far from the UK, Draco returns to his mother’s house after the death of his wife, to reconnect with her, and let her get to know his son. Desperate to keep a job with the Prophet after the years old scandal Lucius caused, Draco agrees to get the scoop on the biggest gossip story of the century– The Divorce of Quidditch-Star Harry Potter. The first problem, Draco and Harry already know each other, and their dislike is very much mutual.

Hey Drarry buds! My wonderful and talented friend is writing a Drarry fic where Draco and Harry first meet as kids, and later find each other again as first teenagers, and then as adults. It’s an everybody lives AU with no Voldemort, and Draco attends Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts. The first chapter is already up! I’ve had a lot of fun passing ideas with ASR about this fic, and she’s generously gifted it to me. I strongly recommend giving it a read, it’s going to be multichapter, and more importantly, absolutely brilliant!  💖

from @nctudose on instagram - “Article: the full story of Taeyong’s scamming past
source: instiz
✔️He sold items online and sent bricks afterwards?
This was not the truth❗️
This is a screencaps of people who wanted to start a bad rumor against Taeyong.
“The important part is that he didn’t go on reflection. People sent him money and he sent them bricks. He was an iljin that was famous at school and he was known to harass people on a daily basis.”
✔️The most famous story was how he sent bricks instead of the figurines. In the first scandal, after shipping the goods out, the purchaser expressed his/her discontentment and asked Taeyong or a refund (which he repaid) so it wasn’t a scam. He never sent out any bricks.
Aside from these stories, there were also people saying how he sent empty boxes and that he took the money and disappeared. But again, there was only friction between the purchaser and Taeyong. Taeyong said that he would meet the purchaser at another time at Sindorim to give him/her the missing parts. It wasn’t a scam.The only true story was that Taeyong sent defective Gundam toys but people only paid him a small amount. The other two stories (the brick one and him running away with the money) were made up by people cherry picking facts from his Gundam scandal.

After his scamming scandal spread out, SM made him apologize and wrote an article about it. He then went on reflection.
✔️Taeyong sent a note to the victim filled with swear words
This was not sent to the victim❗️
The notes containing profanity is a separate case from the ones seen above. These are notes that one of the café member sent to Taeyong. Basically, they were both kinda insulting each other and had an online quarrel. But people who said that Taeyong sent these notes to the one that received bricks which was false.
✔️He has been blacklisted because of his scams so he made several IDs
This was not the truth❗️
Even if Taeyong had 4 different IDs (hssarang98, julyfirst1, i55052 & 1021kms), it wasn’t true that it was because of his scam and he wasn’t blacklisted. The reason he made 4 different IDs was because 2 of the IDs were related to him sending profanity notes and that one of his account’s business was halted. ”

I found this on instagram. I hope this clears something up

Yoongi Scenario: In A Heartbeat.

Request: I have one idea ! Since a long time, it’s like a dream. You met Yoongi in Korea, had was in love with him. Bcos you don’t want to be an obligation and disturb his life, you leave him. 3 yrs later, you come back with a little boy who look like Yoongi.

Genre: Family / Drama.

Yoongi never thought seeing you after three years could provoke so many emotions in him, but when he saw you sitting in his study he confirmed himself wrong. 

Nobody told him he had visit when he entered the company that afternoon, the guys were in their personal or individual activities so Yoongi decided to spend his time in work, but when he opened the door of the studio he discovered it wasn’t lone like it should had been. You stood up when you saw him and both of you just started at each other for a good while before you could properly react. You with a bow and a soft smile, him with a frown and a bunch of words stuck in his throat.

-What the hell?- were the first ones he could articulate. -Y/N-

You nodded the confirmation Yoongi didn’t need, of course he knew it was you, what he couldn’t understand and the reason why he probably had a confused expression on his face was what were you doing in there, Yoongi hadn’t seen in you in three years, you had gone out of his life without saying goodbye so now he couldn’t understand why you had sneaked into his studio. All the feelings he had for you started to resurface, all the accumulated thoughts over the past three years making him blind with anger and confusion. 

-How you got here?- he asked before anything else although that wasn’t the question he wanted to ask. 

-A friend let me in- you answered. -It was Hoseok- you gave in with a sigh when he glared. -He did it for a good reason though, and I had to talk to him into it, so this is all me-

Yoongi did a mental note to smack Hoseok or something. -Why? What are you doing here?- he asked now, you were here to see him obviously but why, three years ago you had disappeared in thin air not caring about anything, as far as he knew you had left Seoul, or the country, since he couldn’t find you and god knew he tried to.

-You must hate me, I forgot about that- you said with another sigh, it sounded sad and it made Yoongi bite his tongue to not say anything. -But I want you to know that three years ago I left this country for a reason-

-You didn’t leave this country- Yoongi said despite himself. -You left me-

You opened and closed your mouth but then shook your head. -I did, not because I wanted to believe me, I just had to do it-

He snorted. -What? You are going to say someone payed you to go like some kind of cheap drama?- he shook his head, he was getting too angry and you took a step closer. Yoongi couldn’t refrain himself from staring, you were still beautiful, you had always had the ability to catch his eyes not letting him look at nothing else, you could still do that and he found himself inspecting everything, your hair falling behind your shoulders, your body, your eyes. He was angry at you for leaving and he was angry at himself for still feeling his chest thunder over the sight of you. Yoongi felt like an idiot for feeling like he did, after three years it should have been more than over, but you appeared out of nowhere and he was already a mess of emotions.

-No, I’m not saying that and don’t be sarcastic with me please, you know I hate it…- you shook your head. -I didn’t come here to fight Yoongi, I came here because I… because I needed to see you and because you need to meet someone-

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“I Come to You, Step by Step” Jinyoung/You

jinyoung is an international student and you’ve been paired with him for your university’s Pal Program

“Look,” you sigh, feeling more exhausted than any five minute interaction with a boy warrants. Jinyoung doesn’t protest when you plop into the chair opposite of him, or maybe he wants to, but shuts up when you barrel onwards. “Just meet up with me once a week. It doesn’t have to be life-changing or anything. Maybe we can just meet here, talk for ten minutes. We might even become friends.” It sounds corny, even to you, but you don’t think the face Jinyoung pulls is necessary.

“Fine,” Jinyoung says eventually, like he’s dredging the word up from a deep, painful place. 

The jinyoung au that’s been killing me for the last two months. I’m sorry in advance for the length. I hope you really like it. (rated T) 

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Trick or Treat; Take Your Pick!

(A BTS choose your ending fic~)

A/N: Hello~! I’m back at it again with one of my outrageous fanfiction ideas! xD This time it’s a choose your adventure fic! Therefore, a fic that has 7 different paths/endings! :D The fun part is that I’m not dropping many hints as to who is who~ hehehe~ So, that being said–let’s get into it!

Words: 1,276

Genre: Smut

“I can’t believe you dragged me here, you pixie bitch,” you snarl at your friend, hating the way her glitter covered face stretches into a brilliant smile—her strap-on wings bouncing on her back with every step. In the distance—only a short ways away now—you see and hear your destination—a frat house with blaring music and the most half-assed Halloween decorations you’ve ever seen.

Biting your bottom lip—the cold air brushing over your barely covered skin—you hug your arms tightly and nearly punch your friend when she whistles.

“Wooo~! Look at that cleavage!”

Skipping in front of you, she reaches her hands out and gropes your breasts, pushing them up more than they already are. You immediately move to kick her away, but she knows you too well and is out of kicking distance before you can blink.

“I will bite you,” you tell her, and she winks, lifting up her already short tinker bell dress to reveal her thong-clad hip.

“Do it baby I’m ready~”

You roll your eyes, pushing past her. Your black heels click against the pavement hurriedly. You don’t even care that you didn’t really want to come to this party anymore—all you know is that it’s too cold out to keep standing here like a fool, so you make for the door—no matter how many drunk, horny college students are inside.

“How many shots have you had already?” you scoff when your friend runs up beside you, wobbling even though she’s only wearing a pair of white flats. She shrugs nonchalantly.

“Only 4.”

You scoff. “Right, well, I’ll expect to see you back at our apartment some time tomorrow—alive.”

“Same to you~,” she grins cheekily, and you roll your eyes. She’s the one here to get laid. You’re here because she’d refused to let you stay home alone on Halloween—cuddled up in a blanket and watching shitty movie reruns. Apparently it wasn’t “fun enough”—so she’d dug out her old costume from last year and shoved you into it despite your complaints of ‘it’s so short!’, ‘there’s no way this is my size!’ and ‘don’t you have a different, less revealing costume?!’

So…here you are. Freezing your ass off and wearing nothing more than the sexy maid outfit she had forced you to wear. You had honestly wanted to kill her when she had presented it to you.

I even have a garter belt for the thigh highs!” she had yelled, and in response you had groaned, tugging on the hem of the skirt and wishing that it’d magically lengthen—just an inch or two. If you happened to bend down in this state everyone around would get an eyeful of your panties (which, smartly, you had decided to change into pure black ones before leaving).

As you push open the front door—the lace on your thigh-highs subtly rubbing together—you get an eyeful of the party laid out before you. There are girls in guys in every direction—some chatting politely and some about ready to fuck where they stand.

“C’mon!” your friend says, tugging you inside when you get distracted by a male dressed as Yu-gi-oh.

And so, the door to the house closes behind you, and you’re trapped.

“Try to have fun!” you friend tells you, turning and grabbing your hands. Grinning giddily, she jumps up and hugs you tightly before patting your ass and scurrying off to find the alcohol and catch herself a man for the remainder of the night. Watching her go, you simply sigh and head for the punch bowl—figuring that if you’re going to spend your night here getting crushed within a throng of people than you should at least have some alcohol in your system to make it a little more tolerable.

Grabbing one of the large solo cups, you press your back against the wall behind you and survey the crowd. Immediately you feel several pairs of eyes on you, and you glance down at your outfit to make sure that you’re not flashing anyone before you subtly begin to search for those who have set their sights on you.

The first male you discover is near the staircase—his styled hair covered by a droopy pirate hat. Across his left eye is a black eyepatch, and adorning the rest of his body are worn out, torn clothing. When you meet his stare he doesn’t look away, simply holds your gaze with his one showing eye, cracks a little smirk, and waggles his brows at you before looking away.

The next male you spot is…a hotdog. Plain and simple. It’s a boy wearing a hotdog suit—his hair swept neatly to the side despite his childish choice of costume. At seeing he has your attention, he bites his bottom lip and then slowly glances away—but you catch him looking at you again a few seconds later, and when he sees that you’re still staring at him, his lips quirk.

The third male you spot is…more normal. He’s dressed as a…working class man—fitted black slacks, a button down shirt with the top buttons popped and tie hanging loosely around his neck. A sexy professor, you decide to dub him. Gently pushing up the pair of glasses on his nose, he scans your body up and down before meeting your gaze. And then—tongue poking out to barely wet his lips—he turns away.

Male number four is…a white sheet. A hastily made ghost, from the looks of it. The eyeholes are rigid and unevenly sized, but even so you can see the dark eyes peering at you from inside. Your stares meet and he doesn’t waver. However, after a few seconds the ghost’s shoulders shake with laughter and he winks before disappearing further into the crowd.

The next person you find looking your way is a male in a toga. An easy costume, but he pulls it off well—his hair parted and revealing his forehead. Atop his head is a small gold halo, and he meets your gaze while moving to readjust the piece. Immediately, he smiles. His eyes crease happily, and then he raises his eyebrows teasingly—breaking the eye contact when someone calls for him.

Surprisingly, yet another male is looking at you—this time one wearing a Scream costume. Dressed in a black cloak and the classic white mask, at first you’re not sure if he’s truly staring at you—unable to see his eyes beneath the mask, but after a minute you’re positive that he is. Lifting his hand, he does the classic ‘I’m watching you’ move before finally looking away.

Lastly—how did you even manage to catch the attention of this many people (you blame it on the outrageously scandalous costume)—you find a devil looking at you. Red t-shirt, dark jeans, fake horns and fake tail. He meets your stare and immediately becomes tentative, but he doesn’t shy away. Instead he casually looks you over and then smiles, winks, and turns back to what he was doing.

Still leaned against the wall—the drink in your hand now empty and the music from the nearby speakers deafening your ears—you debate what to do. You know you hadn’t come here to find someone to hook up with, but…why not let loose, right? Just this once. Just have fun and go with the flow.

But…who to go to?

The pirate? The ghost? The hotdog? Honestly, they’re all tempting, you won’t lie.

Finally, sighing, you throw your cup into the nearby trash, push off the wall, and with confidence stride towards the—








That’s A Home Run (Jay Park x Reader)

This was requested by @yourmdhatter who patiently waited for me to write her request. Enjoy

Originally posted by clubeskimo

Being in such spotlight had it’s ups and downs. You loved that you were a role model and had such power to influence someone’s life, you were doing that while getting to do what you loved,which was singing and dancing.

You started as the maknae at a girl group, your debut was at the age of 15, but being the youngest did put a limit to your music, people would always see you as the cute little baby. Now that you were taking your first steps into womanhood and having to debut again as a solo artist under a different label, you wanted to do it exactly like you wanted.

When the lyric video of your song “company” came out people had mixed feelings about it, but you were proud of yourself, you were slowly but surely progressing with your own goals.

“I was thinking of having a guy to do the dance with me after the first verse.”

You explained to your choreographer. Your first MAMA awards was something huge, you were nominated and you had to perform. This was your change to completely break all the stereotypes that were made for you.

“Do you want one of the dancers?”

“No, we did that in the m/v”

You said more to yourself as you fixed your ponytail. Just as you were looking around and Idea popped to your head.

“I have a song with Jay park… do you think he could do it?”

“That would be huge, bringing Jay park to dance with you? that’s a home run”

“So I lift you up like this?”

He asked as he easily picked you up, you quickly placed your legs around him.

“Yes, then we do the circle and then you put me down”

Jay of course was a quick learner. You were very grateful that he agreed to be with you on stage, you knew he also had stuff to do and others to look after.

“There are going to be so many scandals that we are together”

“It’s not like that hasn’t happened”

You stated as you took a sip from your cold water bottle. You and Jay had dated in the past, but you had just left the group and he had his label, so you couldn’t really make your schedules meet.

“Is the song about me?”

“First off, we didn’t have sex, second, don’t get cocky and third fuck you.”

He chuckled at your attitude. To him it was very attractive when you got defensive, it was just his thing.

“Okay, let’s do the choreo again bunny teeth”

You kept doing the choreography and it pretty much became second nature to you guys, every step imprinted on your mind.

“Yo day one and we did the whole thing? And we got three more days to do it with the dancers? We got so much time”

“We just have to figure out the clothes, well… For me cause you have beef with shirts”

“(y/n) stand by”

You heard as you stood next to the stage waiting for them to give you the green light. You had to admit that you were pretty nervous, this was the first stage after the disband, this is your first step alone. You took a deep breath and turned to see your crew who smiled at you.

“3,2,1… Go”

You heard and walked to the middle of the stage getting in your position in front of the female and male dancers.

The music started playing and you emptied your mind from the worries, filling it with the lyrics and the dance moves.

You knew exactly when Jay came on stage, firstly from the verse and secondly from the screaming. Of course he was shirtless and slowly approached you for the hook.


You stood there facing him as the beat stop, bringing the song to an end. You smiled and got off the floor with his help, you took a bow and waved at the audience

“Thank you Hong Kong”

You said and ran backstage and in the arms of your choreographer.

“Look at the time, this is the time you left (y/n) from (y/gr/n) behind and became (y/n)”

He said and everyone clapped. You turned to Jay and hugged him tightly as a thank you.

“I want to see you tomorrow, I missed being so close to you

Big Bang Reaction Masterlist Post

Thanks to @jamlesschogiwawhisperingjyphoe for doing this for me!!! I’m glad you could get it done!

First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 1

Did anyone’s day ever go well without coffee?  Maisie Dalton’s sure didn’t.  Walking through the streets of downtown Los Angeles in six inch heels was always an adventure but without the promise of a large cup of coffee in her future, it was positively horrifying.  She’d grown accustomed to the disgusting cat calls from construction workers as she walked by, some days she wondered if these men had ever been in the presence of a female before.  What woman was honestly going to respond to, “Hey Baby, lookin’ hot today.  Wanna ride me home?”


She curled her fingers around the cold steel of the handle on the huge glass door to her office building.  Some days opening that heavy ass door was harder than others.  This day was definitely the latter.

Before she’d taken two steps into the lobby she had a large cup of something shoved into her face while her assistant, Grant tried to help get her coat off.  Maisie breathed a sigh of relief as she lifted the cup to her lips,

“You’re a lifesaver.”  

Grant opened his mouth to protest but was quickly silenced when Maisie gagged.  She looked up at him, her mouth twisted in confusion,

“What the hell is in this?”

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Scandalous (M) | 01

PARTS: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

Summary: When you meet Taehyung in a bar one night, you don’t expect to fall for him. He was different, tattoos inked along his arms and a bright smile on his face. He was the opposite of everything you were; he was free – or so you thought.

Genre/Warnings: Socialite!AU, Badboy!Taehyung. Angst + Smut; It’s filth. That is all.

Words: 9.4k

A/N: First of all, I want to thank Dannie and Tay aka @pinkjxmin + @jungblue for helping me out with all of the plotlines and where I wanted to take this fic. I was originally going to make this all one fic but halfway through writing it, I realized it was going to surpass 20k and I wasn’t about to make everyone read an excessively long fic lmao. But here’s the first part to it! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. xx.

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moonandstarsandcolors  asked:

I have thiss headcanon Avengers have a comfort blanket it means that whenever one of them sits with it in common room the others will sit with them until they feel happy again. Tony usually doesn't use it but when he does all of the Avengers sit with him and they watch movies, drink hot chocolate, or play games until Tony fall asleep.

Aww this is so incredibly cute I’m melting! I’ve never considered this idea before but I love the concept of a comfort blanket so much!!

Tony is probably very self-conscious about that blanket because what if the others won’t want to sit with him or if they have something more important to do or he’ll make them uncomfortable? Never mind that Tony always makes time for the others when they use the comfort blanket (and trust me, they’ve noticed that).

But then he has this really bad day, where he’d barely slept because of nightmares, the board meetings dragged on and on, he had two encounters with borderline stalkerish reporters that hate him, Fury yelled at him over the phone because of some deadline he’s apparently missed, Pepper still isn’t speaking with him because of the last scandal he caused, Rhodey is on a mission, and it’s just all too much.

So when Tony drags himself into the living room–really, all he wants is to lock himself into his workshop and never come out but he needs food first–and his eyes fall onto the comfort blanket he just- can’t resist.

Before he knows it, he’s falling on top of the blanket and once he’s lying down, he simply doesn’t have the energy to get up again. Doesn’t have the energy to do anything put gently pat the soft, fluffy fabric. This is really nice. It’s so nice, it almost doesn’t matter whether anyone else comes or not. The blanket on it’s own is great already, totally enough really.

Except of course it matters.

Tony can admit that to himself (inside his head at least) when Bruce and Steve exit the elevator, notice him, and promptly change directions towards the couch to sit down on either side of him. Tony may or may not hide his face in the blanket for a moment, so that nobody sees his relieved smile.

Clint, Thor and Natasha join them half an hour later, though Natasha orders some food first. And they don’t ask what’s wrong–because like with the fight club the first rule of the comfort blanket is that you do not talk about the comfort blanket–but Tony gets to pick a movie and Clint throws popcorn into his mouth when he doesn’t feel like getting up to reach for it, and it’s just nice. To not be alone. To have the arguments and the chitchat and bad jokes and threats drown out all the bad thoughts for a while.

Eventually Clint even makes them hot chocolate–he makes the best hot chocolate out of anyone on the team–and buried under a fuzzy blanket with a cup of delicious, warm chocolate in his hand, the world doesn’t seem like such a bad place anymore.

Tony falls asleep with a smile on his face. He wakes up with one too, surrounded by his team mates. It promises to be a much better day than the last.

potterlockianegalitarian928  asked:

Regency: Sherlock is thrilled to be working with Dr. M. Hooper, a pathologist whose essays have made Sherlock a fan of their work. When Sherlock meets Dr. Hooper, he is both surprised and impressed that Dr. Hooper is a young woman. When he sees that she's as kind as she intelligent, he falls and falls hard for her.

The Science of Courtships Part 1 (there will be 2 parts to this prompt!)

thanks to @strangelock221b for beta reading! :)

Sherlock Holmes was on a rather large case concerning one ‘Jack the Ripper’ and was rather thrilled to be working with Doctor M. Hooper on it. He had been a longtime admirer of the doctor’s essays submitted to the various medical journals he read. Oh, it felt like Christmas to him.

“Ah, Mr. Holmes,” Mike Stamford greeted him. “Dr. Hooper has been waiting for you in the mortuary.”

“Thank you,” Sherlock nodded, venturing into the morgue. He looked around the formaldehyde scented room when his cerulean eyes landed upon a young woman.

“Mister Holmes, I presume. I was told we would be working together and—” Doctor Hooper turned to face the most handsome and distinguished man she had ever seen. She did her best to keep her heart beat under control.

“Doctor…Hooper?” he asked with uncertainty.

“Y-yes sir, that would be correct,” Doctor Hooper confirmed, dropping her scalpel. Sherlock bent down to retrieve it for her.

“I must say, I am quite impressed that a young woman such as yourself has such intriguing insight of the medical field,” Sherlock stated. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Doctor Hooper, as I have been a longtime admirer of your work.” He glanced at her hand quickly before meeting her eyes once more. “May I?” She nodded and he took her hand, placing a soft kiss on the back of it.

“I am glad to know you are not disappointed to find me to be a woman, Mr. Holmes,” Doctor Hooper remarked.

“Disappointed? No,” Sherlock told her. “If anything, I admire you all the more, Doctor Hooper.” She gave him a small smile.

“Thank you, Mister Holmes,” she nodded.

“Sherlock, please,” he said.

“Mister Holmes, we have hardly been acquainted,” Doctor Hooper pointed out. “We have already broken one societal rule; are you sure you want to break another?”

“I am quite sure, actually. You will learn that I am not one to follow societal normalities,” Sherlock informed her. “Of course, we will only keep it between ourselves but if you are not comfortable with the use of first names, I will cease my insistence upon it. I apologize, Doctor Hooper, if I have been intolerable.”

“It is quite alright, Mr. Holmes. Sherlock,” she replied, testing his name on her tongue. “Margaret is my name, but I prefer Molly.”

“Molly,” he repeated. “I quite like the sound of that, Molly Hooper.” A faint blush rose upon her cheeks. His rich baritone voice spoke her name as if it contained only the best letters of the alphabet.

“Yes, well, now that we have that out of the way, care to examine this cadaver with me?” Molly asked.

“Delighted,” Sherlock replied.

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Brief thoughts about elves & children & Edain. I found an online copy of LACE and read this line, “for Ingwe and Olwe beget many children in the bliss of Aman,” and thought to myself “cool, this is not in the Silm - what does ‘many’ mean, I must know a number,” which accidentally led more rumination than strictly necessary.

So we know the maximum number of children is seven for elves, and only achieved once, because for elves it’s spiritual strength rather than sperm count that determines how many children you have. For the average elf couple that’s 1-6 children.

So if re:Finwe, one is few, is 3 about average and 4-5 means many? (Then 6 means ‘lots’?) But then I made myself sad when I thought about how elves had many fewer children in the later Ages, and did that mean that Elrond’s three children would have been ‘many’ children by then?

But seven really isn’t that many children for humans without contraception! Ten or fifteen maybe, but six is hardly noteworthy. Humans must have a ridiculous amount of babies by elvish standards. Do elves find human babies fascinating because elf babies are so rare? 

Whenever they come visit human friends, do they cluster around the new babies and hog holding them from each other? Are they the babysitter who is always eagerly available but terrible because they don’t have any experience? Do they sometimes confuse babies with their new siblings, because they’ve only been gone a year, you can’t have a new baby yet! And elves trying to talk with babies, and being very confused when they don’t talk back, because elf babies form sentences much earlier (Your baby is very rude, says the elf.)

Do the rangers have to teach younger elves visiting their camps - with longing in their eyes but hesitant fingers - how to hold babies, because they’ve never had a baby in their family to care for and they’re so afraid of breaking this tiny fragile little human? 

Are some of them disapproving when they find out you’ve got twelve children, because my goodness your poor wife, how does anyone survive that?! (But a little bit awed too when they meet her, because twelve children she must be so powerful!) How can you take care of them all?! And so close to one another, not even a decade between them. Scandalous!

Cold Cape Cod Clams, ‘Gainst Their Wish Do It

Rucas Fic Week 2017

Day Eight// AU + Free Choice: Unwilling and unable to face everyone on her own when it comes time to attend Auggie and Ava’s wedding, Riley Matthews hires a solution in Lucas Friar. Loosely based on The Wedding Date.

Notes: Obviously, this is an AU and it takes place in the future. The characters are adults. While I’m not someone who will ever write smut, and I don’t plan on getting particularly graphic with language or even implications, the vary nature of this story is a bit more adult than what I’ve written previously. I’d place the rating somewhere around a PG-13/14.

Also, this is essentially the first installment to what has started developing into a multi-chapter fic. So this starts a lot of threads and leaves them dangling by the time you reach the end. But you will get answers eventually.


The invitation comes on a Wednesday and Riley immediately considers throwing it in the trash and pretending she never got it.

It’s not that she hasn’t known it would be coming–Auggie had told her about the engagement weeks ago and asked her to be what he called his ‘Best Sister’–but receiving the invitation makes it real. Auggie and Ava are getting married, they’re holding the wedding in Cape Cod, and Riley is expected to join them and the family for a week of wedding festivities at the end of the summer. Riley could just about throw up at the thought. It’s really the sort of scenario she’s been trying (semi-successfully) to avoid since high school graduation nearly eleven years ago, and if the invitation were from anyone else she probably would crumple it up and pretend it got lost or RSVP with an easy lie about not being able to get the vacation time at work, but this is for Auggie.

The only acceptable reason for Riley not to attend would be massive injury and/or death.

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Oct 12th, 2016


Jim and Emelia Ricoletti wearing lipstick in Sherlock’s victorian dream. On Jim’s lips it looks like a bloody Ypsilon. Meaning YOU?  Emelia’s lipstick is heavily applied and smeared roughly. In some scenes she is a mirror for Jim.


Irene Adler sending her camera phone to 221b. Nicely wrapped and with a bow. The color of the paper echoes the shade of her blood red lipstick. This is even highlighted by a flashback to the respective szene earlier in the episode.

But Irene’s parcel isn’t the only one that arrives at 221b this Christmas evening. Molly brings a little gift for Sherlock. Perfectly wrapped with a bow. And the shade of red echoes her lipstick as well as that from Irene.

Several months earlier: Irene Adler dressing for battle. Color-coordinating lipstick and shoes?


Jennifer Wilson is the fourth victim of serial killer Jefferson Hope. Who has a sponsor. Sherlock is finally called in on the case by NSY. Working together with John for the very first time.

Molly Hooper ‘refreshing’ her lipstick to look good for Sherlock? This is mentioned two times on this episode.

Lipstick smeared all over the show it seams. And turning from pink to crimson. Even the lipstick gets darker with time.

  • Irene Adler - 'I drove you into her path’ Mycroft tells Sherlock.
  • Jennifer Wilson - sent to Sherlock via a serial killer with a sponsor.
  • Jim Moriarty - does he have his own agenda or was he sent too?
  • Molly Hooper - ???



  • John greeting Molly with: 'Holy Mary!'  
  • Irene’s gift lying next to ’Merry Christmas’.

Looks like all paths - back and forth - are leading towards 'A scandal in Belgravia’ . Meeting there. Coincidence?  I leave you to your own deductions.


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Angst MM

“No… No…Nooooo! Don’t reset!” I bolted up in my bed. My clothes stuck to my skin from all the sweat. Frantically I looked to my side.

On the other pillow laid my phone.

“No,” I pressed my palms to my eyes,“ I can’t take this anymore.”

‘At first, it was supposed to be fun. Getting to meet her and talking to her; I didn’t mean to fall in love with her.’

Every time she completed a route, she would reset. Every time, she picked someone else and showed a different side to her. She won them over like the angel she was and every time, it broke my heart a little bit more.

First, with Yoosung, she helped him move on from Rika. Next, it was Zen and the scandal. Then Jaehee, who she helped go after her dreams. Then Jumin, who she completely accepted with all his yandere demands. But never me. She never picked me. She never ignored me but she never gave me much attention in the chat.

I waited patiently, hoping every time she would pick me but she never did. While she and everyone else forgot when she reset, I was stuck remembering. I didn’t know why I was the only one. Was this my punishment from God for abandoning him back then?

“Seven? Oops. Saeyoung?”

I snapped my head towards the door and there she stood.

“You’re here,” I spoke in disbelief. How was she here? Why? When?

She rushed over to me and hugged me.

“What’s wrong? I heard you screaming reset.”

Her warmth enveloped me and I felt the cold and loneliness slip away.

“I dreamed you reset and left me,” I clung to her tightly. If I didn’t hold her to confirm she was here, she would disappear. Maybe this was a dream too. If so, I wished to never wake up.

“Reset? What are you talking about?”

I pulled away slightly and looked up at her. Her face expressed her worry and confusion, but mostly love. She was waiting patiently for me to explain even if she didn’t understand.

“I dreamed you got abducted by aliens during our space wedding and they were making you reset to the first day when you joined RFA,” I smiled.

I couldn’t tell her. Telling her would only make it more real. I didn’t want her to even think about resetting.

It was selfish but I wouldn’t, no, couldn’t let her go. It would kill me now that I finally had her.

She giggled, “I’m sure the defender of justice 707 would come and rescue me.”

“Of course!” I grinned.

“Now go to sleep,” She kissed my cheek, “I won’t reset, Saeyoung. You’re the last.”

“What was that?” I asked. I didn’t catch the last thing she said as I slowly felt exhaustion take over.

“I love you Saeyoung. I won’t reset,” she smiled kindly as she walked out the door.

I smiled and closed my eyes. She had already completed the other routes. I was her last and with that I didn’t have to worry about her resetting.

I peaked into Seven’s room. He had fallen back asleep. The slow rising and falling of his chest proved that.

I looked down at my phone. I didn’t really understand but I knew. Every time I reset, I lost all my memories.

But this time, I was done. By subconscious choice or maybe, I had those memories repressed somewhere and saved Seven for last.

Now that it was finished, I could stay with him forever-

My phone buzzed and I looked at the screen.

“Mystic Messenger updated. New characters added.”

I felt tears blur my vision.

“I’m sorry Seven… I didn’t-”

“You’re going to reset.”

I looked to see Saeran looking at me.

“You know-”

“Don’t make me go through it again. I’m finally with Saeyoung. Don’t take me away from him,” he looked frantic and grabbed my arms.

“Saeran,” I looked at him shocked.

“I can’t remember but I feel it! I feel his pain! Don’t separate us!” He shouted.


I looked at Seven’s door and it was opened and Seven looking angrily at his brother.

I was shocked at the sight in front of me. Saeran was clinging onto her and there was desperation in his eyes. Once she looked at me and our eyes locked she looked away guiltily.

“You’re going to reset,” I felt my heart shattering once again.

“I’m sorry,” she looked sad.

It hurt. It hurt when she reset but it hurt more to see my angel in so much pain, and to know that I was the cause of that pain? That was even worse.

“It’s okay,” I forced a smile.

“Saeyoung! What are you saying?! I rather let her die than have her reset!” Saeran looked at me desperately.

“Saeran! It’s her choice!” I shouted.

He flinched and let go of her.

“Are you okay?” I reached out my hand towards her.

“I’m fine…”

“It’s okay.”

She looked at me shocked.

“Don’t feel bad about it. It’s something you have to do right?” I smiled.

Everything in me was screaming at her not to.

“Yeah,” she spoke quietly.

I tilted her chin up.

“Hey, why are you so sad? It’s not like anyone is dying,” I grinned.

I had to send her off with a smile. I didn’t want our last memory together would be her being so tormented and sad. I wanted to see her smile at me while still loving me.


“I love you,” I smiled. I felt tears in my eyes but I hoped she didn’t notice.

Tears were streaming down her face, “Saeyoung-”

“I’ll be waiting, okay?” I grinned.

She probably figured out what I was doing because she always had the uncanny ability to do so and it showed since she wiped her tears away and smiled.

“I’ll be back,” she smiled.

As she began fading, I lost my smile. I knew she wouldn’t be back. After all, she was going to forget everything. She never went back to the others once she completed them so what made me so different?

“Saeyoung….” My brother looked at me worriedly.

“Dammit!” I shouted and slammed my fist on the ground, “Why can’t I forget? Why am I the only one who remembers?! It’s not fair! Why are you punishing me God?!”

“Saeyoung, don’t think like that! I forgive-” I never heard what my brother was going to say as the world around me faded.

Once my vision was restored, I tried not to look at my phone as it began buzzing. I loved her and I lost her. She wasn’t coming back. I closed my eyes and tried to void my emotions like Jumin suggested.

It didn’t work. Memories of her flashed through my mind.

“Dammit all,” I laughed,“I should have pushed her away when she was on my route. Why did I cave?”

I opened a bag of honey Buddha chips then looked at my phone. I shouldn’t keep her waiting.

“Did someone download the app twice?”

Creepypasta #1021: The Fourteenth Floor

Length: Long


I love my school.

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to go here. In the interests of anonymity, I can’t tell you the name of the school, but I can tell you that it’s known for its prestigious academics and killer football team – and I am a huge, HUGE football fan.

I was overjoyed to be accepted. It had been my dream since I was old enough to sit on my dad’s lap while he watched the superbowl, so you can imagine how much this meant to me. As a result, I learned everything I could about the school. All of its many years of history I studied, keeping careful track of dates, names, and places. If you give me a date in history, I can tell you if something happened at my school.

But there was one thing I didn’t know. And I was unfortunate enough to find out about it first-hand.

It happened one night in the library. I had stepped into the elevator with another girl, a petite blonde sort with dark circles under her eyes that bespoke an all-night paper-writing session in progress. She was going to the eighth floor. My finger snuck out and hit the fourteenth button, and she stared at me curiously as the doors slid shut.

“The fourteenth floor, huh? What kind of books are you looking for there?”

The fourteenth floor is full of the more… obscure books in the library. Unless you’re researching a very, VERY specific topic, you’re not likely to find yourself there. Seriously, I’m pretty sure one of the books was called The History of Sweet Potatoes in Southern China.

“Oh, I’m not looking for any books. I just needed a quiet place to study.” An interesting note about our library is that the further you go up, the quieter it gets. The first floor is a pretty boisterous place, with its study areas and meeting rooms. The top floor – the fourteenth floor – is deathly quiet, so much so that you can actually hear yourself think.

The girl gave me a scandalized look as she said, “You’re not serious, are you?”

I blinked at her in confusion. “So what if I am?”

The elevator dinged as we arrived at her floor. As the doors slid open, she said, “Do yourself a favor and stay out of there. The fourteenth floor is a bad place.” And then she was gone before I could ask her what she meant.

I was thrown off a bit by the encounter – I can’t say I’d ever met a harbinger of doom before – but I quickly dismissed her warning as the numbers on the elevator climbed. She could probably tell that I was a freshman and was just messing with me, anyway. Sick hobby to have, although I saw the appeal.

By the time I hit the fourteenth floor, my mind had returned to the paper I had to write – on feminism in Japan, if you’re wondering – and I stepped onto the quiet floor with no qualms.

God, but it was quiet.

I stalked around the floor, scoping out the various study desks. I thought it was a little strange that no one else was up there. After all, the library was the number one place to study, and many students spent entire nights there under the influence of heavy coursework and inhuman amounts of caffeine. Still, the floor was dead. It was just me. I found that suited me quite nicely as I found a desk near the east window overlooking the campus.

I sat down, opened up my computer, and sighed. I had a long night of bullshitting ahead of me.

I’d been there about an hour by the time I finally looked up from my computer.

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anonymous asked:

Which ACD books would you suggest for an ACD canon newbie?

If you wanna start chronologically, the Baring Gould timeline works well. Rather than the publishing date timeline. So you can start like this. First the cases without Watson.

  • The Adventure of the Gloria Scott   
  • The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual  

Then from the first meeting to Watson’s first marriage.

  • A Study in Scarlet    
  • The Adventure of the Speckled Band   
  • The Adventure of the Resident Patient   
  • The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor   
  • The Adventure of the Second Stain   
  • The Adventure of the Reigate Squires  
  • A Scandal in Bohemia   
  • The Man with the Twisted Lip   
  • The Five Orange Pips   
  • A Case of Identity   
  • The Red-Headed League   
  • The Adventure of the Dying Detective   
  • The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle   
  • The Valley of Fear
  • The Adventure of the Yellow Face
  • The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter

Of course there is more.But I think this will be enough for the start. :D. Happy reading!